One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


<xmp> <body> </xmp> Routines. They're their for a reason. Without them they are completely out of flux. Days become lost as do nights and weeks and even relationships. One tiny cog that can disrupt the coarse of a continued cycle. A cycle in which I need. A cycle in which I have become lost without. A cycle that I have simply tried to deny in the betterment of raising Valarie. A cycle I need to get back.

May 20th, 2012

* The scene opens up early in the morning. Shawn Winters' house is the setting as is his master bedroom where he and Marissa are laying under the covers asleep. Shawn is on his back as Marissa has her head rested on Shawn's bare chest with her arm draped over. The clock reads 10:21 A.M. Marissa begins to yawn and stretch her arms. She looks at the clock and then at Shawn who is still out cold. Not exactly the time of day in which Shawn awakes. Marissa then smiles before giving Shawn a quick kiss on the lips before kissing his cheek and his neck. Shawn starts to stir as musters a smile before speaking in his sleep. *

Shawn – Mmmm...yeah Marissa go ahead and put it all in your mouth.

* Right then Marissa stops her kissing before tilting her head confused at what Shawn had just said. Shawn continues to talk. *

Shawn – Mmmm....oh yeah.

* Right then Marissa opens her mouth shocked before slapping Shawn right across his chest as Shawn yells before sitting up now awake. He looks down at his chest and see's a red slap mark. He looks at Marissa who has a “wtf?” look on her face. He then takes a look at the clock and shakes his head. *

Shawn – What the hell?! It's not even 10:30!!! I have a good two more hours to sleep!

Marissa – You were talking in your sleep. Care to share what you were thinking about?

* Shawn tilts his head a little bit before looking at her. She has sat up and all he can look at is her breasts. She's wearing a very small shirt with no bra on underneath. It covers her boobs leaving some cleavage and her stomach exposed. He then looks down and see's that she's wearing a very small pair of shorts in which ride up her thighs. Ideally common bed wear however everything about it makes him want to rip it off of her. Shawn notices that he's in his boxers with the blankets covering him luckily. *

Marissa – Well?

Shawn – Is it too much to dream about waking up to a happy ending?

* Shawn didn't know what else to say. Fact is he's been so stressed out with everything going on. He's got his daughter every so often. He's got his own random thoughts on how to raise her only to rethink everything because he feels he's not qualified. After asking everyone for help there isn't much left but to ask yourself. In the past Shawn would use sex as a stress reliever...whether it be violent with Holly or just straight up sex with a random girl. If that wasn't available he would turn to drugs. Which isn't an option right now as he vowed to clean himself up in order to raise Valarie. Fact is he needs Marissa to give it up otherwise there might be some sort of apocalyptic size disaster. Normally Shawn would look somewhere else for the stress release however he's found himself actually liking this girl. Turns out a girl who resists his charms is one that only leaves him wanting her more. Marissa notices him looking at her which leads her to nervously cover herself with the covers. *

Marissa – Shawn...I thought we had an agreement?

Shawn – An agreement?

* Shawn is clearly frustrated with the lack of sex and or drugs. They agreed to take things slow. However with all the stress build up Shawn feels as though this “situation” can't go unaccomplished. *

Shawn – Marissa I was fine taking this slow but honestly? This isn't slow. Fungus grows faster than us. Snails move faster than us. You know the story of the tortoise and the hair? The hair has lapped us multiple times mocking us every single time he's “won.” Listen, I have been patient and I am fine taking things slow. I really am but this? This isn't slow. This is basically a chastity belt locked on you waiting for marriage.

* Shawn's stress has gotten the best of him as he's clearly just venting at this point. His life has been in a form of flux lately. He's so used to consistency with everything. His women, his sex life, his lifestyle, his job. Fact is right now? Everything is more or less is chaos. With no sight of a light at the end of the tunnel. Shawn frustratingly rubs his beard before looking at Marissa. *

Marissa – Shawn....I like you...I like you a lot and to be honest you're the first guy that I've liked in well a really long time.

* Shawn hears her words however finds himself unable to really care about what they mean. *

Marissa – Shawn...the thing is I want to have sex with you. I do...I really do. I'm not some giant prude who likes to taunt guys or anything. Hell, it's not like I dress sexually or anything.

* Shawn hears this and looks at her again seeing her and thinking different. *

Marissa – Shawn the thing is I just have a hard time trusting men.

* That right there is a sentence that Shawn has managed to talk his penis inside of for years. He almost grins as this is exactly what he's good at. He turns to Marissa and looks her in the eyes. However instead of laying a line on her all he can do is stare into her eyes. He looks into her bright blue eyes something that he is known for, having bright blue eyes...and he stalls. His hesitation allows Marissa to continue with her story. *

Marissa – Growing up I had Ace to deal with. He...he did everything he could to make my life in school a living hell. He would put my underwear on the flag pole. He would spread rumors about me sleeping with our math teacher to get an A. Yet the worst thing he ever did was he simply convinced the entire school that I somehow had a second vagina.

* That right there made Shawn take a second look at her, luckily she didn't notice. *

Marissa – It was so embarrassing. The amount of guys who would come up to me and make jokes and or pick up lines. All they wanted to do was confirm Ace's story. All they wanted was to see if I was some sort of freak and if I was then they could tell there friends about it. I was never asking to Prom...I didn't even go. After I graduated from high school and moved away all I could think about was reinventing myself and that I did. However after my Freshman year I found myself just like I did in high school. I couldn't trust a guy. I moved away from home to get away from such things only for them to follow me. Turns out that no matter how old I am, I'm still that insecure girl that my cousin managed to embarrass and make fun of. So I'm sorry if I have a hard time trusting you. Fact is you are friends with Ace and well...despite how much I think this is real I can't help but look to experience.

* Shawn sits looking speechless. It explains so much. Her relationship with Ace and her reluctancey to move forward. Shawn looks at her in her big blue eyes as she has left herself exposed with revealing such information. He slowly brushes her hair out of her face. Shawn moves in and kisses her softly on the lips. He then lets go and looks her in the eyes. *

Shawn – That's the thing Marissa...I used to be Ace. I did...hell I was worse. But that stuff goes away when you start to grow up and actually have responsibilities. I'm 31 years old with a baby girl now. Truth is, I'm beyond one night stands. I have been for a couple years now it seems. Instead of one night stands I'm constantly in relationship after relationship. It just shows that I'm actually looking for something more.

Or a simple solution to my own fears.

* Hearing the term “looking for something more” makes Marissa smile a bit. Which results in Shawn kissing her. They start kissing heavily as Shawn's hand begins to move down her stomach and into her shorts before she shoves him off. *

Marissa – Shawn?! This....this isn't-

Shawn – God damn it! Is there anything that I could possibly say to just get laid right now!? I've got a ton of shit going on I need this!

Marissa – Oh my god!

* Marissa gets out of the bed and leaves the room going down stairs. *

Shawn – God damn it!

* Shawn gets out of bed and follows her as she is standing in the living room. *

Marissa – Shawn...this...this isn't how this is supposed to go. You can't just pressure me into something that I'm not ready for.

FUCK! God damn it, for once can I actually put something above sex in my mind? Right now? Doesn't seem like it. My routine is in flux and I need a stress reliever. Marissa you're here so you're my prime target at the moment. Much rather sex than drugs.

Shawn – Oh my god you act like you're 18 years old and at Prom. Just do what they do and get drunk and I'll take care of the rest! Hell I'll buy you a damn limo if you freakin' want it!

Marissa – Is that all this is about with you? Sex? Is that all you want from me?

At the moment? Yes. I'm sorry, I know I'm being an ass but damn it, I need this. I need you to take off your clothes and you know what? Just lay there. I can do the rest. I just NEED something.

Shawn – No Marissa it's not but we're not kids anymore. We're a grown man and a grown woman. I honestly don't get the problem. You like me so why on earth can't we just move this to the next level?

Marissa – Ever think that your relationships don't work because they're based entirely off of sex?

Shawn – NO!

Marissa – Then I could never expect you to understand!

* Marissa goes to walk away only for Shawn to grab her by the hand to prevent her from walking away. *

Shawn – Marissa...what do you want me to say? I mean honestly I'm lost here. You and I are great together, you know it's true otherwise you wouldn't put up with my own bullshit. Fact is it's like I'm back in junior high thinking that cuddling is 3rd base. Instead to you it's like 1st base!

Marissa – Thank you...because insulting me is exactly how you get into my pants!

* Marissa walks into the kitchen. *

Shawn – Ok honestly? When did that stop working?

* Shawn follows her into the kitchen where she stands clearly frustrated. Shawn walks up to her. Shawn places his hands on her shoulders as she starts to cry. *

Shawn – Marissa...please you don't need to cry.

Marissa – (crying) It's not this!

Shawn – Then what is it? Because honestly I'm pretty sure I'm running out of vowels here.

Marissa – (sniffs) There is something that you really need to know about me.

Oh shit, please tell me Ace didn't set me up with a man.

Marissa – I...(sniffs)...Ace isn't the entire reason why I don't trust men.

* Shawn stands there awaiting for her to continue. *

Marissa – When I moved away and went to college and reinvented myself. I became a new person. I did it, what I wanted to do. All of that stuff in Texas was far behind me. I got accepted to Stanford and it was what I needed. A new place, a new life, a new me.

* Marissa starts to wipe away some tears. *

Marissa – I met a guy. He was...he was the nicest guy I ever met. He didn't ask me about two vagina's or underwear from a flag pole. He got to know the actual me. The actual me that I had just discovered. Then after a few months I...

* Marissa wipes more tears away from her face. *

Marissa – I was pregnant.

* That word just scares Shawn to his very core even knowing it doesn't involve him. The word still sends chills. *

Marissa – I talked to him about it and...and he left.

* Shawn stands in silence. Thinking about how the fact that Marissa who is the most generous person he's ever met was screwed over by the exact same thing he has done. He's dating a girl whose demons are ones in which he lives with constantly being the one who has caused them. *

Marissa – (crying) He was gone and I was alone! (crying more)

My single greatest fear.

Marissa – I had no choice...I got an abortion! A day doesn't go by that I don't think about that child! Not a day!

* Marissa has hid her face in Shawn's chest by now as he wraps her up close as tears continue to fall. *

Marissa – That moment I knew I had to make up for it. I decided to help special children....(sniff)...only way I could forgive myself.

* Shawn continues to hold her. With nothing to say he simply holds her knowing now why things were so difficult for her. Fact is Shawn never saw it until now but he's not the only one with skeletons in the closet. Shawn's eyes begin to water as he begins to realize that Marissa is haunted by the mistakes that he himself made. Not to her but indeed the very same mistakes. Shawn hides his face in her shoulder and her hair as she cries. Shawn rubs his eyes before pulling back from her a few centimeters. He looks her in those blue eyes as she looks in his same blue eyes. *

Shawn – Marissa...I'm sorry.

* Shawn apologizes to Marissa as if he's apologizing to Angie and to Nora for leaving them while pregnant. Tears start to fall down his cheek before he wipes them away. *

Shawn – I'm...I won't leave you.

* Shawn lets out those words with a sigh of relief as the words gives Marissa a little bit of a smile. Shawn rests his forehead against hers as they both smile. Shawn leans in and kisses her a couple of times before rubbing her tears away with his thumbs. *

Marissa – Thank you.

Shawn – For what?

* Marissa sighs as if an entire mountain has been lifted from her shoulders. *

Marissa – For everything.

* Shawn smiles and kisses her lips again and looking her in the eyes. *

Shawn – Now can we have sex?

* Marissa shoves herself away from Shawn as he wraps his arms around her from behind with a smile. *

Shawn – I'm joking!

* Marissa turns around and kisses Shawn on the lips. *

Marissa – I should go.

Shawn – should stay.

* Shawn says with a bit of a sparkle in his eye. Marissa smiles a bit before kissing Shawn again before holding his hands and separating herself from his body a bit. *

Marissa – I'm gonna go.

* Marissa smiles a bit as Shawn lets out a puppy dog face as Marissa walks up the stairs towards the bedroom. Shawn stays at the end of the stairs and yells up at her. *

Shawn – You going to come back tonight?

Please do. The thought of being alone in my mental condition scares me.

* Marissa walks out a few moments later from the master bedroom in a pair of Shawn's shorts and one of Shawn's torn up shirts. She comes back down the stairs. She looks Shawn in the eyes before kissing him. *

Marissa – I'll be here.

* Marissa kisses Shawn again before walking away. She opens the door and looks back. *

Marissa – Again...thank you.

* Shawn simply gives her a wink as she walks out the door. Oddly enough she passes Hannah on the steps up giving each other a nod. Marissa reaches her car and gives Shawn a smile before getting inside and driving home. Hannah by now has reaches the front of the stairs and hands Valarie to Shawn followed by the bag of baby supplies. *

Speaking of routines.

Shawn – Well if it wasn't the wicked...mother? Mother right? I mean you're not a step mother, so you're just a wicked mother right?

Hannah – Excuse me?

* Shawn places Valarie into the crib beside the couch and places the bag down on the ground. *

Shawn – Been telling Valarie here the story of Cinderella. Except I've improved it a bit. You know, I wanted her to better relate to the moral of the story.

Hannah – What's that Shawn? Want her to hate her mother?

Shawn – No...not really. More or less the fact that lust is a very bad idea...much like how the step mother...or mother had lust for the prince, or King. Hell I'm sorry I don't read the story I just make things up.

Hannah – Great! While I'm off working you're alone with my daughter-

Shawn – Our daughter!

* Hannah looks at Shawn annoyed by those two words. This argument has been rehashed for weeks, every single time Hannah drops Valarie off they exchange insults to get under each others skin as if it was a dance. Hannah does it to distance herself from Shawn and to show her independence as Shawn does it to simply be an asshole and try to demonstrate his dominance in the relationship. *

Hannah – Fine....OUR daughter. While I'm off at work you're feeding her with random bullshit about-

Shawn – Whoa! Since when is Disney bullshit? Ok, I mean come on, Disney teaches us valuable lessons in the form of catchy songs. I mean come on, Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet? What about Nola and Simba? You are anti Disney and you are anti-love.

Hannah – Our daughter isn't going to learn everything from movies Shawn! At some point you've got to teach her something on your own! The real world isn't a cartoon!

Shawn – Than why is it networks pay so much money for shows like Barney and Sesame Street? Looks like TV is doing quite a good job.

Hannah – Well you know what Shawn? Maybe that's what your father did for you but I'll be damned if that's how you raise our daughter!

* An argument between Shawn and Hannah like clockwork, like a dance every time she drops Valarie off it's only a matter of time before a button gets pressed. The hatred for one another has luckily enough only been in the form of words and not in the form of raising their daughter. *

Shawn – Well I've got to say that is by far the better alternative compared to raising her to randomly getting drunk and marrying a rich guy in Vegas.

* Hannah's mouth drops as she looks at Shawn with hatred in her eyes. Shawn was referring to the drunken wedding that the two of them had in Vegas over a year ago. *

Hannah – Don't you dare!

Shawn – Don't I dare? What? Did this get too personal? Oh, I'm sorry Hannah...was there another reason that an unemployed girl like yourself managed to marry a millionaire like myself drunken and in Vegas?

* It doesn't matter that Hannah has a job now. Fact is from the time they met through the divorce Hannah never had a job. A constant topic from Shawn to address. Hannah is fuming pissed at this point. *

Hannah – Fuck you Shawn! You know what...FUCK YOU!

* Hannah starts to walk down the stairs as Shawn looks on happy that he's won this argument. Before Hannah is able to get into her car Shawn lets out something. *

Shawn – Next time you go to Vegas make sure to send me and Valarie a postcard!

* Shawn laughs as Hannah speeds out of the driveway and down the road. Shawn rubs his chin before walking back inside of his house. He closes the door behind him before looking at Valarie in the crib as she plays with a soft toy. Right then the sound of sirens can be heard. Shawn turns and opens the door. He takes a look down the road to see a line of smoke shooting into the air in which looks like a couple blocks away. *

Cycle broken.

* The camera flicks on showing Shawn Winters standing in front of a Taking Hold of the Flame backdrop. Shawn rubs his beard a bit before giving a slight bit of a smirk on his cheek. He looks into the lens of the camera with belief. *

Shawn – The entire world, our planet earth revolves around a cycle. We get day light savings time, we get an eclipse, we get it all. It's all about a certain cycle, a certain routine. My entire professional career has been based upon a cycle, a routine. A routine in which I am always considered the best. Not because I say so, oh no. Because too often people make that claim making it lose it's relevance. Me? No, I'm the best because of a few simple things. In our business it's a one in a million chance to hit a home run on all five tools. When this industry looks at the best they look at me. I have the look, the charisma, the body, the ability to talk on a microphone, and not to mention the ability to go out in front of sold out crowds and damn right perform like no other man or woman could ever dream.

I stand here before you as a dying bread. I am Shawn Winters, I am the best that this business has ever produced. Every single superstar to step foot into a ring will credit me to being their inspiration because I was simply that good. You can look through the record books and see the names of people like CHBK...well I'm here to tell you that Shawn Winters was the next CHBK. Times, they are a changing however one thing never changes. Passion. A passion for this business and a passion for this sport. CHBK had it and damn it so do I. If there was ever a man for him to pass the torch to it would be me. However the thing is, I don't want his torch. I don't want his legacy. I, Shawn Winters live for my own legacy. A legacy in which will stand alone opposite of those like CHBK.

That legacy is exactly why I'm in this years Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal. Many have asked me why I'm in it. Many have asked me about the idea of facing Shilo Valiant in a Rise to Greatness rematch or facing my friend Adam Allocco. Hell many have asked me questions about me losing a step here and there. Fact is, I resent each and everyone of those questions. I am Shawn Winters, I have earned the right to not be questioned. To me? It doesn't matter who is Champion, Adam or Shilo because quite frankly, Shawn Winters at Rise to Greatness is a main event label no matter the opponent. Which is exactly why I'm in this battle royal.

In the world we live in we're constantly looking for the next best thing. We're constantly looking for a way to look beyond a routine. I'm entering the battle royal to do what nobody has ever done before. Win it twice. I will crush the routine of Taking Hold of the Flame and I will crush people's desire to look for the next best thing because as long as Shawn Winters is around none of you should desire anything more. I have the ability to give everyone what they want whether it's microphone ability or in ring talent. I have it all. There will be no other like me and there will be no other close to me. Fact is fact, I am the single greatest performer that SCW has seen. I will prove it, I will cement it by winning Taking Hold of the Flame for an unprecedented second time. That is my goal. That is my Cinderella.

* Shawn rubs his beard a bit before looking back into the camera with more focus. *

Shawn – So many have stepped foot in SCW. Yet so few have left a lasting impression. Many have come and gone. Many have won world titles and disappeared. That's what drives me. I stand here before all of you as a sure shot Hall of Famer. I also stand here before you as a man who wants that certainty. I have won World Championship after World Championship much like many of SCW's past. However there is one thing that none of SCW's past has done. My Holy Grail...winning Taking Hold of the Flame twice!

Toss out the CHBK's, the Jason Zero's, the Xander Valentines, toss out every single of the SCW “greatest stars” and simply replace them all with “Shawn Winters”. Shawn Winters with the desire to cement himself. Many dream to be great, Me? I dream to be legendary. I'm not satisfied like Greg Cherry or Jay Gold. I'm constantly looking for the definitive truth. When I win Taking Hold of the Flame for the second time, for the second time in a row I will create zero doubt. Forget the losses, forget the mistakes, forget them all. All that will remain is undeniable greatness. An indisputable legacy.

* Shawn's smile grows just oozing with confidence and egotism. He gets this tiny but of a glimmer in his eye as he seems to look past the camera. He then shifts his sight back to the lens in front of him. *

Shawn – The moment Rise to Greatness' lights begin to dim and the SCW superstars pack up their bags heading home the cycle has already begun again. They're already thinking about next year and winning the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal in order to get that Rise to Greatness main event spot which they failed to achieve just hours prior. For so many people it's wanting that main event title shot. For so many people it's wanting that chance to show themselves and to others that they belong in that spotlight. Not me, because at this point in my career I just want more. I stated that last year I had to win much like people like Jake Starr feel they have to win this year in order to prove that their time hasn't passed them by. Last year I had to win, this year I don't have to win I simply want to. Honestly I'm not entirely sure which version of me is more dangerous. The me who had to win last year? Getting help from Ace as insurance. Or the me who simply wants to win? Using no help outside of my own talent. See to me it's like flipping a double sided coin because no matter which way it lands it is going to be the same answer. I'm dangerous no matter what my motives.

So I want to stand here right now and make a declaration. A declaration to each and every single superstar entering this battle royal whether you're #1 or #40 it doesn't matter because each and everyone of you will be a simple statistic. You'll be a simple number and much like how nobody remembers who comes in second, nobody will remember anything about this battle royal outside of it being the year Shawn Winters made history. But hey, just because the outcome is inevitable doesn't mean you can't enjoy sharing such spotlight with the One Man Scandal.

* Shawn winks into the camera as it fades out on the Taking Hold of the Flame logo. *