One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene opens up showing a community center. There is a stage with a podium up front with Shawn Winters standing behind it. He's looking out at a crowd of people seated with there eyes fixated on him. He looks to his right where an older woman stands holding her hands together at her stomach. She gives Shawn a smile and a nod as Shawn turns his attention back to the crowd. *

Shawn – It's funny, I make a living going out and talking in front of sold out arena's and yet I stand up here, microphone in front of me in front of maybe 25 people and I'm at a loss for words. Might as well start with why I'm here.

My name is Shawn Winters and I'm here because I am an addict. It started to get bad because I wouldn't admit to it and I always thought that I was hiding it from everybody, that nobody knew about it but the truth is those close to me knew all along. I was falling apart piece by piece and it was like I wasn't aware of it. All the drugs I was using just left me numb to the feeling to the point where I wasn't sure what feelings felt like. I was numb to emotions, I was numb to pain, I was numb to those who loved me.

* Shawn rubs his beard as if he's struggling to get out some more words. He stakes his head and continues. *

Shawn – The worst of me came out and I almost punched my own sister in the face for flushing my drugs. I was so fueled with rage and anger that I didn't see my sister, my mind was so blurred that all I saw was another person trying to challenge me. Someone was standing up to me and it's always been my nature to sit that person right back down with my fists. If there is one thing that I am proud of during my entire trip with drugs it's the fact that I punched a whole in my bathroom wall and not one in my sisters face. For whatever reason there was a part of me that was conscious enough to resist that urge. I look back on that moment a lot, a moment in which I have yet to speak about with my sister since.

I once heard a saying that you've got to sink to there very bottom before you can start looking up. At that moment I had hit rock bottom. I was at the very lowest of my life and practically my career. My personal life was falling apart and it was all being portrayed on national television for the world to see. Now? Now I live my life openly with all of my faults and all of my troubles aired out for the world to see. People have seen me at my worst and I am doing this, I am here seeking help because I want to show that I can still be seen at my best.

I knew that there was a time table on my life with drugs and the moment I held my newly born daughter Valarie in my hands. I knew, I realized how selfish I had become. How I was dead set on prolonging my career with ultimately the dagger in which would ultimately end it. My daughter...see her tiny fingers and that beautiful face...I realized that I need to clean myself up. It's bad enough to I've let my loved ones see me at rock bottom, I'll be damned if I let my daughter see that. I am determined to be a good father for her if it's the one great thing I do with my life. I will be a good father and in order to do that I need to get my life together. This right here is the first step and with each and every step I take after this I'll have my daughter Valarie to thank. For the longest time she'll have no idea the impact she'll have on my life, I just hope that I can make half of that impact on hers in a positive way.

* Shawn steps back from the podium with a couple tears falling down his cheek. He wipes them away with his wrist as the crowd stands up clapping for him. Shawn nods to them all with a smile on his face before stepping down from the stage. The woman who was standing off to the side goes up to the podium. *

Kathy – Thank you Shawn, I understand how hard that was for you to do. But we've all been there. We know what you've gone through more than you could possibly imagine. We're all here to listen to you and we're here to back you and support your quest for sobriety. With that said I would like to welcome you to our family Shawn and would like to talk with you off to the side about finding you a sponsor.

30 Minutes Later

* The gathering has become less formal as people are getting coffee, water, and donuts at a table and talking with one another. Shawn is on his phone. *

Shawn – (on phone) How's she doing?...Good good, she sleeping now then?....Great....yeah I'll be done here soon and I'll be by.....sure thing I'll grab some milk....see you soon....bye Hannah.

* Shawn hangs up his phone as Kathy walks up to him with a man by her side. *

Kathy – Shawn I'd like to introduce you to Barney Owens. He's one of our more experienced recovering addicts here. I think that you two will get along wonderfully and I'm sure that he'll be a great sponsor for you. If there's one thing Barney has it's stories that will indeed give you a clearer look at what you're doing and where you're trying to go. I'm going to go ahead and let you two get to know each other.

* Kathy pats Shawn and Barney on them on the back before walking away. *

Shawn – So...Barney right?

Barney – Yup yup yup...Barney Owens and not to toot my own horn but I've been with this place for quite some time. Any experience you've had I've lived through it and prevailed.

Shawn – Oh? Ok um...have you ever been so out of your mind high in front of thousands of people wrestling sweaty guy in glorified underwear?

Barney – Oh my god do I? I know where you're coming from, I know what it's like being in a back alley blowing random guys just for a hit.

Shawn – What no?!

Barney – Oh sorry...I don't know why I just said that, maybe to make my life as interesting as yours.

Shawn – Dude what is wrong with you? I never did that shit! I have money! Seriously...what is wrong with you?

Barney – Hard to say really, doctors claim that I'm a hypochondriac but I think it's much more.

Shawn – So that's what you're addicted to? That's why you're here?

Barney – I'm also addicted to sex. I hear that's a thing now. I bet you know what I'm talking about right buddy!

* Barney slaps Shawn on the arm laughing awkwardly. *

Shawn – You? Addicted to sex?

Barney – Well not sex per say...but I would like jerk off 8 or 9 times a day.

* Barney motions his hand up and down imitating jerking off only for Shawn to back away disgusted. *

Shawn – Get away from me!

Barney – What?! It's a disease!

Shawn – You have a screw loose!

* Shawn raises his hand. *


* Kathy walks back over to Shawn and Barney. *

Kathy – What's wrong?

Barney – Nothing, me and Shawn here are just feeling each other out right buddy?

Shawn – No...this isn't working. I can't be seen with this guy.

Kathy – I'm sorry to hear that Shawn but at this moment we can't give you another sponsor. Listen, I'm sure you two will grow on each other. From what I gather you two are very similar.

Shawn – I...I am nothing like this guy.

Kathy – I have faith in you.

* Kathy smiles before walking away. Barney then wraps his arm around Shawn. *

Barney – Looks like you're stuck with me buddy!

* Shawn looks down and notices that Barney has an erection. *

Shawn – DUDE!

Barney – What?

* Shawn points down and Barney awkwardly puts his hands in his pockets of his sweat pants to hide it. *

Barney – Be right back, I'll go take care of this.

Shawn – (under his breath) Yay....

* Barney quickly runs off awkwardly towards a bathroom. Shawn sits down in a chair and drops his face into his palms. *

Shawn – Jesus...this guy is going to single handedly make me relapse. (deep breath) You can do this Shawn...just look at the other end of the tunnel and see where you want to be. No travel worth taking is left untested. I've never liked putting in the work in my personally life but damn it, this...this right here I've just got to treat it like it's the World Championship. Just gotta treat it like it's the World Championship...I've got to get to the end of this tunnel. I just got to take comfort in knowing I've already hit rock bottom so from here on out, it can only go up.

* Right then Barney comes back from the bathroom with some paper towels drying off his hands. He tosses the towels into the trash and gives a high five to another guy as he blows past him and sits beside Shawn. *

Barney – Is there anything better than just letting one go?

Shawn – Please stop talking to me.

Barney – Dude you know what it's like. I mean you've probably got girls falling at the waist side dude. Every where you go having five new girls just waiting for you, mothers and grandmothers throwing there daughters and granddaughters at you just hoping to get a taste. Just a taste, a taste, just wanna taste it.

Shawn – Please stop saying taste you're seriously starting to creep me out. And seriously...what the hell do you even know about me? Your job is to help me get through these steps not for you to bond with me about things that you have no idea about. You know addiction....I think. You don't know what the rest of my life is like so just do me a favor and stop pretending like you do. Deal?

Barney – Deal.

Shawn – Thank you.

* Shawn lets a deep breath pleased that they've got this situation under control. He then leans back in his chair as Barney sits impatiently before blurting out. *

Barney – Dude last night I had sex with this chick, oh my god did she have HUGE titties.

Shawn – Oh god!

* Shawn covers his face with his hands. *

Barney – And dude....she wasn't a hooker...ok you got me she was a hooker...and she didn't have huge tits....instead she had a huge adams apple....she probably wasn't a chick either....alright fine...I was watching a porn.

Shawn – DUDE! I didn't ask you anything about that story for you to warrant further explanation!

Barney – Sorry...I think I'm addicted to telling lies too.

Shawn – What aren't you addicted to? Children's Shampoo?


Shawn – Jesus Christ! I thought I had problems! You...oh my god you're like a shine of bright ass light you actually make me feel great about my problems because on my worst day I'm not as screwed up as you!

Barney – Plus it's really cheep and it smells nice. And sometimes when I'm washing my hair it gets in my eyes and you know what? It doesn't hurt!

Shawn – Ever wonder what kind of sick experiments those scientists are doing to figure out that it doesn't hurt kids eyes?

Barney – What? Don't say that.....OH GOD!!!

* Barney gets up and runs over to Kathy frantic. Shawn smiles and breaths a sigh of relief knowing that he's gotten rid of Barney for the time being. *

* The camera opens up showing Shawn Winters standing in his trophy room of his house. He's staring at an SCW Championship on his shelf and then he grabs his Superstar of the Year award from the shelf and looks at it for a second before putting it back. He turns around to face the camera. *

Shawn – What a year it was for one Shawn Winters. I mean I walked into this year on a return to fill the void of satisfaction that they thought they knew only to feel things that they never thought they'd feel again the moment I walked back into this company. I went on to promise the world that I was going to win at Taking Hold of the Flame and went on to capture the SCW Championship at Rise to Greatness. Now while I was doing these things I was completely unaware that one Jason Zero was even still employed with this company. Color me shocked when I discover that I'm going to be facing him for the 11th hundred time on Breakdown. I'll be honest I'm just blown away that that guy is still standing and still walking around this place. Because if you asked me yesterday I'd have probably said that he was dead because that's what his career has become. It's dead...he's so far beyond his prime that it's honestly a sad thing to see someone just trying to grasp at the straws and riding his name to as many pay checks as he can cash.

To me it all started at Taking Hold of the Flame when he went in considered to be one of the favorites despite my so confident statement of being the one. Jason Zero had the hype of finally being able to do the one thing he's never done and that's win Taking Hold of the Flame. What happened? He barely lasted 10 minutes. That guy was eliminated before I even stepped foot into the ring. That moment right there...with his chance to once again make his name something other than a punchline was lost. Then what does he do? He gets into a match with CHBK at Rise to Greatness. I'm sorry but while I was out stealing shows every night the rest of the company was living in a 2004 flashback. I win the SCW Championship at Rise to Greatness thinking that the company has just taken a huge step forward only to find out that the match previous to mine forced the company to take a huge step back.

Jason Zero and CHBK had all the hype they had all the attention because of there names alone not there current talent level. They went out at Rise to Greatness to try and prove something, to try and prove that they're not ready to hang up there boots and let people like myself to take steering wheel of this company and shift it into high gear and bring it to where it's never been before. Well you know what? I did it anyway without you letting it happen...I simply took it. It's what I do best, I see things that I want and I take them. Do you think that it's a coincidence that I'm superstar of the year? No, because it was me who has had the world talking again. With my racey antics inside the ring, with my vulgar language, and my scandalous debauchery I have brought this company into a new era. An era where people like Jason Zero are long forgotten.

Our world was created on evolution and you've got to evolve with the times in order to stay relevant and that's something that you've refused to do Jason. You've simply been complacent refusing to challenge yourself to become better or to even become average in your current state. I mean what happened to the man that I defeated in 2009 for the SCW Championship? Was that defeat so catastrophic that you couldn't ever recover? I think it was because you've been on this downward spiral ever since watching as name by name leap frogged you in positioning in this company. No longer were you considered the big fish in the ocean you were slowly shrinking in stature and in talent.

I stand here in my trophy room knowing that these accomplishments weren't in my hay day...they were quite recent. I can only imagine what you must think when you walk into your trophy room. I'm sure it's very emotional...because one of the hardest things to do in this business is to walk away which is exactly why you've hung around going out and embarrassing yourself against mediocre competition like Thirteen and ASP. There was a time in which you wouldn't waste your time with such low level talent. But now? Now you're faced with the question of whether or not you've become a low level talent.

You coast right now coast on your name and your past when the fact remains that you've done nothing with your present. You're not even a blip on my radar right now. I mean I remember when it was you and I fighting for the top of the company. Clawing for the right to call ourselves the best. Now I see you. And honestly I feel sorry for you because your career was dead a long time before CHBK beat you at Rise to Greatness it's just nobody ever told you. You've been walking around like a ghost...a ghost stuck in purgatory unwilling to move on to the next stage. You go out and you try to perform up to the standard in which you hold for yourself only to leave the fans feeling sorry for you because they have seen such a prominent SCW figure crumble before there very eyes.

Your entire fan base has seen you go out to that ring and lay down faster than a hooker for a politician. The fact is Jason, your career is over. Your time in this business is over. You've had your last hooray with CHBK at Rise to Greatness. You've had your time in the spot light. But...being the generous man that I am I'm going to give you something. With all of my heart and the deep down respect that I have for this business...I'm going to give Jason Zero a note to go out on. Like a farewell speech I'm going to give you one more match in that spotlight. I'm going to give you one final match that you can actually be proud of. I'm going to once again make use my Midas touch and create gold out of nothing.

I'm going to give you flashbacks of when you were considered great by recreating 2009. Just know...that when I see that smile on your face and you're about ready to thank me for the masterful performance that I've given you, I'm going to do exactly what I did in 2009 and kick your teeth down your throat and simply tell you, “you're welcome.”

* Shawn smiles before the camera fades to black and an SCW logo appears. *