One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene begins on the outside of Shawn’s LA home before going inside his house. The thunder storm outside makes you question what time of day it is. A clock on the wall is shown as 11 a.m. Right then Shawn jumps down his stairs landing on his feet. He looks around nervously. He puts his fists up acting as if he’s going to punch something. He then shuffles around the stairs and looks around clearly looking for something. He turns into the kitchen looking around the corner with nothing there. He then looks on the counter and finds a large plastic spoon. He holds it close to his chest as a weapon. He quickly lunges into the wall with his back flat against it. He slowly slides down the wall before peaking around the wall. He see’s a shadow moving before it stops. Shawn gets a smile on his face before he leaps out from behind the wall jabbing the spoon forward looking face to face with his dog Shadow. *

Shawn - Gotcha you son of a bitch!

* Shadow’s tongue it’s out as he turns his head seemingly confused by Shawn. Shawn then jabs the spoon towards Shadow again but nothing happens. *

Shawn - Are you afraid?! I stand here about to slay you and you say nothing?!

Shadow - WOOF!!!


* Shadow starts to wag his tail before barking again. *

Shawn - You play an interesting game….I shall now slay you like the demon that you are! AH!!!

* Shawn leaps forward about to hit Shadow with the spoon only for Shadow to bite it and try and pull it away from Shawn. Shawn grabs it with both hands as they play tug of war. *

Shawn - What?! No….tho shall not take my Excalibur!

* Shadow wins the battle as he then throws the spoon to the floor before leaping around Shawn wanting to play some more. Shawn drops to his knee’s. *

Shawn - Wha….how dare you! You steal my Excalibur! I am no longer worthy!

Shadow - WOOF!!!

Shawn - Go ahead…end my life as I am not worthy of living. I have lost this epic quest. No longer is my life worth living. I’m not longer the best and more fearless. I am a sham.

* Shadow then sits in front of Shawn before licking his face. *

Shawn - What? You take pity on me?

* Shadow sits and stares at Shawn. *

Shadow - WOOF!!!

Shawn - No…I don’t deserve such pity. I deserve to die…end me dragon! End my life!

* Shawn lays down onto his back. Shadow then decides to lay on top of him as if they are about to nap. *

Shawn - What is this? This isn’t a wrestling match! This is a fight to the death! No referee shall count this three!

* Shawn then shoves Shadow off of him. Shadow looks confused as Shawn grabs his “Excalibur” and points it at Shadow. *

Shawn - Now die dragon!

* Shawn then looks at “Excalibur” with a confused look on his face. *

Shawn - What magic?! This is a spoon! You turned my trusted Excalibur into a spoon!

Shadow - WOOF!!!

* Shawn throws the spoon to the side. *

Shawn - You may have won this round dragon but I shall be back! With more weapons and more…

* Shawn looks around. *

Shawn - More savvy….

* Shawn runs away through a door and down a hallway before reaching his outside door way. He stops looking outside as the rain continues to fall. *

Shawn - What is this? I need to reach the fountain of youth!

* Shawn is staring at his pool from inside his house. He slowly opens the sliding glass doors before getting onto his knees. Shawn crawls up to the pool as the rains continues to fall. He looks down into the water seeing himself in it’s reflection. *

Shawn - Holy shit…I am sexy!

* Shawn begins to motion his face closer to the water to make the reflection bigger. He smiles before leaning too far and falling into the water. He begins to splash around in a panic. *

Shawn - AH!!! This dreaded swamp has gotten hold of me! I must escape!

* Shawn goes under the water as apparently he’s unable to swim in this state of mind. His arms begin to splash above the water as he slowly moves towards the side of the pool. *

Shawn - I’m going to die! AH!!!

* Shawn swipes at the wall of the pool before grabbing it and pulling himself out of the pool. *

Shawn - Fuck you!

* Shawn then kicks the water as if that creates some sort of damage. He spits out some more water as he begins to crawl back into his house. He gets inside and he see’s a painting of a flower. He grabs the painting and pulls it to the ground. It’s an orange flower. *

Shawn - The power of fire.

* Shawn starts to crumble up pieces of the painting. He hides behind a chair as he see’s Shadow laying down in the middle of the room. Shawn then throws a paper ball at him. *

Shawn - Take that Bowser! Fireball!

* Shawn ducks back under the chair before tearing off more of the painting and crushing it into a ball. Shadow has looked up seeing nothing. Shawn then throws another paper ball at Shadow. *

Shawn - Burn bitch! Where’s the Princess?!

* Shadow now gets to and looks around as Shawn stays hidden behind the chair. Shadow begins to mve around before finding Shawn behind the chair. *

Shawn - AH! Bowser has found me!

* Shawn then throws the rest of the painting at his dog who just sits down and stares at him. *

Shawn - What is this? You’re telling me that the Princess is in another castle?!

* Shawn’s eyes begin the glaze over before he gets trapped into his own mind. *

In His Mind

Mom - Shawn…what are you doing to yourself?

Shawn - Mom?

Mom - Honey…sweety…why are you destroying yourself? You’re trying to make yourself more miserable then you really are. Think about it. You’re only as low as you let yourself think that you are.

Shawn - No, you don’t understand…I need to do this. I’m in pain.

Mom - You’re in pain? No Shawn, you don’t NEED to do anything. You’re simply just looking for a cop out. You don’t need these drugs or the alcohol. You simply just want it. Deep down you’re trying to make up lost time in which you feel that you lost starting college and not being the “rockstar” that you think you are right now.

Shawn - Mom, it’s not like that. I’m taking this stuff to survive. To keep a steady pay check. If I leave SCW again people will think that I left because I lost the title. I won’t have that on my conscious!

Mom - Compared to the fact that you might crippled yourself and not be able to hold your daughter when she’s born? Sweaty listen…I supported you throughout your life even when you wanted to be a garbage man at one point.

Shawn - I wanted to hang outside as the truck drove.

Mom - You’re not a dog. What I’m saying is that I know your dreams and I know you…you tend to put more pressure on yourself then you need to. Take the time off to heel.

Shawn - NO!

Mom - Don’t yell at me!

Shawn - Sorry Mom.

Mom - Don’t pay attention to the people who say that you’re a coward or that you’re leaving because you’re upset. You’re injured. Don’t forget that you’ve broken your back two times. You’ve already defeated the odds wrestling now, do you really want to chance it with three?

Shawn - Mom, I’ve been “injured” for years. You don’t realize who I am. You never have. To you I’m your first born. I’m your son, but to the world I’m Shawn fucking Winters.

Mom - Watch your mouth.

Shawn - Sorry…but I have a name to live up to. I have a reputation.

Mom - Is that reputation going to be lost if you leave to repair your body?

Shawn - No…

Mom - Then what’s the dilemma?

Shawn - I’m not ready to go. I’m at the top of my game two broken backs or not, I’ve never been better. I continue to do things inside that ring that people dream that they could do. Despite my “injuries” I am still the best. I will not fade into the shadows in a moment that I should be standing proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I am Shawn Winters and I will not let someone like Chad Evans hold something over me. I was forced to leave once because of him…he’s bragged about that to this day and it’s four years later. I won’t give him more to brag about.

Mom - You are so stubborn you know that?

Shawn - I can’t quit. Everything that I’m doing right now is all just to make it through the day. Frank Sinatra once said: “I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” I’m just getting myself through each night.

Mom - No Shawn, you’re simply taking the easy way out. Something that your opponents have accused you of doing for quite some time. You’re better than this.

Shawn - No Mom…this time you’re wrong…I’m not taking the east way out because last time I checked getting yourself through the night just to “survive” the tenure of being the best at your job isn’t considered easy, it’s painful. I can’t lose my spot in SCW because I have worked too hard for it. I’ll be damned if I left someone hold a claim over me like leaving because of a loss. I’m too good for that. I am Shawn Winters mom…and I am your son and if you ever believed in me…if you ever felt like I ever did the right thing in my life believe it now! I know what I’m doing!

Back To Reality

* Shawn’s phone begins to ring. Shawn quickly jerks around looking for the source of the sound. He then begins to army crawl on the carpet towards a stand where his phone lies. He slowly peaks up staring at the phone. He pokes it while it rings again which makes him jerk back. *

Shawn - What is this? Some noisy bug?

* The phone continues to ring as Shawn looks at it side ways. It then stops. *

Shawn - HA! Bug has died!

* Shawn stands up looking at his living room seemingly confused. He drops down to his knee’s as if he’s out of gas. He quickly turns towards his stairs as he begins to crawl his way up them towards his master bed room. He crawls and crawls up the stairs each step at a time seemingly losing steam as he goes. He makes his way to his room where he crawls in and reaches up towards his stand only to knock the contents over and onto the floor. Shawn lays on his back and looks up at the ceiling as LSD and Cocaine now lays beside him in the floor. *

* Shawn Winters is seen smirking in a chair with an SCW logo behind him. He’s got a clear plastic cup in his left hand as he’s visibly showing a massive dip in his bottom lip. He spits into the cup before rubbing his chin and looking directly into the camera. *

Shawn - So, let me get this straight. Under Attack passes…I lose MY World Championship in a match that wasn’t even legal and for whatever reason it seems to be thrown out the window with Olek saying that I get a rematch at some time? Wow, well thank you Olek because for a second there I thought you were horrible at your job. Heh, wait, that’s right you are horrible at your job. Fines and suspensions yada yada they can only go so far. But what you fail to realize is that every living moment that Shilo prances around “pretending” to be the SCW Champion you lose money. You see because SCW is such a huge company that it’s stock holders need consistency. Something that Shilo can not provide. The stock in SCW has dropped since Under Attack Olek because you have a faceless man representing this company. A man hiding behind a mask. I am this company, I am it’s face and I am it’s rightful Champion. So what do you do? You promise me a rematch down the road all the while booking me and Greaternity into a trio tournament that allows the winners to get whatever match they want? Well Olek let me explain why your judgment is once again foggy as what’s to stop me from fighting you for control of this company? You want to throw a Bond Villian, Shilo BFF, and some dude growing pubic hair on his face to try and stop me? Serious Olek are you on some sort of different type of drugs then I am because if that’s the case please, give me the name of your supplier because those must be top notch.

You see, I have carried this company every inch and every foot that it’s moved and you can stand there and you can judge me on how I conduct myself but the facts speak for themselves. I have literally broken myself for this business. So heaven forbid that I actually take some time for myself without being called a coward or an ingrate. The last time I checked I have earned that vacation time with two broken backs! Yet despite that I am still able to go out and perform to the abilities that people can only dream of! Am I cocky? You’re damn right I am because with my talent you know that there isn’t anybody better.

What’s going on right now is a pure joke. Olek, you want to try and figure out who ran over your daughter, fine be me, I get it…it’s family. But don’t let that cloud your judgment when it comes to actual business. I am standing here right now, with no mask covering my face. I stand here as your rightful Champion, the very Champion that should be marketed around. So every second that I am without that World Championship is every second that this company stands to lose money. Every single Champion in between my title reigns have simply been paper champions…like heating pads, they’ve only kept that title until I was damn well ready to take it back. Olek…I am telling you right now that title is mine. You know it, I know, and Shilo knows it. It’s only a matter of time before I get it back. You say that I’m going to get a rematch when the time comes? Well that’s good to hear because for a second I thought that I might actually have to beat someone half to death to prove a point or is that copy righted to Chad Evans? I’m sorry, sometimes I get confused.

* Shawn spits into the cup before looking back at the camera. *

Shawn - This trio tournament is simply to hold me off from the title picture isn’t it Olek? You promise me something in one hand yet you give me the stranger with the other. I want my title shot Olek because in my mind and in yours, the title never rightfully left my waist. Now you can say what you want about me but the truth is…I defended the title in more honor than Shilo won it. So this tournament you’re holding is only a way of holding me at bay. Heaven forbid that Greaternity wins right? I mean just think about the things that we could do with these types of matches?

* Shawn smiles while looking at the camera. *

Shawn - Face it Olek…things would have been a hell of a lot easier if you just reversed the decision and made this whole mess go away. But no…you refuse to throw your referee under the bus like that. Which in reality one would admire but not this guy. Instead…Greaternity is going to wipe the floor with “SCW’s Best” and show why we are the elite of SCW. If SCW was related to the Occupy Wall Street then Greaternity would be the 1% because last I checked, we OWN YOU! Remember Tactical Warfare Olek? I’m sure you do. You stacked the deck, you did all you could to destroy us and what did we do? We won and we proved that we were the single greatest entity this business has seen. Not only are we great, we are actually entertaining! It’s insane seeing little kids wearing Greaternity t-shirts that say “Drink Until The Sun Comes Up!” across their chest! Do you know what they’re not wearing? They’re not wearing Infamous, Black Cell, Brotherhood or whatever random team that you put together for this tournament. That fact is that you know where the money lies and it’s with Greaternity.

* Shawn spits into his cup once more. *

Shawn - It’s interesting I must say, not only Olek’s actions towards me but also the booking of Breakdown and this trio tournament. I mean Greaternity vs. the three stooges? I’m just kind of curious to know what they’ve done to earn a shot in a tournament that involved Greaterny the team in which if Olek was smart would rig to win, just saying. I mean sure, there is Masquerade who I supposed has some tiny bit of credibility, which mainly comes from the fact the he somehow dislodged himself from Shilo’s ass on Breakdown. Oh yeah…I watched it. Then you’ve got Natalie Dub…dub…dub-whatever the fuck her last name is. Who exactly are you again? Another woman who has a penis complex? I mean seriously, when was the last time a woman actually went for the woman’s title? It’s like stop stepping into the big leagues when you still can’t hit the curve ball girly. You’re not worth my time, all you’ve got going for you is a possibly kinky Bond girl villain name or maybe a Die Hard cameo with an over aged Bruce Willis. Then…as the smoke clears and the crowd has forgotten about this match completely there is Peach Fuzz. I’m literally curious to know if you hit puberty and your pubic hair some how decided to grow on your face. I mean what kind of freak of nature are you? Are you some sort of diversity hire by SCW to try and reach some sort of tax write off? Let’s face it, if you didn’t show up on Breakdown your team would stand a better chance. So in the mean time go ahead and shave your pubic face of yours, change your name and maybe if the cards lay right you might be able to land a role in a low budget soft core movie where it won’t matter how many times to cum in your jeans because you’ll never take them off.

* Shawn smirks a bit before pulling his chew from his lip and pushing it into his cup. *

Shawn - I have been called a lot of things. A weasel, coward, pussy, hypocrite but the one thing I have never been called is a loser. As much as I may not agree with this tournament I’ll compete and I’ll steal the show like only I can. I’ll walk down to that ring with my ego hanging down to the floor inside my pants. Greaternity is a brotherhood and as much as a team like Infamous wants to brag about unity, last I checked we were on the same team, unlike you. So go ahead and pencil…better yet marker Greaternity into the next round of this tournament because you won’t need to erase it. Greaternity and Shawn Winters are some addicted to winning that we’re more addictive than crack!

* Shawn stands up before the camera fades on the SCW logo. *