One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Jack of all Trades

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* The scene shows a nice day outside in Los Angeles were a patio of a restaurant is shown which is where Shawn Winters, his sister Brooke, and Holly Adams sit having lunch. Brooke has a glass of water in front of her as does Holly however Shawn has what looks to be a short glass of scotch. It‘s been just over two weeks since the Shawn/Holly angry sex act and since they‘ve actually been around each other quite often both living in LA and all. Shawn gets angry and women and he calls Holly and takes his anger out on her in the form of sex. He still hasn‘t lost sight of his wife Hannah however he is enjoying the fact that he‘s with a woman that isn‘t her. Give him a bit of piece of mind at the moment. Holly doesn‘t mean anything to Shawn so she‘s a good way to relieve stress or anger and that‘s all. True is he could care less what Holly‘s getting out of it outside of having sex with Shawn Winters. Oddly enough Brooke has begun to bond with Holly…which might not be a good thing. *

Holly - It’s amazing how all three of us are so much alike. Well beside the fact that Shawn has a dick and balls.

Brooke - No…we are exactly the same.

* Brooke and Holly start laughing as Shawn just stares at them. *

Ok…what’s going on here? Brooke and Holly are now teaming up against me? What is this? This isn’t good oh no…they’re becoming attached to each other. It’ll make it harder for me to remove Holly when Hannah suddenly comes begging back to me.

Shawn - Ha..ha..ha…ya know that’s so funny let me continue to laugh for a second…ha..ha..ha. You two are just natural comedians, they should recruit you for the next Comedy Central roast.

Brooke - Only if it’s roasting you.

Holly - Exactly, you’re just such an easy target.

Shawn - I’ve been getting that a lot lately.

With the aftermath of Breakdown last week it’s true. Everyone is targeting me like I have the cure for cancer inside my skull and everyone on the roster wants to smash it in order to get it. Since when did I become so hated anyways? I thought everyone loved me. Ha…ok that’s a lie, I’m not naive.

Brooke - Holly you’re like the big sister that I never had.

Holly - Aw that’s so nice of you Brooke. You’re like a little sister to me too.

* They hug each other as Shawn looks on in disgust. *

Shawn - Oh my god this is just disgusting.

Holly - Will you stop being such a girl?

Shawn - Will you stop brain washing my sister with your psycho babble bullshit?

Holly - Did they make room in those jeans?

Shawn - For what?

Holly - You’re giant vagina?

* Brooke and Holly start laughing. *

Shawn - That’s funny…oh sorry Holly I forgot to tell you, Ace called me earlier and he wanted me to tell you the only reason he had sex with you is because he was drunk and thought you were Katie.

* Shawn has a smirk on his face as Brooke covers her mouth like “oh my god did he just say that?!” and Holly sits back in her chair with a look on her face that just tells Shawn he’s in for a war now. *

Holly - Bee-tee-dubs that reminds me of something also, Penthouse Forum wanted to see if you were confident enough to enter the “Biggest Micro Penis Contest”?

* Holly now grins as Brooke is just laughing in the background as Shawn shakes his head as if her comment had no effect. *

Shawn - Only if you’re confident enough be to the centerfold next month for “Black Guys Love Fat White Chicks Monthly”.

* Brooke now looks at Holly anticipating a response which she’s not let down on. *

Holly - Right, right…oh, Charlie gave me your day planner and I noticed that you’re scheduled for a doctors visit with SCW’s head physician before Ammo.

Shawn - ….no I’m not.

Holly - Oh that’s right, I scheduled it for you. I made sure to let Dave know that you were complaining about complicated urination and that you had blood in your toilet so he’s going to check your prostate too.

Shawn - Wha-how?!

Holly - I lied and told him that I was your wife…Hannah was her name right?

* Brooke starts pounding the table laughing as Shawn’s mouth is wide open. *

Holly - Yeah, so Dave will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Brooke - This is amazing!

Shawn - Jokes on you Holly, because I have Herpes.

Holly - No you don’t!

Shawn - Just because their not inflamed at the moment doesn’t mean they’re gone. Kinda regret putting your mouth down there now don’t you?

Brooke - And now it’s just gross.

Holly - Ew! That’s just sick! I’m going to the bathroom.

* Holly gets up to go to the bathroom before Shawn yells at her. *

Shawn - Brush your teeth! Your breath stinks.

* Shawn starts laughing as he relaxes and takes a drink of his scotch. *

Brooke - Ya know what? I like her.

Shawn - Of course you do. You like anyone that can insult me.

Brooke - Very true…she is exactly what you need right now though Shawn. Glad you finally listened to me once.

Shawn - I don’t know what you’re talking about. This whole thing with Holly is just an accident.

Brooke - Bullshit…you took my advice.

Shawn - Believe what you want Brooke but contrary to your own mindset, you’re not always right.

Brooke - Sure I am, I’m a Winters. (smiles)

Shawn - Ugh, sometimes I wish you were adopted.

* Right then Brooke’s phone starts ringing. She takes it out of her purse and looks at it before standing up. *

Brooke - I’ll be right back.

* Shawn nods to her as she answers her phone and walks around the corner. *

This whole thing has just gotten out of hand. I knew the moment Brooke saw Holly leaving my house one morning after a drunken angry sex fest this would all blow up in my face. My house is going to be filled with estrogen and I don’t like it. I only have sex with Holly when I’m angry or drunk and well…between the two that’s pretty much every night or every other night depending on the week. Last thing I want is for Brooke to actually like this girl because I sure as hell don’t. Holly is nothing more then a buffer for me to get myself back into reality. A month ago I couldn’t have sex with another woman and now I’m at least able to have sex with Holly. Gives me some sort of normalcy in this far from normal world and life that I live in. After Breakdown I have enough on my plate to worry about at least with screwing Holly it lightens my load a bit…haha…lightens my load…

* Shawn starts to laugh a bit out loud at the pun. Right then Brooke walks back over to the table however with a subdued look on her face. She doesn’t sit down and just looks at Shawn with her phone in her hand. Shawn not paying attention begins to speak. *

Shawn - I just thought if something hilarious, I-

* Shawn looks up at Brooke and stops talking. *

Shawn - What’s wrong?

Brooke - That…that was Marcus.

Shawn - Who?

Brooke - Our brother Shawn! This isn’t the time. It’s Mom…she’s in the hospital.

Shawn - What for?

Brooke - She fainted at home so they rushed her to the hospital. Doctors found three tumors in her brain Shawn. They give her a month to live, tops.

* Shawn is silent, he doesn’t know what to think. He has never shied away from his feelings towards the family that disowned him. Yet the truth is mother has always loved and supported him even when his father constantly felt Shawn’s life became a disappointment when he dropped out of college to pursue a career in wrestling. Everything changed when Shawn ruined his brothers wedding. The brother that he never liked, the brother who Shawn’s father always held on a pedestal because he “did everything right”. The truth is ruining my brothers wedding wasn’t about Marcus, it was about the woman the ruined my first marriage, Katie who was marrying Marcus. Shawn’s mom was so distraught at what happened she couldn’t believe that Shawn could do such a thing. It’s been over two years since Shawn’s father convinced the family to believe that he didn’t exist which is why he didn’t receive a phone call, Brooke did. Probably for the best because Shawn doesn’t know whether or not he cares. *

Brooke - Don’t you have anything to say? I mean Shawn, it’s our mother!

Shawn - Brooke I-

Brooke - Will you get over yourself for two minutes?! Can’t you tell that I’m upset right now?! If you don’t care about mom at least care about me!

* Shawn stands up and hugs Brooke who starts to cry. *

Shawn - Brooke, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-

Brooke - Our mom is going to die Shawn. It’s not even that she can get better, it’s just that she’s going to die. How can someone put an expiration date on someone’s life like that? Where the hell did this come from?

Shawn - You didn’t know that she was sick?

Brooke - You didn’t either!

Shawn - Brooke I wouldn’t be the person to know, I didn’t even get a phone call of this just now.

Brooke - Shawn I need to go home and see mom.

Shawn - I know you do Brooke. I’m sure your teachers will understand, I’m sure you’ll be able to drop your classes if you want to go back home for a while.

Brooke - Are-aren’t you going to come?

* Shawn is silent as Brooke looks up at him after burying her tears in Shawn’s chest with her eyes watering. *

Shit…what am I supposed to say to this? I honestly don’t think I want to go. What the hell would I even say to my mother at this point? More likely seeing me would make her die sooner. Forget the fact that if I saw my father again I’d be ignoring the one thing he asked of me…crawling up my own ass and die. But I can’t leave Brooke when she needs me.

* Shawn sighs. *

Shawn - Yes, I’ll go. I have to be at work for Ammo but after that I’ll see what I can do with time off from SCW.

Brooke - Thanks, Shawn. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I’m going to go home and get a plane ticket to Kentucky.

Shawn - Here, take my car.

* Shawn gives Brooke his keys. *

Shawn - I’ll get a taxi or something.

Brooke - Thank you Shawn.

* Brooke hugs Shawn as Shawn kisses her on the top of her head before letting her go to leave. Shawn then sits back down at the table. Right then Holly returned from the bathroom. *

Holly - Where’d Brooke go? Did you insult her enough to make her wanna leave too?

Holly isn’t the person to confide in about something like this.

Shawn - She had something to do.

* The scene fades out. *

* The scene shows Shawn Winters standing in front of an SCW backdrop. *

Shawn - Wow…wow…wow…just wow. Not even two minutes into a new Oleksa reign in SCW he’s managed to screw things up all over again. He plays mind games with me by taking me out of an Elimination Chamber match in which I didn’t want to be in to begin with but instead schedules me to compete twice in one night. I know I’m a hot commodity and all but you’re starting to borderline abuse your workers. I could easily file a complaint to…to…the government? And collect some sort of workmans comp or something because this…is bullshit. Not only that but you Olek…you allow this mayhem of Masquerade lowing the Chamber while I’m battling inside the ring. You my friend are putting your “hottest commodity” in physical danger! I could protest this and possibly put this place out of business but you know what? I won’t do that because I’m such a nice guy. Because it’s only a matter of time before Sasha wakes up and see’s the chaos that you’ve caused and rectifies it. So until then I’ll just bide my time until all of this is set right. It’s not fair they you hold a judge against me for carrying this company in 2009, you should be thankful if anything, I saved you from yourself you inconsiderate little prick!

* Shawn shakes his head in frustration before focusing back on the camera. *

Shawn - Since I’m such a marked man in SCW it seems as though everyone is going to get their chance to get their shots in against me is that it? You got me scheduled against Jake Starr at Apocalypse thankfully in a non title match because that little ingrate doesn’t deserve it. But you also have me competing later in the night against the winner of the Elimination Chamber match? Ya see what’s to stop me from just having Greaternity beat the shit out of Jake Starr and get myself disqualified to ensure that I’m in position to pounce after the Chamber is raised and the beaten down winner has nothing left in the tank? It raises some questions Olek. Maybe in your time away you’ve lost a step because it seems like for once you haven’t thought of all the angles and it’s going to bite you in the face.

Now speaking of everyone getting their chance at beating me senseless, on Ammo I am scheduled to face Karnivale. I mean seriously? I’ve had enough of them the last few months to last me a lifetime. I flat out beat Shilo Valiant in the center of the ring for the entire world to see at Rise to Greatness to win the World Championship that he tried so desperately to turn into a joke, a punch line. Not only did I save this company in 2009 I saved it just recently from the mockery in which Shilo Valiant brought as the face of the company. This face…my face is one that you want on merchandise, on billboards, on gas station cups, on ice cream bars. This is the face that has been in movies, the face that instantly makes women sploosh. What does Shilo’s face do? Scare little children? I am the white knight of this business and Shilo and Masquerade are the things parents tell their children to be afraid of at night! They don’t bring entertainment to the masses they spread fear and death. Sorry, the only thing I spread is my seed. (smirks)

It seems as though you have gone right back to your old was Olek, trying to dethrone me as Champion and trying to backrupt your own creation in spite of me. You can’t handle the success that I’ve brought this place compared the days of yesteryear with CHBK and Xander Valentine. It’s time for you to get with the times Olek and just embrace that the past is the past and it’s where you belong. I’m the future and until you realize it, the past will forever be where you belong. You want to let chaos reign supreme on Breakdown? You want to let the inmates run the asylum? Well let me remind you that these people are inmates who have committed a crime against humanity! They have assaulted me under countless occasions. They have spread lies about me repeatedly trying to defile my good name. These are the men that you let run the asylum whose only purpose at the moment is to crush my skull into a billion pieces! Well thank you Olek…thank you Mr. D for finally letting this happen, you’ve proven to be more incompetent than your daughter. Ya see I know what makes this business thrive and it’s not putting your Champion at risk, it’s not putting your Champion in a tag team match with Clowns R Us on Ammo. What’s to stop every inmate to come down to the ring and continue what they failed at on Breakdown? Tell me that bossman because I sure would love to hear your “brilliant” plan. I’m like a loan gazelle surrounded by a pack of lions trying to fight and run for his survival. This match on Ammo is simply the beginning of what’s to come and you’re just going to sit back and watch it happen, you piece of shit.

Well you know what, fine…you want to throw me to the lions? You want me to be picked apart limb from limb? So be it, but do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to show you exactly why you need me. I’m going to show you exactly why I won Taking Hold of the Flame, why I main evented Rise to Greatness for the 2nd time, why I became a three time World Champion. I am going to show you exactly why I am who I say I am, Shawn f’ing Winters! I am the World Champion and I am the single greatest performer that this business has ever had the privilege of seeing. Forget witnessing LeBron James winning anything…come witness Shawn Winters beat the house at Vegas. Watch Shawn Winters defeat the odds and shove every single bit of this down your throat Olek! 2009 isn’t so long ago Olek…where you stacked the deck against me as much as you could yet countless times I came out on top making you look like the biggest jackass this place has ever seen. So just witness me do it again because no matter what you do…you could never get the better of me.

* Shawn takes a drink out of his bottle of beer as he is pacing back and forth in front of the camera before stopping and focusing back on the camera. *

Shawn - It looks like whining and crying actually gets people what they want these days doesn’t it? Karnivale vs. Greaternity…ok let’s be honest here, no offense to my good friend Porno Lad but this is being advertised pretty much Karnivale getting a chance to kick my ass. Forget the fact that I’ve already delt with them a handful of times, what’s one more chance? Or even two more chances if one of them wins at Under Attack? But if you really look at it…who says that they even get to me on Ammo? I’ve got Porno Lad as my tag team partner who is far more than capable of having my back. So I guess SCW is asking me to forget the past of Shilo’s failures and even Karnivale’s recent failures at trying to regain the tag team titles…it’s like they’re given a second chance at life. One where they aren’t considered massive jokes by everyone in the locker room. But see…I don’t forget.

Shilo…what’s changed since I last beat you? Nothing for you…you managed to fail again when trying to gain Tag Team gold just like you failed to “prove” yourself vs. me at Rise to Greatness. You crumbled under the massive weight of the lights on your shoulders. So maybe since this is on Ammo a show that nobody would watch if Greaternity wasn’t on it you might not choke under the pressure is that it? Heh, face it Shilo…a failure is a failure under any other name. No matter if you’re Shilo Valiant or Karnivale you will repeatedly fail whenever you’re matched up against myself and Greatness. Myself and Porno Lad will show the both of you something that you’ve never been apart of in your entire lives and that’s a five star match. Let’s face it Shilo…our match at Rise to Greatness was not five star and that’s your fault because you didn’t even put up a challenge for me. Heh…and here I thought you might have been a worthy opponent. I’ve had better matches with sorority girls in a pool of jello. (smirks)

And Masquerade don’t think that I’ve forgotten about that fluke win that you got over me with the help of your face paint friend Shilo just before Rise to Greatness. You put a slight blemish on what has been my perfect rise to the top and don’t think that I don’t have something planned for you because you have no idea the kind of churning my brain is doing right now. It’s popping out ideas like they’re illegitimate children. Masquerade I gave you a chance before to align yourself with a winner and leave Shilo behind however you turned me down. Don’t expect to get a gracious offer like that ever again from me because you proved that you’re not worth standing by my side. You clearly lack the intelligence for that. I need people who would jump onto a grenade for me…I need people like Bruno Mars having my back. You? You’d look at the grenade and run away like the coward that you are. The both of you run around like complete idiots trying to please people well why don’t you do something that actually is amusing? Make some balloon animals or right a unicycle across a tight rope. Preferably the latter because that at least puts your worthless lives at stake. Your guys act is stale and completely unappealing. You need to become part of this century and myself and Porno Lad on Ammo are going to give you a lesson on how to do that. Do you want a little hint on what it’ll be? It’s called be good at something. A Jack of all trades is a master of none…and you two are nothing more then jacks…or jokers…you laugh at your own antics because you two are your own biggest fans, scratch that you’re each others only fans. Therefore you two should be each others harshest critics so I’m honestly looking forward to the implosion of your little bromance with each other starting on Ammo and ending at Under Attack. Only one of you gets a chance at immortality, which one of you…if it’s even either of you have what it takes to reach for it? If you ask me, someone who has been to that mountaintop countless times and has taken a mortgage out on it to stay there will tell you from the heart that neither of you have what it takes. So I hope you two enjoy each others company as much as you claim to because you’ll be spending a lot of time together unless you actually reach for immortality otherwise you’ll just be two failures with nobody else to care for them or remember them than one another.

Ammo marks the beginning of the race guys…Under Attack is the finish line for both of you because if you fail…I’ll already be lapping you both.

* Shawn spits his gum into the air and slaps it away with his hand as he walks away. The camera focuses on the SCW logo before fading to black. *