One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Just Say The Words

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12:45 AM

* The scene opens up in a dark bedroom. Two bodies are seen in a bed with a males arm draped over a females body as they are spooning. The female is in close to the male back first as the male is beside her with her arm resting over her. The sound of a baby crying can be heard. There is a bright red light flashing from a baby monitor in the bedroom. The male rubs his eyes and sits up, it's Shawn Winters. He looks at Hannah who is out cold practically drooling on her pillow. Shawn throws his feet onto the floor and gets up walking down the hall and bumping into a few things in the dark as he finds his way to the babies room. Shawn reaches the room to find Hannah's mother Bonnie in the room trying to calm the baby down. Shawn goes up to her and places his hand on her back. *

Shawn – Go back to bed. I got this.

* Bonnie looks at Shawn a bit seemingly confused before smiling. *

Bonnie – Sure thing. Holler if you need any help.

Shawn – Thanks.

* Bonnie pats Shawn on the back before leaving the room. Shawn rubs his hands through his hair looking down at his daughter Valarie whose clearly crying about something. Shawn see's the baby monitor and grabs it to shut it off. He rubs his eyes before turning around and the baby cries more resulting in Shawn stopping. He turns around and walks back up to the crib. He leans against the rails looking down on his daughter. *

Shawn – What do you want?

* Valarie continues to cry as Shawn grabs her from the crib and smells something. *

Shawn – Oh my god gross!!!

* Shawn puts Valarie back into the crib before covering his mouth. *

Shawn – That is fucking gross!

* Shawn looks down at her as she continues to cry. *

Shawn – I'm not ready for this... can't back out now. There are certain things one can only learn through experience. This is one of those times.

* Shawn rubs his beard as he looks down on Valarie before picking her up and placing her down on a changing table right beside the bed. He unsnaps her pajamas before unhooking the diaper. He pulls it down before gagging off to the side. *

Shawn – Oh my god! Here I thought this would be the only upside to having a daughter! You are soooo gross!

* Shawn holds his nose and his mouth while looking down at Valarie who gives off a soft laugh. *

Shawn – You're just a bomb waiting to explode from any end aren't you?

* Shawn then grabs the diaper and throws it in the trash. He then looks at Valarie's butt covered in poop. He continues to cover his mouth. *

Shawn – Shit...what am I supposed to do next? Wipe her ass?

* Shawn see's some baby towels on the table and grabs about five of them. He makes sure to cover his hands as he begins to wipe her ass. He tosses them into the trash and grabs another five more as he finishes the job. *

Shawn – You done crying?

* Valarie just stares up at Shawn. Shawn simply grabs another diaper before stopping. *

Shawn – Shit...what am I forgetting? I saw Bonnie do this...she put something on her ass. It was white...

* Shawn's mind goes to a dark place for a moment. *

Shawn – Damn it!

* Shawn shakes his head to try and clear himself. He looks at a bottle that reads “baby powder”. *

Shawn – That's it.

* Shawn quickly pours some baby powder of Valarie's ass before hooking on a new diaper and breathing a massive sigh of relief. *

Shawn – That's it...I did it...oh my god, I did it.

* Shawn smiles a bit before lifting Valarie up and holding her close to him before sitting down in a rocking chair. He begins to rock back and forth. *

Shawn – I don't believe it...I...I'm a real father.

* Shawn looks down at Valarie as she starts to stir in his arms about to fall back asleep. Shawn looks down on her with a smile. *

Shawn – I can talk to you right?

* Shawn plays with her little fingers a bit before continuing his smile. *

Shawn – Sure I can...I mean who are you going to tell? You're a baby. (laughs) Truth is...I've never been so afraid in my entire life. I don't tend to handle responsibility too well. I have a track record that I hope you never have to know about.

* Shawn lets his finger get griped lightly by Valarie's hand. She doesn't seem to want to let it go. *

Shawn – Truth is Val...I'm not a good person. I have a lot of things in my past that I feel that I need to make up for in order to even allow myself to move onto a life that I know that I want. I'm starting...I'm starting to fix things all because of this.

* Shawn continues to rock in the chair as he gets his finger free and rubs his thumb across her forehead. *

Shawn – It's all because of this...a family.

* Shawn stops rocking as Valarie has fallen back asleep. Shawn gets up holding her tightly before placing her back in her crib. Shawn places the blanket back over her before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. Shawn smiles and turns the baby monitor back on before turning around and seeing Hannah in a robe in the doorway. *

Shawn – Sorry...I didn't mean to wake you.

Hannah – It's ok...I was awake.

* Shawn walks in closer to Hannah as they look each other in the eyes without a touch. *

Shawn – I feel like I should apologize.

Hannah – For?

Shawn – It's just I came here after my meeting and I didn't mean for us to....I didn't mean to stay over.

* Hannah looks down on the floor after hearing Shawn's words. She then looks back up. *

Hannah –'s alright. It was no more your fault than it was mine.

Shawn – Yeah?

Hannah – (smiles) Yeah...

* Hannah moves closer to Shawn and wraps her arm around his waist. *

Hannah – Sometimes, it's good to know that the real you is inside there somewhere.

* Shawn holds Hannah close to him as he smiles a bit before turning the light off inside the room before walking with Hannah to the bedroom in which they were once in. Hannah moves away from Shawn and crawls onto the bed as Shawn closes the door behind him. He's now confused at what to do next. Hannah then sits down on the bed and eyes towards a chair. Shawn then moves over to it before sitting down. Despite the little gestures the distance between them remains. *

Hannah – Shawn...

* Hannah looks down as she says Shawn's name. *

Shawn – I know...

* Hannah looks up as Shawn begins to speak. *

Hannah – We both know what happened...and I just don't want to lead you on right now.

Shawn – Hannah I know...

Hannah – I just don't want you to think it was your fault because it was mine too.

Shawn – That's alright.

* Shawn grabs Hannah's face to look her eye to eye. Her blonde hair falls down onto Shawn's fingers. *

Shawn – You don't need to explain yourself.

* Hannah shies away. *

Hannah – I know...but...

Shawn – It's don't need to explain anything. We are where we one night can change that.

* Shawn grabs his jacket off a chair before placing it on. Hannah quickly rises from the bed. *

Hannah – Wait!

* Shawn turns around to look at Hannah. They look each other in the eyes without a word being exchanged. They continue to look in each others eyes before Shawn turns and walks out the door. Shawn closes the door behind him as Hannah runs after him only to see the closed door. Hannah leans against it crying before looking through the peep hole to see Shawn getting into his car. She quickly drops down to the floor holding her face to hide the tears. Outside Shawn starts his car and looks at the front door for a few seconds. He then see's the door open and Hannah standing in it. *

Flashback to 8:25 PM

* Shawn parks his car and steps outside and breathing a breath of fresh air being away from Barney and back into his own life he has a carton of milk in hand. Shawn looks at the front door of the Hesser family house. He walks to the door and knocks a couple times, he excludes from ringing the doorbell knowing that Valarie is asleep. Moments later Hannah opens the door with a smile on her face. Shawn smiles as they look each other in the eyes. Hannah looks down before looking back at Shawn and quickly inviting him inside. *

Shawn – I brought milk.

* Shawn hands the milk to Hannah who says "thank you" before taking it into the kitchen and puts it in the fridge. *

Shawn – Where is everyone?

Hannah – Parents are out. Valarie just went to sleep.

Shawn – She go down easy?

Hannah – Yeah...she did. At least for a few hours anyway.

* Hannah lets out a small smile as Shawn notices it. *

Hannah – Listen, I feel bad that you came out here knowing that she's asleep. Do you want a drink or something?

Shawn – No I'm fine thanks though. I'm just gonna say good night to her.

Hannah – She's in that room there.

* Hannah points her finger towards a room as Shawn follows her directions and enters the room quietly as the lights are off and a musical toy turns above the crib. Shawn walks slowly up to it and looks down on his baby girl. He doesn't touch her afraid that he's going to wake her. *

Shawn – (whispers) Good night Val.

* Shawn turns around and see's Hannah in the doorway as Shawn steps through and closes the door behind him. *

Shawn – Well...I...I guess I'm going to head home.

Hannah – Oh...alright.

That's not what I wanted to hear. Please Hannah...ask me to stay. Ask me to stay.

* Shawn starts to head towards the door after giving Hannah a nod. Before Shawn can reach the handle Hannah speaks. *

Hannah – Ya know, I was going to watch a movie, wanted to join.

Shawn – I'd like that.

Hannah – My mom rented it the other night so I could get some rest. Truth is there hasn't been much rest around here.

Shawn – I can imagine. I can already tell that that little thing is going to be a little spit fire.

Hannah – Well she is a Winters after all.

* Hannah smiles as Shawn reciprocates. Hannah grabs the dvd and goes into a bedroom as Shawn follows. *

Hannah – Close the door, I don't want to wake Valarie up.

Shawn – Sure.

* Shawn closes the door behind him. His mind begins to wonder where this is leading. Hannah has brought him into her bedroom to watch a movie. *

This is like high school and college playbook 101. Next thing I know the movie is going to be “Lion King” and she's going to sing softly “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” in my ear. That was my move.

Hannah – It's 50/50.

50/50...that cancer movie where the guy has a 50/50 chance at living? This...isn't exactly what I had hoped. Hard to make a move on a movie filled with the possibility of death. My god what am I doing...making a move? I'm like transferred back to high school right now. I'm like a nervous kid watching a movie with a hot girl in her parents house.

Hannah – My mom said that it was really great.

Shawn – Oh yeah...I heard great things too.

* Hannah sits on her bed as Shawn sits beside her. Hannah hits play. *

Hannah – Shawn...I just feel like you and I haven't really had much time together since the birth.

Shawn – I know. I'm here every chance I can be between work and you know, trying to stay clean.

Hannah – I know and I appreciate everything that you're doing Shawn I really do.

* Hannah hits pause on the movie and turns facing Shawn. *

Hannah – I just think that we need to realize that we've both changed through these past 9 months. We rushed into a wedding drunk and in Vegas and it turned out that everything was just too fast. I'll admit it sucks that things moved faster than we were ready. Things became so real so fast before we even truly knew each other and when I got pregnant...that's when I felt I saw the real you.

Wow...I wasn't expecting this. I guess go watch a movie to Hannah isn't code for let's go have sex. That's probably just college level stuff. This apparently meant let's bare our feelings. Problem is I've already done that and been shot down.

Shawn – Hannah I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry. For months after months I have tried to tell you how sorry I am but it just seems like sorry isn't enough.

Hannah – Because it isn't enough Shawn. Not when we were going to have a baby. Our daughter puts things in a different perspective. But the fact that you're actually going through all of this in order to be a good father, that really means something to me Shawn. It really does.

Shawn – That's what I've been trying to do Hannah...I've been trying to prove that this right here is what I want. I want us to be a family, not one that simply gets custody on weekends or anything. I want to actually be there for her and be there for you. I thought I showed that at the hospital.

Hannah – You did...but one night doesn't erase 100's of bad ones.

Shawn – But we had our good nights too didn't we?

* Hannah smiles a bit. *

Shawn – remember. We had some great times together before things got all hectic. Remember when we met?

Hannah – Oh my god how could I forget? You saw me struggling to put bags of groceries into my car and decided to help me out. You asked me “so when are you going to make me dinner” haha. I remember thinking that was the cheesiest pick up line that I had ever heard.

Shawn – Oh? Cheesiest? Are you kidding me? That line worked. You gave me your number right then and there like it was about to expire.

Hannah – I did not!

Shawn – Yes you did, all I had to do was imply dinner at some point and you were right there as puddy in my hands. Don't lie about it Hannah you know that I had game.

Hannah – The only game you had was tetris trying to figure out moves ahead of time but I was always that much better of a player than you.

Shawn – What? What is this now? You're telling me that you were better than me? I'm sorry but my memory serves me correctly and you gave me your number that day and it wasn't long before you and I were in Vegas getting married.

Hannah – You don't remember at all do you? I gave you a number.

Shawn – gave me your number.

Hannah – No...I said I gave you A number.

Shawn – Wait...what?

Hannah – You seriously don't remember do you? I gave you the number to a Chinese Food Restaurant. Hahaha!

Shawn – Wha-no you didn't! I called you! We went to....dinner.

Hannah – Oh my god this is priceless. The look on your face right now is amazing. Haha.

Shawn – No...that isn't right...we went out...we...

Hannah – Oh my god! Do you re-imagine failures with women in your own head as successes?

Shawn – I don't do that.

Hannah – Oh my god you totally do! You completely erased the fact that I turned you down and created some story in which we got together and went to Vegas to get married.

Shawn – Alright...fine...then enlighten me! How did we get married in Vegas?

Hannah – Lots and lots of alcohol.

Shawn – Obviously I mean it's marriage in Vegas that's like written in the vows. “are you intoxicated?” “I am” “and you mam are you intoxicated?” “I am” “then the power vested in Jack Daniels pronounces you two husband and wife!”

Hannah – Hahaha, no Shawn we met up again IN Vegas. I was at a bachelorette party and you were at a bachelor party and somehow our parties met up and we recognized each other.

Shawn – This may be starting to ring a bell.

Hannah – We started talking and next thing you know we were drunk enough to go next door and get married. You had to pull of few strings with some money but we were able to get married that night.

Shawn – said no to me sober in broad daylight yet said yes to me drunk and in a dark club?

Hannah – I heard that's what you were used to.

* Hannah starts laughing trying to hold her mouth closed as Shawn just lets her enjoy it as he knows that he's just been had. *

Shawn – Ya know for a girl that pretends to have blacked out that night you do seem to remember a lot?

Hannah – When it comes to proving you wrong I remember everything, after all I am a woman.

Shawn – Oh don't remind me.

Hannah – I can't believe that all this time that's how you thought it went! Haha!

Shawn – I'm glad you're enjoying this.

Actually I am...seeing her happy and laughing even at my expense it's something that I haven't really seen much of lately. It's a breath of fresh air.

Shawn – We had good times outside of you being right.

Hannah – Um...I don't think so.

* Shawn just shakes his head as Hannah leans back against the head board with a smile on her face. *

Hannah – God...doesn't this just remind you of growing up?

Shawn – Huh?

Hannah – You know...the nights where you'd stay up all night knowing that your parents weren't home. (sigh) God those were the care free.

Shawn – free.

* Shawn watched as Hannah laid down and pressed “play on the movie before Shawn turned focusing his attention towards the tv. However he couldn't shake the thought of his childhood and his way of growing up. *

What if that's my problem?

* The camera comes on showing Shawn Winters sitting in front of an SCW back drop without anything in his hands or mouth at this time. He simply looks calm as if he's reflecting on something. *

Shawn – I've tried for the longest time to forget my past, to forget my upbringing. To just leave it all behind me and be my own man, not be who people wanted me to be. I was tired of having people demand things from me yet here I am such a hypocrite striving to be the best in the world with the expectations of winning. It's everything that I wanted to avoid yet here I am with the pressure of people's expectations on me, yet somehow now I thrive on it. I live off it. It just goes to show how things come around full circle doesn't it? How there is a start to something and then never really an ending it just comes right back around to where it started and further goes around and around and around until there is nothing left to spin. This is what this match is Shilo...our feud, our hatred for each other, our talents has brought this around full circle in our third one on one match in less than a year. I won the first at Rise to “won” the second at Under it seems that it's all come back full circle to see me once again win, this time at Retribution.

Now I am aware as I'm sure are as well that this is the second biggest event of the SCW year. For those that couldn't main event Rise to Greatness this is the second best platform to showcase your skills. But that's not us is it Shilo? Because we already showcased our skills in the main event of Rise to Greatness right? Yeah, that's the very match that I challenged for and defeated you for the SCW Championship. No Greaternity interference it was just me and you inside that ring and it was me who rose to the occasion at the greatest stage of them all. With all the lights shined down on us it was me who didn't sweat, it was me who didn't falter, it was me who didn't lose. Now indeed fast forward ourselves a few months later where you won the elimination chamber to challenge me for my SCW Championship, the rematch that you desperately wanted. The rematch that you in the deepest of your heart believe that you deserved. And hey, who am I to judge whether or not you deserved a rematch? Maybe you did maybe you didn't but either way inside that elimination chamber you indeed earned your rematch. I stand here and I will officially give you the credit that you've been desperately asking of me like an orphan child wanting to simply be loved. You defeated some of the best in that elimination chamber so I stand here.

* Shawn stands up and begins to clap his hands. *

Shawn – I give you the standing ovation that you strive for not only from me but from the audience in attendance. Bravo won the chamber and you “won” the SCW Championship not in style, not in flash, not in an entertaining fashion. You deprived the fans you so loved to “entertain” that you came to a realization of what truly is important in your career. It's not about entertaining anyone, it's not about being the SCW's about seeing where you stand in the rankings of the Mount Rushmore of SCW.

See Shilo I have you pegged. For everything that you've done since you've came to SCW...the titles you've won...oh how you could brag about the titles you've won you still feel jilted. You feel like you are owed something, you are owed respect, you are owed recognition, you are owned the same praise that one Shawn Winters has. That's what this is all about isn't it Shilo? For you this isn't about proving that you're the best. It isn't about the SCW Championship you made sure of that when you cost me it a couple weeks ago. This is about you...and you alone. You simply want your name to be synonymous with greatness and to be synonymous with entertainment. The only problem it you have no idea how to achieve it!

You have your sights set on something yet there is this tiny bit of darkness left inside of you. One that has yet to be diminished. A darkness that is losing the Championship to Masquerade. See Shilo you still have your demons, you still have Masquerade walking around this place possibly “owning” you. Me? Oh me on the other hand stand here free of spirit and free of mind knowing that this time there will be no Chad Evans arriving to be your knight in shining armor. There will be no Matt Hodges. There will only be me. But can you say the same about Masquerade? My natural born rival is in a wheel chair in a hospital right now, yours? Yours is wondering around the halls in laughter. He's still very much in play inside of your psyche yet Chad Evans? Is gone. want to defeat me at Under Attack with a page out of my own playbook? Well don't forget who invented that playbook Shilo.

See there are many imitators out there but there are only few innovators. As honoring as it is to see someone like you following in my footsteps, it's someone like you who throws away any creativity in it. Something I pride myself on Shilo is being new, is being original, and being creative. For you to blatantly state how you're trying to copy me? That erases anything special about you. Now don't get me wrong I can stand here and I can say that you out smarted me at Under Attack but then again you'd have to be a retard not to outsmart someone unconscious.

* Shawn smiles a bit while looking into the camera before regaining focus. *

Shawn – Now Shilo don't for one second think that the magnitude of this match is lost on me because it's not. It's not a coincidence that you and I main evented the largest SCW show in Rise to Greatness to now find ourselves in a “rubber match” at the second biggest SCW event Retribution. I mean if this isn't straight out of a Shakespeare play then I'm not entirely sure what is. This right here is poetic if there was ever such a thing. The fact is that this match between you and I is no longer about the SCW Championship...this match is strictly about SCW's commentary terms to see whose “the best”. Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble Shilo but the fact is this match has been happening for decades. A match that gets hyped up to determine the “best” happens again...and again...and again. Just look at last year with myself and Jake Starr. Just look at myself vs CHBK. This match is recycled more often than Masquerades jokes.

The truth is this match between you and I will not now or ever prove anything. It won't prove that you're better than me. It won't prove that you're worth an engraving on the Mount Rushmore of SCW. It won't even provide you with the recognition that you believe you deserve. It's not going to erase an in-superiority complex that you probably have towards Masquerade. Most of all it's not going to earn respect as being the "best". Because being the “best” is no longer a title worth any value. Much like the SCW Championship thanks to you and Masquerade. Being the “best” is thrown around like it's nothing because people call themselves it without any warrant degrading it's eternal value. So...I stand here to tell you that just because SCW wants to hype this match up to determine whose the “best” I know that I don't need validation. I know that I'm the best because of the recognition I get wherever I go. I don't need to claim myself it...using it as yet another meaningless name you've given yourself. I know in my heart of hearts that I am the best because I have proven it on a nightly basis. You? You're just once again reading a chapter in a book that I wrote. So let me go ahead and skip you towards the ending Shilo....spoiler alert...I win!

* Shawn winks into the camera as he walks off and the camera fades out onto the SCW logo. *