One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


* The scene opens up with Ace Marshall and Holly Adams in Ace's suite as Ace is putting on a shirt. *

Ace - I don't know what to do about Shawn. I mean I didn't think it was possible but I think this whole divorce thing is actually bothering him. I mean just the other night he actually told me that he was doing all of this partying to numb the feeling of it all. That's not supposed to be what Greaternity is all about. We're the party hosts, leave no girl unturned!

Holly - What?

Ace - Nothing.

Holly - Well clearly you've got to get him to forget about this...what's her name?

Ace - Hannah.

Holly -'ve got to find a way to get him to forget about her and I have the perfect idea.

Ace - No!

Holly - You don't even know what I'm going to say!

Ace - I'm not having sex with Shawn! The whole "pumpkin butt" on twitter is about as far as that's gonna go Holly.

Holly - Damn it!

Ace - We've got to figure something out. I mean it's 1 in the afternoon and he still hasn't gotten out of bed yet.

Holly - Well you know what Ace? Be prepared to be jealous because Shawn's about to have a new best friend!

* Holly walks out the door as Ace follows. Holly gets to Shawn's suite and knocks on the door. The door opens from the force of the knock since the door wasn't closed all the way. Holly walks inside with Ace behind her. There are beer bottles and clothes scattered around everywhere. A chair is upside down and a glass coffee table is broken. Holly turns to see a couple girls laying on the floor naked and gets to Shawn who is sprawled out on the bed butt as naked next to a few perscription pill bottles that are knocked over spilling pills everywhere. *

Holly -'s so great to see the behind the scenes Shawn Winters.

Ace - Ha...this is nothing.

* Ace throws open the curtains letting the sunshine in while Holly leaps up and onto the edge of Shawn's bed getting a muster out of him. *

Shawn - Ugh

Holly - Shawn it's time to get up! Here drink some water.

* Holly grabs a bottle only to smell it. *

Holly - OH MY GOD EW! What is that?!

Ace - My guess? Chew spit.

Holly - Gross!

* Holly puts the bottle back. She then shakes Shawn's leg trying to get him up. *

Shawn - What do you want?

Holly - We're here to get you out of this little funk you're in. We're here to cheer you up.

* Right then one of the girls gets up and walks into the bedroom. *

Holly - Who are you?

Girl - Amy.

Shawn - Bitch what'd I tell you? For the foreseeable future your name is Hannah! Now leave.

Girl - But I can't find my clothes.

Shawn - I threw them out the window when you fucked up my eggs. I mean come on, that's like one night stand 101.

Girl - am I to wear?

Shawn - Don't care...just leave.

* The girl walks away. *

Holly - Get and Ace are going to take you out to lunch.

* Holly stands up assuming that Shawn's going to get up. Shawn rolls over taking the blanket off him revealing his naked body. Holly doesn't seem to flinch as she's staring. Ace meanwhile is looking out the window. Shawn sits up scratching himself on the chest and neck. He throws his legs over the bed and stands up noticing Holly is looking at him. *

Shawn – I've got autographed pictures in the drawer. (winks)

* Ace turns around to see Holly watching Shawn walk away. *

Ace – What the fuck?

Holly – What?! Not everybody gets to see this side of Shawn Winters.

Ace – Yes...they do.

* Shawn continues to walk towards the bathroom stepping over Charlie whose laying with another naked female. Shawn closes the door behind him. *

Ace – Well we could do without that for a while.

* Ace then notices Holly looking at Shawn's end table where he has knocked over pill bottles. *

Holly – Are you serious?!

Ace – What?

Holly – Does he do all this shit?

Ace – You'd be surprised. He's got drugs for everything. Half of those are just to relieve pain in his back and to help him sleep at night.

Holly – What are the others?

Ace – To party?

Holly – What is wrong with him? Is this seriously all because of Heather?

Ace – Hannah...and by god no. He's been doing this shit as long as I've known him. He's bound to have some coke around here somewhere too. Either thing to do is leave it alone.

Holly – He needs help.

Ace – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! No! The last thing Shawn is going to want right now is help. What we're going to do is take him out to lunch and not say a word. We're just going to try and take his mind off some things...and probably have some beers.

Holly – Is that all you think about? Alcohol?

* Ace walks over to Holly starting to lift up his shirt. *

Holly – Never mind.

Ace – You asked.

* Right then Shawn walks back out from the bathroom with a pair of jeans on and no shirt. He looks around. *

Shawn – Any idea where all my shit is?

Holly – Did you throw it out the window too?

Shawn – Fuck shits Prada.

Holly – Oh god.

Ace – Haha.

* Shawn walks over to a closet and opens it up and grabs a button up shirt and throws it on. *

Holly – Not going to shower?

Shawn – Nope. Brushed my teeth I'm good to go. (smiles)

* Shawn grabs one of his pill bottles only Holly to grab his arm. *

Holly – What are you doing?

Shawn – Taking some Asprin?

* Holly takes a look at the bottle to see it's an Asprin bottle and lets go. Shawn throws a couple in his mouth. He searches around for a water bottle that doesn't have chew spit in it. He finds one and throws it back swallowing the pills. *

Holly – Your life is a mess...and I mean that.

Shawn – Nobody said looking behind the curtain was a good thing.

* Shawn grabs his phone and dials a number. *

Shawn – Ty! Get your ass me somewhere.....I dont know....

* Shawn covers the mouth of the phone and turns to Holly and Ace. *

Shawn – Where are we going?

Ace – Fuck if I know, it was her idea.

Holly – Do I look like Google? Have him find a good place for lunch.

* Shawn goes back to his phone. *

Shawn – Google us somewhere good for lunch. We'll be down in the lobby in 10.

* The scene fades as Shawn, Ace, and Holly walk over people as they head towards the lobby. *

* The scene opens up as Shawn, Ace, and Holly are sitting outside at a table drinking. The waiter brings over some croissants. *

Shawn – What the fuck is this?

Waiter – A croissant sir.

Shawn – Do I look like I want a croissant? I want a fucking cheeseburger you fuck! What the hell is wrong with you! I ordered a cheeseburger! Plus my beer is half way empty!

Waiter – Did you want a Chip Butty?

Shawn – CHEESEBURGER!!!!! Speak English!

Waiter – I am speaking English.

Shawn –'re speaking some sort of foreign bullshit. I don't speak Spanish!

Waiter – I'm sorry but you realize that you're the one whose foreign mate?

Shawn – What? I'm not foreign! I'm fucking American you piece of shit! You're the one whose foreign! Now get these croissants out of here and bring me a burger MATE!

* Shawn throws the croissants to the ground as the waiter picks them up. *

Shawn – We need more beer too!

* The waiter walks away. *

Shawn – Jesus...why can't people just learn our language I don't get it?

Holly – I don't understand why people can't stop being fat.

Ace – I don't understand why my penis is in my pants right now.

* They're all silent. *

Ace – Oh...sorry, that wasn't meant to be said out loud.

* Right then a stranger walks up to Shawn. *

Stranger – Me scuse mate...have a fag?

* Shawn and Ace stand up from the table. *

Shawn – What did you just say?!

Ace – You point out a fag around here and I'll point out a penis that likes women!

Stranger – What?

Shawn – Listen here you foreign freak! I'm not here to be kidnapped and have some sort of freakish sexual games played on me. I'm not into that. least not by another male. My point is, I've seen the movies and I'm not going to let you sell me as a sex slave!

* The stranger clearly looks confused. *

Shawn – Get out of here you foreign piece of shit! Learn to speak English!

Stranger – Escuse...but I am speaking least how it's MEANT to be spoken.

Shawn – You're about to speak into my fist if you don't get the fuck out of here you fag!

* Another person leans over from another table. *

Stranger 2 – Have a fag?

Shawn – Fuck you!

* The first stranger walks away as the 2nd turns around clearly confused. Shawn and Ace sit down. *

Shawn – Where's my beer?! Oh I think it's called a “pint” in this backward ass country!

Stranger 2 – (under his breath) stubborn!

Holly - I'm going to find the ladies room.

* Holly gets up and leaves. *

Ace - Alright've got to tell me, last night those two chicks you took into the bathroom. Did they?

Shawn - (smirks)Did they what?

Ace - You know what I'm saying. They take it in?

Shawn - Dude...they had a blow off!

Ace - Oh!

* Right then one of the guests from another table starts laughing. *

Shawn - Excuse me?! Something funny?

Guest - The two girls had a blow off? Haha...I'm sorry, silly Americans.

Shawn - Sill Americans! I bet you've never had a blow off in your entire life you fuck! Eat your croissant!

* The guest still laughs as he turns around. *

Ace - Seriously? What is wrong with this country?

Shawn - I don't fucking know. Either way...what about Holly last night?

Ace - don't even know. That girl is like a fucking machine! I swear she'd of kept going if-

* The same guest as before turns to them. *

Guest – Blow me down.

Ace - What?!

Guest - Blow me down good sir.

Ace - I don't know what you've heard about me but I'm not going to blow you down anywhere!

Shawn - Why don't you blow down the guy that you're with?! I thought we straightened this out with that other guy...we aren't some fags!

* A couple tables turn around saying: "Fag? Fag?" *

Guest – Well blow me down with a feather!

Shawn – That's it!

* Shawn punches the guy in the face knocking him out. Shawn's bodyguard Ty rushes over as he was standing guard by the car. *

Shawn – Ty! You punched that fucker....remember that! Tell the police he wanted to blow you if they ask.

Ty – Or we could just get the fuck out of here!

Ace – I like that idea!

* All three of them run to the car as Holly walks back out to the commotion. *

Holly – What the fuck?

Ace – (yelling from car) HOLLY! COME ON!

* Holly runs over to the car as the four of the speed off. *

* The scene opens up back in the hotel suites as Shawn throws a dip into his lower lip and grabs a beer before sitting down. His suite has cleared out. *

Ace – Where'd Charlie go?

Shawn – Fuck if I know. Prolly went to fuck the bell hop for all I know.

* Shawn spits into a near by bottle with some of it dripping onto the floor. *

Holly – Oh my god! Gross!!!! Do you know how fast that shit will kill you?!

Shawn – Not any faster than being a moron.

Holly – What?

Shawn – I bet you 2 million dollars that a moron dies before I do.

Holly – How do you judge that?

Shawn – Look at how they died...”person electrocuted to death by pissing on electric fence!” MORON!

Holly – You don't have 2 million dollars!

* Shawn smirks as Ace is silent. Holly looks at Ace. *

Holly – Does he?

Ace – Oh yeah! He was paid a million just to wrestle Jay Gold nearly 6 years ago. Do the match.

* Shawn spits again with an ear to ear grin on his face. *

Shawn – I just became a whole hell of a lot sexier didn't I? (winks)

Holly – (In a daze) I think chew is sexy.

Ace – Shawn give me a dip!

Holly – What?

* Ace puts a dip in his mouth. *

Shawn – Good shit isn't it? It'll hit you in like two seconds.

Ace – Yup!

* Right then Ace begins to sway back and forth. *

Shawn – You alright? This isn't your first dip is it? You're from Texas right?

Ace – Damn right I am! Long horns woooo!

Holly - Ace what the hell are you doing?! It's only hot when a millionaire does it!

* Ace shakes his head clearly dizzy. He then starts coughing and gagging. *

Shawn – You swallowed didn't you?

* Ace is holding his throat as he runs towards the bathroom gagging. Shawn smiles towards Holly who is now sitting down. *

Shawn – So hot right?

* Holly shakes her head getting her composure again. *

Holly – What?

* Shawn laughs a bit as he spits into his bottle. *

Holly – Ew gross!

Shawn – What the hell? You just said it was hot a second ago. You got poor Ace puking his guts out in the bathroom.

Holly – Sorry...I don't know what came over me.

* Shawn takes a drink from a beer. *

Holly – So...since you and I are going to be best friends and all.

Shawn – What?

Holly – You and me, best friends.

Shawn – We're going to be best friends?

Holly – know repeating it doesn't change what I said right?

Shawn – I'm not so sure that's the greatest idea you've ever had. Then again...I'm unaware of ANY idea you've ever had. I've known you for a whole week maybe.

Holly – Which is why in order for us to become best friends we've got to get you back to your old self and then you'll like me.

Shawn – I will? What makes you think that?

Holly – Because I'm hot and have big breasts?

Shawn - ….. pretty good reason.

Holly – Ya see? You and I would be perfect best friends. You like hot women...I'm a hot woman.

Shawn – Charlie's a hot woman. Why can't she be my new best friend?

Holly – She's a fuck buddy, that's doesn't look good on a best friend resume.

Shawn – That's pretty much all I'm looking for at the moment. Jesus...I feel like I'm breaking up with you.

Holly – Come on! Ace is your best friend and I'm his g/f! The last thing we need is for us to be fighting over his attention.

* Shawn just stares at her with a confused look on his face. *

Holly – Whether you admit it or not you like the company. Nobody wants to be alone and with this little moppy doppy crap you've been's not your most attractive trait.

Shawn – Okay seriously...who are you? Don't act like you know me alright. The only thing you know about me is what I let you know about me. I could be putting on a face right now and you'd have no idea.

Holly – I have a degree in Psychology Shawn...I think I can tell...

Shawn – Is that why you're here? To try and analyze my brain? No...I'm perfectly fine. My life is perfectly fine. It couldn't be better. I'm having sex with numerous girls every night. My life is awesome and I don't need somebody else to confirm it. I know I'm awesome and I know what I'm doing. I have my own cycle and I don't need some girl with a Psychology degree from a community college that she paid for while stripping at a strip club near an airport where the only amusement comes from betting on who has the longest c section scare.

Holly – Fuck you! You don't need to be mean about it.

Shawn – Then stop trying to understand my thought process. I don't need anybody in my head. Half the time I don't even want to be in there.

Holly – Is that what all the pills, drugs, and alcohol is for?

Shawn – Okay what are you my mom?

Holly – Well from what Ace has told me I might as well be since you don't really have one at the moment.

Shawn – Leave.

Holly – What?

Shawn – LEAVE!

* Shawn throws his beer bottle against the wall right as Ace stepped out of the bathroom with the bottle almost hitting him in the head. *

Shawn – Ace you too!

Ace – What did I do?

Holly – Fine...Shawn if you want to sit alone and feel sorry for yourself go ahead. I'm sorry that your friends tried to help you.


Holly – Forget it! Shawn I don't know what your problem is but I tried to be your friend! I guess what people say is's hard to be your friend. No wonder your wife left your wife left you!

* Ace and Holly leave Shawn's room as he sits in his chair with nothing left but his thoughts. *

She doesn't know me. What is with everybody these days? Why is everyone trying to analyze my actions? Why can't I just do something without my mentality or my moral values come into question? I am a grown man who has the capability of making his own decisions. I am in control of my life despite everyone trying to tell me that I'm not. No, I'm not lost! I know who I am and what I am. I am Shawn fucking Winters and I am the next World Heavyweight Champion! That's enough for me to know who and what I am. That gives me purpose. I'm not so shallow to need another person to give me purpose. I'm so good I give myself purpose. Everyone else is just weak minded and weak spirited. I'm Shawn Winters, the One Man Scandal, the winner of Taking Hold of the Flame, and the next World Heavyweight Champion! I am me...everyone else is just jealous and trying to destroy me. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm better than everyone else. They're all weak and need support from other weak people. I'm better than that!

* Right then Shawn grabs his phone and looks at it. He pushes a couple buttons on it. It's on speaker phone as it begins to ring. *

“This number is no longer in service.”

* Shawn had just called Hannah's cell phone number. Shawn then out of frustration throws his phone against the wall breaking it. Shawn then runs his hands through his hair before he shakes his head. The scene fades out. *

* Shawn Winters is seen in front of the camera looking at his lap top. The camera pans around showing the SCW website with a promo poster for Rise to Greatness with Shawn Winters on it. Shawn then clicks a clip that show EPIC's segment from Breakdown. *

Shawn – James...this running joke of your life is just getting sad. It's like I watch you on television and think to myself: "Simpsons did it"...or better yet: "South Park did it." Anyone that thinks you're funny, entertaining, ammussing should just turn on Comedy Central and get the same material you vomit out each week except the only difference is it'll be more entertaining. Your fans will fall by the waist side as they soon figure out that you're a parody of a parody.

Ya know that I think about it, I feel like I owe you an apology. It seems as though I may have said a few things that could be considered harsh and unprovoked. I have stood here and I have belittled you, I have dehumanized you, and I have fabricated your accomplishments when they truly are eched in stone. For that I apologize but you have to see this from my point of view James. When you're a superstar of my calabar and you suffer such a gut wrenching loss at the biggest stage in the world and you're left to think about it in prison for 8 months and then another 15 months after that it can do a few things to the brain. Now sure...I may have let's say stretched the truth a bit but in all honesty James, it just comes from the fact that I've waited 2 years for this rematch. Two years that I've worked, trained, and prepared for something that I was never even sure would happen. Yet here I am...talking to you because Sasha has indeed granted me this wish. It's only fitting that I redeem my loss to you as I further my momentum going into Rise to Greatness. It's only fitting that I defeat you in the center of that ring and you look at me as I leave with my hand raised high and say: "He's the better man!" It's only fitting for you to be humbled because since your return you've done nothing of significance but pick on an Emo nut job. I mean come on? Could you have picked an easier target?

James all kidding aside you honestly have gotten further in this business with sub par talent and a catchy nickname than anyone before you. You've been able to ride the coat tails of this stretch for as long as you could, however it's all going to come crashing down Wednesday night. Now're going to go out there and have the match of your life and sure it could be another match of the year candidate but don't think it'll be because of the sweat off your forehead. You see James, this is what I do. This is what I am. I create stars out of men and women that couldn't possibly dream of the heights their careers reached. I did the very same thing for you 2 years ago much to my own dismay.

You see James we live in an era of short term. Nobody remembers what we did 2 years ago. Nobody remembers what we did 2 months ago. What people remember is right now. What have you done for me lately? I believe that's the saying. You're only as good as your latest contest. I believe that's another saying. Well if we're comparing You are your buddy Matt Hodges defeated the laughing stock of SCW in ASP and his oddly named Vin Detta. What have I done? I won Taking Hold of the Flame. Go ahead and try to hold your candle next to mine right now I dare you. In the society we live in today James you're nothing more than a distant memory. I am the present and I plan on showing that to you on Breakdown.

Now with all of that said and all of that off my chest I am going to do you a favor James. I am going to let you relive your past accomplishments through me. Oh you don't need to thank me it's the least I could do for the "Extraordinary One" right? I mean you and I created art together 2 years ago and we're going to create art again on Breakdown however this one isn't going to fall apart the last few seconds of making it. James...what I am prepared to do for you is something that will love with you forever. On Breakdown I'm going to give you the match that you deserve and I'm going to create yet another Shawn Winters masterpiece and through said masterpiece you'll have this connection to me and you'll be able to live life through me as I go on to win the World Championship at Rise to Greatness. I'm willing to do that for you buddy. (smirks)

Now do you want to know what I'm willing to do that for you James? Do you? Well it's actually quite simple and not at all sarcastic. The fact is, SCW needs you. For some reason the fans have taken a liking to you and without somebody out there to contrast myself what's the point right? I mean if everybody else is just falling by the waist side to my greatness it would kind of get stale for me. But with James, who many people consider my opposite, my rival, my enemy...with you around I know I'll work to stay ahead of the game. I want to make this match great because I want you to inevitably sometime down the road recapture that magic you seemed to have in 2009 so I can simply put throw your face in it and reign supreme over you once more!

* Shawn then watches a clip from YouTube showing James Exeter winning the Rise to Greatness match against him in 2009. *

Shawn – (sighs) I hate that I can't take pride in this match James I really do. One should be able to take pride in their work yet all I can do is look at this video and feel nothing but despair. That match won Match of the Year god damn it! It was above and beyond the greatest match that the fans and our peers voted as the best! Yet I can take no pride in that! Do you know why? Because I lost! To won that award not me. It's like winning at the Oscars. I feel like Mark Wahlberg from The Fighter. You were Christian Bale. Where is my award James? Where is it? You got yours but me? The man who was supposed to be the starring role seemingly is left with nothing but an empty hand and an even emptier waist. You were Christian Bale stole the show right from under my feet and that...that is something that I can not allow. That is something that I can not forgive because if there is one thing that Shawn Winters is good's stealing the show. It's putting on a performance that the world talks about until the next time I perform. It's what I do, it's what I breath and it's what I bleed! Enjoy it while it lasts James...because once Breakdown comes...that show stealing performance you had will be long forgotten. The new image imbedding in all your fans minds will be me standing above you with my arm raised high. I have lost a lot of things in my life James but I will be damned if I'm remembered for losing to you. Time will tell which one of us is remembered...I'm going to do all that I can to make sure that it's me!

* Shawn smirks at the camera before winking. The camera fades out as the SCW logo pops up. *