One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

So Scandalous

* The scene opens up with Shawn Winters looking through some papers behind his desk while a very attractive woman is sitting in a chair in front of his desk. *

Shawn – Do you like to party?

Woman – Yeah, I mean who doesn’t? hehe

* Shawn makes a check mark. *

Shawn – So you would like to bring a lot of your hot girlfriends over to my house and party?

Woman – Oh no! I would totally respect your boundaries Shawn.

Shawn – Oh….so close. If you want to go ahead and let the next applicant in on your way out that would be awesome.

* The woman shakes her head as she gets up and heads out the door. Right then another attractive woman walks in and takes a seat. *

Shawn – And you must be…

* Shawn looks at his stack of papers only for the door to fly open. Miranda walks right in and stands over the woman in the chair. *

Miranda – LEAVE!

Woman #2 – Um, Shawn who is this woman?

Shawn – Oh she’s just a random applicant who really wants the job. But I don’t think she’s going to get it.

Miranda – Shawn shut up!

* Shawn sits back in his chair as the woman leaves the room while closing the door behind her. *

Shawn – I hope you know I already hired her!

Miranda – No you didn’t! If you did then why would you have all of these other women lined up outside of your door?!

* Shawn just gets a little smirk on his face. *

Miranda – That’s it!

* Miranda then opens the door. *


* She then slams the door and walks back up to Shawn. *

Shawn – That was unnecessary, I was just kidding about already hiring that girl. I still need some interviews.

Miranda – Nope, you’re done!

Shawn – What the hell are you talking about?! We made an agreement! If I hired your beloved Ryan at “Seasons” then I got to hire an assistant!

Miranda – I thought you were bluffing!

Shawn – I thought you were bluffing!

Miranda – I don’t bluff Shawn, you know that! Besides Ryan has been waiting for the past half hour at “Seasons” waiting for his orientation!

Shawn – Oh heaven for bid the little kid has to wait! I bet he’s still waiting for his first pubic hair!

Miranda – No, I know from personal experience that he already has.

Shawn – Oh that’s just cold!

Miranda – Now go and do his orientation! You said you’d be there on time!

Shawn – Well I lied!

Miranda – That’s all you ever do is lie!

Shawn – That’s because I’m human and humans are the only species that can lie so therefore it’s a must for them too. Except for chameleons. Oh! And possums, they play dead.

Miranda – GO!

Shawn – Fine! But when I get back we’re having sex and it’s going to be angry sex! The kind where you don’t talk!

Miranda – NOW!

* Shawn’s restaurant “Seasons” is shown. Miranda’s ex-boyfriend and current friend Ryan is standing at the hostess stand. *

Ryan – Hey there, did you know that…

Tina – (cutting him off) Let me guess, my eyes are like the heavens, my smile is like the sun, and you love every single bone in my body especially yours?

Ryan – Oh that last one was good, can I use that one?

Shawn – Did you get Miranda on that line?

* Shawn interrupts as he has just walked into the building. The hostess then perks up. *

Tina – Hey Shawn!

Shawn – How’s my favorite A-Cup doing?

Tina – Hey! They’re growing! I…

Shawn – Hold that thought. I’ve got to give this guy here a quick orientation.

Tina – K…

* Shawn puts his arm around Ryan while walking through the restaurant. *

Shawn – So, why USC?

Ryan – Are you kidding me? Why USC? It’s one of the most respected colleges in the nation! Not to mention it has a huge reputation for parties! You know what I’m talking about!

* Ryan goes to high five Shawn. Only for Shawn to not follow suite. *

Shawn – I’m not going to high five you for getting into a party school.

* Ryan high fives himself. *

Shawn – Doesn’t count.

* Ryan then goes to grab Shawn’s hand to force a high five only for Shawn to pull away. *

Shawn – NO!

* They continue walking. *

Shawn – So, you didn’t come to USC because of Miranda?

Ryan – Dude, don’t be like that. We’re both men, I’m not going to step into your domain! I understand this, everything is all you. I don’t want to be like that lion who’s trying to challenge for the leader of the pack or anything. Besides the bottomless possibilities of women at USC….it’s mind blowing. Get it? Bottomless, possibilities, women?! Haha.

Shawn – Heh….yeah….I get it. Let me give you a word of advice. Bottomless breadsticks can only keep you at the Olive Garden for so long, until at some point you look up and say “why the hell am I at the olive garden with all of these fat people?

Ryan – What does that even mean?

Shawn – You’ll learn…you’ll learn.

* The scene shows Shawn back in his office at his house. *

Shawn – God this is so retarded.

Kylie – What’s retarded?

* We then see a gorgeous blonde sitting in a chair with a date planner in her hand. *

Shawn – This whole Ryan/Miranda thing. I’ve got to figure out a way to get this little jerkoff out of my restaurant and out of Miranda’s life. He’s like her best friend.

Kylie – I could be her new best friend.

Shawn – That can come at a later date. It’s like I can’t fire the guy otherwise I won’t get laid for months on end. I could try to force him to quit but I have this feeling that he’ll take it as some sort of hazing. Kylie what can I do?

Kylie – Well let’s see. You could always black mail him for stealing.

Shawn – Yeah but Miranda would just make him give it back to me and suck me off until I agree to give him his job back.

Kylie – Good point, I guess this 18 year old is a little more intelligent that I thought.

Shawn – It’s not so much intelligent as it is ability to know how to manipulate.

Kylie – True, hm….have him serve an underage kid alcohol.

Shawn – See I like where your heads at but I really don’t want to pay the thousands of dollars in a fine just to get this rimjob off my ass.

Kylie – Nice choice of words haha.

* They both laugh. *

Kylie – I’ve got it, this….this is completely fool proof. Not even James Exeter could screw this up.

Shawn – What about Hurse?

Kylie – Alright it’s not 100 percent fool proof but pretty damn close.

* Kylie then whispers into Shawn’s ear as he gets a huge ear to ear grin on his face. *

Shawn – Oh you are evil!

Kylie – I have my traits haha.

Shawn – I knew I hired you for a reason! What time does Miranda get back from her manicure?

Kylie – Oh I would say about a half hour.

Shawn – (smirks) This is going to be priceless. Is it bad that I’m just going to manipulate my own girlfriend like this?

Kylie – Don’t look at it as manipulating, look at it like helping without her knowing.

Miranda – BABE! I’M BACK!

* Miranda begins to walk around looking for Shawn. *

Miranda – BABE?! WHERE ARE YOU?!

* Miranda goes up the stairs to the bedroom where Shawn is sitting on the bed. Shawn begins to holds his hands over his face. Miranda looks confused. *

Miranda – Babe, are…are you alright?

Shawn – (sniff) I’m alright….don’t look at me.

Miranda – OH MY GOD! Babe, are you crying?!

* Miranda then takes a seat right next to him. *

Shawn – (sniff) NO! I don’t cry! I just drank too much today it’s coming out my eyes.

* Miranda pulls Shawn’s hands away from his face to reveal that he is indeed crying. She then wraps her arm around him. *

Miranda – Babe, what’s wrong?

Shawn – (sniff) It’s just….it’s just….(sniff) Ryan has been harassing all of my waitresses and hostesses and they’re really complaining with sexual harassment charges but I know how much it means to you for him to be working for me and I didn’t want to tell you and…

* Shawn starts to cry harder. Miranda then holds Shawn closer. *

Miranda – Oh my god, babe, you don’t have to be afraid of telling me anything! If it’s not working out with him then I understand. You’re running a business and you have to do what you have to do. It just means the world to me that you tried.

Shawn – (sniff) Thank you.

Miranda – Let me get you something.

* Miranda gets up and walks out the door after kissing him on the forehead. Shawn then smirks. *

Shawn – And the Oscar goes too…

* Shawn Winters is holding a tabloid magazine where on the front page advertises himself getting into trouble with the law in Mississippi. *

Shawn – “SCW has managed to put up with the antics of Shawn Winters since the day he was signed with the company. Many have tried to justify his antics as well as subsidize them. I myself have never been a fan of his personal lifestyle but can not discredit what he brings to the industry as a performer. However the fact that he is currently the face of not just the company of SCW but also the entire wrestling industry is a travesty. He’s making the entire business look bad with his recent misbehaviors. One can only hope that he has learned from this and that he’ll soon be on the road to recovery and back to the respected man we all knew and loved. Either that or he may find himself suspended, fired, or in jail. If you ask me, it’s time for the wrestling industry to have a new face.”

* Shawn lays the magazine down on the table. *

Shawn – The words of Adam Sharper himself. I just can’t get a break can I? One minute I’m the greatest performer the world has ever seen and then the next I’m not worthy of holding the Championship or being the face of an industry. Sharper needs to make up his fucking mind. For a second I thought James Exeter could only brain wash the mindless drones that is the SCW audience but it seems like he’s managed to reach a seemingly more intellectual crowd in Adam Sharper. Not only are people believing that James is going to defeat me, but people are actually hoping for it, praying for it. James is being billed, being portrayed as some sort of savior for the wrestling industry. I’m being portrayed as the anti-christ. Forget everything that I’ve done for the business while Champion, none of that matters because apparently everyone has it set in stone that James Exeter is what’s good for the company. Really? I’ve really got to question that logic. Let’s compare the two. Shawn Winters and James Exeter, two true vices in the industry.

On one side you’ve got a mere child. A boy in a man’s body, you’ve got Robin Williams from “Jack” in the form of James Exeter. A grown man who goes to bed in a pair of footy pajamies with his trusty stuffed penguin by his side and one thumb is his mouth and the other up his ass. A boy whose imagination is so out of control that he’s actually believing he can become SCW Champion again.

Then on the other side you’ve got a narcissistic phenomenon with a god complex issue. A man who by all means in the definition of the word “man”. Someone who has fought the battles and came out victorious in first attempts, not third. A man who even with his vices of drugs, alcohol, and sex still has the ability, the passion, the drive to be the best. A man that could make wrestling a piece of toast exciting.

Either side could be looked down upon as Champion, however it seems like the world would rather a man treat the SCW Championship as a toy for his G.I. Joes then a man who doesn’t respect the Championship at all. So, the time for politics is over. I’m asking you to pick your sides. Because when the voting polls are closed and you’ve chosen either myself or James Exeter, let me just say to you this. I have NEVER had a problem with shattered the hopes and dreams of the children of the world. (smirks)

Oh and one more thing to all the children watching, Santa Claus…isn’t real hahaha!

* Shawn Winters is watching the promo executed by one James Exeter just recently. Shawn gets a smirk on his face which quickly goes away. *

Shawn – (sigh) James it really saddens me to see you try and set me up like that. I mean, after Breakdown I thought you and I really connected out there. We shared our feelings and opened up with like emotions and stuff haha. Then here you go behind my back and seemingly poke fun at my resent run in with the law. I thought you were above that James, at least you put that off in front of my face on Breakdown. It’s funny, to my face you’re as serious as a statue and then the moment my back is turned you’re back to your insecure childish antics thinking that you’re cute but you’re not cute James, you’re just a boy living in his imagination world that he has created. You want to be extraordinary? POOF! Your imagination runs wild and it’s there. You want a pair of tights covered chocolate and rainbows? POOF! It’s there! But it’s going to be really hard to have that imagination of yours running wild when you’ve got fists and boots colliding with your temple every 2 seconds.

Wow, how the mighty really have fallen. You used to be an honorable Champion, a man who did indeed defend and retain his title in a ten man ladder free for all clusterfuck whatever the hell you want to say to describe it. Now you boast about this match as if it really had you at a disadvantage. Each and every participant in that match had wrestled in a match previously in the night. Yours truly Shawn Winters, wrestled back to back matches. I defeated Jason Wheeler and didn’t even get a chance to take a piss before the SCW title was on the line. James you can’t even hold that match over me so don’t even try.

Now you can also walk around and talk about your free matches that you’ve given the fans well horah for you James! You treated the fans to a great match! You see that’s the thing about you James, you believe that the fans are worth performing for. You’re like a little monkey who just goes out and performs even for the smallest crowd. We could stick you in a high school gymnasium and you’d perform like the little monkey that you are. Now you can try and spin this to say that you’re humble and that you’re giving back to all the fans who made you who you are today but you’d just be kidding yourself. James you are worthy of being seen for free. (smirks) But Shawn Winters? Oh no, you’ve got to pay to see Shawn Winters perform! He doesn’t go out like a monkey at the drop of a hat, Shawn Winters has morals haha.

Now James you’ve really got to wonder, these fans that have been cheering for you are the same fans that were cheering for Asher Hayes and for CHBK. So really, you’ve got to ask yourself, is it that they want you to win the SCW Championship? Or is it that they just want me to lose it? Question your importance James because quite frankly, you could stick anyone in your shoes for this match and they would automatically become the newest fad, the newest trend in SCW. But what always remains constant is the One Man Scandal. I’m always there, whoever apposes me is just like a rotating door of fools. It’s your turn now James, but the moment you fail, it’s just going to be some other ignorant twat trying for their shot at fame and fortune.

James your star could never be brighter then it is right at this moment. Your star is burning so brightly because you’re going into Rise to Greatness into the main event against the biggest star the industry has ever seen and challenging for the biggest prize this industry could possibly offer. However I hate to break the news to you Cinderella but your little fairy tale is about to turn into a pumpkin because just like all the bright stars that shined before you, the Christian Saviors, the Asher Hayes, and the CHBK’s…you’re going to fade right after our match. Just look at what the three of them have done since taking me on. CHBK? He’s facing our boss and owner, not exactly a blockbuster match. Asher Hayes? He’s challenging for the United States Championship because he knows that he can’t get the World Championship. Christian Savior? He’s challenging Jake Starr for the Adrenaline Championship, wow, how the not so mighty have fallen. So you’ve got to wonder how far will you fall James?

James, it’s really hard for a man of my stature to be humble. However I’ll admit that you and I are very similar. Almost created out of the same mold. You and I? We both have our amazing abilities inside the ring, both that can be uncompared by anyone. We’re both brash and disconcerning. We both have our critics who believe that with our childish or derogatory antics that we’re unfit to be called professionals. Then again we both have our supporters that think we are the rebirth of Christ and would go through heaven and hell to be just like us. James…at Rise to Greatness all of that is going to be thrown aside except for one…and that’s our abilities. One of us will prove to be the better athlete, prove to be the superior mold. Will it be extraordinary that prevails or will it be greatness? One night, one match, one moment…somebody’s star will shine brightest and we both have reason to believe it’ll be ourselves. But need I remind you, this…is Rise to GREATNESS! Not Rise to EXTRAORDINARY! This event, was named for me!

* Shawn clicks a button on his remote as it fades to black. *