One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

It's Not Over

Time flies when you're drinking and getting stoned doesn't it? It feels like just yesterday when I was happily married. Well I guess I was never happily married at the time but looking at it now, it sure seemed happy to me. There is a saying that you don't know what you've got until it's gone and that's never weighed truer than right now. Through the haze that is my memory I've seen flashes of light and each one of them involves Hannah's face. When you celebrate something as big as winning Taking Hold of the Flame you're supposed to have someone to share that feeling with. Somebody that loves you and shares in your accomplishments. What did I have? Ace? Yeah, a real loving guy he is. I don't know...through all of my bullshit it seems as though I've finally found the girl to stand up to me and call me out on it yet in doing so I lost her. But I'm not giving up. I refuse to let this failure haunt me for the rest of my life. I'm not going to be a 50 year old man telling my illegitimate children of the one that got away. Of the one that actually took Shawn Winters' heart. I won't be that bitter old man. My story is going to have a happy ending. It has to have a happy ending. I don't even remember how many days it's been since Hannah left me. Days have turned to weeks and weeks have turned to months. It's all just been a fuzz of regret. I have done things that most normal men wouldn't be proud of, yet I have thick enough skin to live with them. If I were a religious man I would have to question whether or not God could ever forgive me for the things that I've done. Can I forgive myself? The fact is I know that I can get Hannah back as long as I get one more chance to speak with her. I know that I can make things right with her. I'm not letting go of this. I have to try.

Thursday June 23rd, 2011

* Breakdown was officially in the books and Shawn Winters was still in the UK. Despite not being booked for the Anarchy in the UK show on the 25th he wasn't sure whether or not he was going to give any of these Lucas Knight loving, Queen having, fans another show. The way Shawn see's it is that they've already gotten their money's worth by one Shawn Winters performance asking for two would be greedy. The past few days however have been nothing but drugs, alcohol, women, and in a foreign country none the less. Luckily Ty has been hired as Shawn personal body guard and baby sitter. *

Shawn – Ty I just want to officially tell you face to face that you have been doing an amazing job.

Ty – Thanks Shawn...I'm not going to lie this job is a lot harder then I thought it would be.

Shawn – I tried to tell you, I'm a hand full to deal with and you've done your part in spades. The last thing I need is a repeat of 2009. You're here to keep me out of prison. Keep me out of trouble. If you can save Ace too, then so be it but just remember that I'm the one paying you and not him.

Ty – Of course.

Shawn – I need my focus to be completely on Shilo Valiant and the World Championship. I can't have an arrest and prison time in the back of my mind. I was able to avenge that loss to Exeter last night on Breakdown and now all I have left is my inevitable third World Championship reign. You're going to be a big part of that Ty.

Ty – I will get you to Rise to Greatness Shawn you can count on that!

Shawn – Great! Now...I do have a new task for you.

Ty – What's that?

Shawn – I broke my phone.

Ty – How'd you break it?

Shawn – That wall was talking shit and I needed something to throw at it.

Ty – So you chose your phone?

Shawn – Ty...listen to me...I'm no genius. I don't know how physics works. When object A collides with object B equals result C. I'm not supposed to understand those things. I'm supposed to look sexy and talk fancy words in order to keep peoples attention. Now...what I'm asking you to go out and buy me a new phone.

Ty – Alright I think I can handle that.

Shawn – Good...ya see Ty, I'm a simple man with simple needs. Just happens that one of those needs is a baby sitter.

Ty – Haha, yeah that's an odd need.

Shawn – I said I was a simple man not a mature one. Now beat it. I need a phone to make some phone calls.

* Ty leaves Shawn's suite. Shawn turns around and looks out the window. Every time that Shawn is alone and sober all he can think about is one thing. How he ran away. How he failed his wife at the time that she needed him most. He was so selfish in his actions and now he's trying to do whatever he can to repair the relationship. It's a hard thing to do when Hannah changed her phone number and Shawn broke his. Ace has been doing all he can to keep Shawn's spirits as high as they could be. Hell, even Ace's girlfriend Holly has managed to put in an effort. A horrible effort but an effort none the less. With each growing moment of the reality of his own life Shawn grows angrier and more bitter. With those growing feelings grows his desire to numb those feelings. *

Shawn – I need a drink.

* Shawn has gone deeper down the rabbit hole of alcoholism and drug abuse. Greaternity used to be about fun, parties, and fucking women. Now...Shawn is simply using it as a coping mechanism. He puts on a face when people are around but it seems like Ace and Holly have seen behind the curtain. They've seen that it's all a front and the truth is, for the first time in Shawn Winters' life. He doesn't enjoy being himself. The alcohol shall flow through him like a waterfall hoping to literally drown his feelings under the massive weight of the fluid. A slow death, but a death none the less. Shawn has never felt suicidal in his life. Always felt it to be a selfish act and even berated Christy Matthews for succumbing to a pressure that she created for herself. Shawn has always loved his life...loved making everyone else's miserable. It was only time before he hurt the ones he loved. If there was ever a moment Shawn contemplated would be right now. However he knows that death isn't the answer and it never is. He just wants a chance to speak with Hannah one more time because he knows that he can make her love him again. Shawn can be a very lovable person when he wants to be, he just doesn't like to show that side to certain people. His life has always been an open book to the fans, something that he's been very proud of. He doesn't hide from his past or his actions, however he wishes he could hide from this one. *

Ace – Shawn! Happy hour in five let's go!

* Ace Marshall has walked into Shawn's room while Shawn now has a small glass with it half filled with ice and whiskey. *

Ace – Awesome. I like where your heads at!

* Ace walks over to Shawn's bar and makes himself a drink. *

Ace – Where's Ty? We need a driver.

Shawn – I sent him out to get me a new phone.

Ace – What happened to your phone?

Shawn – “Angry Birds”.

Ace – Gotcha.

* They both take a drink. *

Ace – So when is he going to be back?

Shawn – Shouldn't take him too long. He just had to go down the street a bit.

Ace – By the way, sucks that you weren't able to get the win over James. If it wasn't for the entire roster coming out to get tv time you would of won.

Shawn – I had James right where I wanted him. Down on his back in the center of the ring yet it all got ruined by...Jake Starr?! I mean seriously? Has he been at home just watching me week after week waiting for his moment to pounce? That idiot should of stayed home because either way he's going to be watching me wrestle in the main event at Rise to Greatness and become the New SCW Champion. That little nugget of a human being will have to start all the way down at the bottom like everybody else. Nothing get's handed to you...he'll soon learn that.

Ace - Who says he doesn't weasel his way into your main event?

Shawn - Oh are so confused. Ya see...I'm about to take care of that the moment I get my phone back. Jake Starr won't have any idea what he's gotten himself into.

Ace – I trust you. Well with that all said...we still put on a show that those idiots won't soon forget. It'll definitely be better than anything the rest of the roster can put together at this SuperShow coming up. Can you believe that we're not even booked?

Shawn – I think we've done enough charity work for this backward ass country don't you think? I mean any place that cheers Lucas Knight clearly must be that of the third world kind.

Ace – True story.

Shawn – The only thing that I care about come this Anarchy show is that Shilo somehow gets gang raped by all 28 members of Infamous. Is that what they're up to now? 28?

Ace – I think they added a couple more at a house show.

Shawn – Of course they did, they're like the next disease epidemic it's just growing and growing and turning into one massively dull and unentertaining group of untalented people who claim to be the best when in all seriousness their biggest name is Lucas Knight and he's a joke. If Infamous wants to prove their competence then they will beat Shilo within an inch of his life so it'll be even smoother sailing for me at Rise to Greatness.

Ace – You are focused! Yeah! That's what I like to see! Greaternity with SCW World Champion Shawn Winters leading us into the battle of boredom and mediocrity! Couldn't ask for anyone better to be the leader.

Shawn – These fans have been lead to believe that Shilo Valiant and Infamous are entertainment. They have been left to believe that sub par performances and the repeated term “Necro” is entertainment. I am going to remind them at Rise to Greatness...I AM ENTERTAINMENT! I AM GREATNESS! And with all of that will result in...I BECOMING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

* Shawn and Ace high five before finishing their drinks in excitement. *


Shawn – WOOO!!!

* Shawn and Ace stop for a second and realize that Ty still isn't back yet. They look at each other awkwardly. *

Shawn – Want another drink?

Ace – Guess so.

* Shawn and Ace share another drink before Ty gets back and hands Shawn his new phone. *

Ty – Alright they have everything transferred over. You have the same number and contacts and everything.

Shawn – Thanks Ty. Now...we need a new favor.

* Ace puts his hand on Ty's shoulder. *

Ty – It's happy hour isn't it?

Ace – Damn right bitch!

Shawn – We need a ride to the bar...or pub I guess it's called in this backward ass country. Be a dear and drive us home after wards k? (smiles)

Ty – (sigh) This is gonna be a long night.

Shawn – That's why I pay you well Ty!

* They all leave the suite and head to the bar. Time goes by as Shawn and Ace are sitting at a table with 4 girls sitting around them. Ace is telling them a story. *

Ace – So...after the tractor tipped over and I zipped my pants up....

* Shawn in the mean time squeezes himself past two of the girls and goes outside the bar where he sits down on the edge of a step. He pulls out a can of chew from his back pocket and begins to pack it a few times before putting a dip in his bottom lip. Shawn then pulls out his phone and looks at it blankly. *

Shawn – How do I fix this? I just need to talk to her once.

* Shawn who is clearly drunk obviously thinks of the “best” ideas at this point. He scrolls through his phone and finds Hannah's parents home phone. The last time he saw her she was staying at their house where it's safe to assume she's still their pregnant and all. He clicks the call button and has it on speaker because he's too drunk to hold it to his ear. He spits. The dial tone goes a few times before hitting a recorded message. *

“Hello this is Mr. and Mrs. Alec and Bonnie Hesser and we're not here at the moment. Please leave a name and a number for us to get back to you at and we'll get a hold of you as soon as possible.”
. “BEEP!!!”

Shawn – Hannah...I know you're there. I've tried calling you a few times. Now I get don't want to answer the phone. But understand...I am trying...please call me back. Give me something so I can talk to you face to face. All I'm asking for is something...

* Shawn hangs up the phone as the scene fades out. *

Thursday June 30th, 2011

It has been a week since I left a message at her parents house. Now to save face I will say that I haven't left other messages in between. So you can go ahead and believe that or not. Dignity isn't my number one priority at the moment.

* The scene shows Shawn Winters and Ace Marshall at a local car dealership that specializes in larger vehicles in New York the site of the upcoming Friday Night Ammo. They are looking at a large luxury bus. *

Shawn – So how many people can this thing hold?

Salesperson – You're looking at about 50 comfortably. That's including the bedrooms.

Ace – How about uncomfortably?

Salesperson – Well that all depends.

Shawn – Now this thing has how many beds?

Salesperson – It has 2 full sized beds. They are located at the back end of the bus.

* The Salesperson takes Shawn and Ace inside this large bus. *

Salesperson – You go through the “living quarters” here as you can see. There is a tv over here. A lot of couches and chairs. Quite a few mini bars around here. You come through the kitchen area here. You have a fully functional fridge with a microwave and other appliances. Now through this area here is where we locate two “bunk beds” as you can say.

Shawn – Bunk beds? Like for kids?

Salesperson – Sure you could say that. They are retractable as they can fold out and in. There are one on each side here.

Ace – Good for pledges.

Shawn – They're allowed on our bus? Haha.

Salesperson – Now here is the first bedroom. As you can see there is a large bed in the center with another couch and a flat screen television in view.

Ace – Where's the bathroom on this fucker?

Salesperson – Follow me. Beyond this retractable wall here is the bathroom. As you can see there is a toilet and a shower. Now as you can see here is a second retractable wall which leads to the end of the bus and the second master bedroom. Each bedroom has the bathroom in between them. This one has the same type of set up as the one before.

* They all exit the bus as Shawn looks at it. He then takes a look at Ace. *

Shawn – Do you think we could get Sasha to pay for this as a business expense?

Ace – Haha I don't think she'd consider Greaternity Gone Wild as a “business” expense.

Shawn – True. But you've gotta imagine...this thing is going to be flooded with parties and epic good times.

Ace – Driving around from city to city as we travel to Breakdown's and Ammo's? Dude...flying is over rated. Who wants to spend time at home when they've got this thing to live in for about 300 days a year? We'd be legends.

Shawn – Yeah...the only people who want to spend time at home are the ones who have something at home to go back to.

Ace – Dude...I didn't mean...

Shawn –'s cool.

Ace – You have Shadow...

Shawn – I have my maid taking care of him, he's fine...wait...are these things dog friendly?

Salesperson – I don't see why not. As long as they're trained.

Shawn – We have a mascot!

Ace – We have a mascot!

Shawn – Go ahead and bring me the paper work. We need to get this thing set for road duty right away. We'll be on the road after tomorrow.

Ace – Hell yeah! Listen, I'm going to go with him. You alright by yourself?

Shawn – I'm fine. Go ahead. Make sure he's not going to rip us off.

* Ace and the Salesperson head towards his office as Shawn looks at this monstrous bus. *

Shawn – I hope Ty knows how to drive one of these things.

* Right then Shawn's phone starts to ring. He pulls it out of his pocket and looks at it. It's from Hannah's parents house. Shawn's heart seemingly drops as he holds the phone in his hand. He stares at it in disbelief almost long enough to miss the call. He then clicks to answer it. He raises it to his ear. *

Shawn – ….(gulp) Hannah?

Hannah – Hi...Shawn.

Shawn – Hannah listen to me...I just wanted-

* Before Shawn can complete his sentence Hannah has interrupted him. *

Hannah – Save it Shawn. I'm not calling you to hear you out. I'm calling you to tell you to stop calling my house. You've left 5 messages and I thought you'd have gotten the hint but apparently not.

* By this point saving face was out the window. *

Hannah – I don't want to hear anything that you have to say because the fact is all it's going to be is a lie. I'm done trying to change you Shawn. I realize now that it was a stupid idea. Now go ahead and be “free”. Be the douche bag that you were meant to and have always wanted to be.

Shawn – Damn it Hannah! Give me a chance to talk to you! Face to's all I ask! I deserve that much.

Hannah – Don't you dare make claim to what you deserve! You deserve what I decide you deserve. You forget Shawn...I have the power here and unless you want to remain powerless in this whole thing you will respect me! Not something you really did during our time together. You constantly had to remind me of my unemployment and how I was in-superior to you. Well that's no more Shawn...if anything is true it's that you're now in-superior to me.

Shawn – (sighs) You're right...Hannah, I'm sorry. You've just got to understand how much I need to see you.

* Right then Shawn notices Ace and the Salesperson walking back towards him. He hides his phone and ducks around to the other side of the bus trying to avoid from being seen. *

Shawn – Hannah...I love you and I know deep down you still love me too. Now are you going to just throw away those feelings or are you going to actually give them a second chance? I know I've screwed up but you've got to respect the fact that I'm admitting to it. I'm trying Hannah...I'm trying.

* There is silence on the other end of the phone. *

Shawn – Hannah....

Hannah – I'm thinking.

* There is more silence. *

Hannah – Alright...I'll see you. Are you going to be home soon?

* Shawn looks over his shoulder at the bus. *

Shawn – I can be home whenever you like. I mean...well I have some shows coming up and Sasha has me doing all these press conferences promoting Rise to Greatness but...I can...I can come home for the weekend of the 8th, 9th, and 10th.

Hannah – Alright...I'll meet you at your house the 9th.

Shawn – Thank you won't regret this.

Hannah – I better not.

Shawn – I love you...

* The phone has been hung up from the other side. Shawn slides down the side of the bus sitting down on the cement in disbelief. He doesn't know whether to be excited by the idea of seeing his wife or the fact that she hung up when he said he loved her. *

She's pregnant. It's those emotions that women always talk about. Those pregnant emotions that make women not think clearly. That's it...don't worry've got this.

* Ace and the Salesperson walk around the bus to see Shawn sitting on the cement. *

Ace – What's going on dude? You ready to sign these bitches or what?

Shawn – Let's do it.

Ace – We are about to make history.

* Shawn didn't know whether or not it'd be the best idea to tell Ace right away because he seemed so excited about the bus. However Shawn knew the bus tour would have to be put on pause when the 8th, 9th, and 10th came. *

Saturday July 9th, 2011

* The scene shows a huge party at Shawn Winters mansion in Los Angeles. Music is blasting outside by the pool via a DJ as girls are dancing around in bikini's. Ace is wondering around in a speedo to show off to everyone his manhood. Shawn is no where to be found. Right then the front door opens and Shawn's pregnant wife Hannah walks in the door pushing past random people holding her stomach which hasn't really gotten larger yet. She pushes her way through the crowd and see's Shawn with a beer bottle in his hand at the top of the stairs. His eyes are clearly glazed over. He takes a drink as he's laughing before he stumbles feet first down the stairs as he missed a step. He laughs and looks up to see Hannah. He wipes his mouth. *

Shawn – Hannah....what-what are you doing here?

Hannah – You forgot didn't you? You fucking beg me to meet with you and this is how it's going to go?!

Shawn – I didn't forget. We were supposed to meet on....on the 9th in LA...when I got home.

Hannah – Shawn it IS the 9th! You ARE home! You ARE in LA! I can't believe you! You claim to still love me yet here you are flaunting yourself around like an asshole all while I ACTUALLY looked forward to seeing you. My dare I think for a split second that everything you have said over the phone actually carried any warrant!

* Right then a random drunk girl comes into the picture. *

Drunk Girl – Whoa! Who let this bitch in here? Don't you know who you're talking to? That's Shawn Winters...

* She whispers into Hannah's ear. *

Drunk Girl – He's super famous.

* Hannah then shoves the drunk girl away. *

Hannah – Get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass!

* The drunk girl stumbles away. Hannah turns around to leave only for Shawn to grab her arm. *

Shawn – Hannah wait...let me go back with you.

Hannah – Go back where?

Shawn – LA...we can have dinner at my house.

Hannah – Shawn...just don't. I came here expecting to actually have an adult conversation and instead you're acting like an 18 year old freshman partying every night. I mean seriously...when we were together I looked past certain things of your life because I loved you. Now? Now you're just nothing more than a piece of shit who nobody loves. You parents don't love you, your friends don't love you.....I, don't love you.

Shawn – Hannah...

* Hannah keeps walking away. Shawn turns to a girl dancing beside him. *

Shawn – What city are we in?

20 Hours Earlier

Shawn – NO!

* The scene shows Shawn Winters and Ace Marshall walking into Shawn's LA home with some bags. *

Shawn – There is a guest house out back not to mention like 5 other bedrooms in this place. Choose one just not mine. I only brought you because I felt bad for having to suspend our bus tour.

Ace – Shawn come on...look at this place. It screams “PARTY!” I mean look at the clock.

* Ace grabs the clock off of Shawn's wall. *

Ace – It's only 2 in the afternoon. Just imagine what we could accomplish in LA right now. You'll be passed out by midnight probably. Get a full nights rest and you'll be able to talk to Hannah tomorrow and it'll all be great.

Shawn – Ace...I don't need you to tell me how to run my life.

Ace – Hey...look at me. I'm not trying to disrupt anything between you and Hannah right now. I'm just've got a perfect situation going right now. For the next 10 hours we could live like kings.

Shawn – Don't we already?

Ace – Gods! Sorry I didn't wanna say “God” because I'm pretty sure Chad has trademarked the word. Now I'll have to pay him money. FUCK!

* Shawn laughs a bit. *

Ace – YES! I got you to laugh! This doesn't have to be all've got to let it out tonight or today for that matter and then tomorrow can be a new day and you'll be completely focused. Come on Shawn...

* Shawn doesn't say anything as he is seemingly thinking. *

Shawn – We can't get too out of control. This place can't look like a wreck when Hannah comes over in the morning.

Ace – We'll have Ty work the door!

* Shawn looks at Ace with a smile on his face. *

Shawn – Call Ty's cell phone and his hotel room number. Now PROMISE me...that this won't get out of hand!

* The scene opens up outside of the Minneapolis Metrodome in Minnesota. It's a sunny day with many reporters sitting down on the concrete as a stage is set up in front of them. There is a large Rise to Greatness logo behind with them the SCW logo right above it. There is also some pictures of superstars advertising matches such as CHBK vs Jason Zero, Josh Hudson vs Dillusion, and the main event Shawn Winters vs Shilo Valiant for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sasha Drachewych is now standing in front of the podium. *

Sasha – Now...without further ado...I would like to introduce the man that will be challenging the World Champion Shilo Valiant at Rise to Greatness. He is the winner of the 2011 Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal and he is in his own right a former two time World Champion. Let me introduce our main speaker for the day, the “One Man Scandal” Shawn Winters!

“Oh oh oh SHAWWWWNNNNN!!!!” The sound of a woman climaxing his heard as “I'm So Paid” by Akon follows as Shawn Winters walks from behind the pictures with a bottle of water in hand. He makes his way up the steps and looks out at the reporters before starting to strip only for Sasha to stop him. Shawn gestures his arms like “whatever”. He makes his way to the podium.

Shawn – Alright Minnesota, Rise to Greatness is coming up close and yours truly is here to talk about it. Now I want you to take notice right now...Shilo Valiant is NOT here. The great World Champion has been scheduled to take part in a separate press conference to avoid confrontation. Now that saddens me because I LOVE confrontation. I was hoping to stand out here in front of all of you people and look Shilo in the eyes and look at his World Championship and tell him that his reign of “entertainment” is about to hit a dead end. I then...would pull out said sharpie.

* Shawn pulls out a black sharpie. *

Shawn – And I would take the liberty to rewrite my name in the name plate you be green. Save the earth people! (smirks) In doing so I would symbolize that there is nothing that Shilo Valiant can do to stop me from taking his Championship. I told the world that I was going to win Taking Hold of the Flame and I did. Now I'm telling the world that I'm going to be the next World Champion? Who wants to dispute that?

* A bunch of reporters raise their hands. *

Shawn – Shut up! I don't need a bunch of reporters trying to steal my spot light. Is it just me or do spotlights not really work in the day time? Either way...I am here to “plug” Rise to Greatness for Sasha because it is what's asked of me. Now normally I wouldn't give a damn what she asks of me but she promised to give me a blowjob right after the interview.

* Sasha can be heard yelling from the bottom of the stairs. *

Shawn – Did you all take note of that? That better be front page news everybody. (smirks) Alright now I guess this would be the time that I should take questions from all of you reporters.

* A female reporter raises her hand. *

Reporter – Shawn you have been in one Rise to Greatness main event before but it was defending the SCW Championship. How is your mind set different this time around going in as the challenger?

Shawn – First off...great question. Now can I get a man to read it so I can take it seriously? (smirks) To answer your question my mind set is pretty much the same. I knew I was better than James Exeter two years ago at Rise to Greatness-

* Right then a reporter interrupts him. *

Reporter – But you lost!

Shawn – Get him out of here! Enjoy getting your ass fired for not getting a story dumbass. Like I was saying...I knew I was better than James Exeter, I had proven it in the past. The night of Rise to Greatness in 2009 was nothing more than a fluke accident. It was a freak of nature. Like a tornado happening on top of an earthquake. Not logical. Now my mind set right now? It's the same yet a bit more egotistical. Oh...more egotistical? Oh oh...don't worry baby birds I'll feed you. I'm more egotistical because James Exeter is 10 times the performer that Shilo Valiant is. Yet I find myself in a similar situation, I have an ability to not take either seriously. One likes fart jokes and knock knock jokes. The other is a clown...I mean come on...where has SCW gone when you've got a bonafide clown running around screaming “death” at little children only resulting in cheers? He's threatening to kill children! How is Shilo not in jail yet? The fact is...Shilo Valiant is nothing more than an interim Champion. He's holding the title until I'm ready to take it.

* A few more reporters raise their hands and Shawn points to one. *

Reporter – With that said. I want to ask you about a tweet from Chad Evans, a man that you've had quite the history with. He straight up questioned your Rise to Greatness record. Stated that you haven't won at Rise to Greatness since 2005 when you defeated CHBK. Do you have a comment?

Shawn – Wow...leave it to Chad Evans to bring up something as irrelevant as his self-proclaimed “God” title. I'll sit here and tell you that I am 1 and 2 at Rise to Greatness. I defeated CHBK in the center of the ring. My next match the referee stopped for no reason against Chad Evans. Like I covered before I then lost to James Exeter in what is considered to be the greatest Rise to Greatness match in history. Now...tell me...does my win loss record effect my ability to beat Shilo Valiant?

* A few reporters raise their hands. *

Shawn – Shut up! No, it doesn't. The fact is Chad Evans is letting out nothing more than aggression towards me. He can't live with defeat which is exactly what I handed him at Taking Hold of the Flame. I mean must hurt coming in as the final entrant and not winning. I consider that to be embarrassing Chad. All he wants to do is bring out my past failures in order to over shadow his own recent ones. And by the way who is Chad Evans to argue Rise to Greatness matches? Christian Savior? Giant win for your career right? Yeah...keep dreaming. Your match with me? Go ahead and enjoy that win because I have the win that matters. (smirks) Xander Valentine? I'm not going to lie I had Xander knocking Chad out as my screen saver for months. So my answer to Chad Evans is want to bring up the past go ahead because as far as I'm concerned it'll be the only thing you'll be living in because I am the future World Champion and you? Well you can enjoy that single short lived reign you had years ago that nobody remembers.

* A ton of reporters raise their hands. Shawn points to one. *

Reporter – Are you afraid that Jake Starr is going to interfere in your match with Shilo Valiant?

Shawn – No Comment.

* A ton of reporters raise their hands. Shawn points to one before taking a drink of his water. *

Reporter – Shawn you were nothing less than vocal about Jake Starr's departure from SCW. I find it strange that you choose to say 'no comment' right now.

Shawn – You want my opinion on Jake Starr? Why don't you go into the rest room and get a sample of the loaf that I just pinched off? That's all you'll need to know what I think of Jake Starr.

* A ton of reporters raise their hands. Shawn points to one. *

Reporter – With the crowd behind Shilo at Rise to Greatness how do you plan on attacking such a popular backing?

Shawn – Shilo is nothing more than a puppet created by the SCW fans. He bends and breaks to every will of each and every fan in attendance. He'll do all that he can to make sure that they're “entertained” because that's what he does right? He entertains. He's nothing more then a rental clown for a childs birthday party. Oddly enough that business has gone down do you know why? Because kids are afraid of clowns. Especially clowns that scream “DEATH!” Yeah...Shilo “NECRO!” Means death you fucking moron. You call all of your fans “necrophiliacs” are you aware of what that means? All of your fans fuck dead people! You are the sickest clown that I have ever met! I mean...history will put you right next to John Wayne Gacy! Enjoy the little kids Shilo you sick FREAK! What's the plan? Get all the fans to like some tricks...squirt some water out of a flower? Climb out of a tiny car? Face facts don't like you. They're afraid of you. You scream “DEATH!” at them and they feel compelled to cheer you because they're afraid for their lives. Me? Well I'm a different claim to provide entertainment well let's face it. Clowns haven't been entertaining since Tim Curry scared the shit out of all of us in the film "It". I'm Shawn Winters. I go out in front of sold out crowds and I do what I'm best at and that's perform. You? You don't perform. You imitate what they all want you to do. Enjoy those strings because you better get used to them unless you embrace being feared. You're Shilo Valiant...clown to the world, entertainment in your own mind, and the death merchant that's trying to collect coin on child suicide.

So in all to answer your stupid little question the fact is the crowd isn't behind Shilo Valiant. They are afraid of him. They fear for their lives. They fear that they're being forced into fucking corpses and dying themselves. Shilo Valiant is not the role model you want kids to look up to. You don't want your child going to Catholic school and screaming “NECRO!” in class. He will be expelled for fear of shooting up the school. I don't care that he's 7. Kids can get guns. (laughs) The fact is that Shilo's fan base is not built on entertainment like he proclaims. It's built on fear. Shilo the only thing that I'm afraid of is you becoming a mass murderer like John Wayne Gacy. You're building your career not on entertainment but infamy. You'll be remembered not for this title reign'll be remembered for the amounts of lives that parents will hold you responsible for. Looks like an unlikely hero has risen Shilo...Shawn Winters shall save the world of a massive homicide increase.

* Shawn takes a drink of his water as reporters raise their hands. Shawn points to one. *

Reporter – We have all noticed your actions and comments as of late, concerning Shilo not being 100 percent at the moment. We've seen you attack his leg and were wondering if that would continue at Rise to Greatness?

Shawn – I'm just stating facts my friend. Shilo has been running around trying to please all the people by being a "fighting champion" and that's going to be his down fall. In doing so he got hurt and it would seem like a cop-out if I didn't exploit it a bit. Ya know...get the guy off his high horse for a second. The fact is Shilo might not even make it to Rise to Greatness at this rate and if he does Sasha will have had to buy him a scooter to even get to the ring.

* Shawn starts laughing before pointing to another reporter. *

Reporter – With everything that has happened in your life, how does your wife leaving you effect your mind set going into Rise to Greatness?

Fuck...I knew it was a matter of time but still. It's the last thing I want in the public eye right now. TMZ, you want to exploit me? Go ahead...let's see how it goes.

* Shawn's laughter is quickly silenced as he just stands at the podium without motion. He looks out at the crowd of reporters awaiting a response. He rubs his beard before looking down. He looks up again. *

Shawn – We're done.

* Shawn walks off the stage as numerous reporters talk over themselves. Sasha gets back onto the stage. *

Sasha – That will be it for today. We will be having Shilo Valiant soon and other SCW Superstars. Rise To Greatness right around the corner and this is going to be bigger than ever. Thank you!

* Sasha gets off the stage as the SCW logo pops up. *