One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


Saturday, April 18th

* The scene opens up with Shawn Winters relaxing in his favorite chair with a bottle of beer in his hand and his other hand placed down his pants. Miranda then walks into the picture. *

Miranda – Oh my god Shawn, I can't wait for you to meet my parents!!!

* Miranda then sees Shawn in the chair. *

Miranda – Shawn get your hand out of your pants! You better not be doing shit like that at my parents!

Shawn – Of course not! It’ll be your hand instead. (smirks)

Miranda – Normally I’d be all for that babe but not in front of my dad. He’s the Sheriff of the county remember?! He’s LAPD…

Shawn – Wait a minute! Is he the Los Angeles Sheriff or is he LAPD? There is a difference.

Miranda – Well, he WAS LAPD, a very highly respected officer but like I told you, he has anger problems and can get trigger happy so they demoted him. However he was so accomplished they couldn't demote him much further then LA Sheriff.

Shawn – I should I bring some donuts to dinner?

Miranda – Not funny! My dad almost choked on a donut while driving. He hasn’t ate a donut since because he could see the papers in his mind: “Officer chokes on donut and wrecks car.”

Shawn – Haha I’m surprised that doesn’t appear in papers more often.

Miranda – Shawn I need you to be serious tonight! This is VERY important to me!

* Shawn gets up and takes his hand out of his pants. He then stands behind Miranda and wraps his arm around her to comfort her. *

Shawn – Alright babe I can be serious tonight don’t worry. I do have a quick question for you though.

* Miranda leans her head back onto Shawn’s chest obviously comfortable. *

Miranda – What is it babe?

Shawn – Do my balls stink?

* Shawn shoves his hand in front of Miranda’s face as she freaks out and punches him in the gut making Shawn double over laughing. *


Shawn – Damn it Miranda I need to know! I don’t want your mom smelling my stinky balls when she’s giving me head later!

Miranda – After my surgery there better not be ANYONE giving you head but me! I had to eat ice cream and apple sauce for 4 days!

Shawn – But I bet you can swallow an apple whole now can’t you? (winks)

Miranda – Oh my god you are horrible!

Shawn – So I’m told…

Miranda – Listen, I’m going to go get the rest of our bags…you, you need to go upstairs and wash your hands. Hell shampoo your balls or something while you’re at it. Scrub those guys like you were going to auction them off on Ebay!

Shawn – Do you want to help? (smirks)

Miranda – Just go!

Shawn – Alright but you’re giving me road head on the way!

Miranda – I’ll be driving!

Shawn – Ya see there you go making me think that I’m not good enough. Maybe this isn’t going to work out Miranda, you keep making me feel insignificant!

Miranda – Oh baby! (gets sad) How bout on the way I pull over at a rest stop and give it to you there? Will that be ok?

* Shawn tries to hide his smirk as he can so easily manipulate Miranda. *

Shawn – Alright that can work.

* Miranda then goes to kiss Shawn but he backs away. *

Miranda – Wha-

Shawn – Whoa…your breath smells like my balls! I’ll scrub them but you got to brush your teeth!

* Miranda punches Shawn once again as he starts laughing once more. *

Miranda – AGH! You drive me crazy!

Shawn – Use mouth wash too!

* Miranda storms off as Shawn just goes right back to sitting down in his chair and takes a sip of his beer. *

Shawn – (smirks) I should really give relationship advice! Could you just imagine how many relationships I could save? How many lives would be better off with my guidance? I’m like a relationship guru for god sake! In the short time being with Miranda look what I’ve got her to do for me. She’s had surgery in order to give better head, I’m getting her to use that new found AMAZING skill every chance I can get, she’s taking me to meet her parents because she thinks I love her, hell she’d probably go into Tactical Warfare for me if I asked her to thinking that she was fighting for my love or some shit. To tell you the truth just thinking about this relationship advice I think that I may already have a patient. That being the relationship between my friend Matthew Hodges and his girl Lenne Perez. Ya see the thing is I TRIED to like Lenne when I knew of Hodgie joining the Greaternity because we’re all brothers. We need to approve of each others sex lives! That’s how we keep away from having sex with fatties! Because we’re always watching each others backs making sure that we don’t make those bad decisions! Now of course we have the “no pride night” but it seems like Hodgie has that every night. (smirks)

Matt…you’ve got to realize something. We really did try to like Lenne, she wasn’t a problem until she decided it to be smart to argue with you about joining us. She gives you some sort of bogus ultimatum? Her or us?! I mean Matty…is she just going to give you an ultimatum at every eventful time in your life? “Either win the SCW title or we’re done!”, “You enter taking hold of the flame battle royal and last longer then me then we’re done!”, “I’m pregnant so either support our new family or pay for the abortion!”, “You stayed out to late with your friends now marry me!” I mean Hodges it’s going to come down to the point when you’ll need to take your penis out of the vagina fly trap that Lenne has it locked in and be a man!

Lenne Perez is a little cunt muscle, I mean come on Hodges…you can just tell that that girl dreams about a gang bang in the middle of a drunken Greaternity party. She wants you to choose between her and us? Dude…there shouldn’t even be a discussion, with us you’ll have a line of lolli’s waiting to jump on you. What’s she going to do at a party? Drag you home before you’re ready to go? Call you away from your fun because she has “needs”? The only thing that she needs is a damn muzzle. I mean I’ll give it to you Hodgie if Lenne didn’t talk and just patiently waited for you to give it to her every night she’d be the perfect girl…but last time I checked she’s not…so unless you plan on marrying this woman...which myself, Adam, and now even Ace can attest to NOT doing...then your decision is quite simple.

* Shawn takes a drink of his beer. *

Shawn – Now Matt I understand the predicament that you’ve found yourself in this coming Sunday. I mean you want a shot at the SCW World Championship…MY SCW World Championship and with this little bitch blowing down your neck you’re forcing the situation. But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way Hodgie. If you wanted an SCW title shot you could have just came to me, you didn’t have to join up with the enemy at Out of Control! I mean it’s obvious that you’re only doing this to make Lenne happy and that’s just not right. Isn’t there a saying: “bros before hoes”? Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is a classic example of that situation. You’re going up against your own brotherhood in order to get a shot at my title? That just makes no sense to me Hodges. The only way I can seem to make sense of the whole thing is if Lenne has your balls in a rubber band and a knife to them telling you to either end us or your balls are gone. What’s her logic here anyways? Katie Steward? Katie Steward isn’t even a member of the Greaternity! Sure I may be friends with her but since when can guys not be friends with girls? Is that so wrong? Sure maybe I dated her sister for a short while but does that REALLY have to be held against me? I’m a good guy right? I’m your friend aren’t I Matt? Then it’s time you start treating me like one because as long as you’re with Lenne she’s going to be feeding you lie after lie until she gets you to do everything she wants you to do.

Matt that’s the nature of all women, they think that they’re the alpha but you’ve got to stand your ground. Don’t let her turn you into her little pet. If anything she should be obeying your every order just like Miranda does with me. I’m the classic example of what a relationship should look like. I have all the control…you? Matt I really don’t want to say it but it looks like Lenne’s penis is starting to look bigger. The only way you can make things right is if you flat out tell her her place and to either support you and the Greaternity or to pack her bags and go back to blowing guys in alley ways of World Class Avenue!

Hodges we can easily avoid each other in this match on Sunday which I hope is the case. I mean there will be 12 guys in this match, well as long as you find a fourth partner that is. But I’m not going to lie to you, and I speak for all of Greaternity when I say this…if you’re the only one left standing in our way of victory…we’re going to have to take you out and I hope that’s a pill that you can swallow. Better yet, I hope it’s something that Lenne can live with. I won’t cripple you or anything Hodges, I wouldn’t do that to a friend…but I will by all counts knock you out. I wish you were on our team in this one Matty I really do…but it seems like you’ve made your bed, now you’re going to sleep in it, sorry buddy.

* Right then Miranda comes back onto the room with one more bag. Shawn takes another swig of his beer. *

Miranda – So are you all ready to go babe?

Shawn – Yup, you’ve got the bags and everything all packed. Your dad has beer in the house right?

Miranda – I’m sure he has some somewhere.

Shawn – Good because if your parents are at all like mine then there is going to need be A LOT of alcohol.

Miranda – I thought your parents were dead?

Shawn – Yeah, right. They are…awful plane crash right?

Miranda – Are you asking me or telling me?

Shawn – Telling duh…why would I be asking you how my parents died? You need to listen more babe. Now come on let’s got going, I’m hungry.

* Shawn takes a final drink of his beer and stands up before kissing Miranda and grabbing a bag and walking out the door with her. *

* The car pulls up in front of a rather nice house in a very nice neighborhood. Miranda puts the car in park and gets out of the car only for Shawn to soon follow. Miranda pops the trunk and pulls out her bag and hands it to Shawn. *

Shawn – Whoa, what is this?

Miranda – It’s my bag for you to carry in duh.

Shawn – Um…no. You’re got two hands you can carry your own bag.

* Shawn goes to hand it to Miranda only for her to not extend her arms to grab it. *

Miranda – Babe, normally I would. Hell I’d even carry your bag but we both need you to make a good impression with my father. He’s a very intimidating man babe. If you carry my bag inside it shows some respect towards me and he’ll like that. Plus if you don’t he might just shoot you.

* Miranda smiles and kisses Shawn on the cheek before walking up the driveway towards the door. *

Shawn – But babe! My back!!!

* She doesn’t turn around as the front door opens as an older man greats Miranda with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then turns around and waves Shawn to come over as her father stares him down from the top of this hill. *

Shawn – How I’m going to make it through these next couple of nights I have no idea.

* Shawn sighs before grabbing the two bags and hiking up the hill towards Miranda and her father who are patiently awaiting his arrival to the front door. He gets to the door to meet the extended hand of Miranda’s father. Shawn shakes it. *

Greg – You two are late…

* Shawn removes his hand from the handshake and just stares at Miranda’s father blankly. *

Oh shit…quick Shawn, think of a reason why we were late. Whatever you do DON’T tell him that we pulled over on the highway so his baby girl could give me head…..FUCK I’ve got nothing!

Miranda – Oh sorry daddy, we had to stop and get some gas on the way over.

Greg – Didn’t I tell you to fill the tank up before you left?

Miranda – I’m sorry daddy, I must of forgot. I must have been to excited to get Shawn. (smiles)

Greg – Let me grab those bags.

* Miranda’s father takes the two bags and places them right inside the door. *

Greg – Miranda honey, why don’t you go freshen up for dinner.

Miranda – Ok daddy!

* Miranda kisses her father on the cheek before skipping up the stairs. Greg then steps outside with Shawn and closes the front door behind him and places his rather large strong hand on Shawn’s shoulder. Greg’s other hand pushes his jacket back while it’s placed on his hip revealing his gun that apparently he keeps strapped at all times. *

Greg – You must be Shawn. My name is Greg and as you can see I’m Miranda’s father. So, listen here son. I know who you are and I know what you’re about. I’ve seen you on tv tea baggin and whatever the hell you guys call that shit. I’ve seen it on television and I swear to god if I notice one single thing like that rubbing off on my little girl then so help me god I’ll have my gun in my hand faster then you can so “Oh Shit!” You got me?

Haha…I’m guessing he’s referring to Greaternity tea bagging people ha, wow that’s funny…so he’s scared that my nuts have rubbed off on his daughter? Wow, I’d hate for him to find out that’s not the only thing that’s been rubbed off on his daughter. But for the sake of not getting shot in these next couple of days I’m just going to keep my thoughts to myself.

Shawn – I’m sure you say that to all the guys right? Haha.

* Shawn tries to make a joke but his laughter slowly stops as he notices Greg not joining in. The dead stare from Miranda’s father has not shifted in any way. Shawn then rubs his mouth. *

Shawn – I understand sir.

Greg – Good…now I also want to discuss sleeping arrangements. Now don’t for one second think that I don’t know that you want to have sex with my daughter but you see she’s saving herself for marriage. We’re a proud Catholic family you hear? I’m not going to let you anywhere near my daughter when she’s sleeping. You’ll be sleeping in the guest room above the garage.

Shawn – Yes sir…I need my beauty sleep to ya know haha.

* Once again the dead stare doesn’t shift with Shawn’s attempt at a nervous joke. *

Shawn – I mean, I’ve got to get my rest too because I’ve got a huge match next weekend and I’m going to need all my energy.

Greg – So then we should have no problem then right?

Shawn – Nope…

Greg – My wife Gina is in the kitchen, come on.

* Greg reopens the front door and escorts Shawn into the house. As Shawn walks in her notices that the table is all set up for dinner and the food is already on the table. Greg then directs Shawn towards the kitchen. *

Greg – Gina this is Shawn Winters, Miranda’s boyfriend.

* Gina wipes her hands with a small towel and extends her hand to Shawn to shake which he does. *

Gina – It’s a pleasure to meet you Shawn. Miranda has told us SO much about you. It’s a pleasure for you to join us. There is a bathroom right around the corner for you to freshen up. We’ll all be waiting at the table when you’re ready.

Shawn – Thank you Mrs….

Oh shit…what’s Miranda’s last name? Fuck…I don’t think I’ve ever cared to know what it was until now. SHIT, what did it say on there mail box? I want to say that it began with an H…there has to be something around here with there last name on it.

* Shawn’s eyes shift around and notices a scholarship that Miranda got to USC on the wall which reads “Miranda Pettigrew”. *

Shawn – Mrs. Pettigrew, thank you very much.

Gina – No problem dear.

* Shawn walks towards the bathroom and closes the door behind him. He then pulls out some pills from his pocket and throws a couple into his mouth. He then turns the faucet on and cups his hand underneath and takes a drink of water to swallow. He then washes his hands and splashes his face. He grabs the towel hanging on the wall and dries off. He then looks at himself in the mirror. *

Wow, the moment I stepped foot into this house I already became the enemy. It’s as if Miranda’s father is waiting for me to slip up just so he can bust a cap in my ass. Miranda’s mom seems nice but she could very easily just be putting on a face. She could want to kill me just as much as her father does for manipulating there daughter.

Shawn – Wow, is this what it’s going to feel like at Out of Control? I’m in this house unfamiliar to me and my only ally seems to be Miranda. At Out of Control it’s going to be the same scenario. I’m going to be inside an unfamiliar environment and everyone is going to be looking to end me. Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior for sure are going to be foaming at the mouth to try and rip my head off my shoulders and continue to beat everyone else in the match with it. I’ve made a fool out of both Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior so I’m sure they’re not going to waltz into that match with a calm demeanor. Not to mention they’re going to have another member on there team who hasn’t been announced yet, of course assuming they find one. What if that person has just as much hatred for me as the two brothers do? In a way it seems like my brothers of Greaternity were just thrown into this match to make it seem like I wasn’t the one being targeted in it. Yet I don’t feel that way at all. With Greaternity in the match with me I should feel comforted but what if I’m the one starting this match off and Greaternity is left unable to help me as member after member of each team enters each vying to rip me limb from limb?

I mean on the other side you’ve got Greg Cherry who is no stranger to myself. That guy hates me possibly more than Jason Wheeler or Christian Savior could COMBINED! He quite possibly blames me for every misfortune that has raised it’s ugly head his way for the past few months. CHBK well, CHBK is just so filled with his own ego that he’s going to want to take me out just so he’ll be the biggest star in the match. Asher Hayes well…need I remind anyone that I put his ass through a table a couple weeks ago? Eh…yeah that’s going to be looming in the back of his head. Then you’ve got David Miller who’s going to want revenge for me making him look like a little stooge this coming Wednesday on Breakdown. We’re all going to be in prison at Out of Control and I’m going to be the guy who was convicted of raping a small child…everyone is going to want to kill me.

Maybe I can find a way to steal Greg’s gun when he’s sleeping tonight and go into this match strapped. That would be a fool proof back up plan in case everything else falls through. Then again what if he figures out it was me and gives me the hard goodbye? Then again what if I’m going to be treated like a serial rapist at Out of Control in prison? What’s the worse fate? Being shot dead or raped until I’m dead? Not going to lie I’m leaning towards the being shot dead part. At least that way my ass hole will stay innocent unlike Miranda’s.

* Shawn smirks after that last thought. He then places the towel back on the rack before opening the bathroom door and walking out to see the Miranda and her parents sitting at the table. He smiles and joins them sitting beside Miranda and across the table from Greg. *

Greg – Shawn do you care to say grace?

Shawn – Oh um, nah it’s your house sir I think I’ll let you do it. I’ll make sure to take notes and do it tomorrow night.

* Shawn tries to smirk but once again he erases it quickly. Everyone extends hands to hold as Greg begins to say grace. *

Greg – Lord God we ask you to bless this food we are about to receive. Bless the hands that prepared it. Use it to nourish and strengthen our bodies, and our bodies for your kingdom work. In Jesus…

* Right then Shawn’s phone begins to ring interrupting grace. Miranda and her parents look up at Shawn. Greg gives him a stone cold stare. He reaches in his pocket and pulls it out. *

Greg – There are no phones allowed at the dinner table Shawn.

* Shawn seemingly ignores what Miranda’s father had just said and answers his phone. *

Shawn – Hello?

Movie Producer – Hello, Shawn?

Shawn – Yeah this is him…who is this?

* Shawn lifts his finger up to excuse himself as he stands up and moves away from the dinner table and into the other room. *

Movie Producer – My name is Kevin Grober and I represent HBO Films and was getting in contact with you to see if you were available to come in for an audition.

Shawn – Audition? Since when does Shawn Winters audition?!

Movie Producer – Um…Shawn the thing is our original actor we had cast well was recently involved in a car accident and is hospitalized. He’s not going to be able to shoot the movie. So we’re trying to find a replacement in such a short period of time.

Shawn – I’m just a replacement? What the hell is going on here and what kind of movie is this?!

Movie Producer – Well it’s a low budget movie that has a spot in the Sundance Film Festival to get picked up.

Shawn – Sundance? So this movie might not even be released in the box office?!

Movie Producer – It’s possible but we are very confident that it will be. You see this movie is a bio picture of Kurt Cobain and his death. It kind of goes through the movie as if he was truly murdered instead of committed suicide. Like I said our original actor that was cast as Kurt was in a car accident…

Shawn – Who was originally cast?

Movie Producer – Emile Hirsch…

Shawn – SPEED RACER?! I’d be replacing Speed Racer?! What the shit is this?! I’m Shawn Winters! I was once a huge box office draw! I stared in movies with Matt Damon damn it!

Movie Producer – Shawn…listen the thing is you’re not as big of a draw as you used to be. I mean yeah you had a couple box office hits but then you failed to produce another movie for 3 years. You were consistently unprofessional and fired or released from numerous projects. I’m afraid this is going to be the only way to get your name back out into the movie scene.

Shawn – I’m set to star in a movie with Robert Redford, I bet you didn’t know that now did you?!

Movie Producer – You didn’t hear? That movie lost its fundings…it’s dead Shawn. It’s not going to get made. You’ve got nothing right now.

Shawn – Are you kidding me?!

Movie Producer – Shawn I know you’ve got a good thing going in SCW right now, I know you’re not exactly hurting for money or anything since you have turned yourself into a successful business man as well but in the film industry your reputation is similar to that of a Lindsay Lohan. This is your chance to change that perception. I know that your contract with SCW is coming close to ending and it wouldn’t hurt for you to get your name back out into the film industry. A lot of stars do Sundance Shawn.

Shawn – So you’re telling me this is my only shot to get back into films? By playing some drugged out rock star who by all definition sucked until he was dead? You think that movie’s gonna be a hit? It’s not like I’d be playing Jim Morrison or Johnny Cash. Those guys were legends. The only thing ever interesting about Kurt Cobain is this conspiracy of whether or not he was murdered.

Movie Producer – Which is how we’re doing this movie. Shawn, just think about it alright. I’ll give you a couple days. Here’s my number to reach me when you decide…

* The producer leaves Shawn Winters his number as Shawn hangs up the phone soon after. Shawn then rejoins the dinner table. *

Greg – I said no phones at the dinner table.

Shawn – Oh…um sorry, it was a very important call, career threatening I guess you could say.

Gina – Oh well then that’s understandable right dear?

I couldn’t tell whether or not Miranda’s mom was being sarcastic or not so I figured best to not say anything.

* Miranda’s father doesn’t say a word as the whole table has obviously stopped everything at the actions of Shawn. *

Greg – May we continue our grace now Shawn?

Shawn – Yes sir, once again sorry.

* They all once again hold hands. *

Greg – In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

* The family along with Shawn Winters begins to eat dinner as the scene fades out. *

* The scene comes back as everyone is sitting around in the living room playing Pictionary. Miranda is up drawing a picture. She draws a person. *

Gina – Person!

Greg – Human!

* Miranda then draws two boobs on the person. *

Shawn – Woman!

* Miranda nods and then draws a giant circle around the woman’s stomach. *

Shawn – Fat! The woman is fat!

* Miranda shakes her head. She then draws a smiley face on the woman. *

Shawn – She’s a happy fat woman?!

* Miranda then draws a crib off to the side. *

Greg – Baby!

Gina – Infant!

* Miranda motions for them to keep going as she it tapping the stomach of the woman. *

Gina – Pregnant!

* Miranda starts scribbling on the stomach obviously frustrated in not getting an answer. *

Shawn – ABORTION!!!

* Miranda drops the marker as the room has gone silent. Greg and Gina both look at Shawn with a disturbed look on there face. *

Greg – Abortion?!

Shawn – Um…well she….scribbled on the stomach, I thought…like the baby was gone.

Gina – But the woman has a smiley face!

* Shawn gives off an awkward smile. *

Shawn – Um...well...I figured maybe she was happy because her father paid for it...

* Greg grabs the card from Miranda to look at the answer. *

Greg – The answer was “mother”. That’s why she was smiling not because she murdered her baby!

* Shawn stands up off of the couch. *

Shawn – I think I’m going to go and get some fresh air.

* Shawn slowly makes his way out of the living room and out the front door closing it behind him. He takes a seat on the front step. *

Shawn – I’m going to be murdered in my sleep tonight I can just feel it.

* Shawn pulls out the pills from his pocket once again and throws a couple more down his throat. *

Shawn – I am just on edge right now, luckily I’ve got these pills with me to keep me balanced. It’s bad enough that I’ve got a hard week ahead of me with David Miller on Breakdown and then Tactical Warfare at Out of Control? Can’t Miranda’s parents cut me some slack I men Jesus! I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and they’re not making any of this easier. No wonder Kurt Cobain killed himself, I’m starting to feel the same type of pressures right now. Wait, or was he murdered? Fuck I’m going to get murdered aren’t I? And there is going to be a laundry list of people who had a motive to do it. My life is over I can just feel it.

* Shawn pops a couple more pills in. *

Shawn – Whew, calm down Shawn everything is going to be alright. I’m sure Miranda’s parents don’t hate you. They just feel threatened that’s all. They know how powerful I am and how good looking I am. They’re just scared that I’m taking there baby daughter away from them. Damn, I wish I could tell them that they have nothing to worry about because the last thing I want to do is take Miranda anywhere. Parents can just be so retarded sometimes I swear. Growing up they can’t wait to get there kid out of the house but the moment they move out they’re inconsolable. They’re balling there eyes out as if they have just died or something. Then you’ve got the weddings, the grand children it’s enough to throw somebody off there rocker. It kind of makes me wonder what it was like raising Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior?

I mean the constant bickering and whining between the two of them. I mean shit didn’t they have a third brother? Adam something? Psh I bet he was like the retarded step child or something. But hell I would bet that there parents Charles and Victoria were overjoyed to finally rid them of there lives, in fact so overjoyed Victoria died. I’m sure that’s probably the story of her death right? I mean I’m no history nut or anything so I can just assume she died because she was happy to get the two of you out of her house, I mean it’s only logical right? That’s how I like to think, logically. (smirks) The Wheeler bloodline is just beyond remarkable. How these Neanderthals have managed to keep themselves living this long is beyond me. You’ve got the same parental habits being passed down with Christian Savior to his children. It’s only a matter of time before Rose just goes ahead and off’s herself unable to maintain sanity with these parental habits of Christian Savior. I mean she had to be borderline insane to marry a shit biscuit like Christian Savior to begin with right? So it’s only a matter of time before she’s driven over the edge.

They’re like these illegal aliens trying to live amongst us as normal individuals but the true story is they’re both fucked beyond there wildest dreams. I mean they’ve got issues with this Infection that can only be explained by daddy issues right? They probably don’t even know the difference between a man and a woman. Savior probably just saw a hole and thought it’d be fun to stick his wiener inside of it for god sake. I mean these daddy issues probably go all the way back to him doing all the breast feeding because Victoria was to busy planning her escape from this family that she feels responsible for creating. But I guess this match at Out of Control is right up there alley being as retarded dumb as they are. I mean what’s not to get? “Oh me Jason Wheeler me inside cage me smash!” “Oh me Christian Savior, monkey see monkey do!” It’s fucking pathetic! Wheeler get off your bed of rose pedals and Christian take Kyro or whatever the hell name you gave your new kid off your tit and find yourselves another partner for Out of Control because when the smoke clears I want there to be NO excuses when it’s every member of Greaternity standing tall and you all are left in a fetal position sucking your thumbs.

* Shawn sits up and walks out to a tree that is in the front yard with a tire swing hung on it. He shoves the tire swing with his foot and watches it go back and forth. *

Shawn – Olek you’ve really assembled a crack team chief. Sure I suppose on paper it looks pretty decent but SCW has never been played on paper son. Jason Wheeler the Seven million time SCW World Champion, his brother Christian Savior the former SCW World Champion, and of course the best of the group Matthew Hodges proud member of Greaternity and former SCW World Champion. However Drachewych I do have a small question, something that you may want to concern yourself with. Drachewych how much can you really trust Matt Hodges on your team? How do you know that he didn’t just agree to be in this match to make it all five members of Greaternity against the four members of team babyface and then the three members of team Infection…that is of course you do find that fourth member whose willing to let you pull his strings per say haha. I mean come on Olek, you know the possibility is there. Maybe, just maybe Matt Hodges doesn’t really want that title shot anymore since yours truly is holding it. Maybe you’re just underestimating the power of our brotherhood.

Ya see Olek, our brotherhood is much stronger then that of real family like Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior. With us there is no sibling rivalry. We are all considered equal…well that is of course Ace and Alex who are still proving themselves…but they’re well on there way to losing there “pledge” status’. With me and Adam Allocco tutoring these kids, teaching them the ways of this business and taking them under our wings they have risen past any expectation anyone has ever had for them. Throw in our new member Matt Hodges and you’ve got an unstoppable force which even though you won’t admit it Olek, it strikes fear into your heart. Which is exactly why you’re trying to manipulate Matt Hodges, you probably have Lenne Perez in your pocket trying to convince him to leave us or in your case compete against us but it’s not going to happen Olek. There are a lot of wrestlers in this match for Matt Hodges to attack outside of Greaternity and even the Infection. He could easily just focus on team Babyface over there without you knowing the wiser.

This fourth member of your group better be somebody huge Olek because as it stands right now your team isn’t looking too stacked. You want to bring in that third retarded step child brother of Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior? Go right ahead, like I said the bloodlines are much thicker in Greaternity then any family could ever imagine. Maybe you want to bring in somebody like Xander Valentine? Sure why not, not even an SCW Legend could bring your team to the promise lands. I say you just man up yourself Drachewych, I say you throw yourself into this match instead of letting your puppets do all of your work for you, but then again you don’t have the balls to actually step into the ring yourself do you? Because the truth is, as hated as I am, being the anti-christ that everyone in SCW seems to see me as…if you were to be in this match it would be YOU and not me that everybody would be gunning for. So Olek Tactical Terror might be your asylum and you might be the Warden...but when that bell sounds, it’s going to be the inmates that take control. (smirks)

* The scene cuts away as Miranda has joined Shawn Winters outside of her parents house giving him a kiss. *