One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

If These Walls Could Talk

Friday, April 17th

I did it, I knew I could…I had little to no doubt in my mind that I would reign supreme over Christian Savior. The entire world watching was treated to the match that they were supposed to see at Retribution but Savior was to cowardly to actually compete in. Now we all know why Savior did everything he could to avoid that match with me. His title reign is only rivaled by CHBK’s little 5 minute reign that he had at Retribution. Savior…you’ll go down in history as a former Champion, but that will be it. You won’t be known as one of the greatest champions in history because I proved without a shadow of a doubt that I was screwed out of the title at Retribution and being the TRUE Champion that I am I regained my title with little question.

Now there wasn’t much time for celebration as this Tactical Warfare match was placed right into the lap of myself and Greaternity. My back was worked on by Christian Savior at Breakdown one wouldn’t be surprised if I took some time off to rest it but being the enemy of Mr. Drachewych I get no such luxury. In fact not only do I have to compete in this brutal two ring cage match monstrosity, I’ve got a match against one of my opponents in that match this coming Breakdown in David Miller. Wow, you’d think being the SCW Champion would get you some perks wouldn’t you? Well I guess being as hated a man as I am, those perks go right out the window.

To say that my back is hurting is an understatement. I’ll hand it to Savior he really did work on it but it only took me a second to drop him with a Graven Image. So is it really a coincidence that I’m scheduled on Breakdown against someone with the technical background of David Miller? The guy could easily focus on my back more then Christian Savior ever could…so is there a chance that I don’t even make it to Out of Control? HELL NO! If my back gets broken again by the hands of David Miller I will crawl and drag myself to that arena and I will compete against each and every wrestler in that ring until I am the only man left standing…will I collapse right after? Very possible but I’ll be damned if I let anyone else claim to be the greatest in the business as long as I’m holding the SCW Championship!

* The front door to Shawn Winters’ mansion in Los Angeles opens wide as Shawn stands in the doorway with his bag in one hand and the SCW Championship in his other. He takes a couple steps inside and drops his bag. He then kicks the door shut behind him. *

Shawn – HALIA!!!

* Shawn waits for a minute to get nothing but silence. Shawn then looks around and sees that the house is exactly how he left it. Katie’s suicide note is still sitting on the stand where Shawn left it before leaving for Breakdown. He begins to walk around before he notices a note laying on the dinning room table. He walks over to it and picks it up. *

“Shawn I’ve watched you and I’ve stayed beside you through even the worst of times however I’m afraid if I stay beside you any longer I may begin to resemble you in my own personality. I’ve already noticed myself changing being around you as much as I have been over this past year and I truly have no regrets but I’m just afraid that I’ll turn into something that I don’t want to be. The world sees you as this heartless man who can’t fathom the idea of caring for another individual but I have seen that other side of you. The one that is deep and I do mean deep inside of you that you won’t let anyone see. Shawn I don’t want you to think that I hate you in any way because that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I just need to take a break from you if anything. Maybe I’ll come back or maybe I won’t but I just need this Shawn and I hope that you can respect that. Goodbye Shawn.”

* The letter was signed by Halia. Shawn places the letter down on the table and rubs his jaw either in shock or in disappointment. He takes a seat in the chair and places the SCW Championship on the table. *

The sound of Halia’s voice has been ringing in my head ever since the last day that I saw her. What she said just struck a cord with me and I don’t know what to do about it. I obviously can’t ask her since she has packed up all her things and moved out of my house. I just want to know what she meant when she said…(sigh) when she made that reference about being hard to love me. Was she making a reference to Miranda? Does she herself love me? Or was she referring to the fact that Katie killed herself because she loved me? I guess that would make the most sense…you love me you kill yourself…I guess I am that bad of a person.

* Shawn goes to stand up but can’t quite get to his feet as he holds his back in some pain. He sits right back down with a grimace on his face. He then takes a look at his SCW Championship. *

Shawn – Wow, my back hasn’t hurt like this in a very long time. Not quite since my return to the ring anyway. Damn I suppose a guy like David Miller is the worst possible opponent for an injured man like myself to go up against in such a short period of time prior to Out of Control. David Miller with his MMA background and his technical ground game could easily tear my back to shreds. Sure I’ll win the match but quite possibly at what cost to my back? Sure going up against an opponent who just likes to punch and kick would be easier as it’d give me some sharp pains but to actually wrench and torque on my back could quite possibly be torture. But then again…maybe I’ll just be torturing David Miller the entire match. You see I find it funny that David Miller claims his technical prowess is unmatched by anyone. Well David Miller you have yet to step into the ring with the One Man Scandal Shawn Winters! Because you see…you have extensive background training in MMA and technical holds but you see…I was trained by legends. I was trained in the most famous training facility known to wrestling. You want to talk about technical wrestling? How bout we talk about being trained by “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”? (smirks) You want to try and be a technical wizard David Miller? Well let’s see how you can do when put up against someone just as good…if not better! You see some may be wondering why it took me so long to get back home…but it was only because I got an SCW camera crew to follow me back to my roots in Canada. In Calgary, Alberta Canada to be exact where I was pretty much assaulted in that dungeon by the one and only Hitman.

* The scene shows Shawn Winters with the SCW Championship over his shoulder walking slowly around the legendary Hart dungeon in the basement of Stu Hart’s famous house. *

Shawn – This room is so much colder then what I remember. This place right here is where so many legends were made. Now sure, not that many people know about my technical background because Shawn Winters has always liked the flash of high risk moves which I tend to use to my advantage but don’t for one second think that I have forgotten everything that I was taught here. I know the ground game David Miller, quite possibly better then you. Now I know that’s got to be a hard pill to swallow considering you think you’re this amazing talent but you’ve never in your wildest dreams been compared to Shawn Winters. But to say that this match between you and me won’t be watched by millions would be doing a disservice to myself and my skills.

* Shawn runs his fingertips around the wooden walls of the dungeon. *

Shawn – Now I’m not one to give out compliments to anybody trust me just ask any of my past opponents, but I can appreciate hard work which you supply David Miller. But even with a hard work ethic people still fall just short. Which could be the story of your career couldn’t David Miller? You can work so hard and get so close to the top only to fail and then what happens? You’re gone from the company and easily forgotten like the rest of the people who’ve been ran through the weeds of SCW. The only thing that really separates you from the rest is that the reality of you not mattering hasn’t quite set in so let me be the second to teach you. You see my boy Ace already taught you a lesson a couple weeks back and now you’re scheduled against Shawn Winters so in a way you may think that you’re rising up the ladder of SCW once again but the truth is the only reason you’re in this match is because Mr. Drachewych wants my back to be completely broken before Out of Control. Maybe he sees you as the best person do that but then again maybe he wants you broken more then me. Who knows what’s going through the head of Drachewych…all I know is we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a war…well wait scratch that. You David Miller…you found yourself in the middle of this war with the Infection. I on the other hand am on the front line of this war. I quite possibly started this war when I captured the SCW Championship from Jason Wheeler and became public enemy number 1.

Ya see Miller if this place taught me anything it has to be the ability to withstand pain. To be able to last that extra minute in which your opponent has tired. Sure Miller you can counter and reverse and counter some more all night long but what’s that going to do when you’re unable to get a hold locked in because your opponent knows the same moves you do? What can you do when he already knows what you’re planning before you do and then your anger sets in and BOOM in the blink of an eye you’ve got a large boot connecting under your jaw and you’re puckering those hooker like lips up and kissing the sky? It’s going to be hard to counter what you can’t see wont it Miller?

* Shawn takes a seat on a bench aligned against the wall. He places the SCW Championship across his lap. *

Shawn – I’ve got to throw a question out at you Miller…what exactly are you fighting for? You’ve gotten yourself in the middle of this war against the Infection but for what? Because one of your friends got fired? That’s what really bothers me…if somebody that held in such higher regards as yourself what are you doing befriending people so much farther beneath you? Does it make you feel that much better about yourself? That must be it because I can’t possibly fathom any other reason to hang around somebody who has the amount of respect as an illegal immigrant. I guess the company fits you Miller…one failure enjoying the company of another failure? Is that what your relationship is? It’s cute Miller really…I’m glad you’ve found somebody. (smirks)

But really Miller I’m sure that you’re going to be fresh in that ring…you know creative. Give me something unexpected you know…like a suplex? I mean you represent the suplex like you invented the fucking thing. You bring the suplex to another level and that’s impressive. I mean hell I’d be scared if you tried the same thing with something like an arm bar…oh wait you already throw down a pretty arm bar don’t you? What about a hammerlock? No, you do that too? Oh wait I got you…how bout a leg drop? Oh…oh, yeah I think I’ve got you there. Throw out a leg drop and you’ll possibly have that crowd won over in a heart beat Miller haha. For being a man whose got some Japanese-ish style training with the MMA you’d think you’d be more creative then suplex after suplex. I swear to god if I EVER see David Miller with a suplex turned into an arm bar again I’m going to fucking shoot myself. I mean are your opponents that stupid or what? I mean how many times does one have to be suplexed before you start looking for a suplex?

It reminds me of facing a pitcher in baseball. The pitcher has been throwing you down and away curveballs on every 0-2 count so far in the game and here you stand once again 0-2, what do you think he’s going to do? Down and away curveball that you’ve been swinging over each time because you were to ignorant to think when at the plate? Yeah, I’d say so. The repetitive nature of the pitcher kicks in and it’s taken out of the park for a home run. That’s what’s going to happen to you David Miller…you’re going to get suplex happy or god forbid happy in some other way and it’s going to be your downfall.

* Shawn Winters stands up once again and heads towards the door. Yet he stops and takes a final look back at the dungeon in which he was trained and punished. *

Shawn – If only these walls could talk…David Miller then you’d know what you were about to get into the ring with. I can sit here and I can try to tell you what Shawn Winters is all about but it’s hard to get across the true point of the One Man Scandal. Like I said…I can try to put what these walls know into my own words but to do that would just give disappointment to the experience. So Miller…prepare to be in a wrestling match with a mirror…except your reflection is what you wish you were and not what you’re left to be!

* Scene cuts out. *