One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Reality Check

<xmp> <body> </xmp> How quickly the walls can come crumbling down. The confidence that Shawn held has crumbled down to a wreckage of reality. What was once a strong and thick wall has been torn down by the reality of Doctors orders, of Alexis Rayne, of Chad Evans...and of fear. What's next? Coming face to face with a brutal truth, one in which he has tried to avoid ever since the pain in his back surfaced. It's not broken...yet. But can his desire to destroy Chad Evans be his own brutal downfall in a match that is created to be Shawn's nightmare? A little bit of him died inside that structure, does Chad expect to take the rest of it?

*The scene shows Shawn Winters' home in Los Angeles. It is the next morning and Shawn is still laying on the bathroom where he must have slept after falling down after kicking his sister out of the house. His eyes slowly open as light begins to shine right into his eyes. It's so bright that he shields him eyes with his forearm. He tries to moisten his mouth as it's dryer than any hangover times 10. He rubs his forehead trying to erase a headache only to switch to rubbing his eyes. He opens them back up as the light shines in and the blur starts to evaporate. He see's an outline of a figure only for the lenses of his eyes to become clear revealing Shawn's pregnant ex-wife Hannah sitting in a chair in the doorway with a magazine in her hand. *

Hannah - Wow...look whose awake?

* Shawn squints in pain as he rolls himself over. The fact that he apparently slept on a hard floor didn't do his back any favors. Good thing he's got a simple remedy for it. *

Hannah - Get up and come downstairs.

* Shawn looks at her as she gets up holding her stomach. *

Hannah - I'm not helping you up. Do it yourself, you're a big boy.

* Hannah walks downstairs as Shawn grips the sink pulling himself up to his feet. He looks into the mirror at himself. *

Shawn – What...what happened last night? I...I don't remember drinking last night.

* Shawn runs some cold water and cups his hands underneath the facet before splashing it into his face a couple times. He unbuttons his shirt before tossing some cold water onto his chest as well. He turns the water off before grabbing a towel. He begins to pat his face and chest as he walks down the stairs to join Hannah in the kitchen whose pouring a cup of coffee and placing it on the table and moving it towards Shawn. Hannah is seated at the table just looking at Shawn who still seems confused at everything that's going on. *

Hannah - Come on...sit.

* Shawn takes a seat slowly as he seems suspicious of what's going on. He grabs the cup of coffee and takes a sip of it. Hannah hasn't taken her eyes off of him. *

Why is she here? I'm not going to lie, I'm happy to see her...sort of. She's clearly not the same girl that I feel in love with. She seems angry, seems distraught, guarded. I don't blame her, I suppose I screwed her up pretty good for any body new to even try and dive into the drama in her life. Ego aside, I may have fucked her up beyond repair. But why is she here? She hasn't really been in touch with me lately outside of possibly ruining my life by telling me that she's carrying my future daughter. Worst news a soon to be father could ever hear. Why is she here?

Hannah - Nice to see you too Shawn.

Shawn – yeah sorry...It's nice to see you too. I'm sorry I'm just a little confused at what's happening right now. To be honest I'm not entirely sure if this is real right now.

* The thought had came to Shawn's mind right when he said the words. He now wishes he hadn't said them because he remembers the last time he was fucked up with Hannah. It was the breaking point of his marriage. *

Shawn – I-I didn't mean was a joke.

Hannah - You always were funny.

* Hannah didn't seem to have any emotion in her voice what so ever. Had she completely lost her love for Shawn? Or was she simply trying to be guarded? She seems too hard to read now. *

Shawn – So....

Hannah - How much of last night do you remember?

Shit! That's not the question anyone likes to hear the next morning. It's never followed by anything good. “How much of last night do you remember?” “Nothing.” “Oh well you had an orgy five college freshman girls and made each and everyone of them-” yeah that didn't's never good so I should tread lightly.

Shawn – Um...

Hannah - Alright let's just skip past the pleasantries here and get to the point. Let me explain to you what you did last night. Well to find out randomly that I'm still your emergency contact was a first surprise of the day to be quite honest. To hear your Doctor calling me about the fact that your back is injured which to me came as a surprise but it shouldn't since we don't talk.

Shawn – Wha-

Hannah - Oh I'm not finished! I find out that you are refusing treatment in order to wrestle a match with Chad Evans that you feel some sort of need to prove something. Then...oh then it gets really good. I get a phone call from your terrified sister Shawn. Late last night, she was in tears calling me...someone who she seemed to think could actually get through to you because God knows she couldn't. Do you know what you did last night Shawn? You threatened her and nearly punched her. That explains the hole in your bathroom wall. She tried to protect you by flushing your drugs.

Shawn – I don't-

Hannah - SHUT UP! Don't lie to me! I've dealt with your shit long enough to know when you're full of it. You nearly hit your sister. You kicked her out of your house and quite possibly ended the only relationship you have that could come anywhere closest to “loving”.

* Shawn stands up obviously upset. *

Shawn – Ok first off...who the fuck said anything about drugs?!

Hannah - Oh did I not explain it enough? Your bawling sister told me everything!

Shawn – Everything? Oh wow...because she knows everything about me right?

Hannah - Oh my god, erase that smug face of yours...have you ever thought that you're not as good at keeping secrets as you think you are? Heaven forbid anyone know the REAL Shawn Winters. Trust me Shawn, you're not the person you pretend to be on TV.

Shawn – Don't even go there...I-

Hannah - Shut the fuck up!

* Hannah has had enough. She stands up from the chair and gets right into Shawn's face. *

Hannah - What the hell are you doing to yourself? I'm not your friend here Shawn. I'm not here to listen to some pity party that you want to throw for yourself. No...I'm your ex-wife and I'm as real as it gets. I'm not your mind playing tricks on you.

* Hannah slaps Shawn across the face. *

Hannah - Very feel that? So let me ask you a damn question. What are you doing to yourself?! For what?! Please, explain to me...what on earth are you trying to achieve?!

Shawn – don't understand. You have no idea of the pressure-

Hannah - Pressure? Pressure? Your right, being pregnant with your baby? I clearly have no idea about a thing called pressure. Mind looking it up in the dictionary for me because I don't think I could quite understand?

Shawn – Hannah don't-

Hannah - No...don't tell me what to do Shawn. You're trying to justify your actions because you think that you need them. Yet out here in reality you refuse to deal with your own demons.

Shawn – No...I deal with my demons every day.

Hannah - Numbing them out isn't dealing with them! It's simply postponing the ability to feel them.

Shawn – Whatever gets you through the night right?

Hannah -'re not trying to get yourself through the night Shawn, you're trying to get yourself through your career. Whatever the hell you have left of it.

Shawn – I'm sorry that my career entails certain things such as health. I have an entire company on my shoulders at this point because I am it's top draw. Any idea what that feels like? Of course'd have no idea because you have no clue what kind of pressure I'm under. I am the best Hannah...I am the single very best that the industry of wrestling has to offer and like it's top whore I'm going to be pimped out as much and as far as I can go. I make money for SCW and I make money for what will be our daughter!

Hannah - Don't you dare! For the love of god think about someone other than yourself! Think about me! Think about our soon to be born daughter!

Shawn – Hannah, you don't understand...I have to do this. If I don't you have no idea what kind of labels will be attached to my name. It's all for our daughter!

Hannah - Don't act like I'm stupid Shawn! I know what's going on, Brooke told me everything! Chad Evans? Glass Box? Alex your long lost son? Oh trust me I didn't want to come here but your sister begged...oh my god did she beg...she pleaded for me to talk some sense into you. If you do go through with it you'll be a cripple! That will be attached to your name! Do you really want to risk wrestling one match at the expense of never holding your daughter?

Shawn – That won't happen.

Hannah - Look at everything that you're doing to yourself! I mean what are you doing to yourself just to wrestle right now?! What are you putting in your body? Pills, drugs, cocaine! Shawn you're out of control. This downward spiral that you're going into is enough! I don't know if you're crying out for help, for pity, for sympathy but I'm not going to give it to you! You're being a damn child Shawn! This quest to end your life is becoming too strong for anyone to deal with.

Shawn – I don't want to end my life! I'm trying to prolong it!

Hannah - Wrestling isn't your life! You have more! You have a have your sister and a daughter on the way.

Shawn – That's where you're wrong Hannah. I don't HAVE anything other than my life inside that ring. Without it I'm nobody.

Hannah - What's wrong with being a nobody? Be a father! Be a brother!

Shawn – You don't understand...

Hannah - You're damn right I don't understand! You're killing yourself over what? A lousy match? What's the end game Shawn? What happens when the match is over? What happens if all of this was for nothing?

Shawn – It won't be.

Hannah - What if it is? You're not unbreakable Shawn! As much as it may pain your're just a man like everybody else. A man who is broken. Broken mentally and physically. You need to take time off, you need to leave wrestling behind and start a new chapter in your life. A chapter that includes us!

Shawn – Hannah you have no idea what it takes to be perfect! I am Shawn Winters and I am held in a higher regard that what you could possibly imagine! People actually expect things from me! I'm not just a random hot chick who can be replaced once she gets too old! I'm irreplaceable! I have responsibilities that you couldn't even fathom! I am depended on by a company to go out and put on a show that only I can provide! Whose going to take my place when I'm gone? Shilo? Starr? Helms? No...that won't happen. I'm not too old to keep doing this, I'm only 30! I still have a decade to go out and perform!

Hannah - No you don't! Your mind and your body are at complete opposites Shawn! For once listen to what your body is telling you! It can't do this anymore! The doctors have told you that you're on borrowed time. It's only a matter of time before that one move is the final straw that breaks your back for good! Numbing the pain with drugs doesn't take away the damage Shawn! You're going to get hurt inside that ring and you're not even going to realize it because you're so drugged up. That next morning...when you're unable to get yourself out of bed...that's when you're going to feel it! You're going to wrestle despite the injury and you're going to worsen it to the point of no repair! Is this seriously worth living the rest of your life in a wheel chair and in constant pain? Or for you to possibly continue to wrestle but at what cost? For you to be popping every kind of pain killer you can find? Snorting coke to numb every single bit of your body? What'll be left of you then Shawn? All that will be left is a dead body for a cleaning lady to find in a hotel room! What will be attached to your name then Shawn? Huh?! What then?!

Shawn – I know what I'm doing.

* Hannah slaps Shawn right across the face. *

Hannah - You selfish bastard! You selfish bastard! How dare you! How dare you!

Shawn – I have to do this.

* Hannah slaps him again. *

Hannah - Your ego leaves you blind to those that actually love you! You're your own worst enemy Shawn! You're just to fucking blind to see it! It's things like this that leave people wanting to stop trying to help you. You're're a lost cause. You'll never learn until it's actually you sitting in that wheel chair or you laying in a hospital as doctors try and revive your heart. You're lost're forever gone and it's's not anybody else that is at fault. One day, it'll come sooner than you think that every single bridge you'll have will be burned and there will be nobody left to save you. Every relationship that you'll have will crumble at your feet all because people will be tired...they'll be tired of trying to deal with this constant drama of your life. That's when your name will mean the least. You won't be remembered for your performances. You'll be remembered as being a selfish and horrible human being.

Shawn – Only thing worth being remembered for is worth fighting for.

* Hannah starts to cry. Not softly, tears are erupting from her eyes. *

Hannah - Look at the road you're on! You'll be nothing more than another dead wrestler! a hotel room left until a maid finds your corpse. You'll have no loved ones, nobody that would even care about you in the slightest! Sure, you'll get your ten bell salute on Breakdown and people will pretend to care about you for a couple hours. But when it's done?'ll have nothing. People won't remember you for your performances...they'll remember you for a drug addict who died just like all of your idols. Tell me I'm wrong? I know you see it Shawn. You can picture it in your mind...the maid opening your door finding you in whatever random city you're in for Breakdown, assuming you're even employed by SCW at this point...finding you laying on the floor with drugs everywhere and your heart stopped. What a way to go Shawn...much better dying young from an overdose than living a full life and having a loving daughter to pass your life onto.

* Shawn stands still almost dumbfounded. Hannah had painted quite the picture. Shawn thinks about one of the men who trained him...Curt that the life that he wants? *

Hannah - Shawn...a man's life isn't what his name leaves's the generation that he grooms. Your-...our daughter...she can't grow up without a father. Don't let yourself fail as a parent before you even try.

* Shawn stands still as those words hit him like a ton of bricks. *

Fail as a father before I tried? I never tried with Alex...myself and Angie agreed it'd be for the best. She'd tell him about me when she felt ready. If she was ready...I sure as hell wasn't.

Shawn – Hannah...failure has followed me my entire the point where I do everything that I can to erase it. I go out and I perform in front of thousands of front of millions of people and I erase failure from my brain. I can't afford to fail. Not in life, not in my career, and not in my attempt at being a father.

* Shawn pauses as Hannah's tears start to slow down. She looks at him as he sighs and looks her in the eyes. *

Hannah - So does that mean you'll give it up?

* Shawn stands there without any words for what seems like a lifetime. It's funny how a lifetime can last for 10 seconds. *

Shawn – I can't...

* Those words strike Hannah like a shot to her heart. She almost looses her breath. She looks at Shawn with a hateful look. *

Hannah - It's good to know where your priorities lie!

* Hannah holds her stomach as she grabs her coat and walks out Shawn's door. Shawn stands there and can't help but wonder if that will be the final time he see's her. Every road he seems to travel leads him further and further away from her and his future daughter. Shawn goes upstairs and back into the bathroom in which he had woken up. He looks at the hole that he had punched into the wall the night before. He traces the outlines of it with his finger before turning and looking at himself in the mirror. *

Looking at yourself in the mirror...a famous expression. Never have I had a problem with it until now. I know everything that I'm doing is wrong, yet...I can't help it. I'm in too deep, I'm emotionally wrapped up into this one match. Chad basically brought up my entire past to look me in the eyes. To show me that I'm not perfect and show me that I'm vulnerable. As much as my body is telling me not to go through with it my mind is telling me that I have a man.

* Shawn throws some cold water into his face once again before turning his back against the wall and slowly dropping down to a seated position on the floor. He see's the empty bag that Brooke had dumped just laying on the floor. He grabs it and holds it in his hand. *

Shawn – Hannah's right...I have to quit doing this...for our daughter. She deserves better, she deserves the best father I can be. So it seems that I have a month to get my life together otherwise I may lose her forever...if Hannah hasn't taken her away from me already.

* Shawn tosses the empty bag into the trash. Shawn closes his eyes and looks up with his eyes still closed. *

Shawn – Lord, if there's an Angel you could send me, I could use one on my right.

* Shawn gets back to his feet before turning the lights off to the bathroom. *

* The camera shows an SCW Body, Heart, and Soul backdrop with a subdued Shawn Winters standing in front of it. He's looking down at the floor avoiding to make eye contact with the camera. Much like he has tried to avoid on Ammo and Breakdown. He begins to speak without looking up. *

Shawn – Well it seems that we've reached that point haven't we? You and me...a long forgotten friendship that we slowly but surely leave footprints on while burring it in dirt. A friendship that we're walking all over and for what? To get under each others skin? Sure...that may have been my game plan. I simply wanted to show you that you were weak, vulnerable, not the same man you used to be. Not the man with the venom oozing from his were simply a man that nobody feared. Like a domesticated animal. But you? took things to a whole nother level. You didn't want to just get under my skin. You didn't want to prove me vulnerable you simply wanted to reinstall that fear in which you once possessed. You were able to goat me into a match that was built to end it all. If you couldn't get me to fear you, you'd damn sure get me to fear the match.

* Shawn remains staring down at the floor as the camera seems to try and get a glimpse of his bright blue eyes but to no avail. *

Shawn – Which I wholeheartedly already admitted to as gut wrenching as it may have been. What have I got to lose at this point right? My career? My life? My family? I'm a man whose been boxed into a corner and the only thing left for me to do is to lay it all out on the line. I am indeed afraid of the Glass Box Chad, I'm afraid of the shards of glass that will puncture my skin, the steel framing that holds it up that will break my bones, the sadistic person I'll be apposing who will be laughing long while I lay on the floor covered in blood. Does that paint a good enough picture for you Chad? A picture that you tried to portray on Ammo with that glass panel.

I'll admit that you're not looking at the same Shawn Winters of a month ago, oh no. You see this whole situation has...humbled me. A career in which I have a career in which this industry has held in high have no idea Chad...if there was ever someone so close to achieving the unattainable term of perfection you're looking at him. I know who I am and I know that I'm not perfect...nobody is...but damn it was I closer than any performer has ever gotten. Yet I stand here...letting the world see behind the curtain. They don't see the taunts, the ego, the flamboyance that they usually see. They simply see a man who has quite honestly...been broken down. Been broken down by the weight of his past brought upon him by one you Chad.

I'm not naοve like most people are. I'm not going to cry out and ask what I ever did to deserve this. I know exactly what I've done. Each and every transgression that I have committed has come back to haunt me. My son Alex quite possibly being the biggest.

* Shawn rubs his chin before running his fingers through his hair remaining looking down at the floor. He seems to be overcome with emotion. *

Shawn – The thing is Chad...I left after hearing your words on Ammo because...what could I possibly say? I had nothing. You exposed me to the world like a fraud. What could I possibly say or do to change that? The fact is nothing...there was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could say. I simply packed my bags and I left and honestly...I debated ever coming back but I have too much pride to give you such an honor, such a claim that you so arrogantly shouted in 2007 when you thought you ended my career. I couldn't give you such satisfaction. So I came to Breakdown...I shielded myself from the cameras and I walked down to that ring not as Shawn Winters the performer, the professional wrestler, I walked down to that ring as Shawn Winters the man.

I took that microphone and I spoke from the heart. I said what I needed to say in order to relieve the burden per say. I stood in that ring unable to look the fans in the eye because of embarrassment. The embarrassment that I felt because of you. I stood out in that ring with no shield, with no mask, just simply as myself. With every single chant of your name and every single chant of the world asshole my heart grew weaker and my soul grew lighter.

I went out and I faced the music Chad...I went out and I did it as a man. Someone that you may have thought to be long and dead by now Chad but I did the real Shawn Winters. As a man who has pride, who has dignity...a man who might not have anything left to lose but his career which is exactly what you want to take away from me. Like I seems that we've reached that point haven't we?

The point in which our pasts has finally been brought out for the world to see. Our pure hatred for one another completely put under the microscope for everyone to examine. Our friendship...a friendship that well simply both of us has nearly forgotten. That's the thing Chad...I have no problem admitting that at one time I looked to you as a a best a brother. Someone who I could share my darkest secrets with. It's a shame how success can change a man. My success or your lack there of. We were as close as anyone could be.

* Shawn sighs as if he's reflecting on his life. *

Shawn – However it wasn't until you brought me into SCW that it all began to change. You brought me out of retirement to simply be your lackey, to be your manager. Deep down we both knew that that wouldn't last. My ego wouldn't be able to withstand such a demotion. To be honest it drove me a lot harder to return sooner than later. The moment I felt I was healthy enough to step back into the ring with Jay Gold was the moment you began plotting my demise. Don't try and lie to me...we're beyond that.

Truth is you knew the moment I was back inside the ring would be the moment that I once again overshadowed you. I went on to have epic matches in brief stints because I wasn't sure how my body would react. It wasn't until I stole the show and tore down the house and Rise to Greatness 2006 vs CHBK that I knew...that I knew that I could still go. That I still had what it takes to go out and do what I do best and that is perform. Perform for people that I don't even know...perform for them so I can briefly forget about my own miserable life. But you couldn't let me be happy could you? You r resentment on me grew bigger and bigger by the day that you drove a car...a car and you ran me down like a deer. Attempt one of you trying to end my career.

Then, you brought me back while I was in a wheel chair unable to stand on my own two feet. You lied to my face and you pretended to be my friend until your ego couldn't allow it anymore. You simply burst with joy of admitting to the world that it was you who ran me down. Our great friendship...

* Shawn sighs again reflecting on his past. His eyes remaining on the ground. *

Shawn – Then came Rise to Greatness 2007...a brutal match in which you and I did everything we could do battle and claw...however it was you doing what you broke my back for the second time. Attempt at ending my career number two. I went on to reach the heights of your career basking in the glory of my demise. Like only Chad Evans can...It wasn't until over a year later that I raised from the grave in which you thought you buried me. I came back and I was better than ever. I went onto winning three World Championships and of course Taking Hold of the Flame where I eliminated you. What a relief it was for me to eliminate you and what a disaster it was for you. I stand tall once again as you stand looking on at my glory. I went on to main event Rise to Greatness for the second time and I won the SCW Championship and you simply laid in wait...waiting for your chance just like in 2006. Except this time it wasn't a was a sneak attack as I walked to the ring to defend my title. You didn't try and end me then. You simply wanted to send a message. A message in which I received loud and clear.

Which jump starts us to where we are now right Chad? Our fight at Gang Rulz became the attempt at my career number three. It wasn't until then that you started to doubt yourself Chad. Believe me you had doubts of ending my career just like I had doubts of being able to defeat you one on one. Reality truly is a bitch sometimes. The weight of it could destroy a lesser man but it didn't destroy you Chad. It simply gave you motivation. Motivation to get me into the predicament that I'm in right now.

It's as if this was just one massive plan of yours get me into the Glass Box so you can end me once and for all. Shakespeare couldn't write a better ending. You have left me asking a question to myself that at one time every single man asks and that is “Who am I? What have I become?”

* Right then Shawn looks up into the camera for the first time with eyes of hatred and anger. *

Shawn – Well I'm right here to tell you Chad. I am your reaper and am here to collect the bounty on your life. The hell that you have put me through the reality check that you've given me...can only get you so far because in the end you still have to do the deed. At Body, Heart, and Soul...our bodies will be broken, our hearts will be bared, and our souls will be asking for forgiveness for what we've done. On Sunday night I'll be face to face with my nightmares and you'll be face to face with man will walk away...let's just see who shows up on Breakdown.

* Shawn's hatred and anger stares deeply into the camera before he walks away. The camera slowly fades out on the Body, Heart, and Soul logo. *