One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Road To Redemption

* The scene opens up with Shawn Winters sitting in a large couch with a massive amount of beautiful women around him dancing and grinding on him. He has a pair of sunglasses on which right away seems odd, perhaps he’s trying to hid something in his eyes. *

Shawn – Did you know that if you flick your nipple it gets hard in 10 seconds?

* Shawn flicks one of the strippers nipples as she giggles. Shawn is soon joined by a man who seemingly has an agenda. *

Guido – Yo why you be hoggin all the ladies bro? You need all them stacks to get these ladies attention or what?!

Shawn – Heh, Ya know what you’re right, I am hoggin all the ladies…ladies if any of you would like to accompany this young man to his seat and show him a good time you’re more then welcome.

* Shawn waits for a few seconds as they all look at each other none of them moving. *

Shawn – Sorry “bro” looks like these ladies are enjoying my company. So why don’t you take these (tosses a few 100 dollar bills at him) and get yourself a new haircut…then maybe buy yourself some Jagerbombs…

Guido – Yo-

Shawn – (interrupting him) JAGERBOMBS!

Guido – Is that supposed to be funny?! Ya know what, you’re nothing but a hater, and if that’s the case then I got a full time occupation for you!

Shawn – Heh, wow…did you steal that line from the Jersey Shore? Because this here “situation” isn’t looking to good for you.

Guido – You got jokes? How bout this for a joke?!

* The man tries to throw a punch at Shawn only for a bouncer to catch his arm and drag him away. Shawn then waves “good-bye” to the man as he is being thrown out. *

This is pretty much what my life has become, I surround myself with the finer things in life in order to make myself forget all of my short comings. Sure I’ve put on this face and pretend to be perfect completely ignoring my flaws but the truth is, it’s my flaws that have lead me to where I’m at today. As part of my release from prison I had to deem myself once again worthy of freedom, so I had to go to schools and talk to children…pretty much pulling a Mickey Mantle and telling kids that I’m nobody’s role model.

* The scene cuts to Shawn Winters in an auditorium at a local Junior High School. He has a podium in front of him and he is once again wearing a pair of sunglasses. *

Shawn – Behind me is a board, a board filled with words, words that have at one time or another described Shawn Winters.

* Shawn turns to the white board which has “Shawn Winters” written in the center of it while other words are branching out away from it. *

Shawn – “Scandalous”, “Gutless”, “Insubordination”, “Cradle-Robber”, Ha, that one makes me laugh. “Drunk”, “Addict”, “Disappointment”, “Headstrong”, “Manipulative”, “Hypocrite”, “Controversial”…These words, tell a story of the life of the one and only Shawn Winters but it only tells half the story. The fact is…

* Shawn flips the board around revealing another list of words. *

Shawn – I am so much more, “Legendary”, “Pioneer”, “Champion”, “Role-model”, “Father”… Some of these things were not given to me upon my wishing, responsibilities that I have negated. The truth is…Shawn Winters is a man who is remembered for the many wrongs that he has done. He is remembered for the controversial actions that he has made… the many negative headlines in which he has found himself on covers of magazines for the world to see. For all the amazing things that I have done for the wrestling industry it is my faults that are most resonant. It’s all about to change…

I stand here forging an intervention, on myself. No more drugs, no more alcohol, no more wilds parties, no more of it, because all that ever did was distract me from what should be my one and only goal, and that is to once again be SCW World Champion. Because once you taste that sweet nectar from its supple breast, nothing ever tastes as sweet.

* A woman then whispers into Shawn’s ear obviously showing her displeasure of his previous statement to these young teens. *

Shawn – The point I’m trying to make kids is this, don’t let the negative things run your life, I’m not saying everything in your lives are going to be picture perfect but what I am saying is to not fall victim to them multiple times. You all have the capability to be better then I am…in fact I myself will be better. But the fact remains that I am still human and I am doing my best to be humble, but for a man like me it’s not exactly an easy feet to accomplish. Now, what I am asking you, is to bare with me, because nobody can change over night, but if Shawn Winters can add one more thing to this board behind him it would be “Accountable”, because I promise…I will be the Shawn Winters that everyone deserves, or I will die trying.

* The scene cuts back to the strip club and present time. *

I can be better, I will be better. I’ve been given things that I haven’t asked for and the truth is, I am bigger then the business of professional wrestling, I am…I may not have asked to be, but I will not neglect the hard work that I put forth in being the best. I used to parade around like a man without a care in the world. I didn’t care that I had the SCW Championship around my waist, I didn’t care when I had a match that involved me having to be sober for. Hell, I didn’t even care that I had a hand in having my brothers fiancée kill herself. I’m a man who is probably damned to hell for his actions but in all honesty…some people have to travel through darkness in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s where I am now, I’m out of prison and on my road to recovery.

* Right then a young woman walks in obviously in not in a very good mood. Her clothes seem to have been ravaged. She clearly looks like she’s been through hell. *

Hannah – SHAWN! There you are! I told you to wait in the car, I was only going to be in the gas station for a second!

That is Hannah, she’s my sponsor. One of the other things that I needed in order to get my release from prison. I needed to enlist in a rehabilitation program and I was lucky enough to get this train wreck for my sponsor. It’s funny because she’d be attractive if she wasn’t such a mess herself. She’s clearly one of those girls who likes men who are worse off then she is only to try and fix them. I guess she thinks of me as one of her works in progress…I’m so lucky….

Hannah – I can’t believe you just left me at that gas station! Did you think it was funny to just take my car and come to a strip club?! These are the things that are going to get you to fall right back down that spiral of nothingness!

* Hannah then notices a drink in Shawn’s hand. *

Hannah – What is that?! Is that alcohol?!

Shawn – What? No, it’s just a coke…there is absolutely no rum or whisky or anything like that in this at all. In fact I’m astonished that you’d think I’d submit so easily.

* Hannah then snatches the sunglasses right off of Shawn’s face to reveal his bloodshot eyes. *

Alright, a guys got to give her something to go off of doesn’t he?

Hannah – Shawn what the hell am I supposed to do with you? Do you want me to turn you in? Do you want to go back to prison? Because I don’t think you realize the consequences of your actions! You got released early because you convinced the board that you were going to change! Yet here you are stealing my car in order to get a drink with some strippers?! You are worse off then I could have ever imagined! Shawn you really need my help! Anyone else would have given up on you but Shawn, I’m not anyone else…me being your sponsor is fate.

See what I mean? She’s ten times worse off then I am. I guess I knew that going in, let’s me get away with things. In fact, brings me back to how this whole thing came about. It was around the holidays…

* The scene opens up showing a public mall. The place is covered from head to toe in Christmas decorations with a giant Santa’s Workshop set up in the center of the mall. A line up filled with children and there mothers eagerly awaiting Santa Claus. The kids all cheer as one of Santa’s little helpers walks out of the workshop with a camera beside him. *

Elf – Are you kids all ready for Santa Claus?!

* The kids scream in excitement. *

Elf – Have you all been good boys and girls?!

* The kids scream again. *

Elf – Well I hope so, because here is Santa Claus!!!

* The kids cheer as Santa plows out of the door to the workshop. *


Fuck my life…community service my ass! Santa Claus?! Really?! I swear God must have a real sense of humor because having me around all these kids installing hope in just a cliché.

* A little girl is escorted by the elf over to Santa. *

Santa – What would you like for Christmas little girl?

Little Girl – I want a pony, a Barbie Brush for my pony, a stable for my pony….(rambles on)

Jesus, even as young as 8 women fucking want everything. I’d hate to be this little brat’s mother…in fact.

* Shawn then looks over and spots the lonely looking woman whose waiting for her child. This woman happens to be Hannah. *

She’s not to bad to look at, could use a little bit of make up but eh, she’s got a nice body for a mom, wonder if she had a c-section or if this brat destroyed her vagina just like I’m sure she’s destroyed her soul….hmmm no wedding ring either…I got an idea.

Santa – Hm, that’s nice little girl but I got the perfect gift for you this Christmas.

Little Girl – What’s that Santa?

* Santa leans in closer and whispers. *

Santa – How bout a new daddy for Christmas?

* The little girl’s face lights up in joy. *

Santa – You go tell your mommy what Santa said alright, you tell your mommy you want Santa to be your new daddy. HO HO HO!!!!

* Scene cuts back to Shawn and Hannah, this time Hannah is escorting Shawn out of the strip club much to the strippers distaste. *

Well, let’s just say a new daddy isn’t what Hannah wanted for Christmas…I guess not everyone thought that little joke was funny.

Hannah – Listen Shawn…in order for us to make this work you’re going to have to trust me. No more of this running off like a little kid when he has to do something that he doesn’t want to do. This is grown up time now Shawn…you understand me?

Shawn – Relatively…

Hannah – Good, now get in the car because we are going to this drug abuse seminar. This Dr. Gracin changed my outlook on life, he’s going to do the same thing for you.

Shawn – I’m in hell…

* The scene shows Shawn wearing his sunglasses and staring directly into a camera. *

Shawn – I have known Katie Steward longer then anyone in this business, some may think of that as a pleasure on my end, however I choose to think of it more as a penalty for my past transgressions haha. Now in being connected to Katie for such a long period of time people automatically get this notion that me and her have on occasion screwed, but it’s the funniest thing because for as long as I have known Katie, I have yet to see her with an actual man. People in this business go around throwing out these insane ideas of her being a walking STD and blah blah but I would honestly be surprised to find out that she even has a vagina. No, no, not saying that she’s a man or anything but it just breaks the question, why no men? Why no boyfriends, or even one night stands? I personally believe that it’s because Katie Steward is indeed a 100 percent pure virgin, and she’s so high on herself that she doesn’t think that any man deserves that dubious honor. Well Katie, at Body, Heart, and Soul…you’re finally going to figure out what it’s like to wake up on a mat covered in your own blood. (smirks)”

Katie is so insane when it comes to her accomplishments…she is like the Greg Cherry of the female gender. Woman’s Champion blah blah blah, it’s all just become vomit coming out of Katie’s mouth. The 2009 Diva of the year award that she just recently won, wow, thank you for giving her something to brag about for the next calendar year. Now, not to be a hypocrite or anything, sure I like to mention my accomplishments from time to time but with Katie Steward, she has turned it into another form of language. What she does can not be considered as “mentioning”…what Katie Steward does is just vomit all over you with these words of her greatness and watch as you drown in them. It makes you wonder, how on earth can a girl become like this? Well you don’t have to be Dr. Phil to figure that out, it’s obviously because she wasn’t loved enough as a child. Growing up Katie Steward was always second best to her sister Jessica when it came to mommy and daddy’s love. Now, a grown up adult…well I’m using the term adult lightly here…she is still admiring to her parents acceptance. She is trying to make these accomplishments worth her parents love. You can look at Katie and call her a bitch, a whore, a serial killer of what is the English language…but if you truly look deeper, you can see that little insecure little girl who just wants to be loved. In fact, I’m sure it torments her to no end knowing the fact that even Shawn Winters chose her sister over her…oh yes, much like dear old Daddy…Shawn Winters much preferred the “other” Steward because dispite everyone’s belief that was the Steward that actually put out. Ya see, EVERYBODY loved her hahah.

I guess in some way I have a hand in the way that Katie has turned out. I mean without me being there to lead her as a member of Explicit Content maybe she wouldn’t have had this self serving notion of being a Queen. I’m sure all my successes just made her remember how much she truly wanted daddy’s love and approval. Women’s Championship reign after Women’s Championship reign the love still never came. Us title reign after US title reign, once again…still no love. Then you have an epic failure of trying to capture the SCW World Heavyweight Championship and now it seems that daddy dearest has given up hope. Katie…your father must be real proud of you… You’ve brought shame and disgrace to your entire family. Your whining and whimpering has given you the persona of not a Queen but a damn scolded mut! If your father was around, he’d look you square in the eyes and tell you: ‘the best part of you ran down your mothers leg’.

Ya see Katie, with all of this knowledge and all of your whining it gave Sasha Drachewych a wonderful idea which gave her the courage to pick up her phone and call yours truly. Now after she played a little game of DJ Hero on herself at the sound of my voice, she finally was able to utter out the words: “I want you…” now there may have been a “back” at the end of that sentence but a man’s selective hearing is a hard thing to crack. So on the company’s dime the One Man Scandal hopped on a plane he’s back in business. However there has been something in this little “situation” that hasn’t settled well with me. This unwarranted concept of Shawn Winters played the role of a stooge, as a lacky, as a brown noser. Shawn Winters has many faces but I’m afraid those aren’t one of them. Some say that I’m just trying to get into Sasha’s pants but that’s not the case either because that actually insinuates that I have to “try”. (smirks) The fact is, me and Sasha have a mutual understanding. She wants something from me…and who am I to be the man to just give it to her for free? Ya see Katie with you going on and on about me changing and being a shell of my former self it leaves your ADD infested brain unable to wrap around the bigger picture. So you’ve got to wonder Katie…what’s in this for me?

So let the TMZ blow up, let the Angels rejoice, let Kings fall, let the heavens above shine down on you Katie, because this moment you are about to partake in will not stand compared to anything you have experienced before. Ya see I am an addict Katie, and what do addicts do to break an addiction? They become addicted to something else…at Body, Heart, and Soul…Katie you will experience that addiction…the addiction of being at the tip of everyone’s tongue, the thought on everyone’s mind…because going one on one with Shawn Winters will be the GREATEST high of your life. No SCW Championship match could even compare to what’s about to take place Katie…so let me congratulate you on your moment.

* The scene fades out as Shawn smirks into the camera. *