Oh, shit, what is this? Am I dead? This must be hell…oh no, what a cliché. I’ve had time to think about it but I’m afraid it’s not as simple as it should be. I’m seemingly in a form of coma but yet I can see, hear, and almost react to things around me but yet it’s as if I have no feeling, no sense of meaning. I’ve seemed to have forgotten…no lost my sense of self. Who am I right now? Am I Shawn Winters? Or am I the man that was once Shawn Winters? I am so confused…I am so distraught. What is this feeling? Is this what people like Greg Cherry and Jason Wheeler feel like? I don’t think that I have ever felt this before. What am I supposed to do now? Am I supposed to just let this feeling go or is it supposed to over come me and make me one with it? I no longer have this sense of security. It’s almost as if I have lost something…something that I can’t really explain. This feeling that is overwhelming me is unimaginable. I felt a bit of self service when I put Asher Hayes through a table last week on Breakdown but yet this pain and agony has not subsided. In fact it has grown inside of me and I don’t know how to rid myself of it. I’ve drank until my body has collapsed. I have popped pills until my throat swelled. All trying to rid myself of this feeling. It’s just been sitting inside of me ever since Retribution…is it really all because I lost the SCW Championship? No…it can’t be, because that title meant nothing to me…didn’t it? Sure I pretended to be happy and joyful on television because I can’t let the public see me like this…I have an image, a reputation to uphold and if anyone saw me wallowing in self pity then everything I’ve ever worked for would be shot. It’s easier to fool a hundred thousand people then it is to just fool one. I mean if somebody can tell me what it is I’m feeling then I’d love to hear it? Because if I was feeling like this before I found out that Katie killed herself…then what could possibly describe what I feel right now?

I know now what I must do…

* BEEP *

Recorded Voice – You have 5 new messages.

* BEEP *

Recorded Voice – New message-

* The sound of another “BEEP” interrupts the voice revealing Shawn Winters standing above a stand with a telephone and machine attached to it. He’s checking his messages since he was out of town and his house for Breakdown. He’s pressing the buttons to check his messages. He has finally removed himself from the snuggie and into a bathrobe now. *

Mark – (from voice message) Shawn you son of a bitch! I hope you’re happy! I mean is this what you wanted?! She fucking hung herself because of you! I thought you just ruined my life but what you did to her was unforgivable! Her death is on your conscious! I hope you know that you piece of shit! You just wait until your time comes and you stand before Christ waiting to be judged for your sins! You’re-

* BEEP *

Recorded Voice – Message deleted. New message-

* BEEP *

Mark – (from voice message) It was interesting not seeing you at the funeral you fucking bastard! I hope that you were to full of guilt to show your face but the truth is you’re probably gloating about this right now! Just knowing that you have such control over other people’s lives! How does it feel Shawn?! How does it feel knowing that you killed a woman?! You can wash your hands as many times as you want but that blood will forever be there! You better hope that I never see your face again because if I do I’ll-

Recorded Voice – Message deleted. New message-

* BEEP *

Normally I would wonder how the hell my brother knows about what I did to Katie on there wedding day but I guess I can assume they’ve talked since that day.

Victoria – (from voice message) Shawn honey…it’s your mom…(sigh) we missed you at the funeral today. Katie…she…she left a note. Shawn how could you? (crying) Shawn…I….I made a copy of the note she left. The police have the original copy but you need to read it. It was express shipped to you so you should have it by the time you get this message. Shawn I’m so disappointed in you.

Recorded Voice – Message deleted. New message-

* BEEP *

Well I guess that explains it. Even in this girls death she’s trying to ruin my life.


Recorded Voice – Message deleted. New message-

* BEEP *

Fuck…now I’ve got her father coming after me. Good thing Miranda’s dad is the Sheriff in my area.

Miranda – (from voice message) I love you babe!

Recorded Voice – Message deleted. No more messages.

Leave it to Miranda to leave a message about loving me after 4 straight messages of hate.

* Shawn looks up to see Halia standing in the doorway. *

Shawn – How long have you-

Halia – I heard them all Shawn.

Shawn – Right…

Halia – Shawn you’ve really gone to far this time. You really need to think about the road you’re going down. Sure you’ve been able to get away with your actions in a sense until now. You’ve got to realize that people aren’t here just to amuse you. Everyone has feelings and you really need to realize that Shawn.

Shawn – God damn it Halia! You have no idea what I’m going through right now! You have no idea what’s going on in my head! What? Just because some girl killed herself because I didn’t love her I’m supposed to change in the blink of an eye? Do you have any fucking idea how hard it is to be me?!

Halia – I’m guessing it’s just as hard as it is trying to love you!!!

* Halia storms off leaving Shawn Winters completely distraught and off put by Halia’s comment. Shawn runs his finger tips through his hair and sighs. *

Shawn – Can my life get any harder right now? What has brought everyone down on me all of the sudden? It’s as if I’m being treated like a banished wolf coming back to the pack. But I can easily turn this whole thing around all I’ve got to do is take back what’s mine.

* Shawn looks down at the mail and brushes some bills and such to the side to reveal an SCW Magazine laying underneath them all featuring The Infection on the cover and Christian Savior holding both the SCW Championship and the IWC Championship. He then looks back up at the camera. *

Shawn – Christian Savior…let me applaud you. (claps hands) You finally did it. Your three year journey to become SCW Champion has finally come to life. What has escaped your grasp so many times before finally lowered it’s moral enough to let you in it’s company. The chronicles of Christian Savior can finally read “SCW World Champion”. That’s what you’ve always wanted isn’t it? I mean this title doesn’t take second place to anything in your life does it? I’m sure Retribution was the single greatest night of your life. So let the parade go in route let the banner’s fly, let the people rejoice…you’ll need to take each and every day in, soak each one in because your title reign will be so short that you won’t even be able to consider yourself a real Champion. The thing is Christian, I’m not applauding you for winning the title….oh no, I’m applauding you for doing something I thought was even more impossible. I’m applauding you for making the SCW Championship even more insignificant then when your worthless brother held it.

Savior if you truly loved that title as much as you say you do, you’d have let it thrive in my company. You’d have let it go and reach higher standards then anyone could ever think possible. The saying is if you love something you should let it free…well that’s what you should of done Savior. You should of just let that belt go like a beautiful butterfly, now you must pay for your incompetence. You see I always thought I played dirty but you? Ha, you took things to a whole nother level with Drachewych getting that strap around your waist. He schemed that title away from me and into your hands. That triple threat match? Wow, I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that and sure I lost to CHBK…I suppose I shouldn’t take shame in that should I? But I do. Shawn Winters doesn’t lose. Olek knew that you couldn’t defeat me so he did what he could by getting the belt in somebody else’s hands like CHBK who probably got a damn hernia competing so much last night.

I look back on Retribution and I feel so used. I feel like that teenage girl that got asked to prom by the most popular guy in school only to make his ex girlfriend jealous. I feel like that college girl after a one night stand. I feel just so…unsatisfied. Now I can throw out some stupid jokes about Rose and your penis but I’m not really in the joking mood Savior. Ya see the time for fun and games was over the minute I was escorted from the ring by security. I don’t think that I have smiled since that night. All my frustration has just built up inside me like I’m about to give birth to it. Now in a sense I am, because on Breakdown I’m going to give birth not to a child but to an entity that has never quite been seen before. You’re going to witness the rebirth of one Shawn Winters. Since my return to SCW you’ve witnessed a tame Shawn, not a man that resembles the moniker of “The One Man Scandal”. No, I have been tame, I have been caged but when I get you in that ring Savior…all bets are off. I’m going to ENJOY ripping you limb from limb. No more cockiness, no more arrogance, no more smirks, no more laughs. Christian…you better become one with God because come Breakdown you’re going to be walking through HELL!

My goal was to bring prestige back to the SCW Championship and in one fail swoop it was gone and I had failed. The belt is once again held by an un-holier than thou competitor. Your Infection that you have been pumping through the veins of SCW and it’s fans has managed to destroy what I worked for in one single night. Now I’m sure that it makes you all feel accomplished. You all managed to rid me of my Championship and take out CHBK, Greg Cherry, and Brian Kinney…all in one night. But you see you all realize that Shawn Winters has a virtue that none of you possess. I have the ability to not get emotionally attached. Let me elaborate, you see most people get emotionally attached to the SCW Championship hence Greg Cherry. Me on the other hand, this isn’t about the SCW Championship per say. I mean sure I want it back because I want to finish what I started but I am not emotionally attached to it or to anything else for that matter. In being the way that I am it allows me to cross any bridge that I please, go down any road I desire any path that I see fit. Your brother Jason Wheeler? Your puppet master Drachewych? You Savior? None of you possess that virtue. Which is exactly why even if you won’t admit it…you all fear me. I may be uncaring and I may be cocky…but when the stakes are raised Shawn Winters plays not to get even…but to win. So like I said Savior…the fun and games are over, on Breakdown I’m not aiming to get even, I’m aiming to win!

* Right then there is a knock on the door. It startles Shawn before he recovers and takes a few steps to the door. He opens it and receives a package from a delivery man. He looks at the return address and it’s from his mother Victoria. He tears the strip off and pulls out a piece of paper. *

“I’ve tried to battle through this but this cut has gone deeper then I could ever thought possible. I thought I could over come the depression but it is just too overwhelming. I just can’t take it anymore…I feel as though God made a mistake when giving me this body, this opportunity at life because I have just wasted it. I made horrible decisions in my life, I’ve hurt the people I loved and loved the people who hurt me. Which turned out to be my biggest regret.
Which brings me to the reason to why I am writing this and why I’m about to do what I’m about to do. I’m to ashamed to say what it is but you’ll know. Like I said I loved the people who hurt me and that person would be Shawn.
To Shawn, what I would have given to go back to when we first met and make things different between us. I know that some of this was my fault but I could never in my wildest dreams imagine you to be so cold. You truthfully ruined my life Shawn, I was over you and about to marry a wonderful man in Marcus…then you played with my head and made me believe that you still loved me only to break my heart and leave me to cry my eyes out for weeks. I hope your happy Shawn, because of you I’m reduced to nothing. Be happy Shawn…you finally won.
To my family…”

* The note goes on…however I read the important part. Now it wasn’t a piece of art like a Kurt Cobain suicide note but it got the point across. Shawn rubs his forehead right above his brow. He then places the suicide note on the stand on top of the SCW Magazine. *

Shawn – I’ve got to get out of here…clear my head.

* Shawn walks up the stairs. The scene cuts away. *

* The next scene shows Shawn Winters walking into a building. *

Shawn – Christian…do you know where I am?

* The camera pans around revealing some art work and statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. *

Shawn – I am indeed standing before you in a church Christian. I stand in this church to be judged for my own transgressions, for my own sins. I stand here to confess…however not of my sins of the past oh no…I’m going to confess to my sins of the future. Sure I may have blood on my hands right now because some bitch decided to hang herself but that’s already dead and gone, nothing I can do about it now…but the future is still bright or in your case dark and glum. I heard that if your transgressions were forgiven then good things shall come. Well I’m here to get my future sins forgiven as then I shall be bestowed with what you took from me.

For I know my transgressions before me…“Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.” – Psalm 32:1…As for you Christian? Your transgressions? Your sins? I’ll be the one hearing your plea, not God…not anyone…only me. I’ll be the one to rectify your incompetence. I’ll be the one to restore order to SCW. No more will I fall victim to the Infection because I even though only one man…I possess the God given ability to put forth an amount of pain and suffering that can only be compared to that of the lost souls wondering around aimlessly in purgatory. Savior…come Breakdown, there is not going to be anybody left to save you…you’re going to be on your own. Is it cold yet Savior? Are your goose bumps starting to swell? Well they should be because that chilling feeling that’s slowly going up your spine is a thing called reality…a thing called fear. Not the heavens above or even the deeps of hell below will bestow pity on you Savior…because you have gotten yourself in far to deep into the rabbit hole and it’s time that I show you the light, it’s time that I show you the way out but my price is very steep, not one that anybody can willingly afford but you Savior? Heh…your will was lost when you sided with Drachewych so you’ll be paying that price…with everything that you’ve got.

* Shawn walks to the confessional. The light above him is lit to show that the father is inside. Shawn steps through the door and closes it behind him. He then takes a seat on the bench and looks through the mesh style cage. *

Shawn – Forgive me father for I am about to sin…

Father – What do you mean my child?

Shawn – Father I am about to punish a man, wait no…the men who have wronged me. I am not to punish them not by law but to punish them by my bare hands.

Father – What did they take from you my son?

Shawn – They took away something that can never be replaced. They took away my spirit. You see Padre…I was once a happy man, a man who had everything he wanted in life…now after being wronged by these men I have lost the sense of smell, the sense of taste…Even the clouds and sky above have turned to grey. I lost Padre…I’m not a man who loses, I’m a man who accomplishes everything that he wishes but yet something happened….something that was seemed out of my control and they took from me something that meant more to me than anything in this world. For me to get it back, it means doing things that I can hardly refrain from making too graphic in description. Padre…I must get my spirit back because without it, who am I to differ from the rest? My pride has been reduced to nothing as I feel that I have become what I felt…no what I KNEW I was better than. I have lost Padre and it sickens me to think that I have turned into others who I have wronged in the past.

Father – Maybe this is Gods way of humbling you my son. Maybe this is Gods way of telling you to make things right with those you have wronged, then maybe he shall reward you with something even greater then your spirit.

Shawn – What would that be Padre?

Father – Faith….my son.

Shawn – Faith father?

Father – Faith in the lord.

Shawn – I don’t desire faith in the lord Padre…I want faith in myself again. You see without my spirit I have lost faith in myself as well. What these men have taken from me can not be forgiven, they must fall victim to my wrath.

Father – My son you are traveling down a very dark path…one that has no turning back.

Shawn – Who’s to say I ever planned on turning back?

Father – Well then my child…let the lord be with you.

Shawn – It’s not me he’s going to need to be with.

* Shawn gets up and exits the confessional. The scene cuts away. *

* Scene opens up showing Shawn Winters back at his home as he begins packing his bags getting ready for Greaternity to arrive at his home so they can road trip together to Las Vegas for Breakdown. He then grabs the pair of tights that he laid aside earlier this morning only to recognize that they were the same tights that he wore at Retribution. He then tosses them into the trash can to his left. *

Shawn – I’m not superstitious but with the way things have been going recently, every little bit could help.

* Shawn then grabs a different pair of tights out of his closet and places them into his bag. He then pulls out his wallet and looks through the cash that he has. He pulls out quite a few hundreds and slips them into a pair of dress shoes before zipping up the bag. *

Shawn – I’ve got to make sure I’ve got some cash on me for the casino.

* Shawn grabs his bag and walks out of his bedroom and down the flight of stairs and drops it off right beside the door. He turns around and sees the suicide note that Katie wrote staring right back at him. *

Shawn – I don’t believe anybody can say that they’ve been through what I’ve been through within the past couple of weeks. My life has completely turned a 180. I’ve gone from being on top of the world to quite possibly questioning my own being. Can it get any lower then that? But yet no matter what I’ve been through these past two weeks…no matter what hell I’ve subjected myself to, not even Mr. Drachewych can deny me of a rematch for the SCW World Championship. On Breakdown everything will come full circle, I think it’s like what a man once said: “man is the measure of all things.” I should know, I ran the gamut.

Now even with everything that I’ve been through I still have the ability to look at things rationally. You see, me and Christian have a little bit in common I won’t lie about that. We both manipulated our way into becoming the SCW World Heavyweight Champion but the similarities end there. I’m part of the single greatest group of athletes and performers the world has ever seen and he? He’s apart of an infection that is draining the life force out of each and every person that listens to there voice.

* Shawn walks away from the note and towards the kitchen/dinning room area. He then looks around noticing that he’s all alone in his giant mansion, something that happens only in a full moon it seems. *

Just listen to that silence…it’s captivating…almost inviting. I’ve ran everyone away from me lately just so I can have time to myself…time to think. At this point in my life I need to be able to hear myself think, I need my thoughts to be clear…otherwise the consequences would be dyer. However it was once that I said the silence scared me because it screams the truth…but that’s exactly what I need right now. I need no more lies in my life…all I need is the truth. The truth is…these four walls…they come closer every day. They’re suffocating me and with each breath I take, each one quite possibly being my last makes me relish everyone of them even more…and yet it gives me this little bit of a high, a high that I haven’t felt since I won the SCW Championship…and to be honest, I’m going to do everything that I can to keep that high coming. But it’s not going to be by suffocating myself with this hell that I’ve succumbed too…oh no…it’s going be by locking Christian Savior in his OWN personal hell. Then when that’s said and done and he’s left feeling the same feeling that I’ve been having lately…I’ll move on to Mr. Drachewych…why not Jason Wheeler? Well that’s because I’ve already done that and I’m pretty sure Alex has just put the exclamation point on it with his victory last Wednesday on Breakdown.

* Shawn walks over to a lap top that’s open on the table in his dinning room. He turns it to face him showing SCW’s website’s main page. He reads what was written. *

Shawn – Heh…rumblings about that roofed cage on Breakdown? What rumblings…everybody knows what Drachewych is going to do with that cage. He’s going to use it in order to eradicate each and every threat to the Infection. Which means he’s probably going to put each and every member of Greaternity in there with the likes of CHBK, Greg Cherry, and maybe Brian Kinney if he’s even still contracted with this company. He’s going to put us all in there and hope we all rip each others head’s off but you see haha…Drachewych isn’t that smart because the truth is Greaternity would wipe the floor with those three and then we’d stand tall and break that cage down and get our hands on the Infection. Maybe we’ll get sued or maybe we’ll get fired…it doesn’t really matter because we’d find work in a heartbeat. I can just envision the website now. It would read: “Breaking News…Mr. Drachewych has released Greaternity due to creative differences.” Haha…creative differences? The only difference there is that you’re not creative Drachewych. You may sit on your high horse thinking that you’re this gift to sports entertainment…that you’ve got the greatest mind in the industry but the truth is Drachewych…you’re becoming stale. You’re becoming predictable…so why don’t I assist you and your Infection with a challenge to you Olek…I challenge you to do something unexpected. Do something that the world doesn’t see coming. Just because you have Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior praising your brilliance doesn’t mean that you’re brilliant…it only means that you’re losing your edge. It only means that you’re losing your grasp. I mean is it really a coincidence that Bob Tomlinson will be on Breakdown tomorrow night? Heh, I think not. So why don’t you join in on the Infections fight for competition and do something creative for once. You were forced to give Christian Savior a challenge tomorrow night with his first title defense against myself…so like I said Olek…surprise me!

* Shawn then hears a knock on the door and it open up right away after the knock. *

Ace – SHAWN! It’s Ace! I’m here to drive you to Vegas! Are you in that creepy room with the mirror?!

* Shawn shakes his head as if disappointed. *

Shawn – I’m in the kitchen Ace!

* Shawn then opens the fridge and pulls out a case of beer and then grabs a stray bottle off of the top shelf. Ace then joins him in the kitchen and catches the bottle of beer thrown at him. Shawn then plops the case on the table and then grabs another stray beer and opens it. *

Ace – Haha…you’ve got to love getting drunk every night.

Shawn – Hell….sometimes I’m drunk my noon.

* Shawn raises the bottle to cheers Ace who obliges. *

Shawn – I take it everyone else is waiting in the car?

Ace – Not exactly…

Shawn – Why? What’s up?

Ace – Well after last week’s little fiasco nobody really wanted to witness your bare ass in a snuggie so we decided to…

Shawn – Decided to do what?

Ace – Well it was Adam’s idea to send Matt Hodges but Hodges isn’t really a pledge so…me and Alex had to wrestle over it…in jello….

Shawn – Wait…so you and Alex wrestled in jello? For what?

Ace – Well the loser in a sense had to you know…come get you…

Shawn – (sighs) Wow…and you lost to Alex?

Ace – I don’t think that was his first rodeo.

Shawn – I wouldn’t suppose so.

Ace – All I know is that everyone else is taking a flight to Vegas and we’re supposed to meet them there…and I’m supposed to make sure that you’re clothed.

Shawn – Well pledge…as you can see I am fully clothed and I am not in the same shape that I was last week.

Ace – I see that…so question…where’s Miranda? Wasn’t she supposed to go on the road with us this week?

Shawn – Oh…I uh got rid of her for a few days.

Ace – How did you do that?

Shawn – Well it was quite brilliant to say the least, I’m quite proud with myself on this one.

Ace – Damn it Shawn what did you do? I may need to use it later haha.

Shawn – Well you see she’s the most jealous girl that I have ever been around so I just played with some emotions a little bit. She’s so concerned about being the best girl I’ve ever been with so I ever so slightly told her that I’ve had better head from a stripper in my club.

Ace – Oh no…

Shawn – So it you know, snow balled into this huge deal which inevitably lead her to get surgery…

Ace – Surgery? What kind of surgery?

Shawn – She got surgery to expand her esophagus…ya know…to get it deeper down there. (smirks)

Ace – Oh my god you are just brilliant!

Shawn – Hey…I do what I can…if she’s going to be as competitive with other women as she has been who am I not to give her an advantage? Haha…now come on let’s get going.

Ace – You got it, after you win the World Championship back tonight we’re going to take Vegas by storm!

Shawn – The lolli’s will be out in bloom tonight, trust me.

Ace – Lolli’s?

Shawn – Women Ace…women.

Ace – Right, gotcha.

* Shawn grabs his bag as Ace opens the door up leading to them both leaving the mansion and Shawn locking the door behind them. They walk down the steps and Shawn puts his bag in the trunk of Ace’s car. He then looks back at the camera. *

Shawn – On Breakdown last week I got a little redemption by beating the shit out of Alex Jr.’s father…and yes I refer to him as Alex Jr.’s father do you know why? Because after Alex’s display to Greaternity by down right embarrassing Jason Wheeler it goes to show that he is well on his way to over shadowing anything that his father CHBK could ever muster. When it’s all said and done the only thing to be remembered of CHBK will be that he gave birth to his son Alex Jr. So now that I’ve gotten that checked off my list it’s time to move on to the man that carries my belt and that would be the self proclaimed Undisputed World Champion Christian Savior. Savior may have escaped my grasp on Breakdown last week but there will be no where for him to run this week. Last week there was a cage brought down by Olek in order to save you from me. Now sure maybe that shows some good faith from Olek towards you but with this match between us on Breakdown what type of good faith does that show? It shows none because the truth is as much as you three pretend to have each others backs, the fact remains you wouldn’t even cross the street to piss on any one of them if their head was on fire. That goes for all three of you not just one. Greaternity on the other hand would do anything for one another because we understand the true meaning of allegiance. Which is exactly why Olek had to play his chairman card banning them from the ring in my World title defense because he knows that Greaternity can not be matched when together. That’s something that your precious Infection can’t claim. You claim to wish and thrive for competition but yet you won the SCW Championship more cowardly then anyone in history. Where was the competition there Savior? If you truly wanted the competition you would of faced me one on one like a man but instead you give Olek a few tugs and practically get the night off and having the SCW Championship handed to you. Breakdown you’ve got to face what you so slyly avoided at Retribution. You’ve got to face a man who seemingly has nothing left to lose…a man who is trying to once again discover himself and that Christian…makes me a VERY dangerous man. Because when one doesn’t know who he is…who’s he to know when to stop? To know his limits? Truth is he doesn’t…and he won’t. He’ll only stop when the job is done, so Savior…haha…you’re in for the longest night of your life. I thought that I was in hell but oh no…(smirks) it’s going to be Breakdown when the devil himself once again shows himself and then we’ll see whose sins will be forgivable.

* Shawn then opens the passenger door and takes a seat. *

Ace – How come you never drive?

Shawn – I don’t have a license now let’s go.

Ace – Don’t have a license? Since when?

Shawn – Since I got into a little scuffle with the police in Atlanta, don’t worry about it just drive.

* Ace starts the car and puts the car in drive. *

Tomorrow night on Breakdown, I shall have my answers. I shall know who I am. But as I sit here at this moment I remain asking myself, who is this guy? To tell you the truth…I still don’t know. But I like his chances. I really like his chances.