One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Double Date

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters laying in his bed on his back awake with the blankets placed randomly around the bed. He looks over to his left to regretfully see that he indeed struck out last night in finding a rebound chick from Hannah. Shouldn't be a surprise by the way he was acting. Shawn couldn't have picked up a chick with a hundred dollar bill hanging out of his zipper. He then takes a look at the clock it's almost noon as he takes a deep sigh. He then takes both hands and rubs his palms against his face trying to wake himself up. *

Shawn – Why is this so hard? All I want to do is move on with my life instead of staying in this vicious cycle in which it's been in this last year. I mean the emotional roller coaster aside this year has wrecked havoc on my entire life plan. I stood around telling myself that what I was doing was the right thing. I've done everything in this last year to just down right try and get to the finish line however the moment I think I'm there, the moment I think that I've reached the point I've been striving for with Hannah and with a family I'm busted for a positive drug test. It's all just taken away from me in an instant. Like a positive drug test all that you did in that time is just swept under the rug to be forgotten.

* Shawn sits up leaning against the headboard of his bed running his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face. *

Shawn – It didn't matter what I did for Hannah...I made a random mistake where I'm not even sure happened and I was kicked to the curb. Just left on the street outside of her home leaving empty and hollow. I was heart broken...I lived my entire life to never have that feeling and now it's all coming back to haunt me. I turned my life around a complete 180 for what? Nothings different from when this whole thing started except for Valarie being born.

I know what I've got to do. I've been living a lie for the past year just pretending to be someone that I'm not. Now that I know that picture perfect life isn't going to happen. That American Dream will no longer be at my door step I need to do me. I need to retake my life. It's about damn time to, no more will I let some bitch tell me to be who I'm not. I'm Shawn Winters...and damn it I'm going to be myself because being myself is what makes me happy not being some lap dog for a chick. Hannah may have taken some things away from me during this last year with my confidence being one of them. No more, I'm back and I'm as confident as ever and I'm going to prove it. For this past year being a husband and being a father has defined me, Hannah and Valarie have defined me. No more...I will once again define me.

* Shawn has an ear to ear grin on his face as if he's got evil thoughts growing in his brain. Right then Shawn's phone starts blowing up. Some annoying Katy Perry song that Ace stole from him at one point. Shawn takes a look at it to see it's indeed Ace Marshall. Ace has been Shawn's best friend but in the past year they have indeed grown apart as Shawn has been hell bent on bettering himself while Ace has just been coasting on drugs and liquor. Shawn hasn't forgotten the dozens and dozens of phone calls he's received from Ace in the last few weeks, Shawn has just always had a reason not to answer. “Trying to be a father, don't want to be around the drugs, don't need do fuck anything.” Well it seems that the excuses have ran out. Shawn remains certain that he doesn't need any drugs in his life knowing what the future holds for him traveling down that path. However Shawn needs to retake his life and damn it he needs to get laid. Shawn answers his phone and blatantly says it. *

Shawn – I need to fuck something!

* Shawn could hear Ace's silence for a second almost as if he's shocked. Shawn quickly puts Ace on speaker phone holding his phone near his lap. *

Ace – Really? Well I might have an opening on Friday. I don't know, this girl feels neglected. You never call, you never write, never answer. At least take me to dinner.

* Shawn smirks a bit almost taking the pressure off his shoulders of taking this whole thing so seriously. *

Shawn – I'm honestly questioning the theory of evolution because one would think you'd change however even without speaking to me you're still desperate for a free meal. Do I need to pay for the lube too?

Ace – If you want to. Although now that you mention free meals that comes with booze right? I haven't had anything to drink in a while. Every drink just reminded me of you. Did you know I live in Vegas now? They sell traveler sized bottles of vodka in vending machines in pre-schools. The pain of not having you with me to raid the school systems of their alcohol. Oh man, and just wait til you meet my girl.

* Shawn laughs a bit. *

Shawn – Aw that's cute honey bee, did you sweeten that girl of yours up with such sweet talk? Couldn't imagine anyone above high school level buying that crap. Did you meet her when getting said alcohol from preschools? I don't know, maybe lure them into your tinted windowed van with promises of candy and unicorns?

Ace – I am telling you, the unicorn line works, and I don't want you to ever meet her and tell her they do not exist. It'd break her heart. But seriously, what's going on? Really want to fuck something huh?

* Shawn looks over onto his night stand where there is a picture of himself and Hannah back when they were happily married. It's a picture he's fallen asleep to countless times thinking about what could have been and what could possibly be. He grabs the frame and pushes it face down onto the stand. *

Shawn – Yeah I need to fuck something. Not just anything either, I mean I need something special if I'm going to pull this off. I need a girl that's going to make Hannah eat her own words and vomit up regret and stupidity. This chick needs to get me to give a giant middle finger to Hannah showing her that I'm back to being myself. Not just a rebound chick but a huge middle finger to my ex-wife chick. I'm going to need to hit her where it hurts.

They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorn. Well people have yet to see a Shawn Winters dumped.

Ace – We should meet up man. I'll even do you a favor. I have the perfect woman for you and it'd even drive that dumb ex of yours over the edge. I guarantee it to be a good time. You can even meet my girlfriend! Longest relationship I've ever had.

* Shawn sat there in silence after Ace's last comment. He could tell that Ace seemed a bit desperate by the tone of his voice however what better way to get back to Shawn's old self then by hanging out with Ace Marshall his best friend and tearing some shit up? Hell if Ace has a girl in mind that could scare a normal man however when it comes to Shawn and Ace they tend to have a similar taste in women. Hell they have on numerous occasions dipped there pen into the same girls ink whether it be Charlie, Katelyn, or Holly. Shawn thinks for a moment if this is really what he wants. He looks at the frame once again still laid face down. He bites his bottom lip in a deep thought before responding. *

Shawn – Alright but this high school chick of yours better have a good fake ID because I plan on getting drunk!

Ace – Worst case scenario I'll talk to Alex and I'll see if we can steal Rachel Foxx's ID again. Kidding but yeah. Look forward to it. I'm heading to LA later on, it isn't that far anymore. Try to answer your phone when I get there! I'll call you later, I'm gonna call your rebound and get this set. Won't regret it man.

* Shawn gets a smile across his face as he knows that he's going to have a night out with someone other than Barney or his sister. *

Shawn – Alright well it's noon now so I'm going to go ahead and start pre-gamin'.

Ace – Alright then, be ready. I know you'll show her whose daddy. Later man, catch you soon.

Shawn – Peace out.

* Shawn hangs up his phone with a bit of a smirk on his face as he places his phone on the end table. He stands up out of his bed in his boxers before scratching his balls a bit before he stretches. He takes one step before hearing his phone start to ring again. He grabs his and see's that it's Barney calling. *

Shawn – Oh shit...what happened last night? Was I with him all night? Please tell me I ditched him in an alley somewhere.

* Shawn hits the ignore button as his voice mail message speaks out loud over the speaker phone. “This is Shawn Winters phone if I don't know you please hang up if I do don't leave a voice mail they're fucking gay. Just text me.....BEEP!” At that point there is nothing as Barney has hung up. Shawn laughs at his own voice mail recording. He puts his phone back down before a couple beeps are heard. Shawn stops and turns around and grabs his phone to see he has a text, from Barney. *

Barney – “Shawn dude I had a blast with you last night! You and I wing men for life! I managed to talk to like 3 girls last night all because of you! Well mostly because you ignored me most of the night I felt obligated to talk to some girls-”

* The text cuts off there as Shawn shakes his head only for his phone to beep a couple times more. He opens the text and it has continued. *

Barney – “and they were super hot. I mean porn star hot you know what I'm talking about right? I dropped your name a couple times and at first they didn't believe me but when I showed them a picture of us together they thought I was-”

* The text cuts off again as Shawn just stares at his phone knowing that this isn't over. Moments later a couple more beeps are heard. *

Barney – “some sort of stalker? You believe that? We're best buds. So I decided to joke that I had a bunch of duck tape and chloroform in my car if they wanted to come see however they ran away. Either way man, can't wait til next time, call me!”

* Shawn holds his phone in almost disbelief at what he has read. He gently places his phone back down on the end table before sneaking out of the roof in damn fear it might beep again. He goes down to his kitchen and grabs a beer from the fridge before opening it up and walking back up his steps drinking it. He gets into his bathroom and starts his shower as the scene is done. *

* Shawn and Ace had agreed to go ahead and have this “double date” at Shawn's restaurant Seasons in LA. Shawn knew, Ace wanted a free meal and drinks while Shawn wanted to come across as a rich guy with good looks yet had a daughter that brought him down to earth. Seriously, what girl wouldn't drop pants in 10 seconds. 10 seconds that what Shawn figures he needs as he walks inside the door being greeted by one of the underage hostess' that he has employed. She hugs him and kisses him in the cheek as Ace see's Shawn from the booth he was seated at. Shawn is shaking some hands of people knowing he's the owner. Right then Shawn spots Ace and they both smile and share a hug damn near in the middle of the restaurant. *

Ace – So glad to see you dude.

Shawn – Not gonna lie I had a second and a third thought about this but I figured there is no way this night ends badly.

* Ace then points towards the booth that they're sitting in. Shawn notices Marissa first who has completely gone nervous after seeing Shawn. Since he entered she has been trying to fix her hair and make up via the use of a spoon. Shawn gets to the table when Marissa blushes and drops the spoon looking up at Shawn with a seemingly awkward smile. Shawn laughs a bit and smiles back which seemingly makes her melt. *

Shawn – Um hi, I don't know if Ace here introduced me at all but I'm Shawn.

* Marissa giggles a bit as she's completely embarrassed and uncomfortable at what to say. She's basically back in high school embracing that awkward teen girl. *

Marissa – Uh....hi, I'm Marissa....uh um....Ace's cousin.

* Shawn smiles knowing that look she has in her eyes. 10 seconds might have been over board, this girl was his in 2. Shawn takes a seat next to her just looking in her eyes and her cheeks grow red and she seemingly closes herself off. Shawn smiles a bit before placing his hand on hers that's on top of the table. *

Shawn – Hey...relax. We're going to have fun-

* Right then Shawn see's that Ace is seated right next to Miranda, Shawn's craziest of ex's. *

Shawn – Fuck me!

Marissa – Excuse me?

Shawn – No, no, no, no, no, no,, no, no....what the fuck is this?

Miranda – Really, twelve no's?

Ace – Darling, I am impressed! I didn't actually count. Marissa, Miranda. Miranda, my cousin Marissa.

Miranda – Nice to meet you! I am just so so sorry you have to deal with that THING here tonight.

* She glared at Shawn. *

Ace – So! To a good night and a good time!

* Ace then raises his glass of wine, not really bothering to respond to Shawn's initial reaction upon seeing Miranda. Shawn stared at Ace and Miranda like he was horrified. *

What the fuck is this? Ok I know me and Ace have similar taste in girls but Miranda? Ace knows her...there is no way Ace would do this. Why on earth would Ace fuck Miranda?

* Shawn takes a moment and looks at her before turning to Marissa and smiling at her before rubbing her hand a little bit. *

Ok fuck you Ace...yeah I get it, she looks fucking awesome. If she were wearing less clothes she'd be on girls gone wild.

* Shawn takes a quick deep breath as he's now completely thrown off guard at to what is exactly happening. He looks over at Marissa who gives him a smile which oddly enough soothes him a bit. *

Ace – Come on Shawn! Drink up. We're here to have fun!

* Miranda leaned into Ace, grasping onto his arm and thigh while starring into Shawn's eyes disdainfully. Shawn grabs his glass of wine and brings it up to his lips nearly nervous as he begins to chug down the wine. *

Ace – There we go!

* Shawn places his glass back down on the table as the waiter walks up to the table and grabs the bottle and fills up Shawn's glass. *

Waiter – Good evening! What can I get you all this evening?

* Right before Shawn could speak up Ace has jumped in. *

Ace – Two bottles of your finest wine first.

* Ace smiles as Shawn just looks at him. Ace seems to avoid the eye contact. *

Well're in this for a reason. Retake your life. This is going to do it. Miranda is just a curveball that Ace randomly is screwing? Well either way I'm here with his cousin who I gotta say is hot despite she doesn't say a lot.

Shawn – That sounds great, is that alright with you?

* Shawn turns to ask Marissa. *

Marissa – I don't drink.

* Shawn takes a breath back almost having a heart attack. *

Shawn – You're 21 aren't you?

Marissa – Yes I just doesn't set a good example for the kids.

Shawn – What kids?

Marissa –, I'm a teacher. I teach a special needs class...I teach kids with disabilities.

Like retards.

Shawn – that', that's noble of you.

* Marissa smiles a bit. *

Marissa – Thanks.

Shawn – Um well just an extra water for her.

* The waiter then takes a note before looking back at the table. *

Marissa – Alright, can I get a garden salad with fat free ranch?

Waiter – Of course...

Miranda – Oh....well I'll go ahead and have the same salad but no bacon...with fat free ranch!

* Miranda smiles before handing her menu off to the waiter. The waiter than looks at Shawn. *

Shawn – Uh Andre knows what I like, just tell him Rib-Eye.

Waiter – Of course.

Ace – Can I get a cheeseburger and fries?

Waiter – Um...we don't serve-

Ace – Ok Shawn seriously? You have salads and steak but not a cheeseburger?

Shawn – Just tell Andre to make him a cheeseburger....thanks.

* The waiter walks away. *

Marissa – You seriously own this place?

Shawn – Secondary job.

* Shawn then notices Miranda whispering something to Ace who eventually gets a smile on his face and winks at Shawn. *

Ace – Alright man, well we're gonna head out for a second, right back for more wine and the main course. Have fun kiddos and drink up!

* Miranda practically pulled Ace out of the booth as they made their way down to the end of the restaurant out of eye view. Shawn then turns to Marissa who seems to be nervously biting her nails. She see's Shawn looking at her and stops and smiles. *

Marissa – Oh sorry...I'm just kind of...

Shawn – Nervous? It's alright I get that a lot. Girls sometimes get intimidated by who I am and because of my celebrity.

Marissa – Oh...are you famous?

Ok so...she has no idea who I am, then why the hell is she so nervous? Is she seriously just this socially awkward or is she a retard like the kids she teaches? that what makes her so qualified for the job? What the hell did Ace do?

Shawn – So that's not why you're nervous?

Marissa – Oh heh, I just, I don't know, I don't really get out that much and whenever I do it's always these horrible dates with awful guys. Meeting someone who seems so nice like you just kind of makes me nervous. Not to mention it's weird that you know Ace. He usually doesn't keep good company.

Oh my god this girl has no clue who I am. going to be perfect. I can manipulate this girl like none before. She could very well turn into my very own masterpiece. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's hot as hell. Creepy being Ace's cousin but best part is they seem to be nothing alike. She doesn't drink which is a bummer, as it just means I'll have to be extra charming to get what I want out of this relationship.

Shawn – Well if you must know I used to be like him however I have a baby girl now and she's just been beyond a handful for me, I don't have time to go out and be reckless like Ace. I've got to be a good role model and a good father to her when I see her of course, splitting time with her with her mom after the divorce.

Marissa – Aw how sweet! So you're a divorced single dad? That is so amazing.

* Marissa places her hands on Shawn's arm which Shawn takes as a way of her trying to comfort him despite him completely playing her. *

Bingo...god whoever said that women are smarter then men must have been full of themselves. This chick is just eating up everything I'm telling her. She's going to be so full from my bullshit there will be no room for dinner. God who would of thought having a daughter would be the greatest pick up line of all time. When this night is over I'm going to have my revenge set for Hannah next time I see her. She isn't going to know what hit her and she's going to fully regret dumping me.

Marissa – I find single dads to be the best parents because they seriously try harder to be a good father figure and a good role model. Just looking at you I could see you being just that.

Oh this girl is going to fall so hard. I almost feel bad, she's like so innocent yet when I'm done with her? She's going to hate the world and never trust a man again.

Shawn – She's a real bundle of joy that's for sure.

Marissa – What's her name?

Shawn – Valarie.

Marissa – That's an awesome name. She's got to be the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy like you for a dad.

Wow...hopefully I can be half the father that I'm selling myself as. It probably isn't a good sign using my daughter as a way to pick up chicks however I'm sure when she's older she'll understand.

* Right then Ace and Miranda return to the booth. Ace has a lipstick mark on his collar that Shawn randomly notices. He also notices Ace look at Marissa with a confused look as she's smiling and looking at Shawn as the food arrives. Shawn smiles and gives Ace a wink. *

Ace buddy...I love you for this. If he only knew what I had planned for his cousin, he might hate me. At least this way I won't have to worry about us hooking up with the same chick. Seeing Miranda with Ace only reminds me of our similar tastes.

* Shawn smiles at Marissa before cutting into his rib-eye as Ace has yet to touch his food. He gets an awkward look on his face before quickly shaking his head seemingly trying to clear it of some sort of thought. *

Shawn – A date's never complete without that awkward silence. You alright buddy?

Miranda – So over any stray cats or dogs lately?

Marissa – Uh...what?

Shawn – So uh Miranda...forget which pill to take today?

Miranda – Pill? I am not the drug addict!

Marissa – Um, do you two know each other?

Shawn – Nope...I just look at her and figure she takes a lot of medication.

Miranda – Oh so now you don't know me? I guess going to jail does things to a guy right?

Marissa – Ok seriously what's going on here?

Shawn – Well maybe if someone wasn't such an emotional nut case a guy wouldn't have to get arrested in order to escape her emotional baggage. Jail was like a damn resort getting away from you.

Marissa – Ok you two seriously must know each other.

Miranda – Oh my god you would!

Marissa – Shawn how do you know her?

Shawn – Long time ago, she was just a psycho who telepathically thought that I actually liked her.

Miranda – If I was telepathic I could totally read your mind right now.

Shawn – Miranda you don't need to read it because I'll tell you what I'm thinking, you're a damn nut case who by now probably has a running tab at the abortion clinic!

Ace – More wine anyone? Let's drink up!

* Ace takes a drink of his wine as Miranda is clearly fuming. Marissa hasn't moved as she doesn't know how to respond. Shawn looks at Miranda while taking a drink of his wine as Miranda explodes. *

Miranda – Drug Addict!

Shawn – Baby killer!

Miranda – Drunk!

Shawn – Psycho!

Miranda – Emotionally Unavailable!

Shawn – Horrible Lay!

* Miranda gasps. Ace grins as Miranda bolts up apparently deciding that she has had enough. Ace looks toward her as she walks away before looking to Shawn. Shawn and Ace walk towards the front door as Shawn looks back at Marissa saying it'll just be a second. *

Ace – Oh man. That was awful. Sorry I didn't know that things were that bad between you two.

Shawn – No kidding. How did you two even?

Ace – College party. Now she won't stop following me around. On the plus side she is really good at what she does.

Shawn – Yeah that shit will get old quick.

Ace – That must have totally ruined your night with Marissa...that sucks.

Shawn – Alright it didn't. Pretty sure I'm gonna see her again dude. Thanks for the hook up.

Ace – What?

Shawn – I don't know. Something about her just catches my eye. She's going to be perfect.

Ace – Perfect for what?


Shawn – Just in general. She's got legs, an ass, a mouth, eyes, boobs.

Ace – Boobs? Compared to Hannah they're like nothing.

Shawn – They're still boobs and a pair of boobs I have yet to see.

Ace – Well, just don't tell me about them. I don't wanna vomit anytime soon.

* Miranda is at the door seemingly being very impatient. *

Ace – Well man, hope you two have a blast. Do your thing, and get back into the game for crying out loud. I need a multimillion dollar wing man again.

* Shawn laughs a bit before giving Ace a quick hug. *

Shawn – Will do...just do yourself a favor then. When I text you a picture in about ten minutes don't open it.

* Shawn and Ace share a quick laugh as Miranda's voice can be heard from the doorway. *

Miranda – ACE! COME ON!

Ace – Peace out dude.

* Ace walks out the door as Shawn rejoins Marissa at the table. *

Shawn – I guess our entertainment is gone for the night.

* Shawn smiles as Marissa gives off a bit of a laugh. *

Marissa – Should I even ask?

Shawn – If you can come back to my place? Nah no need let's just go ahead and go.

Marissa – No...about all that?

* Marissa points towards the door where Ace and Miranda walked out of. *

Shawn – Oh...that's just all history and water under the bridge. I was a different guy then. Ever since my daughter was born I've been a new man.

Good job Shawn, bring it all back to your daughter. That's what she wants to hear about not some psycho you screwed years ago.

Marissa – Shawn I've got to be open with you alright.

Hoping you're referring to your legs.

Marissa – I'm not going to sleep with you tonight.


Marissa – I like you and all and with your daughter and all I don't think it would be the right thing to do to just jump ahead to something like that you know?

And that turns around and bites you right in the ass. Way to go Shawn. I'm actually going to have to work for this aren't I? Well...I always liked a challenge when it comes to women. I give her a week tops.

Shawn – Oh yeah trust me, being a father makes a guy not want to rush into things so trivial like sex.

Lying piece of shit.

Shawn – Let's just finish the night and go from there.

* Marissa smiles. *

Marissa – Ok.

Damn it just when I thought this night was going well. At least I didn't strike out like last night however I didn't hit a home run either. This? This is like a bunt single. Either way this girl is perfect for my way to win this break up with Hannah. I'm going to string this girl around until she gives it up. Shawn Winters is coming back...HARD!

* The camera flashes on with Shawn Winters seated in front of an SCW backdrop. He seems a bit preoccupied with other things as he's packing a can of chew before placing a rather large dip into his bottom lip. He then places his legs on top of a table in which to get himself relaxed. He grabs an empty water bottle he has at his side before spitting into it and smiling. *

Shawn – Well it seems as though the moons or the stars or whatever may have you have aligned. Hell has frozen over, an angel has lost it's wings. The impossible has happened as “Mr. Douche” has managed to come to his senses and basically bought the services of Greaternity in order to bring solace to SCW. See the entire viewing audience has managed to witness the rise to power in which Infamous has had. I'm one of the ash's they've left in there path per say. See the fact is...Infamous holds a lot of gold and they also hold the Trio Tournament credentials, something they earned by going through...yeah you said it, Greaternity.

So this indeed leaves “Mr. Douche” in a desperate position. See he can't afford to have a single group of people holding so much power in his company as it's bad for business. Every single second that Infamous is on television he loses money. So...when an owner is backed into a corner what can he do? He can look to his friends...oh wait...he doesn't have any. So moving onto plan B...whose is there left to defeat Infamous? Who could he possibly find in SCW who hasn't challenged them before? The Stewards went out the window. Karnivale? Try, try again. The fact is the tag team division has had it's obituary listed in the paper for quite some time now. I've read it and I've tossed it to the side because I don't give a shit. But then...oh...then. “Mr. Douche” managed to give me an offer that I couldn't refuse. You see if there was ever a team that could ever challenge Dark Fantasy and Infamous it was that of Greaternity in myself and Adam Allocco. But see there was a catch because well...despite Adam's constant need to win the tag team championships, “Mr. Douche” had to somehow catch my interest.

You see “Mr. Douche” isn't stupid...he knows the record book. He knows that the multiple times Adam challenged for the tag team titles with Alex Jr. and Ace Marshall turned out badly against a tag team as dominant as Dark Fantasy at the time in Bad Company. However “Mr. Douche” looked at the situation and he realized that there was something that he needed. Something that he down right had to beg for. Fact is... “Mr. Douche” needed Shawn Winters. When you're so far backed into a corner you don't look for your look for the best. The best is the only way you find yourself moving forward and I've got to admit I will give... “Mr. D” credit for recognizing the best. See he has managed to learn from his mistakes, you don't win a fire fight with more fire. You don't win this war for the Tag Team division with other tag teams. You've got to change the game and you've got to bring two people together who have had opposite agenda's since well...since birth. Bring those together to fight fire with water. You've got Dark Fantasy the fire of the SCW Tag Team division...the fire that drives that division, the fire that has managed to leave everyone in ash.

Then...just like yin and yang you've got the polar opposite to challenge you. Dark Fantasy the fire and the heat that burns inside the tag team division manages to find a challenger of the cold ice water that is Greaternity. See I've noticed how you two have managed to hold those titles so highly however despite your heat for those titles, you're steppin' against a cold front that you've never felt before. See Mr. D had to go deep into his pocket to get Greaternity to challenge for these titles. Sure he already had Adam in the bag but it gets more complicated from there. See Adam has managed to fail multiple times when it comes to the tag team titles Mr. D didn't want to risk it so...he asked me.

* Shawn takes his water bottle and spits a rather large spew of chew right into the bottle. Shawn holds the bottle to his side before wiping off the residue from his chin with his other hand. *

Shawn – The world around knows that myself and Mr. D have never seen eye to eye however when a man throws gold in your face you have a tendency to listen. That gold being the SCW World Heavyweight Championship a belt that I believe that I never truly lost. Mr. D promised me a title shot with one Christy Matthews had I agreed to take the Tag Team titles from Dark Fantasy. An agreement I wouldn't have agreed to unless I knew I couldn't do it.

See I stand here knowing that in the text of this match is Dark Fantasy vs Greaternity it's myself that happens to be slumming it. I am so far beyond that tag team ranks that Mr. D had to beg and promise me other riches like a genie giving me wishes upon wishes. He knew...he knew that this was his only play in order to save his company. A company that a mere few have managed to ruin.

* Shawn spits again into his water bottle before wiping his chin once more. *

Shawn – What the two have you have done has ideally transcended the record books of SCW. You two have managed to be the most dominate of tag teams which has in result forced the tag team division to print an obituary in the paper. An obituary in which credits Syren and Ravyn as complete murderers of an entire division. See it's things like this that makes Mr. D so desperate to go outside the division for help...for a savior. seems a savior he has found because the fact is Dark two are going up against Greaternity. We're the best of the best, it's in our damn name. You two may be tag team champions however it's the both of you who have something to prove. You want to be the greatest tag team in wrestling history? Well only one way you can do that. Defeat the best in wrestling history.

You're not going to face some sort of tag team specialist in which you have more experience than, you're not going to face someone who has fancy tag team moves. You're simply going to face two of the greatest wrestlers the world has ever seen in a tag team match as partners for the first time. Fact is for the first time in your historic tag team career's the both of you are at a disadvantage.

* Shawn spits again into his bottle which calms his nerves a bit. *

Shawn – You're not facing a tag're facing two men who have a simple reason to prove that they're better than you.

* Shawn smiles before slapping the camera as it fades to black. *