One Man Scandal
Shawn Winters


Shawn – Oh my god!

Miranda – Baby, what’s wrong?

Shawn – It’s happening!

Miranda – What’s happening?

Shawn – IT!

Miranda – Babe, you’ve got to be more specific.

Shawn – She’s getting violated RIGHT NOW!

Miranda – Huh?

Shawn – Elizabeth, our daughter, she is getting violated right now but some online predator! I saw it on Dateline!

Miranda – She’s at my parents place she’s fine.

Shawn – Do they have a computer?!

Miranda – Well yeah…

Shawn – Then she’s being violated! Somebody call Chris Hanson!

* Shawn Winters pounces up with sweat dripping off his brow looking left and right and then focuses on the clock beside him which reads 7:30 am. He then looks to his left and sees Miranda still fast asleep next to him. He throws his feet over the side of the bed and rubs his eyes roughly before getting up and throwing on a robe. He then makes his way downstairs and into the kitchen where he grabs a bottle of water. *

Shawn – God damn, how the hell could I ever be a father? First of all I’m the most impatient person in the world, after the baby was 1 week old I’d be pissed off that it wasn’t speaking full sentences. “Speak English baby! I can’t understand your Buddha Buddha language!” Then I’d demand chores to be done right away. “Mow the lawn! Oh you’re 3 years old? Stop making excuses! The lawn doesn’t cut itself on excuses! You’ve got two arms and two feet don’t you? Then you can push a lawn mower around the house!” How the hell does CHBK do it? Children? Wow, they are just not my thing. I mean sure I guess I already have a child but does he count? I mean really? Really? I don’t think he counts because I don’t really consider him my child.

Maybe I should take some parenting advice from Alex, I mean he’s raised a fine boy in Alex Jr. The kid obviously has the right mind set on his shoulders. But then again he clearly failed in Skylar. It’s down right disgusting how he failed with her. Supposedly she’s a woman but the last time I checked we was an A cup and about 10 years past puberty. I’m pretty sure that’s not right. Now I’m sure she’d love to yell at me if she heard me say any of this but her training bra is too tight. It’s like she’s not even a real woman! Transgender child maybe, but a woman? That’s pushing it.

* Shawn takes a seat at the bar/island area of his kitchen and takes a drink of his water. *

Shawn – Having a daughter would just flat out scare the shit out of me. The fear of her getting violated by some old disgusting man such as CHBK is something that could make a father mentally ill. Just look at Olek and his daughter. Do they have a healthy relationship? Sure as hell doesn’t look like it. She’s that rebellious teen who decided to run away from home and move in with her boyfriend of 2 weeks who she’s 100% sure she loves. That seems stable, but then again the family line isn’t all that reliant either.

How Drachewych lets his daughter out of her room I’ll never understand, let alone out of his house. The fear of her getting violated would make me home school her and ground her to her room until she’s an old woman and then I’d know that she was to old to have sex. Then again it’s quite clear that Drachewych has failed as a father just as he has failed in numerous other things such as taking the SCW Championship away from me or putting CHBK out of competition for life. It’s cute because if this was elementary school he’d be given an “E” for effort but it’s not, sadly this is real life and Olek has failed miserably. The one job you have as a father is to keep your daughter off a stripper pole, well I’m pretty sure moving in with a plus 40 year old man and sharing a shower with him is riding a danger zone haha.

But I guess this is just Alex’s way of getting under Olek’s skin and in doing so maybe get lucky in getting under his daughters hahaha. You’re a sick bastard Alex, you’re one sick bastard.

* Shawn gets up and walks back towards his staircase towards his room. *

* Shawn is sitting in a room with a basket of fruit in front of him. He grabs an apple and stares at it intensely. *

Shawn – Oh the forbidden fruit, I thought I was fucked up but you Alex? Wow, heh, you’re rivaling Woody Allen with this situation. Taking Olek’s own daughter into your house and preparing to raise her as your own. How are you going to react when you first see that young and tight ass walking down the steps in a thong bikini about to go outside for a tan? It’s a lot different then a saggy ass cheeks of your wife. Or better yet, how about when you see those perky little tits of hers? Is it going to drive you crazy Alex? I mean come on, it’s not like you two are blood related right? She’s just your god daughter, it’s just a title. I mean hell, if Olek died and by the way you and I are running him around it’s possible for some heart failure and then she could be entirely yours. How does that tickle your fancy? Don’t get me wrong Alex, I won’t judge you, I mean you’re talking to a guy whose dating a girl whose practically just out of her diapers but sometimes that fruit can taste sooooo good. (licks lips) That little Drachewych offspring is one tempting piece I’ll tell you that right now Alex, a lot more tempting then your own daughter Skylar is or was. But we’re all friends here Alex, we’re all open to each others hidden secrets. We respect one another right Alex? We hold that mutual admiration for one another so what’s a little confession between friends? (smirks) Let that be some food for thought Alex, but then again you might be full from fruit. (winks)

* Shawn then tosses the apple aside. *

Shawn – Every man has his weaknesses Alex, his temptations. Some just may be harder to catch hold of then others but they’re always there. As you’ve aged your weaknesses have grown, become more visible. Mine have become more faded. My back may be an issue but I showed how much I can take to it against Asher Hayes just last month. You’ll have to discover something more in order to do the unthinkable at Taking Hold of the Flame Alex. In order for you to even rival me as the better man, you’re going to have to pull off some real magic on Sunday.

Alex, you and I have got to know once and for all who is the better man. Now I know it’s going to be taken with a grain of salt if I win because there will always be the argument that you aren’t in your prime and blah blah which is exactly why I’m not exactly happy with the fact that you’re not in your prime but I digress. Sunday night is an epic night because I have never lost to you in one on one competition and I’m sure that hurts your ego a bit just as it hurts mine to know that I lost the SCW Championship to you not to long ago. Even though you and I respect each other for our abilities doesn’t mean that we can accept failure in ourselves. I have formed Greaternity to be a perfect group of talent, and for me to have a tiny little blemish on that resume not only makes me look bad but it makes each and everyone of my pledges look bad. I’ve already taken out the Infection something in which you were unable to do Alex and now I’m about to be the most hated man in sports entertainment by taking out there hero….you. Whether it’s our match before Taking Hold of the Flame or after either way…I want your story to end tonight. I don’t want Shawn Winters vs. CHBK III at Rise to Greatness, I want this to be it. I didn’t challenge you to a match only to have it happen again at another point in time Alex, it’s happening now and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that it’s the end of it.

Actually when I come to realize, both times you and I have squared off in the ring…it’s been me who’s laid down the challenge. I came back to SCW years ago to challenge you at Rise to Greatness and here we stand once again at Taking Hold of the Flame with me challenging you again. It almost gives off the vibe that you’re avoiding a certain someone doesn’t it Alex? (smirks) Maybe, just maybe you really don’t want to step into the ring with me because you know how foolish I could make you look heh. Now I’m sure you could retort with how you’ve accepted my challenges and what not but the truth is you could have only done that to save face knowing full well how the outcome would turn out. Maybe just maybe, when it comes to me…and me alone you actually begin to doubt your abilities. Sure with the 29 other men in the battle royal you could run laps around but not me. I deep down inside my heart of hearts believe that you are afraid of me. You put on a strong face and you act tough but I’m not buying any of it. You pride yourself on how you’re able to still “go” and hang with the younger generation of superstars but I am a different breed of superstar Alex and you know this. I threaten everything in which you stand for and that has GOT to scare the living hell out of you! You can parade around saying how you’re dodging bullets and whatever you want to say but there is one bullet you’re not able to dodge is one that’s named Shawn Winters! I showed the entire world that on Breakdown when I dropped you with a picture perfect Graven Image giving you the luxury of some well needed “rest” haha. It would have been a beautiful moment Alex, except your little son in law per say Donovan Kayl had to come in and “defend your honor”. It makes you not only look weak Alex but it makes everything that I’m accusing you of seem plausible.

If you’ve got to resort to Donovan Kayl fighting your battles for you then honestly why am I even wasting my time? Maybe I should of just challenged Donovan Kayl to a match at Taking Hold of the Flame instead. I mean he’s got some of that blood line in him when he contracted HIV from your disgusting manish daughter heh.

I hate to say it Alex I really do but it looks like your legacy has finally reached it’s conclusion. There’s really no better way for you to go out though, so I’ll hand that to you. You’ll be going out against the best in the business so there will be no shame in that. As much of a complete douche that I am we both know that you respect me and we both know that you could live with this loss. I on the other hand would not allow myself to live with such a loss because I am still at the pinnacle of my career. What I’m trying to get at here Alex is this…Taking Hold of the Flame could be your final farewell to the wrestling world, think about it. When else are you going to get the chance to leave the industry that you love in such a position? You’ll go out on top, well…not quite on top but as close as you’re going to get to it anyway. Going out after having the pleasure of facing Shawn Winters, giving the world the CHBK that they knew and loved, giving them one final five star match that they won’t have to know that I carried haha. I’ll let that lie live on Alex, just for you…consider it a farewell present to possibly the only man in the industry that I can say that I respect.

(sigh)It’s going to be a sad night Alex. Tears are going to be shed by all. Donovan will cry and use his own tears as lubricant as he jerks off to the picture of the SCW Championship that he has plastered on his wall. Skylar will weep while she’s videotaping Donovan doing this. My pledge and your son Alex Jr. will bawl as he will just be overjoyed in seeing his true mentor Shawn Winters take out his biggest misfortune of a father. It’s going to be a storybook ending Alex…I can say this because I respect you and you can take it to heart haha.

But see Alex…even after making fun and playing little games it really does come down to respect. In all serious…right now. I respect you. There, I said it straight out. No smirks or laughs behind it. No quotation marks. It’s out in the open like an “I love you” just waiting to be responded to. Now I didn’t grow up idolizing you like some superstars. I didn’t run around my house pretending to be you singing your theme song as I walked down the hallway towards my bed. I wasn’t like that because I refuse to idolize anybody. All an idol will ever do is let you down and Alex, I refused to be let down, which is exactly what you’re going to do to everyone who idolize you on Sunday night. You’re going to let them down and there is going to be millions upon millions of broken hearts out there because of you. But then again as you say, Icons come and go but heartbreaks, they last forever. (smirks)

* End. *