One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Love Hurts

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The camera turns on showing a ladder. There are some feet on the ladder showing a set of legs. The camera tilts up getting a shot of a man's ass in a pair of jeans. The camera turns and tilts up more revealing a shirtless Shawn Winters. He has a bag in his hand and he is seemingly placing glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. *

Cameraman – Shawn, what are you doing? It's time for your shoot.

Shawn – Are you sure?

Cameraman – Yes's right here on my run sheet. It's time for your shoot.

Shawn – But are you sure?

Cameraman – Yes Shawn, I'm sure. It says so right here look!

Shawn – I'm not convinced....are you sure?

Cameraman – Damn it Shawn!

* Shawn starts to laugh as he is mocking Shilo Valiant's constant nagging of asking him if he's sure. He continues to place the stars on the ceiling. He then looks down at the camera. *

Shawn – Just look at the stars...look how bright they are shining...well not really bright because they're kind of an ugly greenish color but look at them...look how they're aligned.

* Right then one falls off the ceiling. *

Shawn – Oh shit! Just goes to show you how much a dollar can get you for a bag of stars. Worthless pieces of crap. You'd think they'd at least give you an instruction manual or something with a picture of the galaxy. Because this? This is like a cluster-f*ck going on up here. It's all in chaos....OH NO!!!! THEY'RE NOT ALIGNED! WHATEVER CAN I DO?!

* Shawn fakes a panic attack before laughing as he continues his work. *

Shawn – These stars I just...I just never knew said so much about me and Shilo. It's like looking up at them and I now know that it's wrestling legends of the past are looking down on me. Just waiting to welcome me as one of there own but I hate to break it to them and to Shilo.

* Shawn drops down from the ladder and looks into the camera. *

Shawn – I'm not dead yet. You see this 30 year old frame is still alive and kickin' and some of the wheels may be needing some grease but damn it I'm like a Ford and I'm built Ford Tough.

* Shawn doubles over holding his stomach in laughter he then tries to contain himself by standing back up and catching his breath. All of this laughter is completely fake and border lining overacting. He then stops and focus' back on the camera. *

Shawn – But let's be real here. Shilo I've got to simply ask you something...what the hell was that? I mean what are you doing bringing that weak sauce in here talking about me like that. I mean what gives? We all know you're better than that hell you can't seem to get over telling us. Where was the canny laughter? The blood stained jestor out of jokes? Or are they all Inside Jokes that none of us get? Well except for me it seems. I mean really Shilo what was that? You come out and get a camera crew ready and you waist our time gazing up at the stars? Rewinding our career's? You were like a pitcher just out of gas throwing weak batting practice at this point. What happened to the 100 mile per hour fastball? Here I was looking at it with an ice pack ready prepared to place them on my balls from you verbally removing them and shoving them down my throat. Where was it? Because I don't have the after taste of my balls in my mouth.

I mean hell you spent your time going on and on about stars. Wow here I thought you were a professional wrestler but instead you're an astrophysicist giving me a free lesson about the importance of them. What's next ya little gypsy? You going to pull out some cards and give me a tarot reading? Come on Shilo...I know you're better than that I've seen it. Hell I've heard it. I've heard you come at my with every single bullet in your chamber hitting me right in the ten range. Yet I was left disappointed...regretful...unable to believe that it was over without any dazzling finish...

Cameraman – You're going to make a sex joke aren't you?

Shawn – Damn it shut up! Just because I let you talk before doesn't mean I need your input now. where was I? Oh yeah...I was left with the taste of not my balls but bullshit and it was messy. The entire world could smell the huge dump you took on camera, they're practically calling it the dump heard round the world...or in this case smelled. My two and a half week old daughter was able to see through all that bullshit. The thing is Shilo I thought I brought out the best in you. I thought that you and I we had something special. We had a connection I mean the way our careers have gone...the way we smashed through Rise to Greatness only to find ourselves here at Retribution once again facing one another? Once again showcasing our talents for the entire world to see? Am I being selfish to think such things? Here I thought that you...completed me.

* Shawn fakes a couple sniffs before smiling. *

Shawn – Honestly though Shilo...I thought we had something...for a match being showcased by SCW as a match to determine the “better man” the “best in the world” whatever marketing campaign they're running with to build up this match. Here I thought that our names alone were a marketing campaign all on there own. But yet my ego gets the better of me yet again, my head is brought back down from the clouds resting right back on my shoulders and I see the real picture. I see you...trying to convince yourself...trying to give yourself a motivational speech along the lines of “any given Sunday anyone can win and anyone can lose.” I see you looking to the stars for answers because for once you don't have them. For once...I'm seeing behind the face paint...I'm seeing behind it into your soul. That arrogance of yours is gone because it's been replaced with the idea that maybe...just maybe you're not as good as you think you are. The aspect of putting me out of my misery and out of the main event proving to the world that you're the headliner, that you're the best has been replaced with the idea that maybe...just maybe you won't win.

I have always gone out and been open about who I am and hell the birth of my own daughter was public knowledge. I even mentioned it on Breakdown...yet until know I simply only saw you as a gimmick. As a a trend, but now? I see you as a man. I see you as a man with doubts with feelings with emotions. I see you. I'm starting to get to you aren't I Shilo? That wall you've hid yourself behind is starting to crumble and it's me standing on the other side with a sledgehammer just smashing away at it. It's coming down Shilo piece by piece brick by brick and then the entire world will be able to see behind it like I do now.

I saw you the man not the gimmick attack my character as a man and my abilities in the ring. I saw you simply tell me that I am lazy. You didn't do it in a flashy way in which I expected. You just simply laid the words on the table for everyone to see them and see them they did. Lazy? I'm lazy? I look for loopholes? You know're damn right I am and you're damn right I do. That's the thinking man in me Shilo. Why waste myself when I can simply win a match by let's just say...having a man not even show up. Heaven forbid me be a normal American and unbutton his pants and enjoy a Big Mac and watch the television. Heaven forbid I, Shawn Winters take a night off. Because that's one of the things you hate about me isn't it Shilo? You hate that despite the fact that I was gone for so long that my place in SCW is still at the top. Yet you have fought your entire SCW career rising the ranks inch by inch to finally bring yourself to the mountain top to find yours truly Shawn Winters still planted at the top.

* Shawn shakes his head and touches the side of it with his finger tips in an attempt to wrap his brain around it all. *

Shawn – Fact is Shilo...I've had it all wrong with you. It's not hatred you have towards me, it's resentment. You resent that despite all your hard work to reach where you are you're forced to fight with me...a man who you see as lazy. A man who you see as taking time off whenever he feels like it. A man who you see as simply unfit for the title. It's all become clear to me like looking through a crystal ball. You resent me so very much Shilo...because I am who I am and I don't shy away from it. I take time off when I want to because I know that my spot in SCW will never go away because of who I am. I have earned that luxury as being a true icon in this business as a true a man who has paid his dues and had his injuries. I've earned those rights because of the talent and the charisma which I possess and the entertainment in which I provide. You may go out night after night and give it your best but you still haven't earned that right yet. You're still not there yet...but truth be told I know you will be. Because you have that same hell bent desire that I had at your age. So I know that you'll get there but not yet. You're wanting to skip steps in a book and simply go straight to the ending but it doesn't work that way Shilo. Despite the title's you've still haven't won enough respect. Respect for your craft and respect for the blaze that you trailed in which others could follow, like I did for guys like you.

So I'm just going to let you go ahead with it Shilo. My gift to you, resent me. I'll be more than happy to give you more to resent. Because the fact is despite your wishes on a shooting star my career isn't quite over. And I'm going to keep being myself and I'm going to keep taking nights off when I feel like it, why? Because I can and I'm sure you and I will have our fates collide once again because this match isn't an end all be all Shilo. The loser isn't going to fade into the oblivion of mid card status. We're simply going to go on our ways headlining and stealing shows like you and I both know we can do until we meet again to test our skills against each other once more. This match isn't about being the best, it's not about being the SCW Champion. It's about being a man, it's about pride, it's about respect. Then, when it's all said and done one man...will have his name written in the stars.

* Shawn smiles as he points up. The camera tilts up to see the stars in which Shawn was putting on the ceiling. It reads “Shawn Wint”. The camera then goes back down to Shawn. *

Cameraman – "Shawn Wint?" Did you mean “Shawn Winters?”

Shawn – What? I got lazy.

* Shawn winks into the camera before walking off the camera fades out on the ladder in which he was on. *

* Shawn wakes up the next morning. He throws his legs over the side of the bed and cups his face in his hands. *

Shawn – What do I do now?

* Shawn sits back up and takes a deep breath. He stands up and goes into the bathroom. He looks at the hole in the wall that he has yet to fix. He stares at it before focusing back on the mirror. He begins to brush his teeth before he stares at himself in the mirror however he doesn't have anything to say. He just stares at himself spitting out the tooth paste before wiping his mouth. He turns and turns off the light before going down his stairs and to his living room. He sighs before sitting down on his couch and picking up his phone. He looks through his contacts and finds his drug dealer. He stares at it a moment. He then looks away from his phone before he hits a couple buttons. He puts the phone to his ear. *

Shawn – Can you come over? know where I live.

* Shawn hangs up and tosses his phone to the floor as he looks at a picture he has on his stand. A picture of himself and Hannah happily married. He grabs the picture and places it face down on the stand. *

Moments Later

* A knock on the door is heard as Shawn walks to the door and opens it. Standing in the doorway is his sponsor Barney. Without an invite Barney walks right in. *

Shawn – Come on in?

* Shawn closes the door before turning around and seeing Barney right in front of him. *

Barney – Alright buddy, I'm glad you called! You and I need to hash through our differences and get to a point where we're friends. Because deep down I know you and I are going to be best of friends. So...tell me...what brought me here? Sex? Booze? Sex? Drugs? Sex?

* Shawn shakes his head immediately wondering why he called this person. *

Shawn – Well it's not sex.

Barney – Awesome...because I've got to tell you that I had an interesting ride over here.

Shawn – Please don't tell me about it.

Barney – Don't worry I won't.

Shawn – Thank you.

* Barney is silent for a second. *

Barney – I jerked off in a gas stations bathroom to a picture of Meryl Streep.

Shawn – DUDE!!!

Barney – WHAT! She just won an Oscar!

Shawn – Not my objection!

Barney – Oh right...sorry.

* Shawn sits down. *

Shawn – I called you here because this is what you're supposed to be good for. I've been tempted. Fact is I flat out want my drugs...I'm tired of feeling shitty about my life. My drugs made me feel good about it so what am I supposed to do? Tell me how I get passed this?

* Shawn looks up to see Barney isn't in the room. *


* Shawn's face drops again as he realizes that Barney has met his dog. *

Shawn – Yes....

Barney – He's so awesome!!!!

Shawn – I'm aware.

* Shawn shakes his head as he stands up and walks towards the kitchen where he finds Barney petting Shadow. Barney looks back at Shawn and stops petting his dog sensing the seriousness in Shawn's demeanor. *

Barney – called me here for more then petting your dog.

* Shawn's mind goes dark for a second before shaking it out. *

Shawn – Gross....listen...I need some clarity. I need you to help me because the fact is I don't know what I'm doing right now. I'm starting to think this sobriety is a huge mistake.

Barney – It's never a mistake! Don't second guess yourself like that otherwise you'll relapse in a heart beat. Be like positive. Find new things to be addicted to. Oh my god like knitting!

Shawn – Dude....

Barney – It takes up your time. I swear I've heard great results by it. You want to suck a dude off for a hit?

Shawn – I told you I never did that.

Barney – Either way it gives you something to do....

Shawn – Oh my god....

Barney – Other than sucking dick.

Shawn – Leave!

Barney – WHY?!

Shawn – Because I hate you and every second of your presence makes me want to relapse just to get me through a conversation with you.

Barney – Ouch....that kind of hurt my feelings.

Shawn – Oh...I'm sorry...because here I thought this was about me?!

Barney – Right...being your best friend I should have know that.

My would of just been easier to call my drug dealer. It's like the completely opposite side of the coin. I'm with my daughter and I want to stay clean. I'm with Barney? Makes me want to relapse. Is this what this is going to be like?

* Shawn looks over to see that Barney is still talking however Shawn is too busy in his own mind to bother hearing any of it. *

You always hear people talk about taking things day by day but what kind of life is that? Living day by day? We're given one life to live and if you're not enjoying it then why bother? I found myself today taking one step forward only to discover I've taken two steps back. I'm regressing. I'm Benjamin Button. Shit....I know what I got to do. Talking to this idiot isn't going to help me any but he was a lot easier to call than who I need to talk to. way will a phone call do. I'm actually going to have to go there.

Shawn – This might actually kill me.

* Shawn looks at Barney and see's how he's just in his own little world. Shawn shakes his head and walks out the door leaving Barney alone in his house clearly thinking he won't even notice he's gone. *

Moments Later

* Shawn is standing in front of an apartment door. He stares at it for the longest time before he musters the strength to knock on the door. He waits only to have Keri open the door. *

Keri – Oh look whose finally knocked on my door. What the 3 day rule doesn't apply to you?

Shawn – You know why I'm here.

Keri – Course I do...a little afternoon delight? Might be a little awkward with your sister here and all. Doubt she'd wanna hear us. I'm sure you remember I'm kind of a screamer. (winks)

Shawn – Yeah and I have a derection right now. Let me see my sister.

* Keri leaves the door way and shortly after Brooke stands in the doorway. *

Brooke – Well...look what the cat dragged in.

Shawn – Yeah...Brooke listen....

Brooke – Shawn know what I want to hear.

Shawn –'re not serious....

Brooke – Pick one...I just want to hear you say it.

* Shawn sighs before taking a breath and looking at his sister. *

Shawn – I'm sorry.

* Brooke starts laughing. *

Brooke – That was easier than telling me that I was right?

Shawn – By about a lot. Trust me I contemplated driving off the road to avoid saying anything to you.

Brooke – need something don't you?

Shawn – Am I that transparent?

Brooke – I can see what you ate today.

Shawn – Disregard the gummy bears, it's all I had in my car.

Brooke – Shut up and get in here.

* Brooke laughs a bit which makes Shawn feel more comfortable. He realizes that this wasn't as hard as he expected because Brooke isn't a girl he's slept with...she's his family. Family forgives each other...something that seems to be lost on some people. Brooke and Shawn sit down on a couch that has a pillow and some blankets on it. *

Shawn – This what you've been sleeping on?

Brooke – Better than sleeping in a bed I'm afraid I'll get murdered in.

Shawn – Touche.

Brooke – So...what's up?

Shawn – Well I feel like you should know...I'm getting help.

Brooke – About time.

* Brooke is beyond the “glad to hear it” stage simply because she was the one who started this whole fiasco. *

Shawn – Yeah...and Hannah gave birth.

Brooke – That's a terrifying combination. I can see why you had to swallow your pride and bring your ass out here.

Shawn – Yeah...fact is...I hate life right now. Every single bit of it just seems too heavy to hold up without help.

Brooke – Don't say that Shawn because despite our rocky relationship as of late I'm here, I'll always help.

Shawn – That's the thing're the only family that I had and until now I thought that I had ruined that. Now I have this other family...and I have no idea how to deal with it. I think I'm doing the right thing but I'm constantly in my own head second guessing myself.

Brooke – Shawn I know you...better than anyone...and I know that deep down through all of your bad decisions and through all of your problems you truly want more. You want something stable in your life. For the longest time that stable thing was your career...then over the years it's been slowly getting away from you. you truly want something else. You want something more and when Shawn Winters wants something damn it, he gets it.

* Shawn nods along agreeing with what Brooke has just told him. When he does want something damn it...he sure as hell gets it. *

Brooke – You want to be a good father and if I know my brother then if he puts his mind to something he's going to excel at it. You always do when it comes to everything you do. I mean just look at've become so successful in the wrestling, in a clothing line, in a restaurant, in a strip club...if you want something bad enough you exceed at it.

Shawn – You forgot hollywood.

Brooke – I was going to leave that out for the point I'm trying to make.

* Shawn laughs for a second. *

Brooke – Fact is Shawn...I can imagine what you're thinking. You've done everything wrong as a father by not being there for a child who you now know hates you. You now know has a face to the name. It's all become real to you and here you are with a daughter born and you're scared shitless. But damn it Shawn you're already on the right step by meeting her already. have met her right?

Shawn – Yes...I was there for the birth and everything.

Brooke – Good then you're on the right track.

Shawn – Brooke...I have no idea about how to be a father. Hell....I have no idea how to be a damn husband. Look at my supposed role model? Our dad was the worst possible father to anyone not named Marcus.

Brooke – He was good to me.

Shawn – Fine...I guess he just hated me. But that's the only father figure I know and it's the only thing I can reference off of. Just knowing that I don't want to be the father he was doesn't make me a good father. What if I'm worse?

Brooke – Shawn...

Shawn – With everything that's happened these last 24 hours maybe I had it right the first time. Maybe I shouldn't even try. Because it's clear that no matter what I do, when it comes to family I know nothing about it. Best thing to do is stop trying to pretend like I do.

Brooke – Best way or the easiest way?

Shawn – I don't know...both?

Brooke –'ve screwed up every relationship that you've had in your entire life. Fact is the list of people who don't hate you could probably be counted on one hand. But it doesn't have to be like that. I mean my god some point you've got to grow up. For the longest time it seems like I've been the only mature one between us.'re being forced to grow up and you can't deal with it.

Shawn – You're damn right I can't deal with it! I've got so much crap getting thrown my way the only thing I can think about is how to deal with it and the only way I know how to deal with it is to call up my dealer and pay him for his entire collection.

Brooke – You are such a fucking pussy!

* That word catches Shawn's attention as he shuts up and almost shocked at what Brooke has just said to him. *

Brooke – My god for being a guy who prides himself on being a man you sure as hell have one massive pussy because I don't see a single thing on you that suggests otherwise!

* Shawn is completely taken back by this. *

Brooke – What? You want me to hold your hand? No...I'm not our mother...I'm your sister and I'm not going to simply tell you what you want to hear because the fact is you've had too much of that over the years which has left you into the complete mess you are now. Fact is nothing worth having is easy to attain.

* Brooke's voice continues to go faster and faster as her rant continues. *

Brooke – You keep telling yourself that you want to be a good father but you're scared to take the damn risk. For gods sake Shawn either shit or get off the pot. Either commit to being who you are and destroying any relationship that you may have or commit to being a father because damn it there aren't enough of those in the world. Stop being a complete pussy and actually man up to a challenge.

Shawn – I'VE TRIED! DAMN IT I'VE TRIED!!! But you don't get it! You weren't there! You didn't have any slight bit of hope of having everything you've said destroyed. None of this is even an option anymore because of a mistake I made a year ago. None of this is even possible because some things you can't undo. Yes...I want to be a good father, hell...I want to be a good husband but you know what? It's not going to happen anymore.

* Shawn has cracked. *

Shawn – I have done so much to turn myself around only for it to fall on deaf ears and not erase a past in which I fucked up! I can't be a good husband...I can't be a good father when I'm going to simply be reduced to a secondary parent. Everything I'm changing for is simply being taken away from me so I ask you Brooke....why? Why bother changing for the better when the better makes me miserable and those around me uncaring? Hell it seems that the least I can do is make myself happy with my own life.

Brooke – Whoa...Shawn...what the hell are you talking about?!

The Conclusion From The Night Before

* Hannah is standing in the doorway just staring at Shawn inside his car. Shawn stares at her with so much passion that he can't help himself but to open the door and step outside of his car and walk up to her. He stands on the door step just under her as he looks up into her eyes as she opens her mouth only for no words to come out. She has no idea what it is she wants to say. Shawn looking up at her feeling as small as he could possibly feel begins to speak. *

Shawn – Hannah...I can't play this game. Trust me...I have given you every reason not to give me a chance however I stand here right now looking at you with the only thing on my mind being how much of a mistake it'll be for you to not give me one.

* Hannah looks down on him with a tear coming out of her eye. She quickly wipes it away. *

Shawn – Hannah I know that I've done you wrong, I've done everyone wrong but the fact that for the first time in my life I am actually dedicated to change should be enough for you. Looking at you...looking in your eyes makes me want to be a better man. I don't care how clichι it sounds but damn it Hannah...I am here standing in front of you simply asking you to tell me whether or not this is possible. Because I'll be honest I'm tired...I'm so tired of trying to win you over. I'm exhausted trying to be the perfect man for you...I just need to know right now. Is this going to happen? Don't say something to leave the door open a crack because I can't deal with it. I need you to tell me right now with full truth whether or not we're going to be together. Because I can't take this stress anymore. Tell me right now...I deserve to know.

* Hannah stands in pure shock. She hadn't expected this right now. Her mouth opens but once again she can't muster any words. Whatever it is she's feeling she can't get the words to come out of her mouth. She starts to cry knowing that she can't say anything right now which leaves Shawn in a form of limbo. Shawn recognizes the silence and doesn't respond to it generously. *

Shawn – You know what?! Screw this! I'm sick and tired of trying to prove myself to you when it all gets lost on you! I have tried....I have tried with everything that I've got to give you everything that you need. I have been the perfect human being for the past few weeks no matter how much it's killing me inside. Yet I get nothing from you! I have tried to turn my life around for you and for Valarie! For what? Only to be boxed out again? Tell me Hannah, what's the point when no matter how much I try I'm still seen as this man who left you? Tell me...just say the words and tell me what it is that I have to do to get things back on track so we can push past this and actually be a family? Huh?!

* Hannah is taken back by Shawn's anger without a response of her own. Shawn now as frustrated as he can be screams. *

Shawn – TELL ME!!!!

Hannah – I'M SORRY!

* Hannah screams out in response without even knowing that she said it. She continues to cry as she tries to form a sentence as Shawn stands there in shock and awaiting anything that she has to say. *

Hannah – I....Shawn, I'm...

* She takes a deep breath trying to focus her thoughts. She gathers herself to be able to form a complete sentence and a complete thought. *

Hannah – Shawn...I have tried. Believe me I have tried. So many times I have tried to forgive you only for you to give me a reason not to. My entire pregnancy felt like it wasn't about me at all, it was about you and your struggle to deal with it. I mean, heaven forbid I ever ask you for anything because you were completely unreliable. The hardest time in my life was when you were the worst in yours. How am I supposed to erase that? Shawn, I have tried so hard to erase it and to see you as the man I fell in love with but the truth is I don't see that man anymore. I see the man who time after time let me down. Shawn trust me I want to see you for what you're trying to do but it's just too much. I have seen the worst of you the very worst of you...even a month ago before I had this baby when you weren't even yourself. I have seen it and it's impossible for me to see you in a different light right now. I've seen the worst of you and it out shines the best of you. Shawn...I'm sorry. I've tried...I've tried...

* Shawn covers his mouth with his hand and turns around to not allow Hannah to see his face. He's so overcome with emotion that he doesn't know how to lash out with it. He's trying to take deep breaths to control it only to no avail. Shawn turns around fuming. *

Shawn – For the longest time I tried to be a better man for you well thank you for setting me straight because now it's not about you it's about her.

* Shawn points in the area of his daughter Valarie. *

Shawn – Everything I do now will be for her benefit because I want to thank you for letting me know that no matter what I do I'll never be good enough for you. Thank you Hannah...thank you so god damn much for bringing this to light with me. Don't you dare tell me how you've tried because damn it I've tried too. I'm still trying, it's good to know that you've given up. Now it looks like I can go on and live my life and you can go on living yours. Good to know that I'm going to be nothing more than a secondary parent. I'm going to be the bad guy no matter what happens. I'll get her on the weekends is that how it's going to go? I am here wanting to be a father when the truth is you're hoping to find a better one for her aren't you!

Hannah – I didn't say that!

Shawn – You didn't have to! I can see through the lines Hannah. I'm clearly not good enough for you and I'm clearly too irresponsible to possibly be a good father. Thank you for bringing this to my attention because I was foolish enough to think I could do this. But like a rug you pulled it right out from under me so thank you Hannah! Thank you so very much! Let me know when I'm allowed to see my daughter!

* Shawn turns around pissed as he goes to his car. *

Hannah – SHAWN!!!

* Shawn opens the door and slams it shut. He's clearly beyond pissed as he runs his hands through his hair and grinds his teeth. Veins in his neck begin to bulge out as he twists it to try and gain composure of himself. He then grips the steering wheel. *

Hannah – SHAWN!!!

* Shawn starts the car and speeds away leaving tire marks behind him. *