One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Criminally Insane

<xmp> <body> </xmp> * The scene shows the Greaternity bus parked outside of a bar in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where the SCW End of the Year Pay Per View was held live just moments ago. There is music blaring inside the bar which has kiddy pools filled with jello and one filled with chocolate pudding as there are some girls wrestling around in them as well as foam beginning to move in like a massive fog. Shawn Winters is seen being sandwiched by three girls on the dance floor as he has a drink in one hand and his Male Superstar of the Year trophy in the other holding them both up high. Ace Marshall is seemingly trying to referee the jello matches, Adam Allocco is at the bar ordering shot, and Porno Lad is walking up to each girl asking them if they've seen his penis. He then meets up with Destiny whose getting another drink. *

Lad – How is it that none of these girls here have seen my penis?

Destiny – Because none of them are drunk enough yet?

Lad – How many have you had?

* Destiny punches Ethan in the arm. He rubs it and gives her a snarl. *

Destiny – It seems like this party has taken Shawn's mind off some things.

Lad –'d think that the guy would be like seriously scared after being nearly buried alive. Oddly enough I think he took it as a compliment.

Destiny – How on earth could he mistake being buried alive for a compliment? Chad and Alexis didn't do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Lad – Well what he told me was that with all of Chad's talk of sins it seems as though envy is his biggest. He claimed that if he was well liked then he wouldn't be doing his job right so being beaten with a shovel and nearly buried alive means he's doing his job right.

Destiny – I think Alexis must have hit him a little to hard with that shovel. He's delusional, maybe alcohol isn't the best thing for him right now.

* Shawn can be heard in the background screaming. “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!” *

Lad – Good luck telling him that, he's like a gorilla protecting it's offspring when it comes to people trying to take away his alcohol. First you might get a growl but eventually you're going to get knocked the fuck out.

Destiny – He wouldn't knock me out.

Lad – Ok...go ahead and try it, I'll be ready with an ice pack mouth to mouth.

* Ethan starts to unzip his pants only for Destiny to stop him. *

Destiny – No thanks! I don't even want to picture what you had in mind for mouth to mouth. I can't go anywhere without you trying to molest me.

Lad – OH! That reminds me...I got Shawn a present!

Destiny – How does that-

* Destiny turns to see that Ethan is gone already. *

Destiny – And he's gone...

* Ethan goes outside to the Greaternity bus where he grabs a box wrapped up with a bow on top with a giant tag that says “Shawn”. He brings the box back inside of the bar and finds Shawn on the dance floor. *

Lad – Shawn...Shawn I got you a present to celebrate your Superstar of the Year award.

* Ethan turns to one of the girls Shawn was dancing with. *

Lad – Have you seen my penis? I seem to have lost it.

* The girl is grossed out before walking away. Ethan shakes his head as if nothing happened before turning back to Shawn with the present extended. *

Shawn – Dude I don't want a dick in the box, it was funny like the first six times but now-

Lad – No, no...this is legit.

* Shawn squints his eyes skeptical of what could be inside. He takes the box and shakes it a couple times. He then gets a smile on his face as if he's really excited. He tears into the box dropping it on the floor as he now holds a whistle in his hand attached to a necklace. Shawn's smile changes to a very confused look. *

Lad – It's a whistle.

Shawn – I see that Ethan...what on earth do I need a whistle for?

Lad – It's a rape whistle! You time Chad and his gothic princess try and kidnap you, you can blow your little whistle and help will come running!

Shawn – A rape whistle?

Lad – Yeah! It's uncanny how well those things work, I see it like once a week. Those things are like magnets for Cops, Firefighters, Homeless People...

Shawn – I appreciate the gesture but really I'm fine.

* Right then the foam in the bar starts to rise up as Shawn leaps up onto a chair screaming. *

Shawn – AHHHHH!!!!

* Everyone turns to look at him wondering what's his problem. *

Lad –'s just foam.

* Ethan starts to play with it a little bit giving himself a huge foam beard. *

Lad – Ya a bubble bath.

Shawn – Yeah....yeah....I know.

* Shawn starts to get down from the chair looking around. He then slowly puts the whistle around his neck. *

Lad – Yeah...I don't think your as well as you think.

Shawn – I'm fine...I'm fine...I mean Chad and Alexis are practically already fired right? I won't have anything to worry about. It's not like they're going to show up here with this large of a crowd and try and kidnap me again.

Lad – I don't know, Chad doesn't seem to be the smartest guy in the least not as smart as he likes to pretend he is. I mean he committed career suicide on smart can one be?

Shawn – You're right...I don't know what I was thinking. Just a bit on edge I guess.

Lad – Well...whatever pills you took...try and lay off em for a bit alright buddy? A side effect might be paranoia. Besides I got my own shit going on now after Watson's ambush, I can't afford to babysit you too. Last thing we need is for you to have some sort of bad trip and think you're being buried alive again.

* Ethan then slaps Shawn on the back before walking away leaving Shawn with his whistle. A girl with black hair walks up to Shawn as he quickly grabs his whistle and starts blowing on it. Ethan comes running over. *

Lad – What the hell?

* Shawn is looking at the black haired girl really closely as she's getting freaked out. Shawn then pokes her in the eye. She screams as Shawn turns around as if nothing happened. *

Shawn – False alarm...heh.

Lad – Seriously...lay off the drugs.

* Ethan walks away as Shawn stands in the middle of the bar. His mind begins to start playing tricks on him. *

Inside Shawn's Mind

* The bar begins to darken as everything seems to be going in slow motion. Shawn looks down at his hands as before reaching out to touch someone only for them to pass right through him as if he's a ghost. *

Shawn – What's happening?

* The foam in the bar is starting to turn into fog as it begins to swallow his feet it's so thick. One by one the people in the bar are starting to disappear as laughter can be heard inside of his head. *

Shawn – What was that? Whose there?!

* Shawn grabs at his chest for his rape whistle only for it to be gone. The laughter stops only to be replaced with the sounds of his own heart beating. These loud thumps almost too strong for his ears to withstand. *








* Each thump grows softer and softer...and softer. *

Shawn – Why are you doing this to me!? Huh?! Who are you?! What is going on?!

* The bar is still emptying as Shawn looks forward to catch a glimpse of a little girl as people pass by. *

Shawn – Who are you?!

* Shawn begins to walk closer to her only to catch a glimpse of a little boy this time. Shawn takes a step back. *

Shawn – Who-

* The crowd begins to dwindle down to very few as Shawn catches a full look at the little children. They stand side by side holding each others hands. However their faces seem to have no features. Like a blank canvas of a portrait that someone forgot to finish. The laughter is heard once again. *

Shawn – What is that?!

* Shawn turns around because he thought it was coming from behind him. He tries to shake it off before turning around to look back at the two children only for them to be gone. *

Shawn – Wha-what...the....hell. What kind of hell am I living in?

The thumping...oh my god the thumping. His heart beat now speeding up.


* Shawn begins to start choking. He drops to his knee's gasping for air. He looks down as he see's that he's coughing up dirt. He falls onto his back grabbing his throat as the two children stand above him looking down. Shawn reaches his hand out to them only for them to begin to grow. Inch by inch they grow, they age, and slowly the features of their faces become clear. Shawn's eyes widen as Alexis Rayne and Chad Evans stand above him with smiles on their faces. Alexis laughter is that of which has been echoing...just then the coughing does the thumping...and everything goes dark. *

* Shawn sits up gasping for air as he grabs the nearby clothing of Ace Marshall and Ethan. He gasps for air as if he's clinging to life with each gasp. Shawn had been laying on the bar floor as everyone had surrounded him to check on him. *

Ace – Dude...are you alright?

Shawn – Wha-what just happened?

Lad – Some girl just knocked you out after you poked her in the eye. You dropped like a brick. You were out for a few minutes there dude.

Shawn – I...I...

* Shawn rubs his hand across his chin completely confused as to what he had just experienced. *

Destiny – We should take him back onto the bus. Something's not right.

* Ace and Ethan help Shawn up as Adam stays behind to seemingly talk something over with the bartender as they take Shawn onto the bus. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters standing in front of an SCW background. He has a smile on his face as he holds his Male Superstar of the Year award in his hand and admires it. *

Shawn – It's funny how much a simply trophy can symbolize so much. The Lombardi Trophy, the Stanley Cup, whatever the hell the World Series Trophy is called...point is this trophy this award symbolizes my greatness. It symbolizes how good I am at what I do. doesn't matter because this award...tells the whole world that I'm better than you. Now...maybe I won't have to keep reminding everybody.

* Shawn laughs a bit before putting the award down. He looks right back into the camera. *

Shawn – Now I have been told that I am scheduled to compete on Breakdown. For the first time since my oh OTHER award winning performance.

* Shawn pulls up his other hand which has his award for Match of the Year he smiles. *

Shawn – Since my Match of the Year winning epic encounter with none other than Chad Evans.

* Shawn places that award down as well before looking back into the camera. *

Shawn – It appears as though my talents are now needed once again by the higher ups of SCW. My in ring work is needed to brighten up the show so to speak. opponent on the other hand. Well that's another story completely. You see in my television in ring return I will be facing this lunatic who stole my Championship...

* Someone off camera catches Shawn's attention as Shawn listens to what he has to say. *

Shawn – Wait I'm not facing Shilo? Oh sorry that's right, I'll be facing his old partner the crazy jester...

* Shawn stops again as the same off camera person catches his attention once again. *

Shawn – So I'm not facing Masquerade either? Shit...that's right, how foolish of me. I'm going up against an insane little girl who has split personalities and likes skittles, gummy bears, unicorns, and glitter! Ok seriously...what?!

* Shawn yells at the off camera person as he has caught Shawn's attention once more. *

Shawn – Ok seriously? I'm not facing Ducky either? Ok I give up. Please fill me in on who I'm facing on Breakdown because clearly my mind seems to have let it slip. Please, enlighten me because I'm tired of guessing.

* The off camera person's voice can softly be heard however muffled. *

Shawn – Alexis? I'm facing Alexis Rayne? That's what you're telling me right now. Wow...I never would have guessed it seems as though I was about ready to ramble off about half the roster who seemingly think that they are legitimately insane.

* Shawn laughs as he licks his thumb for a second before flashing his trademark smile. *

Shawn – Oh Al...mind if I call you Al? Sure you don't...ya see what I just did there? Yeah that was something that us normal people like to call a joke. I knew exactly who I was SCHEDULED to face on Breakdown but instead I chose to have a little bit of fun at your expense because in reality I don't know who I'll actually be wrestling considering you and your criminal boyfriend of yours will be fired the moment you step foot into the building. Which will be followed by being handcuffed, and I'm not talking about the good kind, I'm talking about the turn around and spread em kind. Heh...alright I guess that was a bad example but you see my point.

Here I was foolish enough to think that losing the Woman's Championship to Stacy Kissinger was career suicide? HA! Jokes on me because you and Chad took it to another level. I guess you were just so “off your rocker” that you felt: “why not? It's not like my life can get much worse.” How how naive you are you little angel. It gets much, much worse. Come Breakdown your career will be finished...flushed down the toilet along with Chad's. Then after that you'll be arrested and you'll have to stand in front of a judge and explain to them what you did and explain to them why you did it. Good luck trying to convince him that you're insane because those guys are pro's, trust me I've seen my fair share of them. That cozy padded cell will simply be a dream that you think about as you're being a bitch for someone else for a change. Not much Chad can do for you then when he's off being new best friends with Bubba and Jamal. They just LOVE their religious nuts in the joint.

* Shawn smiles again while looking at the camera this time running his fingers through his hair. *

Shawn – How fast the mighty fall right Al? I mean just not long ago you were on top of the world as the new Woman's Champion and now look at you? You're digging graves for somebody else which comes to me as a bit odd because you should really be digging a grave for yourself because your life as you know simply is dead, never to rise again. It's a shame easily you can be manipulated and brain washed into believing some false idol like a God. It's a shame that he lead you down a path which ends with nothing but failure and misery. See, that's what Chad Evans does, he lives, breaths, and sweats misery and failure. Everything that he touches joins him in his hypocritical outlook on life. Until the day comes where you are freed of such tyranny and able to spread your wings like the angel that you falsely believe that you are. It's just a shame that day will never come. You'll be rotting away somewhere in a prison cell thinking back to the glory days of yester-year and wondering what could have been had you not blindly followed Chad Evans? What could have been if you hadn't tried to bury me alive? It'll be a question you ask yourself every night before you lay down for bed, before lights out. It'll be a question you'll ask yourself day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year...just like you will be someone who could have been not someone who ever was.

* Shawn smiles as the camera fades to black. *