One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

This Is My Nightmare

Friday May 13th, 2011

* The scene opens up with Shawn Winters outside of his Los Angeles home. He is throwing a stick out into the yard as his Siberian Husky Shadow runs out and grabs it. Shawn's got a beer in hand and a massive wad of chew tobacco in his lip. Every so often he spits into the grass. Shadow returns the stick to Shawn who pets Shadow. *

Shawn – Good boy Shadow! Good boy! Ya know, it's odd thinking about it but you have been the only consistent thing in my life for the past 6 years. Now I'm sure you don't understand this because you're a dog but it's true. For the past 6 years it's been you by my side whether it's moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles or going through another marriage. You've always stuck around. Heh, I guess dogs really are a mans best friend because I've loved you more than I have any of my wives or any of my girlfriends. You've outlasted them all isn't that right boy!

* Shadow barks a couple times before licking Shawn's hand. *

Shawn – Yeah you don't judge me do you boy? You don't expect me to be a better person do you? Yeah...good boy! That's why I love you Shadow, not only are you a good dog but you're a good listener. It's a refreshing thing to find somebody that's not just waiting for their turn to talk.

* Shadow barks. *

Shawn – I supposed I spoke to soon. What is it boy? Are you wanting to sniff some bitches butts?

* Shadow barks a couple more times. *

Shawn – That's right, you're a chip right off the old block. This is the closest I'm ever going to come to being a proud father haha.

* Shadow barks a couple more times before sticking his ass into the air and wags his tail. He jumps back and forth a couple times wanting to play some more. Shawn sticks the stick out and Shadow grabs hold as they try to wrestle it away from one another. Shawn spills his beer. *

Shawn – Oh shit now you've done it! You just made me spill my beer! You know daddy doesn't like to waste alcohol! There are sober kids in Guatemala right now.

* Shadow stops for a second and turns his head sideways staring at Shawn. *

Shawn – No I don't know where Guatemala is, just trust me, I'm smarter than're a dog!

* Right then Shadow rips the stick from Shawn's hands as he was briefly distracted. Shadow runs around in a huge circle around Shawn. *

Hannah – Now clearly that's debatable.

* Shawn turns around to see his wife Hannah standing on the porch with a hand on her hip. Shawn whose on his knees in the grass looks back at her. *

Shawn – That dog is smart. He knew he'd catch me off guard with that Guatemala question.

* Shawn goes to grab the beer can that spilled only for Shadow to run over and steal it from him wanting to play some more. *

Shawn – Damn it Shadow! I was going to see if there was any drops left.

* Shadow then runs over and drops the can in front of Shawn. He goes to grab it again only for Shadow to steal it once more and run around chewing the empty can. *

Hannah – Shawn you've got to be smarter than what you're working with.

Shawn – Yeah well I don't see you out smarting any cats anywhere!

Hannah – What?

Shawn – Shut up!

* Shawn gets to his feet and walks towards the patio. He goes to kiss Hannah only for her to back away. *

Hannah – Not with that nasty shit in your mouth!

* Shawn spits again into the grass before smirking as they both walk inside. Shawn goes over to their island in the kitchen to grab an empty Gatorade bottle to spit into. Shawn walks over to the sink to wash his hands from any dog hairs that may have shed onto him. *

Hannah – Shawn I need to talk to you.

* Shawn drys off his hands before walking towards the living room. *

Shawn – Alright...

* Shawn grabs the mail that has been placed on the coffee table and begins to sort through it. Pulling out a single letter and opening it. *

Hannah – Shawn, I need to talk to you.

* Shawn is clearly not paying attention as he seems to be reading a letter. He drops the mail back onto the coffee table before walking down the hall and turning a corner to grab his iPad. *

Hannah – Shawn...

* Shawn spits into his Gatorade bottle while flipping through some things on his iPad. *

Hannah – Shawn...

Shawn – (talking to himself) Alright, so if I send this here and this there...then Kristen will have this...and if I do this and that...

* Shawn mumbles from there on. *

Hannah – Shawn...

Shawn – What!? Are you seriously just going to repeat my name 800 times or are you actually going to talk?! I'm trying to get everything straightened out with Seasons and Lucid right now.

Hannah – I told you that I needed to talk to you and now is the time you decided to mess around with your restaurant and strip club?

Shawn – Hannah, don't stand there and try to turn me into some sort of bad guy right now. I've got a million things on my plate right now.

Hannah – Sure doesn't seem like it when you're outside playing with your dog.

Shawn – Since when is playing with my dog a crime? You're seriously being a bit too sensitive about shit right now. You've never had a problem with me taking care of business before. Seriously, when you're on your period just leave the house or warn me so I can leave the house my god!

* Shawn continues to flip through things on his iPad. *

Hannah – I'M PREGNANT!!!

* Hannah quickly covers her mouth as Shawn remains motionless. He closes his eyes slowly before placing the iPad down onto a desk. *

Hannah – Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean...

* Shawn extends his arm with a finger pointed up symbolizing for her to keep quiet. He takes a couple deep breaths. *

Shawn – You're pregnant?

Hannah – Yeah....

Shawn – Since when?

Hannah – Well you know how I've been feeling sick lately? Well...I was late.

Shawn – How late?

Hannah – Two weeks?

* Shawn turns around running his hands through his hair obviously frustrated. *

Hannah – I took a pregnancy test and it was positive but I didn't believe it so I took another and it said the same thing so I went to the doctor this morning and....

Shawn –'re not pregnant. Those tests are wrong all the time.

Hannah – Shawn the doctor...

Shawn – You obviously went to a retard!

* Hannah covers her mouth as she's clearly about to cry. Shawn is pacing back and forth around the room. *

Shawn – You mean....

* Hannah begins to shake her head yes. Shawn bites his bottom lip and holds his fist up clearly about to blow up. Shawn then punches the door. *

Shawn – FUCK!!!!

* Right then Hannah becomes scared and begins to cry. *

Hannah – Shawn I'm sorry!

Shawn – You fucking did this on purpose didn't you?!

Hannah – What? No!

Shawn – Don't fucking lie! You would of told me before hand otherwise! You got pregnant on purpose and now you're going to get child support for the rest of your life!

* Hannah's face goes pale. *

Hannah – Are...are you going to divorce me now just like the others?

* Shawn turns around and looks Hannah in the eyes as she's clearly scared and tears are flowing down her face. Shawn can't tell whether she's scared of him and his anger or the fact that she's pregnant and might be alone through the entire thing. That is Shawn's MO in these situations. *

Shawn – I've got to go.

Hannah – Baby!

* Shawn brushes past Hannah as she grabs his shirt only for him to jerk his shoulder forward forcing her to let go. Shawn grabs his car keys and storms out the door. *


* The scene shows Hannah sitting in a chair in their kitchen around a table with a cup of what seems to be water. Her best friend Lindsey is in the house with her sitting across from her at the table. *

Hannah – I knew this was a mistake.

Lindsey – Hannah you stop this right now! Don't you dare feel guilty about this! You didn't get pregnant on purpose! It's what married couples normally do.

Hannah – know Shawn...

Lindsey – Yeah, he's a complete asshole and shouldn't be allowed to repopulate.

Hannah – Lindsey...

Lindsey – Sorry...kind of.

Hannah – I know you don't like him...

Lindsey – Now see, I like him just fine. He's a good looking guy, the type that could really throw you around a room...

Hannah – Lindsey....

Lindsey – Right, sorry...he's the type of guy you have a good time with one night and maybe the next morning but he's not the guy you marry and get pregnant by.

Hannah – It's not my fault that I fell in love with him.

Lindsey – Hannah what did I tell you when you two ran off to Vegas to get married?

Hannah – That we were retarded for not inviting you?

Lindsey – Besides that.

Hannah – That we were making a drunken mistake?

Lindsey – Glad somebody wasn't blacked out for the event.

Hannah – You try and make Shawn out to be this horrible person stop it.

Lindsey – I'm not trying to do anything. All I have to do is grab a tabloid magazine and turn to a page and randomly find some story about Shawn's asshole lifestyle.

Hannah – Stop it, he's not that bad.

Lindsey – Coming from the girl with marriage goggles.

Hannah – Marriage goggles?

Lindsey – You see this guy as the guy you once knew in the honeymoon phase of your marriage. Looking at him now makes you want to shoot yourself. At least I would but you repeatedly look in these marriage goggles and believe that he's still this guy you fell in love with.

Hannah – He is...I love him. Now I'm not going to lie it's difficult to love him but I do. I can't change what my heart wants.

Lindsey – Sure you can. Drink a few shots of whiskey, hit up the male strip club and get rid of that baby problem in the morning. Problem gone and heart off somewhere else fucking a sweaty stripper.

Hannah – Lindsey!

Lindsey – Sorry.

Hannah – Listen...I know you have this look on life that's about casual sex and connectionless one night stands, you're like a guy.

Lindsey – Thank you.

Hannah – But you've got to understand...I love Shawn. You may hate me for it but I can't help it. He's my everything whether I'm his or not, I feel this compulsion to be with him.

Lindsey – Hannah...honey...every girl has loved Shawn. You're not the only one. (sighs) I warned you of this when I first found out about your relationship. Shawn has a history of waiting until a girl falls for him before he breaks their heart. He's sadistic like that.

Hannah – No...not my Shawn.

* Lindsey gets up and sits in the chair next to Hannah and puts her arm around her for comfort. *

Lindsey –'ve got to listen to me on this. Every girl has fallen for Shawn and felt the same thing that you feel right now. Every woman feels that there is something deeper inside of him, something that you can change. Sure he may give a glimpse of that person you believe is inside every once and a while but do you honestly think he doesn't do it on purpose?

Hannah – Lindsey....

Lindsey – Hannah...I know the types of girls Shawn dates. I read the magazines, he's a highly covered celebrity because of these stories. He goes for the girls that feel that there is something redeemable in him.

Hannah – Lindsey no...

Lindsey – Then tell me...tell me that you love him for who he is! Tell me that you don't want to change him in some way!

Hannah – I...I love him.

Lindsey – I know you do! But do you love him for who he is! The massive womanizing asshole that likes to take pleasure in everyone elses misfortunes!

* Hannah doesn't say a word. *

Lindsey – That's what I'm trying to say to you Hannah. Women have come before you and tried to “save” Shawn Winters from who he is only to realize that it's all some sick game that he plays in order to keep himself entertained! He's a monster and deep down you know it's true!

Hannah – He's not! He's just...scared!

Lindsey – Scared?! Was he scared when he divorced his first wife while she was pregnant?! Was he scared when he divorced his second wife on national television while she was pregnant?!

Hannah – What?!

Lindsey – Oh I forgot, you don't watch SCW. Do you ever wonder why you don't watch Shawn on TV?

Hannah – I don't wanna see him get hurt...

Lindsey – No, because deep down you don't want to know the real him. You want to live in this fairy tale land that Shawn has created for you. This house, those clothes, all of it is Shawn's game. He's bored're just a piece in a game of chess for him.

* Hannah is speechless. *

Lindsey – If I'm wrong Hannah then please tell me because I would love to be wrong. You're pregnant with Shawn's baby and I don't know how to make the situation any better besides telling you the truth.

Hannah – Do you honestly think he's going to divorce me?

Lindsey – Judging from his past, absolutely. Deep down inside you know it too, you're just too scared to look at it face to face.

Hannah – I'm going to call him again.

Lindsey – You've already called him twice.

Hannah – He'll answer me eventually! I'm his wife and I'm pregnant! He's not a monster!

* Hannah grabs her cell phone and dials a number. *


* The scene shows Shawn Winters sitting by himself in a corner booth in full view of the entire bar. His phone begins to vibrate as he grabs it only to toss it onto the table where there are 7 empty shot glasses and 8 empty beer bottles. A young attractive female waitress comes up to the table. *

Waitress – Drinking to forget?

Shawn – To say the least.

Waitress – Would you like some company?

* Shawn takes a glance at her up and down for a few seconds. *

Shawn – Get me a couple more shots and a couple more beers and maybe you'll open up. (winks)

* The waitress clears the table of the empty glasses as she walks away. Shawn grabs his phone from off the table and dials the a number. Shawn holds the phone to his ear while the phone rings. *

Shawn – Hello? Hey...dude what are you doing?

Ace – (on phone) Taking my kid to grocery store to meet chicks. What are you doing?

Shawn – Come to LA!

Ace – Um No? Dude I'm watching my kid, can't just grab a flight to LA...what the fuck is wrong with you?

Shawn – My worst nightmare.

* Shawn hangs up the phone. He stares at his phone for a little bit clearly drunk as he dials a number. *

Shawn – Hello?....Hello?....Fuck you Adam!

* Shawn didn't get an answer as he once again looks at his phone and dials another number. Moments pass before he clicks a button to hang up. *

Shawn – Fuck you too Porno Lad!!!

This is my nightmare, not only am I finding out that my wife is pregnant with a baby that I don't want I'm sitting alone in a bar with seemingly no friends. What the fuck happened to my life? Do I seriously have zero friends? I know I'm an asshole but is there nobody that can come and have a drink with me while I slowly fall into this sea of alcohol? I used to be surrounded with friends. Used to be friends with Chad Evans, that fell apart for obvious reasons. There was Adam who I haven't heard from in forever. There's Porno Lad who well...can never be counted on for support. Then there's Ace...probably my best friend at the moment and he's busy being selfish. My life is falling apart Ace and all you want to do is fuck chicks. Just wait til she's pregnant with another Ace Jr. This is depressing.

* Shawn scrolls through the contacts of his phone. He stops on a number before calling it. *

Shawn – Here's somebody that I can talk to.

* He puts it on speaker phone because he's too drunk to hold it to his ear. The dial tone rings. Seconds pass before a person answers. *

Matt – Hello? … Shawn?

Shawn – Hey...

Matt – Wha-where are you? Are you in Louisville?

* For those that don't remember I was the best man in Matt's wedding last year. He's one of my best friends from childhood in Louisville Kentucky, one of the only ones I kept. We grew up together, went to college together. Then I cut off all my previous ties in order to move away to Atlanta and become a wrestling superstar. I cut ties with everyone...few people were able to forgive me for that, Matt was one of them. *

Shawn – No...I'm in Los Angeles.

Matt –'s 1 am...what's going on?

Shawn – I....

Matt – Don't pull this shit with me. Tell me what's up or I'm going to hang up the phone.

Shawn – You know me right?

Matt – Should I get out of bed for this?

Shawn – Yeah...

Matt – Alright, hang on. Let me go down stairs.

* Moments later. *

Matt – Dude...what's going on?

Shawn – I don't know what to do.

Matt – Well if you told me the situation I'd be able to help.

Shawn – Uh...(sighs) Hannah...she's pregnant.

Matt – Oh shit...

Shawn – Yeah my thoughts exactly.

* The waitress comes back with a tray full of beers and shots. She places each down in front of Shawn as he motions his fingers for her to go away. He grabs one of the beers and takes a drink. *

Matt – I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this wasn't planned.

Shawn – Fuck you.

Matt – You ran away didn't you?

Shawn – What the fuck was I supposed to do?

Matt – Um, I don't a grown up and a man and actually talk to your wife.

Shawn – Are you seriously questioning my manhood right now?

Matt – Yes I am, a real man would face his fears and figure out what to do.

Shawn – I already know what to do.

Matt – If you honestly say file for a divorce then I may seriously fly to LA and kick your ass!

Shawn – It's worked for me in the past. One had the kid that I never had to see and the other fell into depression and had an abortion. It's been a fool proof plan.

Matt – You've got the fool part right. Shawn you can't just get women pregnant and then divorce them that very second! I mean seriously Shawn...I really have concerns about you as a human being. I'm starting to think that you're only happy when you're making somebody else miserable.

Shawn – You wouldn't be the first to try and let that cat out of the bag.

Matt – So what are you going to do Shawn?

Shawn – I...I don't know.

Matt – Hannah deserves for you to actually talk to her Shawn! Hang up the phone and get in a cab and take your drunk ass home because I'm sure she's worried sick about you right now as well as hating herself for thinking you could change! BE A MAN!

Shawn – It's not that easy. A dog can't just change his stripes.

Matt – Do you mean a Zebra?

Shawn – Whatever.

Matt – Go home Shawn! Don't be a coward, I know that you're scared but you can't just run away from every problem. Sooner or later you're going to have to face them.

Shawn – I can see it now, 10 years from now being surrounded by 20 or 30 different kids that I abandoned.

Matt – Yeah and you don't want that.

Shawn – So I have to to my wife?

Matt – Yes Shawn, she's probably just as scared as you are.

Shawn – I don't think that's possible.

Matt – Now I said my peace Shawn, I've got to get back to bed. Think about what I said, even though knowing you, you'll just ignore it completely and do what you want.

Shawn – I can't exactly go home right now, I've already ordered more beer.

Matt – Whatever Shawn, call me when you've decided what to do.

* Matt hangs up the phone as Shawn looks at his phone and lets out a massive sigh before clicking to hang up his phone. *


* Hannah is laying in bed looking at her cell phone as her friend Lindsey is inside their closet shifting through Hannah's clothes. *

Hannah – I've called him 7 times, I've called Seasons, I've called Lucid, I've called every bar that I can think of and nobody has seen or heard from him.

Lindsey – Hannah I think you've got your answer.

Hannah – I've come to terms with the fact that he doesn't want to talk to me right now but he could at least text me to tell me that he's alright.

Lindsey – That would take compassion and I doubt Shawn knows what that word means. You're talking about a guy that doesn't want a kid or for his wife to get fat. Do you honestly think that how you feel is on the top of his mind?

Hannah – Maybe you're right. I...I'm expecting too much from him. I mean clearly it's too much to ask for for a man to sit beside his wife when she finds out that she's pregnant. I'm clearly being out of line.

* Lindsey pops her head out with a smile on her face. *

Lindsey – That's the spirit! Get angry! Get pissed! Quit this pity party and straight up get pissed! Shawn fucking left you and here you have been defending him.

Hannah – You're right, he's a fucking asshole! I'm done trying to defend him! I hope he doesn't come home tonight because if he does he's going to get his ass kicked!

Lindsey – HELL YEAH!!!

Hannah – YEAH!!!


* The bar that Shawn is in is starting to get a larger crowd. A group of guys walk into the bar with smiles on their faces. *


* The entire bar cheers. *

Shawn – FUCK YOU!!!

* Shawn however couldn't be heard over the screaming. *

Shawn – Who the fuck do they think they are? A pregnancy is the worst consequence of sex don't they know that! That's like getting herpes on your crabs. What a fucking moron. I hope his kid has down syndrome.

* Shawn takes one of his shots that he has in front of him and slams the glass down onto the table knocking it over. “Hey Baby” by No Doubt plays on the jukebox. *

“All the boys say,
Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey”

Shawn – Where has my life taken me? I'm sitting here alone in a bar running away from my wife. Wow, looks like my life is a bit more normal that I expected haha. (hiccup) It's like history is completely repeating itself. It's so repetitive, I get married get a woman pregnant and get a divorce. Insert a bunch of women in between and repeat, it's like a really hot sexual recipe for lasagna. When I really think about it...what made me divorce Nora? Was it seriously because she was pregnant?

Breakdown – August 13th, 2008

Shawn: You people can sit there in your seats and judge me all you want but what effect do you honestly think it has on me? Do you think I’m actually going to carry that burden? In order for me to do that it would mean that I actually gave a damn! My eyes are finally open once again for me to see all of you for what you truly are. You people are all just a bunch of leeches who hang around while things are going good but once you’ve drained everything from a man you latch off onto somebody else. You people can drain people like Jay Gold for his life for all I care because we all know that he doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what’s truly right!

The crowd starts to chant “WINTERS SUCKS!”

Shawn: What do you think you’re doing?! My wife is in the audience! She is with-child and I will be damned if I have my baby to be infected with such filthy garbage!

Shawn Winters climbs out of the ring and grabs his wife and helps her over the guard rail.

Shawn: The old Shawn Winters would fight the world to please his wife! The new Shawn Winters would look into her eyes and tell her to get packin’ because he wants a divorce!

The crowd goes silent as Shawn and Nora stare each other in the eyes.

Nora: What?

Shawn: You heard me bitch! What good is the old Shawn Winters when he can’t share himself with every damn woman that he sees on the streets?! You’d just be silly in order to think that I’d stay with you! I mean…don’t you know what happens to a woman after she has a baby? The stretch marks the wide…

Nora slaps Shawn across the face. She then runs off as Shawn then looks out into the crowd with a giant smile on his face while empty beer cans start to get thrown at him again just like last week

Shawn – From what I remember she was just trying to change me. I don't get what it is about women thinking that they can change a man. We're not fucking projects!!!

* A few people look over at Shawn in his booth as he takes another shot. He's clearly drunk as he's half drooling on himself while wiping his mouth off with his sleeve. *

* “Baby” by Justin Bieber plays next on the jukebox. *

“Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo”

* Right then a group of girls walk into the bar screaming. *


Shawn – Oh my fucking god, is there anything more annoying than a girls night? It's like...what establishes a girls night? No penis? You don't see guys going out to bars screaming: “GUYS NIGHT!!!” followed by grabbing their crotch and spitting.

* Shawn turns to notice that he's not talking to anybody. *

Shawn – Maybe I was never supposed to have this life. Maybe I accidentally took somebody elses life. Like the space time continuum got fucked up and somehow I switched lives with this really awesome person and this really awesome person switched lives with me and stayed married to his high school sweetheart and had kids. Heh, wow I feel sorry for that sucker, he definitely lost out on that bet. Wow...maybe I was actually supposed to be with Angie for my entire life like a normal person. I mean seriously? What is wrong with me? Why can't I just do things like a normal person? Normal has never been my strong suit...tried once didn't like it. Kind of like that lesbian experience in college. It was just a phase.

* Shawn pulls out his phone. *

Shawn – Speaking of...I haven't talked to Angie in a while. I'm sure she's wondering what I've been up to.

* Shawn scrolls through his phone and dials a number getting a voice mail. *

Shawn – Angie!'s your husband....ex...ex-husband. It's hey I was wondering were we meant to be together? Like forever? Maybe I screw up all of my relationships as a personal punishment for cheating on you? Do you think that I can be that deep? Like that's some Shakespeare shit right there. Where to art tho Angie? (hiccup) Now I know it's late but me back when you get this alright.

* Right then Shawn notices “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base is playing on the juke box. *

“All that she wants is another baby
She's gone tomorrow, boy
All that she wants is another baby, yea”

Shawn – Seriously whose fucking playing this shit?! Every damn song is about a fucking baby!

* Shawn looks back at his phone which he had just hung up during his small rant. *

Shawn – Yup....this soul searching has to end. You can only dig so deep until you reach China. I've got to get to a hotel. Hopefully when I wake up in the morning i'll discover this whole thing to have been a horrible nightmare.

* The scene fades out as Shawn pulls himself out of the booth. *

* The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters sitting in front of a camera all alone. *

Shawn – I've been thinking, there are a lot of constants in the world today. A lot of things that will always be there no matter what happens. Every 4 or 8 years we'll always have a new President. Every Christmas New York City will light up that giant tree. Every year Rise to Greatness will be held. Coming from a guy that doesn't have a lot of concrete things in his life, it gives me comfort knowing that every year there is always Rise to Greatness. Always that event that gives me piece and gives me calm knowing that I haven made the right decisions in my life to get myself there. I'm a man that's hard to figure out some people say. Others say that I'm as one dimensional as poorly written character. When struck with fear or adversity all you have to do is think of the most cowardly thing a man could do and I'm bound to do it. Whether it's take time off for injuries after losing a World Championship or divorcing my wives when they're pregnant. It's hard to argue with such a pattern that my life has developed. However every year, when Rise to Greatness is near...I know that everything that I've done hasn't been for nothing. It's all been for's been for Taking Hold of the Flame where I am going to go into the battle royal and throw myself into the main event at Rise to Greatness because without that main event, without that pressure on my back to'll just be another event. I need that title shot in order to justify my actions, I need that recognition from everyone knowing that I'm the best, that my life hasn't been wasted on women, drugs, and alcohol. I'm here to tell you that nobody can tell you who I am better than myself...and I'm telling you right now that I'm your worst nightmare.

* Shawn leans in towards the camera. *

Shawn – The road to Rise to Greatness is upon us. Riding the Lightning is in that rear view mirror and the next exit is Taking Hold of the Flame. The event that solidifies how great Rise to Greatness is going to be. The event that has become the check point on this road to Rise to Greatness. The world will be watching as 40 SCW superstars attempt to out last one another in order to main event Rise to Greatness and get a chance at the SCW Championship. You've got your main eventers and your jobbers, you've got your storied careers and your new comers, you've got your Jason Zero's, Chad Evans', Shawn Winters', and your Lucas Knights', James Evans', Christy Matthews'. You've got the entire world of professional wrestling inside that ring in a sense to find out whose dick is bigger, sorry ladies but last time I checked you lose that bet every time.

So here we are...the anticipation is mind blowing, the excitement is endless, history is at a stand still because when it comes down to a match like this, 40 superstars enter and 39 superstars leave feeling unsatisfied, like a poorly orchestrated orgey. What you've done in the past could easily be a figment of your own imagination. No title reigns can prepare you for what you're about to endure inside that ring. No matches can possibly prepare you for what's going to happening when you've got 39 other superstars vying for the same prize that you are. Ya see, this match, is a whole new ball game but don't for a single second think that there aren't your advantages. It's whether or not you'll be able to channel them is the question. Sure you can give guys like Greg Cherry an advantage because he's won the match before, he's main evented Rise to Greatness before but oh wait, haveb't you heard? That idiot got himself thrown out of the match for trying to use his own family as leverage for a title shot. Tisk tisk Greg, it looks like winning two years in a row won't make your wife love you either. (smirks)

Now you could also give somebody like Chad Evans the advantage because the guy is so sadistic what's to stop him from winning? Then again he could easily just disappear again without a word and that's the beauty of this event, of this match anything is possible. A superstar that the world knows and loves or hates could win this match just as well as some nobody coming in off the street could. It could very well come down to whose in the right place at the right time? I however hold a different belief in this match and that is this. Experience carries a lot of weight in this business and there is one experience that I have that may very well give me an edge.

* Shawn leans back into a more relaxed position. *

Shawn – The fact is, I have done something that most people in this match haven't done. I have tasted the air on the top of the mountain, I have main evented Rise to Greatness. Jason Zero has the same advantage sure but when put side by side me and him? There is no comparison. The advantage always leans towards Shawn Winters because I'm pretty sure he has a tattoo that reads "Owned by Shawn Winters". (smirks) Now, in 2009 yours truly walked in as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion defending the title against James Exeter, the man who won this very match. I have been there, I know the weight of the lights shining down on you, I am ready to feel that very weight again, this time by winning the battle royal and challenging whatever dope we have for a Champion at the time. I say that because no matter whose Champion going into Rise to Greatness they will fall short in comparison to me. My resume has been nothing short of a marvel in this business, where others look at it in “aw” I simply see one thing missing, Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal winner. Something that I have waited long enough to add to said resume.

Ya see, I have done everything else in this business and to have something like that not on my resume is a travesty. I have gone on to participate in 3 Rise to Greatness' however and I have stole the show at every one. Let's backtrack to 2006 where Shawn Winters faced CHBK. This match was hyped more than the Royal Wedding. The world around watched this show in order to see two of the best go one on one for the first time. Now, were we the main event? Nope, but honestly...who remembers that main event? Not a damn one of you because when the show was all over the only thing people were talking about was the match that I had! Let's fast forward to 2007 when there was an ultimate grudge match, a match that was years in the making. Shawn Winters faced Chad Evans in what people thought was the final match of my career. Chad Evans destroyed me with every ounce of his being. He simply broke me in ways that I never thought possible. He left me unconscious with a disk bulging out of my back nearly puncturing my skin. Who remembers the main event that year? Nobody, yeah didn't think so. Now let's move onto 2009 when Shawn Winters defended the World Championship against James Exeter in the main event. Greatness vs. Extraordinary, it was the clash of two titans. That match won Match of the Year in 2009 and will forever live in people's minds as a showcase of true talent and the epitome of what Rise to Greatness is all about. You see, CHBK may have set the standard for Rise to Greatness, but I? I have redefined it. Taking Hold of the Flame 2011, marks the beginning of MY road to Rise to Greatness and the beginning of MY next World Championship reign! Now whose to argue against me? After the way that I destroyed David Helms on Breakdown, whose to stand up to me and claim that I'm not the odds on favorite?

Destiny can be claimed, dreams can be had, but in the end the only thing that comes out on top is talent, and NONE OF YOU can hold a candle to me! Destiny is a failed belief system and dreams are meant to be broken...come Taking Hold of the Flame...consider me to be EVERYTHING that you fear! I am the One Man Scandal and I am main eventing Rise to Greatness because there isn't a man alive or dead who can stop me! Why? Because I can!

* Shawn walks off as the camera fades to black. *