One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Like A Child

Two men, on the top of the world…for their own recent accomplishments. One man being James Exeter after winning the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal to go to the main event at Rise to Greatness 2009 and challenge for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Then of course you’ve got the very man that he had to go through a grueling battle royal just to challenge…you’ve got me, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Winters! One man who had to accomplish something he had never been able to accomplish in order to get a single chance at being what everyone in the world desires to be. Then you’ve got the other man, who simply just has to show up. James Exeter on his third try was finally able to win the battle royal and get the rights to challenge me…then there is me…who has simply just walked right into the main event unchallenged. James Exeter vs. Shawn Winters, the match for the ages…one man with everything to lose, the other man with everything to gain. Who shall triumph? My bet, is on Shawn Winters…but that’s just me.

Saturday -- July 18th, 2009

* The scene opens up at a local bar in Tupelo, Mississippi where the Greaternity bus has stopped on the way from Tampa Bay, FL the site of the previous Breakdown to Kansas City, MO the site of the next Breakdown. *

Bartender – Here’s your rum and coke sir.

* Shawn takes a look at the drink like it’s some sort of alien. He squints his eyes and then looks back at the bartender who looks pretty dumbfounded. Shawn then slams a giant golden glass on the bar. *

Shawn – No! Fill up my goblet!

* Shawn then slowly begins to fall to his left but catches himself with a stool and quickly looks up at the bartender like nothing happened. The bartender then pours the drink out from the bar glass and into Shawn’s “goblet”. *

Shawn – You’re much obliged!

Bartender – What?

* Shawn grabs his goblet and holds it into the air triumphantly only to walk back over to his table with Porno Lad, Alex Jr., and Ace Marshall. Shawn then takes a chug, his eyes then seem to gloss over as he pulls out his can of Skoal chew and packs in a giant dip. He then rolls his head into a circle and spits right onto the bar floor. A rather small woman rivaling 5 feet tall runs up with an apron on screaming in a fast and screeching voice. *


* Shawn then looks closely at her squinting his eyes. *

Shawn – Settle down turbo! If you actually DO work here, then go get me a spitter!

* Shawn then spits again on the floor right in front of her. She storms off in a huff. *

Porno Lad – Shawn, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s the deal with that “goblet”?

Ace – Yeah, did you seriously just go out and buy yourself a golden glass?

Shawn – What?! (shocked) Me buy?! No, ya see, this goblet is a symbol! (blinks a lot) This goblet used to be a normal glass until I touched it! Because as of recently, everything I touch turns into gold, so by holding this golden goblet I am symbolizing my greatness!

Alex Jr. – Then how come you ran away from James Exeter last week?

Shawn – Excuse me pledge! Did you just speak out of turn?!

Alex Jr. – I didn’t know whose turn it was?

Shawn – You think I ran away from James Exeter last week?! From what I remember is it was Katie Steward who came to me for help with the two cunt muscles! It wasn’t me asking her for help. So you know what I did? I gave her help, now I apologize if my help wasn’t up to her “Goddess” standards because the last time I checked when being asked for help, you’re providing just that…HELP! Which means that she has to do something as well! The whole world saw me out there doing all of the work, I was the one carrying the load for Katie Steward and her Brat Pack! Why should I treat the fans to Shawn Winters vs. James Exeter for free?! Oh no, Breakdown was Katie’s moment, it’s not my fault that she wasn’t able to seize it, just like she was unable to do so at Taking Hold of the Flame.

Alex Jr. – Isn’t Katie your friend?

Shawn – Friend? No, our “friendship” that you call it went out the window the moment she thought she could over shadow Shawn Winters!

* Shawn looks at his cell phone and sees that he has a missed call from Miranda only to toss it onto the table. *

Porno Lad – Shawn, by the way…I’ve been meaning to ask you when you were going to hire an assistant and when I was going to get her phone number? Haha.

Ace – Are you kidding me? If anyone should get her phone number it’s going to be me!

Alex Jr. – Haven’t you guys heard? Shawn’s not going to hire an assistant.

Ace and Porno Lad – He’s not?!

Shawn – I’m not?

Alex Jr. – No, because you’re in LOVE with Miranda.

Shawn – Psh! I am in love with nobody!

Porno Lad – You seem to be eyeing that goblet pretty heavily, maybe you’re in love with it haha.

Alex Jr. – Just think about it, if you weren’t in love with Miranda then you’d have hired an assistant by now and banged her…twice.

Ace – Wow, leave it to Alex to make a point.

Shawn – Fuck that shit! I’m going to hire an assistant and I’m going to bang her twice with one of them being sideways.

Ace – What?

Shawn – What?

* Right then the waitress from before walks up with a rather large man. *

Woman – (pointing at Shawn) That’s him! He’s been spitting chew all over the fucking floor!

* The large man then walks over and grabs Shawn by the arm lifting him up. *

Bouncer – It’s time for you to leave!

* Shawn gets helped to his feet barely able to stand. *

Shawn – WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Do you know who I am Jackson?! I’m fuckin’ Shawn Winters!!!

Bouncer – Sir, what you do in your spare time is none of my business! What is my business is keeping this place looking good and clear of scum like you!

* The bouncer begins to drag Shawn through the bar only for Shawn to stop him for a second. *

Shawn – Wait! Wait….WAIT! (stops) Just one second, I’ve got to do something.

* Shawn then spits on the bar floor once again and smirks. *

Shawn – Hehe

* The bouncer then tosses Shawn out the front door and Shawn nearly stumbles into traffic. Porno Lad then follows out and seeing Shawn just laying on the sidewalk. Porno Lad tries picking Shawn up but he apparently has gone limp. *

Porno Lad – Jesus Shawn, you need be on top during sex sometimes, maybe then you’d lose some weight.

* He finally gets Shawn to his feet and is holding him up walking down the sidewalk. *

Porno Lad – All we’ve got to do is get you to the bus and we’ll be fine.

* After a couple blocks Shawn begins to start shaking and this makes Porno Lad drop him only to pick him up once again while Shawn throws out some grunts. *

Porno Lad – God damn it Shawn! What did you take tonight?!

Shawn – Where are we going?!

* Right then a “WOOP!” can be hear and some flashing lights follow. Porno Lad turns around to see Mississippi’s finest pulling right up beside them. Two officers then step out of their squad car and surround Shawn and Porno Lad. *

Cop #1 – That’s enough, we’ve been following you two for the past 5 blocks and we’ve had it. You two are going in.

Porno Lad – No officer you don’t understand! He’s epileptic! He’s got to go to the hospital!

Cop #2 – Do you think we’re stupid?! We saw this guy you’re carrying get thrown out of the bar just 15 minutes ago! But I’m sure he got thrown out because he was having a seizure right? Not because he’s probably 3 times over the legal limit. Cuff em.

Porno Lad – Wait a second! What did I do?!

Cop #1 – Then just back off of him.

* Porno Lad backs up and walks away as Shawn falls over onto the cop car after trying to hold his balance. The two police officers work together in order to cuff him. One holds him up and the other grabs his arms and cuffs his wrists. Right then one of the cops gets a glimpse at Shawn’s face. *

Cop #1 – Wait a second, you’re…(looks at cop #2) he’s Shawn Winters!

Shawn – Yeah! I’m Shawn Winters! Let me go!

Cop #1 – My daughter is a huge fan of yours! It would defiantly get me back on her good graces if I was able to get your autograph.

* Shawn looks up and down at the officer and turns around flopping against the side of the car exposing the handcuffs to him. *

Shawn – I kind of need my hands to sign anything.

* The officer immediately uncuffs Shawn and bends over through the window of his car to grab a pen only for Shawn to immediately start running away. The other officer starts to chase after him while on his communicator calling for back up. *

Cop #2 – We have a runner, need back up on 12th and Baker!

* Shawn runs around a corner and down an alley trying to break free of the officers chase. *

Cop #2 – Stop running!!!

Shawn – Stop chasing me!

* The cop soon fades after being exhausted from the chase as Shawn dodges around another corner and breaks into a back door to a rather large building. Shawn looks around noticing the high ceilings. He stumbles through some benches and then notices a rather large statue of Jesus Christ with his arms extended and his palms out seemingly welcoming him in. *

Shawn – Psh! You were no savior! Sure you SUPPOSEDLY died for all mankinds?! But really who did you save? Did people stop sinning?! Oh no, people are still sinning to this day. Look at yours truly! But I suppose I should be thankful right? I should be thankful to you oh my lord Jesus Christ for dieing for me, I should be so thankful to lead my life. But without sinning what kind of life could I possibly lead? So I stand here before you oh lord, I’m a piece of clay…mold me! Hahaha.

* Shawn stumbles and falls down and into a bench. *

Shawn – I have TRULY saved. Look at what I have done for SCW these past few months as Champion. I have revived a broken CHBK, I have given Asher Hayes the fans attention that he has so strongly wanted over the years. Now, I’m about to give James Exeter the same star treatment. You see Jesus, you and I work on different levels. You try and save all of mankind where as I? I only save those who deem worthy of my savings. I am a true Messiah and whenever someone steps into the ring with me, it immediately becomes historic. It’ll only be time before I have the entire SCW roster praying to me instead of you. I truly work miracles, you? All you’ve done is give people reasons to hate themselves.

* The next thing you know Shawn Winters is passed out. *

Sunday Morning – July 24th, 2009

Shawn – Where the fuck am I?

* Shawn sits up rubbing his eyes and then holding his back. He looks around to see nobody around and then looks to see that he was sleeping on a bench. He gets to his feet and walks over to a glass window that is part of a locked door. He looks outside of it to see a police station. *

Shawn – Son of a BITCH!

* He then tries to peak his head around so he can see the clock but it is out of sight. Probably against the same wall as his jail cell. Shawn then begins to pound on the cell door. *


* A couple officers take a glance over at him only to go back to whatever they were doing previously. The female desk clerk continues to stare. Shawn notices. *


* Shawn holds his hands up pleading to her only for an officer to tap her on her shoulder which takes her attention away from Shawn. Shawn notices this and then goes back to sitting on the bench. *

Shawn – God damn, what happened last night?

* Shawn rubs his head running his fingers though his hair. He then rubs his beard. *

Shawn – Come to think of it…what day is it? How long was I fucking out?

* Right then Shawn’s confusion has turned into anger as he slams his fists against the bench he is seated on. *

Shawn – SHIT! Can I just give people any more reasons for me to not be Champion?! What the hell am I doing? Just feeding them everything that they want?! Like they’re fucking baby birds who don’t know what they’re eating? It’s that fucking obvious what I’m doing! Jesus Fuck! It’s all going to come out, I can read it now: “SCW Champion Shawn Winters arrested for…” and then insert whatever the fuck I was arrested for. Not even I’ll be able to swing this into my favor of being fit for a Championship. I mean sure, I know that I’m the greatest thing to ever happen to the SCW title but with my lack of respect for it and for anything people don’t see it that way. Now…heh…now I’ve just added fuel to that ever so growing fire. People have wanted me to lose this title since the moment I won it and now, they actually feel that they have their greatest chance in James Exeter, a fucking social retard!

* Shawn stands up and throws his forearm into the brink wall in frustration. *

Shawn – God knows that I’ve fucked up a time or two in my life but if after this I’m the last person to believe that I’m all that’s good in the wrestling industry then I’ve failed miserably. I will be damned if everything that I have worked for, everything that I’ve built gets thrown away because of some stupid ass arrest. I’ll buy each and everyone of these cops and put them all in my pocket if I have to.

* The frustration subsides right as the sound of the door unlocking is heard. Shawn turns around to see an officer standing in the doorway. *

Cop #2 – I trust you slept well Mr. Winters?

Shawn – Ha…ha. What the hell am I in here for and when the hell am I getting out? Just tell me how much and I’ll pay it.

Cop #2 – Well let’s see here, you’re initially arrested for public intox and evading the police. Now there are also some pending charges of breaking and entering.

Shawn – What?!

* The officer lifts up a clipboard. *

Cop #2 – Now you do have a bail listed here at $10,000.

Shawn – Yeah fine, I’ll pay it.

Cop #2 – It doesn’t work that way Mr. Winters. You see, in your possession from last night you had about 1,000 dollars in cash. The way things work here is when you get out of here you’ll receive a check for that amount. We don’t let you walk out with the cash you brought in.

Shawn – Alright fine, I’ll write you a check whatever. Just get me the fuck out of here.

Cop #2 – The only way that’s going to happen is if you can contact somebody and have them bring your checkbook to you. Do you have anybody that you can contact?

Shawn – Yeah just give me my cell phone and I’ll make some calls.

Cop #2 – Once again, can’t allow you to make a call from your cell phone.

Shawn – What?! Then how the hell am I supposed to get any numbers?!

Cop #2 – We can allow you to look up a couple numbers from your cell phone and then you can call them from the front desk. You’re not allowed to actually use your phone for the call itself.

Shawn – Alright fine, give me my phone and I’ll get some numbers and we can get this all done and taken care of.

Cop #2 – Alright come with me.

* The officer escorts Shawn out of the jail cell and towards the front desk. The woman behind the desk pulls out a plastic bag with all of Shawn’s belongings inside. She opens it up and pulls out his cell phone and his battery. The officer places the battery back into the phone and hands it to Shawn. Shawn turns it on and begins to search for some numbers. He stops on “Porno Lad”. He then dials it on the front desk phone to no answer. *

Shawn – Fuck!

* Shawn then looks at the clock and notices that it’s 9:30 in the morning. *

Shawn – That little shit probably isn’t even awake yet.

* Shawn then tries “Alex Jr.” to the same result as well as “Ace”. *

Shawn – Fuck!

Cop #2 – Is there anybody else you can call? Anyone you happen to know in the area?

Shawn – I don’t know! My check book is in the damn bus which is at the hotel. Can’t you guys just drive over there and get it and bring it back?

Cop #2 – Sorry, can’t do that. You’re going to have to find somebody otherwise you’re going to be staying all day until tomorrow morning for your court hearing.

Shawn – Fine, just let me think for a minute.

* Shawn then stops on a number. He raises his eyebrow and then turns to the officer. *

Shawn – How far away is Aberdeen?

Cop #2 – Couple hours maybe, why?

Shawn – I know somebody from Aberdeen.

* Shawn makes the call and this time gets an answer. *

About 4 hours later

* Shawn is startled by the door opening to his cell. Shawn gets up as the same officer is standing in the doorway. *

Cop #2 – Let’s go…she’s here.

* He escorts Shawn out of the cell to be welcomed by a familiar face holding his checkbook. *

Halia – You’re a real douche bag you know that?

Shawn – I read your letter. (smiles)

* She tosses him the checkbook. *

Halia – I hope you got raped in there.

Shawn – It was the drunk tank Halia, no raping.

Cop #2 – Eh….

Shawn – What?

Cop #2 – Nothing.

* Shawn puts his attention back to the check and he fills it out and hands it to the front desk woman who then hands him some paper work. *

Cop #2 – Alright, you’ve got to be back here for court tomorrow morning by 9:00 AM. Got that?

Shawn – You, I’ve got it. So am I good to go?

Cop #2 – Free as a bird…for now.

* Shawn grabs his personal belongings and follows Halia outside. *

Shawn – So, where’s your car?

Halia – Oh, you just expect me to drive you somewhere? Is that it? Am I back to being your little bitch? No, I don’t think so. By the way I took a couple hundreds out of your bus.

Shawn – There’s more where that came from. (winks)

Halia – Seriously? Are you really trying to hit on me right now? Not even 5 minutes after I bail your ass out of jail? You smell like eggs and feet.

* Shawn then sniffs himself. *

Shawn – Eh, I’m still just as sexy. I thought you liked your men dirty.

Halia – Sure I do, but you’re no man.

Shawn – Oh come on Halia, you can’t say that you didn’t miss this.

Halia – By “this” do you mean you? Or do you mean arguing?

Shawn – Um…

Halia – Exactly.

* Halia hops into her car as Shawn stands there watching. She then rolls down the window. *

Halia – Are you getting in or what?!

Shawn – Oh…

* Shawn then opens the door only for Halia to refuse. *

Halia – No, no…you’re sitting in the back. Like I said…eggs and feet.

Shawn – Right…

* Shawn closes the door and hops into the back of the car. *

Halia – So where are we going?

Shawn – We could go back to your place ya know, have some wine, maybe share a few laughs.

Halia – You expect me to take you to my house? Ha, yeah that’s a laugh.

Shawn – Eh, it was worth a shot. Take me to the hotel.

Halia – Sure.

* Halia begins driving. *

Shawn – So, I’ve got to ask you. Have you thought about me at all?

Halia – Sure, a couple of times I guess.

Shawn – Sexually? (smirks)

Halia – Am I that transparent? Yes, Shawn…my body aches for your touch.

Shawn – I knew it…

Halia – You still haven’t picked up on sarcasm have you?

Shawn – I hear what I want to.

Halia – You always have.

Shawn – But I do remember, that letter you wrote. You practically said you loved me.

Halia – I did not!

Shawn – You so did! You said how you loved being with me and how you couldn’t handle caring about me so much so you had to leave!

Halia – Is that what you got out of my letter?!

Shawn – What else was I to get?

Halia – Oh I don’t know, the fact that you ruined a woman’s life who loved you only to result in her killing herself. Maybe I didn’t want to be around a man who could do such a thing to somebody. Ever think of that?

Shawn – (thinking) Nope, didn’t cross my mind.

Halia – You will never change.

Shawn – Don’t see a reason to.

* Moments later they arrive at the hotel only for Shawn to notice that the Greaternity bus is no where to be found. *

Shawn – What the hell? Where did those bastards go?!

Halia – They were here an hour ago when I got your check book.

* Shawn goes inside the hotel and to the front desk. *

Shawn – Hey! Person! Did Suite 718 check out?

Clerk – Let me check…

* Looks it up on his computer. *

Clerk – Yes it appears that they did about an hour ago. Can I help you with something?

* Shawn turns to Halia. *

Shawn – Last chance for me to stay at your place. (smiles)

* Halia turns to the clerk. *

Halia – He needs a room!

* Halia starts to walk away. *

Shawn – Halia!

Halia – BYE SHAWN!

Shawn – Damn…

Monday Morning 9:00 AM – July 25th, 2009

Judge – Mr. Winters, you have been charged with public intoxication and evading the police. You are lucky that you’re not facing breaking and entering charges as well. You can thank the Catholic Church for not pressing charges on that one. You are facing a minimum of 30 days in jail with a maximum of 90 days and 1 year of probation. How do you plea?

* Shawn Winters is standing in front of a court room. *

Shawn – Not guilty.

Judge – You realize in doing so we will schedule a court date on a further date?

Shawn – Yes sir.

Judge – Alright, the court date will be set for September 3rd, 2009. You may be excused.

* Shawn Winters is shown looking through some papers. The camera then zooms in on the envelope to show a “Mississippi District Court” emblem. He then puts them down and looks into the camera. *

Shawn – (smirks) James, you went through that 30 man battle royal at Taking Hold of the Flame, not to challenge for the SCW World Championship…you did it in order to challenge me! The SCW title being on the line just so happens to be an added bonus! You did the impossible and you finally won the Taking Hold of the Flame match and you just so happened to do it when it’s me you’d be facing. Now I’m not trying to insinuate anything here James but maybe…just maybe you were holding back during the previous two years simply because there wasn’t a Shawn Winters there for you to challenge. Ya see during these last few months James you’ve clearly lost something, you’ve lost your edge, your intensity that got you to the SCW Championship less then a year ago. Now, now all you’re doing is running around like a scarred little boy dressing up like chairs and dosing women in green paint. SCW hasn’t become the place for you, Nickelodeon has. Now by winning Taking Hold of the Flame you now know that Shawn Winters can heal you, he can bring back the James Exeter that the world grew to love and admire. I made Jason Wheeler better, I made Christian Savior better, I made Asher Hayes better, and I even made CHBK better…now James…it’s you looking for the same hand out…and since you’ve been so cute these last few weeks with your “kick ass” plans and your happy-happy hippos play times, I figure you’re as desperate as anyone can get. So at Rise to Greatness…just sit back and relax while Shawn Winters does what he does best, make history!

James you are in a position that anyone and everyone else in this company would kill to have. You powered through 30 other men in order to get this position. Only the righteous get to be saved by Shawn Winters and James after your little show at Taking Hold of the Flame, it looks like you’re about to be the next in my long list of golden made opponents. Your time is about to shine James, and at Rise to Greatness you’ll have me to thank for that. So just out of pure appreciation I accept cash, check, flowers, practically anything as a gift…just don’t be as ungrateful as that bastard Asher Hayes was, because if it wasn’t for me…he’d be nothing more then a drugged out hippy wannabe rotting in a gutter somewhere. James, just do the only thing that I want from you and say “thank you”, “thank you Shawn” that’s all I want to hear out of that Winnie the Pooh like mouth of yours!

Now I know that you’re scared and it’s alright, it’s understandable to fear failure but it’s not like you haven’t experienced failure before right? James, I can see right through you. You put on this little show about being a man trapped in a childs body as if you’re a five year old kid playing games to try and keep things from getting to you. Well James, I’m here to break the news to you…you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you why, being the child that you are…Michael Jackson is dead so you know longer have to live with the molestation that he forced upon you. (smirks) Oh I don’t want to hear the “too soon” bullshit, the guy was a FREAK! King of pop my ass, he was the king of poppin’ little boys cherries!

Even with this child like persona you’ve still maintained this nickname of “extraordinary”. James let’s reevaluate your little nickname, “Extraordinary One”…look at it for a minute, sure it sounds nice, has a decent look to it but just take a look at it a bit longer. You know what I see when I look at it? I see nothing special, because what’s the difference between “ordinary” and “extraordinary”? It’s just that little extra, so truthfully all you’re saying about yourself is that you’re just barely better then ordinary. But even so it seems like the entire world is counting me out. Everyone and I mean everyone is behind this fake persona that you have created for yourself. The fact that you are merely the challenger to my Champion status seems to have zero affect on anyone’s presumptions on our match. The fact that you have to defeat me and not the other way around once again seems to have zero impact on people’s psyche about our match. You have even brainwashed this Ryan Evans jerkoff who has seemingly hoped right on the James Exeter bandwagon. It just goes to show why that pea brain Neanderthal was on the unemployment line for so long. Now apparently this guys column is popular enough because now the whole world is expecting my Championship to change hands at Rise to Greatness even knowing the history that has compiled at Rise to Greatness, you’ve been around James…you know the history don’t you? Well if you don’t then let me remind you. The winner of the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal has only came out victorious…ONCE! That one time being your little BFF Matt Hodges. (smirks)

Ya see James, it may SEEM like winning the battle royal is your ticket to the SCW Championship but history tells us that all it’s a ticket to, is main eventing Rise to Greatness with a superior athlete and performer. Matt Hodges was able to do the unimaginable last year, but you’ve got to wonder if you’ve got what it takes to do the same thing year. The way I see it is the only reason Matt Hodges was able to walk away the SCW Champion that night is because the Champion at that time was none other then Brian Kinney. James, I’m NOT Brian Kinney and I sure as hell am not Jay Gold. So James, think long and hard about how extraordinary you are, and then erase it completely…and then realize how perfect your opponent is, because when it’s all said and done, it’s all that’s going to matter. (smirks)

But enough about you James, let’s talk about me. Since being propelled into the main event spot light I have worked miracles that would even make Jesus Christ ashamed of himself. During my title reign I have made CHBK into a 25 year old man whose got all the talent in the world, I’ve taken Asher Hayes and made his drug problems go away and given him a new life, Christian Savior of all people has been given a slight bit of credibility, and to top it all off people said that it was impossible for Jason Wheeler to have a top notch match but I said NEIGH! I did it, I gave Jason Wheeler that top notch match when I became Champion. You see what I’m getting at James? My talents inside the ring can heal peoples souls, they can make people one again. Now, at Rise to Greatness…you’ve got the honor and the privilege of joining these previously mentioned foes and once again become one again. So James, don’t be afraid…the pain and agony of defeat will only last for a second…but what you’ll get out of being in the ring with Shawn Winters…will last a lifetime. (smirks)

* The camera fades to black on Shawn’s crocked smile. *