One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Family Reunion

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

* The scene shows the funeral service as the family sits up front and the casket is sitting on a stage in front. The rest of the family and friends gather around in each seat. Shawn Winters is then seen in a pair of sunglasses and a generic baseball hat to disguise himself. The priest walks in front of the casket as everyone has gotten to their seats. The Winters family in the front row and Shawn in the very last row in a hat and sunglasses. The service begins. *

Priest - We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Victoria Winters. She was a wife, a mother, and a friend…

* The service goes on while Shawn sits in the back row looking forward. During the service Brooke looks back from the front row to see Shawn. Shawn notices this and tips his cap which makes Brooke smile a bit. The ceremony continues as the casket gets carried by the family members to the Hearse which is prepared to drive away. The door shuts and the hearse waits for the cars to get filled before continuing the service. The hearse drives forward with a couple cops in front to forward the progress of the funeral. Shawn has gotten into his own car and drives a separate route. He made sure to follow the funeral. The car stops at a cemetery with all of Shawn’s family buried. The hearse opens up and the family takes the casket out and into position to be lowered into the ground. Everyone has surrounded the casket while Shawn has parked his car a ways away. He is standing beside a grave looking down the hill. The priest begins to speak. *

Priest - Victoria was a loving mother…

* The sermon went on as Shawn looked on from a tall hill with his sunglasses and a baseball hat. Shawn see’s his sister Brooke crying as well as his brother Marcus and his father Joseph. Shawn takes off his hat and runs his hands through his hair before putting the cap back on. *

I gotta know that this isn’t a dream.

Priest - She is survived by her husband Joseph, son Marcus, and daughter Brooke…

Touche family…even got a holy man to lie. This isn't a dream.

* The speech continues as Shawn is slowly moving closer to the funeral. Shawn has moved closer as it has all finished and everyone has left when the casket got lowered into the ground. *

It’s your mother.

Shawn - So…she disowned me just like my family did.

Did she? Or did your family do it without your mothers approval?

* The service finishes up as the casket is lowered. People say their last words before leaving towards a banquet held for everyone attending at the church. With everyone gone Shawn now walks up to the grave. Shawn gets to the grave site and looks at it. *

Shawn - Can you give me just one second?

* The owner of the visitation house is standing by the priest who grabs him by the shoulder to allow Shawn past. They stand aside as Shawn kneels down looking at the grave stone of his mother and seeing the casket about to be buried. Shawn sits and tries to figure out his family. *

After everything that I’ve learned…Brooke is right. My mother did love me. Everything that has come into realization to me about my family recently…my mother wasn’t the bad guy and she deserves to have me here. My own father wanted a divorce while she was pregnant with me. Yet who am I to judge that? I’m a victim of my own actions. My own father didn’t want me much like I didn’t want my first child. I pride myself being better than my father but in reality have I just turned into him?

Shawn - I’m sorry Mom…I never gave you credit for what you were to me. You always supported me with everything that I did. When I dropped out of college to pursue a wrestling career you were my top supporter. You supported me and yet all I did was let you down. For everything that I’ve put you through the last few years I am sorry. You deserved better from me and from the whole family. I never should of questioned coming here, you would of done the same for me. I love you Mom.

* Shawn rubs his hand across the top of the grave before walking away. *

Moments Later

* Shawn in his disguise still now at the banquet with a beer in his hand leaning against a wall to keep himself unnoticed. Right then Brooke see’s him and walks up to Shawn and gives him a hug. *

Brooke - I only doubted you a little. By the way, nice disguise.

Shawn - I do what I can. You know I cant let anyone see me here.

* Brooke jokingly takes Shawn’s hat off of him. She’s toying with it while their dad walks up to them. Brooke hands Shawn the hat back to disguise himself. *

Joseph - Brooke whose your friend?

* Shawn tries to disguise himself. Brooke then stutters trying to figure out what to say as she is caught off guard. *

Brooke - Um…this is my boyfriend.

Joseph - Boyfriend? Since when? What’s your name?

* Shawn begins to speak before Brooke jumps in front of him. *

Brooke - His name is Zach…yeah Zach.

Joseph - Well Zach…who are you and how long have you been dating my daughter?

Shawn - Um…

Brooke - We’ve been dating for like 3 months? Is that right honey?

* Shawn and Brooke share a look. *

Shawn - Yeah..

* “Zach” and Joseph share a look almost as if to be feeling each other out. *

Joseph - Nice to meet you Zach…

* Joseph shakes Zach’s hand. He notices the wrist tattoo that Shawn Winters has. Joseph see’s this as his eyes widen. He then rips off Shawn’s hat and sun glasses. *


* Shawn rolls his eyes as he grabs his hat back from his father’s hand. Marcus hears the name Shawn and his father yelling. Marcus runs over to them and punches Shawn square in the jaw knocking him down. *

Marcus - How fucking dare you! How dare you come here! You fucking piece of shit!

* Marcus goes to kick Shawn in the ribs only to be held back by some of the other attendees. Shawn gets to his feet and spits out some blood. *

Marcus - You fucking bastard! You killed her you piece of shit!!! Her blood is still on your hands!

* Shawn knew this would happen if he was noticed. His family still hasn't coped or forgiven Shawn for what he did and who blames them? The family was dysfunctional enough before Shawn added fuel to the fire. *

Marcus - You are not welcome here don’t you know that?! Nobody wants you around! This entire family hates you! This entire city hates you! You are the single worst person to ever be birthed onto this earth! Dad knew it, he knew all along that the right thing to do was have you aborted!

Aborted wow, there’s a knew one. Dad wanted me to be aborted? The massive puzzle of my life is finally starting to get piece by piece put together. Brooke tells me that Dad wanted a divorce only to stay in the marriage because mom was pregnant with me. Piece by piece…

Marcus - You don’t belong here Shawn! If this was two years ago you’d be looking at a gun right in your fucking face! I wanted nothing more than to see you die! You better not hope to be on my operating table ever in your life because my god I’ll let you die a slow and painful death you fucking worthless FUCK!!!

* People grab Marcus and take him away as Marcus spits on Shawn only for him to wipe it off. *

Shawn - Nice to see you too Marcus! How’s the wife and kids?!

* Marcus tries to go back only for people to drag Marcus away. *

Joseph - You have a lot of nerve how dare you.

Shawn - You’re right Dad…how dare I show up to my own mothers funeral. If it was yours I’d probably right it off but she actually loved me.

Joseph - You’re damn right she loved you! Nothing hurt her more than to see you for what you really are! You’re the reason she’s dead right now! Ever since then she has slowly been dying each and every day! The stress that was put upon her by you being erased from this family put her in that coffin! You took your own mother from this world just as much as you took Katie from this world!

Shawn - Wow this is completely new to me Dad. I mean…you blaming something on me? Wow…let me just catch my breath for a moment because this feeling is just completely new to me. Get real Dad…Katie killed herself by her own will and who was it that erased me from this family? It was you! So if anyone’s hands are bloody from this it’s you! But you know what whatever gets you through the grieving process right? I mean you just lost the love of your life…oh wait, no you didn’t…you just lost your wife.

Joseph - You know what Shawn!? You were nothing more than a mistake! Something that never should have happened! I could have been happy if it wasn’t for you! Your mother could have been happy if it wasn’t for you! The only reason we didn’t get a divorce is because she was pregnant! You want to know why? Because that’s what REAL families do! Not this bullshit that you do where you run away from every pregnancy! I was a man and I did what a real man does! I sacrificed my own happiness for you!

Shawn - Oh my god get over yourself! You sacrificed your happiness for me? What do you want a thank you? What should I thank you far Dad? The abuse? The constant hatred and reminder of what you could of had?

It all makes so much sense now. It all explains the ill will felt towards my father through all these years and why he has secretly resented me. He didn’t want me. The only reason in his mind that he was never happy is because of me. He hated me, he blamed me for everything that went wrong in our family what else was I to do but revolt against him? I can blame everything wrong with me on my own father because what type of role model was he? He loved Marcus and Brooke but did he ever love me? No, because I was like an illegitimate child showing up asking for money. I was his bastard son that wasn’t even a bastard at all. It didn’t matter what I did in my life I would always be considered a failure because of my fathers own preexisting image of me.

Shawn - Ya know what Dad! It’s easy to blame every single short coming onto your first born, you were able to screw him up so you’d know exactly what not to do for your future children right? I was more or less your little guinea pig so you could eventually pop out that perfect child, that’s what Marcus is right? Everything that you ever wanted in a son? Well by God, it looks like you got your wish. You push me out of a family that quite frankly didn’t even want me in the first place and yet it pains you that despite all of your efforts to break me down, to belittle me, to make me feel like the lowest possible form of life…I came out of it better than you. More successful than you. It seriously must pain you right now, like a pain that you’ve never felt before to see me standing in front of an old broken down man as a winner. If life was a game Pops, I’d have won and you’d have lost.

Joseph - Is that what you see this as? A game? This isn’t a game Shawn! This is life and you can’t play with people’s lives like they’re pawns in a game! Messing with people has consequences and I would think that you learned that after what you did at Marcus’ wedding! Yet it seems as though you haven’t learned anything at all have you? I mean what has changed about you? Still marrying random women? Still getting divorces? Go ahead and tell me that I’m wrong. You may think that you’re better than me because you earn more money than me and your name may appear in magazines once in a while but a real man doesn’t need recognition! A real man just needs respect and that’s something that you’ll never earn!

Shawn - How would I learn any of this with you as a role model Dad?! Me getting Katie to kill herself? That’d just be tough love under your rule book wouldn’t it? I mean hell, you did want me aborted after all! Come on Dad, the truth is all coming out might as well let it all off your chest. I already heard it, you wanted me aborted so you and mom could get that divorce that you so desperately wanted. Why did you want that divorce dad? Huh? Was it a Secretary? A hooker? An 18 year old Twinkie in the city? Face it Dad, you didn’t stay in the marriage because you’re a man, you stayed in the marriage because you’re a gutless, worthless piece of shit who felt guilty for what he did. You stayed in the marriage as a way to punish yourself for what you did and then in all, you took out every single bit of frustration out on me. You couldn’t take it out on mom now could you? No…I was your lightning rod, I was your little scape goat! You see I at least have the balls to admit to what I’ve done! I had the balls to get those divorces, I had the balls to admit that I fucked another girl while Angie was pregnant! That…not respect…makes me a better man than you! So go ahead and resent me for who I am, it’s alright Dad…I forgive you. Do you know why? Because that resent you hold towards me is simply jealousy. I had the balls to do what you wanted to do yet couldn’t. I am everything that you wish you were. You look in the mirror and all you see is all your failures and you see a picture of me? You don’t see failure…you see what you could have had. Well Dad…now Mom’s gone, that’s what you’ve always wanted isn’t it?! Mom’s dead and now you can go on living the life that you’ve always wanted right? Oh wait…no, that’s not right…you can’t live your life like you’ve always dreamed because of that stroke right? Heh, hows it feel dad? Finally getting want you desperately wanted only now knowing that you can’t even get your dick hard?

* Joseph punches Shawn in the face. Shawn spits out some more blood after it being in the same spot that Marcus punched him in earlier. Shawn just looks back at Joseph as everyone is staring at them. *

Shawn - That make you feel better dad? Because it just tops off a pleasant family reunion for me.

* Shawn wipes his lip with his hand looking at the blood. *

Shawn - I can’t wait to do it again, I just hope it's at your funeral!

* Shawn smiles as he turns around and walks away leaving his family and family friends just looking on in pure shock at everything that’s happened. *

Next Morning - Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

* Shawn is now in Baltimore the site of Breakdown tonight and inside his hotel room. He has the run sheet of matches for tonight right in front of him yet he can't seem to focus on them. Instead he is sitting slouched forward looking down at something else. *

Shawn - How fucked up am I? No wonder Hannah wants a divorce from me. I am unreliable, I am selfish, and who knows whether or not I’ll be a good father? I mean…the fact our child being a daughter sends me into a rampage. She doesn’t deserve this…Hannah…or my daughter, they don’t deserve this treatment. How can I put my daughter through all of this dysfunction? My Mother and Father should have gotten a divorce yet stayed together because of me being born. I can’t put something like that on a little girl. It was horrible enough for me growing up. Now knowing that the reason was a divorce makes this whole thing really hit home with me. Who says our daughter won’t be resented by Hannah? Or myself? I can’t have that…I won’t let my daughter be raised in a horrible environment and I will not let her feel guilty for it. I’m not my father and I will not raise a child like my father.

* Shawn looks down and officially signs the divorce papers that Hannah filed against him months ago. He places the papers right back into the folder before leaning back into the couch and sighs while rubbing his hands through his hair. *

Shawn - I’m doing the right thing. My happiness isn’t important, my daughters is. I will not destroy her childhood like my father did mine.

* Shawn sighs again deeply thinking about everything that has transpired and trying to convince himself he’s doing the right thing. He then looks on the table to see the run sheet and his job comes to mind. Shawn sighs while looking at the sheet, he then grabs his phone and dials a number. *

Shawn - …Hey Holly, wanna come over?

* Shawn musters a smile before hanging up his phone. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters sitting in front of an SCW logo. He has a bottle of beer in one hand like usual. He then reaches into his back jeans pocket with his other hand and pulls out a can of chew. He packs it while smiling to the camera knowing that they’re waiting on him. He opens it up and piles a massive dip straight into his bottom lip. He moves his tongue around to position it right before looking straight into the camera. *

Shawn - Under Attack marks one of the biggest nights of my career. Ok…not really, it marks the most exciting night for anyone in attendance or watching at home because they will have the thrill of watching yours truly Shawn Winters compete TWICE in one night. You’re pretty much getting a coupon of “buy one awesome and get a second one free.” Now I can sit here and I could talk about the barbaric structure that is the Elimination Chamber and how I’ll be defending my World Heavyweight Championship against said winner but you see I don’t feel like doing that right now. Why? Because I have no control over who wins that match. Which ever little minion decides they want a piece of me the most fine, so be it. I have no problem taking them apart limb by limb as I slowly bruise, crack, break every single bone in their body until they submit. But see…I’m not going to talk about the chamber match because like I said, I have no control over the winner. What I do control is Jake Starr’s “legacy”.

* Shawn spits into an empty beer bottle before looking back at the camera. *

Shawn - Oh Jake, you know, you make me laugh. No not because you’re funny only because I call you out on something and what do you do? You prove me right. I know you Jake, I know your attitude and your personality and I know that when someone confronts you , you act like a child hood bitch. Way to go Jake, way to find ways to “call me gay”. I straight up told you that it was all you were going to have against me Jake because despite the fact that you think you have to dumb yourself down to under stand me you’re simply just letting diarrhea flow from your mouth as if acting like it’s the freshest shit the world has ever seen. Jake, I challenged you to show me originality and you failed with the flying colors of the rainbow. Honestly, Jake…the little respect that I had for you has simply gone out the window when all you’ve done is exactly what I called you out on. You know what I got from your constant rambling? Gay joke, gay joke, gay joke, scared, gay joke, gay joke, coward…you see the pattern. Jake…seriously, I’m sitting here looking at what you’ve said about me and you know what?

* Shawn smiles trying to hide a laugh. *

Shawn - Sorry…sorry I shouldn’t laugh because you were serious, but it’s just so god damn funny.

* Shawn covers his mouth while laughing. He then calms himself down a bit. *

Shawn - Jake, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt by not telling you why I left the company after Rise to Greatness in 2009 because it was a challenge to you to see what you’d say and guess what? You said everything that I knew you would say. Like I said…you are predictable. You continue to claim that I “ran away” from SCW when in reality, I was fired you idiot! See I challenged you to do your research but you didn’t do that did you? Instead you fell victim to your own embarrassing ego to try and justify it. Heaven forbid the fact that I never ran away be true because what platform would Jake Starr have to stand on? UGH! Pardon me while I vomit!

* Shawn pretends to vomit into a trash can. He then puts it down and looks back into the camera. *

Jake I challenged you to be original and instead you cop to cheap gay jokes and lies. I am curious to know however, do you simply just watch old promo's of yourself and recycle your own material? Because I remember these same jokes when you faced Porno Lad. Just by changing the name of the person doesn't make it funny Jake. The joke wasn't funny then and it's not funny now. Fact is, you’re not funny and everything out of your mouth is a testament to the fucking moron that you are! I simply asked you to do a little bit of homework before you ran your mouth but you weren’t a very good student in school were you Jake? Didn’t do your homework or study at all, just try and coast by off of mediocrity? Well that may work against opponents like Redeemer but clearly I’m not him. You see I challenged you to be original for once because there was a purpose to it Jake. You continue to throw out lies about the way I left SCW in 2009. Well that was the home work I asked you to do so I feel as though this is where being the glorified teacher that I am tells you the answer. Come in real close.

* The camera zooms in. *

Shawn - (whispers) I was in prison.

* The camera zooms out as Shawn pretends to giggle with his hand in front of his mouth. He then gets serious. *

Shawn - Ya see Jake, I know your psyche already without needing to try and figure it out. You’re no different then the bum down the street. I knew that when you’re backed into a corner all you have to defend yourself is jokes about sexuality. I challenged you to come up with something better Jake but you didn’t. That’s why I left out the fact that I left SCW because I was fired for getting arrested. I asked you to do your research Jake, once again it looks like I’ve made the fool out of you. I knew that if I fed you the information about prison all your feeble little brain would of come up with would be gay and soap jokes. Sad thing is I didn’t even need to feed you that information for you to bite. Now what are you going to do Jake? Going to make some more gay jokes? Going to challenge me to have sex with a woman on tv? Heh…let’s face it…I’m so far into your head that I’m renting a fucking condo.

Now I have stated my case against you Jake and I hope that it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. Everything that I have said has weight and it has merit where as all of your diarrhea of the mouth holds no sort of credit what so ever because it’s all made up into this mind of yours in which let’s be honest is flawed because you think you’re the best. There I said it. Your mind is so flawed that if you were a slave in the pre-Lincoln era you’d think that your own opinion mattered. Just like it would then…your opinion means nothing now because each and every word from your mouth is lie after lie and it serves no purpose but to feed your own ego.

Shawn - Jake you hide…you hide behind something that deep down you over think. You over think this “imaginary” concussion and it gives you an excuse. An excuse to not be a man. Sure you may act tough on the outside yet your own mental state is so fucked up you know that you’re incapable of being a man. You state things like fear and courage as if I’m running away from you. All you’re doing is trying to justify to yourself that you’re a man. You left, I stayed. I proved why I am who I am all while you sat at home and felt helpless. Helpless Jake? No, you weren’t helpless. You were weak! You hide behind an injury in order to let your “greatness” live. I see through it Jake…you try and cast the blame on me yet in reality all you’re doing is trying to reestablish your own confidence, your own greatness. A confidence, a greatness that you seemed to have the moment you walked into SCW knowing you wouldn’t have to challenge for it. You held yourself above everyone else without earning it Jake. Congrats…you beat James Exeter…been there DONE THAT!

The fact is…whether you admit it or not, every accomplishment you hold in SCW is in comparison to me. You laugh thinking it’s in spite of me but for once in your life learn something. Since the day you stepped foot into SCW who was the man? ME! You act as a child winning minor titles as if trying to impress me only to fall on blind eyes. Every single win, every single title, it was all in an attempt to validate yourself, to ME! You stated so profoundly that you were coming for me on your first appearance on SCW television. Jake…I’ve never ran…I’ve only asked for you to EARN IT! Which you haven’t. What you fail to realize is that I am the SCW World Champion. I am the best…proven FACT!!! Matches aren’t just given, they are earned. For being someone so obsessed with what others think of him, you’re so eager to jump ahead of them for what you want. Well what you “think” you want.

* Shawn smiles while looking at the camera. He runs his hand through his hair taking it from his eyes. *

Shawn - Jake, I’ve got to ask, how’s it going to feel explaining to your family that you’re a failure? Are you going to try and mask it with just more of your lies? Sure your wife will try and give you some sort of fake confidence in one hand while she’s texting me in the other haha. It’s funny Jake…you can lie to millions upon millions of people about being the best but when it comes right down to it, can you lie to your own child? The very person who looks up to you as inspiration? The very person who looks to you for guidance? Well, that kid is destined for failure because blood runs THICK in the Starr family. Failure runs deep in your family Jake. That’s why judging by your need for attention and need for acceptance is exactly why you’re a failure to your own father.

Have I lost you? Alright let me explain to you. You tell me that myself and Greaternity are the only ones to acknowledge my awesomeness…not that that’s true but I’ll entertain it for your sake. (smiles) If that is indeed the case then who acknowledges your “awesomeness”? Helms and Thorn? Heh, no different than Greaternity. The fans? Heh, you’re only respected by them because you’re their puppet. Kurt Cobain once said: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I’m not.” Jake…get this through your head…I don’t give a damn who thinks what about me because I have the mind to know who I am. I don’t need someone else’s approval, I already have a Hall of Fame career and not to mention a little thing called this.

* Shawn holds up the SCW Championship. *

Shawn - This validates me leaving anyone elses opinions irrelevant including yours. The truth is Jake you’re secretly searching for validation. Whether it’s in this match with me that you’ve pretended to want since day one or it’s the fact that nobody has ever cared about you growing up. Either way, you seem to hold too much weight into what others think of you. Your family, friends, fans? Each one of them holds weight over you because you so strongly want acceptance. Me? Heh…Jake you don’t know me at all. I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks of me. I am comfortable in my own skin and I know exactly who I am. I am Shawn Winters, I am the future of the Hall of Fame, and I am your current World Champion! Each person that buys a ticket to walk into an SCW building is stepping into another world. A world in which what people want means nothing. This isn’t a Presidential Election where people get to vote Jake…this is you and me and what people think…doesn’t matter. Whether you like it or not Jake, what I think of you bothers you. You may stand tall pretending to be some higher being who is above the business but you’re not. Deep down you’re a child wanting recognition for what you’ve done. You’re not going to get it from me Jake because being more accomplished than you gives me the right to JUDGE you! You search for your own entitlement from the people watching around the world when in reality none of it matters. What people think of you only holds weight if you allow it. I am Shawn Winters, I am the best, I am the World Champion because I don’t let others influence me. The truth is in the facts Jake. You belittle yourself to make yourself look better in a win. You act as if nobody is better than you despite defeat. (smirks) You Jake…you’re influenced by everything. Go ahead and pretend that I’m wrong. Lie to yourself much like you lie to the world. You care too much what people think of you which makes your mind weak. It makes your existence weak. I know who I am Jake…you’re just a little boy trying to figure out his place in a world which he thinks respects him.

* Shawn spits into his bottle once more shaking his head soon after. *

Shawn - Jake I can’t wait until the first Breakdown after Under Attack where you have to go out in front of your “fans” and admit defeat. I can’t wait for you to start the show with some massive speech about how you lost and how some sort of fluke was involved and that you walked under a ladder or broke a mirror on your way to the ring. I can’t wait for all of that because I want to see the reaction on your face when the sounds of a woman climaxing to my name blasts and that sweet sweet voice of Akon hits and I stand in front of you with a microphone in my hand. You know what I’m going to say Jake? “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY RING!!!” (smirks) Ya see, your whole platform which you stand on is about being “the best” and the moment your not you’ll leave the business. So I’ll want to see the look on that pathetic failure of a face when I tell you to get to steppin’ because you’re not…nor ever were the best because I’ll have that shit copy righted the moment I whip your ass all the way down the street and back.

Now you can take everything I’ve said to you however you like, you can twist my words as far as the day is long but listen to me. You’ve wanted this match since the day you came into SCW because you know that I am the man. I am the best and I am at the top of this profession. As hard as that is for your pride and your ego to swallow you know it’s true otherwise you wouldn’t want this match so bad. “Best in the world” that’s just a catchy thing that people entitle themselves to but you see Jake I am going to prove that I am that at Under Attack. On Sunday I’m not just going to beat you, I am going to straight up out wrestle you and give you the wrestling clinic of your life. Then when I'm done, I'm going to give the Chamber winner the Midas Touch and give them perfection. Jake, I'll out wrestle you and then out of spite I'll create history when I defeat insert random opponent here. (smirks) Careers are usually defined by one’s body of work Jake, my career speaks for itself. Yours? (smirks) Yours is defined by this one match. You have one shot at greatness Jake, the guns cocked and loaded, do you have the guts…no do you have the talent to pull the trigger?

* Shawn spits into his bottle before wiping his mouth clean with his forearm. *

Shawn - Now Jake this is usually where people would say that despite everything that I’ve said to you deep down I do respect what you’ve done and than acknowledge your talents. But see the truth is I’m not going to do that because with every fiber of my being, I can’t stand you. I hate you, I say that not out of anger, but simply as a fact. The sky is blue and I hate you. I hate your stupid name, your stupid face, your stupid hair, without knowing them I hate your stupid family as well. Ya see Jake, I meant every single thing I’ve said to you from the deepest darkest part of my heart. Everything about you is everything that I hate about this business. It’s everything that I stand against, you’re not entertaining, you think you’re funny with your little insults when the truth is I’ve heard better smack talk on a childs playground, your entire philosophy on being the best is a fabrication, you try and tear people down by spreading lies upon lies about them. Jake you’re everything that I’m not, you care about what others think of you and yet you think your words upset me? I hold your opinion of me right next to the janitor scrubbing the shit out of the toilets, I don’t care! Everything that I have said to you Jake is direct truth and yet you just continue to make up countless lies in your head to the extent that you’re actually starting to believe them. All you’re trying to do is build up a foundation of the slight possibility that you might have a shot at beating me at Under Attack, your ego is so large that it couldn’t possibly take the hit to think that you might lose this match.

Jake I told you this time and time again yet I just feel like I need to remind you of it. This match against me? Is a throw away for me. I have absolutely nothing to gain by defeating you. My career? Has already been cemented into greatness and into the Hall of Fame. I have won Three World Championships, I have won Taking Hold of the Flame and I am tied with the most Rise to Greatness main events in SCW history. My career is validated and yours will be defined by this moment on Sunday. History is defined by moments Jake, it’s a shame that this one is going to pass you by. People remember failure a lot more than they remember success. This moment on Sunday will be your own personal prison cell.

* Shawn smiles before shaking his head and shoving his hand into the camera as it fades to an SCW logo. *