One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


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Sunday, October 16th, 2011

* The scene shows Shawn Winters checking into a hotel. *

Clerk - Here you go Mr. Winters…I hope you enjoy your next three days here.

* Shawn notices that the kid working the desk is about 18 years old. This is probably his first job. *

Shawn - I’m here for a funeral.

Clerk - Oh…I’m sorry…Um, I hope you don’t enjoy your stay??

* The clerk emphasized the word “don’t” which shows he had no idea how to react to Shawn’s comment. *

Shawn - You were right with your first statement. I’ll enjoy my stay.

* Shawn smirks as he walks away leaving the clerk rather confused. Shawn gets to the elevator and eventually his room. He paid for one of the suite’s like he usually does when he travels. He drops his bags inside a closet to his left before looking at his room. He goes to the bar area and makes himself a drink before walking out to the balcony where it’s kind of chilly being on the East coast instead of the West. *

Shawn - God I didn’t miss this weather at all. California is like Summer and Spring all year round.

* Shawn takes a drink before walking back inside and closing the balcony door behind him. He stops in the center of the room. *

What am I doing here? The visitation for my mom is tomorrow. Am I seriously going to go to this? I promised Brooke I’d come. I’ve been putting it off ever since finding out that mom was going to die. I’m only here because Brooke needed me. Whose she supposed to confide in? My brother? They have nothing in common not to mention he thinks he’s better then everyone being dad’s favorite. She going to confide in my dad? No! My dad doesn’t know the first thing about showing any emotion, the last thing he understands is empathy. In reality I’m all Brooke has. She’s all I have at the moment too. I’m grasping at hairs to keep a marriage that deep down I know isn’t going to work. I have Holly whose just a fuck buddy that has zero emotional connection to me. Brooke? She’s the only person I know that actually cares about me. Who would I be to not care about her in her biggest time of need?

* Right then Shawn’s phone starts to ring and he see’s that it’s Brooke. He answers it. *

Shawn - Hey Brooke.

Brooke - Are you home yet?

Ugh…home? No…I don’t consider this my home. The moment I left this place it was in a sense to put it in my rear view mirror. I don’t want to remember Kentucky. I made my home in California where I am allowed to be myself. Sure I grew up in Kentucky, and at times I loved life in Kentucky as a child. But then every positive memory I have gets flushed out. Every good thing I remember from Kentucky...gone. The moment I left this place it was a revelation. I made Kentucky a memory. Angie? Alex? My Family? I left it all behind and didn't think twice. For Brooke to say that this is my home? No…my home was taken from me much like my family was.

Shawn - I’m in a hotel yes.

Brooke - Shawn, you know you don’t have to stay in a hotel…

Shawn - You know I do…

* They both realized Shawn’s situation with his family. Nobody wanted him here other than his sister. He didn’t want to be there but Brooke is all he has. A hotel is the best scenario for everyone. *

Brooke - Shawn, it’s our mom…

* Shawn feels guilty but at this point he can only care so much. *

Shawn - I know…but you have to realize I can’t go back after what I did.

Brooke - Mom would want everyone together!

* Shawn questions that statement. His childhood seems to be a mixture of good and bad. He can't separate the two. He remembers that his father resented him when dropping out of college and the whole time his mother was the scapegoat. Now? Shawn has burned all bridges. He can’t go to the funeral of his own mother. He can’t look his father and brother in the eye after what he did. He’s here for his sister Brooke…other than that…he has no idea. *

Shawn - Brooke-

Brooke - What?

Shawn - You know I cant see Dad or Marcus…

Brooke - It’s our mom!!! She loved you!

Shawn - I know…trust me I know…but nobody wants me there.

* Shawn simply tells Brooke what she wants to hear despite his own conflictions. *

Brooke - I want you there! I’m coming over!

Shawn - Alright…I’ll see you soon. You know where I am…room 417.

* Brooke hangs up the phone. *

Moments Later

* Brooke and Shawn are sitting in the living room area of his suite. Shawn has a drink in hand. *

Brooke - I was worried you wouldn’t come.

* Brooke had called multiple times for Shawn to come out before their mother died yet Shawn postponed it as much as he could. He tried to ignore it yet when it happened...he knew that Brooke needed him. *

Shawn - It took me a while to get myself here, I won’t lie.

Brooke - Either way I appreciate it. I can’t be in that house, they just look at me a different way as they know I’m living with you in California yet they try to forget it and ask me about college and shit. It’s hard not to mention your name Shawn.

Shawn - First time I’ve heard a girl say that.

* Brooke glares at Shawn as he smirks before she slaps him on the knee before smiling. *

Brooke - Thanks, I needed that.

* Shawn's doing whatever he can to make his sister feel better hoping that she'll forget asking him to actually show up to anything. *

Shawn - Anything that I can do.

* Brooke looks at Shawn with her eyes wide. *

Shawn - No…I can’t go to the house Brooke. That’s something I can’t do.

Brooke - Fine…

Shawn - So how’s the house been? Tense?

Brooke - You have no idea…Marcus and Dad are figuring out what they want to say at the visitation tomorrow. Speaking of…I overheard Dad talking to Marcus…did you know that Dad wanted to divorce Mom?

Shawn - What? When?

Brooke - He said when she was pregnant with you.

Shawn - He said me?

Brooke - He said “first child”. So…

Shawn - So Dad wanted to divorce Mom when she was pregnant with me? That’s…something.

Brooke - What are you thinking about?

Shawn - Nothing…don’t worry about it.

That’s news…is that why I divorce every woman that gets pregnant? Am I secretly scared to be the horrible father that my own is? I wonder what kept him from getting the divorce?

Brooke - So are you going to come to the visitation tomorrow?

* Shawn takes a deep breath and lets it out as if to signal that he’s not sure. *

Brooke - You have to!

Shawn - Listen Brooke, I’ll do everything I can.

Brooke - What the hell do you have to do tomorrow?! You have nothing! You’re here for one thing and you’re not even going to do that one thing?!

Shawn - Brooke, I need to figure out how I’m going to do it without Marcus or Dad seeing me…let alone anyone else in this town that hates me.

Brooke - Promise me…

Shawn - I promise.

Late The Next Night - Monday, October 17th, 2011

Sorry Brooke…

* The scene shows Shawn standing in front of the building where the visitation was held for his mother. It’s now 10 pm and everyone has been long gone and Shawn hasn’t knocked on the door seemingly struggling with his own mind of what to do. The burglar lights have been on for a while as they sense movement. Before Shawn knows it the door opens and the owner is standing in front of him. *

Owner - May I help you son?

Shawn - Um…

* Shawn was struggling to let out the words. He was so taken back by the door randomly opening before preparing what he wanted to say. *

Shawn - Victoria Winters…I’m…her son.

Owner - Oh dear…

* The man senses Shawn’s demeanor and lets him inside before seating him at the table and grabbing him a cup of tea. Shawn still hasn’t comprehended anything yet. *

Owner - What’s your name son?

Shawn - Um…it’s Shawn…Shawn Winters.

Owner - Right…I was expecting you.

Shawn - You were?

* Shawn is surprised as he thought his family had disowned him. Why would he be welcome here? *

Owner - You weren’t originally listed as a family member but Brooke insisted that whenever you come to allow you in.

* Brooke, of course. I came here to be there for her yet it’s like she’s the one here for me. *

Owner - Would you like to see her?

* Shawn takes a deep breath before thinking about it. *

He speaks of her like she’s still alive. Just because she hasn’t been buried doesn’t make her more alive. Shouldn’t he ask: “Would you want to see it?” As in the body? God damn it get yourself together! It’s your own mother! Don’t treat her as an object, she raised you! This is the least you can do for her and I do mean the LEAST!

* Shawn nods before standing up and following the owner down a hallway and into the visitation room where the casket lays on a riser. Family photos and flowers are spread around the area while Shawn stands still. He is at a dead stare with the casket. *

Owner - Would you like me to open the casket?

* Shawn nods as the man walks down the small hall and opens the upper half of the casket. Shawn still can’t see anything. The owner looks at Shawn nodding to him as if to say that “it’s ok”. He then leaves the room shutting the door behind him. Shawn stands frozen in place as nothing but the casket with his mother inside awaits him. He slowly starts to take step by step before reaching the casket where he see’s his own mother laying inside as if she was sleeping. He hasn’t seen her in over two years. He quickly turns his head away the moment he starts to cry only to brush away a tear. He now stares directly into a giant frame of a family picture on vacation. *

There’s Dad, Mom, Marcus, Brooke,….

* Shawn was photo shopped out of the picture. He turns around to see the other pictures and see’s that it’s the same for every one. Every single family picture has him erased out of it much like he was erased out of his families life. *

Shawn - What am I doing here? Clearly I’m not wanted.

* Shawn turns around only to come face to face with a picture from Christmas long ago. Marcus as a child, Brooke as a baby and….and no Shawn. *

Shawn - I…I remember this day.

Christmas 16 Years Ago

* Presents surround the tree as Shawn (14 years old), Marcus (8 Years Old), and Brooke (2 years old) are sitting in a line almost ready for the gun to shoot to say that the races were off. They couldn’t wait. Dad (Joseph) and Mom (Victoria) were sitting in separate chairs with Victoria holding a camera. *

Victoria - Ready?….1.….2.….3.…..GO!

* Shawn and Marcus shot off the line towards the presents as Brooke kind of sat behind confused. Shawn and Marcus would toss presents towards her knowing they weren’t theirs. Shawn would accidentally hit Brooke in the face with a present which made her cry. *

Joseph - SHAWN! Step back!

Shawn - Wha-

Joseph - Get away from the tree.

Victoria - Joe…

* Victoria looks at Joseph sympathetically knowing it’s Christmas. *

Victoria - He didn’t mean it.

Joseph - He needs to learn to respect those around him!

* Joseph seemingly drunk looking back at it now grabs Shawn and pulls him away from the tree. *

Joseph - Now you’ll watch as your brother and sister open their presents. It’s not all about you.

* Shawn sits obviously pissed off. He’s at the age where he rebels against his father. So what does he do? He finds a safety pin and bends it and puts it under Brooke which makes her cry. Shawn then points it out to his mother. *

Shawn - Mom…mom…that’s why she’s crying!

* Victoria looks under Brooke to see a safety pin pointing into her butt. *

Joseph - Don’t believe this crap!

Victoria - It’s Christmas!!!

* Victoria grabs the safety pin before kissing Shawn on the forehead and ushering him towards his presents. Joseph leans into Victoria. *

Joseph - You’re too easy on him!

* He then leans away as if cold to the entire family. Everyone begins to open presents as Victoria sits down with Brooke to help her open hers while taking pictures. *

Present Day - Monday, October 17th, 2011

* Shawn is taken back by the rush of emotions. He then becomes fixated on another photo. It’s from Mothers day. She had just gotten a dishwasher as a present. The picture showed Mom hugging Dad with Marcus smiling with Brooke in his arms with a Barbie. Shawn was on the right which has been cut out. *

Shawn - I…I remember this too….

Mothers Day 15 Years Ago

Shawn - Keep your eyes closed!!

Victoria - They are!

* Shawn and Marcus are leading their mom down a hallway and down some stairs with a tie wrapped around her eyes, not very well by the way but what can be expected of kids? They lead her into the kitchen where Joseph is standing in front of a giant Dishwasher box and Brooke is sitting on the floor with a Barbie. *

Shawn - 1.…2.….3.….

Everyone - OPEN!!!

* The tie is thrown off her head as she looks at a dishwasher as she smiles. *

Victoria - Oh my god!

* Victoria hugs Joseph and kisses him on the cheek before looking at the gift. She then bends down to Shawn and Marcus and hugs them both. *

Victoria - Thank you!

* Victoria then gets back up and goes to Joseph. *

Victoria - I knew you were getting me a dishwasher!

Joseph - What?!

Victoria - I had this gut feeling!

* Joseph looks at Shawn who has a smile on his face which slowly goes away. *

Joseph - You told her didn’t you?!

Shawn - What?

* Victoria jumps in between them. *

Victoria - He didn’t say anything! I can guess things on my own!

* Joseph pushes Victoria away as he looks at Shawn clearly drunk looking back on the situation now much like Christmas. He grabs him and throws him against the door. *

Joseph - What did I tell you?

* Shawn being 15 and rebellious and straight up fed up responds… *

Shawn - Fuck you!

* For the first time ever, Joseph smacks Shawn across the face as Victoria screams. *

Joseph - What did I tell you?

* As an impulse Shawn punches his father right across the face as hard as he could. He then runs behind his mother. Joseph turns to them both. *

Joseph - Victoria move!

Victoria - Joseph please!

* Right then Joseph punches a hole in the wall before storming out the front door and driving away. Victoria bends down to a shocked Shawn. *

Victoria - Everything is alright…you didn’t do anything wrong.

* Victoria hugs Shawn as tight as she can. *

Present Day - Monday, October 17th, 2011

*After that all I remember is my parents arguing throughout the night and a few poundings against the wall. I didn’t know what to make of it at the time yet now…how could I be so selfish? So stupid? Shawn walks to his mother in the coffin. He looks at her almost taken back by the image. *

Shawn - Victoria…no…Mom…

I haven’t called her mom since I was like 16.

Shawn - Mom…I’m sorry…

* Tears begin to flow from Shawn’s cheeks. *

Shawn - I was too selfish putting my vendetta verse Dad to ever realize you…

* Shawn kneels down in front of the coffin looking right at his mother. *

Shawn - Mom…it took until now that I realized that you really loved me.

* Shawn wipes away the tears from his face. *

Shawn - All I remember is you being disappointed in me for what I did at Marcus’ wedding…I don’t remember the things before. That one day is forever cemented in my brain as the last time we were all a family. I don’t remember you loving me, I only remember you hating me. I guess it’s true, heart break live for ever.

* Shawn wipes away more tears before he looks at his mother. *

Shawn - You loved me all along…it never went away…I was your first born…I was your baby…I get it now…it was Dad…he was the cause of it all. Is that it?

* Shawn looks at his mother in the coffin. *

Shawn - Is it?!!?!?!?!

* Shawn drops to his knees crying more. *

* The camera shows a black backdrop with a podium in front of Shawn Winters as he looks up at the camera. *

Shawn - Hello…my name…is Shawn Winters and in the spirit of the republican debates, I want to stand here and tell you the people what I am all about and what I stand for. I am a man that causes someone to lose their family, I am a man who makes fun of a botched suicide, I am a man that has no filter for his mouth, I am also a man who flamboyantly celebrates a huge win with half naked women, a giant float, and Katy Perry singing his praises. What am I not? I am not boring, I am not unoriginal, I am not without personality, I am not dull. Now I realize that I am not for everyone and to be honest I never expected to be, I’m that rare flavor of tea that not everyone can get but when you do? It’s good. Now I understand that I rub people the wrong way, with Under Attack being a prime example as there are seven people wanting to rip my head off. But you know what? I will not bend, I will no break, I will not fold, and I will not give up, I will not give in to the demands of the people. I have been and always will be Shawn Winters and if you people can’t grasp that reality I would like to invite you all to blow me.

* Shawn smirks in front of the podium as it goes away and the backdrop turns to an SCW logo. *

Shawn - Did you see what I did there? I showed everyone what I stand for. I stand for entertainment, I stand for excitement, I stand for originality. The seven people that want to defeat me at Under Attack are everything that I stand against. You’ve got Chad Evans a self proclaimed God…yawn, I mean how many different nicknames can people have to refer to themselves as a God? A deity? A messiah? A lord? Please, come on Chad…how can you be a God when you’re constantly failing at everything you do? Come to think of it…Enough of the questioning…I’m full on board, I’ve hopped onto the bandwagon. Chad I truly believe that you indeed are God. Want to know why? After all these years of questioning it, I’ve finally seen the light. The truth is, I believe you are God because for every day that goes by people stop believing in you, one…by one. I remember a time in which you were actually feared. Your threats actually meant something compared to now you don't make threats you've reduced to promises. So I'm sorry if I can't take your promises of crippling me too seriously because it's kind of cute. Ya know, you trying to revert back to somebody that you were in 2007. It's a shame Chad that each person that sides with you eventually outshines you and you're always left in the dust. It happened with me, with James Exeter and Matt Hodges, even happened with Cid Turner. Jealousy runs deep in your family Chad look at James and look at yourself. You are so sick and tired of being over shadowed by people that are just better than you, you're so jealous of everything that I've done you want to cripple me because the highest point in your career is when I was gone. You talk a big game but when it comes down to it when was the last time you were able to back up those words? You want to cripple me? HA! Please Chad, you tried that once and you failed. You now Chad that should be a well known word in your vocabulary because you've experienced it a lot.

You’ve got Christy Matthews and the most uninteresting group of individuals that call themselves Infamous. If you ask me they should change the letter “I” to a “U” and call themselves Unfamous because nobody outside their own dressing room knows who the hell they are. They’re bland boring and completely uninteresting. Christy first things first, you’re never going to earn respect because you’re a woman. If you want respect then you’re in the wrong country because this country was founded by men and women have been striving for equality ever since. Rosa Parks didn’t sit in the front of the bus for white bitches like you to whine and cry about respect. Nobody’s going to respect you because everything you do is taken with a grain of salt because you’re a woman. So sit down and pray to your hero Hillary Clinton who without fail comes second to a black. That’s right Christy…slaves have more respect then women do. Christy if you really wanna earn respect or “prove yourself” how bought start small? Prove to your parents that you’re not completely incompetent by actually shitting in the toilet instead of on the carpet for once? Prove to them that you can dress yourself in the mornings. Ok honestly it’s fun to make fun of you but truly you’re a hero…anyone with down syndrome that’s able to put their own pants on in the morning deserves a fucking medal and everyone’s respect.

Oops, did I step over the line? Oh shit, have I offended someone? Ok if you have any sort of gripe or take any offense to what I say…not that I give a shit, but feel free to mail anything you have to any Drachewych you can find because I’m sure the higher ups will hear it and toss it in the trash just like I would. I’m allowed to say what I want because each and every single word that slips off the end of this tongue hits that clit that is a ratings spike! So in other words if I offend you, TOUGH SHIT!

* Shawn then clears his throat and shakes it off as if to get back to business. *

Shawn - Then you’ve got Katie Steward…see Chad Evans. Face it…pretty faces only last in the limelight for so long before the heat starts to burn away at the plastic surgery. Hotness fades Katie just like your relevance. You used to be someone to be admired by women a true activist, someone who challenged the status quo yet the only person who admires you now is your lap dog TJ. It's like mirror mirror on the wall whose the most overrated woman of them all? Trust me Katie, it's you. Shaun Cruze? A puppet to the fans. A man that strives to please the masses only to fall short. He’s your stereotypical “Good Guy”, he says the right things at the right time, wants clean matches and refuses to show an edge to him what so ever. Let’s face it, he’s a step away from telling us to say our prayers and eat our vitamins. He’s Stephen Segal in any one of his horrible movies. He’s a completely one dimensional character whose all action with no personality and no charisma.

* Shawn smirks at the camera while taking a quick drink of his beer. *

Shawn - Then you’ve got the complete jokes of Karnivale, Shilo Valiant and Masquerade. They are nothing more then little kids who used to play dress up except they never grew up and think that make up is still something funny to put on because they’re not old enough to know better. They claim to be entertainment when the last thing I remember being entertaining about either of them is losing to Dark Fantasy…talk about comedy. Now a little birdie has told me that Shilo has recently given up. After losing his United States Championship it seems like the confident clown isn't so confident anymore and he's starting to see the error of his ways. The error in which I so tastefully pointed out to him before Rise to Greatness. That he does it for the fans and that the weight of carrying their wants and needs would be his downfall. Well it only took three months of failure for him to realize that I speak the truth. Shilo no longer is out to entertain the fans, he's out to win. Without the pressures of the fans who knows what Shilo is capable of? Oh wait I do. Nothing. Shilo you may think that you've been enlightened but you haven't, you're simply responding based on your hurt ego. Everyone knows that your instincts will kick in inside that Chamber and you'll go for some flashy move that will get those fans out of their seats only for you to get that rush and go for something bigger, something memorable. That right there Shilo is going to be your downfall. Always has been and always will be.

Masquerade, you scarecrow deserve this opportunity least of all. You have been coasting on a victory over me three months ago before Rise to Greatness, something that not many people can claim in that time frame. However you hide behind your mask much like you hide behind a flawed victory. At Under Attack you'll be exposed for the jester that you truly are. You're in the ring with five other supposedly "deserving" superstars and you are just not even in the same league. So Masq you can smile and you can laugh until all eternity but the real punchline to the joke is you. The least I can say to you is that you know your place behind Shilo and that you know that you stand no chance of winning on Sunday. I can at least respect you for that because hell, knowing you stand no chance is half the fun right Masq? Go ahead and "enjoy" your time in the chamber because it's hard to laugh when you're breathing out of a hole in your neck.

* Shawn then relaxes a bit before smiling and focusing back on the camera. *

Shawn - Now this all brings me to Jake Starr, a man of many names a man of many accomplishments, trust me he’ll be more than happy to tell you. Yet he’s a man in which believes his own hype yet back tracks it by trying to be humble. No Jake, you’re not humble, you’ve got as big of an ego as anyone in the business yet you stand in judgment of me. You’ve got nothing on me Jake…your words that you say fall on deaf ears. Your actions you take are in the company of the blind. If Jake Starr wins a match and nobody was there to see it, does it make an impact? No Jake, you fall victim to the hype that you surrounded yourself with and yet you whine, complain until you get your way. Tisk, tisk Jake…you’ve got to come up with something better than that because last I checked that’s been done to death. You are just like the idiots inside the Chamber, nothing to get excited about, nothing to get people to stop from channel surfing. You’re just another flash in the pan that believes he’s worth a lot more than he really is. The only difference between you Jake and the six participants in the Chamber is they have to EARN there shot against me, yet you seem to think that you’re entitled to it. Well to quote Col. Jessep from “A Few Good Men”… “I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!”

Jake you pride yourself on being best in the world and yet you claim that the World Championship signifies being best in the world. Well Jake you’ve fallen victim to your own ego…as you’ve already admitted failure! You live for it don’t you Jake? You live for greatness, you’re Eve biting that apple. You bite it and find out that your actions have consequences! You didn’t create life Jake…you created failure. If God created us in his image then by god you were the out cast sin to be cast upon. You are failure while I am everything that God intended to make. I am Gods image and I am everything that you wish you were. Best in the world? Lying to yourself makes you ignorant and a fool. The best in the world proves themselves something that I have done since day one in SCW. All you’ve done is won a few titles and ran away after losing them. You’re not anything to be admired Jake…your entire story is sad and set to be a failure. You’re like a Shakespeare play…it’s going to end in heart break. Sure it begins so promising as you stand up against the villain which is me.

* Shawn laughs a bit. *

Shawn - You scratch you claw and you break until the moment in which the climax of the story begins and you face me. Yet all that’s left is for the love of your life to kill herself and for you to follow in her foot steps. Face it Jake…your story won’t have a happy ending. You’ll have blood on your hands and you’ll kill yourself knowing your failure and your regret. You’ll be Christy Matthews except you won’t under achieve Jake…you’ll make sure to go down the road and not across the street. If you fail…well we can just add a mark onto your wall of lifetime failures.

* Shawn smirks a bit acting as cocky as he can. He rubs his beard before checking himself back into position. *

Shawn - Your entire career is based around me. Don’t think so? Look at someone like Chad Evans, another person in light of his own success has been in my shadow since day one. His entire career has been based around me. His one shining moment of glory was defeating me which lead to him getting his one short lived title reign. Which only happened because I wasn’t around much like your title reigns. Each one should have a little asterisk beside it to let everyone know that it was done in a time of no Shawn Winters. Now much like how I can make careers Jake…I can break them. Take a look into the names of SCW’s past and find the name Shawn Alexander Cage. One of the best up and coming young athletes the entire SCW had. Everything was in front of him, fame, success, women, was all within his fingertips with the World Championship in his sights and it all came crashing down, with one match against me. He was out of the business as fast as he came into it retired doing anything he can to make a dime. That could be your future Jake…I would ask you what it is that you’re afraid of but see I already know what it is. You’re afraid of failure and it’s that fear of failure that’s going to overcome you and watch me kick your teeth so far down you’re throat you’ll be eating hard foods up your ass. Jake I am going to force so much trauma on your head that your next hiatus from SCW won’t be because of a concussion it will be because of a fucking coma!

Jake it’s amazing how you act as if Olek is on your side. Think about it for a second, he makes this match a glorified street fight. Who does that favor exactly? Last time I checked, I have all of Greaternity that could simply beat the living hell out of you as I sit back watch and drink a margarita. What do you have? Helms and Thorn? Last I checked they’ll be busy doing there own thing to even worry about you Jake. So really, whose got the advantage and who is Olek really stacking the tables against? You want to say that you’re not going to “let” me walk out of our match? That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard you say. You’re not going to be able to stop me. You’re going to be more incapacitated on Sunday than I normally am on a Saturday night.

* Shawn looks into the camera with a serious look on his face. *

Shawn - Ya know, maybe one day after Under Attack is over and you’re looking back on your career and how you used to be somebody maybe some YouTube fan will make you relevant again by being the Rick Roll version 2.0. However just like now your fame is in the hands of someone else.

* Shawn stands up and slaps the camera as it starts to fade to black. *