One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Punishing Myself

Sunday May 22nd, 2011

* The scene opens up at a random bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico which is the site of the next edition of Breakdown. Shawn Winters is seen inside the bar carrying around a bottle of champagne as Charlie is seen in the background. Shawn goes up to the bar where there is a few girls. *

Shawn Alright so which one of you wants to get fucked and abandoned in the street after wards?

* One of the girls slaps him in the face. Shawn then moves to the next girl. *

Shawn You look like the type of girl who prides herself in giving good head.

* She slaps him across the face so Shawn moves to the next girl. *

Shawn Ya know what? I'm not even drunk enough for you yet.

* That girl slaps him across the face as well as Shawn takes a pull from his bottle as he stumbles over to the table where Charlie is located. *

Charlie What the hell are you doing?

Shawn I'm trying to incorporate myself with your natural surroundings.

Charlie What are you talking about?

Shawn I'm sorry for trying to blend into your home land.

Charlie Oh jesus...just a couple months ago you thought I was Mexican and now you think I'm Puerto Rican?

Shawn Hey, I'm not Christopher Columbus alright, I didn't discover the world I just discovered your vagina.

Charlie You'd be just like him too, not the first person to discover it.

Shawn Hang on that gives me an idea.

* Shawn grabs a waitress that's walking by. *

Shawn Hey, you and me bathroom. Take a chance, Christopher Columbus did and look what happened.

* The waitress shakes her head before walking off. Charlie starts laughing. *

Charlie Oh my god! Is that your best pick up line?! You're lucky you're hot because you've seriously got no game.

Shawn Why don't you put that mouth to good use and blow me?

Charlie I don't know, I've already got my eye on a girl over in the corner.

* Shawn looks at the girl that Charlie has her eye on. Shawn smirks at Charlie before walking over to her. *

Shawn you see that girl over there? She's got crabs. You see how she has two drinks by her? One of them is to drown them and the other is to drink.

* Charlie is clearly pissed now as Shawn sticks his tongue out at her before walking back over to her. *

Charlie You honestly want to get abused tonight don't you? Good thing I brought my hand cuffs because you're not going to be leaving the bed all day tomorrow.

Shawn Kinky.

Charlie What has gotten into you lately anyways? You were perfectly fine last week and look what happened? You beat David Helms handedly and now you're a complete mess. You're probably going to be too hungover or drunk to even get out to the ring to face Shaun Cruze. What gives? I know it's not being deprived of sex because I've been giving you enough of that to last you a lifetime.

Shawn I'm hard all day baby. (smirks)

Charlie Why do I have a feeling like that won't be the case tonight? I mean seriously, do you blame me for trying to find an alternative option?

Shawn It's funny how much I love alcohol and how much it makes me hard just thinking about it. Yet the more I consume the more flaccid I get.

Charlie That's the history of love Shawn. When it's good you're hard as a rock but in the end all it does is leave you limp and pathetic. That's why I just like to have unconnected sex. Having a connection with somebody is overrated when they have a big cock.

Shawn Yeah, fuck love...who needs that shit anyways? I could masterbate for the rest of my life and never have sex with anyone hotter.

Charlie Than your hand? Is your hand that hot?

Shawn No...myself. I'm having sex with myself. Maybe I could look in a mirror while doing it.

Charlie This conversation is getting a bit disturbing even for me and that's saying a lot because I'm willing to talk about anything but the thought of you jerking it while looking at yourself in the mirror is too American Psycho for my taste. I'd rather not think about getting cut up by a chainsaw afterwards.

Shawn Do you think that guys got some drugs?

Charlie Shawn it's Puerto Rico, I'm sure everybody in here has some drugs.

Shawn Go over there and give him head for some coke.

* Charlie stares at him for a bit. *

Charlie Alright.

* Charlie gets up and walks over to a guy. They have a brief conversation with Charlie clearly flirting with him. She then shrugs her shoulders and walks away. The guy then leaves the bar. *

Charlie He doesn't have any however he said he'd go outside and get some. He told me to stay put.

Shawn Sweet!

* Shawn and Charlie sit in a booth as Shawn continues to take rather large pulls of his bottle. *

Charlie Alright Shawn spill it. You know I don't like to hear about peoples problems but I think it'll be best for both of us for you to just tell me now compared to crying after sex and confessing some sort of suppressed child hood memory of a camp counselor touching you.

Shawn What? I never cry after sex.

Charlie Really?

Shawn Ok that ONE time but that's because I'm not to fond of your little technique of using your teeth on my dick!

Charlie I told you if you were a naughty boy you'd get punished.

Shawn I thought you meant in a good way!

Charlie Now stop fucking around and tell me what your problem is! Last thing I need is a sloppy Shawn Winters tonight because if you're sloppy tonight there is a chance that you'll be sloppy on Breakdown and I'm not going to take the blame again for a loss. You should be on cloud nine right now after beating David Helms and instead you're two drinks away from sleeping in a gutter.

Shawn Heh, David Helms. That guy was SCW Champion? Just shows how pathetic the competition in SCW has gotten since I left.

Charlie Yeah well if you hadn't noticed James Exeter came back on Breakdown and kicked Chad Evans' ass.

Shawn James Exeter?

Charlie Yeah, you know...the guy that beat you for the World title at Rise to Greatness a couple years ago?

Shawn Fuck him, he's not anything either.

Charlie Right...sorry I forgot that anyone that's beaten you clearly sucks.

Shawn Yup!

Charlie How arrogant are you?

Shawn Arrogant enough to convince people that I'm always right.

Charlie Right...

Shawn See? Told you.

Charlie Damn it Shawn, am I going to have to bite your dick again tonight?! Tell me what's going on otherwise I'll call your wife and tell her that I'm a woman!

* Charlie goes to grab Shawn's phone as he quickly slams his hand down on top of it. Shawn's smile has just turned into a completely serious snarl. *

Charlie Whoa...well it looks like we figured out what your problem is. What's wrong? Is she getting fat?

* Shawn takes another pull from his bottle as he watches a girl riding the mechanical bull in the middle of the bar. *

Charlie You've got to tell me if I guess it right. You know that's the rules.

* Shawn gets up and walks up to the girl who just got off the bull and sat down what is clearly her boyfriend. *

Shawn I saw you riding that bull up there. Impressive works, makes me wonder how long you can ride a cock.

* Right then the guy who is a rather large and muscular gets up and shoves Shawn. *

Boyfriend That's my girlfriend you fuck!

* Shawn starts laughing as he gets back up. *

Shawn No wonder she doesn't want to ride me. She's used to riding on beginner hahaha!

* Right then the guy goes to punch Shawn but he ducks under it only to fall over a chair. He's still laughing as the guy grabs him by the shirt and lifts him up. *

Boyfriend Who the fuck do you think you are you piece of shit?!

Shawn Me? It doesn't matter who I am because I'm happy just not being you.

* Shawn spits in the guys face as he drops him. Shawn sticks his tongue out at Charlie as he's clearly pleased with himself. He turns around only to get punched right in the face by this giant guy. Shawn goes down knocking a table full of drinks over as he does. The guy grabs him and picks him up again with Shawn's nose now bleeding. The bartender runs over with a baseball bat. *


* The boyfriend pushes Shawn as he stumbles out the door. The boyfriend, his girlfriend, and Charlie follow. Shawn gets to his feet stumbling back and forth clearly drunk. *

Shawn Hey man...I'm sorry.

Boyfriend You're sorry?

Shawn Yeah...I'm sorry...I think I just got your girlfriend pregnant by looking at her. (laughs)

* Shawn gets punched in the gut this time doubling over. *

Boyfriend Stupid Americans. Got anything else to say funny guy?

* Shawn starts coughing. *

Charlie Shawn why aren't you hitting back?!

Boyfriend SHUT UP WHORE!

Charlie WHOA! Kick his ass Shawn!

* Shawn stands back up looking at the boyfriend. *

Shawn I fucked the masseuse last week.

Boyfriend What?

Charlie What?

Shawn I don't know...forgot to brag about it before.

Boyfriend You've had enough. If I ever see you even looking at me or my girlfriend again I'll make sure that you don't make it back to the States.

* The boyfriend and girl start to walk away. *

Shawn I saw your boyfriend checking out my dick at the urinal!

* Right then they both stop walking and the boyfriend walks back over to Shawn. *

Boyfriend What the fuck did you just say?

Shawn You heard me faggot!

* Right then the boyfriend punches Shawn again in the face knocking him down. Shawn's nose and mouth are now bleeding. Shawn spits out some blood. *

Boyfriend I'm a faggot? Huh? Am a faggot now?!

* Shawn gets up and gets punched in the gut again. Shawn starts coughing as he's doubled over. *

Boyfriend If anyone is gay here it's clearly you.

Shawn Sorry fag, I'm not the one trying to prove I'm not gay. Looks like you're destined to be wearing rainbow and marching in gay pride parades.

* The boyfriend punches Shawn in the gut again. *

Boyfriend Well you know how I know you're gay!? Your dick tastes like shit!

* Shawn starts laughing as blood is pouring down his face and onto the street. *

Shawn So you're telling me you've sucked my dick?!

Boyfriend Wha-NO!

* Charlie starts laughing. *

Boyfriend Shut up you bitch!

* The boyfriend punches Shawn once more in the face as Shawn is now down on the street grunting from the punishment. The boyfriend and girlfriend walk away. Charlie runs up to Shawn to check on him. *

Charlie Shawn! Wha-what the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you fight back?! You realize that words don't exactly knock people out right?

* Shawn starts coughing again. Charlie grabs his face to look at it. *

Charlie Jesus Shawn your face.

Shawn I'm fine.

Charlie Bullshit you're fine. You just got into a fight for no reason other than you're drunk and retarded. You continued to instigate it without even trying to fight back. You're a professional wrestler Shawn! You fight for a living! Are you telling me that you couldn't take that guy?

Shawn Did you see the size of him? He had muscles on top of his muscles.

Charlie So why is it of all tables you went up to that one to hit one his girlfriend? It was obvious so don't even plead ignorance.

* Shawn sits up and blows out some snot and blood from each side of his nose. *

Charlie Seriously Shawn, if you don't tell me what's going on I'm going to kick your ass even more.

Shawn Hannah's pregnant.

Charlie Oh....shit.

* Shawn spits more blood out. *

Shawn Yeah...

Charlie So then there goes that marriage right?

* Shawn doesn't say anything. *

Charlie Wait a minute. You were in there hitting on every single girl possible.

* Shawn just looks up at Charlie. *

Charlie You knowingly hit on that guys girlfriend didn't you? You knew this was going to happen, you wanted this to happen that's why you didn't fight back! That's why you kept instigating it.

* Shawn continues to not say anything. *

Charlie You're trying to punish yourself for getting Hannah pregnant aren't you?

Shawn No!

Charlie Bullshit! You're clearly trying to punish yourself!

Shawn I'm not punishing myself because I got her pregnant. I'm punishing myself because I left her the moment I found out.

Charlie Oh...

Shawn Charlie don't even pretend to act like you give a shit. The only thing you're concerned about is whether or not I'm going to be able to get it up tonight.

Charlie Eh...

* Right then Shawn gets up and shoves Charlie away as he tries to walk. Charlie runs back over to him holding him up. *

Charlie Shawn listen, despite what you may think of me or what I let on either way, I am human. I can see that you're obviously hurting. I can look past the sex for tonight but seriously...why don't you call your wife?

Shawn Can't...I haven't answered any of her calls since I left her Friday. I have stayed on the road this entire time for a reason.

Charlie That explains why we're in Puerto Rico so early for Breakdown.

Shawn Now it's to the point where I can't just call her. What would I say? That I'm sorry? I don't even know that I am sorry. I don't really think that I know anything right now.

Charlie Well that could be the concussion calling.

Shawn I don't know what to do.

Charlie Shawn I don't mean to sound like a bitch or anything right now but I'm the last person to ask in this situation. I have distanced myself from emotions for as long as I can remember.

Shawn I'm not asking you as much as I'm asking myself.

Charlie All that I can tell you is doing this...isn't healthy. You can't just keep going out and trying to pick a fight with people without even fighting back. You'll end up in the hospital at some point. Which reminds me...we should probably get you to one.

Shawn No...I'm fine.

Charlie Shawn you probably have a concussion.

Shawn I'm fine!

Charlie Damn it Shawn, you know how serious concussions have gotten over the years! You need to go to the hospital!

Shawn I'm not Jake Starr! I'm not going to run away from my obligations Charlie!

Charlie Completely different how you're running away from your obligation as a husband and soon to be father?

* Shawn just glares as Charlie. *

Charlie You're going to the hospital.

Shawn Alright, but I'm still wrestling on Breakdown.

Charlie I'm sure you'll be fine but we've got to get you checked out. After all Taking Hold of the Flame is the bigger picture and we can't put that in jeopardy for a meaningless Breakdown match.

Shawn Right.

Charlie Come on, who knows, maybe I'll find a nice doctor to hook up with.

* Shawn starts to laugh a bit before coughing. The scene fades as Charlie calls for a taxi. *

* The camera shows Shawn Winters standing in front of it with some stitches on the bridge of his nose and a big cut on his bottom lip from the fight that he was in. He has a beer in his hand as he takes a drink of it. He grimaces after a bit of it sneaks into his cut on his lip. *

Shawn Well well well if it isn't Mr. Cruze, or is it alright if I call you Shaun? I mean come on...I feel like you and I should be on a first name basis since I'm about to be the person to take away your virginity. Oh? Are you unaware of what I'm talking about? Heh, calm down I'm not going to fuck you on Breakdown far from it. I've had enough shit going on in my life to worry about fucking someone else's over at the moment. Sad I know but that's a discussion for another time. You see Shaun you are about to take part in a write of passage in SCW. Think of it like you're an Indian in the old American before Christopher Columbus fucked it all up. You're a young man going out on an adventure to become a man. Say for example you go out and you kill a tiger with a spear or a bow and arrow and you come back to your family with blood covered cloth and you lay that tiger down and you stand proud knowing that you just fed your people and that you are indeed a man. (smirks)'re about to find out whether or not you are a man. In this story you are the young boy embarking on a journey that his ancestors have gone on 20 times before him and I am the tiger waiting to pounce and devour some fresh meat. Do you honestly think that I'm just going to let you make a man out of yourself without putting up a fight? Then you've clearly not heard the right things about me.

No I understand the word about Shawn Winters it goes deep. It goes deeper than that of IWC where you came from. Trust me, when it comes to Shawn Winters people talk. They're like high school girls gossiping about a teacher fucking a student it's that intense. Every move that I make the entire wrestling world is talking about it. Every major move that I make the entire entertainment community is talking about it. Do you know how many times I've had TMZ at my door step this week? More times than you've been laid my friend. So listen to me closely Shaun...the Shawn Winters that you may have heard about isn't the man that you're going to be stepping into the ring again.

I imagine that you've heard words about me like: egotistical, arrogant, asshole, coward. But you see...people tend to talk because they don't know the truth. Now I am 3 out of those 4 things but to say that I'm a coward? That's just plain disrespectful. I am no more a coward that you are a man Shaun. God it's funny saying Shaun because it's like I'm talking to myself. Whoa, don't you dare take that as a compliment because you are far from being Shawn Winters. So from here on let's forget that first name basis shall we? I'll call you Cruze and you can call me awesome? Haha no but in all seriousness you can call me Mr. Winters as if I'm your teacher. Call me Mr. Winters like a teacher because on Breakdown I'm not only going to teach you how to be a man but I'm going to straight up take you to school on how to be a professional wrestler. On how to be a performer.

* Shawn takes another drink out of his beer. *

Shawn You see I don't like to give credit to the men that trained me because I like to think that I got here on my own but the truth is, without Bret Hart or Curt Hennig I would of never had anyone to strive to be better than. You Cruze I guarantee you won't forget who taught you. You won't have the same dedication that I had. You won't have the same inspiration to be the best because you'll have been taught by the best. That's the catch 22 there Cruze, you can't be the best when you can't beat the best and my friend you're clearly delusional like half the roster if you believe that you can beat Shawn Winters.

For you to say that you're you're the best means that you're better than David Helms. Are you better than David Helms? The former SCW World Champion? The man who might very well regain said title at Taking Hold of the Flame? Are you better than him because I embarrassed him like a boy wearing a Madonna costume for Halloween. Come to think of it, you might be better than him, from what I've been told you're undefeated and you've had more wins since coming to SCW than David Helms has had the past few months. Ironic how some people get pushed right to the top without even a second glance isn't it? Come to think of it you kind of fit that same mold don't you? You're like Sasha's brand new toy that she wants to play with endless on end but yet the moment she grows old of you? You'll be tossed into the dumpster like an outdated dildo.

You might not see it in front of you Cruze because you might be blind to your own success but see things from my point of view. I'm being used just the same as you are. You're being used as a new toy as a new project by Sasha and I'm being used as the person that's going to make you a star. How do you think that makes me feel huh? I feel like a hooker being called in to make a man out of a virgin. Once again Cruze get your mind out of the gutter because I'm not going to fuck you on Breakdown and come to think of it I'm not going to lay down for you either. I may be a hooker being called into make make stars but do you know how I do that Cruze? I do that by giving the performance of my life by turning everything I touch into gold. Do you want to see a resume? Sure why not. Let's flip through this metaphorical scrap book shall we?

* Shawn leans back and pretends to have a massive book on his lap as he licks his finger and flips through pages. *

Shawn Ah here we go, most recently Christy Matthews. Did you see what her career was before I so graciously walked into her life and quite possibly tortured her very soul? She was a complete failure on the verge of suicide because she couldn't defeat a man that I emancipated on Breakdown. I made Christy Matthews a house hold name, I made her into a star because I gave her the golden shower of my perfection. She's now covered in gold because of my own Midas Touch. I straight up sculpted her out of clay into a masterpiece much like Michelangelo did to David. Do you see what I'm trying to tell you Cruze? I make stars. I make legends. I'm like Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham. If you haven't seen the movie then by god look it up because I don't have the time to explain classical cinema to you.

* Shawn metaphorically flips to another page. *

Shawn Let's move on to this person. Jay Gold, a man that was a laughing stock of an SCW Champion and here Shawn Winters comes in and gets him a feud of the year award and arguably a match of the year nomination all while validating his career leading him into the Hall of Fame. Don't let his accomplishments fool you because they should all be taken with a grain of salt. He won certain titles before SCW was what it is today and that is the best. His career wasn't anything until Shawn Winters shared the screen with him and made him into a hall of famer that we all see today broadcasting on Ammo. Did you ever wonder why he never has anything good to say about me on Ammo? Well let me share with you the fact that he's an ungrateful piece of shit. He doesn't understand all that I have done for him over the years. The two separate rivalries that we had were the benchmarks on his career. Yet here he is on Breakdown acting like he got to where he is on his own merit. How selfish is that? All I've ever wanted was a thank you. A thank you for turning a joke into a respectable superstar...a hall of famer. Do you see the endlessness of my powers Cruze? Because if not I have yet another example.

* Shawn pretends to lift up the heavy metaphorical book once more. He licks his fingers and flips to another page. He smirks a bit before looking back into the camera. *

Shawn Possibly my most glorious achievement. The all American boy Greg Cherry. Now I refer to him as the all American boy because he's the type of boy you want to take your daughter to prom. He's the type of boy that you know will be too nervous or nice to try and do anything. Even if your daughter gives the green light his palms will become too sweaty and he'll break out into hives and leave. That's the type of boy that you want seeing your daughter. Now in the sense of him vs. Shawn Winters? Could you say that I made him into a man? Sure possibly considering the fact that I have owned him my entire career. Could you say that he is my greatest failure? Also a valid point considering the fact that he is still a whining little bitch complaining that he can't get his way. The fact is whether or not you see Greg Cherry as one of my better accomplishments or one of my only failures it just shows that not everybody is worthy of being a star. Greg Cherry? He's clearly regressed since I took it upon myself of making him a star. You win some and you lose some right?

Am I promising you that I'll make you a star? No, I'm not. I'm promising you that I'll do everything I can to make you a star all while kicking your ass all around the ring. It just so happens while doing so I happen to make you look better than your talents even allow you to look because I am that generous. Don't you dare say that I don't give back to the community because I'm giving back to you right now. Those words you've heard in IWC about me couldn't be more than false because I stand here right now prepared to turn you into something that you may not even deserve. Sasha thinks it's there but she doesn't know shit, I'll be the judge of your talent Cruze and I'll decide whether or not you're deserving of my Midas Touch.

So listen to me and take what I say very seriously. If you didn't take in anything that I had to say before at least take in this. I can't work miracles, I've claimed to sure, but sometimes even guys like Greg Cherry can't reach their own potential. Sasha see's something in you and I feel like it's my job to discover what it is. However don't you forget that much like I could be a momentum increaser for could simply be just another ant on the bottom of my boot on my march to Rise to Greatness. Undefeated or not you're nothing until you state your case against the grand jury that is Shawn Winters.

Now Cruze, don't take it personally when I treat you like a one night stand and don't call you in the morning. Just take comfort in knowing that you quite possibly had the greatest night of your life. (smirks)

* Shawn smirks as the camera fades out. *