One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Sister Troubles

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Monday August 29th, 2011

* The scene opens up outside of Shawn’s LA home. The Greaternity bus is parked outside in the drive way of the house as Greaternity has taken a break from the road life. Hell being World Champion makes you even more of an attraction and Shawn’s loved every minute of it. The scene focus’ inside the house where you see Shawn pouring a bag of dog food into Shadow’s bowl. He pets his dog before putting the food back into the closet. Brooke walks into the kitchen and grabs a water from the fridge. *

Shawn - So how’s everything? Settled in alright? Classes going good?

Brooke - Yeah it’s doing alright. You have no idea how awesome it is to be living in this house and in California.

Shawn - Heh…I have an idea.

Brooke - There is this boy in my Math class.

Shawn - NO! You did not move out to LA to become some hooker. No boys.

Brooke - That’s a shame because he asked me he if he and his friend could Eiffel Tower me and I said yes.

Shawn - NO! Do you even know what that is?!

Brooke - A board game?

Shawn - No it’s when two guys-

Brooke - Shawn….I’m joking.

I hate it when she does that.

Shawn - You need to make some friends because I can’t keep Ace, Adam, and Porno Lad away from the house forever. They’re like sharks that smell blood. They know you’re here and it’s only a matter of time before they meet you.

Brooke - I’ve already met Ace once. His dick wasn’t very big and he finished way too early.

Shawn - BROOKE!

Brooke - SHAWN! If you seriously get this worked up over stuff this is going to be a lot more fun that I thought.

Shawn - You’re evil.

* Right then the door bell rings. *

Brooke - I got it.

* Brooke walks up to the door and opens it while Ace Marshall is standing in the door way. *

Brooke - Oh…hi.

Ace - Hey…Brooke right? I was just thinking that with this whole points system…you know what I’m talking about right?

Brooke - Yeah…

Ace - Looking at you now…you’d be a 5,000 pointer.

Brooke - (smiles) Oh really?

* Right then Shawn gets in between Brooke and Ace as Brooke laughs in the background. *

Shawn - Ace what are you doing here?

Ace - I needed into the bus to get my ID…I remember last night Porno Lad was trying to flush it down the toilet.

Shawn - Bye Ace.

Ace - BUT-

* Shawn closes the door on Ace. *

Shawn - You’re not allowed to answer the door anymore.

Brooke - Shawn, you are taking this way too seriously. I’m a grown woman. I think I can take care of myself.

Shawn - You don’t understand…my friends…they all want you.

Brooke - That’s flattering.

Shawn - No…it’s not about you. It’s about me.

Brooke - So they wanna bang me because they secretly wanna bang you?

Shawn - Ew! No…well I hope not…I can’t have terrorists being in Greaternity.

For anyone that hasn’t followed myself, Porno Lad, or Ace on Twitter we have associated gay people with Terrorists. They’re out there people and you should be aware. We have a Public Service Announcement prepared.

Brooke - You really are full of yourself aren’t you?

Shawn - Psh…you know who I am. I’m Shawn Winters…and World Champion what do I have to complain about?

Brooke - A broken marriage.

Shawn - That hurts.

* Right then the door bell rings again. *

Shawn - I got it.

* Shawn walks up to the door and opens it. Adam Allocco is standing in the doorway. *

Adam - Oh…hi Shawn. I uh….

Shawn - What did you “forget” Adam? Do you need a pair of pants? A shirt? Condoms?

Adam - I forgot my…glasses.

Shawn - You don’t wear glasses.

Adam - I-

Shawn - No Adam.

* Shawn shuts the door. *

Shawn - You see this? We’re children. If we didn’t have a babysitter we’d be running up and down the streets naked and eating whatever we like even before dinner. No broccoli to be healthy fuck it. We’ll have peanut butter and ice cream for dinner.

Brooke - I didn’t need you to elaborate on it. Trust me I got the idea.

Shawn - It’s what I do for a living.

Brooke - I thought being awesome was what you did for a living.

Shawn - I can work two jobs.

* Right then the door bell rings again. *

Shawn - Seriously?!

Brooke - I GOT IT!

Shawn - Bro-

Brooke - Stop it!

* Brooke opens the door and there is Porno Lad in blue overalls a red long sleeve shirt and a red had with an “M” on it. He has a fake mustache and a plunger in hand. He’s dressed like Mario. *

Porno Lad - I’m here to clean your pipes.

Shawn - Seriously Brooke? This is what you’re dealing with. KIDS!

Porno Lad - I heard you had some sort of blockage in your pipes.

Brooke - This was at least creative. Got to give the guy points there.

Porno Lad - Yeah…points.

Shawn - Ok…so you’re a plumber? Your go to plumber is Mario?

Porno Lad - I have these mushrooms here.

* He pulls out a bag of mushrooms. *

Porno Lad - They make me bigger.

* Shawn holds back a laugh before shutting the door on him. *

Shawn - Kids…

* The scene fades out. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters standing in front of his tv rewinding and playing Jake Starr jumping him on last Breakdown. He rewinds and plays it again before pausing and turning to face the camera with his World Championship over his shoulder. *

Shawn - So what is going on in SCW right now? I mean does Sasha even have control of the situation that is my well being? Does she care that her crown jewel of the company is getting jumped by guys not even in the title picture? That happening is only going to make the stock go down in the company. Nobody wants to see me getting cheap shotted by Jake Starr. I’m supposed to be focusing on Shaun Cruze because he has deserved his title shot yet Jake Starr runs around like a monkey off his leash throwing feces from his mouth. Get control of your company Sasha! This isn’t a damn zoo!

Now…James Evans…what is there to say about James Evans? A red-headed step child of the Evans family. Now don’t get me wrong nobody hates Chad Evans more than I do so your little squeamish with him is kind of in my best interest for you to kick his ass. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to lay down for you on Breakdown because like I said, it’s bad for the company when it’s Champion is getting his ass kicked.

James, you’re one of a long line that has been burned by Chad Evans. In retrospect it’s probably going to be the best thing to happen for your career. Everyone that was once considered friends with Chad became a bigger star than he has ever dreamed after ditching him. Matt Hodges, James Exeter, Cid Turner, and most importantly myself. Chad Evans remains in the dark as his former friends have outshined him and made him a complete afterthought in this company. I mean honestly, when was Chad Evans last relevant? I honestly can’t remember so the fact that you carried him to a victory at Rise to Greatness was just the sugar in my coffee that next morning. You’re well on your way into following in the footsteps of Hodges, Ex, Turner, not myself because well…that’s giving you too much credit. Let’s face it, nobody is ever going to be me.

You’ve been hidden away in Chad Evans’ shadow because he was FORCED into “mentoring” you, Ace, and Katelyn. He didn’t want that burden and I’m sure neither did you. Which is why that anger and hatred for him grew and grew until the moment he kicked you in the balls to get you a DQ win over Shilo Valiant. That moment I believe was the breaking point for you James. You would stand in Chad Evans’ shadow no longer and you’d begin to make the Evans name relevant once more. Feared once more. Respected once more. I see where you’re going with this and I respect it James I really do. But don’t for a second take me for a fool. I know you’ve got bigger goals in mind past showing up Chad Evans and that’s my World Championship. You are one in a list that’s a mile long James. I have had the biggest target on my head as Champion since…well since I was Champion in 2009. Wow, I’m really not a very liked person am I? Heh, I guess I have a tendency of rubbing people the wrong way.

* Shawn laughs a bit with a smile. *

Shawn - You’re truly going to see where you stand in this company on Breakdown James. Forget Chad Evans because the biggest moment of your career will be against me. I am the measuring stick to which everyone else is judged. I’m not Chad Evans, I’m not going to kick your ass from pillar to post I am going to do to you exactly what I did to Shilo at Rise to Greatness and that is out wrestle you. You are going to be a message, a message to Shaun Cruze that shows that I am the best wrestler in this business. I am the most charismatic, the most brash, the most controversial superstar to ever step foot into an SCW ring. You are going to be the messenger and the message. There is a saying, don’t kill the messenger but you know what that does? It sends a message. Now don’t take this personal James because honestly I have nothing against you, not yet. I commend you for what you’re doing against Chad and I don’t want to hurt your chances there so I won’t beat you down with a chair or a ring bell. I’ll simply beat you like the better wrestler that I am. That in itself sends Cruze a message that I don’t need Greaternity and I don’t need cheap tricks in order to beat him. He holds a ring bell over my head like it’s an anvil…you James, you’re going to be my scapegoat so he no longer will have any leverage.

So James, time will tell whether you’re able to follow in the footsteps of them men before you but at this very moment? You’re no where near my level.

* Shawn spits his gum into the air and slaps it away with his hand smirking at the camera as it fades to black. *