One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Moving On

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Wednesday August 31st, 2011

* The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters sitting in an outside patio area of a restaurant with a couple empty plates in front of him. He’s wearing a pair of old jeans, a t-shirt, and his favorite 10 year old Atlanta Braves baseball hat that’s dirty to all hell. The waitress walks over to the table. *

Waitress - Were we all finished here?

* Shawn doesn’t pay much attention to her while he checks his phone and waves for her to go away. The waitress grabs the plates and walks away. Right then Shawn’s sister Brooke walks back and rejoins Shawn at the table. Shawn puts his phone away. *

Brooke - Thanks again for not drinking. I know how hard that probably was for you.

Shawn - Well it is 12:30 in the afternoon…usually I have a good buzz when I get lunch. I’m already on edge right now I need some sort of narcotic in my system.

Brooke - Well…um…was hoping you’d be in a better mood with some food in you. And no where near any alcohol before I told you this.

Shawn - Brooke…

Brooke - I’m pregnant.

Shawn - WHAT?!

Brooke - Sorry! After your friends showed up I kinda of went by the pool and there was Porno Lad hiding in there for me and it was so flattering.


Brooke - No…some guy a few weeks ago did. He’s in one of my classes.


Brooke - Kidding! I’m not pregnant.

Shawn - What about Ethan?

Brooke - That…well that happened but we didn’t have sex.

Shawn - Don’t screw with me like that. There wasn’t any bad news was there?

Brooke - Actually there is but it’s not as bad so at least I was able to lower your expectations a bit….Hannah’s here. I saw her when I came back from the bathroom.

Shawn - ….what?

Brooke - Hannah…she’s here…with a guy.

* Shawn starts looking around to try and get a glimpse of her. Shawn hasn’t seen his wife since he was too drunk and high to realize what was going on. That was the turning point for Hannah in filing the divorce papers. Shawn has yet to sign them because he refuses to believe that there is no hope. *

Holy shit…I’m looking everywhere to try and see her frantically but I’m in the verge of having a heart attack because my heart is seriously in my throat right now. It’s pounding a mile a minute and it feels like it weighs a ton and weighing me down. I wish I could quit her…I wish I could just let her go because it would be so much easier. But when you want something so much it’s not supposed to be easy to get it. I’ve got to fight for her. Whoever this guy is with her better be her father, brother, gay friend or something. Fuck…I can’t see her.

* Shawn stands up looking. *

Brooke - Shawn! Sit down!

* Shawn doesn’t listen as he gets on his tip toes to get a further view. Brooke then pushes Shawn back down into his seat. *

Brooke - Shawn calm down! You can’t just get excited and go over there without some sort of idea of what you want to say.

Shawn - I’ll tell her how I feel.

Brooke - Do you even know how to put that into words Shawn? You’ve never been good about expressing yourself in a positive manner. Sure you can berate someone and tell them all their faults but have you ever complimented anyone?

Shawn - I…I’ve said I loved her that’s like the most important thing.

Brooke - You say that all the time, how’s anyone supposed to know when you’re actually telling the truth? Shawn…tell me…what would you say to Hannah? What compliment would you give her?

Shawn - Um…you don’t look nearly as fat as I thought you would?

Yeah I knew that was bad the moment it came out of my mouth. Brooke’s right. I’m brash, I’m arrogant, and I can belittle anyone’s achievements like a pro but when it comes to telling someone what I really feel for them isn’t something I have experience in. It’d be like giving a promo as a green rookie that all he has as a comeback is: “I know what you are but what am I?” I’m like reading at a 1st grade level here.

Brooke - Seriously? That’s your best effort? You’re going to get slapped in the face with shit like that. You sound like Dad on his last anniversary.

Shawn - Ok one…I’m not Dad! Fuck Dad! He wouldn’t know how to express emotion for his life. Let alone ever tell me he was proud of me.

Yeah…to say I had a tough childhood would be bullshit. I grew up rich in Louisville, Kentucky with only my Mother as a source of high self esteem. My dad would never show up to my baseball games or football games. Never took me for ice cream after hitting a game winning single. I never faulted him for it until I grew up and began to do everything I could to go against his wishes. He wanted me and my brother Marcus to follow in his footsteps into being a Doctor. My brother Marcus turns out to be doing so. Me? I dropped out of college after a year and became who I am today. Richer than my father. More successful than my father. Resented by my father. Looks like the apple truly didn’t fall far from the tree as I’m incapable of the same emotions as my father. The beginning of my whole career was to spite him. Not to show him how I wanted his love. I don’t want his love I was his envy. I want him to look at me and see that I am better than him. Which is one of the reasons why I burned every bridge I had with my own flesh and blood because he still couldn’t admit that I did better in life than he did. He would throw failed marriages in my face to try and belittle my accomplishments, something I’m familiar with doing to others. He speaks in a way to justify his beliefs that I’m no good. No Dad…you’re no good. Which is why I don’t miss you one bit. Fuck you, fuck Marcus, fuck Mom…you disown me? I disowned you when I became better than you.

Shawn - And two…fuck you for even saying something like that. You know how me and Dad don’t get along.

Brooke - You act like you’re the only child to have ever been disowned and forgotten about.

Shawn - I’m probably the only one that’s World Champion.

Brooke - There are children dying somewhere Shawn. Save the sympathy for someone who needs it.

Shawn - Fine…I’ll send a penny a day to Guadalajara or wherever there are dying children to save one alright?

Brooke - Shit, I don’t care. I’m just saying nobody is gonna feel sorry for you. Now what are you going to say to Hannah when you go over there?

Shawn - I don’t know alright? Listen, I’m Shawn Winters. I am charming, I’m sexy, I‘m cute, I’m smart.

* Brooke just stares at him a glare. *

Shawn - Ok…so I’m not THAT smart. All those other things I am though. I know how to handle women. I’ve handled them my entire life.

* Shawn goes for a high five only to realize he’s with his sister and not Greaternity. He lowers his hand. *

Shawn - Alright…I’m going in.

Brooke - Good luck.

Shawn - Don’t need it! I’m Shawn Winters!

I wish I had a few drinks in my system before this to drown my heart beat a little bit. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous.

* Shawn makes his way through the crowd of tables and waiters and waitress’ before spotting Hannah and a guy that he now knows isn’t her father or brother. Don’t think it’s a gay friend either. Shawn notices her stomach which has gotten larger. *

Holy shit…that…that’s my child. I never knew exactly what I’d be feeling about it until I actually saw it forming in Hannah’s stomach. I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl? Doubt she knows yet it’s barely been 4 months. Holy shit…I’m frozen. I stopped walking. I stopped moving. Move you jackass! Make a step! Do something!

* Right then Shawn see’s that the guy paid for lunch while he and Hannah get to their feet. Hannah turns around to see a frozen Shawn Winters standing in front of her. She’s stunned to see him. Not happy, not angry, just stunned. *

Hannah - Shawn…what are-um…hows it going?

Damn it, I don’t know what to say. Say something you idiot. Anything…just say something because standing here like a moron isn’t going to help you any. Any…words…possible…to…form…a…sentence….ready…..go!

Shawn - He should be me!


Hannah - Excuse me?

Don’t make this worse, please don’t!

Shawn - This douche bag right here is out on a date with my wife! He should be me! Nobody should be out on a date with my wife but me! You are still legally married to me and pregnant with my child yet you’re off joining eHarmony or something getting some date with a random guy for lunch? What’s going to happen now? He paid for lunch and now he’s going to put his dick inches away from my child’s face?! I believe that’s considered rape but I’ll have to compare notes with Chris Hansen on that one.

Hannah - What business of this is yours?!

Shawn - All of it! You’re my wife and pregnant with my child! I should know exactly what you’re doing when you’re doing it. If you have a bowel movement I should be notified!

OH MY GOD! Stop talking! Please stop talking! I don’t want to be notified of that!

Hannah - You have some nerve you piece of shit! I am only legally your wife because you haven’t signed the papers because you’re scared of failure! You don’t care about me, you don’t love me, you just love yourself and don’t want to fail at something that you’ve actually made yourself believe that you want. The fact is Shawn…I’m too good for you. Who I’m with right now is none of your business and quite frankly I don’t think this child will be any of yours either because you’re clearly not fit to be a father. How can one take care of a child when one can’t take care of himself? You might not think so Shawn but you’ve failed before. This won’t be the first time because you’ve failed at life!

* Hannah and the guy she’s with brush by Shawn as he’s left speechless. *

I should of stayed quiet.

* Brooke is now standing by Shawn as they watch Hannah get into the guys car and drive away. *

Brooke - Did that go as well as you had hoped?

* Shawn looks down at her…now realizing that he is more than pissed off. He senses the sarcastic tone in Brooke’s voice which is there 80 percent of the time. *

Shawn - Fuck you.

* Shawn brushes past her before leaving the restaurant and his sister behind. *

* It is now late at night. 11 pm to be exact and Shawn is sitting alone at the edge of a bar. It’s a nicer bar in LA and Shawn is clearly underdressed. He frequents this bar quite often but usually wears a suit or some sort of dress clothes so his jeans, t-shirt, and dirty baseball cap isn’t quite up to par. However they know him and let him in anyways. Shawn has a beer bottle to his left and an empty shot glass that he’s twirling around with his finger. *

Alright so we’ve had quite a bit to drink but we’re not going to forget…not yet. So…what the fuck happened this afternoon? I’m out to what was supposed to be a great lunch with my little sister. Make sure schools going alright and that she’s staying away from any horny freshman. Don’t want her to end up on one of those college girls websites that Ethan has talked about jerking off to. Next thing you know she’s pregnant and my wife is dating another guy. Ok…well she was joking and well for all I know my wife is being fucked by some computer geek from the looks of it. I can’t keep going on like this. GET PISSED YOU IDIOT! You’re tired of this shit. Hannah has been a complete bitch about all of this.

Shawn - Yeah…

She hasn’t given you any chance to make up for what you’ve done. She had her mind made up a long time ago and no matter how good you are to her she’s never going to change it.

Shawn - Yeah…

The fact that she’s reduced to settling for some world of warcraft computer geek should symbolize the power you hold over her. She knows she’ll never get anyone as good as you again and she has to settle for the bottom of the barrel via fear of getting hurt. He won’t leave her…where would he go?

Shawn - Yeah…fuck her…fuck Hannah. I fucking won!

Damn right you did! You fucking owned her so bad she’s reduced to middle income nerds that will do nothing more than supply her a normal life not a great life like you did. Enjoy it bitch you’re only going to get fatter! She wants to try and call me a failure? No…she’s the fucking failure. Pregnant? No husband? Well according to her anyways. Her life is already past it’s prime and mine? Heh, I’m a man I don’t get baby weight. I don’t get pregnant. I stay good looking and the scary thing is the older I get the sexier I get. I am Shawn Winters and I am all that is man. Any woman that want’s to even look at me? Fuck them. Fuck all women. They’re all nothing more than maggots that want to suck you dry for every penny that you’re worth. Gay guys? They got it right. They don’t have to deal with the pregnancies, the periods, the constant nagging. No…Gay guys have it all figured out. That’s it…from now on I’m Gay!

Shawn - Yeah….wait what? That thought did not just cross my mind.

Damn right it did! You’re gay! No more women! Fuck women! Hit on that guy at the pool table!

* Shawn gets up and walks over to the guy playing pool the guy gives him a look and winks only for Shawn to turn back around and sit back at the bar. *

Yup…we’re not gay.

Shawn - No shit!

* Shawn finishes his beer and orders a couple more shots as well as another beer. *

Alright maybe we’re going about this the wrong way. We haven’t been laid in a while so our mindset could be a bit off balance. At least we know we’re not gay. What we do know is we hate women. That we do know.

* The bartender brings Shawn his drinks and Shawn grabs a hand full of cash and throws it at her. *

Shawn - Get naked bitch! Dance monkey!

* The bartender looks disgusted before walking away. *

Ok…maybe too far. We clearly need to figure out boundaries.

??? - Shawn?

* Shawn hears his name as he’s clearly not quite aware of his surroundings at the moment spins around in his stool to see Phil Hesser. Hannah’s brother. He’s trying to look under the bill of Shawn’s hat to make sure it’s him. Shawn looks upwards drunkingly to give him a view of his face. *

Phil - How’s it going man?

* Phil takes a seat next to him at the bar. He’s a good guy. Last time he had spoken to him was about 5 months ago at Hannah’s parents anniversary party. Phil was having troubles with women and Shawn helped him, guided him on his way to get laid that very night. He hasn’t seen him since. *

Shawn - Surprised you’re talking to me. Your family hates me.

Phil - Yeah they kind of do.

* Phil orders a drink. The bartender gives him a beer eyeing Shawn the whole time. *

Phil - Crazy running into you here.

Shawn - Why’s that?

Phil - Cuz I heard the episode you and Hannah had this afternoon.

Shawn - Got to love how good news travels fast.

Phil - Heh…yeah. It’s weird isn’t it? Seeing her…ya know…showing.

Shawn - I…I didn’t know what to do…or say.

Oh…now you say that?! Where was that this afternoon?!

Phil - Well by not knowing what to say I hear you said quite a lot.

Shawn - I…I don't know what it is. Whenever I see Hannah now I’m not able to be myself.

Phil - Why is that?

Shawn - Because myself isn’t what she wants.

There’s the honesty we were looking for earlier. Alcohol does wonders.

Phil - Were you not yourself when you two were happy?

Shawn - Not really no. I hid my professional life from her. I had two separate lives. My life with Hannah who I loved only to realize it after she was gone and my road life with my friends and performing inside the ring.

Phil - You realize that I’m Hannah’s brother right? And that I could tell her anything that you’re telling me?

Shawn - I know…I’ve tried everything I can. I’m done hiding, I’m done trying to be someone I’m not. I try to act like I’m a better man than I really am yet it’s all a way of trying to show up a father that doesn’t even acknowledge my existence. In reality, I’m Shawn Winters…World Champion, future hall of famer, yet flawed as much as anyone.

Phil - That takes a lot to say.

Shawn - Want to know the truth?

Phil - Sure.

Shawn - I’m done. I can’t keep holding onto a dream that’s clearly so far out of reach that I don’t have the strength to hold onto to. The truth is Phil…everything I told you about getting women was a lie. I now realize it.

Phil - What do you mean? What you told me has gotten me laid.

Shawn - Sure…it gets you laid. But is that what you want?

Phil - Yes…

Shawn - No…it just fills a void, a void that is created by not having someone to care about, to care about you even through all of your faults. What I told you was how to get girls.

Phil - What are you talking about?

Shawn - What I told you was how to get girls. Girls want immature assholes who are fun to be with for a night, maybe a few more after that. What women want? That’s a different story. What women want is a man. Not a immature boy. A woman wants a man who can get under a car hood and know what he’s doing. Fix that broken sink. Build that extra addition to the deck. A woman wants a man who can provide for her. A man that can keep her safe, keep her secure about who she is. A woman like Hannah…wants more than I can provide.

Phil - I don’t understand, you can do all those things.

Shawn - I can…but I don’t. I can work under a car, I can fix a sink, or build a deck…but I don’t have to. I can afford to pay someone to do it. A woman doesn’t want you to pay for her rock…she wants you to be her rock. Turns out…I’m too immature to be a rock…I’m too selfish to be a rock. I wasn’t there for Hannah to lean on when she needed me the most and now here I am. Left alone in a bar with my own thoughts. My own regrets. Trying to figure out what’s next for me.

Phil - So, you’re giving up?

Shawn - Did you know this is where me and Hannah first met?

Phil - I think I heard the story.

Shawn - It was summer. I came in here one night and I couldn’t help but stare across the bar at the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life. We made eye contact for a split second nothing more. We just acknowledged each others existence. I got my beer from the bartender slowly making my way towards her. I didn’t want to be in a rush because that’d make me seem weak. I was slow. I talked to some tables in between acting like I had other intentions, other obligations. I made my way to her table and asked her friend how she was doing. She said fine. I ignored Hannah yet sat beside her. I put my arm around her continuing to act like she wasn’t there. I flirted with her friends a bit before wishing them a good night before standing up and going back to the bar. Within seconds Hannah was in my face I was unable to keep my eyes off of her. She asked me: “What was that? I don’t even get a hello? Am I the ugly friend?”

Phil - Hannah said that?

Shawn - Yeah.

Phil - Wow…she’s always been the prettiest girl at the ball if you know what I mean.

Shawn - Yeah I know…but like I said…all I taught you was wrong. Taught you how to get one…not to keep one.

* They look at each other before taking a drink. *

Shawn - Right away I was able to make her feel insecure with herself. I had my move. I looked in her eyes and told her: “How else would I have been able to get you away from your friends and talk to me one on one?” She looked at me and blushed. Her face was as red as a stop sign. She smiled which made me realize I was in. We talked for hours. Her friends left one by one as they stopped to say goodbye to her. All approving of me as they walked by. I noticed, she just smiled. We went back to my place and next thing you know the story was begun and told. We dated for a short while, got married in Vegas. Happily ever after right?

Phil - Happily ever after only exists in fairy tails.

Shawn - I heard that once.

Phil - Listen Shawn, I love my sister…

Shawn - I know you do.

Phil - I'm gonna tell her everything you said.

* Phil gets up and begins to walk away only for Shawn to grab him by the arm. *

Shawn - Promise me something?

Phil - What?

Shawn - Don’t tell her about the way I told you we met.

Phil - Wha-but that’s the best part???

Shawn - No…the best part should be me. No stories…just me.

* Phil nods at Shawn before leaving the bar. Shawn sighs and turns back towards the bar. The bartender walks up. *

Bartender - So are you done yet?

Shawn - Are you naked yet?

Oh yeah…I still hate women. Not gay…but I hate women.

* The scene shows Shawn Winters in front of an SCW logo smiling at the camera with the World Championship over his shoulder. *

Shawn - Here we are again right Cruze? Back in the saddle. Ready to face off for round two. The rematch of your lifetime. I say “your lifetime” because my life has been much more fulfilled so this match isn’t much to me. (smirks) But for you? Oh boy, for you this is big. This is HUGE! A chance to shine. A chance to prove to the world that you are just as good as your mind and your mouth tell you that you are. Your in the main event for the World Championship against the best the world has ever seen. Tough break kid…for a second there I thought you might just have a chance until I remembered who I was. Haha.

Look don’t get me wrong I’m really flattered that you picked me. I mean I feel like the girl in high school that got picked by the Quarterback to go to prom with him. I mean could I be any luckier? You were given this great opportunity with this contract to challenge for any championship that you so choose. Now I wont judge you for coming after me, honestly I’d think less of you if you didn’t. Go big or go home right? But let me paint a little picture for you. This is what’s going to happen at Apocalypse. It’s going to be much like a High School prom. We’re going to feel each other out inside that ring have a bit of foreplay. But then…when the night’s about over and we’re back in that hotel room that you bought using your dad’s credit card and my dress is on the floor…you blow your load early and left with me pointing laughing at you, probably taking pictures to send to my friends and you’re left with nothing more than a wet pair of underwear. I can paint a pretty good picture can’t I? It’s what I do. I can create and recreate the Sistine Chapel at will. Michelangelo has nothing on me. But I digress…my point being at Apocalypse you’re going to be embarrassed Cruze because you are in WAY over your head. Now trust me, I knew this day would come eventually. You’re talented and you’re aggressive but so short of time after I beat you once you’re ready for more? You want to cash in on this contract so quickly? Why not wait until I’ve just had some gruesome match and then cash in on the next show where I’m probably not at 100 percent? That’s not you is it Cruze? You’re above that. You don’t want to win the title that way. You want to win because you were the better man, not the smarter man the better one. I’ll tip my proverbial cap to you my friend you have a set but this isn’t a pissing contest this is a match for the World Championship.

The scariest reality that you’re going to hear is right now. I don’t have to beat you at Apocalypse, you have to beat me. You have to do something that is the hardest thing in the world to do and that’s pin me. Now sure you may have beaten and shut up my friend Adam, called him out on being someone that “doesn’t back up his own lingo” or however you put it I was half listening. But you’ve got to realize something Shaun and realize it quick. I am not Adam Allocco. I don’t put others before myself. I do myself and let the other stones fall where they lie. Now I have noticed that I have burned more bridges in this business than one could count. I have made enemies out of the worst people. But you know what? I tell them to their face. I go out on national television and I mock a botched suicide. I go out on television and mock a man who I cost his family. I go out on television with half naked women and a float to celebrate my victory. I do these things to people’s faces Shaun. I am a lot of things, not many of them good but I am not a coward. I say what I say because it gets under people’s skin. It gets under there so deep that not even the deepest itch can get it. ‘m like a bad rash…no matter how much you scratch at it it just keeps getting bigger and worse. I say things because it serves a purpose. I’m not just blowing out hot air or speaking because I love the sound of my own voice. I do it for a reason. I don’t intimidate people with my size or strength. I intimidate them with my words and my God given talent. I can already tell that I’ve gotten under your skin Cruze, it’s very apparent by that extra step in your walk. That extra emotion in your voice. That extra spark in your eye. I’ve gotten to you and much like I’ve gotten to everyone else all you want to do is shut me up! (Laughs)

I know that look…I’ve seen it time and time again. Yet I stand here and I laugh at you because the best and brightest have come and tried the same thing but here I stand and here I talk. See I don’t try for cheap shock value like a Josh Hudson. I go about my business by saying exactly what I have to say when I want to say it. I don’t need stupid gimmicks or tricks to get my point to have value. My points have value the moment you realize whose saying them.

* Shawn takes a drink of a beer. He then rubs his fingers through his hair before readjusting the Championship on his shoulder. He focuses back onto the camera. *

Shawn - You know who I am. You know what I am capable of. You have felt my boot on your chin. You have felt the bell against your face. You have felt the vibrations of the ring as the referee counted after I laid you out. But what you haven’t felt…what you’ve yet to feel…is that of a broken, no shattered dream. The dream if being recognized as the best in the business. The dream of one day looking at the SCW World Championship with your name on it. Cruze I have had that feeling. A long time ago I once challenged for the SCW Championship and I lost. But you know what I found out through all of that? It measures the will of a man to continue on that path. I soon after became World Champion by defeating Jason Wheeler. Want to know something else? I have never challenged for this title and lost again. Jason Wheeler, Christian Savior, and Shilo Valiant. I will never again have that feeling of a dream shattered. You can speak to the tune of the ringing in your ears from that bell shot and tell yourself that I’m not above cheating, well you’d be right but I’d tell you to watch Rise to Greatness again. I won this title on my own merit. On my own talent. On my own experience. This isn’t IWC, this is SCW and this is where the best in the business go to prove themselves. I’ve proven myself as the best, what have you proven? That you can beat Greg Cherry? HA! The entire locker room can make claim to that fame. Impress me Cruze…do something that I might actually take notice of. Pray to God. Go in search for the Holy Grail. Go find and open Pandora’s Box do something that nobody else has ever done then maybe then you’ll have the warrant and ability to actually give me a fight for my Championship.

Do you see what I’m getting at? You’re going to need to do something because the odds are so not in your favor. At Apocalypse I am going to have an army backing me with Ace Marshall, Adam Allocco, Porno Lad, and Charlie. It’s going to an army of Greaternity versus you and who? Who will you have at your side? You’ll have nobody. You’ll be all alone with the biggest mountain in the world to climb. It’s intimidating isn’t it? Sure you might not stand across the ring from me and be intimidated hell I know I wouldn’t be. I’m not the biggest dog in the fight or the meanest. But I am the best. And I’m telling you man to man that you’re fighting a losing battle. Don’t fight for the respect of the crowd, they respect people that clean toilets. Fight for yourself. Fight for the World Championship. That way when you fail you know you’ve failed and it’ll test your will to get back one day and not fail again. But see if you fight for the fans respect, you’ll leave feeling fulfilled as if the Championship was never even in your grasp. Cherish these next few days Cruze because who knows when you’re going to be seeing them again. You were fighting mid card battles before getting that contract, I’m not above sending you back to the endless dessert where people like Thorn and Greg Cherry now roam falling victim to mirages of greatness. Take advice from those fallen Champions because I’m sure they’ve already given up on their dreams, they’ll have advice for you when you give up on yours.

* Shawn shakes his head into the camera as if in disbelief. *

Shawn - This is a mistake Cruze and I think deep down you’re beginning to realize that yourself which is why you’re talking a bigger game to overcompensate. You’re not trying to convince me that you can win you’re trying to convince yourself. You’ve dug this deep hole, one big enough to bury a body in. Big enough to bury a career in. Now you look at this hole and you see that is was built just for you. You built it knowing exactly what was going to be filling it. Your ego, your dream, your career. But I’m not an all bad guy trust me on that. I’ll at least give you a story that you’ll be able to tell your grand children. The story of when you had the greatest match of your life against Shawn Winters. The moment when you were walking on water as I guide you to a five star match and get the crowd to chant: “This is awesome!” I’ll give you that, it’s the one thing I can give a guy after seeing his reality come crashing down.

* Shawn shakes his head at the camera before pouring out some of his beer in respect to the soon to be fallen career of Shaun Cruze. The scene fades to the SCW logo. *