Thursday – February 26th, 2009 – CONT’D

I sit here and I ask myself…would I be a better Champion then Jason Wheeler? I mean I see how people get once they hold a World Championship, I’ve been there before…you get this certain feeling when holding that title…a feeling that can’t really be explained. Once that feeling is gone it’s like a complete rush in trying to get it back. Chasing after the SCW Championship is no different then a crack addict trying to score his next dose. The Championship belt is that same feeling. Just look at how Greg Cherry’s life has turned out? He’s become an addict just like most of SCW. All he cares about is getting his fix…getting his high. Now of course the biggest addict, the biggest whore of them all is my opponent Jason Wheeler. He’s needed that high so badly he had to take me out in order to get another chance at it. Now he stands or sits wherever the fuck he is right now nearing the end of his seventh World title reign. I mean how on earth could you let yourself get so addicted that you get into a seventh title reign? I mean I’m sure Jason Wheeler was just thinking “Oh one time won’t hurt.” And then one turned into four and next thing you know it’s all he’s jonesing for. Now the question is whether or not I’m going to fall into the same pattern of behavior? I can sit here and I can honestly say no…I will not fall victim to those temptations. So many people crave for this Championship like it’s all there is in the world. They don’t work for world peace or for the hungry children…they work for a hunk of tin that has there name etched into it which has changed so many times I hear they’re installing an etch-e-sketch on it. I don’t live for this thing called a Championship…I just want the belt in order to keep anyone else from having it. Now I’m really not looking out for myself here, I’m looking out for the best of the world…I’m doing my part for world peace. By getting the SCW Championship I’ll be keeping these addicts away from there fix…I alone can hold withstand such pressure because I am also an addict…except my addiction is much worse then anyone elses…I, Shawn Winters am addicted to….myself…which is exactly why I can handle this responsibility. Ha…I guess what I say is true, everyone else is addicted to the SCW Championship all while I’m addicted to myself…which goes to show I truly am more addictive then crack. Ha…anyways I need to cure these addictions and what better way to do it then to start at the top and slowly work my way down until the entire company is clean? I shall take out Jason Wheeler and never allow him to get his hands back on this terrible drug known as the SCW Championship…I Shawn Winters will be the hero to all…sure Jason Wheeler will go through his withdraws, he’ll start to hallucinate and all of the side effects that will come along, but one day…one day Jason Wheeler will be able to look me in the eyes with a clean mind and a clean heart and he will say “Thank You” because he will finally realize that I, and I alone restored order to his life…to his world and he will forever be indebted to Shawn Winters…

Halia – SHAWN!!!

* Shawn snaps out of his day dream and looks at Halia. *

Shawn – Jesus what?! I was in the middle of an important thought!

Halia – We’re here!

* Shawn looks out the window of his car to see the Olive Garden sign. He then sighs. *

Shawn – Wow…this is just like my parents.

Halia – What?

Shawn – They’re taking the whole family out to a fancy dinner before the wedding and this is where they go? They choose Olive Garden? You’d think being rich as hell they’d go somewhere more expensive but oh no! Olive Garden is the fanciest place in the world to them, if this was any other night we’d be eating at an Applebees.

Halia – Well Shawn if it makes you feel any better my family couldn’t even afford Applebees…

Shawn – Yeah it really doesn’t.

Halia – Of course not…well come out everyone is going inside.

* Shawn and Halia get out of the car to follow Shawn’s family into the restaurant only for Shawn to stop sticking his arm to his side stopping Halia as well. *

Shawn – Wait here for a second, I just got a great idea.

* Shawn walks over to a teenage boy who is standing outside the door talking on his cell phone. *

Shawn – Hey kid…

Kid – (on phone) Hang on…(to Shawn) what do you want? Can’t you see I’m on the phone?

Shawn – Do you want a blow job?

Kid – Dude what the fuck you’re fucking sick get the-

Shawn – Wait no! Not from me…from that girl over there.

* Shawn points to Halia. *

Kid – (on phone) Dude I’m going to call you back.

* The kid hangs up his phone. *

Kid – Are you serious?!

Shawn – Yeah, thing is you’ve got to do a little thing for me first.

Kid – Alright…what do I have to do?

* Shawn pulls a picture of himself out of his pocket and hands it to the boy. *

Kid – You keep pictures of yourself with you?

Shawn – Well there isn’t always a mirror around for me to see how gorgeous I am so I like to keep pictures to remind myself is that a problem?

Kid – No…just a little weird…so what do I do with this?

Shawn – Alright…well I’m going to be eating inside with my family and I want you to come in all excited like with a pen and that picture…

Kid – But I don’t have a pen…

Shawn – Dude do I have to supply everything for you?! It’s a restaurant, steal one from one of the waiters or something. Anyway…I need you to ask for my autograph and say that you’re such a huge fan of mine blah blah blah, you get the idea?

Kid – Yeah sure…but one quick question.

Shawn – Shoot.

Kid – Well…who are you? It’s kind of essential for me to know who you are if I’m going to ask for your autograph and say you’re my hero and such.

* Shawn gives the kid a blank stare. *

Shawn – You seriously have no idea who I am? Do you not OWN a television?!

Kid – Yeah…but dude...

Shawn – Alright fine…I’m Shawn Winters renown professional wrestler and movie star.

Kid – Right…so what movie’s have you been in? Ya know…so I can say I liked it.

Shawn – I played Gambit in the movie Gambit.

Kid – Oh really?! I always wanted to see that but never got the chance…so how come that dude from Friday Night Lights is playing him in the Wolverine movie?

Shawn – Because I wanted too much money…

Kid – Oh…I see…so are we good?

Shawn – Do your job and she will do hers.

Kid – Alright sweet…so should I just like wait for you outside or what?

Shawn – When the job is done I’ll send her out here.

Kid – F’in A…alright I’ll see you in there in like 20 minutes dude.

* The kid goes inside and Shawn walks back over to Halia. *

Halia – What the hell was that all about?

Shawn – Nothing really…I just told that kid if he did something for me that you would give him head…let’s eat.

* Shawn goes to walk away but Halia grabs him. *

Halia – WHAT!? You told that kid I would do what?!

Shawn – I told him you would give him head…don’t worry you don’t have to right now…but in like 20 minutes I’m going to kindly ask you to leave the table and suck the little shit off.

Halia – Ok there are so many things wrong with this I’m not even going to get into them…Shawn there is no way in hell that I am going to suck that kids 2 inch dick!

Shawn – I’m sure it’ll get bigger.

Halia – NO!

Shawn – Damn it Halia…listen…in order for me to have everything that I want, you’re going to have to give up some things.

Halia – That is not a compelling argument.

Shawn – What if I was a baby, who contracted aids in the womb? I’d be a real tragic figure. Boy, you’d look like a selfish bitch standing there.

Halia – Shawn there is seriously something wrong with you.

* Halia walks past Shawn and into Olive Garden while Shawn soon follows. They see Shawn family already sitting down at a large table set up for seven people. Shawn and Halia walk over joining them. *

Brooke – Shawn, I saved you and Halia a couple seats between me and Katie.

* Brooke smiles as Mark gives her an angry glare while Shawn smirks. *

Halia – I’ll go ahead and take this seat.

* Halia sits next to Katie who gives her a small smile as if to say “thank you”. Shawn then frowns quickly. *

Shawn – But-

Halia – Consider it revenge for what just happened. (smiles)

* Shawn then pulls out the chair next to his sister Brooke and takes a seat. *

Victoria – Oh how I love The Olive Garden, it’s such a fancy place. That reminds me, Shawn honey don’t you have a restaurant?

Shawn – (smiles) Yes mom, yes I do.

Victoria – How is that going for you? Is it as nice as Olive Garden?

* Shawn just shakes his head as if in disbelief but before he can get out any words the waitress comes over. *

Waitress – Hello my name is Harper and I’ll be taking care of you all tonight.

* She passes out the menu’s. *

Mark – I’d like to order a bottle of your house Merlot please. Consider it a thank you mom and dad for allowing Katie and I to be married in the back yard.

Joseph – Son you don’t have to-

Shawn – You know what, change that to your most expensive bottle of wine. Consider it an early wedding present.

* Shawn and Mark just exchange glares. *

Victoria – Oh honey that’s so sweet of you.

Shawn – Oh it’s nothing…I mean it’s really nothing, I can afford it. (winks)

* Brooke gives Shawn an elbow to the ribs and shows him a grin. *

Brooke – I’ll take a glass too.

Joseph – SHE…will have a water.

Brooke – Aw…

* Shawn leans over and whispers something into Brooke’s ear. *

Shawn – I’ll sneak you some sips don’t worry.

* The waitress walks away and right then the kid from earlier walks up to the table with a picture. *

Kid – Excuse me, Shawn Winters?

* Shawn lowers his head as if embarrassed. Halia just shakes her head. *

Kid – I was wondering if I could have your autograph? I’m a huge fan of yours, you’re like a hero to me.

Shawn – Sure, anything for a fan.

* Shawn takes the picture and the pen. The kid then gives a quick wink to Halia who just shudders. *

Shawn – Who should I make this out to?

Kid – Oh, uh my name is Jasper.

Shawn – (confused) Jasper?

* Shawn then shakes his head. *

Shawn – To my good friend Jasper…

* Shawn then signs his name and gives the picture back to the kid. *

Kid – Thank you Shawn, you have no idea how much this means to me. I mean this whole thing REALLY means a lot.

Shawn – No problem kid…just make sure you’ll be cheering for me on Sunday alright?

Kid – Whatever you say Shawn, you’re my hero.

* The kid walks away. Shawn then shakes his head again. *

Shawn – Can’t a guy go anywhere without being hounded by his fans? I mean for once I just want to have a nice dinner with my family and Mark and his fiancée Katie. I mean I really feel guilty for interrupting this dinner we’re about to have with my fan. It’s just I can’t turn one down.

* Shawn then nudges Halia hinting at her to go outside but she nudges back even harder. *

Victoria – Aw honey it’s so sweet that you care so much about your fans.

Katie – (sarcastic) Yeah…it’s really impressive. Let’s just make sure it doesn’t happen tomorrow ok?

Shawn – Oh trust me, nobody will know that I’ll be there.

* Shawn pulls out his can of chew and begins to pack it. *

Victoria – Oh Shawn please don’t do that at the dinner table.

Shawn – Mom, it’s no different then having a cigarette before dinner.

Joseph – Then you should treat it as such and do it outside.

Shawn – Dad being a doctor and all you’d know that nobody has died of second hand spit ok so calm down.

* Shawn puts in a giant dip and places it right under his bottom lip. Both Halia and Katie give a disgusted look. He puts the can back into his back pocket. The waitress comes back over and presents the bottle of wine and opens it at the table. She then pours six glasses and then gives Brooke a glass of water. *

Shawn – Harper right?

Waitress – Yes sir?

Shawn – I need a spitter.

Waitress – A what?

Shawn – You know, a spitter…a cup or glass with a napkin in it or something for me to spit in.

Waitress – Oh…um….sure.

* She then takes the order for the table and walks away. Mark gets up for a second. *

Mark – I’m going to hit the bathroom for a second

* Katie then gets up as well. *

Katie – I should probably do the same.

* Mark and Katie both walk off to the bathroom. *

Victoria – So Joseph, when are we going to show Marcus and Katie there wedding present?

* As Victoria and Joseph are preoccupied with each other Shawn needs to spit but hasn’t received his spitter yet so he grabs the glass of wine which was placed in front of Mark and spits into it. He then puts it right back. Brooke and Halia both look at him with a shocked look on there faces. *

Halia – Oh my god Shawn! That was disgusting!

Brooke – Are you going to let-

Shawn – Yup.

Brooke – Oh you are good.

* Shawn winks at his little sister and then gives her a quick sip of his glass of wine. The waitress comes back with a little plastic come and a napkin in it which Shawn takes. Mark and Katie come back to join the table. Mark then takes a drink of his glass of wine and immediately gags while taking it and swallows it with all his strength which is followed by a couple coughs. *

Katie – Baby are you alright?

Mark – Yeah (cough) I’ll be fine.

Shawn – Sorry Mark…I guess you’re just used to the house wine…the expensive stuff is a bit stronger. I guess I should of known you wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

* Mark gives Shawn a stare. *

Mark – (trying not to be outdone) No, it’s good…just caught me by surprise.

* Brooke covers her mouth shocked as Mark goes for another drink which results in the same thing. Shawn just starts to smirk as he takes a drink of his glass. *

Shawn – If you all don’t mind, I think I’m going to hit the pisser as well.

Mark – Charming.

* Shawn gets up and walks to the bathroom. He walks to the sink and takes out his dip and rinses it down the drain and then washes his mouth out with some water. He then looks into the mirror. *

Shawn – When I look at myself in the mirror I often wonder…if Jason Wheeler hadn’t blindsided me and taken me out of action for a month and stealing my SCW Champion opportunity…would I be standing here today as the SCW Champion instead of Jason Wheeler? Would things be the exact opposite? Would it be me defending the Championship against him on Sunday? I often wonder this…but you can’t change the past the only thing you can affect is the future.

I can't change what Jason Wheeler and his brother did with DeGrazia...all I can do is just go with it. As I look in this mirror you come to realize that there are indeed two sides to everybody. One that only you can see and one that you allow others to see. Which one was Val giving me on Breakdown? Was she telling the truth or did she indeed feed Jason Wheeler some sort of information? Did she feed him false information? Maybe that's something Jason Wheeler needs to think about. Maybe this entire time it's really me whose playing him and not the other way around. However if that's not the case then I suppose I have all my bases covered once again. No matter how much leverage Jason Wheeler may think that he has the truth is I have more.

He wants to talk about my back aching as if that's some sort of secret? Dude the entire world knows my back has been aching for years now, if you're just now realizing that then I guess a cat isn't the animal you need to be associating yourself with. I understand what you're trying to do Wheeler I really do, you're doing this to give yourself some tiny bit of confidence going into this match because we all know you didn't have any before which is why it took you so long to address this title match in the first place. You know that you need every advantage that you can get. Me? No, I'm not the same way...I'm using my advantages as a luxery. I don't need them in any way shape or form...I proved that at Gang Rulz...but if there is a way to make my job a bit easier, to maybe spend a little less time in that ice filled bathtub after the match then I'm going to take it. So forgive me if I don't wrap my brain around this little DeGrazia situation too much because truth be told...I've already got a little bitch from the past to deal with.

So Wheeler enjoy these final moments of superiority because once that bell sounds and you're looking me straight into the eyes all of that...will be gone!

* Shawn leaves the bathroom and walks back to the table. Mark grabs his fork and taps his glass a few times and then stands up. *

Mark – With all of us here tonight I’d like to propose a toast. I would like to extend my gratitude and my love to you mom and dad. Without the both of you, I wouldn’t be standing here today about to graduate medical school and about to take my first steps onto my path of life. Now I turn to my side and look at the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid eyes upon. Katie, you are my better half and I would go through hell just to be with you. I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather share this journey with. Katie my love, I love you with all of my heart and it will be a dream come true tomorrow when I become your husband.

* Shawn’s parents hug each other as Katie and Mark share a passionate kiss. Mark then sits down. Shawn then taps his glass. *

Shawn – Well as the best man I suppose I should make a toast as well.

Mark – You’re not the best man.

Shawn – I’m the best man at this table. (smirks) I stand here looking at the two of you…about to as you say go on this journey. Now I believe I have some of the greatest advice in the world for the both of you considering I have been attempted at marriage twice and failed…

Joseph – Miserably…

Shawn – Yes…miserably but that is the only thing that I have ever failed at. Now I look at you two and I see that you two are going to make it.

* Shawn’s mom is about to cry and Mark and Katie both look confused. *

Shawn – So if you want to know the secret to happiness Mark…Katie…the secret is….cheat, cheat as much as possible because trust me Mark with Katie’s past experiences you have no shot in keeping her all to yourself and-

* Joseph stands up. *

Joseph – That’s enough Shawn! Thank you for that…

* Shawn sits back down in his chair. Right then his phone rings. He gets up and walks to the front of the restaurant and notices the kid waiting outside so he stops and then goes in a different direction where there seems to be nobody. *

Shawn – (on phone) Hello?......yeah….that’s the plan…Jason Wheeler isn’t even going to see it coming….haha….yeah don’t worry about it…when the night is over we’ll be celebrating until the sun comes up…alright, I’ll see you on Sunday…

* Shawn hangs up the phone. *

Shawn – Wheeler it is funny that we’re squaring off for a second time in merely 3 months when it took 3 long years for us to even cross paths the first time. I mean how was it that it took us so long to square off? You being the multiple time World Champion that you are and were…me being the biggest investment SCW management has ever made. You see Wheeler I was brought to SCW for a reason years ago…I was brought here to do a job…a job in which I lazily pushed aside until I felt like doing it. You want to know what that job was/is Jason? (smirks) It’s to balance out the world…it’s to balance out the good and the evil…since you are as entertaining as an STD. Mr. D new that he had to do something drastic in order prevent the entire world from tuning SCW out with one of it’s top stars being well….you. So he saw that my contract was expired so he gave me a call and paid me A LOT of money to get me to come and bring order back to SCW.

Yes Jason…there was a lot of hype about me and maybe….just maybe people may think that I have not lived up to it but what exactly defines that? Is it because I haven’t won the SCW Championship yet? Is that why I haven’t lived up to the hype? Have I not lived up to your heavenly standards Wheeler? Wow well then I suppose even while holding a win over you I still haven’t lived up to those standards. Now, question for you Jason…what is it that makes you so special? I refuse to believe that you are some sort of higher being that is better then everyone in SCW. I will not believe that which is what that title on your shoulder suggests. I can’t have people looking at you and thinking that because you have that title that you’re better then me when we both know that’s not true. You can assume that I am jealous of your seemingly endless title reigns but you’d just be making an ass out of yourself. I can also assume that you’re jealous of all the hype that Shawn Winters can generate…I’m sure when the numbers come in for this pay per view and the buy rate was higher then any previous show you’ll try and take credit for that Wheeler but when it comes right down to it…Shawn Winters wrestling an acorn would generate more revenue then Jason Wheeler wrestling someone like CHBK any day. So you can say I’m jealous of you but when I defeat you for a second time at Highway to Hell…we’ll see whose truly jealous of whom.

* Shawn rejoins the table. Time passes as the family has eaten there meal and Shawn has ordered an Olive Garden Margarita. The check gets placed on the table and Shawn, Mark, and there father all reach for it. *

Brooke – Uh oh…

Joseph – Kids, don’t you dare even think about it.

Mark – Dad this whole thing should be my treat to you for raising me into the man that I’ve become today.

Shawn – Well uh…I guess I should say something too then…um this should be my treat for not allowing me to be the person that Mark became today. (smirks)

* They all fight for it. *

Shawn – Mom will you tell them to back off. I mean I haven’t been home in 8 years…this should be my treat to make up for lost time.

Victoria – Joseph, Mark…Shawn is right. He’s trying to be nice by paying for our lovely meal. We shouldn’t try and disallow his graciousness. He’s clearly doing very well for himself let him have this one. We’ll have everything else tomorrow for the wedding.

* They let go of the check and Shawn smirks. He then looks at the ticket which is around $300. Shawn then pulls out his wallet and pulls out five 100 dollar bills and places them in the booklet as he notices Katie watching. Harper the waitress walks by and he gives her the booklet. *

Shawn – You can keep the rest.

* Katie just shakes her head obviously not impressed. Right then there is a loud commotion heard from the front of the restaurant. *

Kid – Get your hands off of me! I have been waiting for an hour! That girl is supposed to give me head!!!

* Olive Garden employees escort the kid out of the restaurant. *

Shawn – My god Katie, you’ve sucked off every adult so now you’re turning to children too?!

Katie – My god, are you ever going to be finished?!

Shawn – I’m sure you’ve said that before, right Mark? Eh? Eh? Haha.

* Mark gets up and helps Katie to her feet. *

Mark – I’ve had enough, mom…dad me and Katie will see you back at home. Shawn...don’t hurry back.

* Mark and Katie leave. Shawn’s parents get up to leave. *

Joseph – Come on Brooke we’re going as well.

Brooke – I’m going to ride home with Shawn and Halia, is that ok?

Victoria – Sure cupcake, just make sure you all drive safe ok? We’ll see you at home.

* Shawn’s parents leave. *

Brooke – Ok, mom and dad are gone give me a drink of that!

Shawn – Hang on!

* Shawn turns his shoulder drinking his margarita. He then turns back around and it’s all gone. *

Shawn – Alright I decided to share this with you…

Brooke – It’s already gone!

Shawn – Yeah…I decided to late…

Halia – Alright you two, we should probably get going.

Shawn – You two go ahead, I’ve got to go to the bathroom again before we leave.

* Halia and Brooke get up and grab there coats and head out the door. Shawn then grabs a napkin and wipes his mouth off a bit. *

Shawn – Now Wheeler, don’t take me for a fool, I know exactly how this is going to go. Trust me, I know this won’t be the end all between us. It’s not going to be the last time that we square off opposite each other in that ring. Because when I take that strap off of your hands the entire world knows what the inevitable will be. You’ll bitch, you’ll moan, you’ll whine, you’ll cry until you get rematch after rematch after rematch giving excuses all down the way: “Oh I had the flu, my mom was sick, I didn’t master bate before the match.” I know how you work Jason, I’ve seen it…everyone has seen it and yet you still have the nerve to stand tall as if you’re deserving to look down upon anyone when you’ve done worse. Now what I’m going to do Jason is show you how Shawn Winters operates. You need chance after chance to get the SCW Championship…Shawn Winters…only needs one. Just one shot at the Championship, not two, not three…just one. You see when I get an opportunity I take it, I don’t let something stand in my way because for me failure is NOT an option. You seem to welcome failure as if it’s a morning erection.

Now you may think different but Shawn Winters takes responsibility for his own actions good or bad…now the way I do that is however I see fit. But you Jason…the world knows what you’re all about. You can’t possibly live without either being the SCW Champion or challenging for the title. It’s as if the Championship is an alien that needs a host to survive and you are the one whose mind is weakens and so easy to manipulate. So once you lose that Championship to me you’ll do whatever you can to get countless rematches against me claiming that nobody deserves the shot more than you blah blah blah we’ve all heard the story Wheeler it’s like your on fucking repeat. Your life is so boring that every action you make every word you speak has become more predictable than a Shawn Alexander Cage injury. Me? I like to be spontaneous, unable to predict. Now…notice how I didn’t mention your ring work as being predictable…that’s only because I’ve only wrestled you once and we both know how that ended…but in this second round up…you’ll try to switch things up in order to change the outcome but failing in doing so you’ll instinctively resort to old tactics which will become…predictable. So Jason…Highway to Hell…make a prediction…but I guarantee you any prediction you can muster…none of them will come close to the way things will end. Like I said to Greg Cherry….I’ve got my bases covered…do you? Now sure you’ve got your brother Christian Savior at your side, you’ve found a way to get him backstage with his cute little VIP pass. But do you honestly think that I haven’t already ran that little scenario through my head? (smirks)

Jason you claim to be starting some sort of Revolution, something you’ve already done before and it gets old. You’re like a one trick pony Wheeler. You claim to be infecting SCW? So what, you want to spread your VD all across SCW? You and your brother Christian Savior? Wow, listen I grew up in the south, I know that you’ve got cousins getting married and having cyclopse babies, but for two brothers? That just goes beyond wrong…and then you want to spread your “infection” across everyone in SCW? I mean dude, what is wrong with you? I’m no stranger to STD’s but you…you take the cake…and that’s not a cake that I want any piece of, I prefer chocolate compared to crab… (smirks) But in all seriousness Wheeler you can try and get by with all of your cheap antics and your cheap tricks. You can rely on your supposed nine lives if you have to…but your only escape on Sunday is in failure. The SCW Championship is coming to a man much more deserving, and all you can do is sit there and watch as I leave Highway 2 Hell with your precious strap. We’ve both been counting the days and yet we’ve both been kind of nonchalant about this upcoming match. I’ve been more then happy to stand by and watch as you take your frustrations out on others such as CHBK, James Exeter, Brian Kinney…all it’s going to do is make my job that much easier. If you’re so preoccupied with them these past few weeks, whose to say that you won’t be come Sunday? Even if your mind has forgotten about them…maybe, just maybe a new face shall show up at Highway 2 Hell to steal your focus…just some food for thought.

* Shawn gets up and grabs his coat and walks out the door. *