One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Dry Spell

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene opens up with Brooke and a guy sitting on a couch in the living room with the lights off and a blanket above them. They have some popcorn on their laps as the only light being projected is that of the tv. Brooke and this guy are snuggled close on the couch as Shawn is sitting at the top of the steps spying on them. It's been over a month since his “break up” with Hannah. Since then has has seen his daughter Valarie a total of nine days. He's been getting her on random days during the week depending on his schedule with SCW. During said time Shawn has patched things up with Brooke who has agreed to come back and live with Shawn. However during her time away apparently she gained a relationship with a guy in one of her classes. *

Shawn – (whispers) Since when does Brooke bring guys home? I mean, ever since she moved out here never did I notice any guy ever come here. Is this her first? It can't be...this guy? Bryce...ugh, I can just look at you and know that Brooke is going to eat you alive. I mean just look at you. You're a damn photo copy out of an Abercrombie catalog. You look up the term “tool” in the dictionary and you're the first thing they show. What the hell is it that Brooke see's in you? Your frosted tips? Your two sizes too small t-shirt? Those cargo shorts? The sandles? Not to mention the dude wreaks of Axe body spray. COME ON BROOKE!

* Shawn said that a lil to loud as he hides behind the wall as Brooke and Bryce looked around. *

Bryce – Did you hear something?

Brooke – Probably just a loose board of something.

* Brooke knowing now that Shawn's watching her gets in closer to Bryce. Shawn peaks his head back around. *

Shawn – (whispers) Oh come on...what the hell Brooke? I thought you had better taste then this. Like...girls. Oh my god I wish you liked girls. Our lives would be so much easier...ok my life would be so much easier. I mean seriously, what am I supposed to do about this? I can't let my sister fuck some dude who sweats Axe body spray. All Brooke is going to be is some notch in this guys belt at his frat. Oh, no, no, no, no is not fucking me.

* Shawn tries to get a closer look at the dude. *

Shawn – (whispers) Ok for one...I was never THAT gay. Two...I never wore Axe body spray. Three...I was never a tool. A douche? Yes. A total and complete asshole? Yes. But I was never a tool. This guy is a complete fraud. Yet he thinks he's the shit. I mean...look at him. He's...he's...just so...fake.

* Brooke grabs a thing of popcorn right as a scene in the movie gets scary and Brooke throws the popcorn and wraps her arm around Bryce. Bryce smiles and pulls her in as close as he can. *

Shawn – (whispers) Oh come on! That's a move if I've ever seen one! Brooke you and I both know you don't scare easily! Way to just throw yourself at the guy! Whatever happened to hard to get? (thinks) Then again when did a Winters ever play hard to get? To be honest we're quite easy to get. Boobs? Bingo.

* Shawn shakes his head remembering it's his sister he's talking about. *

Shawn – (whispers) Damn it Brooke you were supposed to be the best of us. Damn it, I seem to have this ability to corrupt people. I seriously can't just stand by and watch as my sister just throws herself onto this guy. What if she ends up on those teen mom shows? Ew...fuck that I'd pay for her abortion. No way would I ever be the uncle to a baby tanning bed. Ok think Shawn...things like this are going to test my ability as a father. What if that was Val...all grown up...well...18...and about to fuck some douche on my couch. Oh shit on MY COUCH?!

* Shawn once again said something a little too loud as he hides again. Brooke and Bryce look up towards the top of the stairs. *

Bryce – Ok, I'm pretty sure that wasn't a board.

Brooke – Don't worry about it. This house is a piece of shit it's filled with old crap that make random noises.

* Brooke rubs her head right into the shoulder of Bryce as he lays his head onto hers. Shawn then peaks back around. *

Shawn – (whispers) Piece of shit house? What the fuck? This house is a damn palace!

* Shawn looks on as Brooke and Bryce are about to start kissing. He panics and looks around for something. He finds a bone that his dog Shadow left on the floor. *

Shawn – WOOF!!!

* Shawn then tosses the bone at them hitting the popcorn before hiding. *

Brooke – What the fuck?!

Bryce – Ok....seriously, did a dog just throw it's bone at us?

* Brooke turns at Bryce with a retarded look on her face. *

Brooke – Seriously? No, a fucking dog didn't throw a bone at us from UPSTAIRS!!!

Bryce – What was that “woof” then? Huh? Explain that Einstein!

Brooke – I'd be more than happy to, all I'd have to do is walk upstairs and see if Shadow is up there. Which I would find odd considering...

* Brooke walks into the kitchen to see Shadow taking a nap by his food bowl. *

Brooke – Shadow is in the kitchen!

* Right then Shawn gets up knowing he's caught however refusing to admit it. He casually walks down the stairs. *

Shawn – Brooke what the hell? I was just up there reading and I'm hearing all this yelling? Come on, others live here too.

Brooke – OH! Oh...don't you even try. You're coming down here to try and convince me that you didn't just throw a bone at me?

Shawn – (smiles) If I had a nickle-

Brooke – Shawn!

Shawn – What?

Brooke – Is this really what you want to be doing with your night? Spying on me and Brian?

Bryce – It's Bryce.

Brooke – Shut up!

* Shawn starts to laugh a bit before Brooke makes him stop with her look. *

Brooke – You too! What I do with any guy I meet is none of your business! I am a grown up Shawn and if I want to bring a guy here and watch a movie then damn it I'm going to. Hell...if I want to fuck said guy-

Bryce – Boom!

Brooke – Ok seriously?! Every single word out of your mouth makes my legs close even further.

Shawn – HA! Suck it bitch!

Brooke – Oh my god...and you? What the hell? You've never had a problem when I brought guys home before? Why now? Oh wait let me guess...because for the first time in your life you actually don't have anything better to do. You aren't wrapped up in your own life that you ignore what goes on around you.

Shawn – I know damn well what happens in this house. I'm not some sort of out of mind idiot.

Brooke – Really? Because last I knew I left because of the drugs you were abusing. How much of that time frame do you remember? Remember anything I did in that time frame or was it all just you?

* Shawn is silent as he's not sure what to say. Because truthfully he actually doesn't remember. *

Brooke –'re trying to take an interest in my life now because you don't seem to have one.

Shawn – You have no life.

Brooke – Oh my god! It's like you're a damn child!

Shawn – You're a child.

Brooke – Really? Um just curious...who here has had sex in the let me guess a number...30 days?

* Brooke raises her hand as Shawn doesn't. In the background Bryce raises his. Brooke see's it out of the corner of her eye. *

Brooke – Oh my are a fucking door knob! Just leave...please I feel like your stupidity is contagious and that this entire house might need to be quarantined.

* Bryce lowers his hand slowly clearly said. *

Bryce – But I thought-

Brooke – You clearly thought wrong ok? Now bye bye...remember on your way home to not talk to strangers alright? K...thanks!

* Brooke smiles at him as he turns around and grabs his shoes and walks out the door. Brooke turns to Shawn whose smile quickly goes away. *

Brooke – Shawn I'm not kidding! You need to go out and get laid! This thing you've been doing with the self pity and the heart broken's like you're a girl. Hannah dumped your with it. At least now you have some closure with it. It's done...alright? So every minute you sit at home ruining my dates you're letting some underage drunk girl go UNABUSED! Now really? Do you want that? Because if you ask me it's damn near your job to teach these freshman girls the ropes in LA. Hell...find one of them aspiring actresses and bring em to an audition and bang em behind a Taco Bell.

Shawn – Oh my god, what?

Brooke – Stop! I'm not kidding Shawn. This thing that you are right now is damn near sick to look at. I mean hell, I felt bad for you like...the first week. But after that it just became annoying. You want to raise a child? Well then you need to stop acting like one alright? the one thing that babies can't do and go out and get laid!

* Shawn stands there motionless for a second. He is seemingly contemplating things in his mind. *

Shawn – You just want me out of the house don't you?

Brooke – Noooooooope. That ship has sailed but yours could still dock in the harbor. Shawn the easiest way to get over someone is to get under another. You need to go out and screw somebody. My god...this has got to be the longest dry spell that you've been in.

Sadly that's not true. When Hannah first left me I acted like I was screwing chicks on the Greaternity bus because I couldn't get it up for whatever reason. God...I remember the money I had to spend to make them say that I screwed them. That was like two months...god I don't wanna become that pathetic again. Leave it to Hannah to screw up my sex life twice.

Shawn – Alright, fine. I'll go out.

Brooke – Good! It's weird not seeing my brother leading on some dumb girl into doing his every whim.

Shawn – You're right...

* Shawn grabs his phone and searches through his numbers only for Brooke to slap it away. *

Shawn – Hey!

Brooke – Nooooooooope! You're not going to call some girl you know juts to come over and fuck you. You're going to go out and find some new bitch.

Shawn – What's the difference?

Brooke – The difference is the idea of having to try! You've been lazy enough as it need to go out and actually play the game. You don't need to call a Holly or a Miranda to come over and bang you for a night to “get it out of the way”, break ups don't work like that. What you need is the challenge of actually getting a girl.

Shawn – It's just a lot easier if I just call Holly-

* Brooke slaps his hand again. *

Brooke – think you can't find a new girl.

Shawn – What?

Brooke – Shawn I get're 31 now...even carton of milk has it's expiration date. At 31 that's probably yours. I mean sure...some random “6” might open the fridge and take a sniff and take a sip anyways but the days of you getting “10's” is gone. You've expired.

* Shawn laughs off the claim. *

Shawn – This? Expired? Wow, and here I was just beginning to think that you were smarter than me but damn are you stupid. I may be 31 but these baby blues and this rock hard body and this rock hard-


Shawn – don't you dare say that I've expired! Damn it I'm Shawn Winters! The day I expire will be the day I die and even then I'll have girls lining up to get the chance to lay in my coffin.

Brooke – I'm sorry, I must have been a bit premature on the subject.

Shawn – Damn right you were. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go out and find me some dumb blonde with big tits with daddy issues and tutor her in the arts of “pole dancing.”

* Shawn smiles before walking right out the door. *

Brooke – Oh my god he is such a sucker. You can come back in now!

* Bryce peaks his head around the back. *

Bryce – You sure?

Brooke – Yeah Brian, it's fine.

Bryce – It's Bryce.

Brooke – Ugh! If there's one thing my brother ever taught me it's names don't matter!

* The scene fades out. *

* The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters in a bar with a drink in his hand looking around at the potential one night stands which cross his path. He takes a drink of his jack and coke before running into Barney. To be honest Shawn didn't want to invite him but the truth is he kind of needed him in this type of situation. He wasn't going to call Ace or Ethan in the state of mind he's in right now and Adam, well Adam's off doing his own thing at the moment. So with Barney here Shawn can at least not worry about being tempted by drugs. Despite his annoying behavior he has actually kept Shawn clean from coke and pills for a while. *

Barney – Oh my god this is like a dream come true! Out at a bar with my best friend Shawn and we're out browsing for some tail.

Shawn – Please don't call it tail and also please don't say “we”. It implies that you're invited when I get laid.

Barney – Right sorry, I'm just so over whelmed right now. I mean these girls look nothing like the girls I've been with lately. I mean these girls have like no boobs. I mean I have yet to see a lower back tattoo on any of them. Oh wait there's one!

Shawn – That's because these girls aren't in porn. And the girls you've “been with” don't count when it's a tv and a flesh light.

Barney – I'm not lying! Just the other night I was with this chick and we were getting really hot and next thing you know she has a pizza and we open it up and popping out of the box is her vagina!

* Shawn stares at Barney completely silent. *

Barney – Ok...fine it was a dildo. Big too...and black.

* Shawn remains silent. *

Barney – A nipple?

* Shawn shakes his head. *

Barney – Damn...where did I lose you?

Shawn – The moment you said you were with anyone.

Barney – Damn I'll need to spice up my stories then. Be prepared in an hour I'm going to have one that involves hand cuffs and a tampon.

Shawn – Oh god!

* Shawn shakes his head as he begins to try and distance himself from Barney. He's looking around at different girls only for none of them to really catch his eye. Sure they're attractive girls. Most in between the ages of 20-25 which fits right into his wheel house at the moment. However for whatever reason these girls who by their own right are 10's or damn near close in the dark just aren't getting Shawn's attention. Shawn takes a seat on a stool at the end of the bar taking another drink. He stares out at the ocean of girls laughing and having fun. A lot of mini skirts and short shirts leaving barely anything for the imagination. *

Shawn – What am I looking for?

* Shawn begins to think to himself. *

You'd think for just a random hook up I'd be in and out of this place in minutes but for whatever reason I can't put my finger on any of these girls. Sure, they're attractive and all but at this point in my life is that what I want? Oh Jesus here I go again. My god just let your mind go blank and go fuck something! God, this isn't meant to be anything other than a one night stand to get the wheels back in motion, make sure everything works down there. Can't have a repeat of last time now can we? Alright let's do this!

* Shawn see's a girl whose giving him a bit of a look and a smile as she's chewing on the straw of her margarita. Shawn begins to move in on her, he places his drink softly on the table and leans against it while looking up slowly into her eyes. *

Shawn – Mmmm, I've been day dreaming about those eyes all day long.

* The girl begins to blush as she smiles. *

Shawn – Ya know...we could sit here and we could flirt all night long which will eventually lead you into my home and into my bed or we can just forget the games and move right onto the part where we actually have some fun compared to pretending like we are.

* The girl smiles and nods her head. *

Shawn – Alright let's go take a shit.

* Right then the girl looks disgusted and practically runs away as Shawn's face goes white. *

Shawn – Leave this Shit! What the hell! Leave this shit! That's what I wanted to say...oh my god what just happened?

* Shawn moves back over to the bar where he orders a shot which he quickly takes to try and clear his head. *

Shawn – Calm down Shawn, you're over thinking this. Hell I've gotten laid before without even saying a word. When it comes to picking up chicks it's not like I have to think anyways. I'm Shawn fucking Winters and I'm only 31, it's not like I need botox yet. Alright calm yourself, deep breath deep breath and first hot chick you see when you turn around just walk up to her without saying a word and you'll have her on her back saying your name like it's....wait, I had something for this. Damn it the moments gone.

* Shawn turns around and spots an attractive brunette. Shawn walks up to her and takes a seat at her table while she's watching one of her girlfriends trying to play pool. Shawn sits close to her and rubs his hand down her back with a sly smile on his face. She smiles back as Shawn begins to move down to the gap in her skirt where her thong is peaking out and playfully pulls on it a bit as she opens her mouth before laughing a bit. She then moves in closer to Shawn and rubs her hand up his thigh sticking her tongue out playfully. Right when she gets close to his crotch Shawn jumps up. *


* The girl gets freaked out and moves away. *

Shawn – That's what I was thinking of...say my name like it's Jesus Christ....wait where are you? Damn it!

* Shawn moves back to the bar and orders a couple more shots. He takes them quickly before sitting down and contemplating what just happened. *

Shawn – I...I don't get it. It's like my mind is telling to go for it yet it's like I'm screwing this shit up on purpose. Wow...maybe it's not that easy when things like this happen. Maybe I'm not ready.

You always hear about how much people miss the drugs because it reminds them of the feeling It gave them, a feeling that nothing else mattered even if it only lasted a short period of time. I miss it, I miss it because of the pain I feel now. The pain in which went away every time I used. But I've got to say that the pain in which my body has been in over the past few months doesn't even compare to the pain in being rejected by the woman I love. This is the moment in which I would relapse and call my drug dealer and get the biggest bag of cocaine he could possibly sell me and just go numb. Be numb to my feelings, be numb to the pain, be numb to the entire world around me.

* Right then Barney finds Shawn. *

Barney – You'll never guess what just happened. Just met this girl and we went into the bathroom and she hand cuffed me to the toilet and we just started going at it you know? Then when I couldn't possibly think it could get any hotter she pulls out her tampon-

He sure knows how to kill a mood or a train of thought doesn't he?

* The scene fades as Barney is describing this story in further detail that he clearly just made up since Shawn moved away. *

* The camera comes on showing Shawn Winters standing in front of an SCW backdrop with a smile on his face. *

Shawn – It was only a matter of time before actions needed to be made in order to save SCW from the monstrosity that a certain group of people have created. It was only a matter of time before Mr. D realized who he needed to rely on, who he needed to beg for, who he needed to plead for.'re looking at him. The one the only One Man Scandal Shawn Winters is here to save the day and ruin the tyranny of Infamous.

* Shawn takes a deep breath as his smile slowly fades from his face. *

Shawn – Numbers alone I'm out matched. Number of boobs and vagina's? Yeah got me there. Number of ego's? Eh I might win that one. Number of personalities? Yeah I got that one too. Now...down to the kicker. The amount of talent. Hmmm.

* Shawn taps his finger against his chin acting like he's thinking. *

Shawn – Yeah sorry can't think of a single soulless member of that group who could even hold my jock. So when it comes down to it whether I have Adam's help or not going forward I am alone come this Friday night on Ammo when I take on Lucas Knight in what will inevitably make Johnathan Knot's pants explode.

Knight we as competitors are defined by actions and choices we make in and outside of the ring. Lucas, you are defined by a group of people known as Infamous. You yourself? You lack an identity outside of it. Sure, you may think that you're some sort of unique snow flake but you're not you've simply been indoctrinated by Infamous and there for unable to think for yourself or make a name for yourself. I on the other hand made a name for myself. My identity made Greaternity not the other way around. See Lucas, I have the ability to think for myself which gives me no limitations. You? You have limits because you have to abide by a code set by Infamous a set of rules perhaps. To you Infamous will always mean more to you than your own success which is what I plan on exploiting in every single way come Ammo. Ya see Lucas you've become this lifeless drone just wondering the halls with what seems to be no free will and no personality. I mean when was the last time you smiled Lucas? The last time you held any enjoyment out of life without someone else in Infamous telling how things “have” to be.

See Lucas people have always feared challenging the status quo but not me. I look at it and I go face to face with it and if that means going face to face with the abomination that Infamous has become then so be it. Because unlike others around this place, I'm not afraid. Adam Allocco is not afraid. That's exactly what Mr. D needs, someone who can not only challenge the status quo but who can win. Look around us Lucas, whose left? You guys have managed to tear through this company lately leaving blood and wreckage in your path. But you haven't defeated me have you Lucas? You as a group have yet to prevail against the single closest thing this company has ever been to perfection. Sure, I may have lost to Christy Matthews once, but who had the last laugh? That's right, me. I'm still standing right here and I'm still one of the top names in this business while yours? Well yours could never quite reach the pinnacle in which you and Infamous believe it to be.

Lucas my god your career has practically been on life support for months. I mean you've been hooked up to machines as Syren, Ravyn, Madelyn whoever the hell you're banging over there in Infamous stood at your bedside prepared to pull the cord. Then a miracle happened and just as your career flat lined not a moment later there is just one tiny “beep” as your heart still had just enough left in it to bring yourself back to life and challenge David Helms for the United States Championship and...lose. All that hard work Lucas, all that boasting and bragging about taking that title and giving Syren the first title shot but you failed. Now mind you I am aware that you managed to get yourself a rematch and I'll be honest with you, I don't believe that David Helms is good enough to defeat you twice. Then again, I've been wrong before.

I see what you're trying to do Lucas I really do. I mean you're finally trying to get yourself out there and see what you can really do. I mean sure you've been to the mountain top before but people are wrong when they say that getting to the top is the hardest part. You and I both know that staying at the top is the hardest part and you've been on a constant struggle to rediscover yourself ever since. Now, you're simply trying to step out of the shadows of the vagina's in Infamous and show a set of balls because let's face it Infamous would go on just fine without you, Watson, or CHBK. The monopoly that is Infamous is based on the chicks in which you have. Way to go Lucas, you managed to hitch your wagon onto a stallion that can go. Kudos really though, bravo. I'll be honest I wish I had things that easy but instead of riding along on someone else's coat tails I simply choose to supply my own. Which makes it so fitting that when I'm begged to do this by Mr. D it is only so fitting for my journey to begin with you Lucas. You..the guy pretty much at the bottom of the Infamous food chain.

All kidding aside Lucas, Ammo is going to be a big night for the both of us. You well you need to get some extra confidence going for yourself if you're indeed going to become the United States Champion. What better way to do that then to test yourself against the best? Me on the other hand? Well it's going to be a big night for me ass well because it's going to test to see if I can do exactly what Mr. D begged me to do and that is eliminate the monopoly in SCW that is Infamous. See Knight on Ammo, it's going to start with you. Then, on to Riding the Lightning where myself and Adam will take apart the coat tails of Infamous that you've been riding in Syren and Ravyn to finally bring a new light to the tag team division. Then oh then, when that's all done you'll see the holy grail of Infamous yanked right out when the reign of Christy Matthews as World Champion becomes so short lived that it will be compared to yours.

So Lucas I know that you're going to bring your all on Ammo because well I tend to piss people off pretty damn good and if I know you, I'm pretty sure I got under your skin a lil bit.”

* Shawn smiles while holding his fingers up just centimeters apart. *

Shawn – So I will welcome it Lucas. I will welcome your best because this match on Ammo could possibly shake the very foundation of SCW to it's core. Because this...this could be the start of the beginning or the end Lucas. The beginning of Infamous or the end of it. I was begged to do a job Lucas and you're the first step into completing it. But when I'm done with this job I'll be more than happy to except you into the ranks of Greatnerity so you can clean my bathroom like a real pledge should because unlike Infamous, I don't give a damn about others! Friday night Lucas...that's the night you find out just who you are. Because Friday night will be the real test of your resolve as the monopoly and the status quo begin to come crumbling down.

* Shawn smiles and winks into the camera before walking away as the camera fades to black on the SCW logo. *