One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Peer Pressure

The nightmares, the nightmares haven’t subsided not one bit. I keep waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with no saliva in my mouth. The terror in my mind, the torment that is ripping through my thoughts, I can’t keep them at bay. I often wonder what is to become of them…or me. I went to a psychiatrist only for her to tell me that I need to confront these nightmares. That I need to take them head on and then and only then will they subside. I personally thought it was a joke because if I was to take these dreams head on it means that I’d have to face the antagonist of these night mares, and that antagonist is a six year old boy. What am I to do? Beat the shit out of a six year old? I’m not 100 percent on this but I’m pretty sure there are laws against that, even if that six year old is my own child. Maybe I could hire Ace to get Ace Jr. to beat up my own offspring, but then again if he’s truly my offspring which the six years of child support payments support that claim then there would be no way Ace Jr. could kick his ass. Ace may be disappointed in his child but there is no way that a Winters baby would be anything less of flawless. However, I’ve never seen this boy…for all I know Angie could be raising him to be a ballet dancer or some shit like that. Maybe my psychiatrist was right though, maybe I just need to confront my own child. Maybe that’s what this whole thing is all about…she did have more to say but I kindly showed myself the door after she wouldn’t prescribe me some sort of medication to silence these nightmares.

The thing is I don’t have the time to confront these nightmares, not right now. Not when I’m about to defend my SCW Championship against the new number one contender in Asher Hayes. I’ve got to have my mind 100 percent focused on this match. I was able to get passed Christian Savior even with the Infections sad attempt at taking me out. I still manned up and walked down that isle and beat Christian like only the One Man Scandal can. Coming off of a Tactical Warfare win and a successful title defense against Christian Savior nobody can tough my high right now, and that includes Asher Hayes whom must have gone through some sort of rehabilitation program in order to be this new found hero that he has become. The media eats up people who have overcome there addictions. Heh, Asher Hayes still has one addiction to over come and that addiction is Shawn Winters…and I’m the hardest addiction to crack.

Monday May 18th, 2009

* The scene opens up with Shawn Winters doing some laps in his outside Olympic sized pool. Miranda then walks over with her back pack over her shoulder and she takes a seat in a reclined chair beside the pool. Shawn then stops and shakes his hair out of his face and spits out some water while looking up at Miranda. *

Shawn – Just get out of class?

Miranda – Yeah, I have a paper to write later.

* Miranda pulls her laptop out of her bag. *

Shawn – Oh? For what class?

Miranda – My ethics class, I don’t get how this woman is allowed to teach an ethics class. She’s a complete hypocrite I just don’t understand.

Shawn – What is the paper about?

Miranda – It’s a 5 to 8 page paper on how we are ethically inclined to be role models for the younger generation.

Shawn – So you’re supposed to write a paper about being a role model for the young kids out there?

Miranda – Yeah…

Shawn – Ok…for one, how the fuck are they going to know who you are?!

Miranda – It’s supposed to be about like your children or your younger siblings.

Shawn – What if you have neither?

Miranda – Then you make it up.

Shawn – I’m good at making shit up.

Miranda – Will you write it for me?

Shawn – Sure, if you do all of my training and beat Asher Hayes at Redemption.

Miranda – I have the feeling like I’d be getting the bad end of that deal.

Shawn – Suit yourself, but don’t say that I didn’t try.

Miranda – By the way, what’s with the swimming? I haven’t seen you swim in….like ever.

Shawn – It’s part of my new work out.

Miranda – Swimming?

Shawn – Yeah, I’m trying to take the strain off of my back all while keeping in shape, so most of the heavy lifting of weights has been replaced with other work outs. It’s all in that hand out right beside you, my chiropractor showed it to me. Apparently cardio is a great way to keep in shape as it burns a lot of calories which in all honesty I need to do because with this back injury I’ve put on a couple pounds. I’ve got to be in my best shape up against Asher Hayes. I’ll be damned if that guy runs circles around me.

* Miranda lifts up the pamphlet and begins reading it. *

Miranda – Running, swimming, what’s an elliptical trainer?

Shawn – It’s a work out machine that I just bought and is being delivered as we speak, that along with the rock climbing wall which will be put downstairs beside my gym.

Miranda – You’re having a rock climbing wall built?!

Shawn – Yeah, I’m not kidding with this shit Miranda. I’ve got to get myself in better shape going against Asher Hayes. I mean guys like Jason Wheeler and Christian Savior are different, I could just mat wrestle them to death. I can do the same thing to Asher except he’s so damn quick it’s like he’s covered his entire body in vaseline or something. That little fucker is like a fox or something except not as smart. So my plan is to get my weight back down to where I’ll feel more comfortable going to the air like I used to.

Miranda – So what you want to do is get your weight down so that you’ll be able to catch up to Asher and beat him in his own game?

Shawn – Not necessarily beat him in his own game but to be able to match him move for move and then when I get him tired down I’ll use his mat wrestling mediocrity against him and the match will be mine.

Miranda – So is any of this strengthening your back?

Shawn – It’s taking the strain, wear, and tear away from it. I can handle it being in pain for a half hour match, but I can’t handle it being in pain all the way through the week leading up to the match. You understand?

Miranda – Yeah I do, I’m glad you’ve thought your way through this. If only I could put forth such an effort on this damn ethics paper.

Shawn – Well you could use Asher Hayes as a bad example of ethical value.

Miranda – Yeah, only problem is I doubt my teacher would have any idea who he is haha.

Shawn – Babe can you grab that towel?

* Shawn begins to steps out of the pool as Miranda hands him the towel that’s lying beside her. He takes it and begins to dry himself off. He then lays the towel across the reclined chair and lays down on it while putting on his pair of sunglasses. *

Miranda – Babe, what are you doing?

Shawn – I’m tanning what the hell does it look like?

* Miranda tries to withhold her laughter. *

Miranda – You? You just lay out here and tan?

Shawn – This bronze body doesn’t come naturally baby, it takes hard work and dedication to look this good.

Miranda – Oh my god, you’re more of a chick then I am. Hahaha.

Shawn – Oh don’t even get me started, I’m more of a man then you’ll ever be!

Miranda – I’m not even offended by that, I’ll take that as a compliment.

Shawn – I’ll take you as a compliment!

Miranda – Once again, thank you I consider myself to be quite the catch. You’re lucky to have me. (smiles)

Shawn – Are you out of your mind? I’m lucky to have you? Last time I checked I didn’t have you I owned you!

Miranda – Oh is that so?! You own me?!

Shawn – That’s right woman!

Miranda – Oh no, I know you didn’t just call me woman!

Shawn – Oh you going to channel some of that latin fire of yours or something? Are you going to start screaming at me in Spanish or some shit? Go ahead because I’m pretty damn sure you’re just bluffing. All I’ve got to do is bring out my 9 iron and you’ll take the extra strokes. (winks)

* Miranda tries to stay pissed but gets a smirk. *

Miranda – God damn it! You’re not going to let me get any home work done are you?

Shawn – It’s not really in my best interest…

Miranda – Fine, but if I fail this class you’re going to be the one explaining this to my father! He won’t be very happy with you!

Shawn – Your father doesn’t scare me, sure he can shoot a gun and sure he can probably break my arm in a split second but that doesn’t make him better then me.

Miranda – Oh what are you going to do? Run away from him until he trips himself like you ran away from Asher Hayes and David Miller in the Tactical Warfare match?

Shawn – Damn it! I thought I told you to never bring that up again! It was all strategy! I ran away from Asher and waited to make my move and I dropped him with the Graven Image! I’m pretty sure I could rival Adam Allocco in being an in-ring strategist.

Miranda – Oh yeah, because you know when a mistake falls into your lap you clearly planned it.

* Miranda smiles and she climbs onto Shawn and gives him a kiss. *

Miranda – But it’s alright, as cowardly as you are I still love you just the same. Do you want me to kick Asher Hayes’ ass for you?

Shawn – I couldn’t ask you to do that, being my girlfriend you should just automatically do it.

* Shawn smirks and kisses Miranda back. *

Miranda – I’m going to go inside and get my bikini on.

* Miranda then climbs off of him and he slaps her on the ass. Moments later Miranda then rejoins Shawn in her tiny bikini as she lays down on the recliner beside him joining him in his tanning. *

* She unties the top of her bikini to prevent lines. *

Miranda – Shawn, this is exactly what I need, just a relaxing day outside with you. No Ace or Adam or Alex around. It’s just the two of us enjoying each others company.

Shawn – Huh?

* Shawn turns to look at her. *

Miranda – Oh my god Shawn! Your hand!

* Shawn looks down to see his hand is down his shorts. He then smirks. *

Shawn – Hey, I was enjoying my own company haha.

Miranda – You are just down right sick. Ya know masturbation is practically cheating.

Shawn – What!? How is that in any way classified as cheating?

Miranda – Are you thinking about me when you do it?!

Shawn – Um, that’s kind of the point of masturbation isn’t it? To think about somebody that you’re NOT with.

Miranda – Exactly, so you’re cheating on me with your own imagination!

Shawn – Does it classify as cheating if you’re thinking about yourself?

* Miranda just stares at Shawn with a blank look across her face. *

Miranda – Yes, still cheating!

Shawn – Then apparently I’ve been cheating on you since I met you hahaha.

Miranda – You’re disgusting! How the hell am I even attracted to you?

Shawn – I’m more addictive then crack.

* Shawn then relaxes once again. *

Shawn – Wow, I don’t think I’ve relaxed like this in months. It’s been by far way over due. Ever since I’ve been cursed with these god like features it seems like I haven’t even had the time to sit here and enjoy them.

Miranda – What to sit here and play with yourself?

Shawn – To an extent maybe haha. I mean come on Miranda, you know how fucked up my back has been lately, I need time like this to just lay here and relax and enjoy my own company. All I’ve been doing lately is getting my ass kicked in the ring because of my back and then come out of no where and hit a couple of moves in a row which consists of my entire offensive repertoire at the moment and then I win. It’s all because I’m over compensating for my nearly broken back. I need these moments to regroup and get everything back together.

Miranda – Then why don’t you just take the time off to have the surgery that you need and then come back at 100 percent? It seems like you’re just doing more damage then good to it by continuing to compete.

Shawn – Yes, but in doing so that means I would have to relinquish the SCW Championship.

Miranda – You don’t care about the Championship anyway, so what’s the big deal?

Shawn – The big deal is that Rise to Greatness is right around the corner and yours truly doesn’t want to have to work at main eventing it. I mean I should be handed the main event regardless but considering Mr. Drachewych loths me more then the mold growing on his unused cock it’s in my best interest to hold onto this Championship so I can headline the biggest show in SCW history. Being the SCW Champion means nothing to me, but one would be lying if he said the perks to being Champion weren’t pretty damn good.

Miranda – So you seriously are going to risk further injury just so you can headline Rise to Greatness?

Shawn – It’s not just about Rise to Greatness Miranda…I’m doing the whole roster a service right now. By me holding onto this title it allows the rest of the roster to relax knowing that the Championship is in more then capable hands. Knowing that the broken back of Shawn Winters is still strong enough to carry the company on. By keeping that Championship I’m allowing the pressure of performing to rely squarely on my shoulders because everybody knows how easily one can crumble under the pressure. Take Christian Savior for instance. He had the pressure on him for merely two weeks and he couldn’t withstand it. Me? I can take the pressure. I can take the heat, Asher Hayes wants to think that he can take it. He wants to step up and be the heir to my thrown but the truth is Asher Hayes doesn’t have what it takes and nor does anybody else in SCW. So, the entire SCW roster one day can thank me because I truly am being selfless in doing what I’m doing. (smirks)

Miranda – I don’t think selfless would exactly be the word to describe it.

Shawn – Well whatever you want to call it, I’m truly the only unsung hero of the world. I do what I do without asking anything in return but to be left in piece. You can send your thank you letters and your mini basket of muffins to my publicist because I sure as hell don’t need em.

Miranda – Your ego could raise the Titanic.

Shawn – One of the many things I could do but I don’t want to seem to showy haha.

* The scene fades out as Shawn and Miranda continue there relaxation. *

* The scene opens with Shawn Winters sitting in what seems to be a giant movie theater. He has his leg crossed over his knee as he is reclined back with his hand resting against his chin. *

Shawn – Asher Hayes….the NEW Asher Hayes…it just goes to show you how much like sheep our audience really is. They just follow the new cool thing which apparently is Asher Hayes and his new look on life. Bitch, I have been the cool thing since I stepped foot in this place and yet where are my cheers? Where are my standing ovations? Oh yeah that’s right, I don’t get those because I don’t have the self esteem of a teenage girl. I don’t need those cheers and ovations to know I’m worth it. You Asher? You need each and every clap that you can get because with every clap and with every cheer you feel loved. It’s like you’re that adopted child whose trying to win over his new parents. You may sit there and act tough and that getting the fans on your side was a consolation prize well the truth is, it’s your only prize. You act as if you won something at Out of Control but only one person actually won something and that was me. Asher you and your new “saved” lifestyle makes me laugh, what’s next for you? Are you going to be a born again virgin now too? Ha, people like to think that they can change Asher but the truth is, we never change. We’ll always be those vindictive assholes at heart, now you can try and put a face on for all of the fans and try to be what they want you to be but all it’s going to do is result in you hating every single bit of what you’ve become and that, will be a shell of your former self. It’s sad really, I mean you’re programmed to think that it’s going to be great, you’re a puppet for the people and all of the sudden you’re in the ring with the One Man Scandal one on one for the SCW Championship. You must be on cloud nine right now. I mean I know I would if I was you, it’s quite the accomplishment. You go from being just a blip on the screen to a giant force to be reckoned with. You’ve really came a long way since I put your ass through a table over a month ago.

This has got to be the biggest stage in your career right Asher? I mean sure the Tag Team matches with Rachel are one thing, but this…this right here has got to be the biggest thing in the world to you. The pressure you’re feeling has got to be insurmountable. You’ve got the entire crowd on your back carrying each one of there dreams with you into this match, it’s got to be tiring Asher, it’s got to be tiring. Little Jimmy over there and his dream of being a cowboy astronaut is resting in your hands. You see Asher in becoming there new hero they look to you for everything. Now it’s unreasonable I know, trust me I know but it comes with the territory. Pretty soon you’ll be hit with the role model status and the truth is we all know that you’re no role model. Maybe you could take the Mickey Mantle route and tell kids to NOT be like you but what kind of a message will that be sending all the kids who are cheering you and buying the Asher Hayes merchandise? It’s not going to be a good one that’s for sure. The fall from grace for you is going to be huge Asher, you could easily be the next Kobe Bryant. The giant good guy to all only to be shot down with an accusation of rape, heh, Asher…as good as this cloud nine feeling is…the fall from it will be just that painful. I mean even your brain can understand that even with all of those missing cells you’ve wasted away.

* Shawn then picks up a remote control. Shawn clicks his remote and shows a clip of a high school on his wide screen. *

Shawn – Asher this little feud between us is just like high school. I mean it’s like we’re fighting over a girl or something doesn’t it seem that way to you? Except in this case the girl is the SCW World Championship. Now you see over there?

* Shawn points to a kid who is seemingly popular wearing a football jersey with a girl sitting on his lap and a bunch of people surrounding him. *

Shawn – That guy right there is me, I’m the cool guy. I’m the guy that everybody wishes they were. To shorten things up, I rule this damn place. I’ve got the girl, I’ve got my loyal subjects and I don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks of me. Now if you look over there.

* Point out a kid who is carrying a piece of paper in his hand walking towards the group. *

Shawn – That kid right there is you Asher, don’t seem to out of the ordinary? Well you just wait and watch.

* The boy goes up to the group. *

Boy – Kevin, I got the Geometry assignment done, thought I’d give it to you so you could stay eligible for baseball season.

Kevin – Thanks Bobby.

Boy – It’s Billy.

* Shawn then begins to chuckle. *

Shawn – Ya see Asher, Billy there is you. You’re folding under peer pressure. All you want in life is to be apart of the cool crowd. To be apart of the kliq, but the thing is you’re to busy trying to please everybody that you’re not making yourself stand out. You’re not making yourself unique in any way which is exactly why the love of your that girl on my lap over there will never take notice of you. You’re just part of the crowd Asher, you’ve become exactly like the people that cheer you and try to motivate you with there chants of “ASHER! ASHER! ASHER!” But is that REALLY the life that you want Asher? Wouldn’t you much rather be like me? Like Greaternity? The cool crowd who doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks of them? I truly believe that you do but you won’t admit that because that would be betraying the unity that you now have with all of these screaming fans.

In becoming this crowd pleaser ignoramus, Asher you have lost what you pride yourself on, unpredictability. The truth is by trying to please each and every fan that cheers you…you become a walking cliché. Now you may get glimpses of that man you once were but then you’ll think about it and you’ll stand down because what you’ll be thinking is what everyone will think of you if you do such an act. (smirks) That’s the beauty of it Asher, being like me you don’t have to answer to anybody but yourself. I have my own code of ethics and nobody can challenge them because it’s how I choose to live. You? You have to answer to all the children that support you. You have to eat your vitamins and say your prayers and tell each and every kid that if they put there mind to it that they can do anything! (gags) Oh sorry, just kind of puked in my mouth there for a second. So, in doing so Asher like I said…you’re nothing more then a living, breathing, walking cliché.

* Shawn then clicks something on his remote. *

Shawn – This actually brings me to a little clip, a Public Service Announcement if you will. This is for all the young viewers out there, just to you know…bring awareness to the situation at hand. This thing has been taking our youth of the world by storm and it’s something that really needs to be addressed…and yes Asher, this is for you too.

* The wide screen flicks to a white screen with a voice over. *

Voice Over – This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Shawn Winters and Greaternity.

* Then Shawn Winters walks onto the screen. *

Shawn – Ya know, there is always a time when everybody wants to be excepted. Whether it’s being part of the popular crowd in school or trying to get ahead in the corporate world. But the question truly is, will you subject yourself to peer pressure or will you remain yourself? What we’ve done here in Greaternity is put together a couple situations you might find yourself in and we’ll show you how to properly handle then to prevent yourself from turning into a complete hypocrite like one Asher Hayes. So please take a look at these situations we have put together for you. Let’s see what Alexa and Miranda are up to.

* The scene changes to show Alex Jr. dressed like a woman with Miranda beside her inside of a girls bathroom. *

Miranda – So Alexa how did your date go with Ace last night?

Alexa – Oh you know, we went to a movie and started kissing.

Miranda – (giggles) Oh you didn’t?! So do you think that it’s about time for you to…ya know?

Alexa – Well I like Ace a lot, he keeps pressuring me into having sex with him but I just don’t know if I’m ready.

Miranda – Well you do realize that Ace is a Senior and you’re a Freshman, so if you really want any chance of him asking you to prom you’re going to have to put out otherwise he could easily dump you for somebody who will.

Alexa – You think that he would do that?

Miranda – Of course, his last girlfriend was Lenne Perez you know, and everybody knows that girls reputation.

Alexa – Oh my god you’re right, I’m going to have to have sex with Ace otherwise he could go ask somebody else to prom!

* Right then the screen freezes and goes back to Shawn Winters who steps in front. *

Shawn – You see the situation that Alexa has found herself? Not only is her boyfriend Ace pressuring her to have sex before she’s ready but also her best friend Miranda is pressuring her as well with the fact that Ace could dump her. This is something that has been tainting our youth for generations. The consequences of such decisions could really ruin your life. Alexa might think that having sex with Ace would be great now, but just imagine a year from know when she’s got a child at age 15. Then who will be considered the school whore? Definitely not Lenne. But you see peer pressure isn’t something that happens just in the schools. It happens in the work place as well. Let’s take a look at Ace and Adam and see what they’ve got going on.

* The scene shows a locker room with Adam and Ace changing after a match. *

Ace – Dang it Adam, we just can’t seem to get the win no matter what we do.

Adam – I know…I’m getting sick and tired of people cheating against us. That’s the only way that anyone can beat us.

Ace – I know and you know what we’ve got next. We’ve got a shot at the Tag Team Championships and you know how badly we want those titles.

Adam – Exactly Ace and you know that they’ll do everything they can to keep them and that includes cheating.

Ace – But if we did that what would all of our fans think of us?

Adam – That’s what I’m worried about…if we cheat to win the Tag Team titles we could quite possibly lose all of our fans.

* Right then a little boy walks into the locker room with a pen and a magazine. *

Boy – Adam, Ace can I get your autograph?

Adam – Of course son, who should we make it out to?

Boy – Josh…

Adam – Alright Josh…

Boy – You two weren’t talking about cheating to win the Tag Team titles were you?

* Adam and Ace look at each other. *

Boy – You two are my heroes and I know that you wouldn’t ever do anything like that.

* The scene freezes as Shawn Winters once again walks in front. *

Shawn – You see what just happened there? That little boy is peer pressuring Ace and Adam into doing the honorable thing and playing clean in there Tag Team titles match. Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but they lost that match because the Champions cheated. Peer Pressure is no joke, it really influences the actions of others whether good or bad, but the truth is everybody really needs to look out for there own interests. For example look at me, Shawn Winters, I look out for myself and I do not fall victim to peer pressure because I know that I’m my own person. Then you have Asher Hayes who fell victim to the peer pressure of the fans and now he’s doing things in order to please them and not himself. It just goes to show that Asher Hayes will fail in his conquest for the SCW Championship just like Ace and Adam did in theirs. So in closing kids, don’t be like Asher Hayes and fall for peer pressure…be like me and laugh at those who do. (winks)

* Shawn turns off the wide screen as smirks as he’s reclining in his chair. *

Shawn – It’s truly a shame Asher, you used to have so much promise and yet here you are filling the void in which Greg Cherry left when he was so tragically fired from this company. Right when I thought Greaternity did the world a great service by taking away Greg Cherry’s dignity and life and in steps Asher Hayes to go where Greg Cherry could on dream of going. To take SCW to the next level to be this innovative champion that you claim that you will be. Heh, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the SCW Championship is a heavy drug my friend, Greg Cherry knows this and it only took over a year for him to fall victim to his own withdrawls and walk away and now we’ve got you Asher. A man who is no stranger to drugs but with your new outlook on life can you really handle the temptations of the strongest drug of them all? (smirks) I don’t know if you can Asher, but then again drugs can make you do funny things you and I both know this. We’ve had our fun, we’ve lived like rockstars and now here we are crossing paths…so the question is Asher, which one of us will this drug feed off of more? This drug likes the strong and breaks the weak, just look at myself compared to Greg Cherry, he was weak. You’re following that same path Asher, but don’t you worry I’ll make sure that this title doesn’t take away the last few brain cells you have left because I’ll be the hero here…I’ll save you the burden by keeping it for myself. (smirks)

* The scene fades to black. *