One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Moving In

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* The scene opens up in front of Shawn’s Los Angeles home. A big Uhaul truck is in his drive way as movers are moving shit inside. Shawn is sitting on a bench outside drinking a beer while the guys are moving everything inside. Right then Shawn’s sister Brooke sits down beside him with energy and a smile. *

Shawn - You realize that I hate you right?

Brooke - You realize that I know you’re lying right?

* Shawn smiles. When it all comes down to it, Shawn loves his sister. He hates his family. He ruined his brothers wedding in order to get revenge on a girl from college. Someone he didn’t even care for…just wanted revenge. Now his family wont talk to him…yet then there is Brooke. Brooke has always looked up to Shawn. She knows that Shawn is a douche yet she’s alright with it because Brooke has always been the mature above her years. She likes to manipulate situations for her entertainment. She was on Shawn’s side for their brothers wedding simply because she wanted to see the aftermath. Now sadly Brooke has had to live in the family home as she graduated high school. She was their for the aftermath of Shawn fucking over his family in a smiling fashion. She sat back and watched Shawn’s room get ripped apart. She saw all of his accomplishments taken off of the walls as their parents tried to erase any memory of him ever existing. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Shawn Winters…an A List celebrity. A Three time SCW World Champion…and future Hall of Famer…disowned by his own family. It all started when Shawn dropped out of college…that was strike one. In Shawn’s family you graduate. Shawn’s father is a Doctor and his mother is a Lawyer. Shawn’s brother Marcus is now a Doctor. Brooke is expected to follow her moms foot steps despite her own agenda. Shawn…he went out of that mold. Shawn dropped out of the University of Lousiville and he went on to become arguably the greatest wrestler the world has ever seen. He married his high school sweet heart…something his family was more than happy for. They were true love they thought. Yet Shawn cheated on her with a girl just down the hall in college. Now when this was discovered Shawn’s wife was pregnant and this became strike two. Shawn has already left that life behind before anyone he loved knew it. The divorce came soon after as Angie had the child. A son named Alex. A son that Shawn has never met and fears will one day murder him. Shawn went on to great lengths in his career, winning World Championships and cementing his name in stone as one of the best. Then he came to SCW. The best of the best. At this time his reputation wouldn’t let him coast forever. Recovered from a back injury Shawn accepted a million dollars to wrestle Jay Gold and from then on never looked back. Top SCW stars fell to his waste side: Jay Gold, Greg Cherry, and even CHBK at Rise to Greatness. Shawn had arrived in the biggest stage of them all. Yet with Shawn’s triumphs always comes heart break. Shawn was married again with Nora. His wife was pregnant and yet what did he do? I asked for a divorce on Breakdown, on national television. He left his pregnant wife in the center of the ring balling in tears as people threw anything they could at Shawn. Pretty sure there was a shoe. Needless to say Nora got an abortion and would be the #1 suspect if Shawn ever ended up dead. Now that was Strike Three for the Winters family…but honestly, as their oldest son Shawn was stilled viewed as the golden child. The Winters family gave him another chance. That chance was wasted when Shawn was the result of a wedding break up between his brother Marcus and old flame Katie. Yes, Katie…the same girl he cheated on when married to Angie. Angie killed herself…something that Shawn was actually proud of. That was it, that was strike three, four, five, six, seven…it was it. Shawn’s family is non existent. Except for Brooke. There is a certain connection between an older brother and a younger sister. Shawn and Brooke have that. Brooke hates Marcus the middle child simply because with all of Shawn’s failures Marcus became the perfect child. Brooke ran away…despite their parents argument Brooke went to LA to go to UCLA for college. She went across the country in order to get away from the family…in order to get away from a family that has been nothing but hatred and neglect for two years now. She is now moving in with Shawn, a home that he is rarely at, a home that will pretty much be her own in order to get away from the family. *

Shawn - You got to realize, seeing all this crap come into my house…it’s like I’m inheriting a wife and her son. You’re the step son and I’m the step dad. Nobody wants that.

Brooke - You’d be a horrible step dad.

Shawn - I’m a horrible dad.

Brooke - True…but like you said…you’re never here right?

Shawn - True

Brooke - PARTY!!!

Shawn - No, no, no….I don’t want a call from Miranda’s dad about getting called to my home. Let’s face it Brooke…you’re not going to be getting any favors being related to me.

Brooke - Trust me I know. I’m already looking forward too flirting with guys at school because I’m Shawn Winters younger sister.

Shawn - Stop it.

Brooke - So…is Ace going to be around a lot?

Shawn - NO!

Brooke - Seriously?

Shawn - YES! Ace will not step foot into this house as long as you are here.

Brooke - That’s too bad. What about Adam or Porno Lad?

Shawn - Seriously? Is that what you want? To fuck all my friends?

Brooke - The idea came to mind haha.

Shawn - Oh my god.

Brooke - Grow up Shawn, I’m only joking. They’re too old for me anyways.

Shawn - (sighs) Thank god…don’t do shit like that. It’s a bonus for us to fuck sisters and 18 year olds.

Brooke - So I’m like a hot Free Agent?

Shawn - Don’t think of yourself like that. Concentrate on Math and Science or whatever they study in college now.

Brooke - You’re right…I’ll be a Mathlete while being a cheerleader and fucking the UCLA Football team hoping one goes pro.

Shawn - Not everyone is MJD Brooke.

Brooke - Fuck that….2nd rounders still get a million.

Shawn - Seriously?

* Shawn takes a drink of his beer as the movers keep moving shit inside. *

Shawn - Why did you bring anything? You knew I had all you needed.

Brooke - Cuz it’s my stuff. I’m not gonna throw it all out.

Shawn - I’m going to come home and my entire house is going to be rearranged isn’t it?

Brooke - Yup!

* Shawn hates the idea but deep down, he loves his sister. More than anyone in the world, more than Hannah. Shawn would die for his sister. Funny how that works out. The idea of her changing his home is annoying yet he is willing to deal with it because he wants to be closer to his sister. She’s the last bit of family he has left. *

* The movers finish up. *

Mover - We’re all done. Enjoy the new home.

Brooke - Trust me, I will.

* There is a moment of silence. *

Brooke - Shawn, tip him!

Shawn - What? Seriously? It’s your move!

* The moment of silence remains as Shawn grabs his wallet and tips to the guy as they drive away. Shawn and Brooke go inside. *

Shawn - Why can’t you live in the dorms like normal kids?

Brooke - Because I have an awesome brother like you! Why pay for a dorm when I can live in a mansion for free? Use the logic Shawn.

Shawn - Don’t act like you’re smarter than me!

Brooke - Speaking of…when are you gonna get a girl that works out?

Shawn - Off limits.

Brooke - No….all serious…Shawn sometimes I worry about you. Hannah seems great on paper but is she really the best for you? It’s like Satan and an Angel….in the end it’s not going to work. You’re trying to fool yourself into believing something that really isn’t their. She’s moved on and you’re reluctant.

Shawn - So I should move on?

Brooke - Not so easily no. But the fact is Hannah has moved on from you. The moment she filed those divorce papers she was done. Anything you do is only going to fall on deaf ears. I’m sorry Shawn but at this time you’ve got to rebuild your own life because from what I’ve seen, you’re not yourself. Don’t marry someone that doesn’t know the real you.

* Ok seriously….how does an 18 year old know more than me? Fuck…I hate it when she’s right but she speaks the truth. She knows me better than anyone and here I am about to submit to her logic. *

Shawn - Brooke….you’re right. I keep marrying these girls that are innocent and sweet because I love to corrupt them. But deep down I have to hide who I really am. I’m not a nice person. I like to entertain myself at others expense. That’s not exactly the build for a husband or father.

Brooke - Shawn….listen to me and you need to hear this. I know you’re on top of the world right now, you beat Shilo at Rise to Greatness. You became a three time World Champion and truly solidified your spot as the industries best. Yet somewhere along the line you lost your place as a man.

Whoa….ok she can’t know about the fact that I’ve been unable to get it up with other women. Nobody knows that, it’s too embarrassing for me to mention. So what the fuck is she talking about?

Brooke - At some point Hannah took that away from you. I understand that when she left you, you were crushed. But that doesn’t mean that you had to forget about who you were as a person and pretend to be someone that we both know that you’re not. To put in bluntly Shawn you turned into a little bitch.

WOW! Bombshell. Nobody wants to hear their little sister telling them that they turned into a bitch. I mean, I know I haven’t been myself lately but a bitch? Really? Am I some sort of complaining little school girl? Am I Greg Cherry that cries when something doesn’t go his way? That last sentence from Brooke serious hit home with me. She’s right. I haven’t been Shawn Winters. I’ve had my identity stolen by some loser who can’t close with women. I realize now that I need to get that person back. Hannah stole my identity and the only way I can get it back is signing the divorce papers and putting her in my rear view mirror as the Greaternity Bus drives away towards my next venture.

Shawn - Do you know how much I hate it when you’re right?

Brooke - As much as you hate an empty beer?

Shawn - Ok seriously, get out of my head!

* Brooke laughs. *

Shawn - So…what should I do?

Brooke - You need to figure out who you are again. You need to once again become the brother that I know, love, and respect.

Shawn - You’ve lead me down the wrong way before. That intervention you and Angie held for me…that caused all of this. I’d have left Hannah high and dry if it wasn’t for you and your mind traps.

Brooke - At the time it was a good idea Shawn. At the time we all thought you had something worth saving with Hannah but by her leaving and filing divorce papers it’s clear that wasn’t the case. When we tried to change your mind hers was already made up.

Shawn - I’ve never been in this position before. I’ve never been dumped. Never been kicked to the curb. I’ve always been the one to break things off and here I am beat at my own game. She was perfect.

* Brooke slaps Shawn across the face. *


Brooke - Shut up! Don’t say things like that. The only thing perfect about her was her tits. Now those…those were seriously like the work of god.

Shawn - I know…her boobs were amazing.

* Brooke slaps Shawn again. *

Brooke - Stop it!

Shawn - Ok but seriously in my defense…how great are boobs?

Brooke - They are pretty good, boys compliment me on mine all the time.

Shawn - UGH! If I could smack you right now!

Brooke - Hahah! But Shawn seriously…promise me that you’ll sign the papers and just put this behind you. Your little boy crush has gone too far. You need to move on and until you do you’re just going to hate yourself. You need a girl that not only tolerates you but actually likes the real you. You need a bitch haha.

Shawn - A hot bitch…I mean she needs to have better tits than Hannah.

Brooke - Well duh…you’re not gonna be with some flat chested girl that like glitter and ponies.

Shawn - I need a girl that has big tits and likes cock.

Brooke - Well that’s a hooker.

Shawn - Right…I’ll get a hooker.

Brooke - You’re above hookers.

Shawn - Touche. Shawn Winters doesn’t pay for sex.

* Shawn then smiles…something he seemingly hasn’t done in a while. *

Shawn - Thank you Brooke…I honestly needed to hear all of that.

Brooke - You and I are one in the same Shawn. Now that I’m grown up it’s about time you realized that.

Shawn - Well do me a favor. Don’t marry 3 guys and divorce them each time you get pregnant.

Brooke - Damn…I’m already at 2.

Shawn - Brooke-

Brooke - KIDDING!

Shawn - Thank god…

Brooke - But seriously, Ace was the father of one.

* Shawn quickly turns to grab her but she jumps up and runs away. *

Brooke - KIDDING!

* Shawn is now sitting alone outside. *

Right…sign the papers. Let Hannah go, she’s part of my past much like Angie, Nora, losing to James Exeter. It’s all in the past, completely irrelevant. I’m the SCW World Champion and I should be on cloud nine right now. I deserve to be happy. Brooke is right, I deserve to be happy. I need someone that tolerates me. Wow…the thought just crossed my mind, I’ve had her all along. Charlie is the perfect person for me. She’s a whore, with big tits…I mean thought things are nice. And she doesn’t want any serious connection. But why can’t I get it up when around her? It’s like my body says one thing and my mind says another. How do I get rid of these feelings for my wife? Maybe signing the papers will release me of any guilt and I’ll be able to plow anyone I want. You can’t move on until you leave what you had behind someone once said…I just need to find the strength to leave Hannah behind.

* The scene shows Shawn Winters in front of an SCW backdrop as he’s looking right into the camera. *

Shawn - Here is it. The moment the entire world is waiting for. The biggest match in history. Breakdown Shawn Winters holding his newly won World Heavyweight Championship and he’s going against….wait a second. Am I reading this right? I’m facing Stacy Kissinger? I’m not facing CHBK? I’m not facing Chad Evans? No David Helms? No Shilo Valiant rematch? Is this seriously supposed to be the big post Rise to Greatness match for the new World Champion Shawn Winters? If that’s the case then clearly Sasha didn’t watch Rise to Greatness as thinks I’m not the man that I’ve claimed to be since returning and that is “the best the industry has ever seen.” But hey, maybe Sasha has a secret plan to this match. Maybe she simply wants me to make Stacy’s career much like I’ve done for people like Shaun Cruze. Maybe there is something Sasha seems relevant in that backwards assed redneck that is Stacy Kissinger. Or maybe she wants to see her fail so miserably that she eventually takes her lawsuit riddled ass right out the door.

Oh yes…that bitch is a walking lawsuit to this company. Have you seen the way she carries herself? She’s like a walking talking muppet. Her entire demographic is 4 year olds because that’s what she is. An adult 4 year old. I mean have you listened to her speak? It’s like she’s at a constant struggle with the English language and BUH GAWD she’s losing. Where did she learn to speak anyways? From the first slave? You’re a disgrace to women everywhere not a role model. You got your ass dumped by said slave Gable Winchester and now apparently you’re worthy of my time? I’m sorry but I beg to differ. Excuse me while I completely ignore you and look onto bigger and better things.

Shaun Cruze if this whole thing with you and I is going to happen at Apocolypse then let me tell you one thing…

* Shawn stops talking with a confused look on his face. Begins talking to the producer off screen. *

Shawn - You mean I HAVE to talk about Stacy Kissinger? I can’t just ignore her like the dumpster baby that she probably was? FINE! God…it’s like I’m seriously being punished for being awesome. Ok well where was I before my mind went into a better and more interesting direction? Oh right, Stacy Kissinger being a retard. Let me put things brutally honest real quick. You seriously make us look bad Stacy. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky and all I’ve done in my career seemingly fails in comparison to being some half bred hick whose married to his sister and having sex with his mother on the side. You completely make that stereotype come to life Stacy and it’s flat disgusting. Every mispronounced word that comes out of your mouth is just screaming that you’ve never read a book. It just screams of inbred illiteracy. When you say the word “mah” it translates to “I” and when you say the world “gawd” it translates to “fuck my family”. You are not some Southern Belle that you want to stake claim too. Oh no, I’ve seen those southern belle’s and I’ll tell you right now that they have something going for them. Well that thing is that they’re massive sluts but they still have more going for them then you. The fact remains that you are not your own person. You are a stereotype that gets bunched together with other redneck hicks that drink beers spit tobacco and probably are missing teeth because they’re too poor to go to the fucking dentist. I am a southern man Stacy, I drink beer, I spit tobacco, I swear, I blow shit up, I do all of those things but you know what? I’m not retarded. I grew up I got myself that edumacation that them Yankees seem to pledge about. You…you seem like you were just born in the wrong era dear. You should have been born back when fucking slaves wasn’t frowned upon. You could have been Thomas Jefferson’s wife back in the day as you both fucked your slaves until Abe Lincoln came and “saved the world”.

Stacy you portray yourself as something that nobody see’s you as. You act like you’ve done right by the world as if you seriously aren’t at a disadvantage in every day life. I mean seriously how long will it be before you’re given a handicap tag to put on your rear view mirror? Shit…even the thought of you driving scares me to death. When I was four I put a car in neutral and ran over my grandma’s foot. You behind a motor vehicle is attempt with a deadly weapon. The fact that you’re able to wake up in the morning and put on a pair of pants has to seriously be an accomplishment for you.

You honestly don’t understand the amount of hatred that I hold towards you Stacy. You make all of us look bad. The Civil War is over and you know what? We lost. Get over it. Move on into todays times. Women aren’t stay at home house wives anymore. They’ve actually gotten close to equality. Well as close as their going to get…you are straight out fighting everything that Hillary Clinton has been blowing out her ass for the past decade. If the chicks on The View knew who you were they’d have you hung in Alabama near where they hung all them blacks. Do you see the picture that I am painting for you Stacy? You’re an inbred piece of shit that should have been left in a dumpster for nobody to touch. You are a disgrace to the South, to women, to the entire human race.

You’re not Carrie Underwood, you’re not Kelly Clarkson, you’re not liked. You’re felt sorry for. Those girls have personality and talent. You? Are just that child that grew up being home schooled and made to think they were the smartest in the class when in real life the 100 year old coon dog Fido had a higher IQ. The fact that I even have to waste my talents on a person like you makes me sick. The fact that I share a certain heritage as you makes me sick. You have become the black plague on our culture Stacy and even if it pains me to waste my time with you, I shall do the entire South a favor and rid us of your existence. There will be no more Stacy Kissinger botched English. There will be no more cow tipping bessy. There will be no more Little Miss Scarlet wanna be slut. You’ll be done and you’ll have the luxury of knowing that it was the best in the industry do it. You won’t have shame in it being Gable Winchester. No slave is gonna put you out it’s going to be one of your own.

THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN! YEE HAA!!! But damn it, it won’t be you Stacy. Go home and live somewhere that hasn’t quite evolved. Be that giant Ape who has yet to become human. Be Tarzan in the jungle throwing his own poop at anyone near him. Stacy the entire aspect of your life and career is worthless. When it comes to your life, your career, your entire existence, it’s just like Clark Gable told that whore Miss Scarlet in Gone With the Wind… “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

* Shawn gets up and walks away as the camera fades before showing an SCW logo. *