One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


Taking Hold of the Flame is going to be an iconic night for one man. The question is whether it will be Shawn Winters or CHBK? Shawn Winters has the chance to retain the SCW Championship against a true legend and erase a mere blemish on his most impressive resume as Champion. CHBK has a chance to not only win the SCW Championship for the sixth time but to also go into the battle royal and win it to ultimately face himself at Rise 2 Greatness, something in which only Cid Turner can attest to trying to accomplish. But I’m not going to lie, if there was one man that I would put my money on to do such a thing…it would be CHBK. The guy has made a second life of seemingly cheating death. He has dodged bullet after bullet and somehow he has managed to come out on top more often then not. To say that there is absolutely zero chance that CHBK could walk out of Taking Hold of the Flame with both victories is being naive. To say that he has a less then 5% chance of said accomplishment is more like it, and honestly that’s saying something because he and me alone would be the only superstars who would even have a percentage over or equal to one!

CHBK can do the impossibly against insurmountable odds but yet he’s the only man outside of me that I can honestly say has a fighting chance. Heh it’s funny, I’m actually admitting respect for another person…I guess I’m a real person after all.

June 16th, 2009

* The scene opens up in a nightclub where Shawn Winters and Porno Lad are relaxing in a VIP section. Shawn has his arms extended on the back of the couch with a glass of liquor in his hand. Ace Marshall and Alex Jr. are up at the bar taking some shots. They then rejoin Shawn at the couch. *

Alex – Shawn they just named a shot after me. It was fucking awesome! I kept taking these shots and they decided to name it the Alex Jr.!

Ace – Yeah, it was Apple Pucker and Butterscotch Schnapps.

Shawn – You mean to tell me that you’ve been up there taking Carmel Apple’s?

Alex – Dude I am feeling great!

Shawn – Wow, wow, well you sit there and you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and let me know what they name a “Used Condom” shot after Ace haha.

Ace – I hate you!

* Shawn gives off a smirk as he goes back to his drink. *

Alex – God, I can’t believe Adam is missing this. Where the hell did he go? I thought he was going to meet us here?

Shawn – You know how Adam’s been a bit flaky lately, maybe you should call him and give him a quick reminder.

* Right then the waitress begins to walk over. *

Shawn – Name, name, I need a name.

Alex – Kendra.

* She stops and hands Shawn another drink with a smile. *

Shawn – Kendra! Hey!

Kendra – So are you guys going to come to my party after close? I may or not have already told all my girlfriends that you’d be there.

* She bites her fingernail in a seductive manner. *

Shawn – That’s funny because I was just telling Alex here how we couldn’t wait for this place to close down so we could go to your party. (smirks)

Kendra – Alright, I’m looking forward to it.

* She winks as she walks away shaking her ass with each step keeping Shawn interested. *

Alex – Come on, it’s not that hard of a name to remember.

Shawn – I’ve known her for 2 hours. After thirty minutes the name is permanently erased from my memory. I’ve got to erase certain names in order to make room for new ones.

Alex – Why not just remember more names?

Shawn – Do I look like I know how it works? Talk to tech-support.

* Right then a bouncer comes up to the group. *

Bouncer – There is a Miss Rachel Foxx here to see you, would you like me to direct her back here?

Alex – What the fuck is that dirty cunt doing here?!


Shawn – Uh, yeah…go ahead and bring her back.

* The bouncer nods as he makes his way back through the crowd. *

Shawn – Fuck! We need to come up with a plan to get her out of here so we can go to that waitress’ party.

Ace – Kendra’s…

Shawn – Yeah her’s…

Alex – Dude is anybody going to answer my question!?

* Right then the bouncer rejoins the group with Miranda behind him. *

Bouncer – Miss Rachel Foxx…

Alex – Ohhh….

Miranda – Hey babe!

* Miranda runs in and kisses Shawn on the cheek. *

Miranda – I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick. Be right back.

* Miranda goes off. Porno Lad then stands up. *

Porno Lad – I’m going to go give the urinal a facial.

* Porno Lad gets up and goes off. *

Shawn – Ace, go to the bar and get some shots. I’ve got to think of a way to get Miranda out of here before the nights out.

* Moments later Ace rejoins the party. *

Ace – We may have a problem…

Shawn – What now pledge?!

Ace – Porno Lad may or may not have told Miranda about Breakdown last week with all the women and how a certain, Champion was acting.

Shawn – What?!

Ace – Yeah, he said something about how it was his plan to get her out of here?

Shawn – Shit, this isn’t going to be good! She’s not going to leave my side for weeks!

Alex – How did she not see it? Doesn’t she watch Breakdown?

Shawn – No, I changed her television so she can’t watch certain programming without a password.

Alex – You mean you child locked her own television?

Shawn – In a sense, yes I did.

Alex – That’s brilliant!

Shawn – Well it’s not going to matter much right now! I’ve got to think fast!

* Right then Porno Lad rejoins. Shawn then stands up from the couch. *

Shawn – Dude, what’s your problem?!

Porno Lad – Other then the glory hole in between the men’s and women’s bathroom being too high?

Shawn – Telling Miranda about Breakdown last week! Telling her about all the women you brought in!

Porno Lad – What?! Ok for one, who’s Miranda?

Shawn – Miranda is my girlfriend you twat!

Porno Lad – You mean that cute brunette that was just here?

Shawn – Yeah…

Porno Lad – I haven’t said a word to her, I did see Ace talking to her though.

Shawn – What?!

* Shawn turns to look at Ace who is trying not to make eye contact. Right then Miranda runs in and shoves Shawn back into a seating position on the couch. *

Miranda – You fucking liar! You told me that you weren’t even on Breakdown or even there last week! You said that you had a business trip!

Shawn – Miranda it was nothing! I was trying to help the pledges get laid! You know how that shit works, they needed a wing man!

Miranda – Oh no! I know Shawn Winters and he is NOBODY’S wing man!

* Porno Lad sneaks off into the background and finds a bouncer. *

Miranda – Shawn I can’t leave you alone at all can I?! You know what this means right?! I’m coming to each and every Breakdown, and each and every pay per view! You are getting me backstage passes, you are getting me all access to whatever the hell I want because you are going to be a shorter leash then Michael Vick!

* The bouncer then comes back over and grabs Miranda by the arm. *

Bouncer – Miss, may I please see some identification?

Miranda – What?! Oh, yeah…

* Miranda pulls out her ID. *

Bouncer – Are you sure this is you, Miss Rachel Foxx?

Miranda – Yeah, that’s me…

Bouncer – Mind if I take a look at that debit card you’ve got there as well to prove this.

Miranda – Um…

Bouncer – You’re going to have to come with me, this is a 21 only bar.

Miranda – What?! But I wasn’t…

Bouncer – NOW!

Miranda – SHAWN!!!

Shawn – Sorry babe, rules are rules! I’ll see you back at the hotel! Don’t wait up!

* The bouncer drags Miranda off while Shawn looks a bit shocked but with a smirk on his face. *

Shawn – THAT…was perfect timing!

Porno Lad – You can thank me later dude.

Shawn – You…you’ve just leap frogged in the pledge status! Shots on me!

* The shots that Ace bought Shawn grabs them. *

Shawn – Except for you!

* Shawn takes the shot away from Ace and hands it to Porno Lad. *

Shawn – Ya know what Alex, may I call you Alex? I sure hope so because where we are at I feel as though we are on a first name basis and we can feel comfortable addressing each other in such a manner. Because you see I don’t want to talk about CHBK, oh no, I want to talk about Alex Desoubrais, I want to talk about who he truly is and what he has truly become. You see Alex, you talk about how you see a lot of your old self in me which is all fine and great, because well let’s face it, I’m as dominant now as you were some umpteen years ago. But the thing is, I’m not going to be stale and talk about your age because let’s face it, you’re kind of like the bionic man. You’ve proven that at your age you can still hang with the top superstars in SCW but hence it’s not what I want to discuss. The thing is when you look at me you see your former self, now why is that? Is it because I hold the SCW World Championship? Is it because I’m cocky and brash? Or is it because I could have an arena full of women on their knee’s faster then Muslims during a prayer time? The truth is, I think you see yourself in me because you truly admire what I have become. You see me taking the same path that you have laid for yourself, you see me following you in your footsteps and it gives you this sense of self gratification. Well, I hate to burst your bubble Alex but the truth is, I follow in no mans footsteps. I follow in no mans shadow. I walk with Titans, with Gods. You see yourself in me because when it comes right down to it, you wish you were me! Not because I’m younger and not because I’m Champion, but because you see everything that I am, and everything that I have become and you can’t help but feel jealous at the fact that I am surpassing each and everything milestone you have set throughout your lustrous career!

You’ve built SCW into what it is today and in the span of months you’ve watched me make you nothing more then a mere cliff note in the history books!

Alex, you’ve sat here through the years watching as superstars have come and gone through SCW who had all the hype in the world, hype to possibly be better then you, and you’ve watched them all fail miserably. You’ve without a doubt have been the epitome of this company and each and every superstar that comes in automatically want to be better then you, want to prove themselves. Just look at Justin Davis earlier this year, he held you to such a high regard, but for what? My problem here Alex is the fact that people hold past accomplishments to such a higher level then current ones it makes it feel like no matter what you do from now until the end of your career will never be parallel to what you did years ago. Have you noticed that? All you hear is how you’ll “add onto your legacy”. It becomes nothing special to you anymore, sure you like to say that the you want this sixth World title reign but we both know you’re only saying it because it’s what the fans want to hear. We both know that you don’t want to become a walking joke like Jason Wheeler was with his miserable Seven title reigns. What you care about most going into this match, is beating me. You want to know just like I do who is the undeniable best! Like you’ve seen superstars come and go and challenge your legacy you’ve seen me challenge your legacy, defeat your legacy and now come back to an equal ground with your legacy. I’m the biggest threat you’ve ever had and that is why I’m not going to do what others have done and that’s take you lightly. You hold your legacy near and dear to your heart, we all know it. So I know how hard you’ll work in order to retain it. Redemption was a great night and also one of the worst nights for your legacy. You became a five time World Champion defeating a man in which rivals your own ability only to become the shortest reigning Champion in history, lasting about a whole ten minutes. You may think that you’re adding to your legacy but the truth is, you’re only diminishing it.

At Taking Hold of the Flame you’ve got a chance to give yourself some leeway for the next few months, maybe enough room to get you through the year for mistakes. See if you defeat me then you’ll be on top of the world and nobody will question your ability or your age or anything and even if that victory only lasts a week and that title reign lasts maybe two or three, it won’t matter because everyone will just recall the fact that you defeated Shawn Winters in one on one competition for the SCW World Championship! THAT will give you leeway and THAT will give you another few months to quote un quote “add to your legacy”.

Now Alex I’ll be the first one to admit it, you’re one hard act to follow, it’s been a real challenge to even be mentioned in the same breath as you but what I’ve done is not only been mentioned in the same breath as you, I’ve got the chance to make it that you’re mentioned in the same breath as me! Just as Kobe Bryant is now reaching the legendary status of one Michael Jordan, Shawn Winters is reaching and surpassing the legendary status of CHBK! Rise to Greatness was just the first step and to be honest I’m surprised it took this long for us to have a rematch. I don’t count our triple threat match or the Tactical Warfare as rematches because a true rematch is one on one. The marketability of this rematch is endless and to be honest I think that’s the only reason why Drachewych is letting us have our fun. If there is one thing that he likes more then either of us not getting what we want it’s money and Shawn Winters vs. CHBK II is exactly that, money. I’m sure he’s already hearing the cash register’s blow up with the t-shirts, the plaque’s, the memorable action figures with us wearing the same attire we wore at Rise to Greatness. We’ve already upped the anti with this time around being an SCW Championship match, what’s left for us to do? Well, heh, as unlikely as it is we could make Shawn Winters vs. CHBK III the end all of end all. With me retaining the title at Taking Hold of the Flame and you then actually succeeding at winning the battle royal and becoming the #1 contender all over again then we could do the Rise to Greatness thing all over again except this time for the Championship! Does it make you salivate Alex? I’m sure it makes Olek, even if he’s trying to hide it. He could run segments up and down peoples throats showing the past superstars who have challenged your greatness only to fail which will slowly lead up to yours truly challenging your greatness and defeating your greatness.

Now ya see, it’s funny when looking at those stars of SCW’s past, the founders of this federation, the superstars who helped make this company what it is today, the superstars that are synonymous with the letters S-C-W, I’m talking about the CHBK’s, the Jason Wheeler’s, the Jay Gold’s, the Greg Cherry’s…it’s funny that those names are legends in this company and yet the man you’re looking at right now has yet to taste defeat at the hands of any one of them in one on one competition. Shawn Winters has an astonishing zero losses against any of them, so should I really have to make an argument that the letters S-C-W are now synonymous with me!

It’s hard for me to find mistakes in my legendary career but the one mistake that I have is the fact that I’m not going to know what it’s like to face CHBK, and I mean the REAL CHBK. I’m never going to know what it’s like to face you in the prime of your career, when you weren’t a step or two slower, when your god given ability could carry the weight of an entire company. It makes me resent the superstars of the past that had the luxury of facing you then and defeating you then. To be honest it almost feels like defeating you now is nothing worth accomplishing anymore. I remember Rise to Greatness when I had to know how good this CHBK character really was and wow, we put on a show that nobody would soon forget but the thing is…how can you live with yourself knowing that it could have been better? Alex, you and I could of done better…it’s really a heartbreak the fact that our primes had to come in different eras.

You always tend to give the fans a glimpse of the CHBK of old but at Taking Hold of the Flame Alex, I don’t want to get a glimpse! I want to get the full sight! I want to know that I defeated you with the SCW Championship on the line when you were at your best! So do me a favor Alex, either invent a time machine and go back to the year 1999 or hit up a doctor for some steroids and a drug dealer for some cocaine and let’s make sure that we don’t cheat anyone this time around and that means ourselves!

* End. *