One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Stars Fade

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Present Day - Saturday, October 15th, 2011

* The scene shows Shawn Winters standing inside of a restaurant pacing back and forth beside a table. *

Where the fuck is she? This is complete bullshit if she called me out here just to fucking blow me off. It’s bad enough I’m already pissed off at her, does she seriously want to add another issue to my case? She fucking told me to meet her here at 3:30.

* Shawn looks at his watch and it’s 3:50. *

She better have a good explanation for this and she better not bring “him”.

24 Hours Earlier

* Shawn is laying down on the couch watching TV in the Greaternity locker room at Ammo with a beer on the floor and one hand down his pants. He has his attire spread out on the floor. Right then his phone begins to ring. He grabs the remote to the tv and pauses it. He reaches behind his head where his phone is on a stand. He’s blindly grabbing at things until he’s able to find his phone. He looks at it and it says “Hannah”. His eyes widen when he see’s his phone. Shawn hasn’t spoken to Hannah since their last blow up when he saw her with another guy out to eat. They had a huge argument which lead to events of…well to put it frankly Holly. The events of that day lead to Shawn releasing some anger and frustration which resulted in screwing Holly. Which has now become the norm in his life. *

What does she want? Oh god….ANSWER IT YOU IDIOT!!!

* Shawn clicks to answer the phone just in time before it goes to voice mail.*

Shawn - Hello?

Hannah - Hi Shawn…

Shawn - Hannah…um Hi…

* Shawn is clearly nervous as this was unexpected and he’s not sure how to react so he’s trying to suppress any type of emotion. Any anger or any love he has he’s trying to suppress it not to ruin this chance like he has the previous. *

Shawn - What’s going on? Is everything alright?

Hannah - Everything’s fine…I found out the sex of the baby.

* Hannah didn't seem to want to draw this out and goes right into it. Shawn’s heart just dropped to the bottom of his stomach. He doesn’t know how to react. His first child with Angie…he never knew. They were divorced and that was it. They went years without contact and Shawn liked it that way. Wasn’t until a few years ago he found out that it was a boy and that his name was Alex. Shawn still hasn’t met him because of an agreement with Angie as best for him. This…this is different because Shawn actually wants to be apart of this childs future. Not just a name that the mother mentions for the next 18 years. It’s funny how it’s always a woman that makes someone want to change. *

Shawn - Wow…what is it?

Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl!

Hannah - Shawn…I want you to know that I debated telling you this when I found out a few weeks ago.

Shawn - You’ve known?

Hannah - Yes…Phil convinced me to give you the benefit of the doubt and to tell you.

* Shawn ran into Phil after the whole argument with Hannah a month ago. He confessed all his feelings for Phil’s sister at the bar but promised Phil not to mention it. At least Phil came through on this. He wants to be apart of this childs life. *

Shawn - I see where you’re coming from. I probably don’t deserve it but thank you for calling me. So…is it a boy or a girl?

Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl!

Hannah - Want to get lunch tomorrow and we can talk about it?

* Shawn’s heart is now in his throat. He gets to see Hannah? Every time he see’s her now he chokes up and doesn’t say what he wants to. He always seems to make things worse. Part of him wants this to happen over the phone yet any chance to see Hannah is a chance he has to take. *

Shawn - Yeah, Hannah, of course. Where and when?

Hannah - You know “Roy’s” on South Figueroa Street?

Shawn - Of course…good place.

Hannah - Meet me there at noon?

Shawn - Well I'm in Buffalo right now for Ammo, but I'll take a flight home first thing in the morning.

Hannah - Ok, so what time can you get there?

Shawn - I can be there at 3:30.

Hannah - Alright, I'll see you at 3:30. Bye Shawn.

Shawn - Bye…

* The phone clicks and all Shawn hears is a dial tone. Shawn kept hope but remembered when every conversation ended in “I Love You”. Sadly he was lying at the time. It’s not fair how life works. *

Shawn - (sighs) Bye…

Present Day - Saturday, October 15th, 2011

* Shawn is pacing back and forth before he’s stopped dead in his tracks. He see’s Hannah checking with the host to see where he is seated. She walks towards him fully showing yet Shawn is still stunned by her. He’s left breathless as she walks closer to him. She’s now right in front of him and the table. *

Hannah - I…guess I’ll seat myself.

* Shawn quickly snaps out of it. *

Shawn - NO! Let me help you!

* Shawn pulls out a chair to help Hannah sit down. He then positions her right before going to the other side the table before sitting down. A waitress walks up to them. *

Waitress - Can I get this couple something to drink?

* The term couple out of the waitresses mouth gives Shawn a bit of a grin before Hannah ruins it. *

Hannah - We’re not a couple.

Waitress - Oh, I’m sorry…well then can I get you two something to drink?

Hannah - I’ll take a water.

* The waitress looks at Shawn. *

Crushing hopes right away Hannah? Fine…

Shawn - I’ll take a double house scotch on the rocks.

* Shawn looks at Hannah almost immediately not pleased with how this has started. Shawn is still upset about this other guy who he saw Hannah with and the “we’re not a couple” irked him badly. For as much as he’s concerned they’re still married despite the fact that neither of them have worn their wedding rings in some time. Shawn’s already pissed off now. He hasn’t forgotten the guy she was with before and not to mention this action just now. However he’s trying to hide it best he can. *

Shawn - Nice to see you Hannah.

Hannah - How are you?

Strike One! You say you’re happy to see her and she doesn’t say the same…

Shawn - I’m doing fine. So…you called this together for a reason.

* Shawn is done making himself look needy. A needy guy is a weak guy. A strong confident guy is what won Hannah in the first place. Shawn is back to being himself. *

Hannah - I did…as I told you, I found out the sex of the baby a few weeks ago. And like I said Phil talked me into telling you what it is.

Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl!

Shawn - What is it?

* Right before Hannah says it the waitress brings the drinks to them. *

Waitress - Were you two all ready to order?

Shawn - No we-

Hannah - I’ll take the Soft Shell Crab Po’Boy.

Waitress - Good choice. And for you?

* Shawn is a bit thrown back. He told Hannah he knew the place but the truth is he’s never been here. He hates Fish, can’t stand it. Makes him wonder if this is a punishment. *

Shawn - You have any burgers?

* The waitress looks at Shawn like he’s an idiot and Hannah looks at him like she’s not surprised. *

Waitress - No sir we don’t…

Shawn - Meat…anything…steak…rib…a hot dog?!

Waitress - I’m sorry sir….

Shawn - Alright well give me what she had…and keep these coming!

* Shawn holds up his drink as if he’s clearly displeased with the menu. The waitress walks away. *

Hannah - Alright…can we make this as pleasant as possible? I don’t wanna cause a scene.

Shawn - A scene? Whose causing a scene?

* Shawn is still annoyed. *

Hannah - Alright…as you know I found out the sex of our baby.

Shawn - Yes…and it’s been kind of annoying how you’ve left it like a cliffhanger to a season ending to a TV show. If you wouldn’t mind just telling me so I wouldn’t have to worry.

Hannah - Right…because you’re the one who has to worry? I’m sorry I should have been more curious to your feelings. I’m so selfish being pregnant and all.

Shawn - Hannah…No…I’m not letting you make me the villian in all this. You know the sex of the baby and I have the right as the father to know what it is.

Hannah - Do you? Because the argument I had with my brother is that you ran away once why wont you run away again?

That’s a valid point.

Shawn - God damn it, I came back! Doesn’t that show for something?!

Hannah - Not even a little!

* The frustration has gotten to Shawn. He knew this convo wouldn’t go perfect and he knew his own issues would emerge. If only Shawn could keep his thoughts inside instead of not having a filter for his mouth. *

Shawn - Enough! Whether you like it or not…I’m standing right here! I am here and I am here as a future father. You may think what you want of me as a husband but don’t you dare take away my chance of being a father.

Hannah - You-

Shawn - Shut up!

* The whole restaurant looks at them as Shawn is standing up yelling at his pregnant wife. *

Shawn - I left…sure…I don’t deny it. I was afraid but you know what? You’re just as afraid! You ran away to your parents the moment I left because you knew deep down…you expected my failure. So the moment I came back to face it. That scared you. You thought oh my god is he worth it? I came back for you and I came back for our baby, boy or girl. For all the faults you claim that I have I am standing in front of you defying them all. Now look me in the eyes and tell me that I am not prepared to be a father. I have battled everything in my life to reach this point. If you don’t see it then you’re blind but I am a soon to be father and damn it I am not leaving until that baby is in college! Now tell me…is it a boy or a girl!

* By this point the entire restaurant is staring at them. Shawn is standing up looking at Hannah. She stands up holding her stomach. She looks at Shawn with a look that he doesn’t recognize. *

Hannah - You want to know what the baby is?!

Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl! Don’t be a girl!

Hannah - It’s a girl!


* Shawn drops down into his seat almost dumb founded. He can’t believe what Hannah said. Hannah however grabs her purse and leaves the building as Shawn is left in confusion. *

Shawn - Holy…shit…

What just happened? You’re having a girl….holy shit…what’s the one priority for a father for a girl? Keep her off the stripper pole. Fuck…I already own a strip club, I am screwed! Worst father ever and this time I actually plan to be around!

* Shawn is sitting silently by himself when the waitress from before features the two dishes. *

Waitress - Is there anything else I can get for you?

* Shawn takes a look at it. Clearly not pleased with it. He looks at the waitress. *

Shawn - Just bring me the check.

Waitress - Would you like a togo-

Shawn - No…Check…that’s all.

* Moments pass as Shawn sits completely subdued and looking at the food in front of him. The waitress walks back with the check and lays it down on the table without saying anything. Shawn grabs it and throws down his debit card. The waitress soon takes it. Without even realizing it he grabs some food and takes a bite before instantly spitting it out. The waitress comes back with his debit card. Shawn wipes his tongue with his napkin. *

Waitress - Here you are.

* Shawn takes it from her. *

Shawn - Think it's too late to blame this all on jet lag?

* The waitress just ignores him like he's an idiot. *

Waitress - I hope you have a great night.

Shawn - I hope this place closes!

* Shawn signs the paper before walking outside before his phone rings. He looks at it as it says “Brooke”. He decides to answer it. *

Shit…I told Brooke I’d come to see Mom…I don’t know what to say. I’ve never lied to Brooke. What am I supposed to say to her? She’s calling me again asking me where I am just like she has all week. I…I don’t want to go. Mom dies? So be it…they don’t know me anymore. Why should I care for a family that considers me a failure and something that never existed? I have nothing to go home for!

Shawn - Hello?

Brooke - Mom…she’s dead.

* Shawn’s heart grows heavy and falls to his stomach. He doesn’t know why. *

Shawn - I…I….

Brooke - Shawn…our mom is dead. (crying heavily)

Shawn - Brooke I-

Brooke - Stop! Nobody knows I’m calling you…you promised me!

Shawn - I did…

Brooke - You promised me you’d come!

Shawn - I did…

I promised I’d be there for Brooke. I did it out of vulnerability…she was crying and I…I didn’t know what to do. Here I am…am I a brother or a hypocrite?

* Shawn looks at his phone. Before putting it back to his ear. *

I am a brother.

Shawn - I’ll take the first flight out.

Brooke - Thank you Shawn…(crying) I can’t do this without you.

Shawn - It’s going to be ok Brooke…I’ll be there.

Brooke - Thank you.

Shawn - Your welcome.

* Shawn looks at his phone before he puts it in his pocket. He takes a look of his surroundings before submitting and watching everything pass him by. *

* The scene shows Shawn Winters standing inside of the Elimination Chamber. The arena is empty as he’s just wondering around inside of it feeling the chains and brushing up against the steel a little bit to test out it’s strength. He then looks into the camera which is inside the Chamber with him. *

Shawn - Yeah…it turns out that I’m rather excited about not being placed inside this demonic structure. Want to know why? No it’s not because it’s brutal nature but it actually raises my chances at retaining my Championship. You see if I am defending the title inside this barbaric thing I’d have a 20% chance of retaining with five other competitors which in Vegas isn’t much to bet on. However when I face and defend my title against the winner of this match? My chances are raised by 30% which means if I was a casino game, I’d have the best odds. Not to mention my odds are probably higher…along the lines of 75/25. Not following my logic? Let me explain it for you. Say the match starts at 50/50...well the challenger has just survived an Elimination Chamber match where I on the other hand? Only faced Jake Starr. Now sure it's a bonafide street fight but still, it's only Jake Starr. That moves the percentage to more along the lines of 60/40. Now you ask where that extra 15% comes from? That 15% comes from me being Shawn Winters and my ungodly greatness always puts me in favor over any one on one opponent. So despite Drachewych’s best efforts to screw me all he’s done is put the odds of retaining in my favor. So it begs the question of whether or not he’s learned from his past failures trying to go against me? I’d like to think that he has.

See, Olek is a smart man, he knows that I am the life blood of the SCW. I am the heart that keeps everything around it living and moving. I am the single most important organ in the body of this business. Anyone else around is nothing more then things like Kidney’s or Plasma…things that can be lived without. Olek has realized this which is why he has disguised it to make it seem like he was punishing me at Under Attack but the truth is he’s just helping me out. By booking me vs. Jake Starr it’s far easier then defending the title in the Chamber which he knows that, but he was able to word it so he’s not figured to be on my side. Sure he makes it an anything goes match so I can't "weasel" out but really? It's still in my favor. His silver tongue hasn’t quite turned to led yet as he’s secretly masterminding my successful title defense at Under Attack. I mean come on people, you’ve got to read between the lines with Olek. Because what you see from him is never what you get. He’s always got an angle and that’s something I’ve learned from him a long time ago much like I imagine he’s learned to not bet against me. Whoever shall win the Elimination Chamber I’m sure Olek knows will ultimately fail against me. He’s betting on the sure thing which is smart because the only way he makes money is when SCW makes money…and SCW makes money with Shawn Winters as Champion. He knows this, which is exactly why he has put the moves into place. He’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. He’ll always be smarter then all of you which is why Shawn Winters is the King on his chess board. When I fall…so does SCW!

* Shawn then throws his legs up onto the top rope relaxing as his lays across the top ropes in the corner with his arm under him with a smirk. *

Shawn - Now…moving onto the man of the hour. Jake Starr…Has your life finally been completed? Is this your Cinderella moment? You finally got what you wanted? Tell me Jake…is it as great as you imagined? Finally you’ve got what you’ve wanted…actually I don’t think “wanted” is really the word that best describes this situation…more like “needed”. Yeah that’s right Jake…you needed this match to ultimately validate your career. Since day one in SCW you targeted me, claiming you were gunning for me. Well…I haven’t gone anywhere Jake, I never ran from you. But you know what? I’m sure you’ll try and twist my words around a bit to make yourself seem clever, to seem confident, to you know…make yourself out to look like less of an ass haha. I’ll go ahead and tell you I did leave SCW after Rise to Greatness in 2009 that is factually correct now you might wanna brag and say it had something to do with you when in all reality it didn’t. The world knows why I left the company and why I wasn’t brought back for so long. But you see Jake, you’ll have to do your research to figure that out. I don’t like to spoil such epic stories ya know? I like the look on people’s faces when they’re shocked, when they’re surprised, when they’re completely blown away by the ending. Which reminds me of something…Jake you constantly complain about how nobody believes in you and that nobody believes you can win. As if you’re the ultimate underdog in every single match that you’re in. Now I see that you’re clearly the underdog in our match but let’s throw that out the window for a moment shall we? I’m curious to know who are these people? You’re a two time World Champion and yet people don’t believe you can beat someone like Redeemer? It makes me wonder…is it other people or is it just you? Do others question whether or not you can win or are you questioning whether or not you can win? It’s like a case of a mistaken identity. Who are you? Are you Jake Starr the former Two time World Champion? Because I’m not seeing it. Since when do you need this self-confidence boost? Is it because you lost a bit of that confidence when you ran away from me in fear months ago? You are constantly lowering your own expectations for yourself so even if you lose come a Breakdown, Ammo, or any Pay Per View you’ll feel good about yourself. You’re constantly looking for some sort of acceptance in which doesn’t exist much like your greatness. You may believe it’s there…but when was the last time anyone saw it? Because if you ask me Jake…I haven’t seen anything. You’re just a child craving attention from daddy…whose your daddy Jake? Haha.

* Shawn mouths into the camera “Me!” *

Shawn - Starr…how does it feel to get a match with me out of pity? I mean it’s like you’re Greg Cherry 2.0 whining and crying about this and that. I mean I’ve got to give it to you, you know how to cry. The flood of tears coming down your face was equal to that of the women I…well I think you get the picture there Jake. While Olek seems to take pity on you, I do not. You run around attacking me like cancer attacks white blood cells. You were just all over the place and yet people are supposed to sympathize with you? Why? What makes you better then the starving children in Africa? Or the victims in Haiti? Nope, forget about them, they’re all getting penny’s a day or cell phone donations so all our sympathy should go to you right Jake? Because you have nothing. I’m going to give you the best advice that you’ve ever heard Jake and that’s GET OVER YOURSELF! You think that you’re entitled to something that you flat out haven’t earned! You think that you deserve to face me in the ring when the truth is you ran away with your tail between your legs when I was about to face you! You preach about how I have ran from you and I have avoided you. Last I checked I confronted you and YOU ran away. So the fact is you are the coward, you are the pussy, you are afraid not me. Now all you’ve been doing is boasting about how you’re going to get your hands on me because you have some sort of personal vendetta against me. It’s funny how that works out…you want a shot at me when it best works for you so I just kind of did the same thing. Ya know, fair game and all. (winks)

Ya see, you act like I’m afraid of you but what’s there to be afraid of? Your receding hair line? Your child baring hips? Your ever so clever insults? Show me your wit, show me your originality…Go ahead…call me gay…you think your words hurt me? I’m Shawn fucking Winters, nothing you can do or say could hurt me. Please Jake, enlighten me. What is it about you that I should be afraid of? I’m all ears because I’d honestly love for you to lie to everyone and tell them why I’m afraid of you. When in reality everyone see’s right through you. You’re the one afraid because the longer you hold onto this notion of facing me the longer you hold the idea of being better. You ran away from me because the moment you lose to me, any shot of credibility you think you have against me is out the window. Deep down you want to post pone this match because you know you can’t win. Hope…it’s there until reality crushes it Jake. It’s all you’ve been able to hold onto because you’re not a Champion, you’re not even in the title picture, all you have is hope that you can defeat me. What’s to come of you when you lose? Are you going to leave again because you didn’t get your way? Is Olek going to put you in a time out because you cried when someone took your toy? You’ll be left with nothing after Under Attack Jake. Nothing but your own failure and regret. Then whose going to sympathize with you? Nobody because you’ll have gotten exactly what you’ve had coming to you. A shot into the armor of Jake Starr’s massive ego. It wasn’t a concussion that took you out Jake…it was your own ego that took you out. Unable to cope with losing the World Championship and unable to get it back you couldn’t handle it. Then to put the cherry on top of the sundae I confront you for a match and you throw up your hands and forfeit and ran away because your ego couldn’t possibly take another defeat.

You’re such the specimen Jake you really are. Movies have been made about you. Movies like “Big” and “Jack”…you’re just a child in a mans body who cries when things don’t go his way. You may have some people fooled but not me Jake because a man knows how to behave, a man knows his place, a man doesn’t cry, doesn’t want sympathy or pity…that’s what women want. You’re like a little girl who always dreamed of being a man. Was Chazz Bono your inspiration Jake? A real hero for you? I bet because it must be tough living as a little girl in a man’s body. Ya know what, I’ll put things in a form in which you can comprehend them.

You’re a Barbie. Now, now hang with me here Jacky, is that your real name? Or Jacqueline perhaps? Haha either way back to my point, you’re a Barbie. Barbie has everything she could ever want, she has a ton of pink houses, pink cars, amazing clothes, Ken, yet she just keeps getting more shit, it never ends…she’s what Oprah would be if she was white. If Barbie was real she would have the entire world by the balls but she’s not real Jake and neither is the notion of you being the best. I’m right here Jake…addressing you like a man, I haven’t ran from you, you’ve ran from me. So you may think that I have something to prove against you but the truth is it’s you that has something to prove against me. You ran because of fear of reality, now there is no more running. You got what you think you want, you got a match with me at Under Attack and when it’s all done you’ll be left with no confidence, no dignity, and no self-respect because your entire career will be a failure. When you debuted in SCW you interrupted me and called me out. Well 2 years later it seems that the story of Jake Starr’s SCW career has finally reached it’s climax. The only thing left is to write the ending. If you want a happy ending, that depends on where you stop your story.

* Shawn hops down from the corner before winking into the camera before walking away as it fades to an SCW logo before black. *