One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

DVD Segments

Breakdown June 14th, 2006

Breakdown returns to see CHBK standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand. He’s fatigued after the match he just had.

CHBK: "You know Cid. You think you’re cute with all of the crap you’ve been pulling by trying to get out of your title defense. But just so you know, play time is over when Taking Hold of the Flame comes around. Eleven days until you meet your maker. Eleven days until I prove to the world that you’re no God. You’re not perfect. You’re not even close. In eleven days, that belt that you have around your waist. The World title will return to the very place that it belongs and that’s with me, the former four time Champion."

The crowd cheers as CHBK continues.

"I could sit out here and talk about how even I was screwed and never given my rematch, but this title shot has nothing to do with that. This has to do with shutting up the most annoying son of a bitch in that locker room. Cid Turner has run his mouth and defeated great wrestlers, no doubt about it. However, he wants to add my name to that list. I take exception to that fact. I’m not going to be a name on that list. I’m not going to let Cid Turner add another little title to his list of pure BS. He claims to be King America after winning the US Title. He claimed to be God after beating Chad Evans. He claimed to be King of the World after winning the World Championship. But I’m not going to dare let him call himself the true Heartbreaker or even a legend in the business come Taking Hold of the Flame. I’m not going to let him have that pleasure, but I will take the pleasure of doing what everyone else seemingly can’t do and that’s shut him up."

The lights go out in the arena as the crowd awaits impatiently. Soft music starts to play throughout the arena. The SCW-Tron starts to flicker. It shows the hall way of the Toyota Center. The shadowed figure it walking slowly towards the curtain at the end.

Sharper: Oh my god...we’re about the find out who this secret legend is. And...and he’s interrupting CHBK!!!

Johnson: He better be a real legend if he’s taking some of CHBKs time.

The shadowed figure continues to walk right as it cuts to the busy streets and buildings lit up in the night sky. Cuts back to the figure getting closer to the curtains. Cuts back to the city. Two spot lights capture a hill. "Hollywood". Cuts back to the walking figure. Cuts back to the city. The camera then takes a fast forwarding shot of the Hollywood walk of fame. Back to the shadowed figure. He reaches the curtain and stops. Cuts back to the Hollywood walk of fame.

"This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!"

The camera stops on a star and the name lights up.


The crowd erupts to their feet tearing the roof off the building with noise drowning out the music and any other noise close by.



Johnson: No way is he here! If he is here I demand him to show himself! I need more than just a name flashing on the screen!

Right then the familiar sound of a woman climaxing is heard. "OH OH OHHHH SHHHAAAWWWNNN!!!" The crowd erupts once more. "I Dare You" by Shinedown hits.

Johnson: I told you guys....where is he? He’s a no show! The guy isn’t here!

Sharper: Listen to this crowd! They want it. We want it. The whole world wants it.

Johnson: Speak for yourself Sharper! He’s not here!

"Hello, let me introduce you to
The characters in the show
One says yes, one says no
Decide which voice in your head you can keep alive"

Right when the music picks up we hear a roar of the crowd that could be heard from Japan. The camera spans the crowd and then cuts to the entrance way as none other than the man, the myth, the legend Shawn Winters steps out from behind the curtain to take his spot at the top of the stage. He gazes out to the roaring fans who are all on there feet. He reacts with his trademark smile.


Johnson: .....

Sharper: I guess Johnson is short of words at the moment. Not that we’d be able to hear them anyway over this crowd!

"Even in madness, I know you still believe
Paint me your canvas so I become
What you could never be
I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire
Brand my soul and call me a liar
I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire
I dare you to tell me
I dare you to"

Shawn starts to make his way down the ramp touching the hands of all the fans. The smile on his face has yet to go away. He makes his way down the isle halfway before a group of female fans grab him and pull him in giving him kisses everywhere. He smiles and is helped by security to escape the grasps. He then stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks into the ring at CHBK.

"Hello, are you still chasing
The memories in shadows
Some stay young, some grow old
Come alive, there are thoughts unclear
You can never hide"

Shawn leaps up onto the apron and does a little pelvic trusting dance before he steps through the ropes. He walks right up to CHBK and brushes right past him as if he didn’t exist. Shawn then extends his arms while walking towards the ropes posing for the fans. He then climbs up onto the middle rope looking out at the crowd that is still roaring. He smirks and pats his heart gently. He bounces down and looks at CHBK dead in the eyes as he passes right by him once again.

I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire
Brand my soul and call me a liar
I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire
I dare you to tell me
I dare you to

Shawn goes over to the opposite turnbuckle and extends his arms. He smirks and then spits out his gum and slaps it away into the crowd. He bounces down off the turnbuckle and stands in the center of the ring across from CHBK. He is given a mic.

Dawson: I...I am still in shock! It’s Shawn Winters! He’s back!

Sharper: Not just is he back....but he’s standing in the ring alone with CHBK! Talk about a dream come true! Christmas has come early!

Shawn stands in the center of the ring across from CHBK. The crowd is still roaring. Shawn’s smile just can’t seem to go away. He then goes to raise the mic to his lips but the crowd noise prevents him from speaking. He smiles as the mic comes back down. He starts to laugh a little bit.

Dawson: Would the crowd shut up so we can hear him speak?!

Shawn then goes back to raising the mic to his lips.

Shawn: Ladies and gentleman! I proudly give to you....the return of a TRUE legend!!! I give you back SHAWN WINTERS!!!

Shawn smiles as the crowd roars again.

Shawn: Ya never thought you’d see the day did you? Did any of you? There are two things taking place right now that nobody thought would happen in the foreseeable future. The first thing...would be Shawn Winters once again standing inside an SCW wrestling ring. The second thing would be this right here...what Shawn is doing inside this right and that would standing across the ring looking into the eyes of this man....CHBK! (Crowd roars)

Sharper: It’s true. Nobody thought it would take place. The two flirted back and forth with encounters but now they are face to face for the first time!

Shawn: Ya see...history is in the making right here and right now. History is also about to repeat itself. The history that I am talking about is the history of about 8 months ago...when none other than the man, the myth, the legend here ruled this place with an iron fist! That I can promise you will once again return as Shawn Winters is back and god damn it have you happened to notice that I am back in in-ring shape!!! (crowd roars) So take a second and take in what I have said to all of you. Take it in and really comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth. I stand here right now inside a wrestling ring...a wrestling ring that I thought I would never see again let alone be inside. I stand here today looking at a man who the world around wanted to see me stand against. The world has wanted to see these two legends. These two icons. These two prolific proclaimed SHOWSTOPPA’S cross paths. Now sure...we may have played a game of cat and mouse for a while when there was the Unholy Alliance and Explicit Content ruling the world of professional wrestling but did anything ever come of it? Nope...until tonight...until this very moment in time here in Houston, Texas! Right here and now time has standed still! The fans are watching! The whole world is watching! Do you realize what exactly is taking place right now? You’ve got people at home watching Breakdown and right when my name was displayed on that screen behind me, they’d take out their cell phones or their pagers or IM over AOL telling their friends, their family, their gardener, their post man, mail man, milk man, god damn it whoever the hell would listen to turn on SCW because Shawn Winters is here and he’s about to stand up for what he believes in!!! (the crowd roars)

Sharper: This is seriously stunning. The electricity in the air has given me static cling that’s for sure.

Shawn: I stand here before you...I stand here before the judge and the a man defending his innocence! Defending his rightful place in life. But I’m not just defending myself...I am also calling out each and every single person in this arena tonight and in the back of the building or even across the damn stand here and look me in the eyes and tell me...that I don’t belong. That I’m no longer welcome. That I overstayed my welcome here in SCW. I dare you, I dare any of you to stand up to me and actually tell me...the true legend himself Shawn Winters...that he’s not wanted or needed here! The truth is...none of you can do it. Do you know why? Because I am wanted. I am needed. Whether I was hated or loved you all were saddened the day that I left through those curtains for what seemed to be the final time until now. Ya see I have a great life. No scratch that....I have an A-MA-ZING life. One that can only be dreamed of by 13 year old boys who just popped their first boner! So for me to alter that life to come back to a wrestling ring had to take a whole hell of a lot. Something so big, something so momentous had to have dragged me by the balls and had to hold them ransom and tell me that I need to do this. That not just this right here with myself and CHBK...but it is also a little something called Rise to Greatness! (Crowd roars)

Johnson: Rise to Greatness! It’s coming up next month! What’s Shawn Winters getting at?

Shawn: In my time in SCW...the world saw the highest ratings. The highest buy rates for pay per views. SCW saw it’s golden years. But I’m here to tell you that the golden years have come back! I have come back for Rise to Greatness! A show that I have yet to take part in! You can’t have SCW’lain n s greatest show of the year without it’s greatest talent now can you? The thing is...I don’t care if my opponent is Joe the popcorn vendor or this man standing across from me. (Crowd roars in excitement) Shawn Winters will be here in SCW and Shawn Winters will be at Rise to Greatness! So can stand out here and talk about Cid Turner and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship all that you’d like...but just keep in the back of your mind...that you’ve got a date with destiny! You knew it would happen sooner or later! Shawn Winters vs. CHBK! It’s going to happen one way or the other. I don’t care if it’s at Rise to Greatness or the Breakdown after. It will happen because the world wants to see it. In fact....I want to see it and if I know you as well as I want to see it as well. When I was here we were both thorns in each others sides. We both knew we were the best...but to be the best means that you’re better than everyone! We never got the chance to out do the other. I know it’s still burning deep down inside you CHBK....because it’s still burning deep down in a damn fiery turd that you just can’t get out after eating hot Mexican food. I can see it in your eyes right’ve always had a score to settle with me and until you actually step up like a man you always will! We’re both men who live and breathe off pride, let me see yours!

CHBK looks around at the crowd for a few moments as the crowd continues to cheer. He smirks a bit and then turns to Winters.

CHBK: "First off, if I was to do that, I'd be getting handcuffed. I think there's a law against that."

The crowd laughs a bit.

Johnson: "Get to the point!"

CHBK: "But as for what you're saying, let me get this clear. You came back after several months of being away from the ring. You got the hype. You got the crowd behind you. And you came back for little old me. To go one on one with the Heartbreaker. The battle of the superkicks. The battle of the showstoppers. The battle of the two SCW legends. The battle of two entities who sure as hell are larger than life. You came back for all of that."

Winters simply nods.

Dawson: "You know we want it Heartbreak."

CHBK: "Well you do know that come Rise to Greatness, I'll be defending the SCW Championship against the winner of the battle royal. But you know, I'm sure that I can make room in my schedule to face you and give the fans what they want. I'm sure that we can have Shawn Winters take on the Canadian Heartbreak Kid, one night only!"

The crowd erupts in cheers.
Sharper: "Oh hell yeah. Winters versus CHBK. It's a done deal."

CHBK: "But Shawn....I just want you to know this. I know you've been out of the ring for a while. Now I'm sure you want to make sure everything ends favourably and that we'll tear down the house whether it be at Rise to Greatness, Breakdown or whenever the hell we fight. But I think, that out of the goodness of your heart, you should sign a waiver. I know of your back problems and I don't think Drachewych would take too kindly about a legend, and formerly alleged greatest draw in SCW, being taken out on a stretcher because someone somewhat exploited your weakness and left you crippled in the ring."

The crowd ohs as CHBK smirks.

Johnson: "Let the trash talk begin..."

Shawn: Haha...that’s cute. Did you think of that all by yourself or did you have to have your son jr. write that up for you old man? Let’s get one thing and one thing straight. If there is ANYBODY that is going to leave on a stretcher it is going to be you! Well....ok forget what I just said there because you’re not even good enough to be taken out on a stretcher. You see Heartbreak...when you and I lock horns...we’re going to go all out. The spotlight will be on. Now I know you’ve had your time in the spotlight before but you ’ve never had it with Shawn Winters! THAT LIGHT burns brighter than anything you have ever experienced, and you know what? I don’t think you’ll be able to stand the heat! You’ll burn beneath that light! You will burn to ashes and your ashes will be washed out of the ring like the worthless piece of shit that you are!

The crowd "ohs" as Shawn takes a quick look at the crowd.

Shawn: But I will give you the benefit of the doubt you know....with your condition and all.

Shawn smirks.

Johnson: What condition is he talking about?

Sharper: How would I know? I don’t have CHBK’s medical files.

Shawn: Alzheimer's disease can really be a bitch Heartbreak. (Smirks)

The crowd laughs a bit.

Shawn: I mean really that’s the only way to explain yourself. You’ve got all the symptoms. You’re old for starters, you’re forgetting things that are held so dear to your the fact that I am the biggest draw SCW has ever seen. I mean can’t deny that without having some sort of elderly disease haha. I just hope that on your way down the isle for our match you don’t have a heart attack old THAT is how a heart breaks!!!

The crowd roars.

Dawson: Wow! These two are going nose to nose with this battle of words!

CHBK just smirks some more.

CHBK: "Is that the best you can do? Alzheimer's disease? Like I haven't heard that before. You're only the one hundred and eightieth person to make fun of my age. You were taking shortcuts when you were managing Explicit Content and now you're taking shortcuts in your insults. Come on Shawn. You know that you're better than that. Hell, I know you're better than that. And if you're the biggest draw in SCW history, at least in your over-inflated ego, you at least owe these fans your best. But then again, that is hard given the fact that you are a cripple."

The crowd ohs.

Johnson: "Oh we go."

CHBK: "You sit there Shawn and say how great you are. The thing is, you sit at home because your back is sore. I remember last year. You bitched about your back for months and months while I was out winning the SCW Championship for the third time. You cried and moans about your back. Son....I've had a bad back for ten plus years and do you see me whining and moaning and complaining. You're no draw. You just come in and use your name recognition to draw maybe ten, fifteen more people. The only time your name was up in lights was your supposed retirement match. When you had your 'epic' with Gold for the US title, I was defending the SCW title against Greg Cherry. You needed to do something desperate to get the spotlight because you know that as long as I'm around, I'm always going to be seen to be better than you. I'm going to be higher than you on the card and even when we face, your name will be there, but my name will be even bigger and brighter. Why? I am a legend. I'm not some pussy who sits at home at twenty-six years old bitching about a back injury."

The crowd continues to oh as CHBK takes another verbal shot to the heart of Winters.

CHBK: "Kid, this isn't the movies. You don't get a stunt double. I'm not Jay Gold. I'm not going to act all nice, until you hit my wife and then go off and beat the crap out of Katie Steward. I'm not Greg Cherry who acted like a pissy little whiner when you two went toe to toe. I'm the Canadian Heartbreak Kid. You know that I bring it. I don't BS and I don't mess around. Just remember, this is going to be the only time your name is up in lights without you having about five or six better actors ahead of your name or five or six better wrestlers ahead of your name."

The crowd continues to roar with these two legends continuing to trade insults.

Sharper: "Honestly. I think I'm going to just sit back and watch now. This is just poetry on the mic from both."

Shawn puts his hand over his heart as if he just got shot in it. He then smirks and shows a face of being unimpressed.

Shawn: Haha I make a crack about your age and you go the school boy route. Well come on Heartbreak...why don’t you just go ahead and say that your dad can kick my dads ass?

The crowd gives off some laughs.

Shawn: (his smirk still shining) Now listen up Jackson! (Crowd roars at the word) You are standing there in front of me acting as if you are some sort of powerful entity that no man nor woman can even stand next to let alone in front of. But you also seem to be forgetting the fact that I have that very same state of mind! Your on MY TIME! You’re standing in MY RING! I’m giving you the greatest thrill of your life by standing inside the ring with the one and only Godfather of professional wrestling! But hey...if you don’t want to take my charity then so be it...I’m just trying to help a fellow out ya know? Like the "Last Wish Foundation" type of deal or whatever it’s called. I’m giving you your final wish Heartbreak. I am giving you the chance to compete against somebody that is not only a legend...but somebody that is by far superior to your own self! I’m giving you that final wish because that’s exactly what it’s going to be...when you and me Heartbreak...when we stand inside this squared circle again facing each other....looking into each others eyes...there will be no snappy come backs...there will be no wit or egos...there will be nothing but pure skill...and I have more skill in the damn tip of my 4 foot cock then you and your entire wrestling family have in your entire bodies!

The crowd cheers.

Shawn: I mean seriously Heartbreak...just look at’re obviously suffering from a very serious case of mistaken identity! You are a damn disgrace! I mean honestly...with the long hair? The clean cut’re confusing each and every little kid around the world on what a man and women should really look like!

The crowd laughs.

Shawn: But like I are obviously’re an identity thief...I don’t know whose you stole...but it’s clear that you’re not yourself...because you’ve actually been saying that you’re actually better than muah! (Smirks) And we all know that ain’t right! So Identity crisis or no identity crisis...when the date comes by you’re going to realize exactly who you are...and you’re going to realize exactly who kicked your’re going to look up at the night sky from your back wishing on a damn shooting star to get that 2nd chance at Shawn Winters....but you see Heartbreak....Shawn Winters has never been a fan of 2nd’s win or go home! One shot and you’re out! There ain’t no three strikes here baby it’s just one! You’ve got one opportunity to show what you’ve got against the best the business has ever seen! So you better make sure that it counts cause you’re damn sure I’m gonna! Bring the best you’ve got Heartbreak...because I’ll be damned when I have my hand raised in victory that you give the bullsh*t excuse of not being all there. It won’t happen Jack! Cause the way I see it...we both gotta bring our A games...the only thing a plus and yours is simply an no matter which way you look at it....I’ll be higher than the wrestling world and in life! The pecking order has changed Heartbreak...and you’re looking and the man who’s on the damn top!

Shawn and CHBK go nose to nose.

CHBK: “You won’t need to worry about me making excuses. I’ll make sure I’m at one hundred percent to kick your ass!”

CHBK slams down his mic. The two stare down as the crowd cheers and Breakdown goes off the air.

Breakdown June 6th, 2007

Dawson: “Explicit Content are on their way down to the ring right now. We knew they were going to show up tonight after their shocking reunion last week on Breakdown.”

Johnson: “As you can see it’s just Shawn Winters and Chad Evans right now. They said that they’re bringing the whole crew back though.”

Chad: “There is a LONG list of suspects who could have down let’s run them down shall we? Pulls out a piece of paper that extends down to the mat.”

Shots of CHBK, Jay Gold, Greg Cherry, Cid Turner and Mr. Drachewych are shown.

Chad: “The guilty party will be found.......TONIGHT!!!”

The crowd can be seen cheering and a shot of Chad smirking is shown.

Chad: “Not only will the guilty party be found tonight....they’ll be found right now!!! Because I stand here already knowing who did it!!! I discovered this just a few minutes ago and damn it I’m going to let the world know because this person deserves nothing short of a long painful death....and then since I’m God bring him back to life only to kill him all over again!! I know this is killing Shawn right now....he wants to know more than anybody so without further ado....the guilty party is in the arena fact....he’s in the ring.....RIGHT NOW!!!”

Chad then drills Violator in the head with the microphone. This is followed by a shot of Chad handing a chair to Shawn who uses all of his strength to nail Violator with it nearly taking him out of his wheelchair.

Sharper: “Violator was the guilty party?! I don’t believe this!!!!”

Johnson: “I guess Violator was tired of being in Shawn’s shadow as well!”

Chad lifts the mic to his lips.

Chad: “Ya see this Shawn?! He made me sick!!! Let the world know....the guilty party for Shawn’s condition was.....ME!!!!!”

The crowd boos at Chad Evans. Shawn’s face is in utter shock.

Chad: “What happened to you Shawn?! You used to be ruthless!!! You used to be a conniving backstabbing son of a bitch that nobody wanted to cross!!! You put fear into everybody’s eyes because you just would not die!!! You wouldn’t give up! But you know what now Shawn? For being a man that’s never given were FORCED to give up now! I did this to you.....ME!!! With you being in that chair makes me feel so much better because you can no longer pleasure this’re’re’re through....Shawn Winters....the life and the legend....IS DEAD!!! Because of ME!!!”

Shawn Winters slowly stands up out of his wheel chair. The crowd erupts!!!! The stadium roof has been blown clear off and is now in another country. Chad thinks that the crowd is cheering for him as his back is turned.




Chad then realizes that the crowd isn’t cheering for him.

Chad: “What the hell is wrong with you people?!”

Chad turns around and gets forced to Kiss The Sky by Shawn Winters boot. Chad drops to the mat and is motionless. The crowd roars!!!


Shawn gets a mic while he’s being pushed back to the back while EMT’s tend to Chad Evans.


Gang Rulz 2008

The show cuts backstage to see Miss DeGrazia walking down one of the hallways backstage with a folder in her hand. She looks a bit bitter, obviously not enjoying her duties under Mr. Drachewych. She walks down the hallway before walking past the locker room of Shawn Winters. She then stops and turns around before looking at the door. She smirks before walking over to the door and knocking on it. There is a bit of silence until the door opens and Shawn Winters walks out wearing only a towel. DeGrazia just looks down before looking up.

Winters: “Well...I better get rid of this towel before it gets airborne.”

DeGrazia: “Cute....”

Winters: “So why are you by my neck of the wood?”

DeGrazia: “Just thought I’d warn’re going to have to prove a bit more now since I’m not around. Don’t expect many favours. This may be your only chance.”

Winters: “You seem pretty sure about that.”

DeGrazia: “Yeah well...I know the system I’m now under. Just thought I’d give you a warning.”

Winters: “Well tell me about it later...I need to keep getting ready for this match. Don’t need me psyched out.”

DeGrazia: “Good...”

DeGrazia smirks a bit before turning and walking away. Shawn Winters just watches her leave before a smile comes across his face. He then turns and returns to his locker room before the show returns to ringside.

Breakdown December 3rd, 2008

After the scene in the ring, Breakdown cuts backstage to see Miss DeGrazia sneaking down one of the hallways backstage. She walks over to the door of Shawn Winters and knocks on it. The door opens and Shawn Winters peers out and smirks.

DeGrazia: “Told you it would work.”

Winters: “I’ll give you that. And now I got my title shot.”

DeGrazia: “Just helping a good guy out.”

Winters: “You do realize that when you texted me earlier, I got your phone number from it.”

DeGrazia: “Well duh. Because if I just handed it out I wouldn’t be playing hard to get.”

DeGrazia just smirks and walks off. Winters just watches her leave.

Winters: “God I love being me.”

DeGrazia continues down the hallway and Winters just smirks again before turning and going back into his locker room. The scene fades to black.

Breakdown February 4th, 2008

The crowd is silent as the sound of a woman climaxing is heard "OH OH SHHAAAWWWNN!" followed by "I'm So Paid" by Akon.

"I get it in til the sun rise
doin 90 in a 65
windows rolled down screamin out
ay ay ay I'm so paid
number 1 hustler gettin' money
why you wanna count my money
I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see
I'm so paid"

The crowd boos heavily as Shawn Winters makes his way out from behind the curtain as the screen goes into slow motion. Shawn stops at the top of the ramp as a wall of fireworks fall behind him as he poses. He then smirks and the screen goes back to normal speed as he makes his way down ramp.

"I see police on the crooked eye
doin a 100 on Interstate ninety-five
my shorty leanin, blastin that do or die
pushin that motherfuckin wood cuz we certified
got a system that'll beat and knock your wall off
got a pump under my seat, the sawed-off
got a bunch of goons hope they never call off
and my snipers sittin on the roof already saw y'all"

He hops up onto the apron strutting his stuff as if he was up for auction. He then gets in front of the camera and looks at his reflection. He then spits in the lens.

"ain't too much that put a strain on me
thats the reason why I have to put the blame on me
rather have them dolla' bills rain on me
than to let them haters come and make a name off me
thats why"

He climbs into the ring and show boats some more to the fans intensifying there hatred or love. He then poses in the middle of the ring as fireworks shoot off behind him. He climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and extends his arms. He then spits his gum out into the air and slaps it away into the crowd. He then hops down back to the canvas.

Shawn takes the microphone. He has a giant smirk on his face.

Sharper: Shawn Winters screwed Greg Cherry at Body, Heart, and Soul.

Knots: Shawn Winters said he had an Ace in the hole, it just so happened to be exactly that in Ace Marshall.

Shawn raises the mic to his lips only to drop it down as the crowd is to loud chanting “ASSHOLE!” Shawn smiles as he then imitates a dagger going into his heart.

Sharper: Shawn Winters doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. He took away Greg Cherry’s dream and he couldn’t care less.

Knots: Why should he? He beat him.

Shawn raises the mic once more.

Shawn: Thank you so much for that loving ovation, if only my feeling towards all of you were mutual. As you all have heard from that glorious introduction you all are looking at the new number 1 contender for the SCW Championship and in order to get that title do you all know who I had to defeat? (smirks) Yes…your beloved Greg Cherry. Now you all may think that I screwed him over some how and that I’m not entitled to be standing here tonight as the number 1 contender but the truth is, I don’t give a damn what you think I’m not entitled to.

The crowd chants get louder.

Shawn: I gave Greg Cherry a chance to save himself from the humiliation. I gave him an alternative option but he was to stubborn to take it. So if you people want me to stand here with some sort of regret or remorse for crushing Greg Cherry’s dream? For crushing his “life”? Then you’ve paid to see something that’s never going to happen. Greg Cherry didn’t even deserve to be in the match to begin with and I was just showing him just that at Body, Heart, and Soul. The truth is…I played the game better then Greg Cherry. I played Greg Cherry for the fool that he truly is. In all honesty I expected a lot more from him, I mean if he wanted that title shot as much as he said he did…I don’t know I guess I expected him to have all of his bases covered. It’s funny because the person that did that is none other than yours truly which is exactly why I am standing here right now and NOT Greg Cherry.

Sharper: Shawn Winters is just gloating.

Shawn: SO…I’m going to take the higher road and put the past behind me which would be Greg Cherry…you’re in the past whether you like it or not…because I have something a little bigger to focus on….Jason Wheeler and the SCW World Championship…well of course figuring that Wheeler is still the Champion come Highway to Hell. So Jason Wheeler…I’m just going to go ahead and thank you ahead of time…I’m going to thank you for keeping that belt warm because as I did before I’ll do again by defeating you so like I said Wheeler….thank you because your days as Champion…are 18 and counting…but when the time comes you’ve got to wonder…will you have all your bases covered? Or will I outsmart you just like I did Greg Cherry? Just remember...I always have an Ace up my sleeve.(smirks)

Shawn drops the mic as his music hits and he smirks before stepping out of the ring.


Dawson: Pure arrogance. And with Ace Marshall siding with him, Shawn Winters has a nice grouping of talent around him.


Knots: Yeah, but Wheeler will be ready.


Sharper: I just hope Shawn and Ace Marshall are ready for what may happen if Greg comes after them.


Knots: Who cares about him!


Winters starts to slowly make his way up the rampway and to the back. He smirks as the crowd continues to boo him.

Breakdown March 11th, 2009

Shawn Winters, Adam Allocco, Ace Marshall, and Alex Desoubrais Jr. all walk into a pawn shop. Shawn has the SCW Championship laying across his shoulder as the shop owner is propped up on a stool in the corner smoking a cigar and examining some jewelry.

Shawn: Alright, let's see how much this thing is worth.

Adam: Don't expect much, I haven't put it on yet to up the value.

Ace: If he doesn't offer much, I'll give you twenty for it.

Alex: Twenty five dollars.

Ace: Do you even have twenty five dollars?

Alex: ...

Adam: Calm down kids. No more fighting or you two pledges can spend the week waxing my elephant's balls.

Alex: You have an elephant?

Ace: If you named it Greg I'm going to punch you in the balls for being Donovan Kayl in disguise.

Adam: There isn't anything on the planet that isn't mine.

Shop Owner: Can I help you gentlemen?

Shawn: I want to see how much this belt is worth. It can't be much, the last holder of it probably gave it herpies.

Shop Owner: What?

Adam: I want a golden statue of Aries, The God of War. I want it engraved with my name.

Shop Owner: ... What?

Ace: I don't want anything. Alex wants a whore. He's a virgin and really needs something hardcore.

Alex: No, I said I was a virgin to get laid. There is a big difference.

Ace: If Lenne Perez is going to sleep with Calvan Greene then what line could you possibly ever need?

Shawn: Alright boys, be silent for a minute, I'm here to make a serious transaction.

He turns toward the owner and lays the SCW Championship down on the table. 'Jason Wheeler' is still visible on it.

Shawn: How much is this belt worth?

The owner takes one look at the name on it and shakes his head.

Shop Owner: I'm not touching that. Get that piece of crap out of my store.

Ace: Twenty bucks! Come on, twenty bucks!

Adam: Screw twenty dollars. I'll let you see my twins' fine silky breasts. That's worth a lot more then a twenty from this drunk bastard.

Ace: But you're drunk too. Besides Alex who wants to see anything on your left overs anyways?

Adam: Any more back talk and I'll make you baby sit my children.

Shawn: Okay, okay. Hold on. I can see where the shop owner is coming from.

Shawn takes and removes the name plate. He tosses the 'Jason Wheeler' name onto the table.

Alex: Burn that.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a new name plate with his name on it and puts it into the belt.

Shawn: Anything?

Shop Owner: ... I'm sorry.

Shawn: Sorry what?!

Shop Owner: I do not have enough funds to give you for this belt.

Shawn: Well how much is it worth?

Shop Owner: ... I cannot even begin to estimate the value of this Championship belt. It's just not the same as the one you came in with.

Adam: What about my statue of Aries?

Shop Owner: Do I look like I carry that kind of crap?

Ace: Hey! Check this out!

Ace is swinging back and forth a revolver he found in one of the cases.

Adam: Great. Shoot the owner.

Alex: It's not loaded.

Ace: Okay.

Ace points the empty revolver at the owner.

Ace: Hand me everything you've got you mother blubber.

Shop Owner: Was that seriously a threat?

Alex: I don't think he's smart enough to have any reason to threaten you.

Shawn: Probably not but he's great at laying down when it counts.

Ace: That sounded so wrong.

Shop Owner: You all need to leave now before I call the police.

Shawn begins to motion like he’s jerking off showing that he obviously doesn’t care for what the owner is saying. Right then Ace grabs Shawn’s bottle of water and splashes it on the owner’s face. Adam smacks Ace on the back of the head.

Ace: OW! What was that for?!

Adam: You never finish!!! The jerk off is enough…but you NEVER finish!

Shawn and Alex start laughing. The shop owner then grabs the phone.

Shawn: Pledges! Grab him!

Alex and Ace grab him and throw him down on the ground and are holding him down.

Adam: What should we do with him?

Shawn: I figured something tea bag related…

Adam smirks and pulls Alex off of the shop owner and takes his place holding him down.

Adam: Pledge, you know what you’ve got to do!

Alex begins to unzip his jeans.

Alex: Wait…whose got a camera? We’ve got to take a picture…

Adam: It’s a pawn shop I’m sure there is one somewhere.

Shawn sees one behind some glass and he uses his Championship belt to break it. He grabs the camera and crouches down.

Shawn: Smile!

Breakdown March 18th, 2009

The scene opens up now in the stands as we see Shawn Winters and Alex Desoubrais Jr. standing amongst the crowd. A number of college girls and guys are all around them. Alex Jr. meanwhile is sporting a noticeable black eye.

Winters: “ got nailed earlier.”

Alex Jr.: “Yeah...thanks for reminding me.”

Winters: “’ll forget about it...just no one will want to touch you. On the other hand, who wants to touch me!”

A couple of girls scream and Winters smiles, seemingly not worrying about a match later tonight. He looks around.

Winters: “Now who first?”

Alex Jr. just looks around too.

Alex Jr.: “Anyone for me? Come on.....”

???: “Really?”

Winters: “Whoa....whoa.....whoa....who just said that?”

Winters stops and looks around. Alex Jr. just shrugs.

Winters: “Who just questioned the party methods of the SCW Champion?”

Winters steps up a few rungs on the bleachers and the cameras find an older individual just looking and watching the show.

Winters: “You?”

The man just looks at Winters oddly.

Male: “What?”

Winters: “Given that you’re all over here, you’re one of two things...Gay or stupid?”

Male: “Or maybe I came to watch wrestling. I had my time with spring break years ago.”

Winters: “Well I can tell. You really have no clue what you’re doing out here.”

Male: “Just checking out some of the competition.”

Alex Jr.: “Heh....he’s talking like he’s a wrestler.”

Winters: “Guy really is stupid.”

Male: “No...I’ve signed with this company. The names Jake Starr.”

Winters: “Oh...hey...someone to join your dad on the senior’s tour.”

Alex Jr.: “ one could deal with him!”

Jake Starr then stands up. Winters smiles as he sees him.

Winters: “Oooo....tough guy. Standing up...sit down before you make the big mistake.”

Starr: “You know...right now...I’m new and I’m not going to rock the boat...but when you least expect it...I’ll be coming for that title. And you’re going to regret this encounter.”

Starr then turns and Winters just smiles before spitting at Starr. Starr clenches his fists.

Starr: “You know...just for you...may come sooner than later.”

Starr turns and steps forward and Winters just laughs as Alex Jr. joins in the laugh. But as he does that, Starr suddenly takes the drink in his hand and chucks it right at Alex Jr., nailing him in the head. Winters turns and just bursts into laughter as Alex Jr. turns and holds himself up via the seat in front of him. The crowd cheers as Starr makes his way through the crowd to the ground.

Winters: “Ha! He could be friend’s with your dad, Alex!”

Winters sits down laughing so hard before bringing his microphone back to his mouth.

Winters: “Yo....Adam....let’s see if they’ll let us do this. Where are you?”

Winters keeps laughing.

Winters: “I hope you saw that. We’re so looping that and watching it on Youtube!”

The cameras lift up and start to pan the crowd.

Dawson: “Oh lord...they’ve now spread out through the crowd.”

Knots: “This is great.”

The camera scene changes and we see Adam Allocco with a microphone of his own in the crowd on the opposite side of the arena. He looks around.

Allocco: “Damn right. That was great. Alex....pledge....just remember to dodge next time! Ha!”

Allocco lets out a bit of a chuckle before stopping and turning around to look at a few females.

Allocco: “So....who wants to remove their tops for a night with me!”

A couple of girls randomly yells, likely because of a mixture of booze and being on television. Allocco stands in front of the camera as one girl lifts up her top and Allocco smiles.

Allocco: “Oh make the cut.”

Allocco turns and moves down and looks around before pointing at one brunette.

Allocco: “You! Come know you want to.”

Sharper: “This is like college all over....just more booze and sex!”

Allocco walks over to the brunette and the brunette looks around at some of her friends before looking to one male and the male just smiles at her before she turns and lifts up her top, again, conveniently covered by Allocco’s positioning in front of the camera.

Winters: “Yo!’re blocking the view.”

Allocco: “Damn right!”

Allocco laughs before looking around and then looking oddly at one individual with long curly blonde hair and heavy makeup, almost looking like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister, but in a flowery dress.

Allocco: “What in the hell....”

Allocco walks over and the individual tries to cover his face before looking around.

Allocco: “We’ve got someone special over here.”

The individual gets up and looks around and Allocco walks over and grabs the person by the arm and looks at the person. The person moves his hand to get away, but just walks into the railing of the bleachers, causing the hair to fall up. The person looks around revealing themselves to be Hurse.

Allocco: “Oh dear God.”

Dawson: “Hurse? That’s Hurse.”

Knots: “Robin Brooks clearly made the right move joining Katie’s side tonight...that idiot just...well...looks like an idiot.”

Sharper: “I thought Dee Snyder was here.”

Allocco backs up and the camera focuses on Hurse. Hurse then quickly starts to run down the side of the bleacher before coming to the bottom. Just then, we see Matt Hodges bolt out from the back, via the curtains and jump down off the stage. He runs around and Hurse sees this and turns before running off. He slips and falls on the dress. Hurse then quickly gets up and just throws the dress off, leaving him in only his underwear and some high heels. One high heel flies off, but Hurse keeps running. Hodges keeps chasing after him as the crowd cheers.

Dawson: “Oh my....anything can happen in SCW....that’s for sure!”

Hurse disappears over a sand dune as Hodges keeps running after him. Allocco can be heard laughing as the scene fades to black.

Breakdown March 25th, 2009

Breakdown returns to ringside and we hear “Swagger Like Us” by T.I. (Rock Remix). The crowd starts to boo and from the back, Shawn Winters saunters out with the SCW World Championship over his shoulder. Ace Marshall comes out with him. After a few moments, Adam Allocco and Alex Desoubrais Jr. make their way out.

Sharper: “Here comes the Greaternity. Hide the women.”

Dawson: “Well at least it’s not spring break and we don’t need to worry about them trying to get people to take off their tops.”

Knots: “I wouldn’t go that far. What stops them here?”

Winters makes his way to the ring and smirks as he hops onto the apron and enters the ring. Ace Marshall slides in and Alex Desoubrais Jr. walks up the steel steps and onto the apron before holding the ropes open. Allocco then hops onto the apron and steps through and smiles before Alex Desoubrais Jr. enters. The four start to walk around the ring before Ace Marshall walks over to the corner and grabs three microphones. He hands one to Shawn Winters and tosses one to Allocco before keeping one for himself. Alex Desoubrais Jr. looks at all three and puts his arms out, confused.

Ace: “Easy there got the least amount of action last week so you don’t get to talk. Shawn told me himself.”

Winters: “He’s right.”

Alex Jr. just rolls his eyes and turns around and walks over to the corner.

Ace: ““

Allocco: “ first. Remember...rank. Winters and I had a beer chugging contest before this to find out who goes first.”

Allocco smirks before turning to the main camera.

Allocco: “ a few minutes, you’re going to see me take out your hero...your legend in CHBK. Now, apparently, Mr. Drachewych still has bad judgement because not only has he sided with dumb and dumber...but he’s giving CHBK and Greg Cherry a chance for a title shot. I I right? The two of us would just tear up the place.”

Winters: “No doubt.”

Allocco: “That’s exactly what I was what better to do is to do two things that CHBK can’t seemingly do. Two....lead his son to greatness. Because while I may not be going for the SCW Championship, I get to do what I came back to do...make people care about Tag Team wrestling. I get a chance to win the SCW Tag Team Championship and for the first time in SCW history, SCW is going to have awesome tag team champions.”

Ace: “But get a title shot...Alex, for God’s sake, gets a title shot. get to defend your title against Christian Savior....I have to carry two dumbasses against a team of people I didn’t even care enough about last week? What the hell?”

Winters: “That’s great Ace....but get to do something later tonight we all enjoy....We get to enjoy you kicking Greg Cherry’s ass. He’s like a tickle-me-Elmo..but instead of laughing, he whines. It’s hilarious.”

Ace: “True...I guess that’s a consolation.”

Winters: “But did bring up something. I have to defend this piece of tin against Christian Savior. Now...someone....PLEASE....explain to me how he gets a title shot. I just finished taking this title from the grubby, infected hands of Jason Wheeler and now I have to go into the ring with the equally as toxic Christian Savior. I know these guys apparently have a hard-on for Mr. Drachewych, but even this is too obvious. I mean really....he’s the IWC Champion. He’s not even on the same level!”

Winters just smirks and lets out a sigh.

Winters: “But I guess this title has one thing going for it. It has me holding it. It has someone who’s own reputation elevates this to new heights never before seen. Wheeler can’t do that. Savior can’t do that. CHBK and Greg Cherry can do that. Only I can do that. And it’s the simple. So Christian...give it your best shot. Just like you have so many times before. You may have Drachewych on your side...but look at what I have...I have the Greaternity. We have great in the name. It’s that simple.”

Drachewych: “That’s fantastic.”

Winters looks around and the four members of the Greaternity turn and look up at the big screen to see Mr. Drachewych on the screen. The crowd boos loudly as well.

Drachewych: “It’s good to know that you all are so confident. The fact the matter is that while you have Greaternity tonight....this Sunday, if Greaternity lose the title.”

Winters: “Ha!”

Drachewych: “Oh that’s not all.....Adam Allocco is fired.”

Allocco’s eyes widen.

Drachewych: “See if you’re so great...let’s make sure that you guys actually do care.”

Ace: “Whoa...whoa....that’s great...Shawn doesn’t need-“

Winters: “Pledge!”

Ace: “Lord and Master...sorry.....Lord and Master doesn’t need us to beat your flunky. But why the hell am I wasting my time-“

Drachewych: “ should take a note from Adam. He’ll teach you a few things. You waste my time by flirting with girls in the front row...then you’re not worth my time. I’ll give Cagero and his buddies a chance to tear you apart when you have to be in the ring. Now...if you excuse me...have a nice day.”

Drachewych then turns and walks away from the screen as the feed cuts out. We then return to the ring and we see Adam Allocco walk over to Shawn Winters. Winters just nods and shakes his head before smirking a bit. He then starts to walk around.

Dawson: “Well Drachewych making some interesting announcements...but when we return, Adam Allocco will face CHBK. Don’t go anywhere.”

The members of Greaternity keep walking around, Ace pissed off as Alex Desoubrais Jr. smirks a bit. Allocco looks a bit angry, as Winters smirks, oozing confidence.

Breakdown April 22nd, 2009

Just then, the spotlights go out and the lights go out. The screen then suddenly goes white and a voiceover starts to play as the words come up on the screen.

“One man....defeated another....and became champion....”

“After that man....beat another...who beat another champion....”

“That guy beat a man who held it for two minutes thanks to a screwjob....”

“But he beat that guy and is now champion....”

“And he can now have a pretentious opening such as this....”

“Because he is finally champion....”


Pyro then shoots out of the entrance way and “Swagger Like Us” plays throughout the arena. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as after a few moments, Shawn Winters walks out from the back with the SCW Championship over his shoulder. He smirks and looks around and behind him, we see Ace Marshall and Adam Allocco walk out with him.

Dawson: “Well poking a bit of fun at Christian Savior and his celebration two weeks ago, Shawn Winters is out here with only Ace Marshall and Adam Allocco.”

Sharper: “Most likely, Alex Desoubrais Jr. is recuperating from last week, but Matt Hodges...he may already be in the doghouse here.”

Knots: “Yeah...he’s on team Infection and if he helps them win this Sunday, he gets a title shot!”

Shawn Winters starts to make his way to the ring and Ace Marshall smirks and looks around as Adam Allocco just looks out at the crowd. The three make their way to the ring. Winters walks up the steel steps and walks inside and Ace jumps onto the apron before entering the ring. Allocco walks up the steel steps and then enters the ring. Winters just smirks as Ace walks across the ring and is handed a microphone. He turns and hands it to Winters.

Dawson: “And we’re going to hear from the new SCW Champion.”

Winters stands in the middle of the ring and readjusts the SCW Championship over his shoulder.

Winters: “Hey Savior....Look what I got!”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Winters smirks.

Winters: “Now where the hell is my podium....Screw it. But just after you had your lovely little victory celebration a couple of weeks ago and stood in this ring proclaiming your greatness, I just had to come in and ruin it all. See, even Drachewych couldn’t counter my rematch clause. And of course, when it came down to it, one on one, I came and did what I claimed. And I took what mattered most to you. I ended your time on top of the world and brought you crashing down and now, the SCW Championship is back where it was just a few weeks ago...back with Greaternity....and it’s got to make you sick.”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction and Winters smirks as Allocco just laughs a bit.

Winters: “But just consider this a warning...because I know that Drachewych is getting pissy back there that you lost his title. He’s also getting pissy and put me against David Miller hoping that he kicks my head clean off my shoulders. But one thing that I will say is this...Greaternity beat Infection last week....and the week before, Greaternity beat CHBK and Greg Cherry. Let’s do the math. I know you made this Tactical Warfare match to punish your enemies...but it seems that Greaternity is punishing everyone else.”

Winters smiles again as the crowd starts to boo.

Winters: “It’s not easy being the have to deal with others trying to claim to be the best too. Well, the fact of the matter is that I am yet again the best because I have the gold that everyone seemingly wants. It’ll be a nice centerpiece on our table in the locker room. But since Retribution, it seems that Greaternity is running harder and better than ever before. For a bunch of degenerates that don’t seem to care, we seem to be kicking ass. What does that say about everyone else? Drachewych...don’t’s in our name. You can’t mess with it. Because if you do...well...then you’re just going to lose again and give us even more reasons to get laid and drink....and we don’t need reasons to do that.”

Winters smirks and starts to laugh as Ace nods smiling. He then brings his microphone down and “Swagger Like Us” starts to play throughout the arena. Winters then mockingly holds the SCW Championship over his head.

Sharper: “Well Shawn Winters yet again has the SCW Championship and clearly shows he still doesn’t care for what it represents. He just cares about the fact that he managed to kill Savior’s dream.”

Dawson: “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy though in Savior.”

Sharper: “And Greaternity has a whole lot of momentum as we continue into tonight.”

Winters turns around to Allocco and Marshall and he high fives both of them. They continue to laugh and celebrate in the win. The music continues to play before the Breakdown symbol comes up on the screen and we then see stills of Shawn Winters and David Miller.

Dawson: “Well later tonight, can Shawn Winters keep the momentum going. He’s going to face off against David Miller later tonight.”

Breakdown May 6th, 2009

Pyro then shoots out of the entrance way and “Swagger Like Us” plays throughout the arena. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as after a few moments, Shawn Winters walks out from the back with the SCW Championship over his shoulder. Adam Allocco and Ace Marshall are out only moments later until finally Alex Jr. tags along. All four men begin to make their way down to the ring.

Dawson: “The winners of the Tactical Warfare match at Out of Control are making their way down to the ring. I guess they want to speak.”

Knots: “They probably feel like they’re on top of the world, and I don’t blame them. They kind of beat almost everyone there is to be in one single swoop.”

They all enter into the ring and Shawn Winters walks into the middle of the ring. We then see Ace Marshall walk over to the corner and be handed a microphone. Ace turns and walks over to Shawn. Shawn grabs the microphone.

Dawson: “Next week, also, a huge announcement being made earlier today and we’re breaking it here on Breakdown...Christian Savior will get his rematch for the title and the rubber match in their series next week.”

Sharper: “Another huge match on Breakdown. This is why SCW, even if you don’t care for Drachewych, still is the best place for wrestling in the world today.”

Shawn turns and walks over to the middle of the ring. He goes to speak but Adam Allocco stops him and asks for the microphone. Shawn shrugs his shoulders, a ‘why not’ expression upon his face and hands it over to Adam Allocco. Adam Allocco raises the microphone with a smile on his face.

Adam Allocco: “Thank you, Shawn. There is nothing you really do need to say this week. See, at Out of Control, we proved that Greaternity is the greatest grouping of talent in the history of the business. I mean, we walked into Out of Control and kicked ass. CHBK nothing. Greg Cherry nothing. David Miller nothing. Asher Hayes nothing. Not even Infection’s little mystery opponent could stop us. Greaternity is one top of the wrestling ladder for one reason. We are just that great!”

The crowd boos as Adam Allocco stands in the ring and smiles.

Adam Allocco: “So there really is nothing more than can be said. We are awesome and we keep proving it over and over again. Like you week you’re simply going to kick Christian Savior’s ass and continue being one of the best SCW World Champions. It’s that simple.”

Shawn Winters nods, agreeing with Allocco as Allocco pauses.

Adam Allocco: “Yet your SCW World Championship reign raises some concerns for myself and the others. No, Shawn… we don’t want your world title…”

Dawson: “What is Adam talking about?”

Adam Allocco: “You see, Shawn… we all created the Greaternity so all of us can be the best of the best. So we can shine together, Shawn. Yet there is something odd, last Sunday, we did indeed proved we are the greatest fraction in the history of SCW, but there still seems to be something missing. There seems to be some sort of object out there that shows that you truly are that awesome. Some sort of metallic item that has a leather strap… ohhh, what do you call it? Oh yes, wrestling championships. Now Shawn we’ve support your title reigns for the past few months but god damn it, it is about time that the rest of us join in on the action.”

Knots: “There we go. Right to the point. Adam Allocco thinks the rest of the Greaternity members should be getting some shots at the various titles.”

Adam Allocco: “Now you see, there’s an obstacle in our way. Even though we have repeatedly defeated, outshined, and hell, outwrestled the supposed top dogs in this company. It appears that the person who decides who gets what hasn’t taken a liking towards the Greaternity. Hell, Drachewych has always hated me one way or another, but now he just seems he’s bitter. Perhaps it’s because the two dickwads he has doing his dirty deeds can’t get the job done. But I have a solution here that can make everyone happy.”

Dawson: “Now I definitely don’t know what he is talking about.”

Adam Allocco turn towards the camera and peers into it. The microphone rose as he pauses for a second before he cares to explain his idea.

Adam Allocco: “You see, Drachewych. We earned ourselves title shots. Granted, in the process we made a mockery out of your boys but nevertheless, we did what we needed to do. No more of this pointless battle. I couldn’t careless what you do with your company as long as it doesn’t affect us. So this is what I am going to propose... Drachewych give us title shots, and we will stay out of your way. It’s just that simple. Because there is no need for us to embarrass you anymore and there is no need for you to hold us down. So how about it?”

Dawson: “He’s triyng to make a deal with Drachewych?”

Knots: “He is a very intelligent man that Adam Allocco.”

Sharper: “Greaternity are just trying to get title shots out of the deal and I don’t know if I like it or not.”

Everyone in the ring begins to look over at the entrance as if they expect a response now. Allocco turns and walks over to the ropes and leans on the top rope and looks down the rampway. He turns back and shrugs as Drachewych continues not to show. However, after a few moments, without warning, the arena lights switch over to a dark purple color. A few moments pass by before a blurry image on the screen begins to manifest itself onto the screen, revealing the words that turn the crowd into a frenzy of boos.


The opening notes of "Blood On Our Hands" by Death From Above 1979 play throughout the arena, and soon after follows the usual chorus of boos. Matt Hodges steps out from behind the curtain, looking down at Greaternity. Allocco looks confused as Winters just smirks. Alex Desoubrais Jr. and Ace Marshall glare back at Hodges.

Dawson: “Greaternity wanted Drachewych. They get Matt Hodges.”

Knots: “This should definitely be interesting.”

Hodges starts to walk forward as the crowd boos. Hodges makes his way down the rampway and then walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He looks at Alex Desoubrais Jr. before turning to Ace Marshall. He then turns to Adam and Shawn. Shawn just looks at him as Hodges turns to Allocco and asks for his microphone. Adam looks down at it before handing it off to Hodges. Hodges looks down for a moment before lifting the microphone to his face.

Hodges: “Adam...Shawn....I know the last month has been a bit all over the place. I joined Greaternity. Came down to this ring and did what we do best...kick ass....and then I was manipulated with a title that point, Savior had the title...and I just wanted what it seems everyone else in this ring wants too and that’s some of their own golden success.”

Hodges pauses for a moment.

Hodges: “So just like Adam is saying now...I made a deal with the boss and yeah, I was against you, but in the end, I would’ve brought home that belt to Greaternity had Savior beaten you. But now, after all of that, I’m done with Infection. I’m done with Drachewych...and I want to be surrounded by greatness. I hope that you guys can understand what I did. I did it for me and I know each and every one of you would’ve done the same thing. I just wanted a taste of the gold that I had.”

Hodges then turns and hands the microphone to Shawn. Shawn looks at Adam and Adam looks at Shawn. Hodges just looks at both of them. Shawn then turns around and brings the microphone to his face before suddenly turning and nailing Hodges in the jaw with the Kiss the Sky. The crowd ohs and Hodges drops to the mat. Winters then smirks and Alex and Ace immediately move forward and start to stomp away at Hodges, with Alex Jr. taking the leg and Ace taking the head. After several stiff stomps to the head, Adam pushes them back before backing up and grabbing the legs of Hodges and spinning through, locking in the Welcome to Oblivion. Hodges yells in pain and Allocco keeps the pressure on. Ace every few moments, stomps Hodges hard in the face.

Knots: “I guess he’s not back in!”

Dawson: “Winters drilled him with that superkick and now like a pack of wolves, they are destroying Matt Hodges.”

Allocco keeps the hold on and Hodges continues to yell in pain, grasping at his legs as Ace continues to stomp on him. Winters then turns around and bends over to Hodges with the microphone at his face.

Winters: “You had us...until you said Savior might have beaten me.”

Winters then throws the microphone down in the face of Hodges as Allocco keeps the pressure on for a few more moments. He then lets go and rolls back. “Swagger Like Us” plays throughout the arena and Hodges rolls over, holding his leg in pain. The members of Greaternity smirk and get up and meet up in the middle of the ring, standing over Hodges.

Sharper: “How shallow of Greaternity? But Hodges deserves every bit of it.”

Dawson: “They have to be the best and doubt is not welcomed!”

Greaternity continues to pose over Hodges. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as they continue to smirk and enjoy their successful destruction of Matt Hodges. After a few moments, the scene starts to fade to black.

Breakdown May 20th, 2009

The cameras focus on Drachewych and he looks around as the crowd starts to boo. He walks forward to the table and looks at the contract before beginning to talk.

Drachewych: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday, the SCW World Championship will be on the line when unfortunately, Shawn Winters defends against Asher Hayes....Now, this was supposed to be a much more glamourous event, but we will have to make due with a drunk and a drug addict.”

Knots: “Well, he’s veiled in his criticism.”

Dawson: “Yeah...really.”

Drachewych: “Now, I don’t really feel like wasting more time and these two who somewhat have horseshoes up their ass or something. So Shawn...get out here. And then, appropriately afterwards, Asher can come down. Or hell, just do it vice-versa. Whatever. I don’t really care.”

The crowd boos as Drachewych turns away and leans on the ropes, hardly into the situation he’s overseeing. After a few moments, the words "ASHER HAYES" blare throughout the arena speakers, followed by the opening verse of Five Finger Death Punch's "The Bleeding" kicks in

I remember when all the games began
Remember every little lie and every last goodbye
The promises you broke, words you choked on
And I never walked away, it's still a mystery to me

Asher Hayes walks out. He runs his fingers through his long sandy blonde hair, shakes hands with a few fans, earning himself more cheers.

Well, I'm so empty, I'm better off without you
And you're better off without me
Well, you're so unclean, I'm better off without you
And you're better off without me

Ash stops just a few feet away from the ring, turns to his right, walks over to the fans, and leans into the crowd. He then walks up the ring steps, jogs up onto the apron, then steps in between the ropes and into the ring.

The lying, the bleeding, the screaming
Was tearing me apart
The hatred, deceiving, the bleeding
It's over

He looks at Drachewych and Drachewych just glares at him. Asher Hayes just looks at him before motioning to him that he can “suck” something. Drachewych just shakes his head as Asher Hayes walks around the ring, being granted more cheers. He walks over to the table and grabs a microphone. But as his music fades out, the music shifts to the sound of a woman climaxing is heard "OH OH SHHAAAWWWNN!" followed by "I'm So Paid" by Akon.

"I get it in til the sun rise

doin 90 in a 65
windows rolled down screamin out
ay ay ay I'm so paid
number 1 hustler gettin' money
why you wanna count my money
I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see

I'm so paid"

The crowd boos heavily as Shawn Winters makes his way out from behind the curtain as the screen goes into slow motion. Shawn stops at the top of the ramp as a wall of fireworks fall behind him as he poses. The SCW World Championship sits on his shoulder. He then smirks and the screen goes back to normal speed as he makes his way down ramp.

"I see police on the crooked eye

doin a 100 on Interstate ninety-five
my shorty leanin, blastin that do or die
pushin that motherfuckin wood cuz we certified
got a system that'll beat and knock your wall off
got a pump under my seat, the sawed-off
got a bunch of goons hope they never call off

and my snipers sittin on the roof already saw y'all"

He hops up onto the apron strutting his stuff as if he was up for auction. He then gets in front of the camera and looks at his reflection. He then spits in the lens.

"ain't too much that put a strain on me

thats the reason why I have to put the blame on me
rather have them dolla' bills rain on me
than to let them haters come and make a name off me

thats why"

He climbs into the ring and show boats some more to the fans intensifying their hatred or love. He then poses in the middle of the ring as fireworks shoot off behind him. He gets up and takes off his entrance attire. He climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and extends his arms. He then spits his gum out into the air and slaps it away into the crowd. He then hops down back to the canvas. He turns and walks over to the table and grabs the microphone.

Dawson: “Winters seems to be a bit better after last week, but some have to wonder the state of his back.”

Sharper: “That’s been a common focus of attack for anyone looking to get something over Winters as of late. It’s almost as if there has been a huge bullseye on it.”

Drachewych turns and looks at both men and then starts to talk.

Drachewych: “Well great...the two of you are out here. Now, I realize that both of you probably have a busy night of making my company look like crap. So if you two monkeys don’t mind, can you please focus long enough to put pen to paper, sign your name, if you remember it and then you guys can go back to getting drunk or stoned or whatever you guys do.”

Winters just laughs as Asher Hayes looks at Drachewych and shakes his head.

Asher: “Drachewych....for someone who loves to be in control, I think it’s easy to see why you hate this situation. And all you have against me is that I was a drug addict. Oh original. Too bad I’ve been clean for months and hell, I’ve been outwrestling everyone that’s gotten into the ring with me including you’re little, now former buddy, Jason Wheeler, TWICE!”

Hayes then walks over to the contract and looks at it before smiling.

Hayes: “And Drachewych, I know this pisses you off that I now have my chance to be the figurehead of this company. And I gladly look forward to winning the World Championship. I’ve been waiting for this for the last year and I’m going to enjoy every moment of this match at well as every moment that this realization eats away at you. So Drachewych...just watch me sign the contract. Because tonight...”

Hayes then turns to Winters.

Hayes: “ the night that everyone realizes that Asher Hayes will not just be the most innovative man in wrestling today...he’ll be the most innovative CHAMPION in wrestling today.”

Hayes then grabs the contract, flips over the top page before signing his name. He then drops the pen and walks back and Shawn Winters walks over the contract.

Dawson: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. Hayes and Winters don’t seem to be concerned with each other. They’re just taunting Drachewych.”

Knots: “Bastards!”

Winters smirks and looks at Drachewych.

Winters: “Drunk, eh? Well, damn...I must be better than I thought. Drunk and still able to beat the supposed best wrestlers in the game, twice. Huh....Well thanks for that boost of confidence.”

Winters then looks at Asher Hayes.

Winters: “I realize that you and I are facing each other this Sunday and that you’ll probably do a bunch of flashy moves and probably get this crowd to ooh and ah you....but I don’t care. You’ll fall on your head after we have an amazing match and I’ll run in and beat you and you’ll cry a bit and life goes on. But there is one thing I like about you....You say what you want. I respect that. And if you weren’t with that disease-infested psychopath Rachel Foxx, I’d offer you a spot in Greaternity, but unfortunately, we don’t feel like carrying your medical bills.”

Winters then turns to the contract and while still talking on the microphone, non-chalantly signs the contract.

Winters: “But I agree with one thing you said....this match is going to eat away at the soul of Drachewych. Come on...isn’t it just about time you realized that Greaternity actually runs the show. You’re merely just struggling to replace us. And you’ve failed. EPICALLY. I mean...Wheeler and Savior were great....three years ago. Three years ago, I didn’t care...and that’s why they were great. But now, Greaternity has stepped up and we are just kicking everyone’s ass. CHBK now just books hospital beds instead of hotel rooms when he knows he’s facing us because we’ll win. That’s why you’re trying to get us to do your dirty work. realize that we are the best. That’s why you have us beat the people Wheeler, Savior and Infection couldn’t even come close to touching.”

Winters smirks.

Winters: “But you didn’t make this match. You wanted Wheeler and Savior...and they fired Wheeler. And now you have Hayes and Winters. And there’s two problems with that. While I personally wouldn’t want to touch Hayes outside of a wrestling match. He looks like he’d be greasy....”

Hayes: “Ha’re just a riot tonight. Do you have any more bad jokes from Family Guy?”

Winters: “Oh YEAH!”

Winters mocks the Kool-Aid guy before just shakes his head, alternating to a unimpressed look towards Asher Hayes.

Winters: “He and I are going to have an amazing match. Your hopes for an Infection main event are nothing. And now they’ll never be. But Greaternity we just keep giving. Any one of us is main event. Everyone else just hopes to be on our level. I say that because NO ONE has gotten close. And Asher....that includes you. You can maybe get the crowd to be in the palm of your hand...but it doesn’t mean you’ll win. You’re good...not great....but at least you’re not him.”

Winters points to Drachewych. Drachewych just glares at Winters.

Hayes: “No, you’re lucky. You faced Miller and he dropped you on your head. I saw. I heard the crunch. It made me laugh. How’s the back, by the think of what happens when I get my hands on it. Just as Ace about what I can do when you get a bit too arrogant. Ace was the one struggling for air as I knocked him out on top of the Tactical Warfare cage. Now...just think of what will happen when you’re taking Ace’s spot and it’s not on top of the cage, but inside it. You’ll be choked out faster than Infection can choke.”

Drachewych just glares now at Hayes with the cheap shot.

Hayes: “And that belt...will be mine. And you’ll then just good....or drunk....wait...isn’t that what happens when you lose.”

Winters: “You’re starting to sound like him.”

Winters points to Drachewych.

Hayes: “But you know I actually can deliver.”

Drachewych then throws his arms in the air before turning and exiting the ring. He storms down the steel steps and starts to make his way down to the ring.

Winters: “Aww....where you going?”

Drachewych starts to storm off and Winters just laughs and turns away from Hayes. Hayes then suddenly spins him around and attempts the Dream Killer, but Winters pushes Hayes away. Winters then smirks at Hayes before bringing his hand up and motioning to him that he was close. The camera catches Winters’ face and he mouths “but close doesn’t count.” The camera then focuses on Hayes and Hayes smirks back and replies “I won’t be close this Sunday. I’ll be there.” The two then just look at each other still smirking. The crowd starts to give a mixed reaction, some cheering for Hayes, other booing for Winters as the scene slowly fades to black.

Breakdown June 3rd, 2009

Breakdown returns to ringside and after a few moments, “Swagger Like Us” plays throughout the arena and the crowd roars before giving a largely mixed reaction. Out from the back, we see Shawn Winters swagger out to the beat before smirking and looking around, holding the SCW Championship up in the air. He then stops and smirks before starting to make his way down the rampway. Adam Allocco and Alex Desoubrais Jr. follow Winters. Alex Jr. looks still a bit rough, but much better than earlier. Ace Marshall is also out with them and the four start to make their way down to the ring.

Dawson: “Greaternity making an appearance en masse and I’m sure we’re going to hear about how great Shawn Winter is or was at Redemption.”

Knots: “Well he was great. Winters and Hayes had a hell of a match and Winters walked away the winner. He deserves to be proud.”

Winters reaches the ring and walks up the steel steps and walks along the apron before entering the ring. He then spins around and stops before walking around the ring. Alex Jr. rolls in and Allocco walks up the steps and enters the ring as well. We then see Ace Marshall pull himself up onto the apron before entering the ring. He then starts to walk over across the ring and Shawn Winters looks at him before Ace reaches forward and is handed a microphone. He then turns and walks around the ring before handing it to Shawn Winters. Winters takes it and nods approvingly before smiling and walking around the ring.

Winters: “It seems to me that we are going back in time. Month after month after month someone comes out here and says that they are going to stop Greaternity. Greaternity is going to be no longer. Greaternity’s success is going to come to an end....Do these idiots not understand what the first five letters of Greaternity spell? Great! That’s right. Great! It’s a very basic word that equates to Great-ness....and well...that is what we are personified....”

The crowd continues their mixed reaction for Winters as Winters continues.

Winters: “And we proved it again at Redemption! Adam and Alex Desoubrais Jr....they have a World Tag Team Championship shot. They are going to prove they are the best team in the business. I defeated Asher Hayes in the match of the God damned century because I’m Shawn Winters and I’m that damn good! The only blip in the data was....well...Ace....what the hell, man? You lost to Jake Starr. You could’ve been the Adrenaline Champion...but no....what happened?”

Ace just looks at Shawn and brings his hands up and tries to explain to him.

Winters: “That’s great. Next time you get your period, just grab a tampon and kick the man’s ass. You should be hormonal. That should work in YOUR favour! God!”

Ace just throws his arms in the air as Alex Desoubrais Jr. laughs at Ace. Ace just glares at him.

Winters: “Settle down pledge...”

Winters clears his throat and turns to the entrance way.

Winters: “So now the next question is....what is next for Greaternity? We could drink beer. We could have a huge party that no one here would know what to do with except the four of us. We could just screw a bunch of hot girls and film enough footage for our own line of Girls Gone Wild videos. But it seems to me that the growing thing of what people want to see around here is this little title over here...”

Winters lifts up his SCW Championship belt.

Winters: “They want this defended....”

Allocco nods, seemingly just playing along with Winters.

Winters: “Well who could even be GREAT enough to be in the ring with us....Ace apparently has given Jake Starr a good argument...Really? Ace? Jake Starr? God!”

Winters shakes his head some more. 

Winters: “Well any-“

Suddenly, the words "ASHER HAYES" blare throughout the arena speakers, followed by the opening verse of Five Finger Death Punch's "The Bleeding" kicks in. The crowd cheers and Asher Hayes appears from the back. He looks down at the ring and slowly starts to make his way down to the ring. As he walks down, a microphone is visible in his hands. The music continues for a few moments longer as the crowd cheers. Asher Hayes then brings the microphone to his mouth and starts to make his way down to the ring.

Asher: “It seems that you are looking for some person to take that position. And you damn well know that you and I tore the house down at Redemption and you also damn well know how close I was to beating you. So if you want a damn challenge, let’s do it again and we can give all of us something we want. Greaternity thinks its great...well...I think I’m better than great and I’m willing to prove it! Oh yeah....and after what you jackasses did earlier tonight...I’ll be more than happy to beat you all to hell and back, you sons of bitches!”

Asher Hayes continues on his way to the ring and stops at ringside, looking up at the ring. Winters just starts to laugh and looks down at Asher Hayes.

Winters: “You think you’re better than us. Did you not watch Redemption? Really Asher...I didn’t think I killed THAT many brain cells.”

Asher just smirks.

Asher: “So be it.”

Asher tries to slide into the ring, but Alex Desoubrais Jr. runs over and goes to stop him, but Hayes slides back out before grabbing Alex Jr. by the leg and pulling him down. He then pulls him out and drops him down hard on the mats on the ground. Alex Jr. rolls over, holding his head in pain. Adam Allocco exits the ring and drops down to the floor. Asher Hayes turns and stomps Alex Jr. in the back of the head. He then stomps him again and Allocco runs over and clubs him in the back as Shawn Winters just smirks and leans on the top rope in the ring.

Dawson: “Asher Hayes is trying for revenge for earlier, but he’d love another shot at the SCW Championship!”

Knots: “His problem is with Allocco and Alex Desoubrais Jr. though and the two of them are quickly moving in on one half of the tag team champions!”

Allocco grabs Asher and drags him over to the steel steps, but Asher blocks it before driving Allocco face first into the steel steps. Allocco spins around and over to the barricade. Asher turns and runs over before clotheslining Allocco up and over the barricade and into the crowd. The crowd cheers. Asher then turns around and Alex Desoubrais Jr. runs over to him and jumps off the steel steps and crossbodies Asher up and over the barricade and into the crowd as well. The two start to get up and Asher manages to rake Alex Desoubrais Jr.’s eyes, but Allocco rakes Asher’s eyes and nails him with a hard right. Asher staggers back into the crowd and Allocco starts to follow him.

Dawson: “They’re going right into the crowd! First Allocco is sent in and then Asher and Alex Desoubrais Jr.”

Sharper: “Now they are fighting through it. Asher Hayes is trying to take on both and it’s not going so well, but he’s so driven with anger and frustration right now!”

Asher Hayes throws a punch, but Alex Jr. runs over and nails Asher Hayes. Allocco nails Asher with a hard right as well and the three continue to battle through the crowd. Allocco and Alex Jr. continue to both throw punches as Asher manages to throw another one back, but continues to be knocked back. Allocco grabs Asher and goes to throw him into one of the tunnel walls that lead to concession stands, but Asher spins around and throws Allocco into the wall. Alex Jr. then walks over and Asher Hayes kicks him and drags him through the tunnel. Allocco gets up and continues after him as we return to the ring.

Winters: “Well...that takes cares of that disturbance. That’s why after you deal with a guy’s girlfriend, you make sure you the guy isn’t drunk enough to start something. There’s your tip for the day.”

Winters laughs a bit and walks back to the middle of the ring.

Winters: “Well it seems to me that I’m in here in the ring with the loser of Greaternity.”

Ace just throws his arms in the air.

Winters: “Sorry pledge. It’s just how it goes. You blew it. And you didn’t even bring a case of beer!”

Ace brings his hand up and seems to be negotiating with Winters.

Winters: “Later...oh...oka-“

Suddenly, the words “How about I just do whatever I want” boom through the arena speakers. The crowd starts to buzz and “Original Prankster” starts to play throughout the arena. Winters just looks at Ace before turning back to the entrance way to see a blonde-haired man walk out, wearing an expensive leather jacket and in his hand is a case of beer. He continues on his way to the ring.

Sharper: “Porno Lad? What in the world is he doing here?”

Knots: “Ha! Best name ever!”

Porno Lad walks over to the ring and lifts the case of beer onto the apron before sliding it underneath the ropes and into the ring. He then jumps up the steel steps before entering the ring and spinning around briefly and stopping and looking at Ace Marshall with a smile on his face. He then turns to Shawn Winters and then walks across the ring and grabs a microphone. He then turns and runs over to Ace and looking right at him.

Porno Lad: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Marshall! How are you buddy?”

Winters: “You know him?”

Ace just glares briefly at Porno Lad.

Porno Lad: “Of course he knows me. I’m the person who taught him to be awesome! least that’s what he claims. Between you and me...he’s not awesome. But that’s okay. He’s at least great because he’s part of this Greaternity deal, eh?”

Winters just looks at Ace and then back at Porno Lad and Ace just shakes his head, looking unimpressed.

Winters: “Well he’s only good right now. He’s the jackass that lost to Jake Starr.”

Porno Lad: “And I heard he didn’t bring sir are in luck!”

Porno Lad then walks over and grabs the case of beer and drags it over to the middle of the ring and looks up at Shawn Winters.

Porno Lad: “See...I have been searching high and low for people who share MY greatness...and I come from IWC. So it’s REALLY hard. I mean...the people there live in cardboard boxes and think that if they get lucky with a prostitute, they are hot sh*t. But see....I heard about Greaternity and I mean...if you have Ace Marshall in here, well you definitely need Porno sweeten the deal...I brought beer!”

Porno Lad turns and smiles before pointing at the beer.

Porno Lad: “So....whatdaya say? I mean....Greaternity definitely needs the Porno Lad...and beer.”

Winters turns to Ace and Ace just glares at Porno Lad. Winters then shrugs.

Winters: “Well you have beer...and a kick ass know what...I think I could go for having another pledge. So you know what....I think we have some discussing to do.”

Porno Lad: “Wooo-hoo!”

Ace turns to Winters and starts to talk, but Shawn Winters turns and grabs the beer.

Winters: “But I think we need some beers first...after you...”

Porno Lad turns and then walks over to the ropes as “Swagger Like Us” starts to play throughout the arena. He holds open the ropes and Winters steps through before lifting the beer through and dropping down to the floor. Porno Lad then steps through and drops down just as Ace gets to the ropes. Ace just shakes his head before exiting the ring.

Sharper: “A new member for Greaternity?”

Knots: “Awesome. Greaternity just keeps getting better if that’s the case.”

Dawson: “But did you see the reaction of Ace Marshall. I think Ace and Porno Lad know each other.”

Winters continues to walk to the back as Porno Lad follows him, seemingly striking up a conversation with the SCW Champion. Ace Marshall walks behind the two of them, unimpressed as the scene slowly fades to black.

Breakdown December 9th, 2010

Just then, the opening guitar riffs are heard leading into "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin. The crowd starts to cheer as the opening line is heard.

"I will not bow
I will not break
I will shove the world away
I will not fall
I will not faint
I will take your breath away"

Greg Cherry walks out from the back, dressed in street clothes, as he continues on his way down to the ring. He just continues down, looking still quite unhappy, ignoring many of the cheers and some of the fans hands outstretched. Instead of playing to the crowd as he normally does, he walks towards the ring and over to the steel steps before walking up them. He then steps into the ring before looking up and around.

Sharper: “Greg Cherry joining us now and he really took his loss at Gang Rulz hard.”

Knots: “Yeah, the guy was nearly in tears. I know he wanted the title, but damn.”

Greg then walks over to the far side of the ring and asks for a microphone. Jason Phillips walks over to him and hands him one before Greg turns around and walks over to the middle of the ring. He then takes a deep breath before rubbing his stubble on his face. He then looks up as his music fades out.

Greg: “I guess I don’t have to come out here talking about how I’m not World Champion...or how much that seems to be something that I have to get used to. Another shot and again, this time, I don’t walk away champion. But this’s not because I wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t because I wasn’t able to outdo Jake Starr or Thorn. No...this time, it has to do with a thorn from my past....”

Greg just looks down and takes a deep breath.

Greg: “You know, Shawn.....I’ve always known you’ve been an asshole. I know you love to just come and go as you please. You like to be the center of attention. And you know what, if it was any other night, I may have even let it slide that you cost me the Championship. I’d still come for your ass...but....”

Greg pauses again as he looks up.

Greg: “See, I didn’t let anyone know this, but I’m sure you noticed that Ashley wasn’t with me. It’s not because she didn’t care. It’s not because I had her stay at the hotel room. It’s not because I didn’t want a distraction or anything like that. See, Gang Rulz, I made the ultimate wager. I made the ultimate gamble....because my wife....because Ashley wanted to motivate me I guess.....and it was simple. Either I win the World Championship...or I don’t see her until I do...”

Sharper: “Oh my God...”

Greg pauses as he looks down. He then looks back up and walks forward to the ropes, looking right at the camera.

Greg: “And Shawn....see, I didn’t lose the World Championship because I was pinned...I lost because you felt it necessary to come back and COST ME IT! YOU! Shawn! YOU cost me the chance to wake up Monday morning looking at my wife as we celebrated winning the World Championship. YOU cost me the opportunity to spend time with my son and showing him what a champion looks like. YOU cost me the opportunity to be happy this holiday season and all because you wanted to get your God damned time in the spotlight. You egotistical son of a bitch!”

Greg starts to fume as the crowd roars a bit.

Greg: “And while I would do anything to get my hands on the SCW World Championship one more have taken away from me perhaps the only thing that I would dare say means more to me....MY FAMILY!”

Greg falls to his knees as he continues to fume before suddenly we hear the sounds of feigned crying, including an audible sniffle before more crying before slowly turning to laughing. The crowd starts to boo as from the back, Shawn Winters slowly steps out smiling before stopping at the top of the stage. With Shawn Winters is a beautiful woman, one Charlie Laurio, his valet, holding a grocery bag. She just stands next to Shawn as Shawn continues to laugh. Greg just turns and glares at Shawn.

Shawn: “Awww....Greg....are you done crying? I mean it’s oh so sad that you have a little gambling problem. I mean I thought I just cost you another title and wanted to entertain myself, but damn, this may be the single greatest thing I’ve ever done! I mean, I just stopped Greg Cherry from getting laid! I mean! This is friggin’ amazing! I am a hero! Woooo!”

The crowd boos as Shawn just smiles. Greg just continues to fume before Shawn then turns to Charlie and smirks.

Shawn: “But Greg, I figured, it’s getting close to Christmas and while I gave myself a nice Christmas gift by pretty much ruining your’s the gift that just keeps on giving. And I can tell you’re a bit pissed off, but that’s okay. I can see the tears welling up and I know you’re a bit emotional and all. And well, after seeing what I did at Gang Rulz, I figured I’d give you a bit of a peace help you through this horrible, emotional time. Charlie....”

Charlie then turns and holds open the bag as Shawn Winters then reaches in and pulls out a plastic package.

Shawn: “A bag of tampons! Merry Christmas!”

Shawn starts to laugh again as Greg Cherry then steps through the ropes and drops to the floor. Shawn steps back a bit before turning as he looks far less confident.

Shawn: “Security! Security! Get the hell out here! Stop this maniac!”

Shawn backs up a bit before Greg Cherry starts to storm up the rampway, still fuming, before several officials run out from the back. The crowd starts to boo as Greg Cherry tries to get through them before the officials start to hold him back. Shawn Winters just smiles as Greg Cherry struggles to get by the officials.

Shawn: “Charlie...stand back. You don’t need to be near this maniac. I guess he’s not emotional, he’s just chomping at the bit. He probably needs to get laid. OH WAIT!”

Shawn just smirks as Greg pushes a bit harder.

Dawson: “Come on. This is just cruel.”

Knots: “Oh man! This is hilarious!”

Shawn: “Here...have them. May help you something to shove up there to help remind you of your wife! We all knew who probably had the pants in the family.”

He throws the package of tampons at Greg and Greg then pushes one of the officials down before moving forward. Shawn hops back a bit as the officials then push back and Greg continues to fume, yelling at Shawn. The crowd continues to boo.

Shawn: “’re pathetic. Charlie...let’s go. I think I need to spend some time with MY wife!”

Shawn then backs up as Greg turns and Greg continues to fight. Security then comes out to help the officials as Greg, fuelled entirely by rage, continues to fight through. Shawn Winters just smirks as he backs up. “I’m So Paid” by Akon plays throughout the arena as the boos for Winters continue. Charlie just smiles too as Greg continues to fight through, getting angrier and angrier as the officials push him back. Shawn just laughs before turning around and walking backstage. Greg Cherry continues to be held back.

Sharper: “I don’t believe that man. Shawn Winters has no remorse for what he did. And just prior to Christmas!”

Knots: “He shouldn’t have agreed to it.”

Dawson: “You don’t mess with a man’s family like that!”

Sharper: “Shawn Winters makes me sick...”

Greg continues to fight as the scene slowly fades to black.

Breakdown March 16th, 2011

“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” plays throughout the arena as the crowd starts to come to their feet cheering. A few moments pass and the SCW Underground Champion walks out from the back and spins around before holding up the SCW Underground Championship. He then looks out and nods before starting to walk down to the ring. He makes his way down and slides in before hopping up and throwing the title into the air and jumping up. He then looks around and nods before turning and placing the title under his corner.

Sharper: “Hallucigen managing to get past Brittany Lohan at Retribution. Despite Lohan being the favourite, Hallucigen went against the odds.”

Kayl: “Drove her, using his knees, through a glass table. Talk about making an impact.”

The crowd is silent as the sound of a woman climaxing is heard "OH OH SHHAAAWWWNN!" "I'm So Paid" by Akon follows.

"I get in 'til the sun rise

Goin' 90 in a 65

Windows rolled down screamin' "Ah!"

Hey-ey-ey, I'm so paid"

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Shawn Winters walks out from behind the curtain. Charlie Laurio can be seen looking completely shocked and saddened, fake crying as Shawn Winters stumbles down to his knees, holding his wrists out, showing copious amounts of what looks to be blood coming from them and dripping onto the stage. He looks out before falling to the stage and then reaching out before rolling over and getting to his knees. He looks up as Charlie just looks away, almost in hysterics.

Dawson: “What in the world....”

Sharper: “Oh man...don’t tell me. Don’t tell me he’s going there.”

Kayl: “Did he do what I think he did?”

Shawn Winters starts to walk towards the ring before dropping to his knees and rolling over and yelling out. The cameraman starts to walk up the rampway and goes to him. Charlie Laurio just continues to turn away as Winters looks up and the cameraman picks up his speech.

Winters: “Oh god. The world is for the strong. I am so weak. Goodbye cruel world for I am not World Champion. Oh god....damn it...It’s on my tights! My tights damn it!”

Winters starts to get up and Laurio then walks over. She then holds onto his wrist. The “blood” continues to pump, obviously as Laurio presses down, causing a high level of blood to pour out from his wrists. Winters just pretends to get lightheaded and almost falls forward before stumbling over and then going to the ringside area and falling onto the mats. He then looks around.

Winters: “Oh no...I think I’m hallucinating. I see LSD or something in the ring. Oh, there’s Christy Matthews. Her talent. She thinks she matters. Oh! And there’s Infamous! It’s magical! Charlie. I wish you could just kill me now so I wouldn’t have to see this horrifying visual!”

The crowd starts to boo as many figure out what he’s doing. Shawn Winters turns and grabs onto the ring apron, slowly pulling himself up, staining the ring cover and the side of the ring with his “blood.” Charlie Laurio then walks over and pulls out some paper towel from her pockets and starts to hold Winter’s wrists as the boos come from all over. Hallucigen is finally shown in the ring just shaking his head. Winters just smirks as Laurio seems to clean him up before he hops onto the apron, his music still playing throughout the arena.