One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

I Need Help

So the story was written and so the story shall end, it seems like all that is left is the final chapter. Have you ever looked back on a relationship after it was over and tried to figure out the moment it went wrong? Yeah...I know exactly where it went wrong. So the story of my life has been told and it seems chapters 4 through 11 are all recycled material as I'm living it over and over and over again. Now with the divorce papers hidden underneath my mattress inside the Greaternity bus it seems like the final chapter is about finished. The only thing I can do is drag that final chapter out as long as I can and that's exactly what I plan to do. I have watched myself become a completely different person over the last couple months and to be honest I've battled more emotions than a pregnant woman through the course of her pregnancy. The thing is, I've been somebody that I don't know. Shawn Winters has always been able to problem solve. He's never needed any help in his personal life. Now here I stand at a cross roads. Do I try and hold onto my pride and just let Hannah go? Or do I throw it out the window and beg her to come back? Fact is begging is out of the question because I had my last shot and I blew it. It's a memory that I've had to relive inside of my head ever since it happened and now all that's left is to live with the consequences. Well I'd be lying if I said these weren't my only problems on the table right now. Fact is I've been faking having sex with girls for quite some time now with Ace none the wiser. For whatever reason I haven't been able to perform. It's like having all this foreplay between me and Shilo Valiant only for me to go out at Rise to Greatness and lay an egg.

Last Night

* Shawn has another girl in his bed while she's fooling around with him. She starts to get naked and is rubbing his crotch eventually noticing that he's not getting hard. *

Girl – Ok what the fuck?

Shawn – I swear to god this never happens.

Girl – I didn't come into your room to play with the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Shawn – Fuck you!

Girl – Fuck you!

Shawn – Get out...fucking leave.

Girl – Fine, wait til my friends here about this.

Shawn – Wait, if anyone asks you and I had sex.

Girl – Excuse me?

Shawn – get to say that you had sex with Shawn Winters, consider it my gift to you.

Girl – My gift huh? How much is it worth to you?

Shawn – What? Are you serious?

Girl – Do I look like I'm joking?

* Shawn reaches into his pocket and grabs his wallet. *

Shawn – How much do you want?

Girl – How much you got on you?

* Shawn takes out some bills from his wallet and flips through some. *

Shawn – I have about 300 dollars in cash on me.

Girl – That's so funny because I was just going to say it'll cost you 300 dollars.

* The girl grabs the 300 bucks from Shawn as she walks away. *

Girl – Thank you Shawn for “rocking my world”.

Shawn – Bitch...

The Night Before Last

* Shawn Winters is on his phone outside of the Greaternity bus. *

Hannah – Have you signed the Divorce papers yet?

Shawn – No...I'm not going to sign them until you and I can be face to face in person. I deserve that.

Hannah – Don't tell me what you deserve. We tried that remember? I showed up at your house and you didn't know where you were. You had your chance now sign the damn papers!

Shawn – No...not until we see each other.

Hannah – Shawn...listen...if we see each other all we're going to do is argue.


Hannah – Shawn, you've got to love yourself before you can ever love me!!!

* Hannah has hung up the phone. *

Shawn – GOD DAMN IT!

* Ace peaks his head out the door of the bus. *

Ace – What happened?

Shawn – “Angry Birds”.

Thursday July 21st, 2011 (Day After Breakdown)

* The scene shows the Greaternity Bus where Ace, and Charlie are seen drinking. It's the middle of the day so they haven't started the nights festivities yet. *

Ace – So...whose getting Shawn up?

* They all throw their fingers to their nose saying: “Not it!” *

Charlie – Funny....I noticed Ty didn't play...

Ty – What?

Charlie – Wake Shawn up!

Ty – After last night are you kidding me? The guy had a horrible Breakdown and not only that for whatever reason was an angry drunk breaking whatever he could get his hands out.

Ace – That's what you get for not playing.

Ty - Fuck you! You do it!

Ace - Ya know Ty I would....but you see I kind of suffered an injury last night if you haven't forgotten. I can't exactly be on my feet right now, doctors orders. Plus you lost the game MAN UP!

* Ty reluctantly walks to the back of the bus where Shawn's bedroom is. He knocks on the retractable wall. *

Ty – Shawn!....Shawn!...Dude you need to get up.

* There is no response as Ty looks back at the other three as they motion for him to go in. Ty reluctantly pulls open the retractable wall and goes inside to see that the room is empty. Ty walks back out of the room towards the other two. *

Ty – He's not in there...

Ace – Oh fuck Ty...what did you do? You were paid to keep him out of trouble! He got arrested just days before Rise to Greatness against James Exeter and what have you done now!? You lost him!? He's probably in a jail cell right now!

Charlie – He could of killed a saw his condition last night way to go Ty!

Ty – I saw him go to bed last night!

Elsewhere in Milwaukee

* Shawn Winters is walking up to a large building as his phone begins to ring. He grabs it from his pocket and see's that it's Ace. He clicks ignore. He goes into the building and up to a floor plan showing where certain offices are. He finds the one he's looking for before noticing his phone is ringing again. He looks at it to see that it's Charlie now. He once again clicks ignore. Shawn hops into the elevator and clicks floor 5. He's in the elevator with a couple other people. They seem to be whispering to each other. *

Shawn – Yes I am Shawn Winters, don't need to be too shocked by it. I live a life just like you.

* The fifth floor comes and the elevator stops. Shawn walks out as his phone rings again. He looks at it and now it's Ty calling. Shawn once again clicks ignore. He walks down a hallway and looks at a map to find a room number and turns right before reaching the room that he is searching for. The door reads: “Dr. Erica Keller” and then under that reads: “Psychologist”. Shawn opens the door while a very cute college looking student greets him. *

Secretary – Hello, do you have a meeting?

Shawn – Yeah....I have a meeting set for noon.

* The secretary checks the books. *

Secretary – Alright Mr. Winters if you would have a seat she shall be with you shortly.

* Shawn nods before taking a seat on the couch. He looks up at the clock to notice that he is five minutes early. His phone begins to ring again as he grabs it and see's that it's Ace again. He once again ignores it just like the rest only this time he shuts off his phone afterwards. *

I wonder how paniced they are right now thinking that I'm in jail? Fuck em. After what happened last night, after everyone just left me to get blindsided by some sort of venom from Shilo they deserve to be left in the dark. Fuck it who am I kidding? If there is such a thing as karma then it's kicking in right now. It just seems like everything is going wrong all at once. What ever happened to bad things happening in threes? It seems like I'm on 11 right now. For the first time in my life I realize that I can't do this on my own. I need help. Hopefully this Dr. Keller person has the ability to help a person like me. She may have seen some fucked up shit in her time but I know she has never seen Shawn Winters. Then again come to think of it, who has seen the real Shawn Winters?

* While he waits he begins to reminisce about Hannah. *

In The Past

* The scene shows Hannah inside the kitchen getting things ready for dinner anticipating Shawn's arrival home after a 2 week road trip for wrestling events and shows. Candles are lit all around the house as a bottle of wine is placed on the table with two glasses and music playing in the back ground. Her phone rings as she grabs it seeing it's Shawn and a smile glows upon her face. She answers it. *

Hannah –'re early...why are you calling me when you can just walk through the door.

Shawn – Sorry hun but my flight got delayed. I'm not going to make it back until tomorrow afternoon.

* Hannah's smile goes away clearly disappointed. *

Hannah – Oh...that's's not like I had anything planned or anything.

Shawn – I'm sorry babe...what are you wearing?

Hannah – old high school cheerleader outfit of course.

* She's actually wearing a very sexy little white dress. *

Shawn – know I was a QuarterBack in High School right?

Hannah – Hmmmmmmmh....

* Right then Shawn is seen in the doorway of his home as Hannah's back is towards him. *

Shawn – Now you wouldn't be lying about that Cheerleader uniform now would you? I find it obvious that when girls say they're wearing a Cheerleader uniform they are obviously wearing a tiny white dress that could make a man's eyes bleed.

* Hannah gets a smile on her face and turns around to see Shawn in the door way. They both toss their phones to the side as Hannah runs and leaps into Shawn's arms and kisses him. *

Present Day (July 21st)

Was that love? The things you don't appreciate at the time always tend to come back and haunt you. At the time I thought I was just coming home to see my smoking hot wife and get laid. I am such a fool for not understanding the deeper meaning to it. What have I seriously become? A man that's afraid of something that he desperately desires? The fact is I'm afraid of more things than people realize. I'm afraid of emotions, being a father, love...all of it has come together to be forced upon me. Now all I'm left with is regret. If only Hannah could understand my fears...then again it's easy to rationalize things in your own head.

* Just moments later the door to Dr. Keller's office opens and an older man walks out shaking her hand before walking out. Dr. Erica Keller talks with her secretary for a second before speaking. *

Dr. Keller – Mr. Winters...

* She walks over as Shawn stands up and they shake hands. *

Dr. Keller – Welcome, welcome. Just go ahead and step into my office and we shall begin.

* Shawn walks into the office followed by Dr. Keller. Dr. Keller takes a seat on a chair with a clip board beside her that she grabs. She motions for Shawn to take a seat on the couch which he does. *

Shawn – I haven't done this before.

Dr. Keller – That is fine...the biggest step is to address a problem. You are here because you have a problem and that is a huge step forward.

Shawn – Yeah....

Dr. Keller – So let's begin easy shall we? What is your name?

Shawn – Shawn Winters...

Dr. Keller – What's your middle name?

Shawn – Michael.

Dr. Keller – Shawn Michael Winters? That's a good name. Be proud of that.

Shawn – carries some weight.

Dr. Keller – What do you do for a living Shawn?

Shawn – I am a professional wrestler. I work for SCW.

Dr. Keller – And how is that going for you?

Shawn – It's going better than ever actually. I just won a huge match to guarantee myself the main event and title shot at the biggest event of the year Rise to Greatness.

Dr. Keller – Well congratulations. I can't imagine that being easy.

Shawn – Easy? No...nothing in my life is ever easy. Expected on the other hand is a different story.

Dr. Keller – Elaborate on that if you would.

Shawn – I'm Shawn Winters...a legend in my business and people look at me to do certain things. I have certain expectations that I have to live up too.

Dr. Keller – A lot to live up to from the fans?

Shawn – No...I don't care about the fans. My fan base stays the same either way. Lonely house wives will continue to root for Shawn Winters despite what I do.

Dr. Keller – Then where does this pressure come from?

Shawn – It comes from my friends, it comes from myself.

Dr. Keller – You seem a bit too old to be succumbing to peer pressure Shawn.

Shawn – Let's talk about something else.

Dr. Keller – Alright. Well let's get to why you're actually here today.

Shawn – I....

Dr. Keller – Let me just go ahead and say...I know that you're not here because of your job. You seem to be on the top of your profession so there has to be some sort of inner demon bothering you. Now I am here to listen to you. I don't make judgments I just come up with solutions.

Shawn – No judgments?

Dr. Keller – None.

Shawn – Alright....the truth is...bare with me because I've never done this. I've....I've always been my own man and eventually I've lost sight of that.

Dr. Keller – I'm here to help Shawn. Please...let me in.

Shawn – Ya see...there you go. “Let Me In” that phrase annoys me more than anything. Girls want to get inside of my mind and they want to “know me” or “know what I'm thinking”, it doesn't work that way for me. I have a certain way of doing things. I can only let women so close before...

Dr. Keller – Before?

Shawn – You know...

Dr. Keller – No I don't know...

I knew she's part of her game. She just wants me to admit to it.

Shawn – Feelings come in.

Dr. Keller – What's wrong with feelings?

Shawn – Everything....getting hurt?....having them?...not getting rid of them?

Dr. Keller – It seems like there is somebody that you've let in and you've become confused on the situation.

Shawn – No...I didn't let her in.

Dr. Keller – You didn't?

Shawn – I don't let anybody in.

Dr. Keller – She found her way in didn't she?

Shawn – She took a massive shit right on my face. Literally.

Dr. Keller – Literally?

Shawn – No not literally. That's disgusting, what's wrong with you?

Dr. Keller – Alright now...who is “she”?

Shawn – (sigh) Her name is Hannah.

Dr. Keller – That is great progress. Now who is Hannah?

Shawn – My wife...

Dr. Keller – Great, great you're opening up. I'm not hear to judge. This is great.

Shawn – I love my wife.

Dr. Keller – GOOD! That's great, so many people come in saying they don't love them...

Shawn – She filed for divorce.

Dr. Keller – O....k....well, um why did she file for divorce?

Shawn – Because I left her when I found out she was pregnant.

Dr. Keller – WHAT!?

Shawn – NO JUDGMENT!!!

Dr. Keller – has become the problem?

Shawn – She wants a divorce.

* The Doctor under her breathe says: “No Shit” before speaking again. *

Dr. Keller – So she wants this divorce because you walked out on her when she was pregnant?

Shawn – Mostly...infidelity too.

Dr. Keller – (under breath) Wow...

* Dr. Keller coughs to catch her breath. *

Dr. Keller – You've got to ask yourself. If you are so in love with your wife then why is it that you're running around hooking up with all these random girls?

I didn't want to tell her that I wasn't able to get it up I mean Jesus...that's the worst thing possible for a man. I'd rather get the divorce than admit to not being able to get it up. The idea of admitting to such a thing ruins my entire reputation and persona. It makes me not a man and when people think of a man they think Shawn Winters. I can't admit to such a thing because...because it's embarrassing. I never had a problem cheating on Hannah in the past, hell Charlie can testify to that. Yet...somehow when it's all about be taken away from me I realize. I realize that...I somehow in my marriage caught feelings...I caught feelings bad like it's a disease. Like that STD that just won't go away.

Shawn – I have certain things that are expected of me Doc. You wouldn't understand.

Dr. Keller – I wouldn't understand? Shawn people come in here every hour of every day expecting me to fix all of their problems. I believe I understand just fine.

Shawn – may have those expectations but I have different ones. I'm expected to go around sleeping with random women because that's who Shawn Winters is and that's who he always has been. I have a certain reputation to up hold you know? The last thing I want is for somebody to think less of me.

Dr. Keller – That explains a lot.

Shawn – What do you mean?

Dr. Keller – You have this constant need to live up to your own expectations that you've seemingly set so high for yourself and if you don't complete them then you feel like you're thought less of. What if you hadn't won Taking Hold of the Flame? What if you lose at Rise to Greatness? Will you be thought less of? Or will you just use a defense mechanism by saying it was a fluke?

Shawn – What are you saying?

Dr. Keller – I'm saying that these constant pressures are finally catching up with you. You can't live your life like it's under this massive microscope where you have to do what everyone expects of you. Nobody can be perfect all the time. At some point you've got to realize that we all grow up and that it's never too late to do what you want to do. People's priorities change Shawn...maybe yours has finally changed for the moral good.

Shawn – I can't just be Hannah's perfect husband now. I've put her through too much.

Dr. Keller – Since you mention that...maybe this session is a focus on the future.

Shawn – What?

Dr. Keller – I'm saying that this session should give you information on your mistakes so you don't make them again.

Shawn – Fuck that...this whole thing was to get Hannah back. Not to forget her and work on the next one.

Dr. Keller – Shawn...I know how hard this may be for you. The fact is Hannah has seemed to have made her choice. What you need to do is come to terms with it. You know all of those good memories you have of her? Maybe you should stop focusing on the good things about the relationship and when you look back on it again think of the negatives.

* That's impossible because the only thing Shawn could think about was how he loved her smile, how her hair smelt, her laugh, the sight of her sleeping. *

In The Past

* It shows Shawn and Hannah in a fight. *

Hannah – If you want to fucking leave then go ahead!

Shawn – It's my fucking job! You want to earn some money then get one. Maybe then I wont have to travel so much.

Hannah – Everything comes back to me not having a job!!!

Present Day (July 21st)

Dr. Keller - Shawn, the thing is you have really got to prioritize your life. Gain some type of self control and determine what in your life is your wants and your needs. To be brutally honest here you've got to ask yourself if you want Hannah or if you need Hannah? Do you actually need her in your life or do you simply just want her in an attempt to make yourself feel better? In an order to erase past transgressions? You're doing yourself or Hannah no favors by not confronting these issues. You've got to come to terms with the fact that maybe you don't need Hannah, maybe you just want her. It's something that you're going to have to answer for yourself before you can truly move forward.

* Shawn gets up from off the couch. *

Dr. Keller – Shawn....Mr. Winters you still have 15 minutes left.

Shawn – No...I don't. did a great job. Go ahead and pretend like I'm telling you what you want to hear because the truth is all you are doing is doing this for other people just like I am.

Dr. Keller – I'm doing my job to help're doing what you do to sustain a reputation.

Shawn – We're all puppets then aren't we? Some just more than others.

* Shawn walks out the door frustrated as he hears the doctor yell at him from her office. *

Dr. Keller – Strings can be cut!!! If you want to find happiness you've got to find it in yourself first!!!

* Shawn took the elevator down without thinking twice about the comment. The comments from the therapist don't even ring into the ears of Shawn. All he can think about is what happened a few days ago and how it sent his entire world crumbling down leading him to take the actions that he has taken today. *

Moments Later From the Therapist Visit

* The scene shows Shawn sitting on a bench on a sidewalk in front of a rehab facility. Shawn's mind begins to go in a frenzy. *

Being Shawn Winters is a drug, one that I have been addicted to for quite some time now. Lately it seems as though I'm beginning to break the habit. I'm not cheating on my wife, I'm only abusing drugs and alcohol in a form of normalcy. The only thing holding me together right now is the idea of once again becoming World Heavyweight Champion. With that my hope is that the high of being Champion will keep me from relapsing and go back to being under the influence of Shawn Winters.

So many people want to know what the future holds for them. I stand here knowing exactly what the future holds for me. I stand here staring at this rehab center knowing that one day I'll be inside one of them in order to prove myself reliable to Hannah and eventually my son or daughter. “You've got to love yourself before you can ever love me.” That's what Hannah said to me...I've got to love myself...what's not to love? Fuck it...I can't keep this shit up. I continue to pretend that my life is perfect to hold some sort of stability. To hold some sort of admiration. To anyone on the street sure my life would be perfect but as much I try and hide them or run away from them...everybody has problems.

* Shawn Winters gets up and begins to walk down the street before looking back at the facility. *

Dr. Keller said that I need to take control of my life. Prioritize it and decide whether or not Hannah is a want or a need. Maybe I'm just too selfish to determine the difference between the two but it's something that I'm going to have to figure out before I make any type of drastic life choices. But I know one thing...I am Shawn Winters and I am an addict, and what I'm addicted to is more addictive than crack.

* Fades to Black. *

* The camera is close up on the Rise to Greatness logo. It starts to zoom out revealing it to be on a door. The door opens and stands Shawn Winters in the doorway. He extends his arm inside for you to come in. *

Shawn – Welcome Shilo, welcome to the main event at Rise to Greatness. Do you feel it? That tingling sensation in your bones. It's almost like you're about to climax isn't it? Oh yeah...that feeling is like a drug. Once you get it you never want to live without it. That is what the main event at Rise to Greatness can give you. That main my home!

* Shawn brings the camera into the "Rise to Greatness Main Event Home". *

Shawn – Now I understand that this is your first time in my home so I figured I'd be nice enough to show you around. Oh how rude of me. Those bright lights must be making you a bit hot. Would you care for a beer? Water? Anything? I mean it's only right by the host to offer you something to drink since your stay won't be very long. (smirks)

* Shawn winks at the camera as he continues his tour. *

Shawn – I mean how glorious is this place? No, feel free to stare because this place truly is an entity in itself. It'd be an insult not to stare. I mean have you even seen the view yet?

* Shawn escorts the camera over to the balcony which is peering over thousands and thousands of fans cheering. *

Shawn – That's exactly what you live for isn't it Shilo? Those people. The feeling that they're able to give you. Wow, come to think of it that just sounds dirty doesn't it? Yeah let's do ourselves a favor and not taint my home.

No...go ahead and move my clothes off to the side if you feel like it. I'm sorry...I'm such a slob, it's just I'm so comfortable here you know? The fact that I'm welcoming you here shows a lot of class on my part so I hope that you respect that Shilo I really do. When you come into someones home you should always honor the owner and compliment the place some how.

Oh, what's that?

Why thank you, the curtains are amazing aren't they?

* The camera focuses on the curtains which are embedded with pictures of Shawn Winters. *

Shawn – I really do appreciate that you appreciate good art, it's really comforting. Can I grab you a sandwich or something Shilo? I mean you must be hungry with the idea of your whole life's work leading you here. You've got to be hungry...just dying for a sandwich right? (smirks)

Nah, you're not hungry are you? You're completely content with being here aren't you? Yeah you are. You're just happy to be here. I understand, you're not the only one, you're just one of many to join me in here and straight up feel honored to be here and that you should be. You should feel honored. Not many people are welcomed into my home Shilo and you my friend have defied the odds and you have been invited here. No...this isn't the White didn't rely on a bunch of other team mates to win something for you to visit here. You won something alone and were invited. How does that makes you feel? Does it make you feel special?

Yeah it does.

Oh, oh, oh Shilo how dare you! Did you not take your shoes off when you came in here?! Show some respect! Go take them off at the door! You just dirtied this entire area. The entire Rise to Greatness main event has been covered in dirt because of Shilo Valiant luckily...luckily yours truly Shawn Winters is here to save it from being a complete disaster. Go ahead and refer to me as Stanley Steemer because I am erasing these mistakes you made all over the carpet.

No...don't apologize Shilo, it's alright. It's your first time. Nobody expects you to last very long or go without mistakes. I'm here to correct those mistakes. Go ahead and refer to me as your teacher. Your guidance counselor.

Thank you Shilo...I appreciate you offering to repair any damage that you may have caused but it's not like you're going to be welcomed back so you might as well forget it. You see Shilo this will forever be my home and I'm welcome here any time that I damn well please. You, James Exeter, Greg Cherry, any of you have just been visitors who have came and gone. Sure I may have left a mint on the pillow for a couple of em but in the end I'm the one who owns it.

Yes Shilo...I own the Rise to Greatness main event. It is mine and I will not let somebody damage it. I will not let you ruin this for me Shilo. I worked too damn hard to make this place my own and you come in off the street carrying dirt all over your shoes completely staining the carpet. home is not something to be stained. My home is perfect. My home is revolutionary. My home is what dreams are made of, where legends are born.

You Shilo...your stay has already worn out it's welcome. You have done more damage to this place then you will ever imagine. Which is why without any regrets when I tell you that you will never step foot into my home again.

* The camera then shifts to a close up of Shawn Winters with a smirk on his face trying to wipe it away with his hands but unable to. *

Shawn – Shilo you are in so far over your head right now. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. You're going to be in the main event at Rise to home, my comfort zone. The bright lights, the camera's, all the attention on you. You just won't know what to do with it all. You think that talent alone is going to get you past me? Oh no. You see I have battled the best of them, the supposed most talented men in our business and if I had to compare you to somebody it'd be that of Asher Hayes. Now sure, me and Asher Hayes tore the place down every time we fought and I expect to do the same with you because I'm confident in my own abilities to handle any opponent at any time. Do you know what happened with the flashy Asher Hayes? He fell to the waist side as a side note in SCW history all because he was in over his head against me. The fate is going to be the same for you Shilo. This whole atmosphere of the Rise to Greatness Main Event only makes it a billion times worse. Sure you'll be remembered for being a Champion, a World Champion. But you won't be remembered for being a good Champion. You'll be remembered as the guy who crumbled under the pressure of Rise to Greatness and Shawn Winters. It's a tough thing to ask of you I know it is. You're like a little kid in a candy store. All that candy just right in front of you waiting to be taken. Only thing is you've got to pay for that candy and guess whose running the register? (smirks) That's right Shilo, I am. I'm going to make you pay at Rise to Greatness and you're going to pay hard. You're going to be left an emotion filled wreck when I'm through with you. You'll look out at each one of those fans that cheered for you, that begged for you, that prayed for you to win and you'll look back at me while the fireworks are going off, not for you...for me as I stand tall holding your SCW World Championship high and you'll know that you let each one of those people down. You'll be a failure, in their eyes, in my eyes, and in your own eyes. Living with failure is a hard thing to do and there will be no greater failure for you as a wrestler or as a human being. I lived with regrets after losing to James Exeter and now I'm back to redeem myself. You? Sorry buddy but you're just going to be a flash in the pan Champion that nobody will think twice about when thinking of the best Champions in history. My home doesn't welcome failures. I didn't fail. I created a memory that will live on forever in history. Match of the Year, fuck it Match of the Century. Yet here I am once again standing tall because this is where I belong. This is my home and this is my release. My release from every day life and from every day emotions. The Rise to Greatness Main Event, I have made my own.

Now Shilo I get're a dreamer. You're the guy that thinks of the big picture. You're the little kids traveling to NeverLand while I'm Peter Pan leading you there. NeverLand is Rise to Greatness Shilo. You constantly dream of what's to come, you constantly dream of the path to greatness, the path to becoming a legend. You dream dream...the thing is, I'm afraid to be the bearer of bad news but dreams are meant to be broken. You can't choreography a dance to go with a song in order to beat me. This is the reality that you've been reluctant to experience. Santa Claus was your parents giving you gifts after you went to bed. The tooth fairy was your mom or dad lying to you. The Easter Bunny...come on...let's not even pretend that was real because everybody knows that Bunny's don't lay eggs. You are dreaming of the Rise to Greatness main event while I am living in it. That right there is the difference between you an me. I have been talking about us for some time now. I have compared us to each other as being amazing athletes and I have compared us in certain situations but when it comes right down to it I have one point to make. That right there is the difference. You dream. I live.

I live in my home Shilo, you're just dreaming of a visit. I have been there before and I have made it my own because I have created the greatest main event in Rise to Greatness history. Has James Exeter been back? No, I'm back...making this my home and it isn't for sale. This is my palace. This is my castle. All of your dreams have been about visiting this place Shilo and I have been kind enough to allow it. I allowed you to come onto my property and I have allowed you to step inside. I'd say next time remember to take off your shoes but the truth is we both know there isn't going to be a next time. Because when it comes right down to it....the difference between you and me will always be one dream...and I live.

This is no longer a dream Shilo. There is no longer a song and dance. There is no soundtrack to your title defense. The sooner you wake up from that the better. All of your hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears has all brought you here. Despite the odds you've made it here Shilo but you've got to really question whether or not you belong. You deserve to be Champion I will give you that credit. You are one hell of an athlete and I have told you that. But no man is without flaws and yours come from your leg, your need to please all of the people watching, and your inexperience. This is no longer a fantasy that you've worked up in your brain, this is as real as the opponent standing across from you in the ring. You've got to ask yourself if you're truly ready for all of this pressure at this stage in your career. You're still young, with a lot to look forward too down the road. I'd hate for you to peek so early. I have proved how hard it is to actually get back to this spot. No man has ever main evented more than 2 Rise to Greatness' and you can count those main eventers on four fingers Shilo. Jason Wheeler, Xander Valetine, Greg Cherry, and now myself. It's an elite list and it'd be a shame for you to reach your first so young and crumble under it's pressures. This is pretty much your virginity the sequel. So Shilo, I just have one question for you. Are you ready? Because if your not, my experience alone will get me that title. So continue to dream Shilo because at Rise to Greatness you'll be brought into reality.

* Shawn winks into the camera with a smile on his face before walking away as the SCW logo appears before fading to black. *