One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters master bedroom as his alarm begins to go off. Shawn wrestles with himself before rolling over and looking at the clock. It reads 12 pm. Shawn's never been an early riser as he's always been a late nighter. He wipes his mouth with his hand in an attempt to get rid of any cotton mouth. He sits up and blinks his eyes a couple times before looking around. He see's a duffel bag in the corner with a bra sticking out of it. He can see inside his bathroom in a reflection from the mirror that some make up is on the counter. Shawn smiles a bit realizing that Marissa had stayed the night. With the constant flux in his life Shawn has been overly happy with the one constant in his life being Marissa. Despite knowing his flaws she still wants to be with him. Something that Shawn is tired of overlooking. He's overlooked so many girls who despite his imperfections still like him. Things change however because of this.

Shawn is now in a pair of shorts looking down the stairwell at his girlfriend Marissa playing with his daughter Valarie on the floor. He looks around the corner and see's that his sister Brooke is setting up at the table with a high chair and some baby food. Shawn gets a smile on his face. He's not alone at all. He's surrounded by people who love him possibly in spite of himself. He walks down the stairs as he notices Marissa looking up at him with a smile. She grabs Valarie's hand and motions a wave to her dad. Brooke looks up at Shawn with a smile. A smile in which simply tells Shawn that everything is alright. Shawn gets to the floor and bends down as Valarie extends her arms, Shawn picks her up and holds her in his arms. She seems to smile a bit behind her pacifier. Marissa stands up next to Shawn. *

Marissa We've been waiting for you to get up.

Shawn You could of woke me up.

Brooke PSH! Please! Like you wouldn't have gotten up kicking and screaming. You just got in last night. Why would you wanna get up to a crying baby?

* Shawn did just fly in last night from Toronto where Taking Hold of the Flame was held. *

Shawn Maybe because I love my family?

Whoa, family? Is this my family? I've got Brooke and Valarie. Then there is Marissa. Do I love her? I don't know. I know I care about her. Hell, I care about her a lot. Fact is without her I'd be scared senseless. Yet I woke up this morning looking forward to seeing her smile, seeing her face, seeing her...with my daughter.

* Shawn hands Valarie to Brooke who sits her in the high chair. Shawn kisses Valarie on the cheek as Brooke begins to feed her. Marissa pulls Shawn away. *

Marissa So...are you doing alright?

* Shawn nods replying. *

Shawn I'm ok.

* Marissa was referring to the Hannah situation. The funeral was rough on everybody but Shawn managed to get through it. Marissa volunteered to go with him but the last thing Shawn felt like doing was bringing his new girlfriend to his ex-wife's funeral. Shawn spoke with Hannah's family about arrangements with Valarie and that they'll be more than welcome to take her from time to time. Shawn never made mention of his guilt towards her death. *

Marissa I know that all of this has got to be tough on you. Knowing that you're a father and looking at Valarie knowing that she's going to grow up without a mother.

* Shawn kisses Marissa on the forehead cupping her cheeks in his hands as she places her hands on his. *

Shawn I appreciate what you're trying to do, I really do. But I really am fine and a lot of that has to do with you. You've done a lot for me and I am grateful. But you don't need to worry about me. For the first time I actually feel like I have control of the situation.

* Marissa smiles. *

Marissa Alright. I guess I just wanted to hear you say it.

* Brooke finishes feeding Valarie before cleaning off her face. Brooke picks her up and smells her. *

Brooke Oh! Looks like somebody needs a changing.

Marissa I got her.

* Marissa and Brooke share a smile as Marissa takes Valarie into another room to change her. Brooke cleans up as Shawn grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and takes a drink leaning up against the counter. Brooke puts the dishes into the dishwasher and leans against the counter next to Shawn. *

Brooke You really like her don't you?

* Shawn looks down at Brooke with a bit of a smile. *

Shawn She's alright.

* Brooke smiles. *

Brooke You know how I usually hate these goody too shoes girls.

Shawn I know.

Brooke But I've got to say. She's not so bad. I mean with all of your shit going on and the problems that you've had this year I think she's exactly what you need.

Marissa is exactly what I need. Fact is I can't just be in it for myself anymore. If I'm with a girl I've got to make sure that she's great with Valarie and Marissa is just that. It's different not dating models or playmates or divas. I'm dating a normal girl and it's what I need. I need a bit of normalcy in my life.

Shawn It helps that she's cute too.

* Brooke nudges Shawn with her elbow. *

Brooke She is like a tiny little button I'll say that. She's basically a midget.

* Brooke was referring to Marissa's height which barely goes past five foot. *

Brooke But she's a keeper Shawn.

Shawn Think so?

Brooke Yeah, hell I won't be able to take care of you all the time. She seems like she can keep you on the straight and narrow.

Shawn Well you know how I always need my little sister's stamp of approval on my dating life.

* Shawn smiles before nudging her with his elbow. *

Brooke Just make sure you don't piss her off. She might bite your ankles.

* Brooke and Shawn laugh as Marissa comes back into the room. *

Marissa All clean.

Shawn She looks tired.

Brooke Yeah, she probably needs a nap.

Shawn I could too.

Marissa You just woke up!

Shawn Point is?

Marissa Um, that you're lazy?

Shawn I would be offended by that if I wasn't so tired.

* Shawn smiles as Marissa shakes her head. She places Valarie in her crib and turns the baby monitor on. *

Brooke Well I think I'm going to head out. Going to meet Keri for lunch before I start my shift at the restaurant.

* Shawn and Marissa say bye to Brooke as she heads out the door. Marissa hops onto the counter top next to Shawn before grabbing a banana. Shawn turns to face her as she wraps her legs around his waist. *

Shawn You look so sexy eating that banana.

Marissa Ew, don't do that.

Shawn Do what?

Marissa That, you're making it perverted. It's just a banana.

* Marissa takes a bite. *

Shawn Oh come on, you can take a bigger bite than that.

Marissa Oh my god stop!

* Marissa starts to laugh. *

Shawn someone getting too shy to eat a banana.

Marissa Let's see you do it.

* Marissa than smashes the banana in Shawn's face before laughing. Shawn licks his face before shaking his head. Marissa stops laughing and tilts her head. *

Marissa Wow Shawn, you really took that whole banana. Gay men would be proud.

Shawn Oh you're gonna pay for that.

* Marissa screams as Shawn lifts her off of the counter and throws her down on the floor trying to wipe his face off on her's. Right then Brooke walks back in the door. *

Brooke I forgot my-

* She stops seeing Shawn and Marissa looking up at her. *

Brooke Seriously guys? I'm gone for 2 minutes and you're already all over each other. Get a room.

Shawn I have a room, oh yeah and a house and a-

Brooke Yeah, yeah. Just came back to grab my phone. Just be careful you might break something trying to spin her like a top.

* Shawn laughs a bit as Brooke leaves again. Marissa looks confused. *

Marissa What did she mean by that?

Shawn She thinks you're short.

Marissa I am not!

Shawn Oh please, if you were an inch shorter you'd get a handicap sticker and be claimed as a dwarf.

Marissa Do they get handicap stickers?

Shawn I don't know, just assumed so.

* Shawn gets up and grabs a towel and wipes off his face helping Marissa to her feet as well. *

Shawn Well that was a mood killer.

* Marissa brings herself closer to Shawn. *

Marissa I'm sure we can strike it again.

* Marissa grabs Shawn's hand leading him towards the bedroom. *

Shawn Is this what I think it is? Because I totally respect your decision.

Marissa It is. (smiles)

Shawn Good because the thought of rape was running through my mind.

Marissa Shawn!

* Shawn grabs Marissa and throws him over his shoulder as she screams and runs towards the stairs. *


Shawn Just use your wings and fly!

Marissa UGH! I'm not a fairy!

* The camera shows Shawn Winters in front of an SCW Breakdown backdrop. He's chomping on a stick of gum with a bit of a smile ever so arrogantly. *

Shawn Well look what we got here. It seems as though yours truly has managed to find himself in yet another pickle. You see just when I thought I was done and finished with tag team wrestling they just go and bring me right back in. (smiles) You see when my dear dear friend Adam Allocco came to me with a bit of a problem I could of done what any selfish egotistical prick would of done and told him to shove it up his ass. I could have been the friend to him that I have always been and cracked open a beer and handed it to him so he could simply drink his problems away like any normal adult would. But somehow I could see the desperation in his eyes. I could see how badly he wanted this and that it was killing him inside that he was not able to compete along side his new tag team partner Memphis Cade. So, being the kind hearted gentleman that I am I agreed to help him, I agreed to take his place along side Memphis Cade in this Tag Team Tournament in order to get Glorious Bastards a tag team title shot.

I don't know if I've turned over a new leaf or if I possibly feel guilty about being the one of us who got pinned at Riding the Lightning but either way I am here on Breakdown and I have a match against Blake Mason and the ever so popular Thirteen in the first round of this tournament only to find out if myself and Memphis will face the newly zombified Bad Company or the baby Stewards. Now from my personal experience I'd much rather be facing the baby Stewards and I'm sure Memphis will agree because I'm already thinking about the fun we could have, oh the fun. Anyways, back to the match that I actually know I'll be having.

Blake my boy. It has come to my understanding that you have some sort of problem with me. You think that I am everything that is wrong with the wrestling world. You think that I am like a black eye on the sport of professional wrestling. You look at me and you just have this hot boiling metal feeling in your gut because of what it is I do. Well let me tell you something boy, that very feeling you have is the exact same feeling that the entire roster in the back has because everything that I do, I do it to get under up tight stiffs like yourselves skin. So for every real man like yourself with a tiny bit of wrestling ability and absolutely zero personality and or charisma can talk however you want about me because the fact is if you really listen closely the sound of crickets is louder than the sound of your voice. So what I'm going to do on Breakdown is do you a favor. I'm going walk down that isle, I'm going to strut my stuff hump a girl lick the camera do whatever it is that I damn well feel like and then when I'm finished getting my rocks off I'm going to dig deep and I'm going to take that giant stick out of your ass and beat you to death with it. Then I'm going to smile, and drop down and tea bag your face so you have a bit of something to remember me by. (winks)

Now onto this hype machine of Thirteen. There is so much hype surrounding Thirteen that you could throw a stick at it. His hype is country wide and a mile long and with each growing breath spoken of him his ego has grew and grew and grew until he's started eating and believing in his own hype. Well Mr. Thirteen, you little treat you I am here to burst a little hole in that giant bubble of a head you got. You see people like you are a dime a dozen. People like you come into this business thinking that you're the next best thing and that the flame to your career is growing higher and brighter when the reality is that your staying power is that of an insect. You're just another flash in the pan superstar who may or may not gather a few decent reviews only to realize that what brought him to the dance ain't enough to keep him on the dance floor. On Breakdown, when you step into the ring with myself and Memphis Cade, you're going to witness what kind of flame you got. You're going to find out where in this business you rank. You're going to find out that there is an expiration date stamped right on your forehead for when you'll be kicked off the dance floor and left as a wall flower.

* Shawn laughs a bit to himself before running his fingers through his hair and smirking a bit still chomping away on his gum. *

Shawn Through all of my trials and tribulations in this business, whether I've won or lost there has always been one constant. I have constantly been the eye of the storm, the lightning rod for controversy, and the measuring stick to which all others are compared and at Taking Hold of the Flame, I proved that. I proved my worth and my value and my justification of being the best. I warrant attention wherever I go. Being in this tag team match on Breakdown and in this tournament I gather buzz, I gather attention. Attention in which Blake Mason and Thirteen will for the first time get a taste of. Attention and a feeling, a feeling as though they actually matter. I can give them that but I've got to say one thing. Blake, Thirteen the two of you locking up with me will be the single closest thing that you have to wrestling at Rise to Greatness. So I hope that you two soak it up, enjoy the ride because Shawn Winters is going to put on a show and it's going to be a show that neither of you will ever repeat in your careers because you don't have what it takes.

Enjoy it while it lasts my boys because your road to Rise to Greatness has just hit a dead end.

* Shawn spits his gum into the air and slaps it away before grinning and winking at the camera. *