One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Baby Girl

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene shows Shawn Winters laying on his couch flipping through his DVR on his television as he clicks on an episode of the show “White Collar” that he hasn't seen yet. He's got Shadow laying on the floor beneath him as he licks Shawn's hand when it drops his hand letting go of the remote on the floor. Just as the episode is getting started his phone starts ringing. Shawn sighs before getting up and looking at it. It's a number that he doesn't recognize so he ignores it. He puts his phone back down and turns his attention back to his show. Not even a second later the phone starts to ring again. Shawn pauses his show and looks at his phone and see's its the same number. *

Shawn – Who the hell is this?

* Shawn answers it thinking they must want to get in touch with him whoever it is. *

Shawn – Hello?


Shawn – WHAT!?

Phil – Yeah it broke a couple hours ago. We've got her to the hospital. Dude you're going to be a father.

Shawn – Oh-oh my god.

It's happening...shit a panic attack. Damn it Shawn get it together, get it together. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Phil – Shawn listen...Hannah said that she didn't want you here but-

My heart weighs a thousand pounds.

Phil – But I can tell that it's just a strong face she's trying to put on for us. Shawn, she says she doesn't want you here but deep down I know that she needs you here.

Shawn – Does she know that you're calling me?

Phil – No...she never even asked anybody to tell you. I'm doing this because I love my sister and I know that she needs you right now. You're about to be a father and her a mother and she needs as much support as she can get right now.

Shawn – You're right Phil...I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm leaving now.

Phil – Thank you.

* Shawn hangs up his phone and he throws himself over the edge of the couch and steps on Shadow's tail as he gets up which gets a loud bark and an attempted bite from Shadow. Shawn begins to run around his house frantically looking for everything. *

Shawn – Shirt....shirt....SHIRT!

* Shawn finds a shirt and throws it on as quickly as possible only to realize that it's on backwards and he turns it around. He searches around for his keys and grabs them and his coat as he rushes out the door. Only for him to come running right back in. *

Shawn –!

* Shawn finds his shoes while he slips them on and throws his coat on as well as he runs right back out the door. Towards his car and gets in quickly before speeding out of his driveway towards the hospital. *

At The Hospital

* Shawn rushes into the hospital and right up to the front desk. Shawn's breathing heavy as adrenaline and everything is seemingly getting the best of him. His words are fast and almost foreign. *


Clerk - Calm down Sir...calm down. What can I do for you?

* Shawn takes a could deep breaths trying to regain control of himself. *

Shawn – My wife...ex-wife, pregnant...her water broke and she's here. Her name is Hannah Hesser, I need to know the room number.

Clerk - Absolutely Sir, let me just check really quick.

* She types in some keys on the computer before locating her. *

Clerk - She was admitted a couple hours ago. She's on the 4th floor room 421.

Shawn – Thank you, you lovely lovely woman!

* Shawn rushes down the hall and passes a gift shop area. He stops and back tracks and looks inside. *

Shawn – I...I can't just show up empty handed.

* Shawn goes inside and begins to grab anything that he can get his hands on. He grabs a couple balloons that say “IT'S A GIRL!!!” and “MOMMY!!” on them he grabs a huge stuffed bear that's holding a heart, a box of chocolates, a t-shirt, anything he can carry. He drops it all on the counter. The cashier seems to be taken back by everything. *

Cashier - You want all of this?

Shawn – Yes-yes...everything all of it. I need more?

Cashier - Haha, I think you'll be fine.

Shawn – I don't know! A card...should I get her a card!? Get well soon!? Happy Birthday!? Shit no....birthday is clichι, plus it's not her birthday she's giving birth.

Cashier - Calm down, you're fine. It's 215 dollars total.

* Shawn quickly hands her a card as she swipes it through and give sit back to him. He signs the recipe quickly before bear hugging everything into his arms. He reaches the elevator only to be unable to push the button. Luckily someone is beside him. *

Person - Up or down?

Shawn – Up please!

Person - No problem.

Shawn – Thank you.

* The elevator doors open as Shawn gets inside as the person beside him does the same. *

Person - Floor?

Shawn – Fourth.

* He pushes the fourth floor button as well as the sixth. *

This is the slowest elevator in history. I need to see Hannah....I need to be there and tell her...oh shit...what the hell am I going to say to her? Here have a bunch of presents, I'm sorry about how I acted last time I saw you?

Shawn – SHIT!!!

* The person beside looks at him as Shawn realizes he said that out loud. *

Shawn – Sorry...

Person - Don't worry son. You'll be fine, it's not as scary as it seems.

* Shawn musters a smile to acknowledge the advice. *

He has no idea.

* The elevator stops and the doors slowly open as Shawn stumbles out of the elevator and peeks around his cluster of crap in his hand to try and see any signs pointing him in the direction of Hannah's room. He spots a sign that's pointing him to the right as he jogs down the hall way in search of room 421 only to bump into Hannah's brother Phil whose in the hall texting on his phone. *

Phil – Shawn?! Is that you back there?!

Shawn – Phil? Heh, yeah I uh...I don't know. I'm over my head here I don't know what I'm supposed to do I panicked.

Phil – It's fine....follow me.

* Phil grabs Shawn's arm leading him to Hannah's room. The door is closed as Shawn can feel his heart racing a mile a minute. *

Phil – family is in there and I'm not sure how they're going to react to you being here. Just ignore it...even if Hannah herself yells at you to leave don't do it.

Shawn – Um're kind of scaring me here Phil.

Phil – Listen...I know my sister and I know she's too proud to admit that she needs you but she does. The way I see put that thing in her and it's your job to get it out.

Shawn – Is this like some sort of demon?! Is she possessed?!...Phil...should I be afraid for my life going in there?

Phil – Assuming the nurses' declined Hannah's wish to get some scissors I don't think so.

Shawn – Alright....alright....alright...wish me luck.

Phil – Good luck.

* Shawn sighs before Phil opens the door and Shawn walks in. Everyone stares at him not because it's him but because he's some pile of crap with legs. *


Shawn – I don't know!

* Shawn drops everything on the floor revealing himself to Hannah and her family. *

Hannah - What the hell are you doing here?!

Shawn – I-I-I'm afraid if I say anything it's only to make things worse. I'm not in a good relationship with my mouth right now.


* Shawn stands still almost in fear as Hannah is straddled up in a gown and CLEARLY pissed off that this baby isn't out of her yet. *

Shawn – No....Hannah I'm not going anywhere. I put that thing in you and I'm here to help you get it out.

Hannah - Is that right? What are you going to do stick a vacuum up my vagina?!

Shawn – That...wouldn't work.

Hannah - No shit Sherlock!

* Shawn moves closer to the bed as Hannah's parents just look at him. *

Shawn – Hannah listen...I'm not going to leave your side through this. I'm the father and it's my responsibility to help you through this. Hannah listen...whatever you need I'll be here to give it to you.

Hannah - I don't want my baby being born in a hostile environment so leave!!!

Shawn – Yeah except that. Anything else though?!

Hannah - Jump up your own ass and die!!!

Shawn – See that's just physically impossible.

Hannah - What ever happened to you not being in a good relationship with your mouth huh? Thought you were going to keep it closed!!!

* Shawn is silent. *

Hannah - Where the hell is that nurse?! Am I dilated enough yet? It's been forever!

* Hannah's mother places her hand on Hannah's head pushing the hair out of her face. *

Bonnie – Hannah honey this stuff takes time. I know you just want it to be over trust me. It's not like the movies where your water breaks and boom a baby pops out.

* While Bonnie is talking to Hannah, her father points his finger at Shawn and tells him to follow him. They step outside the door. *

Alec – Listen...I tried to like you Shawn. I mean I really did. You remind me a lot of me when I was younger. Trust me I get it, I get your lifestyle and I don't judge it. However when it comes to my daughter...she doesn't want you here and it would be best for the baby if you layed low maybe in the waiting room.

Shawn – Alec I kn-

Alec – So we're at an agreement? I don't know who called you but-

Phil – I called him.

* Phil who has been in the hallway this entire time has walked up to the conversation. *

Phil – Dad...I know that you think that Hannah saying she didn't want Shawn here is what she wants but she's not in the right state of mind right now. Don't tell me that I'm the only one that see's that she's scared. She's terrified and she needs Shawn here. Honestly we're not enough for this. Whether they're married or not you know there is still something there and Hannah doesn't want to admit it but she needs Shawn here right now. She needs him...she's just afraid to admit it. She's got too much going on right now.

Alec – (sighs) You're right...Shawn.

* Alec places his hands on Shawn's shoulders. *

Alec – She needs you here. If anything to let her yell at you through this whole thing.

* Alec brings Shawn in for a huge. *

Alec – You could very well serve a crucial part in this. Then when it's all done...then maybe it'll give you and Hannah a chance to talk.

* Alec lets go and pats Shawn on the side of the cheek a couple times. *

Alec – Get in there Tiger.

* Shawn nods as he goes back in the door. *

Alec – I think Hannah is going to kill him.

Phil – Yeah, it's possible.

* Shawn goes up to the bed and grabs Hannah's hand who seems pissed but doesn't take her hand away. *

Shawn – Hannah...I'm here. I'm here. It's me in the flesh and I'm not leaving you. Hannah...I'm not leaving you...not again. I'm riding this through to the end.

* Hannah looks at Shawn as her emotions get the best of her and she starts to cry. Tears flowing down her face like a waterfall. *

Shawn – I'm not leaving you again Hannah. I'm here...not again. I promise.

* Hannah starts to try and wipe away her tears from her face with her other hand. *

Hannah - Please don't leave me!

* Shawn smiles at the knowledge of Hannah wanting him there. *

Shawn – I won't...I'm here Hannah and I won't leave your side. I'll be with you through all of it.

Hannah - I love you.

* Shawn seems taken back by that comment as he hasn't heard it from her since she got pregnant. Three simple words that he's wanted to hear from her for what seems like an eternity. A tear falls down Shawn's cheek which he quickly wipes away hoping nobody noticed. *

Shawn – I love you too Hannah. I love you too.

* Shawn kisses Hannah as she starts to stop crying. *

Hannah - UGH! Just get this thing out of me!!!

Shawn –'s ok just need to get your mind off things. When we first met do you know what it was that I loved most about you?

Hannah - I don't know Shawn....I...the fact that I didn't know who you were?

Shawn – No, you're boobs.

* Everyone on the room is quiet before Hannah starts laughing. *

Hannah - Oh my god...

Shawn – See there we go...she's still in there.

* Right then a nurse and a doctor walk into the room. The nurse checks Hannah out and gives a nod to the doctor. *

Doctor – Alright Hannah, we're all ready. Is this the father?

* He is looking at Shawn as Hannah looks at him as well. *

Hannah - Yes, he's the father.

* Shawn smiles still holding her hand. *

Doctor – Alright then you're with us. Everyone else if you wouldn't mind waiting in the waiting room, we'll keep you updated.

* The nurse and the doctor lets Bonnie out of the room as the nurse gets Hannah's bed and begins to wheel it to a separate area of the hospital where they perform child birth. The doctor scrubs up as does Shawn. *

Doctor – Do you have anybody wanting to film the birth?

* Shawn and Hannah look at each other. *

Both – HELL NO!

Doctor – Alright let's get you two a baby. Alright Hannah just need you to take some deep breaths alright?

* Hannah takes her breaths like instructed by the doctor. *

Doctor – Alright Hannah we're going to need you relax...just relax. Keep breathing.

* Hannah is taking her breaths while grasping onto Shawn's hand. *

Shawn – It's alright Hannah...everything is going to be fine, I'm right here.

Doctor – Alright Hannah when I tell you I'm going to need you to go ahead and push alright?

Hannah - Oh god...

* Hannah is squeezes hard on Shawn's hand as he's not letting go. *

Shawn – We can do this.

Doctor – Alright Hannah.....PUSH!


Doctor – Doing great Hannah, just keep going! Push!


Doctor – Alright we got a head...need you to push some more Hannah.

Hannah - Oh god, I can't....I can't. Shawn help me!

Shawn – I'm doing all I can!


* Hannah squeezes Shawn's hand even harder as she screams pushing the baby out. Soon enough the baby is out. Hannah starts to take breath after breath as the baby starts to cry. Shawn's eyes are as wide open as ever completely shocked at what just happened. The Doctor and the nurse cut the umbilical cord before cleaning the baby up and wrapping it in a towel and handing it to Hannah who is crying. *

Doctor – two are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Hannah - Oh my god. Shawn...look at her.

Shawn – She's...she's so small.

Hannah - She's beautiful.

* Shawn stares on overwhelmed by what has just transpired. The doctor and the nurse take the baby about the clean her and everything. *

Nurse – Do you have a name?

* Hannah looks at Shawn. Shawn shrugs as this hasn't been something he's ever thought of. Hannah smiles. *

Hannah - Valarie...Valarie Marie Winters.

Shawn – Winters?

* Hannah smiles. *

Hannah - Yeah...Winters...

* Shawn kisses Hannah as they take the baby away. *

Shawn – You realize that her initials will be VMW right? Like BMW.

Hannah - Shut up haha.

Later That Night

* Hannah's family is back in her room as they're passing around Valarie who is asleep. Hannah is laying down on the bed awake but relaxing. Shawn is beside her holding her hand as he watches as his daughter gets passed around from each member of Hannah's family. Alec goes over to Shawn. *

Alec – Thank you son...thank you for making me a grandfather, for being here and for getting Hannah through this...thank you for everything.

* Shawn doesn't say a word he simply smiles and nods as Alec rubs the top of Shawn's head with a smile. *

Alec – It's a shame...your family couldn't be here for this.

* That a shot right through the heart. *

Shawn – is a shame.

Alec – But don't you worry...we're you're family now.

* Shawn smiles as Valarie gets passed back to him. He lets go of Hannah's hand while he stands up and holds her in his arms. *

You're just so...small. I...

* Shawn starts to cry. Hannah's family looks on as this time Shawn's unable to wipe away his tears. *

How could I have ever put anything in front of you? I guess it was never real until I saw you for my own eyes in front of me. Until I held you. I...I won't let anything ever happen to you do you hear me?

* Shawn begins to speak out loud but softly. *

Shawn – I promise that I won't let anybody hurt you. You're my daughter Val...I'm a #1 priority is raising you right. I won't make the same mistake again.'re precious...and angel and I'll never let you go.

* The nurse grabs Valarie and places her in her crib beside the bed that Hannah is laying in. *

Nurse – Alright's time for everybody to get some rest.

* Hannah's family shakes Shawn's hand before giving Hannah a kiss on the forehead as they leave. Shawn gets beside Hannah in her bed laying his arm around her as she holds it. *

Nurse – Get some rest.

* The nurse turns the lights off as Shawn and Hannah stare at baby Valarie. *

Hannah - She's so beautiful.

Shawn – She is...I just hope she doesn't grow up to be a stripper.

* Hannah laughs and elbows Shawn in the ribs as they lay side by side. *

Next Morning

* Hannah starts to wake up as Shawn walks in with some breakfast from the cafeteria. He places it on a stand and puts it in front of her while he drinks his coffee. *

Hannah – Oh wow...uh thanks.

Shawn – Don't worry about it. I figured you could use it.

Hannah – Where's Valarie?

Shawn – Don't worry the nurse's came in a few minutes ago to check on her. She'll be back shortly, everything's fine.

* Shawn kisses Hannah on the forehead as she gets an awkward look on her face. *

Hannah – Shawn...I...uh, hell I don't know how to put this but...last night. I-...may have said some things that might not have been totally true.

* Shawn gets a little bit of a smirk on the side of his cheek. *

Shawn – Yeah...I knew it couldn't be the easy.

Hannah – Shawn, I'm sorry.

Shawn – Don't be, I get it I really do. But I want you to know that I was telling the truth about everything. Hannah, I'm going to be here for that girl. I'm not going to leave her and she is going to be my priority. None of this was real to me until last night which is why my mind mislead me. To be honest I haven't been in the right state of mind to begin with and I apologize.

Hannah – Shawn I'm not going to lie I'm finding this hard to believe. Why should I believe you? After everything that's happened why should I believe you now?

* Shawn hands Hannah a card for a Los Angeles addiction treatment program. *

Hannah – What is this?

Shawn – I called them this morning. I'll be going once a week.

Hannah – Wow...good, I'm happy for you.

Shawn – I told you Hannah...this is real to me now. I don't plan on letting you do this alone. This is my responsibility as well and for once, I'm going to live up to it.

Hannah – Shawn...what about your career? How do I know that you won't choose it over us again? I mean just recently that's exactly what you did.

Shawn – I know Hannah...I understand your skepticism I do. You have no reason to believe me and every reason to question every word I say but if you believed me at any time this is the time.

Hannah – That doesn't answer my question Shawn, choosing wrestling over family. You've done it before...

Shawn – I've thought about that and I've come to a conclusion. I've deferred from Doctor's opinions in the past but I promise to you, the moment the Doctors tell me it's done, it's done. I've always gone back to wrestling because I always thought it was the only thing that I had in my life. Now that this is real? I have something outside of wrestling to look forward to.

Hannah – You promise huh?

Shawn – Hannah...I will get you to believe in me again.

Hannah – (smiles) I hope so.

* Hannah starts to eat her breakfast as baby Valarie gets brought back into the room. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters seated in front of an SCW backdrop with no shirt on and a beer in his hand. Beside him on a stand are some balloons, flowers, and a heart shaped box of chocolates. He grabs one and looks closely at it before slowly turning it around using only his fingertips. He then smiles before looking up at the camera. He tosses the chocolate back. *

Shawn – Can you feel it? The love that's in the air? Today is the day of a commercial holiday that forces men to spend money on women in order to prove there love to them. Flowers, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, a dinner by candlelight? It's all be produced for the world to take in as consumers. Just a way of tricking us into spending money on something that can quite possibly be argued doesn't exist. It's Valentines Day...a day of love, admiration, LUST! What is it not? It's not a day for rape and thievery!

Friday night on Ammo I went down to that ring, I didn't wear a mask, I didn't paint my face up, I didn't hide from the world. I came down to that ring the only way I know how and that's as Shawn Winters. I went down to that ring to prove a point and a point I proved. I have bared it all for this company, for these people. I have gone down to that ring practically naked, my bare ass has been seen across the world on that jumbo tron. I have made a complete idiot out of myself all because I can. I'm not going out to that ring giving somebody that first date, where I'm trying to impress them by showing them the highlight reel version of me. No sir, I go out there and I just be me. That's exactly why I get the reactions from the sold out crowds that I do because there are people that like me and there are people that hate me. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to go out to that ring...under my real name, without some sort of “gimmick” to try and get myself over. I go out there and I'm real, I don't hide behind paint like Shilo Valiant, I don't wear a mask like Masquerade, and I don't have fake tits and a facelift like Katie Steward. I'm just me and I get it, I'm not for everybody which is exactly why that agitates people, people like Shilo Valiant.

Where were you on Friday night Shilo? Too afraid to be exposed to the world as the fake that you are? Or was it your pure and utter dislike for me, Masquerade, Katie Steward...or better yet your ungodly amount of jealousy towards me that kept you away? I've watched as the fans started to turn against you and you did the honorable thing and turn against them first. You went out the show after stealing my Championship and you dehumanized each and every fan in the audience that you could with those masks because if you dehumanized them then maybe, just maybe there betrayal wouldn't hurt as much? Did it help Shilo? didn't help because you just became more resentful. Each day that went by as Champion you hated them more and more until the moment came for them to finally give you your just deserves, the award of Superstar of the Year. But they didn't vote for you did they Shilo? They voted for me.

The fact is that our versions of entertainment are completely different. You go down to the ring for the fans with your fancy little gimmick and you know what I do? I show my ass on a jumbo tron while I humiliate Chad Evans by plowing his sister. See entertain for them. I entertain for me. Deep down those people respect that...they don't get tired of that because they can relate to someone having fun. That's what I do Shilo, I have fun and it makes me smile to see you with such resentment and hatred towards it all because the reality of it...yes Shilo, that one single dimple on my red hot ass brings in more viewers and more recognition that your entire body of work combined! Now that is entertaining.

I went out on Ammo to prove a point that I am me every single hour of every single day. You? You clock in like a job from 9 to 5 portraying what you want the people to see of you. I don't clock in Shilo...I show up because SCW needs me to show up. I can leave and return whenever the hell I want because deep down SCW knows that I bring money. I don't make up random titles about myself to hype myself up. I use titles that have been established for me. I don't brag about being some hypothetical entertainer of the year, I AM Superstar of the Year because those fans that you dehumanize by masking, voted me better than you!

I come down to that ring and I do what I do best. I wrestle, I wrestle with the best of them and I wrestle until every single drop of sweat and blood has been given. I have come to terms with who I am. I have come to terms with what I have done and who I've hurt. It's only a matter of time until you come to terms with being 2nd best.

* Shawn takes a drink of his beer before looking at the Valentines Day set up he has to his side before pushing the table over knocking it all down. He stares at the mess while continuing to talk. *

Shawn – It's funny how quickly everything can just come crashing down isn't it?

* Shawn turns back to looking at the camera. *

Shawn – To once have your name up in lights and people actually fearing your name instead of pity it? Chad Evans was like that until I put an end to it. Brought his world crashing down to a pile of rubble. Now, there's Katie Steward. Who is in the exact same boat. I mean, Katie Steward was a Queen...a Goddess...a person to be feared in this company. What is she now? What was the last thing that she did of any value? When I see Katie now I don't see the beautiful woman who ruled the Woman's and the United States divisions with an iron fist, no. I see a shell of a woman whose botoxed herself up, gotten facelifts, breast implants practically a new era of Joan Rivers in order to preserve something that was lost a long time ago, her dignity. Now she's rolling around this place acting as if it's hers to rule. Sorry Katie, your term as Queen ended a long time ago it's just everybody has already forgotten you that they never felt the need to tell you. They pitied you as is they felt like this would be a good faith type of thing for time served by letting you believe that you're still Queen when in reality you're simply a has been trying to get a second chance.

Just like numerous actors along the years. You've had careers of Mickey Rourke's and John Travolta's brought back to life. Then you've had careers like Christian Slater's and Nicolas Cage's who have simply gone to shit. Every great performer has there times of turmoil, it's a test to there will and there character to see how they rebound from it. Denying it? Denial is a drug Katie. A drug that's more addictive than me. The denial has left you vengeful, filled with hate for those who have taken the spotlight from you. It's left you pining for the days of old, it's left you a flick of the switch away from a murderous rampage. I would say that it pains me to see you like this Katie but in reality it's not for my entertainment because I stopped giving a damn about you a loooong time ago before it actually became popular.

Yet here you are...still grasping at straws of Oscar Award winning performances. Well to be honest I'm surprised you haven't won one yet, between your ability to act like people are listening to you babble compared to taking a giant shit they've been holding in? To act like you're still some powerful presence when you failed time and time again? But...then there is your greatest performance to date. The one that you were born to play, the one you've been playing since you stepped foot into SCW. It's just sad that Charlize Theron beat you to it by already winning one in the role of a murderous whore.

* Shawn starts to laugh a bit at his remark. He takes a drink of his beer before the laughter catches up to him again. *

Shawn – You're right Masquerade, this is funny. I can't help myself, I can't stop laughing.

* Shawn then dies down the laughter before rolling his eyes at the camera. *

Shawn – It's almost showtime Masquerade, are you nervous yet? Are you afraid that all your hopes and dreams will become crushed and leave you heart broken like a woman without a date on Valentines Day? Oh well...who am I kidding, you have a date. You have the SCW Championship. Are you going to wine her? Are you going to dine her? Are you going to treat her with the respect that she deserves or are you simply going to take her to a McDonalds drive through and plow her in a gas station bathroom?

See Masquerade there is nothing funny about this. You have my title, you have what rightfully belongs to me. You have without weeks turned her into some disgusting whore who which no man could possibly ever love again. There is nothing funny about this Masquerade, I don't need any “craziness” all I need is for things to go back to there rightful places, that means the SCW Championship resting on my waist. The craziness that you speak of is simple anarchy because the precedent that you're setting for your fans is that this criminal behavior of yours is all right. You can steal, you can rape, you can do whatever the hell you want in this post apocalyptic world in which we live in with you as Champion. But not for long, no. Not much longer will we have to sit by as you try and play your games. Not much longer will we have to put up with your idiotic-ness. Soon...everything in the world will be right again. Everything will go back to order and I will be the SCW Champion and I will be the man in the spotlight because I've EARNED IT!

I am the only one who has actually earned that title by my God given talent. You? You rely on tricks and smoke and mirrors. I've seen your act, a bunch of timely light changes, strategically placed mirrors, a second set of feet in a box. It's all just a giant illusion. It's like when you're walking in a fun house and you hear that laughter in your ears and yet you can't get your eyes to see where it's coming from. Then you see the mirror's and you're trying to figure out which one is real and which one is a reflection, but it's always too late. It's a neat trick trust me it is.

People say that a magician never reveals his secrets but I already know Masquerades secret. They also say that a magician's best friend is a drunk audience, well WINNER!

* Shawn holds up his beer bottle before taking a drink. *

Shawn – You had me fooled once, until I realized that you're just a one trick pony. That's your secret Masquerade, all you've got is one single trick that you're milking every single bit of life out of until everyone is sick of you and back to looking for the “new thing”. But don't worry Masquerade, soon it will all be over. Soon this ride that you're on will come to a stop and you'll be asked to pay the toll. Then...when I'm standing in that ring over you, Shilo, and Katie as the SCW Champion, bringing baby back home to daddy...I'll be the one laughing.

* Shawn smirks at the camera before it fades to black. *