One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

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June 22nd, 2012




* Shawn shakes his head a bit. The scenery around him is a hospital room. There are x-rays on the wall to his right. Shawn begins to reacquaint himself with his surroundings. He takes a couple deep breathes before looking over and see'ing a doctor in a white coat standing in front of him. *

Shawn – Doctor Matthews...

Dr. Matthews – Yes Shawn...did you understand what I just told you?

Shawn – I...I...don't know. I...

* Shawn completely zoned out. He is currently trying to grasp back at reality. He blinks rapidly before running his hand across his beard. He looks into the corner taking a few deep breaths before looking back at Dr. Matthews. *

Dr. Matthews – Are you okay?

Shawn – Uh...can know...repeat, what's wrong with me?

* Shawn had blacked out for a moment not even remembering what the doctor had told him was his problem. The doctor sighs before pointing to the x-rays. *

Dr. Matthews – have a couple herniated disks in your back. With the condition that your back is in, and your medical history, you have one more surgery left in you. Fact is you shouldn't be able to wrestle now. You have been lucky with multiple back surgeries but now? If you don't give this up you'll be looking at a lifetime in a wheel chair. Paralyzed from the waist down.

* Shawn goes back into shock. He begins to shake his head is disbelief. *

Shawn – You don't understand...I have been fine! Just a random pain and I'm done?!

* The Doctor shakes his head. *

Dr. Matthews –'re ignoring your past drug abuse. It's hard to feel pain when you take things to be numb to it.

* Shawn runs his hands through his hair clearly frustrated. Shawn begins to be in denial. *

Shawn – This can't be right Doc...this was just minor. I can go out and I can perform right now.

Dr. Matthews – Shawn your mind tells you that but your body is telling you differently. I can't imagine how tough this is for you being 31 years old and being told that you have to retire but have to listen to proper minds here.

Shawn – I know my body more than you do. I've been told this “never wrestle again” crap before. Yet I've lasted 7 more years!

Dr. Matthews – 7 more years which have caught up to you Shawn. With the amount of back surgeries that you have had and the damage in which you've taken. If you continue you will be paralyzed within the year. Before you always had a slight chance Shawn. I will tell you now that you have surprised us all by defeating those odds. But now? There are no odds. There is no slight chance. There is no percentage that you will be able to walk out.

* Shawn is silent. Dr. Matthews places his hand on Shawn's shoulder for comfort. *

Dr. Matthews – Shawn I can only imagine how hard this is for you to hear had to of known that this was coming. You need to stop. Your back can't handle one more mistake.

* Shawn hears everything that the doctor has told him however he is still in shock. Shawn steps off of the bed in which he was sitting on and looks at the doctor. *

Shawn – Thank you Doctor. If you just want to sign me out, I will be out of here.

Dr. Matthews – Shawn...we need to schedule a surgery.

* Shawn hears the question. He hears it and his mind alters the question to what he wanted to hear. “When after Rise to Greatness shall we schedule your surgery?” *

Shawn – Schedule it for July 30th.

Dr. Matthews – July 30th it is...

* The Doctor turns back to Shawn and pulls out a pad of paper. *

Dr. Matthews –'re going to need something for the pain.

* Shawn is silent. The Doctor shakes his head as he knows he's in a dilemma. Shawn's drug abuse is of record yet here he medically is inclined to give Shawn a pain killer. He pulls back his pad of paper and his pen before looking back at Shawn. *

Dr. Matthews – You hold in there until then alright?

* Shawn's mind may have turned towards the dark side seeing that pad of paper pulled out. Shawn does however fake a smile towards the Doctor's direction. Dr. Matthews leaves the room before Shawn gathers his clothes and walks out the front door. Lucky for him that Ammo was in his home state of California. Won't be long before he's back home. *

A Few Nights Later

* Shawn finds himself inside of a country cabin that he owns only going to when he wants to be alone. With the notice of his entire career being told to be done he wants nothing more than to be left alone. He has been hiding out here for a few days. Lucky for him Valarie is with Hannah's parents for a few days. Shawn went to the hospital after Ammo and has ignored all phone calls he's received. Whether it be from Memphis Cade, Adam Allocco, Ace Marshall...he's ignored it all and kept to himself. It wasn't until he reached the cabin that SCW posted about his hospital visit. This had resulted in calls from those who were truly close to him. His sister Brooke and his girlfriend Marissa. Shawn sits on the floor of his cabin looking blankly at the wall ahead of him which has a massive deer head on it. He looks at his phone and see's the missed calls from everyone. Without hesitation he clicks to ignore them all. He drops his phone before getting up and walking over to a window of his cabin. He looks out blankly with nothing but his thoughts.*

One can only be happy for a few days before he's reminded of the hell that is his life.

* Shawn stands seemingly glossed over as he tries to come to terms with everything that he's been told. He shakes his head back and forth for a second. *

You convince yourself that you're okay, that you're alright. You convince yourself that all of your previous mistakes has somehow lead you to who you are today. Or should I say, who I believed myself to be today.

* Shawn with a case of beer next to him opens it up and cracks open a beer. He plops himself down on the floor with a glimpse of pain from his back. What better way to get to a realization than alcohol right? Alcohol, drugs, and sex have always been a coping mechanism for Shawn. Ever since his meetings and meeting Marissa he has felt a lack of “need” for these. But a man can only be so strong. Shawn takes a drink of the beer. *

You kid yourself to a point in which you truly believe that you've changed only for God to look down on you with a giant middle finger and for him to pull down his pants and shit right on top of you. I turned my life around. I did it for my baby girl in which I now have and quite frankly the strong woman that I have at my side. I changed, for the good...only to be punished.

* Shawn takes another drink of his beer as his eyes then focus on a bag. A clear ziplock bag with cocaine in it. He stretches his neck while staring at it. He rubs his beard before nervously taking another drink of his beer. *

Why be in pain when the outcome is inevitable? Why put yourself through the pain? Why not numb it until it's all over? That's what I want isn't it? For it all to just be over? The constant pain? The constant need for an outlet? That desire to rely on something other than your own will power?

* Shawn grabs the bag as his hands begin to shake. He stares at it. *

You do so much to better yourself only to find yourself right back in the gutter in which you climbed yourself out of. Who was I kidding? I was never that man. I was simply fooling myself to believe it. Made all those around me believe that I had changed for the better but the truth is one can't change it's stripes. It all just seems fitting for my story to end in tragedy. The tragedy of a man who none will feel sorry for. My biggest fear of being alone and yet here I sit...alone. Ignoring all contact that attempts to come my way and I sit here with my coping mechanism, drugs and alcohol. The only fitting ending to my story. A story in which a reader would of figured out halfway through the book. I guess I'm that predictable.

* Shawn opens the bag slowly as he seems scared. After opening it he drops it on a coffee table in front of him as some spills out onto the glass. Shawn gets to his feet and paces back and forth. Shawn begins to fight within himself. *

This isn't right! This isn't the way to go about things! You have a baby girl you have a life! Damn it Shawn! YOU HAVE A LIFE! A life outside of wrestling!!! For the first time you've found yourself to be happy!!! Why the hell are you afraid of it?! Damn it Shawn flush the coke! Do it while you still have the chance! Do it before you're tempted too much!


* Shawn screams before grabbing a vase filled with flowers and throwing it against a wall in frustration. Shawn runs his hands through his hair damn near about to pull it out. *

No....I was just fooling myself! I simply saw Valarie as a scape goat to never being alone. That's not the actions of a good man. That's not the actions of a good father. I....I don't deserve this. Any of this. I don't deserve to be happy!

* Shawn's better side begins to chime back in. *

DAMN IT SHAWN! Who says you don't deserve to be happy?! You've come so far! You have! Everything that you've done since Hannah became pregnant has lead you here! It's lead you to a better place! It's lead you to the point where you can now decline the temptation! You can now move on and become the man that you know you can be, the man that you've always wanted to be, the man that your father never was! Damn it Shawn, you're at the footstep don't let it all go away now because you're afraid that you don't deserve it!

* Shawn begins to break down, he falls to his knee's. The weight of everything has broken him. He's fallen down overwhelmed by everything. He stares at the cocaine that has fallen out of the bag as it just begs him to take it in. It's a short term solution to the pain in which he feels physically and emotionally. It's the quick fix. A quick fix in which Shawn has often used to get himself out of bed and into an SCW ring countless times. This time? What's left to get out of bed for? The career in which Shawn took for granted has now been taken away from him yet he finds himself broken knowing that it's no longer there. *

Just go ahead and do it Shawn. What's left? Your lively hood is being taken away from you! It's not like you really cared about it anyway! You were just simply good at it, never meant that you loved it! This...this is what you love. You love the lifestyle. The rock and roll lifestyle of the parties, the drugs, and the women. That's what it was all about for you hell, it's what Greaternity was all about. You've never hid it from anyone. Just open your arms and embrace the life that you've always wanted!

* Shawn finds himself crawling towards the table almost as a man not himself. He crawls inch by inch closer to the table as his eyes conflict pain and hope. A battle in which his mind has yet to settle. *

Shawn please...this doesn't have to be it! Just because nobody expects you to be happy doesn't mean that you can't! Damn it Shawn! Listen to reasoning! Listen to better reasoning! What's on that table will not solve any problems! What's in your heart will! No substance will ever solve a problem that is of the mind or the heart! Damn it Shawn! Where is your reasoning?!

* Shawn pulls himself next to the coffee table. He begins to split the cocaine into lines. *

The ending to a story in which all have known the ending. Tragedy is a trend in your life. You've never loved anybody. The logical end is for you to admit that you never loved yourself.

* Shawn pulls out a dollar bill from his wallet and rolls it up into a straw. His eyes completely not of himself at this moment. *

Shawn doesn't have to be this way! Damn it you can be happy!!! Who can prove that to you?!

* Shawn ignores the desperate plea from his psyche only to lean forward about to snort only for the front door of the cabin to bust in. In storms Shawn's sister Brooke and his girlfriend Marissa. Apparently they had both charged the door at the same time busting it in. Shawn sits in utter shock. Brooke shakes her head in disbelief as Marissa seems horrified by what she's seeing. *

Marissa – Shawn?! What the hell?! Wha-what is all of this?!

* Shawn stands up trying to explain yet words seem to escape him at the moment.. *

Brooke – Shawn are you serious?! You get hurt and you go to a hospital and your first thought is to ignore every damn phone call you get?! How selfish are you?!

* Shawn doesn't know how to answer the question. *

Brooke – Do you have ANY idea how much we were worried about you?! Did that ever cross your mind?! Or did you simply want to ignore us so you could overdose yourself at peace?!

* Shawn is beyond disbelief at this point. He looks down to see all the cocaine on the table and the alcohol beside him. It doesn't look too good for him. Shawn then just lets it go. His guard is down and he's open. *

Shawn – I....(sigh) You're right. As much as I want too I can't hide from this. Hell, with girls like you I can't hide from anything. Truth is...I went to the Doctor after my last match and....

* Shawn struggles to get the rest of the sentence out. *

Shawn – I'm done. My entire career is over. My back has had it's nine lives and now I'm on borrowed time. I can't get any pain killer from the Doctor via my past drug abuse so I'm left with this constant pain. Yet all I can think of is Rise to Greatness.

Brooke – can't be serious! Doctor's are smarter than you Shawn! Forget the fact that our dad and our brother are total douche's. Doctor's really do know their stuff!

Shawn – You don't understand. With Rise to Greatness so close...I have to go out on top.

Marissa – Shawn...

* Marissa is concerned. *

Brooke – Bullshit! Shawn this is all bullshit! You get told that your career is over. Oh....whoa is me let me go to my “hidden cabin” and feel sorry for myself and do enough drugs to numb a damn elephant. No...not anymore Shawn. You have too many people who depend and who love you to do this.

* Shawn hears this and he looks at Marissa. Marissa is silent. *

Shawn – You don't understand. Somehow, I need to go on!

Brooke – Why?! Why?! What does this do for you?!

Shawn – BECAUSE!!!

* Everyone is silent. *

Shawn – I...I need to do it not because it's my life. I need to go out and perform....because I love it. Not because I'm good at it, not because I'm the best at it....I need to go out there injury or not I need to go out and show that I love it. I need to be the man that you think I am! Rise to Greatness and beyond!

Brooke – You're dumb! You just feel obligated!

Shawn – Brooke you don't get it. I have been selfish for so long. It's about time to be selfless. I've survived Doctor's orders before. This will be different!

Brooke – Shawn, you don't owe anyone anything! Your guilt has lead you here! With the drugs with everything! If you owed anyone anything it would be Valarie a good father and a good home! That's what you owe someone!

Shawn – Brooke...I-

* Brooke moves in to slap Shawn only for Marissa to do it first. Brooke stands back in shock. *

Brooke – Holy shit! I never knew she had it in her.

* Shawn holds his jaw and looks down at Marissa who is damn near to tears. *

Marissa – Damn you! You get people to love you only to escape it through this?!

* Marissa lifts the coffee table up to it's side as all the cocaine falls to the floor. Brooke sits back loving every minute of someone other than her standing up to Shawn. *

Marissa – I'm sorry Shawn but no! You're not getting out that easy! I know the man in which you were and with Valarie I have seen the man you wish to be. No injury will change what I think of you. I will not let you try and throw it all away because of something a Doctor said. Your wrestling career is NOT your life. Your life is with Valarie....and with me.

* Shawn gets hit right in the heart with a huge bullet of reality. All he has wanted was to continue his wrestling career until now. Fact is he has a life outside of wrestling. He has a baby girl and somehow he has a girl that apparently truly loves him for who he is. Shawn is able to shake himself out of his daze. No more dual sides to his psyche. He now see's things a lot clearer. He looks down at Marissa and cups her cheek. He leans down and he kisses her. He lets go before saying. *

Shawn – Thank you. Thank you for making me see that I have a life outside of wrestling. Thank you for saving me from...myself.

* Marissa gives a soft smile before kissing Shawn. *

Looks like you have found the angel on your shoulder. Better listen to her or she'll slap the crap outta you.

Marissa – Let's go home.

* Shawn smiles. Brooke turns towards the cocaine. *

Brooke – Someone might wanna....ah forget it. I'll clean it up.

* Shawn nods as he and Marissa move towards his car outside. Brooke walks to the doorway and watches as they drive off. *

Brooke – I've been waiting for you to find someone to take care of you. Bought time you found her. You need someone more than your sister Shawn. Looks like midget barbie is gonna do a fine job.

* Brooke closes the door on the cabin and her responsibilities of being Shawn's caretaker. *

Next Morning

* Shawn starts to roll over in the beginning status of waking up. His eyes open to see that for once he's awake before Marissa is. He see's her laying beside him ever so gently. He slowly gets his arm to escape from under her head. She stirs a bit but doesn't wake up. Shawn throws his feet over the side of the bed before slowly sneaking his way out of the bedroom. He walks down the hall to a door which is opened just a crack. He pokes the door open revealing his trophy room. Shawn stands there compleetly overwhelmed by everything that he's seeing. He see's a case on the wall with every Championship that he's ever won. He see's framed pictures of past moments from his career. He see's covers of magazine's, movie posters, he see's it all. He stands face to face with his own career, with his own past, with everything. A past of triumph and a past of tragedy. Often a tragedy in which he's spent a lifetime trying to move on from. Shawn picks up a magazine which features him on the cover displaying his Taking Hold of the Flame win a year ago. He rubs his fingers across the cover before hearing a voice. *

Marissa – Figured I'd find you here.

* Shawn puts the magazine down. He sighs before responding. *

Shawn – Yeah....not going to be an easy thing to leave.

Marissa – Rise to Greatness is it though?

Shawn – What?

* Shawn shocked by the question. He turns around to look back at Marissa. *

Shawn – Last night...everything. I thought you-

* Marissa stops him moving closer to him. *

Marissa – Shawn, whether you like it or not I know you. I have seen enough of you to not be scared away. I know a true heart when I see one and I know that you have it. I also know the look of a man who won't feel complete and won't truly be able to move on with his life without being able to do something.

* Shawn looks down on her hanging on each and everyone of her words. *

Marissa – Shawn you do need to move on...and I know you will. With your daughter and hopefully with me. But I also recognize that you need to do this in order to get closure.

Shawn – Are...are you saying what I think you're saying?

Marissa – know what I'm saying. Go out there at Rise to Greatness and steal the show like only you can. Go out there for your last match and go out with a bang. Not as an injured man. Not as someone dying to relive it. Go out as a man whose prepared to let it all go.

* Shawn smiles as a tear begins to come down his eye. He hugs Marissa with all his strength damn near taking the air out from her. He pulls her away for a second with the smile still on his face. *

Shawn – Thank you....thank you.

Marissa – Just do me one thing.

Shawn – Anything.

Marissa – No drugs. If the pain is too much end the match. Don't cripple yourself over it. If you're on drugs you'll never know your limit.

Shawn – Never again. I know now what's important in my life. A life in which I'll have beyond wrestling. You and Valarie have given me that. You have given me a prize that I could never return. Not in a million lifetimes.

Marissa – I'll be more than happy to wait for you to try.

* Marissa smiles and kisses Shawn. He looks down on her with a smile. He can't speak the words aloud because of his emotion but his lips say “I love you”. Marissa smiles while a tear falls from her eye. She lips it too “I love you too”. They kiss again before they turn to look at Shawn's past, his career right before them in full view. *

Marissa – So....are you going to miss it?

* Shawn is silent for a moment. He then looks back at Marissa and says *

Shawn – As long as I have you and Valarie in my life....never.

* Marissa smiles. *

Marissa – It's never easy looking back on a story.

* Shawn smiles. *

Shawn – A good story only gets better each and every time you read it.

* Marissa nods. *

Marissa – Someone once told me “if you want a happy all depends on where you stop the story.”

* Shawn smiles knowing he's said and heard that before. *

Shawn – I'll make sure this story ends happily.

* Shawn and Marissa walk out of the room with his arm over her shoulders. He shuts the door behind him. *

* The room is dark as a bunch of flat screen tv's are viewing the past of Shawn Winters. Each tv showing different moments from Shawn's career. Shawn is standing looking up at them all. Sounds of commentary can be heard from classic moments. *

Sharper – My God! He caught CHBK with the Graven Image!

Dawson – Unbelievable. This insane contest ends with Shawn Winters winning the SCW Championship!

Sharper – Shawn Winters has won the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal. And the road to Rise to Greatness is here!

Sharper – He damn near had to kill Shilo Valiant though. Shawn Winters is the new World Champion!

Knots – Damn, this has been a great night. No screw ups at all. Your 2011 Male of the Year…SHAWN WINTERS!

* The televisions transition into a Rise to Greatness logo. The lights turn up as Shawn turns around and looks into the camera. *

Shawn – It's not until the end of one's career that they truly sit back and look into the past and reminisce about what used to be. They look back at what they once had and try to recapture that same emotion, that same feeling in order to relive themselves through those moments. I look back at these moments and I smile. I see everything that I have done in my career but I'm not trying to recapture anything. I'm simply reminding myself of what exactly I'm fighting for. You see when a man sits back to rewatch things and to relive them they have already excepted that they are done. They simply just want to relive the moments. Me? I'm not done yet. I have one more match. I have one more match at my home. Rise to Greatness against the one and only Xander Valentine. Some call it a dream match, I simply call it inevitable.

As I looked back at all of my achievements and all of my memorable moments there was one moment that I never saw there. Fact is I have stepped toe to toe against the best of this business and I have beat every single one of them. No stone was left unturned in the career of Shawn Winters...until it hit me. Never....have I ever stepped in the ring with Xander Valentine. One of SCW's most cherished superstar's one man who could possibly rival my own success. One man that has yet felt the power of my Midas touch. So what I did was make a statement. I'm not David Helms, I'm not in this business to respect others, I'm in this business to show that I am the absolute best. So instead of shaking Xander's hand and simply ask him for a match at Rise to Greatness. I kicked his damn head off and forced his hand. You see in order to get the best out of the sleeping bear you've got to poke him with a stick a few times!

Now, call me crazy...but I poked that bear as often as a could. You see people may think that I have a death wish and well...maybe I do. I'm a man with a broken back and I'm facing “SCW's Executioner” at Rise to Greatness...that kind of sells itself don't you think? But I beg to differ. You see the Xander that I have seen since his return has not been the Xander in which is in SCW's lore. He's simply the shell of his former self. Me? Oh me, I have known exactly who I am for a very long time and I have not shied away from causing controversy. Week after week after week I have lit a fire under the ass of Xander Valentine until that fire engulfed him and let out a fuel of rage in which would make the Devil and his former self proud. He threw me through a windshield of a car.

* Shawn starts to slow clap. *

Shawn – It was only a matter of time before I was able to let the monster out. Was only a matter of time before I antagonized you enough to do exactly what it is that I wanted. A victory over you Xander the last few months would of meant nothing. But now? Now that I have given you a rebirth of your former you're worthy of stepping into the ring with Shawn Winters at Rise to Greatness. Now, you're worth the challenge. Now, you're loss will mean something.

You can give me line after line of telling me that I've awaken something in you that I have never before seen and you'll be right. I've never seen it, but damn it I want to. I want to see every single thing that you've got Xander. I want to see beyond the man who damn near ended careers...but you didn't. You didn't break CHBK's neck Xander, you stopped. There is no room for that in this match Xander. Here I am...the greatest competitor that you will ever have. A man who will stand toe to toe with you and thrive on it! You have the greatest accomplishment of your career served to you on a silver platter. That being my career!

* Shawn smirks a bit with a cocky grin. *

Shawn – I have poked the bear enough to enrage it enough to throw me through a window. I have given him the taste of blood only for him to want more of it. But, I'm not convinced that I've done enough. Ya see Xander, I have given you back what you've lost. That killer instinct, but I want more. I don't simply want the old Xander back I want more. I want you to be so enraged, so blood thirsty, that you will try and do what Chad Evans could never do. END ME!!!

Some may say that I have a death wish but I beg to differ. I simply know myself. I know that no matter how blood thirsty that Xander gets. I can beat him. I have gone over mountains to get this animal instinct out of Xander because I want it! Oh I want it! I will be damned if Shawn Winters is forced to leave this business against anything less of a challenge. I refuse to let God or anyone else tell me that I'm done unless I go down with it all on the line!

Xander I have given a birth to you in which you never envisioned. You are now more than you ever were and it's something that deserves the recognition of my last match. I'm told that I will never wrestle again and I will make damn sure that you're up to the challenge and you'll be the best version of you that you've ever been. I'm not crazy, I'm not on a death watch, I simply know myself. I simply know what I expect and I expect perfection! I expect Excellence!

You being my final obstacle Xander, I was forced to push some buttons in order to get what I really wanted out of you. You may think that I've made a mistake but that is for me to judge not you. I have no doubt in my mind that you're going to come down that isle on Sunday ready because I got you there. I got you ready, I got you motivated beyond ever being motivated before. This match will not be for any Championship. This match will simply be about pride and the heart to win!

I want the Executioner, I want every single thing that you have to offer Xander. I wanna see the dark side in you that you've been so afraid to unleash since returning. I wanna see it. I wanna see all of it so you can see, how damn good that I really am. I want to see you at the peak of your rage and the peak of your power so my victory over you will actually mean something to me. Call me selfish, call me egotistical, call me insane I don't give a damn. I've never been a man to back away from his words or his actions. I know damn well what I'm doing. I'm creating something in you that much like Frankenstein's monster may take form into something more. But that's what I'm hoping for Xander. I'm hoping that you'll transform into something more. Something deadly, something to equal my feeling of knowing that I'm done!

* Shawn takes a couple deep breaths to gather himself a bit. He looks away from the camera in this time frame. He then focuses back on the camera. *

Shawn – Xander I want you to know that everything that you've become going into Sunday has been because of me. People may question my methods but I know exactly what I've done. So hear me when I tell you that no words you speak will make me second guess my actions. You can mention my daughter, you can mention my life, you can mention every aspect of me that you want. I just want you to understand that nothing you can say will make me shy away from this. I know damn well that I have been dealt a bad hand. I know damn well that my career will end on Sunday. I also know that you Xander, despite everything that I've brought out in you. Every single thing that I've done to get you to want this will be no match for a man who knows it's the end. I've had a plan all along Xander, get you as motivated and as sick and twisted as you ever were because in the end no matter how good you are, being my last match, being the end of Shawn Winters the wrestler, the performer, you will fall short.

My entire career has been built up for this moment Xander. A career of it's ups and down's, a career of controversy, a career of being the best. It's all coming to an end and it's an end that I have accepted. Too often people look back on times past. They look back on things that they wish they had done different. Things that they wish that they could change. They look back at who they were and they second guess themselves on who they've become. I'm going to tell you something right now Xander, I wouldn't change a thing. When it's all said and done there won't be anything that I would change and there won't be anything that I've never done.

Sunday night, the lights shining down as hot as the Rise to Greatness lights can be. You're going to stand there as my creation. You're going to stand there exactly how I molded you. Then, you're going to recognize that the best Xander Valentine will never overcome the best Shawn Winters. Never before, and never again...let's just hope that I truly did make you worthy of the match of your life.

* Shawn smiles into the camera spitting his gum into the air before slapping it away. Shawn walks off as the Camera focuses' on the tv's displaying a huge Rise to Greatness logo until they all turn off leading the camera to fade to black. *