One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scenario opens up as a limo pulls up into the arena for Breakdown. The driver steps out as a few camera flash from outside as fans try to get a glimpse of whose inside. The show itself being a hour or so away. The driver reaches the back door and opens it up. Doesn’t take too long for a couple feet to hit the floor and for Shawn Winters to step out. He’s got a pair of worn out jeans on a t-shirt an old Green Bay Packers hat on as well as some sunglasses. He motions for the driver to get the trunk open as some cameras flash at him. He seemingly ignores them as the driver hands him his luggage as Shawn grabs his wallet and pulls out a 50 and tips the driver with it. He then turns dragging his luggage begin him as he begins to look for the Greaternity locker room. Shawn eventually finds his locker room labeled “Greaternity” as he throws the door open and lets loose of his luggage right when the door shuts. Still with his hat and sunglasses on he takes a quick glimpse of the room noticing that nobody is there. Shawn takes off his hat and sunglasses and places them on the table before beginning to take undo his belt before seeing Charlie walk out from the bathroom. Shawn stops. *

Charlie - Please…don’t stop on my account. Never did before.

Shawn - I’ve got a head ache if you don’t mind.

* Shawn signals to the door as if to tell her to leave. *

Charlie - Wow…how far we’ve come. A full marriage and now a woman in your dressing room waiting for you is told to leave?

Shawn - Charlie don’t you’re a man in a woman’s body with…

* Shawn looks at her up and down. *

Shawn - A perfect body…

Charlie - Exactly….except for the man part. I never had a penis…I just like them a lot and think like I have one. Never been a man that’s insulting.

Shawn - Charlie I’m not in the mood right now.

Charlie - Oh? Oh? You’re not in the mood? Out of curiosity how would I know that?

Shawn - What?

Charlie - I haven’t spoken to you since Under Attack…how would I know anything?

Shawn - I’m sorry that you don’t subscribe to my twitter feed?

Charlie - Jokes…what would you do if I just took this top off right now and dropped my jeans huh?

Shawn - Why would you do that?

Charlie - To check and see if the Shawn Winters I know is in there.

Shawn - UGH! STOP! Do you have any idea of how sick and tired I am of hearing “the Shawn Winters that I know?!” Seriously? I’m suddenly expected to be 8 different people within minutes. Last I checked I was just me without some stupid gimmick.

Charlie - Alright then let’s be real.

* Charlie gets in Shawn’s face as they look each other eye to eye. *

Charlie - So…do you want to talk about Ammo?

Shawn - What do you mean?

Charlie - What do I mean? Well let’s think about it. You showed up…not with us. We haven’t seen you for…well pretty much since Under Attack. You’ve locked yourself off and don’t show up for Breakdown, I’m pretty sure there’s a fine coming your way for that. Not to mention you aren’t seen by anyone for Ammo last Friday night until your main event match with David Helms. Then you did your whole thing before you left alone without even a word to any of us! That’s what I mean?

Shawn - Ammo? Huh…I had a match with David Helms?

Charlie - Shawn this isn’t funny. If it was I’d have a strap on right now with Holly bent over that table.

Shawn - Did I win?

Charlie - Yeah…you super kicked his head off!

Shawn - Awesome! So what’s the worry?

* Shawn attempts to grab a grape from the fruit basket only for Charlie to stop him. *

Shawn - But I want a grape.

Charlie - No…Shawn, this right here, Ethan, Ace, Adam, and I…we’re you’re best friends. Since when do you ignore us the moment we drag your motionless body from the ring at Under Attack? Are you feeling better?

Shawn - Since when do you care how I feel? If it’s any of your business I feel great. Like a million dollars. I…I just needed time to heal on my own you know?

Charlie - That doesn’t explain everything that happened on Ammo! You could have told us that! Instead Adam and Ethan have been wondering where your heads at with this whole Trio Tournament thing.

Shawn - I’m here aren’t I? Let’s just drop it.

Charlie - No…Shawn…Ammo…what happened?

Shawn - Watch the tape! Figure it out for yourself! I’m sure they record shit to make sure people like Jake Starr don’t sound like idiots before they speak.

* Shawn goes to grab another grape only for Charlie to throw the fruit basket off the table. *

Shawn - Now you’ve got to go get more fruit.

Charlie - Shawn…there is something going on. Tell me, that you actually remember Ammo.

* Shawn turns his head a bit before looking Charlie back in the eyes. *

Charlie - Tell me you remember Ammo.

Shawn - …Parts…

Charlie - What parts!?!

Shawn - The ride there?

Charlie - Oh my god Shawn! Seriously what is going on with you?!

Shawn - It’s none of your business! Last I knew I went out and main evented Ammo and defeated David Helms 1...2...3!

* Shawn pauses for a second. *

Shawn - I pinned him right?

Charlie - Oh my god! Shawn sit down!

* Charlie pushes Shawn into a chair and grabs the remote for the tv which is loaded to his match from Ammo. *

Charlie - Just watch this!

* Charlie clicks the “Play” button as Shawn begins to watch his match with David Helms. *

30 Minutes Later

* Charlie hits stop after the SCW logo appears as Ammo went off the air. She turns and stares at Shawn who is still in the chair. *

Charlie - Well?!

Shawn - Well?! I just beat the shit out of David Helms and I don’t even remember it! If you ask me that’s pretty fucking awesome! Where’s my boys? They’ll all high five me for that!

Charlie - This isn’t sleeping with a chick you don’t remember Shawn! This is a match where you could have been seriously injured! Not to mention that speech you gave to end the show. Do you at least remember that? Or the video that you made?

Shawn - It depends what the definition of “remember” is…

Charlie - Shawn no…whatever it is that you’re doing needs to stop.

Shawn - Fuck you!

* Shawn is now angry. He stands up and kicks the chair out of his way. *

Shawn - Listen here! You are not my mother and you are not my supervisor! You have no control over what I do and the last time I checked I make this company money so if I happen to do whatever I need to do to get my ass out to that ring and well let’s face it steal the show and beat David Helms let me keep on doing it!

Charlie - What about the video of you fucking Chad’s sister?

Shawn - You jealous?

Charlie - NO!

Shawn - Then forget it!

Charlie - Why did you do it?!

Shawn - Why? Why are you trying to make this into something that it’s not?! You’re a random chick I screwed quite a few times a while back. I got married and now, well…now divorced and here you are trying to pretend that you give a shit about my well being. Do yourself a fucking favor and butt out. You’re reading too much into this and honestly if you ask me again you’ll be out of a paycheck from SCW that I so graciously got for you.

Charlie - Shawn…

Shawn - Charlie, that’s it. I don’t need someone judging me when I’ve never felt better and looking at the footage has never looked better. So if you don’t mind, leave so I can have the locker room to myself for a few minutes so I can actually get ready for my matches tonight.

Charlie - Matches? As in plural? You just assume you’ll win your first one?

Shawn - I’m pretty sure I’m Shawn Winters and I recently found out that Ethan and Adam are on my team so…

* Shawn unhooks his belt and undoes his jeans as they drop to the floor. He’s in his boxers as he stares at Charlie. *

Shawn - The memories I’m sure are great Charlie but these are coming off so don’t look it straight in the eye otherwise you’ll go blind.

* Charlie turns and storms out the door before Shawn shakes his head and sits down in a chair. Shawn grabs his luggage and begins to zip some sections open. He tosses out his ring attire first onto a table followed by his boots onto the floor and his wrist tape and knee pads. *

Shawn - When will I get to the point in my own life where people stop judging me? Last I knew I lost the World Title under no recollection of my own. Was dragged out of the ring because of an assault by someone who quite frankly is jealous of my accomplishments. I take a couple weeks off and automatically I have something wrong with me? Since when? Last I knew whatever gets you through the night whether it be alcohol, god, or drugs it helps. I showed my ass up on Ammo…I came and I defeated David Helms in probably the best match he will ever have. Yet I am vilified? No…if anyone is vilified it will be Chad Evans. I defeated David Helms without any interference. I straight out beat David Helms because I am better. If I don’t remember it then so be it!

* Shawn grabs his head trying to reduce a headache. He continues to talk to himself to make sense if recent actions. *

Shawn - Then I’m told and shown some promo that I did after the match? Heh…well I’m not going to lie, watching it brought a smile to my face. Chad…wow now that I think of it, you never looked like more of an ass in the history of SCW. I mean it was special…as I watched the footage you and I kind of saw it at the same time. Sure it was days later for me but give me the benefit of the doubt.

* Shawn grabs a pill bottle before popping a couple into his mouth before washing them down with a random bottle of water he saw on the table. He takes a deep breath as if trying to get rid of his head ache. *

When people die…they have their own way of grieving. Whether it’s being overly emotional, overly angry, shutting yourself off from the world, or well…whatever gets you through it. It’s like that ACT test. You sit in front of that piece of paper knowing that it’s the rest of your life. You muster up the courage to read the question and it reads: “If your mother died and you went to her funeral how would you handle it?” The answers are listed as so:
A: Be Overly Emotional
B: Be Overly Angry
C: Shut Yourself Off From The World
D: Whatever Gets You Through The Night

* Shawn shakes his head to erase that thought from his mind. *

Shawn - Fuck…the answer is clearly “D”. Why is it that my mind has more questions then I can answer? Well…if the answer is “D” then it’s whatever gets me through the night.

* Shawn unzips a slot of his luggage and grabs a bag of cocaine before the door flies open to the locker room as Ethan, Adam, Ace, and Charlie enters. Shawn quickly pushes the cocaine back into his bag before zipping it up. He then turns acting excited. *

Shawn - What’s up guys?!

Ethan - Dude…seriously, here’s an iPad…stop texting me about it.

* Ethan hands Shawn an iPad box. Shawn looks confused as he takes it. *

Shawn - Um…thank you?

Adam - So…let’s get down to business.

Ace - Yes!

Adam - There is something that we need to figure out.

Ace - Yes!

Adam - Which is-

Ace - Why am I not in the Trio Tournament?

Adam - What?

Ace - What?

Adam - That’s what you want to ask?

Ace - Well yeah! Why are you three in it and not me?! I’m the Ace!!! I deserve to be in it more than Cid Turner or Harmony Fisher!

Ethan - What would you even do with it?

Ace - Have a three way match with Ravyn and Syren?

Adam - Exactly…grown ups are talking. We actually have reasons to win this match.

Ace - Or a match with Dawn for her virginity.

Ethan - Anyways…

Ace - I’d need to make sure that Brittany wasn’t allowed to make her win by DQ.

* Ace is speaking in the background as Shawn, Adam, and Ethan sit around a table. Shawn has his hands on his luggage seemingly waiting for a time to pull the bag out and use quickly. He looks at Adam and Ethan as if nothing is going on as Charlie stares at him intensely. *

Shawn - So what’s the plan?

Adam - Well…we with this tournament and we get any match we want!

Ethan - Battle Bowl…wait…a Ron Jeremy Match.

Shawn - What’s that?

Ethan - Don’t ask…

* Ace is still in the background. *

Ace - A one on one match with Sasha, loser fucks the winner.

* Shawn, Adam, and Ethan ignore him again. *

Adam - We need to win this thing. If we win Greaternity holds power ever everyone until each one of us cash this thing in. We’ll have a pay check on each member of SCW’s ass.

Ace - A who came first match with Syren…

* They ignore Ace as they look each other in the eyes. *

Adam - Right now…we win this.

Ethan - We win this.

* Shawn looks at his luggage clearly having different feelings. *

Shawn - We win this.

* All three of them put their hands in the middle before breaking. *

Ethan - Shawn…we just need more of what you had on Ammo! We got this!

Adam - Shawn, look at me. We’re the best…

* Shawn smiles at them as he nods as if to say that they are right. *

Ethan - It’s like an hour before the show…so…I’ll be around.

Adam - Same here.

* Shawn sits as he watches Ethan and Adam leave the dressing room. Charlie looks at him before walking out the door. *

Ace - Got it! Ace vs. Katie! It could be like Jurassic Park, loser gets younger by sex!

* Shawn looks at Ace as Ace stands with a smile on his face. *

Ace - This could work!

Shawn - Leave!

Ace - Right…

* Ace leaves the dressing room alone to Shawn. He sits in front of his luggage. *

Shawn - Well…we have to win this.

* Shawn looks in his luggage. *

Shawn - Fuck…I’ve been fucked up for weeks. It seems to erase the pain but am I performing at my abilities? Apparently I beat David Helms last week.

You beat Helms before Taking Hold of the Flame! You’re fine!

Shawn - I have Adam and Ethan as my team…how much help do I need?

* Shawn looks into his bag at his drugs. He adjusts himself as his back begins to feel uncomfortable. *

Shawn - Fuck…whatever it takes to get yourself through the night. Frank Sinatra was a smart man.

* Shawn grabs his bag before pouring a little bit on the table as well as popping a couple pain killers into his mouth before swallowing them with a random bottle of water. Shawn then seals the bag and places it back into his luggage before he grabs a cut off straw that he’s had and snorts the line of coke on the table. Shawn then licks his finger before rubbing it on the table to gather what’s left and rubbing it against his gums. The door begins to open as Shawn throws his stuff into his luggage. Adam, Ethan, Ace, and Charlie walk back into the room as Shawn stares at them. *

Shawn - I’ll be in the shower.

* Shawn walks away as Ace looks to Ethan. *

Ace - Is it about time? He was in his boxers forever!

* The scenario fades out. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters sitting in front of an SCW back drop as he leans to one side rubbing his beard. *

Shawn - It seems as though the downfall to Shawn Winters career has been a bit over exaggerated. After losing the SCW Championship at Under Attack people have been quick to jump onto the “Shawn Winters needs to prove himself” wagon when in reality what changed? The fact that I don’t hold the SCW Championship anymore? Well for anybody that wasn’t aware I never rightfully lost the title. Shilo took advantage of a scared referee and stole my Championship like the thief that he is. Now people want to question whether I’ve lost or if I’ve still got it? Well let me just direct you to watching my match with David Helms on Ammo. Despite a bit of a distraction by Chad Evans I managed to legitimately defeat David Helms in the center of the ring without help from anybody. So the people who seem to say that I’m done or that I can’t win a match on my own can choke on their own words because I just made them eat them. So this talk of my downfall is beyond premature, I’m still at the top of my game despite brutal attacks by Jake Starr and Chad Evans, I am still the very best that this business has ever seen and will ever see.

It does seem that this Trio Tournament that Mr. D brought back has put together the best of SCW and split them into teams. Well mostly the best because there are the black sheeps of the group with the likes of Natalie Dubrinsky, Peach Fuzz, and Xavier Magnus. However it is a keen observation that I made to notice that there is no David Helms, there is no Thorn, and there is no Jake Starr. Huh…it’s a real kick in the balls to finally find out your place in a company isn’t it?

* Shawn smirks a bit while holding back a laugh. *

Shawn - So many people would bend over backwards to be in this tournament. To get a chance at any type of match that they want. However what should be a great accomplishment and or reward has only seemed to turn into a soap box for those who haven’t accomplished their goals to preach and once again dream of the greener pastures. What I mean is that I have already reached the mountain top of SCW as the World Champion so in reality what left is there for me to do? Be like Greg Cherry and reduce myself to a lesser division to accomplish something that is quite irrelevant? No, that’s not me. My point is that these people in this tournament for the most part haven’t done shit. I mean Christy Matthews? Once to become World Champion. Ryan Watson? He’d take a shot at the World title too. Katie Steward? World Championship. Are you seeing a trend here? They all want what I’ve already had. Now sure Ethan and Adam may have some glorious plot to unfold when we eventually win this thing but what do I have? What do I stand to gain from winning this tournament? I don’t need a World title shot as I’ve already been told of a rematch for the title at a later date. So, the question is what will I do with this contract for any match? I mean the I could use it like Jay Gold did and main event Rise to Greatness…but wait, I’ve already done that, twice. I could enter myself into Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal as the final entry…oh wait, I already won that. The more I think about the more I realize that indeed I am the very best to ever step through those ropes because even with an event like this I don’t seem to “need” it like these junkie’s do needing their fix to restart the clock on their 15 minutes of fame. I don’t need a contract of some kind to earn a title shot as I’m good enough on my own to get it myself.

This tournament will turn out to see whose more desperate to try and become relevant. But alas desperation will only get you so far as talent trumps desperation every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Just ask the Green Bay Packers and whoever random team they’re beating. I didn’t ask to be in this tournament but you’re damn sure I’m going to win it. If not just to make sure that people like Christy Matthews, Chad Evans, or Greg Cherry don’t see the light of relevance. But see that once again brings the question of what will I do with it? See, this is why I love being me. I’ll actually have to get creative instead of being cliché and using it on a title shot. I could quite possibly book a handicap match against Jake Starr where the loser leaves SCW. What a treat that would be wouldn’t it? I mean to finally put Jake Starr out of the company so nobody has to hear him give the same speech on every show? Or come to think of it, I don’t even need to be in the match now do I? I can book anything that I want. I could force Infamous to fight each other or I could have Chad Evans fight Jake Starr where a loser leaves the company. Either way it would be a win/win for me. See, that’s why I’m Shawn Winters and I’m a success without some random contract, I can think outside the box and be creative and original. That’s something that SCW has been lacking for quite some time. Hell, I could challenge for the ownership of the company and fire each and every single person that I see fit or just blatantly torture them until their contracts run out. The fun I could have.

* Shawn laughs a bit. *

Shawn - Damn it, I’ve talked myself into it. I want to win this thing. I want to have that type of power over people as they look at me and just become jealous of me even more. A man who already has everything that anyone could ever want at his footsteps yet continues to get more to keep others from gaining anything. Does that make me selfish? Heh, I don’t think so because the way I see it, most of these people don’t deserve the slightest look for anything that this contract could give them. Give my first round opponents for example. I mean really, can you see any of them cashing this thing in for a World title shot and actually doing something with it? No, sorry, it will just be a wasted opportunity that could of gone to somebody more deserving. So with that frame of mind I should be the only person to win this thing as I deserve such a prize. So I will say this…when Greaternity wins both rounds on Breakdown and then the finals on Ammo…I will give warning to each and every member of the SCW roster who has ever crossed my path notice that their entire lively hood could be in my hands. Power one has over people can make people do crazy things.

* Shawn winks into the camera as it fades out on the SCW logo. *