One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


Friday May 27th, 2011

* The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters waking up in his hotel room. He gets up and takes a shower and gets dressed before checking his phone. There are a bunch of missed calls from his friend Matt. He picks up his phone and gives him a call. *

Matt – Shawn! Dude I've been trying to get a hold of you all morning.

Shawn – Sorry dude, I was sleeping. What's up?

Matt – I ran into your sister at the store and she told me that you were in town what gives?

Shawn – Yeah I...I had some loose ends that I needed to clear out.

Matt – Well hey, it'd be a shame for you to be home and not see your best friend! Let's go grab some lunch or something, get a beer.

* Shawn grabs his watch from off the counter to see that it's a little after 11 am. *

Shawn – Alright, yeah. Do you want me to meet you somewhere?

Matt – It'd be easier for you to come to my house. Kims car is in the shop so she's got mine right now.

Shawn – Alright man, give me like 20 minutes and I'll be there.

Matt – Awesome, see you then.

Shawn – Yup.

* Shawn hangs up the phone. He then gets a smile on his face. *

Shawn – I knew it was a good idea to come back here. That talk with Angie was seriously what I needed. Who needs to change when all I've got to do is be present and I'm already a success? This is going to be easy. I don't know what the hell I was so afraid of. I'm going to father the shit out of this child! Well Hannah's going to be doing all the work but damn it I'll be present the whole time! Yeah! Woo! Shawn Winters, father to be!

* Shawn catches his breath for a second before grabbing his keys and his bags and walking out the door. He checks out of his hotel before getting into his car and getting on his way to his friend Matt's house. Minutes pass as Shawn is pulling into the drive way. He parks his car and gets out walking up to the front door. He knocks on it and hears Matt's voice from inside. *


* Shawn thinking nothing of it opens the door before noticing a group of people in the living room. Matt and an older man are standing up. *

Matt – Shawn, I'm glad you came.

Shawn – What's going on? Whose this guy?

* Shawn then notices that Kim, Brooke, Angie, and Ace were standing behind them. *

Dr. Ross – Shawn I am Dr. Arnold Ross, we're all here today because we love you.

Shawn – What the fuck is going on? Is this an intervention?!

* Matt walks up to Shawn. *

Matt – Dude we're doing what has to be done. You've got to hear this from everybody. I got everybody who loves you.

Shawn – There's 3 people here and Ace.

Dr. Ross – It's all we could find.

Shawn – Are you serious with this guy? He's got two first names and looks like the offspring of Jack Black and an elephant.

Dr. Ross – Come now Shawn, this is a safe place. We're all here because-

Shawn – You love me right I get it. Seriously though get this cunt muscle out of here. He doesn't love me.

Dr. Ross – Shawn I-

* Angie interupts him. *

Angie – Don't bother Dr. It's a defense mechanism, trust me I had to deal with it for years. Whenever he doesn't know something, feels threatened, or out smarted he just berates you until you give up resulting in him saving face.

Matt – Shawn he's here to mediate the whole thing. I'm sorry buddy but this has to be done.

Shawn – No, Angie tell him that I don't need any help. You and I talked last night, I'm fine!

Angie – Shawn...actually me and Matt set this thing up. After everything that you told me last night and what you told Matt two weeks ago we decided that this was the best way to take action.

Shawn – You can seriously take action with my fist if you don't let me go and get me out of here. I'm not some addict that needs to be shown the error of his ways. I'm not going to be on MTV, my career isn't going down the drain yet.

Matt – Shawn please. We set this up because we're seriously worried about you. You've got a problem and we're here to help you solve it.

Shawn – Ace! Come on dude, of all people why are you here?!

Ace – I was told there would be free food?

Matt – There's food in the fridge help yourself.

* Ace gets up and walks into the kitchen. *

Kim – Shawn please. Nobody is here to judge you or hurt you. We just want to help you get over this whole situation and who knows, maybe you'll learn something from this whole thing or maybe you'll have this thing to make fun of us for years to come. We all know how you like to make fun of your friends. So come on Shawn, if we're right it'll help you if we're wrong you'll be able to ridicule eh? Fun right?

* Shawn shakes his head before taking a seat in a chair clearly not in the best of moods anymore. *

Shawn – Seriously, I am fine. I woke up this morning and I felt great. This whole thing is completely unnecessary.

Angie – Then just humor us Shawn alright. You might not take this seriously but we are.

* Right then Ace walks back into the room with a sandwich before sitting down. *

Dr. Ross – Alright everyone, as you all know we are here to express our love and concerns towards our friend or loved one Shawn here. Who wants to begin and share what they wrote?

* Right then Angie stands up with a piece of paper in hand. *

Angie – I'll start. Shawn, I know you and I haven't been the greatest of friends over the years however after nearly 10 years of being divorced now it seems so long ago that we were in love. Seeing you last night outside of my house reminded me of everything that I loved about you and at the same time reminded me about everything that I hated. When you want to be you're strong, caring, funny, along with disrespectful, arrogant, and inconsiderate.

Shawn – Wow this is making me feel better already.

Angie – Shut up Shawn! What I'm trying to say, is even for me...a person that thought would never forgive you for what you did, I find myself looking at you and not hating you but feeling sorry for you. You and I were married and we were...or I should I say I was pregnant. I found out you were sleeping with another girl named Katie and it crushed my entire world. I find you last night and you're still repeating the same behaviors. Shawn, you've clearly got a problem. You're addicted to making people's lives miserable. There is a saying that you only hurt the ones that you love and Shawn I'm telling you right now that you've hurt each one of us in this room.

Shawn – I haven't hurt this douche bag.

* Shawn points to Dr. Ross. *

Dr. Ross – Once again, I'm just a mediator.

Angie – Shawn you've got a problem and we're here to make you conscious of it because we fear that you're not aware of it.

Dr. Ross – Thank you Angie, who would like to step up next?

* Shawn's sister Brooke stands up with a piece of paper in hand. *

Brooke – Shawn, you know that I love you and I look up to you like a hero. I didn't know whether or not I wanted to come to this because I'm not sure that I agree with it, I am a Winters after all right? (smiles) However it really does pain me to see my big brother in such pain. It pains me to see my big brother struggling with himself. When I saw you yesterday you weren't the same person that I looked up to my entire life. You weren't the same person that I've seen on television making fun of people and getting the crowd all riled up. You seemed like a shell of that man. Somebody who has always been so confident and sure of everything in his life has all the sudden found himself second guessing his own actions. That's not the Shawn Winters that I know and it's not the Shawn Winters that I look up to. Shawn, you need to figure this thing out for good so you can get back to your old confident self. I know you want that too.

Shawn – I'm as confident as I've ever been.

Brooke – Shawn, I'm not talking about your physical ability. I'm talking about your mental. You're going to need it all if you're going to win at Taking Hold of the Flame. If you're not going to take anyone else's comments to heart at least take mine.

* Brooke sits down. *

Dr. Ross – Who would like to go next?

* Right then Kim stands up with a piece of paper in hand. *

Kim – Shawn, Now I understand that I haven't known you as long as the others here but I have known you for a little over a year now and I can honestly say that you're one of the funnest and most exciting people to be around. I understood that you had your own personal issues going all the way back to when you were a kid and they continue today but the fact is that none of that seemed to matter when you were around the ones you cared about. You have always been the type of guy who can find fun in anything he does, whether it's making fun of people or just acting stupid it's all part of your charm. For the most part we all know you do it out of love. To see you torturing yourself over this issue with Hannah is heart breaking to me. You were the best man at Matt and I's wedding and you gave a speech. You gave a speech about love and how you hope to find it someday and I'm telling you right now you'll find it if you don't stop running away from it! Love wants to find you Shawn, you're just too busy building walls to prevent it from getting in. You can only reflect those that love you so much before one person sneaks through. Let Hannah be that person to sneak through. It might be scary but when you finally let yourself fall you'll feel comfort knowing that there is someone there to catch you.

Dr. Ross – Thank you Kim that was beautiful. Matt would you like to go next?

* Matt stands up with a piece of paper in hand. *

Matt – Shawn, I wrote down on this piece of paper everything that I wanted to say to you but I'm not going to need it.

* Matt crumbles up the paper and tosses it to the side as Shawn starts to laugh a bit. *

Shawn – Was that supposed to be dramatic?

Matt – Shawn you can make fun of me all you want I get it, I really do. You and I have been friends since we were 17 years old. That's a long time, it's been like dog years being your friend I swear. However through all of the hard times and the good I've always stood beside you even trusting you enough to be my best man at my wedding. Even though you did do the one thing me and Kim begged you not to do.

* Kim looks up at Matt confused. *

Kim – What did he do?

* Kim all the sudden realizes. *


* Shawn puts his head in his hands. *

Kim – I knew it! Matt how come you didn't tell me?!

Matt – He told me not to.

Kim – What is it with you Shawn? You have such control over the people around you yet you can't seem to get control over yourself.

Matt – Kim, we can talk about this later.

Shawn – Yeah, besides your sister wasn't that good anyways.

Matt – Shawn, not now. Anyways where was I? (thinking) Right...despite all of your faults and believe me there are many even though you consider yourself to be perfect, I have always loved you as a friend. You have stood by my side through the hardest of times and it just pains me to see that I'm not able to help you through yours. You're like a brother to me and I refuse to let you ruin a good thing with Hannah. I stand here right now telling you that you're about to let the best thing in your life go and it's only going to further feed your addiction.

Shawn you're only happy when you're releasing your own problems onto somebody else. You're only happy when you're trying to make somebody else more miserable than you are. You did it with Greg Cherry, you did it with Christy Matthews, and now you're doing it with your own wife. Shawn you've got problems, issues, demons, that not even the best of psychiatrists could diagnose. Yet here we are telling you that it's not over. You can still fix this if you actually want to try.

* Matt sits down before telling his wife Kim something getting her to settle down. *

Dr. Ross – Alright and that leaves us to Ace Marshall. Would you like to share a few words?

* Ace takes the final bite of his sandwich before standing up with a piece of paper in his hand much like the rest of the group. *

Ace – (clears throat) The broken clock is a comfort, it helps you sleep in the night. Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all your time. You are here still waiting though we still have your doubts. You're damaged at best like we've already figured out. You're falling apart, you're barely breathing. With a broken heart, that's still beating. In the pain, there is healing. In your name I find healing.

* Right then Angie stands up and grabs Ace's paper. *

Angie – Oh my god...these are song lyrics!

Matt – What?

* Matt takes a look at the paper while Ace takes a bite of his sandwich. *

Angie – Yeah, these are the lyrics to Broken by Lifehouse.

Matt – Are you an idiot?!

Ace – What? I thought they applied just fine. What do you want me to say? I love Shawn, I don't want him to change damn it. Shawn divorce the bitch!

* Ace gets dragged out of the room by Angie and Brooke and you can hear Ace is the back ground ask Angie and Brooke for their phone numbers followed by a “you're 18 right?” Matt goes up to Shawn as Shawn stands up. *

Matt – Shawn, we're just trying to bring to your attention the consequences of your actions. You can't keep doing this. If you don't fix yourself now eventually this whole thing is going to backfire on you. You've got to let somebody in at some point otherwise you're just going to be alone with nobody to share anything with. Have you seen the movie “For the Love of the Game” with Kevin Costner? He plays an old pitcher named Billy Chapel and in his last game he throws a perfect game against the Yankees and he realizes that he has nobody to share the moment with. Think about that, think about how you're going to feel when you win at Taking Hold of the Flame and then again at Rise to Greatness and you don't have anyone there to celebrate with. Sure you may have some random girls at a bar but is that really what you want?

Shawn – Depends how many random girls are we talking about here?

Matt – God damn it Shawn come on.

Shawn – Matty...I'm fine. I'm going home now. I'll talk to you later.

* Shawn goes to the door. *

Matt – Hey, can you at least take Ace with you?

Shawn – guys brought him here he's your problem.

* Shawn walks out the door closing it behind him before getting into his car. He drives off towards the air port to take him home. Shawn goes through security and everything until he's in first glass with a class of rum and his own thoughts. *

I'm glad I was able to save face through that ordeal. As much as my talk with Angie helped clear my thoughts that whole thing was a real kick in the ass to actually do something about it. I know I've got problems but this one has never really effected me the way I expected it to. Maybe I care for Hannah more than I thought? I mean she is able to take the punishment that I dish out to her which is super sexy. Who would of thought that a drunken mistake in Vegas would turn out to this? Sure I could divorce her but how long will it take before I have 8 ex-wives and I'm giving them all my money and I'm 60 years old still trying to wrestle at Rise to Greatness making an idiot out of myself as my entire name and legacy gets tarnished. I can't let that happen, the name of Shawn Winters will never be tarnished. Well unless we're talking about the time with the poster in the hotel room...get back on thought damn it. Wait a minute...what am I going to say to Hannah when I get home?

* The plane takes off leaving Shawn alone with his drink and his thoughts until he lands back in Los Angeles. *

* The scene opens up with Shawn standing in front of his own houses door with his bags in hand. It has now been 14 days since he had last spoken to his wife. He is standing still looking at the front door seemingly frozen in time. He reaches his hand out to grab the door's locked. He grabs his keys out from his pocket. *

Shawn – God I'm hoping she didn't change the locks to my own house. Seen that shit too much in movies.

* Shawn sticks the keys into the door and slowly opens it scared that Hannah will rush him the moment he walks in. He steps inside and sets his bags to the side before closing the door behind him. He looks around to see no signs of life. He walks further inside as he peaks around the corner of his kitchen to no avail. He looks down the hall towards the pool area to no avail again. He takes himself upstairs to see if she's in their bedroom or any other room around once again to no avail. Shawn goes back down stairs and takes a seat on the couch. *

Shawn – She's not home. Maybe she's out getting groceries or something. Maybe she's out to dinner with Lindsey...oh god I hope not. Last thing I need right now is for Lindsey to be whispering in her ear to be the first to ask for a divorce. “Beat him at his own game” she'd say. God that bitch is annoying. I wonder where she is.

* Shawn grabs the house phone and looks through the call list. The last answered call came from three days ago. *

Shawn – That's weird. Hannah just decided not to answer a call for three days? That doesn't sound like her. Maybe she's just just been dragging herself across the house after I left and stopped talking to people? That doesn't add up otherwise she'd be here now. What's going on?

* Shawn then whistles a couple times. *

Shawn – Shadow!!!

* Shawn whistles again a couple more times. *

Shawn – Shadow?!

* Shawn's dog isn't there. *

Shawn – She didn't kill my dog did she?

* Shawn gets up to take another look around. He notices that it doesn't look like anybody's been here for a while. *

Shawn – Did Hannah leave?

* Shawn then decides to go back upstairs and into the bedroom. He looks in the closet and notices that all of her clothes are gone. The realization has just hit in. Shawn is still. *

Shawn – Wha-she-no-.....oh my god.

* Shawn then goes into the bathroom to see that all of her make up and everything is gone as well. Shawn then sits down on the toilet in disbelief. *

Shawn – I...I'm too late. She...she moved out. I don't think this has ever happened before.

* Shawn rubs his hands through his hair seemingly confused. *

Shawn – But I came back...

* Shawn stands up and pulls out a drawer to see one of Hannah's bottles of perfume roll out. Shawn grabs it and takes the cap off before smelling it closing his eyes. He takes a deep breath taking it in before smelling it again he now holds it to his lips. He takes another deep breathing looking at the ceiling before looking at the wall and tossing the perfume back in the drawer before closing it and walking out of the bathroom. He places his hand on the wall trying to support himself. He then throws his back against the wall of the hall way. He slowly slides down the wall into a seated position. He places his head into his palms. *

Shawn – I don't believe it. She left...she left me.

* Throws his head back against the wall looking up trying to completely understand the situation. *

Shawn – This is Lindsey's fault I know it!

* Shawn pulls himself up before rushing down the stairs and calling Lindsey's cell phone number. *

Lindsey – Hello?

Shawn – Lindsey it's Shawn!

Lindsey – Shawn Who? I know a lot of Shawn's.

Shawn – Damn it Lindsey I'm not joking around! Where the fuck is Hannah?

Lindsey – Ohhh! Shawn Winters!! I know who you are now.

Shawn – Don't play games you knew who I was the whole time!

Lindsey – Don't play games? Don't play games? Oh my god get off of your high horse Shawn and smell the roses. Hannah didn't play any games. She straight up left your ass!

Shawn – This is all your fault isn't it?

Lindsey – No Shawn it's yours. No husband would leave his wife after finding out she's pregnant and not speaking a word to her for what is it now? Two weeks?!

Shawn – It's not like that.

Lindsey – Shawn I'm not Hannah, I'm not going to believe these dumb ass lies that you've fooled every woman into believing. I'm hanging up now!

Shawn – Lindsey wait!!!

* The phone is disconnected as Shawn slams it down before running his hands through his hair pulling it back in frustration. *

Shawn – FUCK!!!

* He grabs the phone and throws it against the wall breaking a picture. Shawn takes a couple breaths before grabbing his cell phone and calling Matt. Shawn falls to the floor with his back to the couch. *

Matt – What's up?

Shawn – She's gone.

Matt – Damn it dude, you didn't listen to us at all did you?!

Shawn – Fuck you! She's gone! I came home and she's gone...she left me!

Matt – Holy shit...dude I'm sorry.

Shawn – Don't be...I deserve this don't I?

Matt – I...

Shawn – Yeah I do...

* Shawn hangs up the phone. *

Shawn – Well...what's left now Shawn? You've clearly fucked this up. Everything you went back home for has clearly been for nothing.

* Shawn grabs a picture frame that fell on the floor, it's a picture of Shawn and Hannah with her parents at their anniversary party. *

Shawn – She's at her parents. Of course, how could I forget that?

* Shawn checks his watch to see that it's 9 pm and he gets up and grabs his keys before rushing out the door. Moments go by as Shawn has now parked in front of the “Hesser” house. Shawn gets out of the car. He walks up to the front door before knocking. He can hear a dog barking in the background. *

Shawn – Shadow!

* Right then Hannah's dad Alec answers the door. *

Alec – Well if it isn't Mr. Big Shot.

Shawn – Alec listen, I just want to see my wife is she here?

Alec – Oh, my baby girl? Yeah she's here. You want to see her do you?

Shawn – Yes Alec, listen I had to do a lot of soul searching to figure out whether I was ready for this but I have to see her. I have to do this face to face a phone call wont work.

Alec – Ya know, I always liked you!

* Alec hugs Shawn. *

Alec – I knew you were the guy to give it to my daughter right and now she's pregnant. I can't wait to be a Grandpa! Ya!

* Shawn forgot how weird Hannah's parents were until just now as Alec lets Shawn inside before slapping him on the ass. *

Shawn – Seriously?! The ass slapping?

* Right then Hannah walks out from the kitchen looking at Shawn. *

Shawn – Hannah....

Hannah – I didn't expect you to come back.

Shawn – I...I wouldn't of expected me to come back either. The fact is Hannah, I'm here. I'm standing right here.

Hannah – So?

* Shawn takes a minute to catch his breath and his thoughts. *

Shawn – Hannah, I have never been more terrified of anything than being a father. The fact is that failing as a father erases everything that I've accomplished in my life. I could have a Purple Heart right now and if people knew I was a failure as a father that Purple Heart wouldn't mean shit. So yes Hannah, I'm afraid...yet I'm standing here in front of you telling you this. I love you Hannah and I don't wanna lose you. I can't say that I haven't done this before but the fact is this is a huge step forward for me. I'm here Hannah...and I don't really know how to do this so I'm willing to be any stereotypical movie actor in a love story that you want me to be. I'll be Jerry McGuire right now, I'll be Tom Cruise...

Hannah – Stop!

* Hannah walks up to Shawn. *

Hannah – Stop talking, you do enough of it for a living. I know everything...I know that Charlie is a girl. I know that you practically rape her on TV. Please Shawn...tell me that I'm wrong so I can show you the clip that Lindsey showed me?!

* Shawn shuts up. *

Hannah – With all that aside Shawn....You left me, you left me when I was in need the most. I was scared and depressed and to find out that my own husband wasn't there to back me up? How do you think that made me feel?

Shawn – Bad?

Hannah – You're damn right bad! You may be scared to be a father but did you ever think that I was scared to be a mother?! Fuck no! Because it's always about you!

Shawn – I know, that's why I left. I had to figure out who I was and what I actually wanted in life. The fact is I don't care what happens as long as I have you. All I want is you.

Hannah – All you want is me? What about our baby? Huh Shawn? Do you even want it?

Shawn – I...I just want things to go back the way they were.

Hannah – Well they can't...I'm pregnant so I'm different and you're an asshole so clearly you're still the same!

* Shawn stops for a second to contain his thoughts. So many things running through his mind right now including everything that was said to him this morning. *

Earlier Today

Matt – You're like a brother to me and I refuse to let you ruin a good thing with Hannah. I stand here right now telling you that you're about to let the best thing in your life go...

Shawn – Hannah...I know I fucked up...I know I made a mistake trust me I know and I'm here right now trying to make it right. Can we just...can't we just start over?

Hannah – How dare you ask me to trust you! Don't you dare!!! (sigh) Shawn...we're can't just start over...we're just over.

* Right then Hannah turns around and walks upstairs as Shawn is left in disbelief. Right then Alec walks up with Shadow on a leash. *

Alec – I believe this is yours.

* He hands Shawn the leash. *

Alec – Listen, I think that you're the right person for my daughter however I love my daughter and I would do anything for her and if that means making sure that you're out of her life then so be it. Good bye Mr. Big Shot.

* Shawn walks out the front door with Shadow as it closes behind him. Shawn grabs Shadow and takes him to the car before getting in himself. *

I was stupid to have thought that she would of stayed. I guess she's a stronger girl that I had first thought. She left Shawn Winters...this feeling sucks. There is a saying, behind every great man is a great woman...does that mean that I'm not actually great? Or does it simply mean that every woman behind me or in front of me per say is great? You often hear how proud men are to have a certain woman in their life. Am I never to be so lucky? Or am I destined to wonder the streets searching for the love that I can never have. If goes the story of Shawn Winters.

* The scene opens up in what seems to be an art gallery. There are paintings on the walls with captions and golden plates underneath. There is a group of about 20 people taking pictures as they are clearly on some sort of tour. The group begins to spread apart as they move on towards the next painting revealing Shawn Winters to be leading the tour. *

Shawn – Now onto the next masterpiece from the greatest artist in the world Shawn Winters.

* They focus on a painting of Jay Gold tapping out to the Sharpshooter at Armed and Dangerous in 2005. The crowd takes a few pictures with their cameras. *

Shawn – As you see here this is known as the “Pedophile Jay Gold” portrait. As you can see the pure anguish in his face. This was one of my earlier works and yet it still holds up through time. The self proclaimed “Master of the Moment” only truly mastered being Shawn Winters' bitch. Now the reason this is really a masterpiece is because this was the moment that Jay Gold once again became relevant. A guy who used to be a World Champion only to be a guy that everybody made fun of. People wouldn't want to “pull a Jay Gold” and fade into obscurity after being Champion. I took pity on this man and I put my own talents on display in order to create a masterpiece that I am still proud of to this day. It's not an easy thing to make Jay Gold look good I'll tell you all that right now yet I was able to create art with that man mainly because of my own abilities and that match and that feud would later be rewarded with Feud of the Year. Jay Gold has continued to try and thank me for that however I refuse to accept because I was just doing my job. On to the next masterpiece.

* Shawn leads the crowd towards another painting. This painting shows Shawn Winters standing over Jason Wheeler or Jason Zero as he's called now with the SCW Championship over head from Highway to Hell in 2009. *

Shawn – This painting called “Zero Company”.

* Someone in the crowd raises their hand. *

Shawn – Yes you fat little kid in the front row.

Kid – Why is is it called “Zero Company”?

Shawn – Glad you asked. Some say it's because Jason Wheeler or Zero I get confused has won more World Championships than anyone in SCW history there for he has Zero Company at the top. Others say it's because of a play on words with his last name and large company he shares with others that Shawn Winters has owned throughout his career. I'll let you take your pick on that one. Either way with this masterpiece you can see how much effort I really put into making Jason Zero a star. Sure all the Championships that he won could constitute stardom but you haven't truly reached stardom until you're tested against Shawn Winters. Jason was a walking clichι much like Jay Gold was until Shawn Winters gave him the time of day. Me defeating him for the World Championship whether he will admit it or not was the single greatest moment of his life. I once again provided my Midas touch on the career of Jason Zero however looking at him now it clearly looks like I'll have to work another masterpiece after that embarrassing loss to Greg Cherry.

* The same fat kid raises his hand. *

Shawn – What? Can't you see that I'm teaching you all something?

Kid – But didn't you pin Ace Marshall in that match?

Shawn – What's your point? Either way I beat Jason Zero for the Championship now put down your popcorn you're slowing the rest of us down. Moving on.

* Shawn and the group move onto the next portrait. They reach the next one with the crowd taking pictures once more. This portrait is of Shawn Winters standing face to face with James Exeter from Rise to Greatness 2009. *

Shawn – This portrait is called “Extraordinaryly Ordinary”. As you can see here the eye to eye contact between the two of these men. In that contact you can see that there wasn't hatred per say just the anticipation of the event. The excitement of the match. The world had stopped for that match. I took James Exeter to the next level. He always called himself Extraordinary but he was nothing more than ordinary until he went up against Shawn Winters on the grandest stage of them all for the biggest prize of them all. That match made James Exeter and don't let anyone tell you different. I created what could be seen as my greatest masterpiece on that night. This could have been my version of Michelangelo's “David” but who am I to judge my own work right?

* A girl raises her hand. *

Shawn – What is it?

Girl – I'm confused how you can say that you made James Exeter when he beat you that night.

Shawn – Are you retarded? Because seriously if you are I don't want you anywhere near me. I don't know if that shit's contagious. Seriously...back of the line.

* The girl takes a few steps backwards. *

Shawn – Now to answer your retarded question let me give you a question of my own. Would James Exeter have been anything if it wasn't for that match? Would he have really lived up to his own overhyped billed? The answer is no now let's move onto something that hopefully won't involve anymore dumb questions, I'm trying to educate you all on one of the greatest artists the world has ever seen show some damn respect. You'd all be lucky to end up in this gallery one day.

* They move onto another portrait. This one is of Greg Cherry crying to the referee from Gang Rulz 2010. *

Shawn – As you can see here this is none other than Greg Cherry and this portrait is called “The Crying Game”. (smirks) Just look at the pain and realization in his eyes. The pain in knowing that he's a pathetic failure and the realization that his family is gone. Heh on my worst days I look at this masterpiece and I instantly get a spring in my step. Knowing what I did for that man just really brightens my day. I made him look himself in the mirror. I made him admit to his own short comings. I'll be the first to admit that I can't work miracles which is why it took so many different attempts with Greg Cherry for him to fully live up to his potential of a Shawn Winters masterpiece. Pablo Picasso couldn't have put together a better piece of work. I say that because I appreciate how hard I had to work at making Greg Cherry, at molding Greg Cherry like a piece of play dough. I had to work so much harder to create this masterpiece simply because Greg Cherry is the most talentless, gutless piece of shit that I have ever had to work with.

* The fat kid raises his hand again. *

Shawn – SERIOUSLY?! What the fuck?!

Kid – Didn't Greg Cherry beat you?

Shawn – You're clearly looking past the vision that I am painting in your mind Otubbo Bin Ladin. Team Six couldn't penetrate that brain and actually make it functional so I'm not even going to justify it with a response.

Woman – Why do you berate the kid for asking a simple question?

Shawn – Some say it's a defense mechanism others say to shut the fuck up! MOVING ON!

* They move onto the next portrait. This one is of Shawn Winters hanging Christy Matthews over the ropes at Riding the Lightning this year. *

Shawn – This portrait is called “Worthless Endeavors”. As you can see in this beautiful piece of work despite her best efforts Christy Matthews isn't able to hang herself.

Woman – Ok you're clearly hanging her!

Shawn – Are you trying to say that I tried to kill her? If anything I am Dr. Kevorkian in this whole matter. I was just trying to assist a dying woman and in doing so I made her see the light, PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH! Yet after this whole ordeal was over I sort of felt used. Like a naive girl on prom night. Here I am putting out and what do I get in return? Not even a call the next morning? Not even a “Thank you” from Christy Matthews for saving your career?! Don't you realize you were just saved?! This is a masterpiece that I regret making. Stupid bitch doesn't show any gratitude what so ever. It'll only be time before I'm begging to make another masterpiece out of her but like I said I'm no miracle worker. I'm not God, I'm simply somebody better than all of you. On to the next piece.

* Shawn leads the group to a portrait of Shawn Winters delivering the Graven Image to David Helms on Breakdown. *

Shawn – This piece is called “Hippocratic Oath”. As you see here the once strong and defiant Champion David Helms falls victim to that of Shawn Winters. Now the trick question here is was he actually a victim? Anyone?

* Fat kid raises his hand. *

Kid – Yes he was because Ryan Watson cost him the match.

Shawn – Alright seriously somebody put a mussel on Porky Pig over here. The fact is David Helms has fallen off of his high horse and landed right into a Graven Image alright? You're clearly reading too far into things there kid. The truth is, David Helms needed me to wake him up. He needed me to resurect his dying career. I know it was only weeks since he was Champion but seriously, he lost it to Greg Cherry...if that's not a dying career then I don't know what is.

* The fat kid raises his hand once again. *

Shawn – NO! SHUT UP!

* The fat kid puts his hand back down. *

Shawn – You can clearly see that with this entire gallery that the one and only Shawn Winters has made masterpieces out of the most unlikely of talents. He has outdone the likes of Picasso, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Mozart, and Van Gogh. I have surpassed them all and shall forever be remembered as the greatest artist the greatest performer the world has ever seen and by showing you my final masterpiece you will all realize what I am talking about!

* Shawn walks up to a portrait that is covered by a cloth. Shawn rips the cloth off and it's Shawn Winters with his arm raised in victory at Taking Hold of the Flame. *

Shawn – This right here...this will be my final masterpiece! Oh no...there won't be a subject...there will only be me. I'm going to make my own masterpiece out of myself!

* The lights dim and the camera focus' on Shawn's face. He looks directly into the camera without an expression on his face. *

Shawn – Oh yeah...I'm talking to all of you now. Ya know as selfish as I have been in my personal life, trust me I'm sure you'll all see the headlines in TMZ sooner rather than later, I have been the exact opposite in my professional life. As this little gallery has shown for the past few months I have been using my Midas touch to create stars in this business. I have used my own talents to better those around me well you know what? I'm tired of carrying people around on my back. I am tired of taking amateur athletes and giving them the greatest match of their career. I am tired of lessening myself in order to make those around me look better. I'm's time for Taking Hold of the Flame and that means Rise to Greatness is just around the corner. I'm done making diamonds out of coal. It's time for Shawn Winters to look out for himself! There will be no more Christy Matthews'! There will be no more Lucas Knights'! There will be no more David Helms'! There will be no more Shaun Cruze's! There will simply be Shawn Winters! It is time for Shawn Winters to once again stand on top of this industry like only he can. It is time for Shawn Winters to win the battle royal and once again wear the SCW World Championship around the greatest waist in entertainment. Shawn Winters is done with his little pity party...yeah...what you've all seen has been Shawn Winters' pity. Now just imagine how cruel I can be, how unforgiving I can be, how unbeatable I can be. Shawn Winters is called the “One Man Scandal” for a reason and come Taking Hold of the Flame, I'll bring out all the stops in order to sure MY light at Rise to Greatness. I say “my” light because I don't plan on sharing it with anybody! Sure there might be somebody else in the ring with me at the time but when it comes down to it the light that shines brightest will forever and always be that of Shawn Winters. Get your tickets ready girls because Rise to Greatness will once again be great!

* Shawn Winters logo flashes on the screen followed by SCW's logo which is followed by a countdown to Rise to Greatness. *