One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters

Tales Told Through Alcohol

4 Hours before Taking Hold of the Flame

* The scene opens up inside of Shawn Winters' hotel suite. He has just gotten out of the shower and is drying himself off. Charlie walks up to him. *

Charlie - Mmm...have I ever told you that your body looks amazing wet?

Shawn - I could say the same about you. (winks) Not going to lie, after you I kind of felt obligated to shower.

Charlie - I get that alot haha.

* Shawn puts on a pair of jeans and dries his hair off some more before tossing the towel to the ground. Charlie looks at him. *

Charlie - Are you going to be alright tonight? I mean with everything that's happened with you and Hannah and...just everything I guess...I've got to ask if you're actually ready for this.

Shawn -'s none of your concern. I'm even Shawn Winters at 50% is still good enough to beat 39 other superstars. I know what I'm doing.

I hope I know what I'm doing.

Charlie - Alright...I just want you to be focused on tonight and not off thinking about other things. Last thing we need is for you to see a girl that looks like Hannah in the front row, get distracted and thrown over the top rope by somebody like Greg Cherry.

Shawn - That would be a travesty. Listen, Charlie...I haven't been going around for the past few weeks saying that Taking Hold of the Flame was in the bag when it wasn't. Trust me...I got this.

Charlie - Alright...well I'm going to go out for a bit. You going to be alright all alone? I don't wanna come back up here to find you crying by the telephone.

Shawn - (sarcastic) You know me so well....bye.

Charlie - Alright I'm leaving.

Shawn - BYE!

* Charlie walks out the door as Shawn Winters looks at the phone before shaking his head. He grabs his cell phone and scrolls through some old texts that haven't been deleted from his phone all being from his wife Hannah. Alot of "I love you" and "Thinking of you" are being scrolled through. Shawn takes a look through his call log and see's that he hasn't talked to Hannah in nearly a month now. He takes a deep breath before tossing the phone onto the bed before standing up and running his fingers through his hair. He looks out of the window at the city of Miami. *

Shawn - Maybe Charlie was right...the fact is, I don't think that I have ever felt so volnerable. I wife just left me. This doesn't happen...I'm the one that's supposed to be doing the leaving. I leave women before I become attached and it ends up leaving them broken hearted. Has it really come back to me? I finally...after pressure from all of my friends let my guard down and here I am alone...well with Charlie but she's hardly considered people. I'm alone when for the first time I don't want to be.

This is all my friends fault. Angie's, Matt's, Kim's, Brooke's...the only person that actually didn't want me to change was Ace. Who would of throught that through all of this he'd turn out to be my best friend. Maybe he was just trying to protect me from getting hurt when the others wanted me to in order to humble me. Well fuck that! This whole thing is THEIR fault! Intervention my ass! If there was ever a moment that I resented my friends and my family it was right now! They're fucking dead to me!

* Right then there is a knock on the door. Shawn turns around. *

Shawn - It's open.

* The door opens and Ace Marshall walks in. He closes the door behind him. *

Ace - So how's it hanging?

Shawn - Ace if you're refering to my penis it's hanging just fine haha.

Ace - mean you. How are you holding up. I'd understand if you were a bit upset. I'd be more than happy to take your battle royal spot if you didn't feel up to competing tonight. I would be more than happy to do you that favor.

Shawn - Yeah, I'm sure you would. Go ask Chad or James for their spot.

Ace - Chad's an emo piece of shit and James actually believes he's going to win, it's pathetic.

Shawn - Yeah...well either way it's my match to lose.

Ace - Shawn listen...I was there at that intervention thing...I'll was fucked up. Your "friends" backed you into a corner and made you do something that you might not have wanted to do. I understand that you're upset.

Shawn - Yeah...upset is one way of putting it.

Ace - I'm upset too. I for whatever reason got bumped out of the battle royal. It's some sort of travesty. What am I supposed to do now? Just sit backstage and watch? Ace Marshall doesn't watch...he participates!

Shawn - Is it odd that I think I heard Porno Lad say that exact same quote? Haha.

Ace - Ha, shut up.

Shawn - Well you know would you like to make history tonight?

Ace - I'm listening.

Shawn - Ya see...Charlie has this insane notion that my head isn't completely focused on the battle royal tonight. Since you're not in it...why don't we go ahead and put the odds even further into my favor?

Ace - Do you want me to steal somebody's spot and let you eliminate me last kind of like how I laid down for you to help you win the World Championship? Because I don't know if I can do that a second time.

Shawn - Not exactly. I've got a better idea. (smirks) Greaternity lives on.

Present Day

* The scene opens up showing a massive party in the upper level of a London hotel. Doors are open to multiple hotel suites two of which belonging to Shawn Winters and Ace Marshall. Greaternity is back and they're living large over seas. Women are everywhere dressed in their bra and thongs taking belly shots off of each other. Ace can be seen taking a belly shot off of a very hot brunette while Shawn is seen pouring a bottle of vodka down a girls back as it goes through her ass crack and into an awaiting girls open mouth. Shawn is shirtless with a pair of jeans on while Ace has seemingly been wondering around in his underwear for the time being. *

Shawn – Alright next girl that takes a shot out of this girls ass can give me a handy!

* A bunch of girls cheer and jump forwards to take a shot. We then see Charlie walk by and walks up to Ty which is short for Tyrone. For those that haven't met him yet, Tyrone used to be an NFL offensive lineman. He's 6 foot 9 and 320 pounds of man. Shawn hired him the day after Taking Hold of the Flame to fill in as Greaternity's personal bitch. He doesn't drink so he's able to babysit Shawn and Ace to make sure Shawn doesn't get arrested again. If Shawn does get arrested again Ty is paid to take the blame. He serves as Greaternity's personal driver and bouncer. He does everything that they tell him to. He agrees because he gets paid very well. *

Charlie - Ok seriously Ty? The guy to girl ratio is seriously like 2 to 200. I love girls as much as the next guy but come on...

Ty – There is enough of Shawn and Ace to go around. I'm sure they'll split up the girls 100 to 100.

Charlie - Really? Do you honestly think it's going to be that even?

Ty – Probably not because Ace doesn't have problems with sloppy seconds.

Charlie - Get some guys up here ASAP!

* Right then a guy squeezes through and up to Ty. *

Guy – Let me through! My room is up there!

Charlie - NOT HIM!

* Shawn walks over with some cash in his hand. He throws it at the man.

Shawn – Not tonight it's not! Greaternity has confiscated the area due to massive partying! Go stay at a Holiday Inn haha!

* Shawn goes back over to his ass crack shot give away. *

Charlie - Ok...what do I have to do to get you to let some good looking guys in here?

* Ty begins to take a look at Charlie's breasts which look amazing in her bra. *

Charlie - You wanna see my tits? Offensive linemen weren't smart were they? Way to settle low big guy.

* Charlie then undoes her bra flashing Ty as he smiles. Ty turns around and opens the red ropes and points to 3 guys and brings them into the party as Charlie grabs them. *

Charlie - Thanks Ty!

* Charlie walks by with her 3 male “friends” passing a group of girls all making out with each other. Right then Ace walks over to Shawn who has just finished pouring a shot down a girls ass crack. *

Ace – Why did we ever stop this?!

* Shawn doesn't say a word. *

Ace – I know why....because you left us!

Shawn – Who did I leave? You, Alex and Porno Lad?

* Ace takes a drink of his beer silent. Shawn takes a drink as well. *

Shawn – You have no idea what went on with me. When Greaternity was on top do you know why it was on top?!

Ace – Because we were great!

Shawn – NO! Because I was fucking Champion! Nobody outside of Alex held a title. Alex was a Champion briefly yet you and Adam...Adam of all people who was supposed to be my equal didn't hold shit! Greaternity held because of me!

* Ace doesn't say anything. *

Shawn – When I left it wasn't because I wanted to. I left because New Orleans police said I had to. You and Porno Lad were held responsible for the name. You failed. Now...NOW here I am making that name dominant like it once was. and me...Greaternity...

* Ace throws his beer down obviously excited. *

Ace – YES!

* They both high five. They then move into one of the hotel rooms to get away from some of the noise and to also grab more beer. *

Ace – Question though...I'm divorced with a kid.

Shawn – Ok...

Ace – I'm divorced with a're divorced with a kid you've never met...divorced a second time in which she got an abortion, and now...

Shawn – I'm still married.

Ace –'re....soon to be divorced.

Shawn – I'm still married.

Ace – Shawn....

Shawn – I'm still married!

Ace – Well you're soon to be something...

Shawn – SCW can say that I'm soon to be SCW Champion.

* Ace looks around to see that they're still all alone in a hotel suite with everyone partying in the hallways. *

Ace – You know that I know what it's like. Talk to me damn it. I have a kid, I've raised a kid. I have a divorce. I'm like your “Jr.” Except a better dad.

Shawn – Shut up!

* Shawn takes a big sigh. *

Shawn – You realize that the only reason I'm telling you any of this is because neither of us is going to remember this conversation in the morning right?

Ace – That's very likely yes haha.

Shawn – Do you know what it's like to run away from something your whole entire life only to find yourself facing it in order to get what you want?

Ace – Are you talking about a level of Zelda?

Shawn – No Ace...

Ace – Oh...

Shawn – All my life I have feared of being a father. I fucked over my high school sweetheart when we were married in order to fuck a chick down the hall in our dorms. I divorced my pregnant 2nd wife on national tv after Chad Evans ripped up my back. Wife number 3? She gets pregnant, I abandon her and leave for about 3 weeks. I go back thinking she'll still be there. Funny thing is...for the first time she's gone. I'm left in regret. I'm left wondering what could have been.

Ace – Why would you wonder what could have been?

* Right then a girl walks up to Shawn and tries to make out with him only for him to push her away. *

Shawn – Because I want it.

Ace – You want the pain?

Shawn – Yes! I want the pain because I deserve it.

Ace – Dude...look around you...there are half naked chicks everywhere all dying to fuck you. This is why we brought back Greaternity! We're legendary! Forget about Hannah and enjoy the company of some other girl named Hannah. I'm sure there's one out there.

* A couple girls grab Ace leading him out the door. *

Shawn – (sigh) What did I bring Greaternity back for? All of the girls? All of the parties? All of the alcohol? To come to think of it...Ace wanted it back to live the life...I wanted it back to forget the life that I just had.

When does the stage hit when you know that you're supposed to have fun yet all you can think about is that this isn't right. I'm admittedly a 30 year old man and I'm partying like I'm 18 pretending to be the head of a frat that does or doesn't exist depending on who you ask. I'll admit...I'm proud to be the founder of's the single greatest group to ever step foot into a wrestling ring. However I feel a bit at loss with myself. Here I am...30 years old...married with a child on the way. Without finishing that sentence I'd look like a real douche bag right now. wife has left me with kid in tow. Now I ask you...what would you do if your pregnant wife left you? Would you drink? Check. Would you get a bit out of control? Check. Would you fuck a random girl in order to forget any emotional pain? Soon to be check. The fact is...I am Shawn Winters and being in Greaternity doesn't give me as much joy as it used to. Greaternity stood for the college lifestyle. None of us were married all we did was fuck chicks. The truth is the truth. I dated a freshman at USC for gods sake. Miranda was her name and to this day she's been obsessed with me. The only way I was able to dump her was going to prison for 8 months without telling her. Good luck to the next boyfriend she has, he's going to have to murder somebody to get away. Either way...I stand here at a catch 22. I am Greaternity yet I don't feel the same pleasure. Yet I have a wife that doesn't want to speak to me so here I am trying to dull that feeling. If you ask me...the best thing to do is go ahead and live the Greaternity lifestyle until the day that Hannah decides to talk to me. What could go wrong?

* The scene fades out. *

* The scene opens up showing Shawn Winters in front of a camera. He's got a bottle of Blue Moon beer in one hand and an empty gatorade bottle in the other. He has a dip under his bottom left lip. He spits into the gatorade bottle and takes a drink of his beer. *

Shawn – Well looky here? Are my eyes deceiving me? Am I that drunk or is it really the one and only James Exeter next to my name for Breakdown? I must be mistaken either that or I have died and gone to heaven because this is a dream come true! Here I am on my first class ticket to Rise 2 Greatness, oh yeah...I'm flying OVER the road and I'm going straight too Rise to Greatness in the main event challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship against Shilo Valiant meanwhile guys like you James? You're in the carpool lane with a bunch of other superstars hoping you'll soon reach the exit to Rise to Greatness. The fact have no idea if you're even going to be apart of it.'ve got your chance with a possible match with Chad Evans...thanks to me! (smirks) But then seems like there is a fight on whose going to be facing said Chad Evans. Will it be James Exeter? Will it be James Evans? Or will it be your Bill and Ted rip off partner Matt Hodges? Yes...I just compared you two to Bill and Ted...they had an “awesome” two are on an “epic” adventure to make Chad Evans relevant once again? Trust me, I commend your efforts I really do. The fact that you want to bring “God” back down to reality is really something that I can get behind. I'd be lying to myself if I said that Chad Evans didn't nearly end my career when I faced him at Rise to Greatness. Which just makes me think that you'll inevitably fail in your quest for the holy grail James. I mean in all honesty you are just a walking joke. No,'re not a joke like Greg Cherry is a joke. That guy has taken sucking to an entirely new level, he has created a new art form out of it. I swear if they gave away a Gold medal in the Olympics for sucking Greg Cherry would win it in a heart beat. He wouldn't even have to compete the judges would award it to him by default. (smirks) The walking joke that you are that you view everything as a joke. When I listen to you talk all I'm waiting for is the punchline. Your entire career has become a never ending knock knock joke.

Knock knock?

Whose there?

James Exeter?

James Exeter who?

James Exeter the guy that is a 2 time World Champion and a former Taking Hold of the Flame winner.'re still not funny.

* Shawn starts to laugh a bit before he spits again and takes a drink once more. *

Shawn – The way I see it the world has forgotten about you. Therefore you feel like it's your right to come back and remind them who you are. But really? What are you reminding them of? They're not thinking about you being a former 2 time World Champion. They're not thinking about your skin of the teeth victory at Taking Hold of the Flame in 2009. All they're reminded of is your stupid antics that only you feel are humoress. You're nothing more than a walking charity case or billboard for the mentally retarded. Now despite all of that...despite your overwhelming stupidity and your own accomplishments...the only thing the fans are left with after you've gone is questions about what they've just seen. You're like watching an episode of "Lost" James. The whole world has followed you waiting for questions to be answered only to have 52 new questions after each episode of Breakdown or Ammo. When is the finale James? When is it all going to be revealed? I'm dying to know because I'm tired of asking myself questions and trying to remedy some sort of intelligence out of you. I'm tired of wrapping my brain around your stupidty. I'm tired of trying to make sense out of your own existence. Knowing how completely incapable you are of even holding a remotely intelligent conversation leaves me baffled in the outcome of Rise to Greatness in 2009.

Now James...I'm not stupid...I am aware that you and I have squared off with each other one on one twice before. Me getting the victory the first time which has sadly been forgotten because it inevitably was you...who defeated me for the World Heavyweight Championship at Rise to Greatness in 2009. Now sure, I could boast about the fact that the match won Match of the Year in 2009 but you wouldn't be smart enough to understand. Do you know what I think about every time I see that award on my shelf? Is how I lost, not to the better man oh can I admit to you being the better man when I've defeated you in the center of the ring before? I look at that award and I see hatred. I see regret. I see...Shawn Winters at his worst. You brought your A game James...I'll give you that and the fact that it has taken nearly 2 years for us to have our rematch it just goes to show how afraid SCW is of having this match. The last thing SCW wants to do is bury one of it's heroes by having his one TRUE shining accomplishment be void the moment that Shawn Winters defeats him dead center in the middle of the ring. You became a hero that night became the poster child for every 5 year old pretending to be Spider-Man in the back yard. You proved to them that a proper education doesn't get you anywhere as long as you're annoying and defiant. ended the reign of one of the greatest Champions of all time. You ended the reign of Greaternity, something that SCW never thought would come. Now you've got to understand...that pill? Is a TOUGH ONE to swallow for me.

* Shawn sighs before he stands up and begins to clap his hands before sitting back down. *

Shawn – Though I've got to applaud you James I really do. You defeated me at Rise to Greatness and you ended Greaternity's lock on SCW. As much as it pains me to say it the record books don't lie. Now I've heard the rumors that I left because I was ashamed to have lost to you James. Which I guess rumors always do come from a bit of truth. However the full truth is, I left right after Rise to Greatness because I was sent to prison. 8 whole months I had to sit in jail and think about Rise to Greatness...think about you. I sat there night in and night out thinking about what I did wrong and you know what I came to realize? No, don't flatter're not better. I came to realize that I over looked you because you're an idiot. I over looked you because the fact can't be taken seriously. You're as likely to go out to the ring and fart the ABC's as you are to wrestle a match. What was I to expect at Rise to Greatness? Was I really to expect the self proclaimed “Extraordinary One”? you want to know why? Because you BARELY got into Rise to Greatness. Your first class ticket was bought on the streets of the Airport from somebody who couldn't go. My first class ticket? It's legit! I straight up kicked Chad Evans teeth so far down his throat he'll have to eat hard foods through his ass hole and sent him straight over the top rope and stood in the center of the ring like a man! I did exactly what I told the entire world I was going to do and that was win Taking Hold of the Flame. Now...whose going to contradict my words now? You? don't have the IQ to do so. When I make a promise the entire world is going to listen. Just like how I promise to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Rise to Greatness from Shilo Valiant. I have the right and the credibility to make said prediction. You James? You might very well be watching from your home on your television as I make history. Go ahead and call up your brother Hurse and ask him if he's watching but he wont be. He'll be too busy being scared of Katie Steward. the mighty have fallen.

It's no coincidence that you and I are going one on one on my trip to Rise to Greatness. Notice how I didn't say road there James? Yeah...because my trip is already booked haha. But back to the point...I already defeated Chad Evans at Taking Hold of the Flame one of my Rise to Greatness faults. Now what's left? You James. All that's left is you. As I steam roll over super star after super star and I further cement my Hall of Fame resume I need to redeem myself for certain losses. James, on Breakdown I shall redeem myself for my loss to you in 2009. I will go out into that ring and perform like only I can. You will be so over come with my ability that you'll just go ahead and lay down submitting the fact that your win at Rise to Greatness was nothing more than a fluke. A fluke that I make sure becomes forgotten.

James I will admit to this...I am trying to do exactly what you did in 2009. Do you comprehend the torture that it takes for me to admit that? I am admitting to trying to imitate another man. That truly hurts but I'm man enough, I'm accomplished enough to admit it without setting my career back. 2009 you won Taking Hold of the Flame and you somehow bullshitted your way into winning the World Heavyweight Championship from me at Rise to Greatness. You did lived many child hood dreams. I'm telling you right now that I'm going to recreate that at Rise to Greatness. Your BFF Matt Hodges did the same thing the year before you. As you have mentioned what has Chad Evans done? Exactly...he doesn't stand on your or Matt Hodges....however neither of you stand on my level!

You two berate Chad Evans for being a joke of a Champion...never winning Taking Hold of the Flame and being the leader of you two in a short lived stable that simply never lived up to it's potential. James...ask your friend Matt about what I do for stables. If he doesn't remember let me refresh his and your memory. In 2009 when I was in the middle of the greatest World Heavyweight Championship reign in SCW history little ol' Matt Hodges came to me and asked to be a member of Greaternity. He swallowed his own ego and followed ME! What happened after that? He was suckered into accepting a false title shot opportunity from Oleksa in order to join team Infection against team SCW and team Greaternity in a Tactical Warfare match. What happened? I won! Greaternity won! The following Breakdown? Oh...the following Breakdown was a sight for sore eyes it really was. Greaternity came out and celebrated the victory in which we had. Matt Hodges...yeah...your best friend forever Matt Hodges came out and BEGGED for us to forgive him. “You'd understand” he would say. But no...we wouldn't understand because I was World Champion! Not Adam Allocco, not Ace Marshall, not Alex Jr. I WAS! There was no room for jealously in Greaternity! Matt Hodges proved that he was nothing more than jealous of me. Do you know what happened next James? The story book ending was me kicking Matt's teeth down his throat.

* Shawn spits and takes another drink. *

Shawn - James you and your little BFF Matt Hodges can go around and call yourself epic...oh wait I'm supposed to say it like I mean it right? EPIC! Hows that? Does that give you a little less room in your pants? and Matt can go around and call yourselves EPIC all that you want but when it's all said and done the only thing the people will remember you for is being an!

* Shawn smirks in the camera as the Shawn Winters logo takes up the screen followed by the SCW logo. *