One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Time of War

* The scene opens up showing a very messed up bedroom of a hotel room suite. There are clothes all over the floor and a couple lamps knocked over as well as an end table knocked over. We then focus on none other then Shawn Winters sprawled out face down on the bed with a little bit of the sheet covering him. Miranda then walks into the room with a bottle of water on her hand. She takes a drink of it while leaning against the door frame. *

Miranda – Babe, you need to wake up.

* Shawn doesn’t move an inch. Miranda sighs and then put the bottle of water on a stand and walks over to the curtains and opens them wide letting a giant ray of sunshine into the room. This time getting a small reaction from Shawn as he turns his head away from the sun. *

Miranda – Babe come on! You’ve been laying in that bed all morning!

* Miranda walks over to the bed as she steps on something which catches her attention. She bends down to pick up a clock and looks at the time. *

Miranda – Shawn, it’s 2:30 in the afternoon! This can’t be good for you!

* Miranda then nudges Shawn a couple times getting no response. She the playfully hops on his back which right away gets a reaction as he rolls over and throws her off of him and off of the bed leaving her to land on her ass on the floor. *

Shawn – What the fuck is your problem!?

* Miranda looks on in complete shock not knowing what to think. Shawn lays back down on his back and tries to arch it as much as he can to stretch it but he quickly retreats from doing so and grabs at it with his hand. *

Shawn – My fucking back was worked on like a fucking canvas on Breakdown! Did you honestly think it was a good idea to jump out it as if you found a new fucking toy?!

* Miranda is speechless. She’s opening her mouth but nothing but squeaks are made. *

Shawn – What?! Are you just going to sit there and act like I smacked you in the face?! I shoved you down get over it and get me an ice pack for my back!

* Miranda gets up off the floor and slowly walks out of the room looking back over her shoulder at Shawn. He’s clearly in pain as he can’t get situated in the bed. *

Shawn – What the fuck am I supposed to do? I can’t go to the fucking doctor because the whole world knows what he’d say. “You’re in no condition to compete.” Hell maybe I need a third surgery on my back, which that I can’t afford to have, not being the face of Greaternity and the company of SCW. I mean what kind of man would I be talking a big game about Greaternity being the team to beat at Out of Control and then bowing out of the match with a bum back? I’d be no better then Greg Cherry not showing up for scheduled matches until he gets a damn title shot. I mean myself and Greaternity are the only ones who carry any bit of credibility going into this match. We’re the only ones who actually deliver on our threats and our words. The Infection? They’ve been nothing but failures lately. Greg Cherry, David Miller, Asher Hayes, CHBK? Do I even really need to explain the credibility of that “dream team” as some may call them? I can’t let the credibility of Greatnerity falter by not competing in this match. This match needs the company’s World Champion. This match needs Shawn Winters whether anyone wants to admit it or not. The anti-christ as some may call me deserves to be in the biggest main event in SCW history. I deserve to be the center piece of this giant ensemble, one for everyone to focus on. Which just means that I’m going to have to find someway to transition my pain from my back to somewhere else, which normally might not be to hard but when you’ve got 8…well 7 since Infection still only has 3 members focusing on one area of the matches greatest threat then one may say that I could be in some trouble.

* Miranda then comes back into the room with an ice pack in her hand. She hands it to Shawn and takes a seat on the edge of the bed seemingly afraid of Shawn. He ignores her position of fear and takes the ice pack and places it under his back as he lays back down on it wincing in pain in the process. He then looks at Miranda. *

Shawn – What? Are you just going to sit there silently judging me? No, I’m not going to deal with that. If you’re going to sit there and act like I did this horrible and unthinkable thing to you then you can just walk out that door right now because I’m not going to have it. Take fucking responsibility for your own actions! You did something stupid and you got punished, get over it. Life moves on, it doesn’t stop just for you alright? It’s not the end of the world or anything so just get the fuck over it Miranda!

* Miranda is fighting back some tears but she’s finally able to speak. *

Miranda – Shawn, babe, I’m sorry. I should of known better. Please don’t be mad at me.

Shawn – Just…just do me a favor, go get Ace from his room and bring him over here will you? I need to talk to him.

Miranda – Of course.

* Miranda gets up and walks out through the door. Moments later the sound of the front door to the hallway is heard opening and then shortly after shutting. Shawn continues to grunt and struggle to find a common ground with his back. He looks around the bedroom at all of the chaos. *

Shawn – What the fuck happened last night?!


* A party is raging on inside of Shawn’s very expensive suite. All of Greaternity is partying it up celebrating recent success or whatever they decided to celebrate that night. Shawn Winters then stumbles himself on top of the ledge of a couch and taps his wine glass which is oddly filled with beer. Nobody responds so he throws the glass against the wall making it shatter. *

Shawn – (slurring) Listeean to mae!!!

* The whole party turns around and sees Shawn struggling to keep his balance. He then sees a woman starting to take a drink of her beer only for Shawn to steal it after losing his. Shawn then pulls out a piece of paper. *

Shawn – (slurring) Thais pace of paaaaper (hiccup) symbolizes deathe! Saea I…am sooooooo kick ass! I maede thais bitch kaill herelf beccuz I’m the sshit!....uh oh.

* Right then Shawn falls backwards off of the couch and busts through a table. *

* Shawn Winters is rubbing his head trying to rid himself of his hang over as well as struggling with the discomfort of his back. *

Shawn – God, where the fuck is she? I send her to get Ace and she takes a fucking half an hour. It’d just be easier for me to fucking call him….wait a minute, where the fuck is my phone? Fuck, if only I had any strength to get up and actually look for it. Now I know what Denzel felt like in the Bone Collector.

* Right then Miranda walks back into the room with Ace Marshall not far behind her. Ace steps over all the junk and takes a seat in a chair beside the window. *

Ace – Jesus, did you two tear this place up last night or what?

Shawn – Dude, last night could be on Unsolved Mysteries because I have no idea what happened.

Ace – What time did you black out?

Shawn – The last thing I remember is Adam saying he got married…

Ace – Dude, that was like a week ago.

* Shawn gets a blank stare on his face. *

Shawn – Did I go to work this week?

Ace – Oh my god!

* Ace and Shawn share a quick laugh as Shawn stops quickly as the laughing hurts his back. *

Ace – Damn dude, you are in bad shape. You got roughed up pretty bad last night.

Shawn – Did I?

Ace – Man…you couldn’t stand for like 5 seconds without falling down and breaking something. You probably have splinters all over yourself haha. Speaking of…what the fuck are you going to do about Tactical Warfare on Sunday?

Shawn – I’ve got a plan…

Ace – Does it involve standing up? Because I’m pretty sure that should be in there haha.

Shawn – Shut up pledge! I’ve got a plan….I’ll make a vicodin shake so when I go out there to compete I’ll feel absolutely no pain.

Ace – Why don’t you just go out there black out drunk? That works for me.

Shawn – Because I want to remember winning this match, I don’t want it to be like my first SCW Championship victory.

If I could possibly have any sort of strategy in this match it would be to somehow manipulate my way into being the final entrant into this brutal monstrosity. If that were to be the case then Shawn Winters could strut his stuff right into the ring drop a Graven Image or two and get the pin fall for Greaternity without breaking a sweat. Now to the dismay of everyone else in the match it would please me very much for that to be the circumstances. Don’t think that the concept of this match hasn’t been wearing on my mind because it has. I know that I have not been in any specialty match since my return to SCW and one may say it’s because I’m afraid of what it could do to my health or possibly my good looks. The truth is I’m not afraid but I am cautious. For some people going into this match it could make there entire career, David Miller, Asher Hayes, hell even my own team of Alex, Ace, or even Adam Allocco. Just as it could make the careers of any of them it could just as easily break the careers of myself, Jason Wheeler, Christian Savior, Greg Cherry, Matt Hodges, and CHBK. I’m aware of all the possibilities and I’m also aware of the fact that my chances of walking out of this match are slim to none. But I have never quit, I have never given up. I have never walked out. People can hate me all they want, they can talk behind my back with whatever there mind may think or feel but the fact remains that Shawn Winters is one of the greatest competitors the industry has ever seen. This match is the biggest in SCW history? Then it should only be fitting for it’s biggest star to reign supreme, and no…that man isn’t CHBK or Jason Wheeler, it’s the World Champion Shawn Winters. I’m going to win this match not just for me but for all of Greaternity because then…and only then we’ll get that podium, and when we do we’ll be able to look down on all of you just like God intended.

Ace – You’re going to be alright for our match right? I mean, you did take a little bit of a beating on Breakdown. The last thing we need going into Out of Control is for our Godfather to be injured.

Shawn – Don’t worry about me Ace, I’ve gone through dog fights before. Plus the way I see it is that our team has the least to worry about. Team Infection doesn’t have a fourth member. Team cheer me cheer me has trust issues. We’re the only team going into this match that has each one of our best interests at heart.

Ace – And those best interests are-

Shawn – Winning Ace…our best interest is winning. The way I see it is we can easily divide Team Babyface up and conquer them one by one. Asher Hayes? He’s going to go into this match like a badger. He’s going to think he’s some boss or something head hunting everyone, hell we could end up getting lucky and he could knock out his own team mates for leaving him to get his ass kicked on Breakdown. He’s going to be easy to get passed. David Miller? Forget that he beat me on Breakdown because quite frankly that’s not an issue, my mind wasn’t right but it’s going to be right tomorrow night. The last I checked David Miller has more animosity for the Infection. So we might not be his top target. CHBK? All we’ve got to do with him is wait his grey bush out.

Ace – Grey bush?

Shawn – Yes Ace, grey bush! There is only a certain amount of time a 45 year old man can be expected to last in a normal one on one match. Tactical Warfare decreases that normal number by like 10! CHBK won’t last 5 minutes in this match! So if there was ANY preference for me as to the order of entry, he’d be second to last because he’ll tire more quickly then his other 3 team mates.

Ace – Who would come in last?

Shawn – Me of course.

Ace – Oh, right.

Shawn – Then you’ve got Greg Cherry who in all honesty is probably our biggest threat, only because he has openly said his main target is myself. Which is something that we need to keep him from getting at. Hopefully he has the dubious honors of starting the match off and getting his face completely beaten down that his mother won’t be able to give him an open casket at his funeral.

Ace – Funny thing is Greg would probably welcome being the first person in the ring.

Shawn – Yeah I’m sure he would…he’d probably put a mortgage on his house in order to have me and him as the first two in that ring. Which quite honestly isn’t something that I want to think about.

Ace – Haha you mean you don’t WANT to start the match off?! But why on earth not? (smirks)

Shawn – Haha yeah I want that as much as I want your son to come out of the closet.

Ace – Dude, not cool….my son isn’t gay!

Shawn – Dude talk to Adam! I think he said Ace Jr. tried playing tummy sticks with Adam’s little offspring, I forget his name. I wonder how Adam can even keep track haha.

Ace – Whatever…but dude the thing is we’ve GOT to take this match seriously tomorrow night. I mean like DEAD seriously, like no going out and partying tonight seriously.

Shawn – Whoa….

Ace – Yeah….whoa. We need to cement out legacy as the greatest team the industry has ever seen.

Shawn – Don’t worry Ace…we’ve got this shit covered. However we still need to have this wild card situation addressed before we go into this match.

Ace – Yeah I know what you mean…what the hell ARE we going to do about Matt Hodges?

Shawn – If everything goes how I’ve played it out in my head nothing. We should just avoid each other throughout the match and if the time comes and it’s down to us and him he’ll do the respectable thing by laying for the greater of the team.

Ace – But then he won’t get the title shot that he wants…

Shawn – Bitch if that fucker lays down I’ll give him a fucking title shot.

Ace – Hahaha

* Shawn pulls the ice pack out from under his back and tosses it to Miranda. *

Shawn – Can you put more ice in that for me?

* Miranda nods and exits the suite. *

Ace – Any further thought on who the fourth member of Team Infection could be?

Shawn – At the moment I couldn’t care less, they could have God himself on there team and it wouldn’t make a difference. The way that I see it is that The Infection aren’t even a factor in this match. Matt Hodges is yes, but Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior? Not so much. They can think that they’re in control all that they want but the ball is in our court Ace. We’ve got the control, we’ve got the power. We have the team strength to win this match. The Infection is not a team…they’re just a couple of brothers who want to out do the other. The only thing we have to really worry about in this match is if Greg Cherry, CHBK, David Miller, and Asher Hayes all decide to get on the same page and work as a unit. I literally can see the little kids now in there little SCW Pride tree house just outside of CHBK’s home all huddled up trying to think of catchy team names for themselves. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me the least if they all came down to the ring with a mascot and matching jersey’s.

Ace – There mascot could be a giant baby who’s crying because he just shit himself.

Shawn – Haha, I like where your heads at. Maybe they’d take it to the next level and all come out with thick framed glasses and a full grown beard and be called Team Pedophile.

Ace – The crying baby still works for a mascot.

Shawn – Or just bring Jay Gold out. (smirks)

* Miranda then comes back into the room with some more ice and places it under Shawn’s back. Ace then stands up. *

Ace – Alright I got to get going, I’m supposed to meet up with Adam later. I’d ask you to join us but it looks like the bed rest is exactly what you need.

Shawn – Yeah, like I said though, I’ll be fine.

* Ace gives off a wave as he exits the suite. *

Miranda – Are you hungry?

Shawn – I could eat.

Miranda – Alright, I’ll go into the other room and order you some room service.

* Miranda gives Shawn a small peck on his cheek and exits into another room. Shawn sighs as he slowly but surely gets his way into a seated position with the icepack still placed firmly behind his back. *

Shawn – What can I possibly say about Tactical Warfare that hasn’t already been said? I could sit here and talk about the previous Tactical Warfare match but I wasn’t in that match so what do I care? I’m tired of listening to war stories about that match because the way I see it is it’s just like listening to other people’s dreams. If I’m not in any of them and nobody is having sex then why should I care? Greg Cherry can talk like an old Vietnam vet and tell us his war stories from that first match because really, it’s right up Greg’s ally. I mean everything he talks about happened like two years ago. His last SCW Championship reign has been well documented because he’ll be damned if he lets anybody forget it. Do the world a favor Greg, stop talking about the past because everyone who has the internet or a brain know what happened, it’s in the history books waiting to be read by the next generation after you’re long gone. If I wanted to actually hear what you have to say I’d watch a tape of a promo from you a year ago because I’m pretty sure you were spittin the same game then too.

With CHBK you’ve got something different. Some may consider it an honor to be in the ring with him…well the truth is I had that supposed honor a few years ago at Rise to Greatness and I defeated him in straight one on one combat. The only thing CHBK can say that he has over me is that he pinned me at Retribution in a triple threat match for the SCW Championship…but in the end I proved that the match was a straight fluke. My original challenger was put in his place when he lost the SCW Championship back to me on Breakdown. The truth is if everything actually went to schedule it would be me and you CHBK battling one on one for the SCW Championship in what would be billed as possibly the biggest rematch in SCW history. I mean you remember our match at Rise to Greatness right? We tore the house down, we tore it down so much we had the World Champion Cid Turner campaigning against us because we were the talk of the show instead of him. Now truthfully CHBK…I’ll openly say this to you. You can think that I’m lying all you want but this right here? This is truthful…tomorrow night I wish that was the CHBK that would be entering Tactical Warfare, I really do. I wish you were still that man but the fact is you’re not. You’re a step slower, you’re a mind weaker, you’re a reaction behind. As much as you want to think that you’re still that man you’re just lying to yourself. Now I’m not going to say you don’t still have something left…but it’s just not much. You may be able to fool people that have never wrestled you before but I’ve seen that CHBK. I’ve seen that CHBK at Rise to Greatness and nothing tops that CHBK. Then I see you now and it’s not the same. You don’t have that blinding ora surrounding you like you once did.

The truth is I’m really having a hard time figuring you out CHBK. You’ve got nothing to gain out of this and yet you also have nothing to lose. You could easily lose this match but nobody would really think any less of you. You could win this match but what would it give you? Another chapter in an autobiography that you’ll eventually write when your entire career is over? I mean I get that you’re pride and SCW loyalty may have something to do with it but I believe there is something more Alex, there HAS to be something more fueling you to even bother going into this match.

Then you have David Miller…Miller I’ve said what I’ve needed to say to you when we went against each other on Breakdown. You got the victory I’ll give you that…but you also didn’t finish the job that everyone else on your team quite frankly wished you would of. Sure I was left on my back in that ring like a wounded dog I’ll admit that, I looked like a little bitch to say the least. But nobody can know the pain that I feel in my back right now because it’s haunting me every minute of my life. Miller you did a number on it just as I knew you would but I always stood right back up. Call it adrenaline or call it stupidity but either way, I kept getting up. You can expect more of the same tomorrow night at Out of Control except this time when I go for it all…I’m not going to miss.

Now don’t think that I have forgotten about Asher Hayes…the little renegade warrior of the team, the man that thinks he can do this whole thing all on his own. Psh, that must be the drugs talking Asher. You’ve really got to embrace the fact that you have a team that cares so much about this match because it really could be worse, you could have been the fourth member to Oleksa’s crack team of over achievers. But you made your choice to be on the team lead by CHBK and Greg Cherry so I guess you had your own reasons for choosing them…but this is a team match Asher and it’s going to take an entire team to win it. No man is going to win this thing alone. Hell…no man is going to be able to stand on his own two feet by the end of the fucking thing. Which is why you have a team Asher…a team to help you up when you’re down, a team to carry you home from a drunken night of partying haha. You really need to embrace them Asher because whether you like it or not you’re going to find yourself needing them tomorrow night.

So when it comes right down to it you’ve got a team of a bunch of toddlers all wanting what they don’t have. David Miller wants attention, Asher Hayes wants some recognition, CHBK wants his youth, and the most vocal of any of them Greg Cherry as everybody knows wants another title shot. Come to think of it Greg, if I remember right you said that if you didn’t cash in at Retribution then you were going to give up on the SCW World Championship and focus on the US Championship, am I right? Well it looks like the US title is calling your name Greg, so I’m going to do you a little favor…a present from me to you Greg because I just like you so damn much. I’m going to throw you a party. Yes, you’re going to have the Greaternity hosting a party in your honor Greg…what could possibly be better then that? The party is going to take place at Out of Control and it’s going to take place in Tactical Warfare, confused? Oh well don’t be because I’m about to explain…Greg Tactical Warfare is going to be your party…your main event going away party. See Greg with you stepping aside from going after the SCW Championship which is something that you should of done a LONG time ago it allows people who actually deserve main events to get them. You’ve got people like Adam Allocco and Ace Marshall on the rise while you, you’re on the decline whether you want to admit it or not. Greg you claim to be the greatest United States Champion in history…well then that right there should make you realize your place in this business. You go and do what you do best, be the best United States Champion the world has ever seen. Do something you’re good at because being the SCW World Champion isn’t it.

So the battle field is set and the guns are loaded…the war is merely 24 hours away, who thinks that they’re going to sleep a wink tonight? (smirks)

* The scene cuts out as Shawn Winters rests his head back against the wall. *