One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Divine Intervention

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * Shawn Winters is laying in bed as his empty bag of cocaine is laying beside him and pill bottles are knocked over on his nightstand and beer cans are spread along the floor. Shawn is sweating heavily in bed as he's rolling back and forth seemingly having some sort of nightmare. *

Shawn's Nightmare

Shawn – Lord I could really use an Angel here tonight.

* Those words echo through out Shawn's head before he opens his eyes and see's his mother standing in front of him. Shawn rubs his eyes as he can't believe what he's seeing. His mother died months ago. *

Shawn – M-mom? Wha-

Victoria – It seems as though he was listening Shawn.

Shawn – He? What are you talking about?

Victoria – I'm your Angel and if there was anyone that needed one right now it would be you. It seems as though God has taken pity on you. Seems as though he's the only one left who will.

Shawn – No...this isn't real. I must have taken some drugs or something.

Victoria – Believe what you will Shawn. But I am here and I am here to show you where your life is taking you.

Shawn – I'm sorry but you've got to help me understand here.

Victoria – You asked God to send you and Angel and here I am. I am your guardian Angel per say and I am here to talk you off the ledge of your apparent overdose.

Shawn – My overdose?

Victoria – I told you Shawn...I'm here to show you where your life is taking you. How the actions that you've taken has it's consequences and I'm here to show you the error of your ways Shawn. Because this right here may be the final chance you get to change for the better.

Shawn – I-I don't know...I didn't expect this. I mean it was just a matter of saying an expression. For somebody to actually show up claiming to be an Angel and in the form of my dead mother...I'm sorry you may do this everyday but I'm feeling like this is some awful trip here. I've been on LSD before and this could easily be it.

Victoria – Well whether or not this is real or an hallucination either way you're coming with me.

* Shawn's mother reaches out and touches Shawn on the forehead transporting them to a dark and dirty hotel room. *

Shawn – What the shit?! Warn me next time huh? You can't just go around touching people and flipping there minds in whichever which way you find to be funny.

Victoria – Sorry Shawn but we've wasted enough time as it is. Do you know where we are?

Shawn – Some circle of hell? This looks like shit.

Victoria – No Shawn...this isn't the Third Circle of Hell if that's what you're referring to but you are close.

Shawn – Why did you bring me to this shit box? This place is disgusting. Who the hell would stay here.

Victoria – You would.

Shawn – The hell I would. This is a shitty ass hotel room. This isn't a suite. When I travel I stay in big suites and five star hotels. I travel in style this...this is for disease infested hookers.

Victoria – This is the year 2015 Shawn. This is where your life is headed.

Shawn – Why would I be staying here? It makes no sense!

Victoria – Sure it does. Three years from now all of your money will be gone. Through all the child support payments. The surgeries, the foreclosure on your home, all the drugs bought and losing your job at SCW.

Shawn – What? So you're telling me in three years I'm going to be flat ass broke?

Victoria – Well not all at once but yes...this will be the overall result of everything that you've been doing. You see Shawn...if you don't stop you'll eventually fall and you will fall hard. It will start with failing an SCW drug test and being suspended. You'll then get hurt again inside the ring further destroying your body forcing you to go back to the drugs. Which you were clean from after an SCW paid for rehab visit. You'll then fail a second drug test for SCW and be suspended even longer which will just further your downward spiral into oblivion.

Shawn – No...this isn't right. You're full of shit.

Victoria – Your suspension will be over but you'll be so far gone that when you attempt to return you'll be in no condition to even compete as you'll be a danger to yourself and everyone else that you're in the ring against. You'll be an embarrassment to yourself and you'll be fired by Mr. Drachewych himself as he finds you with drugs in the dressing room unconscious calling the hospital.

Shawn – Bullshit! He would never fire me! I'm the center of SCW! I'm the best this industry has ever seen! Nobody can hold a candle to me. He couldn't afford the stock hit if I were fired.

Victoria – Sure he could since you've been suspended twice and barely been there as it is. Not to mention out of shape and unable to perform. The final nail in the coffin was you putting the company in danger by holding drugs and using backstage. When he called the authorities you went to jail Shawn.

Shawn – Again? What the shit?

Victoria – This is where your restaurant and strip club folded, while you were incarcerated. Are you seeing where this is going?

Shawn – I-

Victoria – When you get out your home will be foreclosed and you'll be working independent wrestling shows trying to live pay check by pay check while spending all of it on drugs in order to “get yourself by”. That is why you'll be staying in places like this.

Shawn – This isn't real. You're not real. Because I'm in complete control of my life.

Victoria – Oh really? Shawn you are so focused on having the name of Shawn Winters parallel with perfection but nobody is perfect Shawn. Least of all you. Your ego simply blinds you towards your own faults.

Shawn – Listen...I know I'm not perfect but I also know that I've got my life under control.

Victoria – Which is exactly why I'm here right? Why you asked me to be here.

Shawn – That-

Victoria – Listen Shawn, why don't you go over to the bed there?

Shawn – Wha-

* Shawn walks around the corner to see a fat out of shape man laying face down on the bed while cocaine and over pills and alcohol are surrounding him. *

Shawn – Ok...what's this supposed to symbolize? A fat dude dead in bed?

Victoria – Why don't you look closer?

* Shawn shakes his head confused. He kneels down and looks closer at the mans face. Shawn's eyes grow in shock as he stands up and backs up against the wall. *

Shawn – What the fuck did you do to me? You made me fat?!

Victoria – That's what you're worried about? The fact that you got fat?

Shawn – This is clearly some illusion because that's the fattest cocaine addict I've ever seen.

Victoria –'re dead.

Shawn – Wha-wha...I-

Victoria – You overdosed on this night. The sad thing is...nobody will discover your body for a week.

Shawn – What how?

Victoria – This type of place doesn't have daily room room cleaning Shawn. Fact is they'll forget that you're here and you'll no show an independent show which won't be much of a surprise to anyone as it's something you do frequently. So nobody will go looking for you.

Shawn – This...this isn't real.

Victoria – Sure it is. Maybe if I can't get this through to your mind maybe I'll get it through your ego. Shawn...the last vision people will have of you inside a wrestling ring will be a drunk and high fat slob whose half drooling on himself and barely able to move around the ring. You'll be a complete embarrassment to the name in which you hold so high.

* Shawn is speechless as Victoria touches Shawn's forehead again as they transport to a funeral. There is a casket at a grave site about to be lowered as a Priest is talking to the grave keeper. *

Priest – Just go ahead and bury him. It doesn't seem like anybody is showing up.

* There are chairs placed out for the service only for each chair to be empty. *

Shawn – What the hell is this?

Victoria – This is your funeral Shawn.

Shawn – Where the hell are my friends? My family? My wife daughter?

Victoria – You're joking right? What friends? Greaternity? You turned your back on them long ago burning that bridge beyond repair just like you did with Chad Evans.

Shawn – I didn't burn that bridge he did!

Victoria – Depends how you look at it.

Shawn – What about my family?

Victoria – What family? I'm dead, your father and brother want nothing to do with you.

Shawn – And Brooke? Where's Brooke?

Victoria – You threw that relationship away two nights ago Shawn. You never saw her after that.

Shawn – Hannah? Angie? soon to be daughter?

Victoria – You burned your bridge with Hannah already as you know. She raises her daughter much like Angie raised Alex...without you. Angie? She was so taken back by what you said about Alex that she never wanted to see you again.

Shawn – This isn't're telling me that I don't get anything? I die fat with no real job and nobody ever shows up at my funeral?

Victoria – That's exactly what I'm telling you Shawn. You will die and there will be nothing left. Nobody to mourn you.

Shawn – No...this isn't happening. There's no way my life gets this bad.

Victoria – See Shawn, this is very real...this is what Hannah and Brooke tried to warn you about. They loved you Shawn and they were worried for your safety. They knew the overall outcome of your life. But if it makes you feel any better you do get one thing that you seem to throw away your life for. After your death you will be inducted into the SCW Hall of Fame. But it will fall on deaf ears because nobody will be there to celebrate it. It'll just be a face on a plaque that people will skip past on there way to the next. You'll have thrown away your life for your career only for it to mean nothing and for nobody to care.

* Shawn drops down to his knee's. *

Shawn – This isn't can't be how my life ends.

Victoria – This why I'm here have a chance to change. But the window is small...but you have the chance to live your life. A full life and one with family and friends but you've got live it right. No more torturing yourself between your life and your career. No more using drugs to try and prolong your career. Because this is where it will leave you, with nobody to remember your name.

* Victoria touches Shawn on the forehead again. *

* Shawn wakes up in a cold sweat as he turns looking around him almost in shock of what's happened. He grabs a glass of water that's on his nightstand and gulps it down as he tosses the glass to the floor. *

Shawn – It was all a dream...a felt so real.

* The camera turns on as Shawn Winters stands in front of an SCW Breakdown back drop with a patch on his head covering some stitches along with some bruises on his face and a cut on his bottom lip from the Glass Box match. Shawn rubs his thumb across the cut on his lip before looking up into the camera. *

Shawn – So let me get this straight. At Body, Heart, and Soul I survive a brutal Glass Box match with a psychopath by the name of Chad Evans and when Breakdown comes strolling along I discover that I'm facing another psychopath in the form of Anthony Wallace? Come on give me a break! Is it something in the water? It seems like everywhere you turn somebody in this place is going completely insane. Maybe it's my lack of sleep or maybe it's the fact that all I've eaten today has been scotch and some gummy bears but am I the only one that see's something incredibly wrong with this scenario? Last time I checked this was a respectable business and not some shitty rehabilitation program where they take any bum off the streets and try and give them a second chance. I do the entire world a favor and I vanquish the evil that was Chad Evans at Body, Heart, and Soul and this is the reward I get? Some up and coming psychopath whose sucking at the teet of Shilo Valiant? Pardon my French but what the shit?

I went through and I survived the nine circles of hell and I survived while still standing. Chad Evans? Not so lucky...a man who practically begged to get the match and end my career has had his end how a poem of such Paradise Lost couldn't have portrayed a better picture. Do you understand what I'm trying to say here Wallace? If you want to go around and be some psychopath with rainbows shooting out of your ass go for it but realize that if anybody out of the two of us aren't in the right mind it would be yours truly. You may claim to be insane and a psycho, well to each there own. I on the other hand simply claim to be the single best performer that this industry has ever seen and at Body, Heart, and Soul you saw me kick it up a notch. You saw what I did to Chad Evans and you know what...I kinda liked it. Seeing him getting carted out of the ring with a broken neck, I couldn't help but have a smile on my face, one that I simply couldn't get to go away despite getting my back worked on by doctors in the back. So you saw what I was capable of doing to one Chad Evans...just imagine if you could in between your stints of thinking about killer teddy bears and rainbow mimes, imagine what I could do to you.

Ya see Wallace...I now realize that I can not die. I'm as immortal as any man could every possibly be. I faced the biggest challenge of my career and I looked death, hell, the devil not God right in the eyes and I won. I bested the biggest challenge of my career and now once again my career is going to even bigger heights...heights that nobody even thought possible. I defeated Chad Evans and dare I say have become a new type of God. Despite the worlds best efforts at trying to put me down I've simply rised above each and every attempt so excuse for being blunt but the idea of you even challenging me is funny and trust me I know funny, I saw Masquerade defeat your orphan father Shilo Valiant for the SCW Championship. I mean talk about seems as though the joke was finally on Shilo right? Was a great punchline, not going to lie. I mean I get it I really do...Shilo has an aura about him, he just has this “it” factor that makes people want to blindly follow him but you know who else had that same “it” factor? Charlie Manson. Yeah I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of him. You finally join up or how I see it get adopted by Shilo and you finally get this sense of belonging, like you can be accepted for who you truly are. It's funny how Cult leaders can make you feel so great about yourself before brainwashing you into being a mindless drone who drools on himself and carries out his every whim. I always thought the price of a human's free will was a lot more than a roof over your head. But hey...Shilo has a way with people that's for sure. A way in which has made me want to get my revenge on him for stealing my Championship away from me it seems as though my sights have shifted towards Masquerade. However in the meantime all my frustrations that I've held towards Shilo all this while, I now have the opportunity to take all of that anger and frustration out on you.

Now I'm sure that after each blow, after each slam, and after each drop you'll simply smile, laugh, and ask me for another. However in my time inside that ring I have found it hard to smile and laugh when a shattered jaw. So you see can drink the kool aid of SCW's trend at the moment and be a psychopath or insane but know one thing whether it's real or fake the bone's shattering in your jaw after I kick you right in it will be the realist thing that you've ever experienced. Hopefully that Orphanage known as the House of Ruin can afford a good doctor because you'll be wearing a mask and be completely unrecognizable for the foreseeable future. But hey...I'm just going to give the people what they want, something you never could.

* Shawn smiles before stepping away as the camera fades away before an SCW logo appears. *