One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Everyone Has Problems

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Brookeís Point of View

* The scene shows Brooke and her friend Keri exiting their cars inside Shawnís drive way at 12:30 p.m. They have their back packs over their shoulders as they walk towards the front door. *

Keri - God this test is going to be awful.

Brooke - I know, listen I appreciate you sharing with me your notes when I was back home.

Keri - Donít worry Brooke, thatís what friends are for. Itís not like Iíd say ďnoĒ, you had some serious stuff going on.

Brooke - Which reminds me, my brother.

Keri - Is he taking it really bad?

Heh, thatís a funny thought. Shawn might be taking things bad at the moment but the whole ďfamily reunionĒ at momís funeral definitely isnít the reason why.

Brooke - No, heís just had a lot of stuff going on lately you know?

Keri - Brooke if you donít want me to hit on your brother just say it haha.

Brooke - I donít want you hitting on my brother.

Keri - Too bad, Iím a grown up I can hit on who I want. I didnít agree to come over and study for my GPA haha.

* Brooke starts to laugh a bit. *

Brooke - But seriously, just lay off. Heís been a bit off the last few days.

Keri - Donít worry Brooke, I got it.

I hope she does because Shawn has seriously been out of it lately. Iím scared to know what the hellís going on in his head right now.

* Brooke and Keri reach the door as Brooke opens it up as they walk through the entrance way and take a left into the living room. They drop their bags beside the coffee table as they sit on the couch opening up their bags and pulling out their notebooks and text books. *

Keri - I swear Mrs. Shultz is just going to punish us with this test tomorrow. I mean sheís been talking non stop about these chapters but I swear I havenít learned anything.

Brooke - Is it possibly because you were on your phone the entire time?

Keri - NOÖ

Brooke - Oh thatís right I forgot, you sit behind the guy that you want to have sex with and ďclaimĒ youíre on birth control right?

* Brooke starts laughing as Keri shoves her. *

Keri - I said that as a joke!

Brooke - Hey, every joke is 50% truth. The guy is rich, so joking up it means youíve thought about it haha.

Keri - Heís hot! What can I say? He could be my own age version of your brother.

The guy in class could never be my brother, heís more of an adult than Shawn will ever be.

* Time goes by as Brooke and Keri begin studying for their test. The clock reads 2 p.m. *

Keri - God! I swear, why do we need to know math? Itís like seriously when am I ever going to need to know what ďEĒ equals? Iím hot, Iíll just coast through life getting things handed to me. Isnít that how it works?

Brooke - On tv it does haha. Iíll probably get more things than you though, I have bigger boobs.

* Right then Keriís attention gets taken away from the books as Shawn is now standing seemingly aimlessly in the hall at the bottom of the steps. Heís wearing his boxers and a bathrobe. Keri then nudges Brooke as Brooke looks at her. Keri then points to Shawn. *

Brooke - What the hell is he doing? Shawn!

* Shawn quickly looks at Brooke almost scared to notice her. Shawn keeps flicking one of his fingers as if heís anxious or something. *

Keri - (whispering) Did he just work out? Heís sweating and itís like dripping down his-

Brooke - He has herpes you know?

Keri - Deal breaker.

He is sweating though, whatís wrong with him?

Brooke - Shawn, what are you doing?

Shawn - UhÖ.uhÖ..

* Shawn keeps snorting and rubbing his nose a bit. *

Shawn - Whereís my iPad?

Brooke - Probably in your office? Shawnís seriously, whatís going on with you? Iíve barely seen you all week.

Shawn - What no? Iím awesome. I feel like a million dollars. I mean, have I ever felt better?

Brooke - Are you asking me if youíve felt better? Because I donít think I would know.

Shawn - Yup, Iíve never felt better. AGH! I need to go for a run, or lay down, Iím not entirely sure.

* Shawn turns around and walks down the hall. *

What is going on with him? Heís been acting weird all week. Iíve honestly never seen him like this before. Heís always so relaxed and now itís like heís just on edge all the time. We havenít had an actual conversation pretty much since coming back and thatísÖkind of weird. At first I thought it was just different ways of coping with what had happened but now, there is clearly something else going on.

Brooke - Keri, excuse me for a second.

Keri - Is he ok?

Brooke - I told you, Iím not sure whatís going on with him. Just hang on a second.

Why do I always have the be the grown up? I swear Shawn needs a damn baby sitter sometimes. Maybe I should just child proof some things so he doesnít hurt himself.

* Brooke gets up and goes to follow Shawn. She finds him in his office searching through his things. *

Brooke - Shawn, whatís going on with you? I mean seriously, youíve been acting strange.

Shawn - Never felt better, looking for my iPad.

Brooke - Shawn, forget about your iPad. If this is seriously about what happened at momís funeral-

Shawn - Nope! Iím cool, now iPad, where is it?

* Brooke notices that Shawn is talking rather quickly and searching through things rather fast. *

Brooke - Shawn!

Shawn - IPAD!!!!

Brooke - Why do you need it?

Shawn - Just do, important business transaction!

Brooke - Shawn, please. Look at me.

* Brooke gently grabs Shawnís arm and tries to get him to look at her. She seeís Shawnís eyes which are VERY blood shot. *

Brooke - Shawn, pleaseÖyou can talk to me.

* Shawn brushes her off before looking in a desk. He finds his iPad. *

Shawn - Got it!

* Shawn then leaves the room as Brooke stands dumbfounded. *

Brooke - What is wrong with him? There has to be something going on.

* Brooke peaks around the corner noticing that Shawn is no where in sight. She then slowly trying not to make any noise sneaks up the stairs towards Shawnís room. She opens the door and his room is just a mess. There are clothes everywhere and things just knocked over. *

Brooke - What is that smell? My god.

* Brooke sorts through some things clearly looking for something to explain Shawnís actions. She looks at his dresser which has all of his pills lined up. She looks at them. *

Brooke - Is he on some new medication or something? Maybe he bought a bad batch of pills?

* She looks through his pill bottle not noticing anything out of the ordinary. She accidentally knocks a shirt off of the top of the dresser and to the floor. She notices something on the shirt. *

Brooke - Whatís this? Dust?

* Brooke looks closely at it. *

Brooke - Thatís not dust.

* Brooke turns back to the dresser and notices the ďdustĒ on the top of the drawer. She opens the drawer and itís filled with Shawnís boxers and socks. She starts to sort through some of it before discovering a plastic bag. *

Brooke - Whatís this?

* She begins to pull the bag out. Itís a sandwich bag nearly filled with cocaine. She quickly drops the bag in shock. She covers her mouth. *

Brooke - Oh my god! No, no, no, no, no, this canít be real! Why? Why the hell would he all of the sudden choose to do coke?

* Brooke shakes her head before placing the bag back where she found it and closing the drawer. She then quickly exits Shawnís room scared that he might find her there. *

Next Day

* Brooke is seated on the couch watching some television with some ice cream in her lap. Itís about 9 p.m. as Holly begins to walk down the stairs while fixing her top. Brooke puts down the ice cream before standing up. *

Brooke - Holly! Holly!

Holly - Yesím?

Brooke - Hey, uhÖcan we talk for a second?

Holly - I need to get goingÖ

Brooke - It will only take a second I promise.

Holly - Alright, whatís on your mind?

Brooke - Itís about Shawn.

* Brooke and Holly go over to the couch and sit down. *

Brooke - Have you noticed anything different about Shawn lately?

Holly - Like what?

Brooke - WellÖheís been acting weird lately. You being who you areÖI figured you might know something.

She knows him in a different way than I do. Plus I know Hollyís history, Iím sure she knows whatís going on.

Holly - I havenít noticed anything Brooke. What are you getting at?

Brooke - Heís been acting weird. Heís been anxious, sweating all the time. Heís not himself. Heís not as relaxed as he usually is. I ask him whatís wrong and all he does is claim that heís fine and change the subject as fast as he can. To him heís never felt better.

Holly - Then be happy for him?

Thatís it!

Brooke - Holly I found his cocaine!

* Holly stands up. *

Holly - I donít want to hear this.

Brooke - Holly please! I found it!

Holly - Iím not saying you didnít, Iím just saying that Iím not his girlfriend and I donít care. This whole thing between me and Shawn, is just about sex. What he decides to do is up to him. I wonít get involved. As long as he doesnít do it in front of me itís out of place out of mind!

Brooke - But HollyÖ

Holly - Brooke No! If I can tell you anything? Let it go! I know you love your brother but confronting him on it, will only make it worse. He will get violent. Let it run itís course unless it gets out of control. Who knows, maybe itís serving a purpose.

* Holly walks out the door. *

Brooke - What purpose could it possibly serve?

Shawnís Point of View

* The scene shows Shawn Wintersí home in Los Angeles. Shawn is laying in his bed awake lying on his back looking up at the ceiling. He then looks over at the clock and it reads 1 p.m. *

Shawn - Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

* Shawn tries to sit himself up but to no avail. He then looks over on his night stand and grabs a bottle of Vicodin. He tosses a couple into his mouth and grabs the bottle of water that seems to have been sitting there for a while and washes them down. He places the water bottle back. He takes a few more deep breathes before throwing his feet over the edge of the bed and sitting up. *

Shawn - (in pain) AGHHHHH!

* Shawn then rubs his back before grabbing a heating pad that was placed under his back on his bed. He unplugs it and tosses it to the ground. He holds his back as he stands up, slowly standing up straight. He holds his back while taking a few deep breathes. He slowly walks closer and closer to his dresser. He looks through some of his pill bottles not liking anything. *

Shawn - God damn it. This pain just wonít go away. Leave it to Chad to fuck up my back again. Piece of shit.

* Shawn takes some more deep breathes hoping that it will motivate him some more or relieve some pain only for it to not help. *

Shawn - Fuck it, got to go with what has worked.

* Shawn opens his drawer and pulls out a bag of cocaine. He sits down in a chair beside a small glass table. He pours some coke out onto the table. He closes the bag and grabs a card he has had placed on the table to separate two different lines. He then grabs a smaller straw that has been cut and begins to stop a line into one nostril. He rubs his nose to remove any residue. He then snorts to the other nostril doing the same. He shakes his head and lets out more deep breaths. He then licks his index finger and gathers up any extra coke and rubs it into his gums before leaning back in the chair to relax. He begins to remember why he's here. *

After Under Attack

* Shilo's celebration has concluded and the camera's are shutting off. The fans begin to file out of the arena as a few stay looking on in the center of the ring where Shawn Winters lays without moving. Greaternity and Mr. D have moved from the entrance way and into the ring surrounding him. Shawn without even knowing what's going on or what's transpired begins to open his eyes. *

Shawn - Wha-what happened?

Porno Lad - Um...

Ace - You just lost the title.

Shawn - WHAT?! The match never even started!

Porno Lad - The referee rang the bell when you were unconscious. Shilo pinned you.

* Shawn frustrated tries to sit up only yelling in pain before falling back down. Shawn then looks at Mr. D. *

Shawn - This is all your fucking fault! That match shouldn't have ever started!

* Shawn is clearly pissed off as Greaternity begins to slide him closer to the ropes. They help him to the floor as Adam Allocco and Porno Lad each have an arm around their shoulders helping the clearly injured Shawn Winters to the back. *

Shawn - This isn't fucking happening. I had no right losing that Championship! Shilo has no rightful claim to it! I am the real Champion! He's just a fucking imposter with a belt that means nothing for as long as he holds it!

Porno Lad - You're right dude. We'll get it back.

* Shawn then under his breath. *

Shawn - The match never started...

Back to Shawn's House

* Shawn's eyes shoot wide open as the pain has gone away from the drug use. He stands up. *

Shawn - I feel great! I need my iPad!

* The camera shows Shawn Winters sitting up straight and leaning forward seemingly without expression. *

Shawn - I know exactly how Iím perceived by the roster and by the fans. I know that Iím not the most liked or the most sympathetic figure but at least I own up to it. There are people unlike me who play ignorant and act like they couldnít possibly be disliked by any of the fans or any of the roster. The people I am referring to here is the likes of David Helms and Jake Starr. You see Jake thought that he was the ďking of the worldĒ that he was the ďbest in the businessĒ as if to say there was no argument. Thatís playing ignorant. Heaven forbid anyoneís opinion of him be different, I mean come on right? Helms you know what Iím talking about donít you buddy? Now you Helms, you seem to be surprised that youíre in some sort of personal attack by Rayvn or Justin Davis, I mean last time I checked your entire SCW life has been a rerun and yet youíre still being surprised by these weekly events? The only thing thatís really surprising is the fact that Justin Davis is trying to be relevant again.

What Iím getting at here David is that I know exactly who I am and it seems that you donít. I mean you had Rayvn trying to expose you for something you really are, you have Davis trying to screw with you. I mean there is a saying. Someone calls you a horse you tell him to shut up, someone calls you a horse a second time you punch him in the face, someone calls you a horse a third time well maybe itís time to go shopping for a saddle. The thing is Helms that if people are continuing to attack you like this maybe itís time that you look yourself in the mirror and start asking yourself some questions instead of portraying some ignorant victim. Youíre not Princess Peach getting kidnapped every single game by Bowser, youíre just a man who makes mistakes just like all of us except it seems that youíre either oblivious to them or youíre just trying to ignore them. Ravyn tried to get under your skin and that she did, Davis seemed to do the same thing. What am I going to do you ask? Nothing. I donít need to pull off cheap tricks with any type of special effects. Iím not Michael Bay trying to make a movie. Iím more like Martin Scorsese just a true master of the art. Iím not going to play games with you, Iím simply going to go out there and out wrestle you because the fact is, Iím tired of everything thatís going around in this company. Youíve got people getting ran over in the parking lots, youíve got titles being defended while the champion is left unconscious in the center of the ring. Last time I checked both competitors had to at least be conscious before a match begins. Whether itís the referee of it Mr. D himself, one of them needs to be gone. I'm not satisfied with this two week suspension that D sent down. You fire a referee for taking a bribe to help a Women's title match? Last I checked a World title match was more important so should be punished more. But I digress, you David have had your personal life seemingly taken away from you, itís not longer personal it became public. What I had taken from me? Was the SCW Championship. A title that I had no business losing. So Iím afraid itís going to be you Helms thatís in the wrong place at the wrong time. All that built up aggression that you felt when your life was invaded? You let that out on someone and me? Iím no different and youíre simply going to be that punching bag David.

Iím a man that doesnít seem to take anything seriously. I mean come on, youíve seen me go out to that ring. I move around and taunt I smile I play with the fans. Youíve also seen my antics when Iím not even wrestling as if I donít have to be accountable for my actions. Iím a giant child and I know this David but here I am and the fact is things just got real. For years itís been cute when witnessing peopleís jealousy of me but the moment that jealousy turns into what Chad Evans did to me at Under Attack all those fun and games go out the window. When you and I faced each other months ago I was still the fun loving care free man that I was until Under Attack. Now Iím focused, focused on my own abilities and my own talents that I know can NOT be competed against. You? You lost to a man that honestly didnít give a damn about defeating you. You were just another casualty on my way to the throne of SCW glory. Now, youíre the first casualty on my road to redemption and revenge. If you couldnít defeat me months ago Helms, youíre chances arenít even worth a number on Ammo.

People can say what they want about me Helms, that I tend to take the easy way out but the truth is I do so because I can but what people tend to forget is that I am who I am because of my hard work and my talents. I have my nights where I just mail it in sure, who doesnít? No athlete is 100% day in and day out. People like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Albert Pujols all have bad days sooner or later. What Iím going to stand here and guarantee you is that on Ammo itís not going to be one of those days for me. For the first time in a long time I have tunnel vision and the only thing on the end of that tunnel is salvation and the sight of a fallen and broken Chad Evans. I want his mind, body, and spirit to be so broken that heís rocking back and forth in a padded cell repeating my name. I hope to make his pain so overpowering that he never forgets it and I hope that I am the last thing that he seeís before those eyes close forever in complete failure.

Iím sorry Helms, Iím sure there are some people out there who think that youíre a good guy, I mean youíre practically viewed as a modern day hero by many but even heroes fall. It adds to their development. How can anyone rise up when theyíre not knocked down a few times before hand? This is going to be one of those times when youíre knocked down David. Iím not going to screw around inside that ring with you. I am going to beat you, I am going to pound you, and just when you think for a split second that the sweet release of the three count is felt Iím going to bring you more pain. Iím not everything that people say I am Helms, Iím not all show and talk, I have a mean streak and youíre simply going to be the brush which I paint the canvas with your blood reminding the world exactly what I am capable of. Reminding Chad Evans, exactly what I am capable of.

But donít worry Helms, Iím not going to end your career, my business isnít with you, quite frankly it never has been. But youíre going to be a message, a bloody and bruised message.

* Shawn stands up yanking the microphone from his shirt and throwing it to the ground as the camera fades to an SCW logo. *